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Animal Hoarding?

Mar 11, 2014|

Nearly 200 animals were removed from a Lynnfield home at the end of February.

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Welcome to the coroner report there. They're on -- six cities WRK go and now 193 point seven HP. Six sulphide Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. A lot to talk about today. Here's what this is a local story. There's you don't even have to be an animal lover of or some supporter of animal rights. To be utterly shocked and horrified by this story. This took place in a little old red home. On a busy street Salem street in Winfield. And it's an absolutely incredible story. Literally. There was an animal house of course. According to neighbors. Going back for a long time. There was an incredible. Powerful smell and stench. That emanated from this little red home in Winfield. And on numerous occasions. Neighbors complained. Town officials were account health officials were called to the house. Whereby they encountered an elderly woman she sixteen Y 69 years of -- get to this in his second. And her husband. Who denied them entry into the house. And they kept repeatedly asking them what is that horrible smell coming from your house. And they wouldn't talk about it they wouldn't allow anybody inside. And all they did was they agreed to clean up the backyard that was it they -- That's a little dirty in the backyard will clean up the backyard. Recently. 911 got a call. Eight and 69 year old woman who was living in that house. Was dead. So now medical officials had become inside the house to get the body. To their horror. They found the house had nearly check this out to who hundred. Animals. Inside the house. They immediately called the police. Animal rescuers the MS PCA came on the scene immediately. There were casts. There were dog books there were birds. They even found I swear to you once snake they found lizards. Now it's it's it's a very. It's a gruesome story so I don't wanna get into the details. But there was animal waste everywhere. Who litter boxes were overflowing. Many of the dogs were -- treated. Many of the cats and kittens were -- treated. In fact many of them were sick they suffer from our proper respiratory disease. Many of the cats literally the kittens in their ears were infested with -- They had never seen. Many animal rescuers have said in all of their years of rescuing abused and neglected animals. They had never seen anything like it's the Mal treatment of these animals. There's the it was it basically is how supporters. They were hoarding and there were hoarding everything but there were hoarding animals in particular. They were dead animals. Litter boxes were overflowing. It was an absolute. Nightmare. Here is being used package from faux one -- Where local reporters on the scene to their utter shock. And disgust. Find an animal house of horrors roll it Brittany. All the one of the worst animal hoarding cases in the area in recent years almost 200 animals crammed into a tiny little field home of many of them have lending changes most of their lives. The animal rescue league of Boston was called to go until -- home half to one of the residents died inside. 199. Animals were found many of them living in cages stacked on top of each other. An extremely unsanitary conditions dozens of dogs cats birds and reptiles were removed from the home they are now recovering. But the animal rescuing. The first day they were nervous and they would outside they're looking at the sky. And then the second day they went out this sort of playing with each other picking up toys and just kind of enjoying life their little nervous. The world's a little bit overwhelming to learn about that they're settling in very nicely. I mean me -- -- other hot tip that Fox25 that was their news package -- a very nice job. Look I mean. To me this is it this is incredible. On two levels. Number one. I have no sympathy for people who abuse animals I just don't. Demean it sadistic. It's cruel. It's sick. Now how do you I have to ask this question aren't -- laws on the books I mean isn't there a limit in terms of the number of dogs or cats you can I have. I mean Britney Brittany -- a big dog lover cooks he was becoming a big dog lover. Yeah that's right after a certain number chemical -- kennel license you've only right. -- I -- I don't the number is I guess -- Barry's pound -- pound 34 or five I don't and I mean pitcher number. But we're looking at a 200. Any -- they get 200 animals OK that's number one out of neighbors not know -- well that's you're my neighbor knows my dog barks I'm -- -- -- -- -- this how does nobody here this and then it's the smell. I mean literally neighbors were saying the whole house smelled like a toilet. They go it just -- it was like a septic tank they go it's it's bunk. And after awhile I mean look I you know am I I'm. I don't like the mind you know look into other people's business I believe in minding your own business I don't like being a busy body. But after awhile if the person across the street from. I got this stench and I mean. -- You know I you haven't seen anyone in a couple -- his -- not even this check this out okay this is in the Boston Herald pay check this out they interviewed Paul Boudreau. Who -- preserved by -- neighbor he's lived across the street for fifteen. Years. According to what he's told the press what he told The Herald. He never once not in fifteen years never once saw the woman who lived there and he never saw any animals. You live across from somebody fifteen years -- house are weeks. You're hearing all kinds of crazy animal -- And not once the bank no. I don't all. Maybe there are dead bodies in mayor. What the hell is going up in the air what is their dog fighting going on in there what is going up on me good luck I -- they're lucky to even find an alligator and there. And aside from the recording of the animals. Take -- -- this says about society that he says he's never met the neighbor. Across the street fifteen years fifteen years. And he doesn't. But OK yeah there were neighbors and we just never see each other. Math and the house stinks like a big star even -- not gonna check it's not my business I don't care. Are so she got a mass -- admit. I mean that's the other thing when you have this kind of stench honestly call me paranoid. But I think in. Could those be decomposing bodies. I mean you know after -- is she dead is the neighbor that is this is something going I mean what's that smell. Apparent there were no trespassing signs absolutely everywhere around the house. And there were other signs where the guy and the guys think he's got a shotgun. The husband of the wife going around he's got a shotgun -- signs everywhere he's got a shotgun enter at your own risk so obviously didn't want anybody coming in near abouts. So now authorities are looking into whether the husband of the woman the woman's husband. Should be charged with animal neglect -- you thank you definitely get thanked. No hall smiled as one although I think this one over now this is a borderline on and I don't call whole lot I had this and you could go either way on this month. But this is incredible. A look this to me is barbaric. This to -- sadistic. Is this to mean has no place in a civilized society small animals are not people don't get me wrong. But still. How you treat animal says a lot about you. And that this went on for all of these years and nobody did -- said anything. But let me ask all of you this. Do you believe that animal neglect and abuse is on the rocks. Because I'm reading more and more of these kinds of sorts. Where you're seeing a -- abuse of dogs dog fighting abuse of animals. And the other thing. There's even a show on television now about quarters. There's been around for awhile and it's almost like I don't this is a new phenomenon I don't know what it is. But it's people who live in I mean -- in the most horrible conditions. Filthy dirty. They won't throw anything the way they keep absolutely everything to basically living in a garbage dump except they've turned it into a home. -- what is it about our society. That this is becoming more and more prevalent and frankly why would you want a watcher -- About. Obviously very disturbed people. Who wanna live in filth and garbage. I mean seriously knowledgeable people have anything better to do at the time and call me crazy what is what's so fascinating about that. Anyway 6172666868. Is the number I swear to you I show where he. If I don't pick out the garbage on time. I hear it from the mrs. Did this does take -- the guard which led to the -- to the curb. Never mind having 200 animals and mouse with animal waste everywhere but that's not my home that's just me. 6172666868. Is the number. What do you make of this story. And do you believe that the woman's husband. Should he be facing charges. Of animal neglect and cruelty. Frankly I say yes I say throw the book at this -- That's a no brainer isn't well. Approximately 200 I mean I could see -- there's like four cats and three dogs and okay now run line of whether this is in all of these there's 200 intervals. You'd be very surprised my friend. You would be very very surprised how many people are gonna say they have a right. 223400. Animals. And if they wanna live in now they don't know you know it has a right to -- current trip ends in excrement if they wanna live in excrement. And you got -- hold your nose as a neighbor because it stinks so bad every time you're within fifty feet of a house. You're gonna see a lot of people rally compelling guy I know this state. I know this state cooks. I I probably had to have relatives of some -- -- all I can see the liberals the liberals and the progressives are gonna come out and rally on behalf of this. All guy saying he has a right to 23400 cats or dogs. And to basically wallowing swim in an an excrement. Because that's. That's what liberals do that's just that's what they've -- so they don't the most perverse thing possible that the event. So it as far as that is good on that that quarter show they target bonus there's something sick about putting mentally ill people on television here for our amusement. I -- a few hundred attempt I think that is just a little strange. And I watch the show occasionally when it's on just -- is nothing else. They usually get a twenty minutes into it think this is so awful to watch listen. Well we're starting to become -- honestly were becoming like the Roman empire. History repeats itself so have you noticed now cage and what we watch cage fighting. That's a big thing MMA. Yeah I mean that literally and had a one fight I wanna get too gruesome but it was one photo just -- channel surfing and I am looking -- honest I thought this this can't be real. I know it's actually guys killing each other in the -- just beating each other senseless and one guy he was from Britain I'll never forget that he was about seven feet tall. And he looked mentally and he just looked it he looked mentally deranged he looked like he'd been hit mad once too often. And he gets in the ring with this big American black guy and I could cut your right away the American black I was gonna kill an American black eloquent a whole should've seen this -- One shot to the head the -- the British guys year came dangling off any falls on the ground out to select. And the audience is going preserved blood is gushing out of that they loved it -- more blood that they loved it. But anyway I wanna I wanna get off track here so. No you'd be very surprised they get off on seeing mentally and mentally ill people. The basically living in their own garbage people find that fascinating. And now we need new forms of entertainment. Two to keep us entertained now assist cops and robbers on just don't quite do it anymore made it's it's it's lost it's affect. Dave Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. -- -- -- So I I would go to Dallas -- we're just gonna port -- -- so -- you actually. I've got it all I wish would. As an extraordinary work I have been the without repeatedly over the last eight years -- issue orders to correct they do nothing about it. Thirty yard -- or whether it was abandoned cars. I've recently been reported by the police say I want a little while we're allowed because on blocking a -- it's ridiculous. Barlow is in -- but don't let's -- I don't know what happened. Now Dave. You say what that did that the backyard is a littered with with cars with with abandoned carts. I have four yard bears. Are right we will let wrote I while the road to the association. There's well placed the put as well because of the night abandoned vehicles it actually brought it a little slow moving rock. You -- it doesn't I don't know what he's trying to he's gonna stop with your belt or. I have repeatedly -- into the building inspector a simple for the selectmen a sentiment where nobody will do -- I'm sure well according to the lives -- Dave according to the liberals in this state that you're violating the civil rights. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We haven't had actually polled by how it's worked well thought as she lives in Europe are allowed to do your jobs are available -- sports. And I'm under which what that. Dave if you don't mind me asking I mean do are you hearing Bart king are you hearing crazy sounds from the house. I don't embarking you workers were fired -- -- as far as I know what does but he's got at least thirty pallets. Thirty cats herded at least support or help as -- amount. But that would include. Our hearts and when he opened a window we can't sit on our back this sensor so that by the right here is also benefit -- those. Would -- about hopeless wallet nothing changes. I while I -- who knows maybe like this in this house in one field maybe you're gonna see snakes. Maybe there are snakes maybe there are lizards like I said they gonna -- an alligator. Be careful day. You may see an alligator come out of that house be careful when your appalling to small you know what's gonna come out of that house they admitted -- gonna charge you and and and and seriously and and a tacky when your and your in your tenure -- 6172666868. Is the number. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I kept what did you. I get kicked out -- in -- -- -- -- split up and it. And we felt that people have to be just the fifth Serbs have sort it's you know that that's OPEC oil that's so -- Then. There outfit to lighten things up. I would or wouldn't book what is quite a bit off my PP. And I couldn't get just. You prison or did not portraits that its DP up at a all Europe Max thanks for older and welcome. Jeff how high left you call. Guys and good friend I have rescued. -- I wanna tell you send a nice guys -- until age. I'm I'm I'm a big gala. And I've actually -- up to people so and I don't do a lot and asks if I could take a direction. Now Paul at Baptist -- Yeah I mean why I mean like what oh what why would you ask people to give up their dogs. Because there abuse when they died so I got wind died down a little Jack Russell Turkey she didn't. He broke Barbara -- -- -- -- -- six -- so. I found out about it and I went to install or else looked like say -- -- no and I went. Particularly against the I don't acts. Asking I finally got -- the amount she fourteen years old now. Now Paul is there right. Paul is there a limit I mean I don't know this is there a limit to how many dogs you can have. No I am. We live under attack while I go to candlelight and pretend. For ten dogs -- your -- to some extent. I know I can get blocked by Egypt you have to pay more money. Oh really it's almost have to pay Shaq oh -- body go through -- and that's how I live chickens and dogs. If you get fifteen -- I'm -- what it is but I don't come out anyhow check out you call them. They don't come out the other guy is doing. So basically. They just want the money. So basically -- mom I'm not accusing you of this I mean obviously senator very nice woman but you could be torturing these talks. You guys I mean you could be putting among -- run on electric chair whatever it is. And Barrett. And that's -- -- -- I mean an exit just me or should there be a limit how many dogs you can have. I'm LSU them off farmer about something else but -- really for the city yeah I if you live like in the city seriously should there be a limit that -- my crazy. -- I think you should be limited to separate plug and the size we got like five Saint Bernard then that's a little ridiculous. But I mean I don't -- -- mean it is shouldn't take dogs too much whatever but I mean yeah I mean certainly cut off that said that's number maximum number of buggies and that's it. Bad because just after awhile it becomes a health hazard for everybody but don't call me crazy. 6172666868. Is the number -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I -- did you. It was a nation state license -- this particular program. In years. I suspect realistic when people joke couples would you buying new home. They're tired you go in and inspect their house. In the forty perch out so one day got all the young couple. To go into it take a look at our house or interest and hurts and beat the light appeared to be you know eight to nine months pregnant she's just about ready to deliver and he asked -- take a look at this little outstanding -- I would certainly in this state. I walked in the door and I initially just -- -- And aesthetic reaction you beat era there -- I'm alert -- They -- literally gotta take and many expect from picnic area repeat step -- -- the way. Because it will look like Jesse -- -- Anyway particularly inspection. Walked into their house -- -- -- order. They were icy acts. At another table -- supplement those seals everywhere you look just end. So. Didn't give it to the house chat until order permitted -- say. Adopted it. Got about forty cast are not exactly sure I'm getting as they have already taxed about forty. And so -- seem to pierce. -- -- three with a lighter and it goes up so what story house. The latter part post it to eight opening into the attic area and outs. And I CE territory up and down the latter. -- -- -- inspection yet to mr. -- look outs and this really isn't quote yeah. Accordance to. Trump on Johjima about it you tight eaten. -- job pretty beaten. Two people edit. -- -- But probably only about trying. I had my. Did you actually whistle all abortion -- most import export ceiling by. Some charts that silly what electronic course geared felt indebted -- -- it certainly is an 80% at look at it. So that interrupted he should action due inspection that the addict that are getting pounded out act -- Six issue I didn't. Six -- but even edit and just listen hundreds and hundreds of those involved. At seeing so that was -- A jab jab okay we get the picture I almighty god all might not sit. Hundreds of pounds of cat poop -- might cut that and I -- I I cannot seriously how does somebody. Live and act. -- Iranian like -- is -- you did seriously they have to be mentally ill. I mean I can't look you can love cats (%expletive) I love cats I have forecasts -- five cats are six cats. But after awhile when we're getting into that 15202530. And you got cat poop everywhere there's something seriously mentally wrong with. Six I think comic -- 6172666868. Is the number jam Europe next thanks for holding go. I yep they kept. I don't you get quote that a -- -- I I'm Marie died -- up and we would pull out I want -- And we were trying but what we got a quality in an overnight. Grid -- to go back to 1911 we've seen been up all operatives have been accurate. So we get the accurate we get it won't what we know that we noted the irony because we operate I would think it would Wear pocket awarding. And she was saying that you couldn't bring you an idea. Anyway we try to break the -- down like we always do. And we realized it could break it -- so. We got into the act higher and higher up the door open finally get the act for the door. Can we realize. That all about how. It's probably in Darby in importing about. And let when we actually gain back that -- -- -- could only call. -- that garbage and how. The dead cat. Dead cat sleep in it didn't act Stewart hundred object cast that cats. Dead cat -- And -- that he could only on wall. Between. Debt ceiling and the floor. That's how does a little bit when we finally when we finally got it we couldn't because we have area -- bought. We could not he can get from one room to the other little. -- -- -- -- Our impact when we couldn't get I didn't -- -- -- get a -- right. The -- that would put itself out because that burned up all the oxygen and how. But what we got done. But fortunately the organ. In this seat. And now when when -- get done at this idea. -- Couldn't believe it out of this. Early in the state could have been a lot of pride there Byron no. They attack. What we're not what. -- I. I -- -- a caller used it before but got what you encountered that's what he says that's an animal Auschwitz. That was a cat Schwartz. Does that I was glad that I was I indicate they kiddie version of Irish roots does Richard just encountered now. -- right so we've got animal abuse that's obviously a case of but there's the exact opposite I -- New -- exact polar opposite so we there we true we we throw in the gas ovens or. Someone here I'm not gonna mention any name it's. The Britney going -- hot Brittany. Is galling that out a birthday a birthday party for their dog. Should we be giving dog's birthday parties. Rough playoff. 638 here on AM 680 WRKO. And now 193 point seven. Jeff -- positive. 61 so. It's at 6868. Is the numbers so. We've got the animal house of horrors in Winfield basically nearly 200 animals. Dogs cats snakes rats lizards everything everything was that everything. And then you have so we have all this animal cruelty in some parts of our society. But then you literally. How the polar opposite. Whereby if you notice there's a trend especially among dog owners. To trade their little buggies. Like they're people. Like I know I don't just mean like treat them nicely give them some full order you know whatever. I had they come out for a nice walk or her for a nice walk. I mean I'm talking dressing them up in for colts. The latest fashion. But now this. Did you know that there is now -- booming industry. Of a dog he birthday parties. Birthdays for -- weeks. Birthday cake during -- -- just -- birthday if you can you don't need it but the -- -- -- there's -- cakes they put little. -- -- -- There's even gifts I swear you wrapped -- mopping you give them to the little dodgy at the birthday party. And this is exactly would Britney is going to be doing tomorrow. Now it's her sister's -- connect. Can I can I say her name her OK her sorry her name is Victoria. Like Queen Victoria. Victoria. So Victoria. Has a little dog -- Alexi. And she celebrates -- -- birthday religiously. Every year so -- kid -- not tomorrow. In britney's home. Victoria is going to be having a little a nice number -- birthday cake candle for little exe. Britney's gonna be there britney's dog rule V I swear I am -- making this up Rudy has been invited. But it's -- Rudy. The parents are going to be pending. Deanna is going to be attending. Family friends are going to be attending. And I'm asking myself I like is what it's like. My Mike and I I know kids. Who don't have this kind of attention for their birthdays. Now this is the corner man okay I'm sitting around. If I was to go there and I wasn't invited by the way but let that you don't have a dog I don't have a dog so suddenly if you don't have a -- a feel discriminated against -- Obama invited just regular habit but -- discriminating has been blown up -- but let that go. So. I'm Alicia -- was I was invited via -- could take cooks he was in but you are invited. But were Rudy britney's holding a birthday party for Rudy what is -- April 1 that's revert it. -- he is invited and -- and so is his dog bowl to britney's whatever Ruiz birthday party britney's dog April 1 so. Coaxing you be going to a -- a dog -- -- party. This is Jeff -- I'm and I'm looking around -- room and I see grown adults. And they're going happy birds being a -- exceed. Happy bird day. -- -- -- -- And then I don't know how you make the dog -- the Campbell but somehow they August sister blows the candle for little -- at the end. And then you give the -- -- doggy doggy birthday cake and then you open up presents. And everybody is collapsing. I would be looking around the room but really there might crazy or is the world crazy. It's a balk. It's not a person who. It's it's of all I don't think the bug really knows what's going on here. So you've got -- birthday cakes -- ice cream -- gifts. People are now celebrating. -- -- In my house. They don't even celebrate my birthday. I'm out of obviously I I I I don't get the treatment in my there's no cake. There are no gifts there's nothing there's just. All well another year all sliding -- the middle -- please wanted to remind me of my birthday it's the president. Alexi gets the full treatment so let me ask all of you this. Do you find it a little bit strange. That dogs are being treated like people. And that now we have literally birthday parties for little bodies. And if Victoria. When Brittany. If they invited you to their dog he birthday party. Would you go. Or like the corner man would you say. And I don't go to -- birthday parties call me crazy I'm sorry I'm busy that day. 6172666868. Is the number John you're up next thanks for holding. Well. Good morning mr. Carter. Hi how are you John very well -- you know I would not go off our part and I thought I'd get a lot come Abbott said that I wanna come there. Certain percent. You know two women because I think at the maternal and think they have what they thought that your report that it -- it make a big -- hot air single -- ever single track. You know you followed the realm of Creighton we have -- or he get up there or here it. Ask you get married a walking around like these Hollywood people with deep dark where 4000 art Gucci's sweater and stop them. Diamond collar and stuff you know that's meant. That's ridiculous no look I think people either way I wanna -- -- -- -- the report but walker dock where I felt so letter. You know that is your particular aspect Britain you know apart but -- -- article once you know. What you get merry go a little bit you don't have that our final. Thoughts. John I got to tell you it's funny you should say that I think you made it very deep psychological insight. Victoria. Out. Is single as far as I know. No trial. Brittany as far as I know single. No child. It's almost like the little buggies are becoming surrogate baby it's call me crazy 6172666868. Is the number. Ultimately you. What's even more amazing they know they're dog's birthday I don't know my dog's birthday and the tide have to go through paperwork and find it. I know it was an August at some point but I don't know the exact. That the senior happy birthday. I -- to go into the hockey -- And then to put a candle -- cake I can understand me you know you can make it to argue or its own food that. Yet to make a specific cake and then write happy birthday on it and images of -- he presents its weird beautifully arranged a little. And a dog sitting their goal what is -- Why not the dog the dog is looking at the humans as saying what's wrong with -- people. I'm a dog for God's sakes I throw a ball I can chase and then as the adults the family members and they're all gather around. I do zebra hurt they truly feel I -- a lot of I just there's something very bizarre here frankly but again that's just me David you're up next thanks for -- -- welcome. How are you David. I'm -- I I would do these people aren't saying I got Gloria. If you are invited to the body you couldn't -- used are gonna give the target just any kind of right. The thing now is like this I mean I got to start giving gets the talks. Our lives okay Jeff you can make it through the -- party British them he's give Alexi Iran Rudy something. So our wait -- what you want and we're gonna give you a little a little but the little buggy Bonnie what do what do what do you want me to give you know nowadays I strike economic -- I have a person in my family. Who. Brings his dog to doggie daycare when he goes to work. Guess I can't stand the dog being home all by name all by it's nice rarity. So good goes there's article daycare there's doggy dog here gosh yes he huge industry doggie day care gathered there's a lot of around. And you go when you bring you do dropping -- off in the morning I think it just like regular kidney care. How existed that's the most obscene thing I mean the dog sleeps most of the time when you know out there isn't really realize you're gonna. Hold on though but what if the dog is acting up but the doggie daycare. They put in the kennel against a good idea to do they complained they say your dog somehow got to tell you he or some actually give you full detail I'd seen online. Because they have to go to Florida or in October so I was gonna put my dog and a dog kennel not like a doggie daycare but there's a couple of -- and they give you full detailed written reports. About what your dog did throw today. -- dark place where. It was noisy dog will play the way. And a guy that it was just the strangest thing. -- -- -- I don't know what to tell me to go overboard from the dog -- but with cakes. You know bring he's making a carry green bean cake or wherever she's making -- Birthday parties presence. I was at the Blue -- of my dog yesterday issues eating horse -- I mean how how much how much does it take to impress the event. I. Know any other thing is now she bacon the dog can kick the door talking state. Really mean you all like a nothing but the best for my Rudy and the dog has little tiara but like little -- the did you joke with Rick no I like little ribbons a bit like almost like a hair style is that if you -- -- of the dog he is like a bit of a kind of a little buggy with curly hair. She's got to get elected got the doggy style be put a little gel on the -- So that saw them honestly that there have been told a doggie looks absolutely perfect. Is -- I'm telling -- it's incredible. The only thing I do them -- a little bit. Numbering these categories that I when I take my dog to get what is -- room or something you know the nails clipped. I have a specific woman that doesn't. Are really Britney -- -- and that -- disability doesn't pretend that woman so well but that's only does that you know -- knows the woman -- -- -- Co. manicured of course sure you get it clipped the dogs and him. All I know what I mean but also but apparently Britney manicurist her dog's little -- right demean. Earlier clip -- blowing -- a club that she goes beyond clipping doesn't you acknowledge how she just got some -- and shampoo. That's hit the -- on nail polish nothing like that now talking you know Britney does that stuff not so I have Britney does that's I think. He put nail polish on your dog -- she manic here is -- anyway. But so it's okay ruins perfect -- this perfume gel. Sweaters. There you name it an earring X diamond it's 6172666. I I swear to you I know women. Who told groom themselves. Doing some of the dog dogs are being groomed by AM by their owners. Bob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yep that's part Terry Hilliard moved around -- -- for the orders thing -- -- -- shoot up OK I we practiced free speech you're not liberals -- and we we had a much worst case appeared Marblehead. About forty years ago. And it's critique that -- is the very blank. Nice town like well plea on the beach. That Bob I'll be honest with you. Britney likes Marblehead I've been to Wellesley. I'm sure it's a very nice I've driven through and I know how we lives there I was not impressed with -- and nobody -- let that go back. I have my point which if -- night sounds -- expensive houses. Back around 72 there was an elderly brother and sister living out that hasn't been out of the house in about eighteen years. This is -- these tabloid things. They have a bad at sympathetic a third siblings a brother that would bring groceries. But the two main ones living there has not left the house. The woman died. And about three days later the guy finally emerged from the house and walked to the fire department to ask for help. When they went to that helps. That you know that the body was three days old house was able forget the animal the house was full of human waste. Newspapers were thirty years of newspapers stacked up everywhere -- apparently was afraid the house was gonna catch on fire. And they determined that the water had been turned off for about three years. Why do I did turn the water off. No I mean they had never left the house that probably stop paying jumping around some think these people were -- without water. You know they got some groceries and in this -- the -- had worked in three years. Just piled up in -- Basra remain to be gross and people are units -- but I got to ask you this question if they don't have water how to dig beneath. I don't Bigelow did I mean they they -- -- -- That. Six and people watch I can say I tried an amazing. And they're watching -- the only console costs and look at these people's thinking and living in the roadways this is so fascinated. But anyway I -- -- wanna get off track here back when the bodies. -- -- ask you this in my the only one do you think they overdo it but really do you think birthday parties. And by the way coming up next here your shirt talk this out okay. Check this out. Were they were beyond birthday parties on this one this is from the Los Angeles science. Funerals. For pets. All the but being the pictures the picture on there yet there's the picture guy a guy in. Know there's a picture I don't know if it's on that particular story of the dog in an open casket -- -- guy next -- he's afraid he's running. There's a picture looking at a -- an LA times story -- trying to itself. Booming growth industry you may think we're in a recession yes for most of us that led to the workers of this country but -- the producers. But if you're and a few and I'm if you want to make money people you seriously this is a booming industry. Set up a funeral home for little dogs. Cats they do cats rabbits they do others but in particular for bodies I'm staring at a picture of a guy. Arraigned in front of his dog and open casket so here's a story from the LA times. -- -- She is the owner of pat Angell memorial center in Carmel Indiana. Says that her business is doing sold phenomenally well. That she has now decided to check this out. Franchiser. Funeral home business. And plans to open nearly 300 locations nationwide. Over the next several years. Britain says there are dog get out of here it. Dad out here Britney says there are dog wedding sad marriage equality for all marriage equality for awhile and we should recognize how we should recognize that. That's discrimination now. You know I can understand the funeral thing a little bit more than the birthday parties and lead the dog wedding thing a guy I'd. I wouldn't go to a dark funeral but I can understand would lead the sentiment comes from. Urged to check this out OK Colleen Ellis the owner. Says that -- who were treated as family members by most owners should receive the same quality after care arguments. So this is what are service includes the rates of your doggy dogs. They pick up the bodies of deceased pets from veterinary hospitals were there immediately wrapped in blankets and put in the caskets. Then they bring the dog year whatever the that the red could be a cap whatever the deceased pat back to the funeral home. We're staff members helped guide grieving owners through a vast array of memorial and burial options. Most clients offer quote visit patients. Were last respects are paid in the chapel or the family room. So the animal is put in a casket. And there's like awake. And there's a chapel. I don't know who presides over this but they pray for the -- holes this is something Britney would do as well what Brittany would deafening enough for for Rudy. And I could see your like you know my Rudy died. Edgar stalks of corporation Britons are we talking about -- cemetery she wants to Barea and a nice cut by the -- These caskets. 101000. Dollars marble casket with a 5000 dollar granite markers are basically fifteen whatever happen in the old days with the trash -- shoe box. And you just cost him in there and they were in the whole backyard. Owner's friends family surviving pets surviving -- I swear to you can pay their final respects. As I -- so -- the dog show up to him. -- -- In blue moon. Dressed in black dressed in black I slid -- -- -- address the black can you imagine some of them are giving the homily. A little -- little rooted. Was cut down in a surprise me it's all much limb for that this that there is so unfair. Six British singer better not -- through he because of Rudy died she's gonna hold me responsible. Let me do you think -- ask you this does all of this strike you as bizarre and overboard. Or is it just me 6172666. -- 68 is the number out of Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Check with the guards were written the -- this is a symptom of the vehicle problem is we as a society we've become big government high tax in. I'm -- -- cost of having real children and our -- a -- were having children -- -- compunction to care for and which is great. But the important thing animals because it's prohibit to have real kids that you put this -- a -- -- the -- of what's -- -- society. You know at a -- never looked at it that way but I mean I'm looking at this and they're treating animals like their kids. I don't know less kids don't let lets kids that we have noticed how dogs are now replacing children the way we treat them. From birthday parties to weddings and not a funerals Gordon Europe next thanks for holding welcome. They just hi Gordon. City immature and has one of the largest pet cemeteries in the country don't know people are aware of really. It's pretty crazy. One of the largest pet cemeteries in the country well at that may be word of britney's gonna be burying Rudy one day. You -- Gordon university Brittany with well a long line of limos -- a funeral procession. Have you -- noticed so all -- look like there animals. -- Will we could see in his dog. Yes. Steve York -- let's roll big welcome. Good morning -- as the Jeff don't district it's apparent that this is a way she'll love that Britney. Interests just do the right thing they love their pets they wanna have a birthday party they obviously love each other very much coached at any such schemes for the family get together. These different than people who just want to get together. Any excuse to show that love it -- It doesn't -- that that's about it your local bank I mean. Some people who all of a bullet all the funerals -- -- but if you have a pet did you have -- want to become very attached to this bad. It's it's it's. I mean I have been my children lit bit variable but a lot of people get very attached to them don't didn't go but what could keep up the -- worked pretty -- biggest. I thought -- that you could possibly -- what you go girl. -- it's as they please don't encourage your police she's already going overboard you don't need to throw more gasoline on the fire there -- a trust me. I -- is what's next are really like what strippers for the little buggy I mean seriously I'm a bit about it let's let. Let's not let's not encourage her to much Jason Europe next thanks for holding -- They just. Explain to me the difference between paratrooper daughter Eric -- process that all a waste of money. I think trash bag can take care of it can happen at the currency on nothing -- Yahya. Steve Europe -- knights rolled and welcome. -- -- yeah I'd gotten a shot sure and is actually a small yellow inverted just cool spot. -- want to ops but doggie daycare. I haven't actually seen the problem otherwise told me about it I hear this aren't sure I swear. There's a -- bus that takes up a little dog used for -- her. Coleman had jaw and -- you are Coleman adult did go to bed bug isn't gulag Coleman and. While I completely destroy -- because that's cool what used to be my plans would call Michael Jackson needed the training not just don't get by. -- on those words you report. Britney that you could you have gone out -- a body are right so he watches set this precedent you have to keep doing it if you miss one body that doesn't gonna write a lot of right. -- maturity or are you going to be paid perch claiming. Drew letting him every said. -- -- it's good -- on the Hudson city WR Dell my friends we got a lot more --