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Russia invades Ukraine, possible major European war and Obama is drinking at happy hour!

Mar 3, 2014|

The latest on Ukraine.

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Welcome -- who. Coterie for a 605. You're on the great WRKO. KM six city. And now 193 point seven HD two. Good morning Boston hope all of you -- very nice weekend. My friends all locked and I mean all lots to talk about today. Been very good news. Justine appellate Pierre it was announced on Friday. Will now be going home to Connecticut. Basically if he DCF department of children and families and Boston and children of Boston Children's Hospital. Have now essentially relinquished. -- their custody claims. And now she's gonna be going home with her family where she belongs. To get treatment at tufts medical center. So thanks to many of you thanks to this program and others who spearheaded this effort to expose. This blatant assault on parental rights. We now have another major victory my friends we force them to back off. And I got to tell you. The Pelletier is may have the mother of all lawsuits. Against Boston's children's hospital and against DC yes but let that go. That -- obviously. Was overshadowed. But what is taking place in Ukraine as we speak. And this is eerily reminiscent. Of some of the worst flash points of the Cold War. He Europe is now. On the brink of a potential major war. Over the last three -- series what's taken place. Puke now has officially invaded Ukraine and in particular the southern region of Crimea. Which is ethnically Russian or -- majority ethnically Russian. There is a huge naval base there for the Black Sea fleet. Which there Russia has now claimed for 250 years it is strategically immensely important to the Russians. Because it's a warm water port meaning it's open all year round. What is happened is that armed masked men. I -- the carrying coalition -- have now set up checkpoints all over the region of Cranium. The parliament has now been stormed. Government buildings have been stormed. Airports have been surrounded. Ukrainian naval and military bases are now surrounded by Russian troops. State television network in Crimea has basically been -- -- taken over. And over the weekend. If he Russian parliament the Duma. In a unanimous votes. Gave Putin not only the authority to send in massive amounts of Russian troops into Ukraine. Essentially to invade and occupy parts of Ukraine. But also they gave him the authority. Through the upper house. To absorb our -- foreign territories in Ukraine into Russia. It is now obvious. Which did downfall of Moscow's demand in key Arab victory and called bitch after three months of street protests. By Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Democrats. Sensing now. That Putin's power and prestige has been damaged and hurt by what's taken place in -- have the capital of Ukraine. The Russian bear the evil empire is now striking back. The empire strikes back. Now my friends I cannot state this enough to all of you. This has been dominating the European newspapers and media cycle for the last 72 hours. Angela Merkel. Has called an emergency session over cabinet. Debris catch David Cameron Britain's prime minister is meeting with his cabinet French president. -- hole aren't. Francois hole one -- has met with key members of the French government. The newspapers all across Europe are leading with this story its front page it's dominating the newscast in Germany. In France in Italy in Poland and especially obviously in Ukraine. NATO has now come out with a statement. Saying quote the -- piece of Europe is at risk. Europe is on the brink of a potential major regional war. This is what is taking place right now. You have two large states Russia the largest country physically in the world. With a massive military. Basically stealing military superpower. And Ukraine which has 46 million people. It's country is larger than the size of France. With its own massive military. It neighbors Poland and the Baltic States who are actually part of NATO. The polish government has now come out and sent. That if Putin goes ahead to carve up and partition Ukraine. Poland cannot sit by and do nothing. And allow Russia -- now slowly approached Poland's borders. And allow the ominous precedent of a military invasion and aggression of a sovereign country and an independent country. So Poland has said not -- sending troops. But that it will send military eight. They will send fighter jets they're able sent tanks they will send missiles. To help arm the government in Ukraine in -- Putin has said he would consider this. -- provocation. And an act of war against my darn shot itself. We may be sliding. To a potential world war three. This is not Jeff corner saying this. This is now NATO saying -- This is Merkel saying this this is Cameron saying this this this whole wand and saying this this is the polls saying this. This is the ukrainians. Saying this. And watched. Was president Obama's response. Remember. A hundred years ago. In fact the official anniversary will be August 4. In a small far away part of Europe in Bosnia in Sarajevo. The assassination. Of one arch duke trigger the World War I. In which all of the great powers of Europe came rushing at each other's throats. We now risk another potential regional war that could drag in other major powers and unleashed a potential major. European conflagration. A major military war and maybe even a third world war. If this thing really spirals out of control. The leader of the free world. The president of the United States. The demand that the whole world and especially the Europeans. And they ukrainians and the Russians were now looking to see what would be the dear leader's response. And so one late Friday afternoon. The dear leader. Finally came out. And said this roll it cooks. Me. All deserve it's. They're all here. You ever -- you know us we have urged an end the violence and Kurt hew brilliance as usual course. -- stabilizer problem. It's always your moved to a question this hour. How hole total digital. I was version of spin in Beirut this. Can be made clear that they indeed are under international news. Just where this movie it's sort of united you can bore hole. Gracious. It's good -- and international news all hope it's. How -- -- -- how he lives there are reports of motor movements very -- -- configuration. Inside and -- As good as your relationship with Iran including hopefully gonna tell us okay what are -- -- -- -- Any closure. Greg sausage -- or conservative movie deeply disable us. -- I would include interest. Ukraine. Russia Warner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who didn't clear violation of what is it -- it's. Consultant. Headquarters in. Tampa international -- -- -- this is incredible. I've never seen such a pathetic statement in my life. He says there will be costs. So again he's drawing some kind of a red line but it's a blurry it's almost like a pink line it's a blurry red light that's number one. The message -- stand with the international millions of her book -- movie cost. Bring him over your profession yeah. Cool I can just -- can you imagine if you're Vladimir. Cool if -- -- and performs those cleared all it is going to be because so cool -- Syria. Who every time he threatens all I'm quaking. This is unbelievable. Now notice here's a second point. He says it will be destabilizing to Russia to Ukraine to Europe. But what about the United States. Do you honestly think god forbid if this thing really escalates out of control and you have a major European war that somehow we could just sit. -- passively on the sidelines. We have treaty obligations that real members according Poland. Security guarantees. The genius. Okay but let even that goal. Look if -- hubris of these progressives. I this is incredible. He's telling you -- if you listen what's in Putin's interests. His interest is a united Russia he tells -- President Putin doesn't always only trusts. So I did it just -- about this per second to stand back. This man knows everybody trusts. Now he's telling the Israelis they have to cut a deal with the Palestinians it's for their interests. He tells business owners to raise the minimum wage it's in their interests. He's telling the Russians that they now have to stay out of Ukraine it's in their trysts. He always these liberals did what is he -- He knows everybody's interests. With all due respect it dear leader. Putin knows his interest a hell of a lot better than you do. He's not interest it. Any stable -- night -- Ukraine or a democratic Ukraine. Of course he doesn't want a democratic Ukraine what do you think I would do -- reformers in his own country to see a fellow Slavic neighbor with they prosperous economy. And a vibrant democracy. It would be the downfall of its own regime. He is a great Russian Nationalists. Who sees Crimea as belonging to my -- I shot who wants to carve up the Russian speaking areas of Ukraine. There is a saying in Russia. Russia alone is a big country. Russia with Ukraine is an empire. And this is a man who never got over the defeat of the Soviet Union in the Cold War. He said it's the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century he is trying to reconstitute. A mini Soviet Union. He invaded Georgia. He unleashed a war in Chechnya. He is meddling in Syria he is propped up the Asad regime he is arming the uranium -- was with potential nuclear bombs. He's flexing his muscles all over the world and now he wants to carve up Ukraine. Especially -- Russian regions of Ukraine. Now I want all of you to think about this. Because as all of this is going on. This is I your gift and a sense something Merkel literally hasn't slept in base. This is the Europeans -- like where we've seen this movie before if this if things don't be escalate if people don't start calming down. Because you have to understand Russia is now in Ukraine. There are now thousands of troops on Ukrainian soil they've essentially -- Crimea. Now you have huge pro Russian demonstrations appearing all across eastern Ukraine. Now -- is openly said I will invade and chip and and -- and partition parts of Ukraine. There's a full scale invasion going on. The question now is what will be ukrainians do. And in the parliament in Kiev over the next couple of dates. Many Ukrainian Nationalists are saying we will not -- an inch of Ukrainian territory we will call up military reservists we will call up our own military and many of them are saying it is now time for military showdown with Russia. This thing has spiraled out of our control. Because for three months as this was building and building and building where was -- dear leader. Vacationing. In Hawaii. Party in in Hawaii. Now unbelievable. Unbelievable. After all of this. He issues this statement that there will be costs. What costs we don't at all. But he says there will be costs. Europe is holding emergency meeting after emergency meeting. Thirteen three minutes. I'm I'm telling it was 53933. Minutes after the statement. He then goes to a democratic fund raiser. Well thought it's private. And it's after 5 o'clock. So this is not especially happy hour with the democratic part. -- -- -- He's talking -- the -- Guys this is I mean I got this I got -- this guy thirty minutes later goes in front of a democratic fund raiser. -- as Europe is on the brink of a potential major war. But Tapia but. Come on I got a mid -- to win here I don't know what it was a great what does -- -- what does that was something you'll -- -- -- at the mid terms fire over the Marlins a month. And I got I got myself -- corona light in my -- like let's go with some of the -- part would depart. 6172. 666868. Is the number I ya -- you god help us let me ask all of you this. Russia has now invaded Ukraine. What do you make of president Obama's response. What should the United States should do. Is it our business. 6172666868. Is number or do you think he should be having happy hour. All of your calls next here on AM 680 WRKO. Jeff. At 66868. Is the number. Now you remember during the 2012. Presidential debate. -- repeatedly says Russia is reasserted itself as a geopolitical. Fault. And this is what dumbo as answer was roll it cooks. President and -- -- -- -- I am glad to that you recognize that al-Qaeda as a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America you said Russia. Not al-Qaeda is that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling asked for their foreign policy back because. The cold war's been over for twenty years. Yep been 1980 back their leader. I. Nothing good. Go back three hours built here. Boy and all but he wasn't the only one by the way all these progressives were making fun of Mitt Romney. Remember here's the genius here's the genius softball softball Chris Matthews froehlich ducks -- We're back it was a moment Mitt Romney probably thought he could use to his advantage the president caught an open mind telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. We give them space on missile defense but once again Romney stepped on his own message says -- -- a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and professor university Georgia. And Sam Stein covers politics about the net posts here it is here's round yesterday on CNN trying to capitalize on the president's remarks let's watch. But he's planning on doing more and suggest to Russia. That that he has things he's willing to do with them he's not willing to tell the American people this -- to Russia. This is without question our number one geopolitical fault that they fight every. Cause for the world's worst actors. -- Cynthia I don't know what decade this guy's living it sounds like didn't midnight 7215. To even it's not -- over there. It's not Khrushchev. It's not -- -- Nuggets you know I know is that right this Ahmed -- chat -- president is another country in the world it's a look at the -- again. Is he trying to play Ronald Reagan here what. It's already left wingers know if you -- genius. -- does that does that twenty tenths. Does look around you know what. -- is the ukrainians now of the Cold War is bad. 6172666868. Is the number that's why I keep saying my friends liberalism. Is a mental disorder. But like one quick thing before I go to the -- that the blazing lights. So you have Russian troops pouring in to Crimea. Pouring into Ukraine. And what is what is the US assessment I swear to you this is official this is what the government said this is -- our own -- said it's not an invasion. It's a quote uncontested. Arrival. -- an -- -- rival -- just stood shoulder and up and they're a. There have been some Russian Craig sobbing a little black guy enjoying the sea and at the sand and be a black streak that's all this is nothing this year. Might clear up next thanks for holding welcome. -- Jaffa -- prudent thing to -- VW go to watch this most important chart -- president well what do you NCAA bracket at all that it worked on the important stuff. A cure for that call -- well -- by the way you did I swear. Not only did he do happy hour on Friday you know what he's been doing all weekend he did call Putin once for ninety minutes. Basically Putin told that that the -- type a blank off. But he's playing golf he played golf all weekend there was a National Security Council meeting on Saturday. And do you think the dear leader showed up to this when he said let's doesn't give me a synopsis I'm hitting the links. Bill you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Bennett joked that it you don't let that go they have an interest that are just like in Latvia Estonia Bulgaria. Serbia. You know maybe a whole -- -- Arizona will be bigger global congress game. At six led 7666868. Is the number. And Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hello and hi Daniel on the air. -- -- it sure actual app. -- -- -- -- Our exploration. And I'm. -- -- company. That's why it's how you look at you -- -- natural apps which you're. Their country. Bioshock didn't he do you know. All I know no look and Putin has Europe and the west and us over a barrel. He controls the natural gas and oil into Europe he has all the troops Ukraine's in his backyard. What are we gonna do. Are we honestly gonna sending troops to defend Ukraine. No 1980s are now. Calling asked for their foreign policy back because they held the cold war's been over for twenty. In honor of the 1980s. Here as a lover boy. Working for the weekend. -- here leaders that the. Just days after the world came to Russia for the Olympic Games it would invite. The combination of nations around the world. -- the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be cost. For any military intervention in Ukraine. Comment. In the 1980s are now. Calling that's for the foreign policy back because. You know the cold war's been over for twenty years. Well I think couldn't display in the chest and I think we're playing marbles. And I don't think it's even close so if you look at the nuclear negotiations we got our fans handed to us they took tactical nukes out of the equation. Huge mistake especially for our allies in an Oval Office. When you move down the list I didn't end there. Syria. Russia's got everything that they needed they believe they need. In Syria it's so we've basically been running circles around us and I think it's really deny you position. On our farm on a National Security Council in the president's advisors. 638 on helping your KO and now 193 point seven hate speech to Jeff cooler possibly bulldozer. That was congressman Mike Rogers she's the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Stating the obvious -- Few he's slapping the dear leader selling. I mean it's like a school -- fight he's just beating a black and -- I mean literally he's beating a group called. So. Remove remove the missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic. Giving essentially -- Eastern Europe to Russia as a sphere of influence. We guided. Our nuclear arsenal. Over the start treaty again outmaneuvered by Putin's. Keep kicked us out of Syria she -- -- Obama over the Red Line in Syria. Again outmaneuvered by Putin's. He's now. Giving them the means and the ability to get a nuclear bomb to push us out of the Middle East again outmaneuvered by -- And that's all of this is going on. As this former KGB henchmen. Now seeks to reverse the defeat of the Cold War. And reassert Russia on the national stage and humiliate the United States what is our dear leader doing. -- -- -- My stomach hurts a little -- money. Let's go look -- not respond to go out there get a couple inches up where I thought this Friday this Friday. It's after 5 o'clock -- -- -- -- this now especially after an hour with the democratic aren't going to believe will be out. There. -- by the way on Saturday major national security meeting Susan rice's there the national security advisors there Russia experts are there. By the everybody in Europe is meeting where's the dear leader they can't find that he's playing golf. Six I this is what happens. When you have an amateur and a community activist in the White House 61 countries get destroyed. And major wars begin to erupt 61720666868. Is the number (%expletive) -- shaft c'mon now. It's all hope and change Jeff. It's all opened change. Remember he was gonna hit the reset button with Russia. He -- because of his greatness. He was gonna bring pew and to heal and show him that we all should hold hands and sing cold by -- off and have world peace. This is what happens. When you have a night eve reckless. Socialist liberal ideologue in the White House. We get rolled our friends -- trade and our enemies become emboldened nick Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Paid union ethnic. The only thing -- -- they got to respect it's good to go back to what we were doing when Reagan was there. And that is we have to began an extremely powerful. Unfortunately that means about the weapons plus technology and oh by the way to replace jobs to go along with that you know or by the way. But that's always been -- respect we've seen NC area to them. -- they had no business being there anyways and as a result in the cap because of Western Europe that we interceded OK we've seen in Iraq. -- Iranian. -- say this data with bush and and and and went Obama. I think it is gonna happen any Ukraine -- got no business being in there. Hey we only need to make ourselves powerful and you have several natural resources as the Russians still. They take advantage of their natural gas we think it is of their oil when they're minerals. That's why they -- they and that's why everybody is beholding to them at this moment the only way to get a fearlessness and quantum I was as well. Somehow we learned a lesson. It did defeated eventually defeated liberal media Russian empire BS Soviet Union that was their failure in Afghanistan he's got lots of their money. Well they sat back and watch -- do the same stupid thing. Bingo. Bingo next bingo. We are no longer feared. By our enemies. We are no longer respected on the world stage. We no longer inspire all. We are now seen as an international laughing stock. And exhibit eight is dumbo would his big years. Running around basically gonna happy hour. -- doing shoulders and hitting the golf links as Ukraine burns Hank Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah we -- concede. Pulled into one. The reason he's -- there is that we can't get supplies ordinance toilet paper even in their -- -- similar we fly it over Russian air space. Kicked it and -- are rare in India doesn't want to practice and those like -- solo or sugar record hadn't. Saved our troops in Afghanistan through Russia we have some. They have pulled. Thank you for that call Hank look I gotta give this to Putin he played it brilliantly. He Mary was during the Olympics nice and calm did you see him self confident. And he I'm here we are with all our bluster. They get it on the play clips later Shaun frost -- now they've rolled out Jacques Francois -- it cost. -- trade sanctions. May be more democratic cancel preparatory meetings for the GA we're really gonna stick it to. Vladimir well we're busy right now coordinating with -- Counterparts in many parts of the world yesterday the president the United States senate -- and a half conversation -- president -- He pointed out importantly that we don't want this to be a larger confrontation. And and is. For us why. You're scaring them -- ever -- -- Now I want all of you to think about this apparent. This is the Kremlin. Here in the Kremlin. And now you're planning your move. You're now planning this is very dramatic. You're now gonna invade a neighboring country you're gonna come -- sent troops and the Crimea sent troops into eastern Ukraine. -- Dmitry Medvedev is now meeting with Vladimir Putin. And Mr. President. OK we have -- now to execute the invasion occupation of you can. Now they're -- only a photo options that we believe the Americans will respond with he has Dmitry dummy what are those options market. Option number one it did make an option which is essentially massive military build up. Option number two. The DI out a -- -- can auction. We choose to expand -- atop their to include duke and Georgia and maybe impose economic sanctions. -- painful. But I think we can -- or distort. Option number -- easy George Bush option which is essentially send warships into -- he flipped. And I basically said that at Georgia will eventually become part of nicked up that's option number three. And then what's option number four -- well option number -- the the Obama option well was he what he's the Obama option. Well Mr. President you will lead believe BC by say it to you sold on day and today put on CNN. He's how I say he's going to happy hour. Who lacked what you mean happy out mean getting -- like does not on a -- -- -- looked like us that's a post wrong for him -- the kids seeming to head. Key up refers I liked -- -- Europe. You mean like a Budweiser non all that's to a medic and he and now I like that caught on the caught on a light that is a Mexican beer idiocy because he wants to Ghulam. Amnesty. Two that this. Amnesty to fifteen million illegals does and I you know and that's -- you can come up. Actually he wants to go ahead reality and -- gold -- these responses that option I would call up once again. But it was. Pussycat abortion on. And then. You can't tell me. Here I am now distorting my gosh I'm I'm once you become let's immediately go to film being friends. The spelling of the head of the out of the current sharp Ted Kennedy. And I Gorbachev had done it again. And then I mean I -- supposed to kids. The ball so good to. This is supposed to get this supposedly -- it was intended. -- let the. She has a moral values. Tackle on miss and then disappear once again in the White House. It's 17666860. In his. Jets beat her up next thanks -- -- -- -- Good morning Jeff Jeff I just -- ought to point out two if you're China over the weekend -- or -- Some are brought them China agreed to on division though they haven't aggression pact it signed. All of -- Korea -- Iran and NC area. But fired -- -- -- -- by the United States they all it and. -- Jeff look you know I mean look -- I mean I'm making fun of the dear leader but if you wanna you don't cut to the to the essence of this. Let me tell you what's going on over the last six years there's no getting around us. If you hacked eight -- foreign agent in the White House. You could not have done more damage to the United States you couldn't or he has destroyed our economy. He has imposed this with nearly eighteen trillion dollars in that he's basically bankrupt us he's destroyed our health care sector. He's now basically a race -- borders. We now have no influence in the Middle East Iran is on the verge of a nuclear bomb. We've now seeded Eastern Europe. China is on the rise have you noticed over the last four years that the center of geopolitical gravity. How shifted from the United States -- school. Have you noticed when it Syria who's making the news Putin's. When it comes to -- who's making the news Putin's. When it comes to Europe who's making the news Putin's. Obama. He is literally going to undo and reverse our victory in the Cold War he's got to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He's the best thing that Kremlin ever grabbed. That's why they loved it -- she -- she pussycat. Let's take it to rush yeah. C 657. Year on WRKO Jeff -- -- bulldozer. -- you're up next thanks for holding and well. C'mon just pages. That's saying -- and more apt you know elections have consequences and that people heard. The comments that they made responsible Romney and then throw it every press Sullivan -- and so close play that that's good research you did. And it should send shockwave across country. And -- then again you know -- has contributions so military you know when -- combat and I don't sound also unsure of the Russians really. You know frightened you know. All of a -- they fear are homosexual -- militant. Regionally and it reordering against -- world trade hey just -- a bunch of girls -- -- Six what's got the news exit 6868. As the number Steve Europe next -- were holding. Welcomes these. Morning get fumbled a play now this is gonna go down Deval Patrick just respectively got shot in Costa Rica are you will be off on the bulk. The deal -- will go to Hawaii and the people Massachusetts have something important to do on Wednesday morning you have the house bill 3280 fine if you have illegal ukrainians want to get a driver's license. They're gonna apply for a that the state Tulsa we have this system -- that ukrainians and the Ukraine and leave it to the ukrainians should show up because the Democrats will show up and if we want -- -- boy we better China affirmative action LP GT. War on women women and liberal first. I thank your for that call Steve I said it before and I'll say it again. We have no vital interest in Ukraine. Not one. Bone or drop of blood of American shall soldier. Should be lost in Ukraine it is literally not worth opponents. Of one soldier stay out of Ukraine it's none of our business. Next John Kerry talking tough on Russia. Now going into the top of the hour walk like an Egyptian an honor of the 1980s. The data is up. My friends in the 1980s are now. Calling to ask for the foreign policy back because. Felt the cold war's been over twenty. It's after 5 o'clock. And obviously. He's at the top and go. The 1980s around if you call and ask for the foreign policy back. You know the cold war's been over twenty years -- Abnormal for here on WRKO. Am six Canadian now 193 point seven hate -- until. Welcome to our two of the poor record I'm Jeff cooler -- Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up so much liberal -- my friends I'm big summer and it. So. By the way just very quick aside Justine appellate Pierre mentioned this the last hour. It was officially announced on Friday is going to be released from DC after custody she will no longer be under the care of Boston Children's Hospital. She is going to be returned to her family. In Connecticut and under the care of tufts. So we won that when my friends. Know you just. After awhile it takes time but the truth will win out but let that go I wanna stick to Ukraine because that's obviously the big story. So. I want all of you think about us. You now have Russia. The invading Ukraine. Troops are pouring into Crimea the southern part of Ukraine. Now you have fomented demonstrations in eastern Ukraine which is heavily Russian speaking. Demanding that they want to secede from Ukraine and have Russian troops come in and be partitioned and -- Russia. They Ukrainian parliament in Kiev the capital is now called an emergency session. They are debating whether to call up military reservists. And sending troops into Crimea into eastern Ukraine. To confront Russian troops where all hell may break out. Between two major European power ups. So the question now it's. What will Europe do. And especially what will America do. There reset button is debt. We -- Putin on the missile defense shield that's failed. We appease them on the start treaty the nuclear arms reduction agreement that fail. We appease them on Syria but failed. So appeasement appeasement appeasement appeasement hasn't worked. So now as they -- leader. -- belting back corona after corona and hitting the links all weekend long he brings out his secret weapon. -- -- Secretary of state John Kerry. AKA final four words in French that mean -- French shop fronts like every. And so Jacques Francois. Hit the Sunday talk shots. And I'm kidding you like a little baby. I mean. Mean the good and the consequent to me -- me explain it. He was like I on the -- high yield. Winding. And whining. And whining and winding. Even though a democratic -- George Stephanopoulos. Thought his performance was so pathetic you got to hear this -- for a swap. You keep saying consequences. But can you be specific. Here Jacques Francois. Basically now having a meltdown -- -- written. Russian forces surrounding Ukrainian military bases in the Crimea the Ukraine's prime minister says we are on the brink of disaster is he right. Well we hope not do we hope there's not going to be a big disaster what is already happened. It is -- that a brazen act of aggression. In violation of international law -- violation of the UN charter violation of the Helsinki final act in violation of the 1997. Ukraine Russia finishing their agreement. Russia has engaged in and military act of aggression against another country now that it has huge risks. So you George it's a nineteenth century act in the 21 century. They're really puts. That's question. Russia's. Capacity need to be within the G-8 all -- violation. -- don't move the GA. Does though I think it but think about this. We know it's an aggression we know it's an invasion. Now the question is what are you gonna do a body Jacques Francois. And you can you do anything. Instead book. This is. The worst way to ever do foreign policy your diplomacy. Theodore Roosevelt once said speak softly and carry a big stick. The big stick was the American navy and American military power. People seem much. You backup what you say with power if you're ready to seep through to the end instead what you have with this administration. It's speak loudly but carry a little a -- stick. A little little little little little little branch a little -- like it was like a little teeny teeny -- stick. I'm -- stick. Syria don't go there Putin called his bluff. Eastern Europe -- muscled -- soaked. Any wrong there's been -- red line after red line after red -- the Iranians now it was front page story in USA today over the weekend. You run now is essentially said we're going ahead with nuclear enrichment we don't care what the agreement -- So he's drawn a red line after red line after red line and the Iranians the molesters walk and all over. It's like a bully and a school yard. If you keep saying I wanna be John when a trauma and you -- you doing this I'm telling you I'm gonna -- you but I you -- -- I'm -- -- -- after -- wild. Nobody cares what you have to say. And so okay you keep calling it a brazen act of aggression. Violates this treaty had violated that treaty and -- in this treaty this is her grand -- this is a nineteenth century act of aggression in the 21 century blah blah blah blah. So what are you gonna do check this out roll it Britain and. -- so what's the penalty for what rush has already done. Well we're busy right now coordinating with -- hard. Counterparts in many parts of the world yesterday the president of the United States senate are and a half conversation that pres. President -- He pointed out importantly that we don't want this to be a larger confrontation. We are not looking for a US Russia east west redux here what we want is for Russia to work with dust. With the Ukraine if they have legitimate concerns storage of -- Russian speaking people in Ukraine moved there are plenty of ways to deal without without invading the country boom. -- they have the ability to work with the government they could learn -- -- worked with the UN. When I think they could call for observer who's been put in the country and they're all kinds of alternatives but Russia has chosen this aggressive act which really puts in question. Russia's role in the world and Russia's willingness to. -- -- via modern nation in part of the GA thing. I think there aren't. There is -- they are inviting the possibility of very seriously for college costs. Still the trade. And investments we thought -- -- assets the assets freeze does visa ban all. On the potential. Actions by the global community the global -- against this oh you know my answers that. -- -- -- -- so -- -- so this is so basically Putin's sending in tanks. He's coming he's occupying the place and this guy's talking. Charade how little. Commercial. Ties a little a few assets and the big one visa bands. We're not gonna allow some of you people close to Putin's inner circle to come into the United States for your shopping sprees in Beverly Hills. You know. The company malt shop trust Schwab cup shop how swat. -- drop -- hammer shot there. He's military options on the table during the crisis from Georgia President Bush moved military warships to the region. Send humanitarian aid and military aircraft as the US prepared to do that now anything more now. George the -- for the United States and everybody in the world is not to see this escalating into. Military confrontation that does not serve the world well and I think everybody understands that a the president has all options on the table all options that the president's preference was clearly stated yesterday. In -- -- and a -- conversation with President Putin. President Obama made it clear. That we are prepared to work with -- Russia now we understand that Russia has interests in Crimea now the Ukrainian government is prepared to respect the base agreement. Nobody has threatened those Russian interest out. And we're prepared to stand up against any hooligans -- thuggery from. Any individual learns with the Russian -- in order to create stability in the Ukraine and allow the to make their choices for the future. And this is unbelievable. I mean frankly this is pathetic. Look this is what they can't get through their -- kids. He honestly you what this is this is your college freshman professor. Who thinks so well of himself because he read three books his entire life standing there with a what is phony little main measure Francois. Just remember it's not I'm Jacques Francois I suddenly proposals French. And -- he used. Standing there saying we want to work with the Russians shifting ethnic Russians feel persecuted we wanna help them. Nobody is persecuting the ethnic Russians in -- nobody. They're using this as a pretext. To our next Crimea and annex parts of Ukraine and you know why -- Because Russia believes its its sphere of influence. Russian Nationalists had been clamoring and craving. To take parts of Ukraine going back literally hundreds of years. They considerate they heiress. That's what this is all about -- This has nothing to do with stood bill. Our global more arms or rusher being respected as a modern world power. -- doesn't care he runs this country like a strong man and like a dictator. So the question is for us what interest do we have there. And the answer is simple. And yet not think. The only interest that we have is that may still not getting embroiled. In an all out war with Russia. And my friends this is the larger point. That that mainstream media doesn't want you to know about jury in the 1990s. What did Bill Clinton -- gangster do. He pushed NATO's borders all the way up to Russia. In one of the most irresponsible acts of foreign policy ever done. Now god forbid. If this thing should spillover Interpol under the Baltic States who are under NATO. We are literally. All obligated to go to war against Russia. Second point. It was the likes of John Kerry Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Who were telling the ukrainians in the 1990s over and over again because remember the Soviet Union broke up. These republics and became their own countries. The Soviet Russia cutting massive nuclear arsenal Ukraine had hundreds of nuclear weapons on its soil. What did the United States and the west and the liberals in particular tell Ukraine. What they've been arguing for this country and advocating for decades disarmed. Give up your nuclear weapons but all for peace. To make the world a safer police. Give up all your nuclear weapons you -- unilaterally. Disarm. And in exchange for which -- security treaty. I -- them saying and we will all respect you were territorial integrity and your borders. Russia signed that America signed the Britain signed it. Do you honestly belief. If you crane kept its nuclear weapons. That Putin would even dare send these troops and the Crimea or to Ukraine. If the ukrainians had just kept two of their missiles. Never mind on just 201 aimed at Moscow one aimed at Saint Petersburg. Putin wouldn't have sent one Russian soldier in the eastern Ukraine or Crimea. This is what happens. When you disarm a country. It invites aggression from bigger powers. This is how the world works. There are evil men. There are corrupt dictators. Who are either driven by religious motives -- lot radical Islam. Or they are driven by ultra nationalist neo fascist motives like that strutting little Cellini Putin's. In Moscow. You see not everybody. Is an academic all liberal. Who sits around and thinks a lot climate change -- this is the same into sole. They -- shot from Schwab who just two weeks ago went to Indonesia you remember that. The greatest weapon of mass destruction that we face today's climate change. It's climate change. It's not al-Qaeda. It's not a radical Islam. It's not a rising China. It's not a resurgent Russia look you've got troops now invading a major country Ukraine. Climate change. You see not everybody says deluded about the reality of the world as you were shot from -- And so finally George Stephanopoulos. Even Stephanopoulos. Okay visa bands. You wanna talk about what. May be some trade maybe some assets. Who -- Who Putin is so afraid. But concretely. What are you going to do. Check out this unbelievable answer roll it Brittany. On the machine went down OK basically keep pressed him and he said what are you gonna do. And so he then it's -- this is now this is now dubbed big response. And so Stephanopoulos is what they're there's -- and a BG eight meeting a meeting of the industrial like seven countries along with Russia the G-8 in Sochi. It's gonna come up in this summer. And so he says are you gonna boycott the meeting and so she -- GA needing. Shaun frost -- sense. We're not gonna boycott the Munich. We're gonna boycott I swear among making this up. -- repertory meeting. -- meeting with -- for the meetings before the actual GA meaning to really send a signal to the Russians that's for serious. -- war like you can just -- our church is Putin called and so I'm. They're not going to going to boycott the meeting got -- -- the G-8 summit unless such and -- numbers for president what you mean. They're going to boycott indeed have authority -- much remained open were busy with a -- -- -- -- yes. Dean lead -- to discuss the meeting to discuss the final -- and that's what the pussycat. And there Jacques Francois. If that's what they're going to do about to kind. And you've got to be -- so this must be pick. These must be some sophisticated NCAA -- Tool well us into a false sense of security. -- -- Mr. President that really it's a happy hour golf caught on like a partying with that Jay-Z and beyoncé. And Derek cancel cancel Africa and -- -- And that -- the precedent. That's a sudden the -- that's hole but it. 61720666868. Is the number let me ask all of you this. Musharraf press was says. That we should cancel the repertory meeting for the G-8 summit. Are we becoming a joke on the world stage. If we're not gonna do anything is it better to just not do anything just -- Why is the United States willing to impose sanctions if Russia doesn't back down. Are you willing to go to Ukraine and show solidarity with the ukrainians if Russia doesn't back down. Absolutely and the United States and the president is currently considering. All options they're all on the table to -- we would call on congress. Immediately to the degree that they are. Prepared to be helpful that they immediately. Lay down the wind -- and economic package in order to assist Ukraine. We think it's very important for. The international entities the OS CD UN. May tell the North Atlantic Council. The EU. Foreign affairs council which will meet tomorrow. We all need to weigh in and I believe they will weigh in heavily. This is. We're gonna cancel the repertory meeting and notice they wanna send billions of dollars to Ukraine you know how corrupt that country is. So send all our money so we can get stolen. Not Starr for us was big solution more more of our foreign made right on the point. 6172666868. Is the number seriously it's the blind leading the blind. Dave you're up next thanks for holding welcome. -- thank you -- you -- I think I can't think there are a lot of people work. Looking at church trying to launch approach and not looks deeper. There. Anybody really taken to the entire situation where what is going part is actually an expansion of the EU. So if if people or against. The entire concept -- globalized. Kind of world. Then they should be trying to -- being. All I guess some type of proposition -- and right now hope that trip to restore. And it it may look like this -- kind of the battle against the United States and well Russia but it should not this little battle between hope brokers and pulled. -- then of course as Obama is huge kind of the de facto figure it who basically that's -- -- And so then he you know if you really really exempt you're gonna see. That Soros. Along with. Petro and -- ankle I don't know you don't know that proportion ankle at all but he's another multi billionaire. Strip and funding the opposition. Two very much a game in game technical -- with the EU that you spend an entire. Drive to expand the EU. And apple -- as saying hey wait a minute. You know you Jill -- and what is happening what has happened there every single leader. And as objective and fought back against the EU. So if you look at the pattern and of course they stop what this sanction and that's what this is how you know you're a marked man when they start -- circle you'll. OK if if you decide not to play ball. Didn't shut the circle you and the give me give you many chances to come back to the table. And let there mobile will be. You if you don't. So I had a slow I think people that they get to what they're gonna find it -- a lot more towards the meat. You know held and update you and you bingo you nailed it my friend look let me tell you what's going on and this is why this situation is very dangerous. We have been fed lies about World War I and World War II frankly. The big lie is that it was nationalism. That caused World War I and World War II it wasn't it was imperialism. And what you're seeing over Ukraine is the battle of two imperial powers. It is Russia asserting its imperial will long Ukraine and the EU trying to expand its imperial sphere of influence into Ukraine. And who backs the EU who's been making billions of dollars off the EU George Soros. Ukraine is a huge market it is rich in minerals it is rich in natural resources. That's why mother -- shot wants a and that's why the EU and George Soros want tipped. So you have to imperial powers looking to bubble up and fight over Ukraine. Each of the all oligarchs on both sides are gonna make a ton of money. Why are we getting involved in the middle of its. Because god forbid if things get ugly. And if real violence breaks out who's gonna be asked to send their boys and their sons and their daughters to frightened dog it's gonna be us. It's not going to be Germany it's not going to be France it's not gonna be England it's gonna be us. And that's why my friends I've been saying this now for years. It is kind to bring America home. We have imperialism at home with the state. Regulating controlling every aspect of our lives and now we have an empire abroad where we are now the world's policemen. Well you know what happens the policeman. They get shot. And I'm sorry but I'm not willing to see our voice. Shed one drop of blood. Or lose their lights. Over the Ukraine is not worth it. If the Europeans and the Russians wanna go out it that's their business but our policy should be hands off Ukraine. 6172666868. Is the number it's none of our business. Mr. President Jacques Francois. Shut your mouth and stop it with the bluster and the threats. Because it's only gonna make the situation. Infinitely worse for the ukrainians. For the Europeans. And -- most importantly for us here at home 6172666868. Is the number. Let me ask all of you this. Should we get into winning another Cold War with Russia. Economic sanctions trade sanctions god knows what else. Over Ukraine. Is it worshipped. Or should we just mind our own business I wanna hear from you Boston 6172666868. Is the number. Do you fear a major war in Europe. 730 on WRK oh let's take it that Angela in the news or. Succeeding W. Point seven. 737. -- -- Boston's bulldozer. Welcome to the eighty's my friends. And you have. Basically now we're facing the greatest crisis we have with Russia since the end of the Cold War. They have now sent in troops they are invading parts of Ukraine. They want to win next Crimea and you're looking to annex parts of the eastern part of Ukraine. Western Ukraine says they want to defend and fight for all of their country there is now -- potential major war brewing. On the European continent. And they dearly here. Throughout the entire point twelve campaign was mocking Mitt Romney for saying Russia is now becoming a geopolitical. Fall of the United States. And so we basically said you want to bring back the foreign policy of the 1980s you're living in the 1980s. When -- on home. It was Romney that was living in the real world and -- dear leader living in La La land you see this is what happens. When you party too much with Paul McCartney beyoncé and Jay-Z. This is what happens when you spend half your time on the beaches of Hawaii. We need to steer disconnected from the real world. And so North Korea is testing its missiles. China is now have been building up its military by the way China now has the largest military in the world. Russia is flexing its muscles. And now. The Specter of war between two powers in Europe is rearing its ugly head. And what is the dear leader doing. Happy hour. Six once I sort of happy how sick he's drinking 617666868. Is the number. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Jeopardy all because I'm good how are you Bruce I I really think what really overreacting to this whole thing because. Are the clearly I mean -- good dear leader like you say he he's more. -- -- -- Have some champagne caviar what with. The Kremlin. And we got John spread twice going all the lip that's something that don't catch the ball instead of I shouldn't be there at all. We we. We have to quote get the speed up one million because Robert -- try to we get tangled -- any at least -- that right now because there were also on the button. And like he. Like he says. We. Need to go into some type of seclusion. And take care about all problems our own business right here hole and we get almost falling. Stuff that has nothing to do with -- us. Bingo. Bingo you nailed it and I'll bet I'll bet anybody out I'll betcha dollars to donuts. There talk first of all is not going to be an economic sanctions. Because we. -- natural gas the oil from Russia is just too important to our business ties commercial price arduous two important. I'll tell you this they're not gonna hit the caviar industry. -- all of a dear leader he loves caviar -- does -- love -- trust me Russian caviar they're not gonna target bat bat him and Michelle big gorge on that stuff. 617266. 6868. Is the number Bobby Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. This morning. Just a little -- there's no clear and present danger -- The United States and so by going on -- -- -- -- such. We're not comfortable with that we don't like it. But we're not sure -- and I am I think we wanted to put -- in his palatial. We should to grow our our natural national orange country which are too poor -- exported. Because steps. In Russia looked like. There's oil leak and that approach oracle sound -- doesn't have the money to -- all Asia ventures you want to. Tying goal Bobby his regime collapses -- which short -- awkward. Excellent military could call volume -- simple and an inept at you know true true election help our -- Condit I put the work at certain that you. -- Thank you for that call Bobby. Drill baby drill and remember. Remember so -- Pailin. When she warned in 2008 she said watch out Russia may eventually invade Ukraine she said it openly. And they made fun of -- I can see Russia from my hosts. Tina -- remember about that SNL skit that everybody thought she actually said. -- is she is Sarah Palin predicted that Putin would invade Ukraine. And they left daughter now athlete she could see Russia. This before in the White House can't even see Russia. That's -- problem. So she predicted the invasion of Ukraine and what does she say. Drill drill drill. This will drive down the price of oil drive down the price of natural gas and what do you think that cuts off the life blood of Vladimir is regime. Let me ask all of you this. You know that Russia has a serious problem with radical Islam within its own borders. They are at war with radical Islam the way we York. So why would the Russians be arming uranium ballistic Retief. Why would they -- help them with their nuclear technology and help them get the bomb why. Let me tell you what my sources in Russia have told me it's an open secret in Moscow. Putin and ultimately wants a major war between Iran and Israel why. Because if there's a major war in the Middle East what happens to mideast oil it's gone. What happens to the price of world oil and world gassed it goes through the roof. What is Russia and energy superpower. He wants oil at 300 dollars a barrel that's how he and his cronies are gonna make out like bandits. That's what happens in the world when you have thugs running countries. And you have night eve left wing global list academics. Like -- from swat and Susan Rice and the dear leader. Who never held an honest job in their life nevermind deal with the real world. And that's why we're in the mess that we're in right now. America. It's kind to get out of other people's affairs and focus on our problems here at home. John Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning mr. curry today I'm good Harry huge on very well. You know it. They be happy hour for the Democratic Party started on January 20 but that would not it ran great expertise here. Felt the Victor Ortiz said. And then they'd put off -- saying. You know they try to slow down their break. But the hangover started on November 6 but last year -- everybody relax if President Obama in what -- -- -- and -- happy hour. The chickens coming home to root ballot but I want his -- that but what it -- sort this is what happens taken amateur -- -- -- He's -- McCain and atmosphere with professional. Whether their spots are not our. Politics and being a leader that what they purport to reference that. Obama was a complete inexperienced amateur -- -- a basket -- about the off. Well amended and -- -- Outlets but people -- the -- we have an interest in Ukraine's other than -- opens. Russia is perfect in any -- but that I find acceptable black -- This is complete takeover offer nation once. The rocks and broken up that people -- -- there and are operating -- -- circulation the whole country they think the country is. Upside down on people up. So it's it's just -- girl -- -- -- -- stuff not John Kerry weight in the big sort. It gently laps but -- Thank you for that call John very well set 6172666868. Is the number. Obama -- adults. And Ukraine burns. Frank you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning -- oh I'm good how are you frank went back a little better carry on the CB right now. Frank your phone is bad is he talking Russian. We jump from a -- -- claims he knows Russian -- syrup next thanks for all big welcome. Take -- Martin Jeff Harris. I -- I just want to kind of reiterate the last caller says that I think. That that's way Americans can. You know protect our interest that staying -- sovereign screaming and and we cannot do that. By running around. And now letting these collective next -- at the heart strings that looks. And try to make this manipulated. Into thinking that we're helping people. By the play by just running around and interfering with does with the business and welfare of other country. I think it's absolutely wrong and he will be one of the biggest stage this country will ever exchanged. I cannot garrison looked. You are more right can you even know. Now let me just say this he's completely right and you know if -- went -- -- Reverend -- chickens have come home to roost. They've come home to roost in a much even more fundamental way. On Saturday. Did dear leader called up Putin. In his genes in his T surety -- -- -- was off to the gulf -- to the links so on his way to the links stating the golf course he gave Putin ninety minute phone call. The Russians have reported the details of that call. Our mainstream liberal media keep covering up for this clown and buffoon and con man in the White House. So all the press on our friend is saying is he warned Putin's sternly there will be consequences. Let me tell you what Putin told him. Putin told him. Russia our reserves the right to intervene in Ukraine and to defend Russia's interest and those of ethnic Russians in Ukraine. And then he said this. Who are you to lecture us after Libya. After Syria. After Iraq. After Afghanistan. After Kosovo. We told you for nearly two decades. Stop intervening and waging war against other countries. Now let me ask all of you this. How does it now field to be on the other end. You see one other countries invaded other countries. You see the stress of causes you see the turmoil it causes. We smashed to Libya to pieces under the dear leader under this criminal regime. We are arming al-Qaeda in Syria. Tearing that country apart. We invaded you rock. We have any new Afghanistan for thirteen years. We bombed Serbia into the stone -- under Bill Clinton. We have been behaving like an imperial world empire. Meddling in other people's internal affairs waging war and invading them. Whatever our reasons are Putin thinks his reasons are legitimate we thought our reasons are legitimate. So why is it okay for us but not okay for them. This was not the foreign policy that our founding fathers wanted for this country. They wanted a republic not an empire. Now let me ask all of you this. Because the Republican and democratic hawks on Capitol Hill are now saying all now we need to bring Georgia into NATO is gonna really teach you -- lesson really. So now you wanna give a war guarantee to a small republic on Russia's border which god forbid if Russia invades again. We may have to go to war with Russia are you people insane. How did World War I -- not think. Did World War II teach you not think. -- did Vietnam teach you nothing work. DD rock teach you not think. Stop -- it's like liberals here at home. They meddle with our affairs here at home they meddle with other countries around the world. Mind your own business. Protect our constitution. Protect our liberty and protect our borders its kind to bring America home. And in a return to the 198 weeks. Here's Olivia Newton-John. Long distance dedication going out there Jacques -- Gary. I'm gonna play some of kinda. Without question our number one geopolitical fault today they fight every. Cause for the world's worst actors. -- Cynthia I don't know what decade this guy's living it sounds like -- midnight seventy twos fifteen to leave and it's not Stalin over there. It's like coach Jeff. It's not right now. Plus it's human. Right this minute in China where the mistakes -- other country in the world it's no longer the seventy and is he trying to play Ronald Reagan -- what puts you up to us. There's so much going on going to be a significant story. Here I am six. -- WRKO. And now one night. The corner man feeling NN. -- -- -- -- Except this time we're losing to -- and we're not winning against the rush. Let that don't it's. Like Ivan Drago. Did rocky fork actually meets rocky at the end of the -- but but yeah -- We don't wanna live in the eighties according to avid cheerleader. Now talking about. Plus constantly meddling in other people's internal affairs. And how we keep alienating our allies and emboldening our random code you've got -- now basically rampaging. Russian troops are now rampaging across Ukraine. But today Israeli prime minister Benjamin net. Yahoo! BD is gonna be coming into Washington. And he's gonna be meeting with the dear leader. Now. Notice Obama the dear leader will not squeeze you gotten over Ukraine. But when it comes to BB. According now to press reports he is now gonna tell Netanyahu. That it is in Israel's best interests. To sign some kind of a peace deal with the Palestinian -- Even though the Israelis don't want it Netanyahu doesn't want it frankly even most Palestinians don't wanna. So and he's now warning Israel and he's warning be -- -- there'll quote be fallout unquote. If they don't signed this deal. So now he's -- twist the arm of Bibi Netanyahu. To sign an agreement he doesn't want assigned. What are -- excuse me forgive me that I missed something are -- god. These Obama god. He knows what's in the best interests of Russia. He knows what's in the best interest of Ukraine. He knows what's in the best interest of everybody. He knows what's in the best interest of the wrong he knows what's in the best interest of Israel. She knows better than the Israelis and the Palestinians do. -- only real leaders only all logical conclusions you can make. Either one. He's an adolescent. Peace in eagle maniac. Out a narcissistic adolescent. Or number two.