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RIP Affirmative Action

Mar 18, 2014|

A bill in California that would have revived the state's college admission affirmative action program which was banned 16 years ago is dead thanks to the lobbying of the state's Asian-American community who thought it would put asians at a disadvantage. Howie said Bravo!

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This was a story we mentioned briefly yesterday. In 1996. The -- state California referendum. And the ball watched. Affirmative action IE racial quotas. -- on the liberals are -- the -- controlling language affirmative action. Affirmative -- Negative for -- Affirmative action was abolished in 1996. At the university level in California. And -- referendum. And a so this year the Democrats figured well we're gonna we're gonna put the we put -- up to it to the voters you know we controlled state now so we're gonna. We're gonna put it up to the voters and have have a referendum. On. I'm bringing back affirmative action bringing back racial Clovis where you know where you just -- -- it's more important to check the box. Like a phony like Elizabeth Warren did and Vista too well within study hard. So what happened. Is that word got out in the Asian American community in the Asian Americans is you probably know. Tend to study very hard and for that reason. Even though they've only been in the country most of them are many of them for a relatively short amount of time. They tend to do better than the other ethnic groups including the whites. And especially they do better than the hacks. Who've been in this country for hundreds of years and speaking English for hundreds of years. Bark with Tino and native American students make up almost 54%. California's high school graduates in 2000 well. But just 27%. Of all freshman UC wide university California wide. And 16%. Of UC Berkeley freshman class that you're UC Berkeley obviously as the flagship. School the of the system. Asian Americans make up about 38%. -- UC undergraduates. 38%. Of their -- they are only 14% of the population but they make up 38%. Bob Berkeley undergraduates and have a high rate of freshman admission to its mine undergraduate campuses. Seventy. 3%. -- 2013 compared to 63%. Of all in state applicants. Now again this is not affirmative action they do they are getting admitted in these large numbers. Above their percentage of the population. Because. They are doing better. They are which dare -- say it. Smarter. Or shall I say more educated better educated than the other students in the system. So. Beat the the the Asians the three Asian senators senators in the California assembly. Quickly flipped full. And decided that they were against. Doing away with the BM on affirmative action because it was going to it was going to hurt their students. The biggest -- flat out you know. Mean it's harder for after I don't be don't be a white Republican senators were having a harder time saying this I mean he even though. You know if you do away with affirmative action that you I mean if you if you impose racial -- -- it's also -- white students. All of this focuses senator -- Hernandez Democrat West Covina. Says he's one of the sponsors of the built to do away with racial quota to bring back a racial quotas. I'd like to bring it back I believe and I believe we need to make sure there's. Equal opportunity. For every one in the state of California. Equal opportunity. That's exactly what he doesn't want what you have now is equal opportunity. You're judged on you're the man airports. Not on the color of your skin. The shape of your face. You're judged on you're male or acts he doesn't want it he doesn't want anybody judged on their merits he wants them judged on a quota system. That's what he wants. -- -- just come out and say it. What do you think this. 18774694322187746943221. Reason Democrats were caught off guard is that Asian Americans. Have historically. Supported affirmative action. Historically but now we we we are at a point where they. They're going to. Suffer from having affirmative action IE EE more talented Asian American students will be turned away from last. Qualified. Blacks and Hispanics. So now they've changed their tone funny how that works as -- it. When it's to their benefit that they were there were for it now it's against their benefit. They're against that I'm glad they changed their minds. But I -- you know affirmative action it's gotta go it's just ridiculous I mean it's I mean we have we've we've paid a terrible price for affirmative action over the last few years and me. Yeah having unqualified people in my position it's just it's absurd. You know we've got to go back to the that to 22 real standards. In an across the board in everything. 1877469432218774694322. And and again don't don't give me all the stop about the discrimination I mean there were there -- -- you know they had did things that leaks there's somebody wrote a poem on the Internet about this I don't know much about California history but the used -- have things like. Anti Chinese league. General what that's the anti Chinese league the anti Japanese league league. And of course the Japanese were in turn your World War II -- And that they suffered they suffered immense prejudice against. And yet somehow there they are able to why they they work hard and we remain in tact. They are much less likely to go on welfare. Then other groups and that's why they do better on the on the tax. And the test dual predict. How you were going to do in college sorry about that but it's -- Why do you think they keep dumbing down the SAT they've done it again. The more they can they keep dumbing it down and it doesn't work. They can dumbed down as much as they want in the big groups that are better educated the people that are better educated individuals. Are still got to do better than the people who I don't. Study who just goof around who don't have anybody at home column talent this. Cracked down and study and go to Google library Steve your next without we cargo ahead Steve. How why how he got Ali. Army you know in general I gonna record at the same thing you know why I'm not correct or not just general. In I'm. Most -- and don't work. Yeah sort of query port is separate the. We're not talking about Puerto Ricans from working or not working we're talking should should people. Who are members of at this supposedly disadvantaged groups get to a -- get a leg up over people who come from. Supposedly. Overly advantaged groups who may just be a -- has come from groups that work harder than these supposedly disadvantaged groups. And it in the -- better school but. According to start remember much bigger and the black -- a much bigger. All stop and I don't wanna hear that wanted to cut that out 18774694322. Matt you're next with -- -- cargo had mapped. -- The second look at that works for us because of the population -- know. Robert -- then they shouldn't have been so why it's certainly not -- -- We should be. Iron -- and it. Well you know they said today they had that I read something like -- court today or yesterday that that now that Hispanics are now the largest ethnic group in California. They are 39% of the population whites are only 38 point 8% of the population. So I mean should YXP as a minority shouldn't whites be should whites be given affirmative action. Well on land but apparently they're -- they're doing so you're viewed the worse. That's the new -- Yeah he's exactly and you know -- the battle lots of studies showing that it's not even the long term I mean at the you know what obviously disadvantages some -- talent that white and Asian students who don't get in for a their their positions are given to people who have fewer qualifications. But it doesn't really help the people who were who were pushed into. Environment where they can't succeed because they don't have the they don't have the background you know they they they've gone to crappy schools -- parents haven't for whatever reason haven't up push them to succeed. Academically. And they they just. They they you know you you put an idea Heidi. A high level competition they're not gonna succeed -- less and -- they're just pushed along you know. You hope you all -- the editor about what -- you never contributed to Harvard Law Review that's okay it will make you the editor of the Harvard Law Review. You know. -- they -- some people just get used to having it all hand it to. Thanks for the call Matt -- Bob you're next with how we cargo I have Bob. I know it's real simple it's a race between the people that study in the race between the people that don't study this study is we're gonna win -- -- -- -- isn't Honolulu but when you throw in that business about. You know. Think he's making everybody equal then you know giving everybody it's not a great life works and gravity doesn't work well how does. I Edgar Hernandez I don't know how intelligent he is but I mean how can we say with a straight face. We we want to make sure there's equal opportunity for every one goal. Idiots -- you're gonna have equal opportunity by denying certain people equal opportunity it's like it's orwellian. It's all that is you know it's been -- justice some moral is that whole business about. You know that speech get their spot spot. Patrol people that try to keep you from saying what you think you know political correctness but immoral to -- I I agree I agree the the only people of freedom of speech there are liberals you know they consider whatever the hell they please. By the way did you see that that is that -- it. They're they're making I believe it or not the minute documentary like Barney Frank. And after the the movies shown somewhere around here I didn't read it very carefully he's going to be in there he's gonna do a sit down interview with the ball people our -- Now it's an Alec Baldwin the guy who's known for his his homophobic or -- But hey he's one of the beautiful people he's a liberal he's a liberal home awful. So makes OK I guess he considered Barney can sit down with them. Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. Ali god bless America thank I don't know I don't know which famous person said that that maybe you can help me out it goes something like. Judgment by the contents of this chatter there's not that our roads. -- yes I believe they'll be Martin Luther King Jr. yes you're absolutely correct yes. And whenever whatever and it they remember Eddie -- seals threatened they forget all that and it's you know if they get its spot or that and it's. Basically brought by the wayside like what what -- don't they re look at it don't they wanna abide by that shouldn't be shouldn't anybody about it. Of that you know I knew I -- not black what it would let ticket how it's just it's ridiculous that the latest on. And what's and what you know by the way what is Hispanic. You know I mean they told us that George Zimmerman. Was a white Hispanic because they don't like him it's seems like it's it if it's white Hispanic it's a majority if you're just a regular Hispanic than that that entitles you to affirmative action. I guess -- George Zimmerman is not entitled to affirmative action because he's a white Hispanic. But my amnesty and I took a lot of people claim that would be Hispanic still look pretty white to me. I've seen I've seen Hispanics with blue wise Mike I don't have blue lines MI MIB Hispanic. -- -- out there that thanks. The call Mike 18774694322. 97 they got laid off after 25 years in the business with the two federal agencies job three interviews each time. In guess who lost the job to you got it I know some work there in the said the two people they hired were nowhere in no way is qualified as I once. It -- you know that's that's the way of the world these days now. And if you weigh -- and the only one -- and you know if you tried if you try to even the score by you know. Checking the box you'll be fired like the Boston firefighters work publisher Elizabeth Warren and your beautiful person. In which case it's even racist to to acknowledge that she gained. The whole affirmative action actor Sean your next with how we cargo hatch on. Barry I'm quite want and I'm going to at school are trying to double fisted deeply stopped there and -- Every play just sub those are -- and -- It blew my mind to see that it's your. Aid are you get extra bonus and her being -- charity based on the test which Great Depression my mind doesn't that. Actually make it affirmative action racist by promoting one raised about another. Right exactly that's what -- saying this guy in California this Hispanic senator he wants to make sure there's equal opportunity for every one. By discriminating against Asians and white people. Mean this isn't real -- the insanity of what he's saying you know. You can't you can't promote equality by discriminating against somebody. Right. When -- way try to date -- cystic. They both both are back here -- -- call your assists. Right so if you so now if you say no I want -- the same standards for everybody. Then right they call your racist -- I'm looking to go and captured. What Eric but it. I think you're -- I think you're on the right traction on and that's the that's the way to go. Thanks for the call and how we car.