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Ukraine burns, Obama fills out March Madness bracket.

Mar 19, 2014|

Russian Ukrainian troops exchange fire, war fears grow and BO is worried about March Madness. Is he insane? Jeff discusses.

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So why. AM six stadium now 193 point seven HD bill. Good morning Boston 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show. A loss to talk about today for. But again there is no question about it. We are now potentially Europe anyway. Is now potentially sliding towards war. This is not what Jeff coroner is saying this is now with the Ukrainian prime minister is saying. This is now what many European leaders are now saying. This is now a front page on the European press almost in every capital in every country. And let me explain to you what happened. Putin has now thrown down the gaunt with. In a blistering. Defiant. In -- injury. 66. Minute speech yesterday. Televised. Everywhere across my about our truck. Seen on every television in Crimea. Putin announced to the Russian people and to the world. That he has now re drawn the map of Europe. That now he has accepted Crimea is referendum. And now Crimea is now officially been absorbed it and and next in two mother rush. It is now no longer part of Ukraine as far as she is concerned the Russians now say it is there as it is now we region of Russia. It is now part of Russia. The borders have now been re drawn. And two repeated thunderous applause. With in the background. Russian officials and parliamentarians. Singing the Russian singing Russian nationalist song X. With them concluding singing the Russian National Anthem. Across Moscow across Saint Petersburg. Across cities all across Russia. Now the Russian people are hosting Vladimir Putin and openly calling him quote Wladimir the great. For he has accomplished. What Russian Nationalists have been thirsting for ever since the end of the Cold War. The restoration. Of Crimea. Which took the Russians. Is one of the as central part of the Russian historical nationalist imagination. They believe it is now returned. To the motherland. And just to show to use the amount of support. That Putin's actions in Crimea have in Russia itself. Even Mikhail Gorbachev. Mikhail Gorbachev. The man who presided over the end of the Cold War the man who brought the red army out of Eastern Europe. The man who oversaw. The disintegration and collapse of the Soviet Union. Gave interview after interview saying for Russia this is a must that Crimea has returned back into the fold. Even Gorbachev supports it. Russian reformers and opponents of Putin has said. They support the restoration of Crimea to Russia. The opposition. Is saluting Putin's on this one. That's how popular his actions have been. So in Russia. While we wag our finger. While we make idle threats. Well we sanction I kid you not seven Russian officials that's -- that's all. Over what we're calling a -- -- Over what were calling -- and should loose what germ what Hitler did to Austria when he absorbed Austria into Germany. As were comparing -- and they Hitler. Putin's popularity and stature is skyrocketing. And now things in Ukraine are beginning to degenerate. Yesterday in Crimea. Ukrainian military basis. Still holding allegiance to Kiev the capital of Ukraine. Saying that Crimea is -- still belongs to Ukraine in their view. Those Ukrainian military bases were surrounded by Russia Russian special forces. For the first time now fighting erupted between Ukrainian military people. As soldiers and Russian soldiers. A key base in the capital of Crimea -- storm to by the Russian military and special forces. Eight current Ukrainian officer fired were shot upon. He was killed instantaneously. The commander of the base was disarmed he surrendered his troops surrendered. And he was then taken hostage and -- custody by the Russians. In the wake now of a dead Ukrainian officer. The Ukrainian prime minister in anger in the arrest of Ukraine now see think. In fact many of them openly blaming the dear leader. Openly blaming you Shaw Francois Kerry and the before long Joseph Biden to three stooges. Saying you told us you were gonna protect us do you told issuer and make Putin back down you told us not to fight over Crimea. You told us to not fire one bullet. And the defense of the territory and soil of our homeland. And now not only is it gone. But now the first soldier has fallen dead. And our military base has been stormed and now occupied and our troops disarmed and humiliated. With mouth tens of thousands of ukrainians pouring into the streets of Kiev. Demanding now a showdown with Russia and -- war if -- if need be. Ukrainians -- Ukraine's prime minister now warned quote. The conflict is shifting. From a political way military stage quote unquote. And claimed that quote Russian soldiers have started shooting at Ukrainian servicemen and that is a war crime. Unquote. Ukraine's leader then said this. That his government. Has now authorized. Now I want all of you to listen to this because this is what the Europeans are listening to. Where are not listening to this our president does not listening to this. But this to Europe Europe and the world are listening to this. The Ukrainian prime minister now ordered. His government to authorize the use a fire arms for all Ukrainian forces surrounded in their bases in Crimea. In another Woertz. You took this military base you're not gonna take anymore. Do you go after any other military bases are soldiers have been now ordered to shoot back there will be bodies piling up. There will be war. And as the Russians. Are hosting the absorption of Crimea. As they are now singing Vladimir Putin's main. In nationalist songs across mother crash. As the Ukraine seats. Over the loss of its territory. And what they feel as debris trail by this administration and the west. In east turn Ukraine. Now here is what the mainstream media is not telling you -- I want all of you to listen to me very carefully my friends. -- -- is now fomenting. Pro Russian demonstrations. In the Russian speaking parts of eastern Ukraine. In done next in -- here in huge industrial cities and regions. They are now demanding to fall all the way of Crimea but my friends. Eastern Ukraine is different from Crimea. Because eastern Ukraine. Because a lot of ethnic ukrainians mixed in with the Russian speaking and members of the of of the of the region of the population. They Crimea Crimea has over one million ethnic Russians. It's 60% ethnically Russia. Eastern Ukraine is a mix -- it's like Bosnia. You've got Russians you've got ukrainians you've got a big mix. Do ukrainians have said that they will wage guerrilla war that they will pick up guns that they will send in the Ukrainian military. They will not allow the Russians to move into eastern Ukraine are crossed the border Putin has amassed 200000. Soldiers. He has amassed a column of tanks he has amassed aircraft he is getting ready now to potentially gobble up eastern Ukraine which has a lot of natural gas. Minerals gold you name it. -- the industry. That is the economic heart of Ukraine. And what did our administration do. Our administration and this is not being reported by CNN and it's not being reported by the New York Times and it's not being reported by the Washington Post. Because they don't want you to know what this president is doing behind closed source. Our government I want you to check this out. Parachuted. In 300. US paratroopers. In -- -- military asked -- give me a gas oil installation. Any eastern Ukraine a key oil gas installation to protect it from possible Russian invasion. And conquest. We have now putting 300 US soldiers. Into eastern Ukraine. In between. Or. In between Russian paramilitary groups in between a potential Russian invasion and in between Ukrainian soldiers -- to -- eastern Ukraine. We now have 300. US paratroopers guarding a gas oil installation. In eastern Ukraine we parachuted -- We've now injected ourself and our troops. In between. Russian forces and Ukrainian forces. They're using our troops as a tripwire. Now what happens if Putin calls Obama's bluff. What if Putin says forget the reason those should scare the wolves emotion what was should care. And he sends in Russian troops and they overrun that oil and gas installation and now you have American forces dead. And the American public cares about American troops dead like that Ukrainian officer dead. Are we going to go to war. Over eastern Ukraine or over cry me. This is madness. This isn't sure. We learned nothing from World War I. Have we learned nothing from World War II. This man in the White House have you noticed it started with Syria it started with the Arab Spring it -- on and on he's eager to get us into world war. And now he's doing the exact same thing into Ukraine I don't know -- it's stupid this honestly I don't think stupidity. I don't know which wrapped Christmas. I don't know if it's by design or by incompetence and frankly at this point I don't care it doesn't matter. Now. Let me salute Ron Paul. Because with all of this hysteria with everybody talking sanctions in more sanctions and we're gonna go after rush we got to do something and and -- How is it America's business. What happens in Crimea. How does it affect our vital national interest which flag flies over -- If the ukrainians want to Bakken they say it's theirs. By guard going there and send your troops and fight. And if the Russians think it's there as well -- going there and you knew you you'll do you claim it as you bully was part of mother Russia. That is further ukrainians and Russians to the site. Can now interject American forces. You are putting those US troops at risk. You are putting the security of Europe at risk. Because America's part of NATO. And if American forces die in Europe god forbid it. If the Russians storm that gas oil installation or even a Russian paramilitary forces storm it. Then -- and will defend us France -- that in theory. They will have to come to -- eight. -- could be rushing into world war three. And as all of this is going on. I swear to you don't touch this dial. I'm I'm begging you this one I'm telling you this one is gonna knock you for a loop. Even the biggest -- I took all the liberals out there this one I don't think you'll ever recover from this one. This one you'll never be able to defend. As Putin. Is talking more war. As Ukraine is arming for war. As now Ukrainian soldiers are dying. As armies are massing in eastern Ukraine as we've now interjected 300 paratroopers. Into eastern Ukraine. You're not -- -- here. What could be your leader was doing yesterday six point one on RKO. Trust me on this one. Don't touch that. 624. Here on the great WOR KL so my plan. Here is. The Drudge Report. Ukraine on armed alert as war fears grow. Now let me just very quickly. The independent which is a major respected liberal highbrow liberal paper in Britain. Quote Crimea crisis fears of war girl as Ukrainian officer is skilled at military base in Crimea. The Daily Telegraph nor forgive me that times of London. Is Europe's sliding towards war. Lemond the big national paper in France by the way also very left wing. Is Europe on the verge of war. That German press. Are we now going to see potentially world war three. Question mark. Europe on edge. I Ukrainian soldier now debt. The Ukrainian government now telling all of its soldiers in Crimea. -- now sure to back at any Russians that try to stormed their military bases. 200000. Russian troops amassing in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces now being mobilized marching towards eastern Ukraine. We have now inserted 300 US paratroopers. In eastern Ukraine to guarding gas oil facility are essentially into rejecting ourselves right between these two amassing forces. -- holding a blistering speech. In Moscow. Saying -- able never relinquish Crimea and that they are now looking at eastern Ukraine. Whereas the dear leader. What was Obama doing. Roll it Britain. I'm Mr. President we're here yet again for the annual Barack apology I've got the magic pen for you I hear this. Our excellence through Florida Kansas match -- would certainly would be a high profile affair in Memphis great matchup but. I think Florida they play like a team great defense great offense they play hard Donovan knows what he's going I think gold bill and a quarter. Down east. I'm going. The spartans Tom Izzo is a great tournament coach. That -- paid enough healthy. And it got a -- -- number one Arizona and I know Beers are not imaginative picks but. I heard her right wants. Gordon and Johnson -- just guard Forte and in this case we have. Arizona's weakened because they lost two starter but I think they're gonna would do just spite of this in this match up and down here. Rick -- Smith. Tough combination been ought to win. I got the cardinals. This guy. It's picking who's gonna win. The NCAA college basketball tournament. His -- and how -- brackets. For March Madness. I swear to you. Now. I'm asking out -- for the conservatives we're on tour for six years we warned all of you about this loser okay we senate I told you I think a thousand times. Did the independence now they've caught on. -- the liberals and the Democrats. I'm asking you now I'm trying to get through to you now. You have -- up on the verge of war for God's sakes. And this president. Is playing March Madness. You know why because he's got a form of madness. Let alone a -- This is. I've never I swear to -- ice shrimp you got as my witness I have never ever in my lifetime seen anything like this. If this was George W. Bush if he was playing the March Madness brackets. As Europe is potentially sliding towards war. The liberal press would have crucified. Him. They'd be talking impeachment. Did this or does he need psychiatric help does he need to be institutionalized. And instead. -- -- -- Paul -- look at the president. So cool under fire. Oh look at -- this guy who literally you don't. Rome one time literally burned to the ground it did during the Roman empire it literally burnt to the ground. And there was an emperor called Merrill. That's -- expression comes Nero fiddled while Rome burns so as Rome was burning consumed in flanks. Merrill was in the emperor's palace. Playing music. Fiddling. Drinking wine. Eating grapes. Having orgies. Oblivious to the whole think. We have a drunken or Roman emperor in the White House. Obama fiddles. While Ukraine burns. And hello. Today. There's egregious enough. When you. Reyes for us nationalistic fervor. Booted. Back. In ways that could be very very bad -- of -- the fact that created history of the lead up to World War II. The fashions that relief -- that kind of nationalist fervor. Here on WOR KO Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer. 6172666868. Is the number. We have now put 300 US paratroopers. Into eastern Ukraine. Crimea has now been officially absorbed in the mud on our -- Ukraine is now calling up troops one soldier has already been killed in Crimea. Ukraine is now sliding towards war. And what is it dear leader. Sanctioning seven Russian officials. And I swear to you yesterday playing March Madness the March Madness brackets. What should the United States do I say it's none of our business which flag flies over Crimea. We are playing with fire what do you say Boston 6172666868. As the number. Thomas -- next thanks for holding welcome. I doubt Thomas. You know. Maybe that time it is now getting to be right or. To try to impose some kind of impeachment he got Democrats running away from Obama left and right he got people resigning left and right. Do you think that maybe yes maybe someone made great could bring that out now. I mean what what are they gonna take. We that we kept their Russian you know Russian not out America -- before they impeach this guy. Thomas look I'm going to be very candid with you and I -- to be candid with this audience that is gonna land me a lot of hot water but. If I'm not here to speak the truth and what's the point of me being behind this microphone. I believe that this country refuses to hold Obama accountable. Because of his race. And I think it's very sad. We are not able for all of our talk. We are not able to fulfill Martin Luther King's dream of a color blind society. We are colorblind. We conservatives we libertarians whatever you wanna call us we constitutional arrests. We believe people should be judged by the content of the character and not the color of their skin. So to me I don't care of the colorful I honest to god I really don't. -- mean if you break the law and you threatened the national security of the United States to mean you're trader. -- serve per Euro wanna be dictator. And you should be impeached. But there is so much guilt. Liberal and in particular liberal white guilt. It's like a mini me -- wanna get off topic here. But you've got a hundred dead children. I mean when did this is you know I'm you've got -- There's more development through a five year old boy. -- Jeremiah all of her from Pittsburg. Coming out day by day. No one is told you got to drug lab scandal you've got 64 people dead from the New England compound in centers scandal. I mean you've got nine million dollars to renovate and and an office. But seriously what is this. Some all of Venezuela. -- tell those it's. Not thinker. For fear of being called a racist. And so we are not holding our leaders accountable with the same standards that we would because of the color of skin. It's so obvious. So he's getting away practically with bloody murder. No let me tell you what's gonna blow up in his face. He's playing a very dangerous game with Putin because I'll tell you this about him that's like KGB killer. You've got the community activist vs the KGB killer. Do you think he's afraid of 300 US troops. If you want to invade eastern Ukraine he'll kill most troops. He's got a massive nuclear arsenal he's taken the measure of this man. Now when you have Americans dying I'm Obama talking four and Ben Ghazi. But if you got us involved in a potential major European war an American troops are dying over Crimea. Over part of the world that is so it's thousands of miles away. Even then. I don't know if liberals will be able to stand up to this man that'll tell you this he's already lost middle America. This is what liberals do. They will start worse to distract the public from their disastrous economic policies. And this man almost took us to world war three with Syria and remember that we beat him back. Here reuse again in the dark of night did you hear about these 300 paratroopers. I don't see CNN I don't see MSNBC. I don't CAP I don't see the New York Times. He better be careful. Because Putin is the kind of man. Second start world worse. And Obama is the kind of man whose reckless enough stupid enough ignorant enough arrogant enough. To allow them to happen Bob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Jab jab jab. Very good morning how are you -- and think about it so I want all the liberals out -- -- think about that's okay. This guy has now dropped 300 troops in the into eastern Ukraine. He's Apollo and help the military he wants the military -- cut the military budget back to pre World War II level. OK so he's gonna take on granted they're not the military power they used to beat. I don't rhetoric is already on Russian television I had something to do to you about this yesterday. There with a new cast standing there. Saying that the United States it's finally realized that Russia is the only one act can turn them -- Radioactive dust. How would that statement I think a ball what their gear and have people up law. But no there I mean look Bob they're serious they're serious as a heart attack or not kidding around now I think were completely -- -- Putin. This he's not Hitler he's not gonna invade eastern European can't afford invasion of Eastern Europe he's not gonna march until Poland and Hungary and the Czech Republic. It would be utter in this is regime would collapse and he knows it. He is a great Russian Nationalists. He wants Crimea. He wants the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine. He wants to form an alliance with China. And he wants to beat us on the bolts on the on the world stage on the global stage that's what this man is all about. He wants to reverse the Cold War. That's what this is that's what's going on here this is a rival between great power source. And so there's a brilliant piece by Mitt Romney in the Wall Street Journal. Who -- all of this is the fault of failed leadership here at home with the president. Who openly mocked him injuring the 2012 campaign I saw many liberals did when he set and -- -- When they said Russia's resurgent under Putin's. It is a geopolitical fault we have to take them very seriously. All you want a foreign policy a rocky floor. You wanna -- there's an active in 1980 slam amid the Cold War zone over me and. As if they're somehow these big grand sophisticated. Internationalists. Well that's what happens when you have an academic leftist in the White House. They have their reality and then there's a real reality and Putin who lives in the real world Dave Europe next. This -- who grew more -- are going to share price say that he if the president was -- Obama was picked. For those specific reasons. That you're recognizing now. -- sorry am -- narcissistic. Person that was. I guess as long as he is allowed to play and help foreign. Killed do what the global storm to -- I think that's that's -- now we see. Why he was pushed a vote Hillary. Mark that are sponsoring any -- good artillery positions are problems but they -- and somebody that they can manipulate. Doubt that this situation is extremely. Dangerous and people should understand. That it's key is just applying these actions. By the nineteen for our commitment before agreement with the Ukraine. That agreement is long since gone when that government dissolved. It will no longer is made it out to be reworked. And the Marines shot and so if -- he'd better not be going right there -- and second overall there's no -- -- That he has the authority to do burst without going and get permission from the UN. Our -- our congress can't. -- -- because let me tell you something and don't be surprised at the UN turns around. And because that's -- just. But then came wolf that can charge the rest of these nations know what does during our. A day look I thought your -- congress know -- right the the UN eventually won -- support despite the fact of the matter is can I want to think about this. Who gave him the authority to send 300 troops into Ukraine. We shouldn't we have a debate about this and the United States. Shouldn't the congress at least have to vote on this. That's I mean World War I. Began in Sarajevo. World War II began over the issue of Poland when Britain gave -- secure Britain and France gave me security guarantee to Poland. Which by the way they were not able to uphold and defend and that's why Hitler overran the polls in three weeks but let that go. So now we're gonna start. Wolf another words the two world wars began in Eastern Europe. He won a third. Against the military colossus it's a Third World country economically but militarily to first world country. With what thousands of nuclear weapons. And this guy what you think about this. This guy is on ESPN. Playing until March Madness brackets. My wife looked at me like. And -- going crazy no you're not going crazy he's crazy so why Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hey Jeff it's like I'm gonna let them you don't know if you'd like. -- Yeah I feel like got a call but you know I'm just you reading all -- that has. Ridiculous the president air. I don't know I don't even believe it to blame the people that voted all I can blame the people that voted for reelection. I didn't -- -- a couple of things first. You know I I don't understand the point of view. People that say hey Crimea. None of them are business you know that is totally none of it but it seemed kind. We're kinda. Responsible a little bit because we -- it all up to Ukraine. In an import got to deal with them in this often don't let them defenseless. And gave them guarantees there. We back then and then we turned around and elect Barack Obama cool completely dish truly. Eighty. Capability we wouldn't have. To defend anybody. You know I mean even -- that -- you know even our economy I mean I mean if. If we had a real pro American president that would all about. Even Mitt Romney was talking about when he was trying to get elected talking about. An agreement between the United States Canada and Mexico utilize our well -- -- we look at -- become energy. Are independent and not be lying on you know you know oil from overseas and all that kind of stuff. Right now what we don't have any athlete. But we're dead in the water. And we got troops dying in Afghanistan. We've got much of our fleet off in the Pacific. We were holding on our military here let's just hypothetically. We wanna go and fight for Ukraine fight with what. The guys decimated our military. I have certain fight with -- what. That's that's the other thing so and Putin knows this and now the world's most states. And never in my lifetime look. I wanna hold a private event I don't know when I'm gonna talk it over with Brittany and coaxing and I'm gonna tell all of you the exact. Definition. The exact term that Putin openly refers to Obama it's all over the Russian press the mainstream press or doesn't wanna refer to. I trust me it's even worse than you can possibly imagine. I have never in my lifetime. Seen a president this disrespect -- and mocked. Say what you want about George Bush. You never. Disrespect -- bush do we -- just respected Obama. Anyone Clinton Carter Carter wasn't disrespect of likeness. Because you've -- which you've got you've gone up punk in the White -- You've gone up punk from the Southside of Chicago. -- so we have and -- mistake in the measure army says. I'm Muslim what do you. Like in rocky for our Muslim but it Q. And now we took the -- is about any threw him on the floor. -- Europe next -- were holding welcome. Thank you jets jets -- hit it on the Mark Cuban is a statesman. Okay. All fall of Russia at the animosity he has is of their beat deep sentiment. You take his background KGB agent. Spent ten years between Hamburg and Frankfurt Germany a whirlwind in German. OK and upload multiple languages. Out back in 2008. He -- on the day that I just thought to look if people did not know he's actually months earlier try to get China. To drilling and why no one day okay all they holdings okay billions of dollars in treasury -- to adopt. So -- -- like you said we have a solid -- just slice it that it -- -- it -- it can't. Energy independent. We can work -- not eat and opening up the keystone XL about not missing can't adopt. We have outgrown space governor out in Central America are in the know whether you leave the bar Patrick can usually -- strictly about it. Putin is playing geopolitical. Chess. Three I mentioned all geopolitical chess what's that dear leader going. He's playing March Madness brackets. Good great WRK. John you're next thanks for holding and welcome. Good morning mr. -- argued that I'm good are you John very very well you know. -- got right back what we're talking about -- say about all geopolitical. Fact this whole thing. You know the way the world he's struck at all father and I don't think it's it's like it too much of a joke but. But they're well Elizabeth Smart in the if you close to -- of the world understand. The other leader in the world look at Barack Obama like Justin -- And getting elected -- him making his own YouTube that. Any took a cruise through the neighborhood where are -- during the Erik -- But unknown to anybody at that -- because everybody was -- a quick outs you this young guy like. It would copper property ever talk oil locked up for our. And then eighteen months. -- -- are -- property damage started. Bearing -- that was very adverse. To world -- And he Justin Bieber he's the young kids that I had no business being where it. I mean John honestly. When the history books are written. I think historians last themselves. What the hell were we thinking electing this clown and buffoon and con man into the White House. My friends coming up next. Bombshell. New revelations. About the NSA. You thought it was about cool flow you ain't seen nothing yet state to -- big story next 7 o'clock on RKO let's take it to.