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Middle School Principal fired for telling students to speak english.

Mar 20, 2014|

Do you think the principal should be fired for telling the students to speak english?

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Save WRK go now on Monday. Three point seven. Good morning. Boston. 6172666868. If you wanna join the show. And you know of course always -- -- 68688. Third they're both. -- I'm. This is I stunning story that. Is making national. News. Is gone viral. The Houston Chronicle has now broken an absolute blockbuster of a story now one -- I've been warning many -- -- about. When you keep having massive unlimited immigration. Especially from a certain part of the world and it really doesn't matter which part of the world. You will begin to see bilingualism. Bi cultural ism and eventually the balkanization. Of the United States and I know. Every time I say it. I get the same response from the radical progressives on the lives. Shaft shaft she this is crazy right wing talk all you extremist UT Bagger you. You suicide bomber you okay. It's coming my France it's coming a lot of Willis Sean this coming. Check out this unbelievable story. They print and it's according to the Houston Chronicle. A principal. At Hampstead. Middle school which is about an hour roughly about an hour northwest of Houston. Her name is -- lacy. Announced on the -- com on November 12. That she did not want students she told students that they were not allowed to speak Spanish on campus. And the reason why she made the announcement on the intercom. Was that her school is over 50%. Less penal. Many of them come from either our recent immigrants or. On what -- column ailing illegal aliens chart undocumented. Immigrants. And so in the whole way. On school grounds. In classrooms not just in Spanish class but in math class in English class and in. In Indian and grammar class. They keep talking Spanish. And soul Amy lacy. Being an educator. Being an American. Being a citizen. Said excused mean. But how is this helping -- if all of you keep talking Spanish all the pine -- since you're in America. Since this is the language of the United States. You must speak Spanish sorry English on campus. Don't speak Spanish on campus on school time on school grounds. She was Stanford this believe it or not for this Amy -- was placed on leave in -- and December. Well now the Houston Chronicle as Wallace KH WTV a local station in Houston. Is now reporting that on Monday. This -- board decided to not renew her contract. So basically they're getting rid of her because she told students not to speak Spanish. And the people leading the church. To get Amy -- essentially pushed out of the school and by the way by all accounts. She was a professional principal there was never mark against her she ran a very good school. Discipline school. But I violence was kept in check. I should Foster an an environment of learning and educational achievement. There was never a complaint against her until she made that comment over the intercom on November 12. Under massive pressure from let at all and liberal advocacy groups. The school board buckled. And said that they would not to be renewing her contract. And quote here is now what was said by one by a gust in premed -- Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens region eighteen here is what he told the Houston Chronicle quote. When you start banning aspects of ethnicity or cultural identity. It sends the message that the child is not wanted. We don't want your caller. Which we don't want your kind. And now so according to the newspaper. They interviewed a professor at Rice University is name is professor Steve Murdock. And apparently now the reason why it's becoming such an explosive issue in Texas in the southwest and increasingly in other parts of the United States. Is according to professor Murdoch. Half of all public school students in Texas are now Hispanic. Fully 50%. And the number is gonna keep rising and rising and rising over the next several decades. And so because so many of them are from Hispanic families many of them from you families of illegal immigrants. This issue now of bilingualism. And they need to respect the bilingualism. And they need to respect by cultural ism. Is gonna become more prominent in public schools much Austin, Texas but all over the southwest than. -- school look it's gonna come to Boston eventually. Then in New York any New Jersey and in Florida and all over this country of ours. And not only this. But the person driving. This are ethnic this linguistic cultural cleansing campaign. He's the school superintendent. Have the district forgive me the district superintendent. Her name is Belmont Flores Smith. She is the one that wanted to make an example out of Amy lacy. She is the one that now is in bed and formed alliances. With these radical all -- then all groups. And so apparently now. Belmont Flores Smith. How has now asked for the Justice Department and the FBI. They wanna send and the FBI and the Justice Department. To investigate quote possible civil rights violations. In the wake of -- suspension. And in particular why do we need the FBI why do we -- the Justice Department because Del -- Flores Smith says. That there is a growing campaign of intimidation. Against Hispanics and including herself. And what is his growing campaign of intimidation against the Flores Smith and others -- students. Well apparently she says that she's reported she's worried about her safety. And that she's reported that she seemed strangers. Watching her house. Taking photos of -- That's vandals have trashed her yard and they've even rifled through the garbage. And according to her apparently three to school buses. How there are brake lines dam which. And apparently there was a dead cap left on campus one that's capped. And the police so far haven't been able to identify and suspects. They don't even offered as anything to duel with these suspension and now determination of -- -- but it doesn't matter. Is the Mexican American legal defense fund. All of the united Latin American citizens read the League of United Latin American Citizens regional black. They are now demanding that the Department of Justice investigate. Possible civil rights violations. Now I want to stress this -- -- They don't even know. If this is being done because of what's happening with -- -- They don't even know this is an actual hate crime. But it doesn't matter now they want the FBI involved they want the Justice Department involved. And so here is now with -- I kid you not the same a -- then -- medal. Who now says that you know your child is not wanted a we don't want your caller we don't want your kind of -- -- asking them to speak English now any public school. Now said this quote. A lot of this sounds like Mississippi. And the 1950s and 1960s. Panetta said during Monday night school board meeting. Now he admits there's no hard evidence that there's any of these incidents -- crops but does what he said quote. But when the lives of children are put in danger that's the bottom line we don't know what the reasons are. But rather than guests were asking the FBI the step then. Tony B acts head of the Houston based radio show -- west and up by allow but I. And founder of the advocacy group who liberal Iraqi flag -- this. The Norris other similar and you see all these names like are hard bureaucrats are currently I hope so I don't wanna get sued. The whole world is watching banning Spanish is a national issue. We -- really -- -- and he just said. Don't speak in school. It's now becoming better -- can. I guess that's what a baby and some sun sets but that makes sense. I mean. It's now very important to demand that students speak English. On school public schools in the United States. Now -- want you to think about this. Who the hell are -- forgive me. Who helped win the Italians came over from the old world when the polls came over from the old world when the Chinese came from from from from China. I could go one after immigrant group after immigrant group. Did they come in here and say on all all all in New York Philadelphia reaganomics here. In in the North End all. There's so many kids from Italian families all we have to teach bilingualism now you can't tell them not to speak Italian on school -- on our our campus grounds -- that would be discrimination. We don't want your kind here we don't want your color here. What does race have to do this. What is ethnicity have to do -- place. When you come to someone else's country. You -- guests in their home. You abide by their rules. By their customs by their culture caught as my witness. If I emigrated to France or Germany or Ireland format they call. How would speak French German Italian or Mexican. Would you dedicate the end of everything probably. Not just the way that's just my accent but let's go to Dallas. But. But look at golf they -- And I that's what I tell -- when -- when I came to America what I say right away in Canada we don't celebrate American Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate the pilgrims in late November but I come to America I celebrate Thanksgiving. I master of the constitution. I learn the constitution. Because I'm here in America. So I have to abide by America's laws by America's rules by America's culture by America's traditions. If you look at Mexico -- several million American society just immigrate across the border into Mexico. I started sending their kids the Mexican public schools. And every all the kids were talking English do you honestly think the Mexicans would allow them to get away with a do you honestly think they would -- on long we have to be ball living in pinnacle creation me indictment should be. No they wouldn't president Merkel who said that while -- Cultural husband diversity is going. Phillips is gonna kill us wall and that's what I told Koch's. I said -- On on on the drive and I said show me one multi cultural society. There has -- work. It hasn't. Bilingualism. Leads to bi cultural ism by cultural wisdom leads to separatism. I know I saw it in Canada with my own eyes. I was born in the province of Quebec which is French speaking. What this does is it reinforces tribalism. It reinforces group differences it reinforces ethnic and racial separatism. Now let me ask all of you this how we think society always a school supposed to function. If nobody's communicating in the same language. Now -- not the New -- the the that the vPro Hispanic side to pro Spanish side is saying. A mile jam them -- people as being different languages all over the world yes. But on their spare time. No -- says don't take a Spanish class or if you're from a Hispanic family you wanna speak Spanish at home or you wanna speak Spanish on your spare time god bless you. But when you're in a public school. In the United States of America I'm sorry. You need -- common language to have a common culture and to have a combination. I if you speak Spanish to mean I don't understand which -- sank. -- lacy wasn't stranger in her own country. And for asking that very simple courtesy are speaking English in an English country. Amy -- has now been pushed out of her -- 6172666868. Is the number let me ask you this question. Should -- -- have been forced out. And should we now be allowing Spanish. To be an official language of the United States should it be banned from being spoken on school campus grounds. I say yes what do you say Boston 6172666868. Is the number. -- away as I know. Because she told students in her school not to be speaking Spanish. 50% of the student body is Hispanic. Professors -- professor an hour from Rice University says this is the future in Texas and in many ways the United States. Should she have been let go and punished. For telling students to speak English and a public school. Jam Europe next and welcome to the corner report on WRKO. Sorry day Europe next forgive me you're on our -- You're -- corporate titans -- you just Jerusalem and say you know that you would mention culture. That. The culture but America Europe has nothing to do with America. The culture of this country is your opinion based that's where the problem is. And that's what people don't realize that there -- cultural reflection of the people that. Really built this country. And were here control the present time now this culture along with people are being replaced. I -- bench she got to be fired because. That's the choice that's been made to -- gets reassigned the culture of this country. To a lot of people. So there isn't anything that's etched in stone and -- -- we -- -- formidable advocate here. That says this caps to be a European based culture in this country. So then that's why we have this problem there with the people -- both the only hasn't made a choice to reassign this country is somebody else. I don't do you know that I think you're really nailed it look what what what is that the core here for us. Is and if you look it's logical when you really think you stand back because all you know well most of us agree on this issue but if you stand back. What is what is the logic here. If for the last forty years. Beginning with a sixty you have this radical left. That is teaching children in public schools and universities and they believe like Obama beliefs like Hillary Clinton beliefs I can run down -- list. That America is founded upon genocide against Indians. That it was founded by dead white males. Who put blacks in chains and who enslave them. In other words that were profoundly evil mention. Well why would you want to preserve that. Why would you wanna keep any of it. Even its language would be despicable to you. And that's why for the last forty to fifty years the goal has been to quote transform America. Transform it into what to transform it now in two basically. A universal nation. -- multicultural. Nation where all cultures are equal all languages are equal. America is no longer the our official culture of the United States are European heritage is to be destroyed. Our culture and language in constitution are to be destroyed. And you see what's happening in Crimea. The whole of race the pull of ethnicity. The pull of nationalism. You don't think that could happen here in the southwest. When you have an army of Hispanics. Who -- are insisting on speaking Spanish. Rather than us having -- the southwest from may call. Mexico was slowly re annexing the southwest from -- like Russia did with Crimea. -- Europe next on RKO. Welcome and hi Gina my cap. I'd like to make a comment I meant to. As far as Spanish speaking -- I think George Bush made the national language English didn't -- Other there isn't there is no official okay in terms of law. Okay. The problem man this is done. I don't have any problem with the -- should be -- it doesn't bother me at all. The problem is. This country was founded on immigrants. And my grandparents came over from Italy. And I don't see signs with Italian on it. I don't see -- created -- and -- I don't see signs with German. I don't think -- weird compounds any of the other immigrants. And cultures that came all the leader now my grandparents spoke. Italian in their house. But they didn't speak it in public because they do that in order to get -- socially and public they had to speak English. And they went that -- to clarinet. And these people all now I don't have anything against them please don't you help people understand I'm not discriminatory. But they don't seem to want to learn English. And when I'm out in public. And a door. And they are off speaking Spanish. I feel very uncomfortable because. I don't understand. And it's not fair to English people you know. Speaking people. Gina your becoming a stranger in your own country I understand almost. You know what just substitute Croatian for Italian and everything which you told me I'm like nodding my head and saying yup yup yup. Because that's exactly my experience exactly my experience. Now why should we be strangers in our own country. We're losing our country. -- I honestly and you know I'll tell you what ultimately -- I swear you and I hate to say it is because you know I love all of you in the audience really like a family to me but I believe months. I -- collectively is the American people. Because unlike our forefathers. Who were proud to be Americans who insisted that you assimilate who insist that you have the melting pot. We've just let it go. And the moment the -- say. Discrimination. Bigotry racism or look at a look I'm I'm -- Couldn't even all the buzz words look what look at that I want to -- this bulletin -- some witnesses should be in the 1950s and 1960s. But this is Mississippi Burning segregation. And lynching. To say on the intercom at our students. Please understand this is an English speaking -- an English speaking country. And it's not good for you to be speaking Spanish because how are you gonna get good jobs and -- -- horizon society and how are you gonna assimilate. So please on school grounds to do not speak Spanish know Pablo -- -- all angle -- speak English. And you lose your job. For this. When the Jewish came. They assimilated when the Irish came they assimilated when the Italians came they assimilated. When the Chinese came they assimilated. How come it's only the Hispanics now from may call don't want to assimilate. Or at least the illegal immigrants. I'm sorry. You love -- look my parents spoke Croatian in the home. My parents sent me a Croatian school on Saturdays on their dying on my spare time to learn Croatia to learn the language to learn the culture at -- That's fine you wanna speak Spanish honest with my wife is learning Spanish god bless you. But in a public school in the United States of America. One language one nation one culture. We lose our language we lose our country. I'm Angela Anderson this isn't your news and sixty -- on your radio dial and down 93 point seven HD two. What are your ball man. Well like Barnett drops into what are murder warrant. They -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here don't they don't want motives well here where your -- it. Outlooks well. And welcome back good client reports 634. Here on the great WRKO. And now 193 point seven HD filled. 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show. -- -- principal at a middle school in Texas just outside of Houston. Was -- let goal. For telling students to speak English on campus to not speak Spanish. Do you agree do you disagree I wanna hear from you Connie Europe next on. RK OI. Icon. In. You know it's funny -- Mike McNamee -- so long that you are considered less popular American and we we just have to be client. -- having an -- Immigration and stories from my family -- and you know I met my husband and my husband. Contribute to he's the first person to be born in America act and his family and -- When he was -- like it like everybody out there and speak Italian at home he didn't speak English when he went to school in Q at this school didn't have DSL class certificate two years ago. And that the school teacher called have a hard correctly you know because we can -- a burden having English and I parliament you know whatever you're likely to collapse so figure it out and in that -- he wouldn't second grade recollection how -- the teacher but that hadn't been checking great educated English -- Was pretty good -- -- -- -- why won't do you know do we -- aren't so. You know English. And I remember and tell me like it's. It's quote evil horrible story to go up like all the other kids who go to school whipped right. He you know -- peanut butter wonder granted and twinkies didn't -- other would go to the -- and hack up giant peacekeepers should go. And currently the crunchy pizza Italian bread. And send them school like nobody would treat -- that can be the picture did not -- from the -- because you know they had late you know quote normal -- to -- What do you like where I'm I think are located out in terms of Cuba but -- -- ability wanna -- it each and every big but it's Blake do you used. New. Was forced to elect actually because you wanted to completely you wanna be sure that their class term you want to have no -- you that you wanted to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know he wanted to do board got your mother and father didn't understand what that electorate they they didn't let him go so you know you know -- there was more pressure on. Ban. And eat it I get more shining and it's no less accepted than they would they would have to. -- exactly not you know and Connie if you army asking and it did your husband did he feel like. When they told him to speak English and not speak Italian that they said we don't want your kind here we don't want your ethnicity here we don't want your arteries here. -- I don't think he felt that himself he he didn't feel it because my father loved it there were -- on the -- through our network. And he came home with this story due to construction guy he went to rework and he went through it until. You know he put a similar awards next and then that was the end of the Internet they stuck. Mental let him go let and I wouldn't polished them. The family so you know he their heart -- the car you know ball without heater and all that and indeed put a stop to that that didn't happen him again but. You know he -- -- I don't read through that I don't think he Agilent current. Thank you for that call Connie a great story look obviously I was the same thing with me my mother she learned English she forced herself. But in the home because Croatian was their first language show we spoke to me Croatian. And so when I went to school I honestly felt disadvantaged. Because there were using terms I had never heard enough and our -- I think it had an effect on me because I'm obsessed with the English language. I'm always reading in reading and reading in reading and reading and trying to perfect my grasp of English I am an avid reader. But same thing my parents gave me per shoot well. My parents gave me per should go on non on I'm thick French bread the -- from the old country homemade -- make homemade bread. And I look at my fellow students and all I'd like no Wonder Bread. With their up there it's craft in Canada here -- skip beer or you know whatever but -- it's Kraft. And they have craft peanut butter I'm thinking how come I get like are sure going to kids are making fun I mean with homemade cheese. Not you know one on French bread -- homemade bread how come I don't have peanut butter and jelly like the rest of and so honest I always felt a little bit out of place let -- -- the end of the world if like my father would always -- and had you don't know how good you have. Trust me that peanut butter -- his mouth thank you want the per showed -- so -- -- shoulder oh yeah I love it I swear now I love the homemade for sure. My -- I was the guy that was eating phenomenal but that's up a point to point is. I learned English my mother learned English my father learned English. We would never blame parents would never did a year to even think. That their son should be accommodated in the language from the old country. So wire making an exception from there for first panics. And it's the numbers. When you have tens and tens of millions of them. We are important. They nation into the United States a nation within a nation. And just as we won the southwest my friends -- for not careful we're gonna -- the southwest. John Europe next thanks for holding. Welcome to the court. A report on our -- Good morning mr. Perry today I'm very huge very well thank you know -- could actually reached out insert off. And I were out -- anyone that is underway at Brigham and Women's Hospital parking parking garage for the street column verified it felt like artwork or. The -- in the Brigham and Women's Hospital parking garage conferences street are in Spanish purpose. In English second throughout the entire Iraq. It's mind -- And you know that comes from that very nice woman called -- -- because it. And she felt the need to qualify that she wasn't a big depression with advocating speaking English in the classroom. It is choked fact that all of the facts are harmless personality have courage and the fellow with the rate -- helping me after. Qualify that you work in the big -- this correction was advocating making that should be spoken in classrooms with in the United States. Well -- cracked black -- language classes. Are failing emigrated from Mexico and -- purchased a couple of the companies of all -- she used to get extra. Homework -- -- before it was back in the hater maybe rap section or opt. -- and bring them home so that she could our vocabulary words a secret. Trip grants are part speak English because that they want a learning -- And she was very good jacket and it a lot of iCloud Apple's involved -- I'm into it I -- -- always there it was like Procter. For -- it was great. Our art class ringing in the ears are actually high school English teacher help. Okay -- I don't I just don't understand this thing you know people. The liberals are afraid of being considered that it's just like the woman that called what's so they they just -- -- Instead of saying I'm not a big hit and it's not justifiable for you to even with the biggest. I'm instructing. And we have to instruct you to learn English -- a foundational language of the country. And it it's just absurd it makes absolutely. It's illogical in every set. To approach in the weight that liberals have wonderful project and after three decades of liberalism. Is becoming more and more. Indelible in people's mindset. And relax you go so far -- your ticket and that's absolutely. Just. Heard -- on every level in this straw is. What we're losing our country. If we don't stand up and have the cultural civilization self confidence. That our forefathers had we're gonna lose our country. Look I went home people just last weekend where we're doing some renovations and our house we're getting there -- slowly but surely and so grace wanting to. She wanted to get some stuff for the house for the workers. And I'm walking around home people. Now this was in -- Now this is not Texans this -- California. This is not Arizona disallowed -- -- Foxborough was not up a hotbed of have Hispanics. Everything is -- Everything. Even if you wanna get the pure -- hand -- Kaiser Cyrix they have -- -- at -- it's an English and right underneath I couldn't believe it's a Spanish. Cable DirecTV I get DirecTV. Cable I swear to you call up cable try -- DirecTV. I call him up. I am from -- for English Bristol. I'm I'm I'm like why. I. I -- Thank you because pretty soon only be English. I appreciate it thanks so much but six what I mean. I'm sorry when I'm in Mexico I learned Spanish. When you're in America you learn English its called respect. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome to our KO. Good morning good morning -- I think we need to emphasize something here. Because many of -- much of this discussion misses the main point. We got a problem the problem is goes back to the 1820 XP 1820s. The slave states looking west to to get territory to cover up into new slave states. So they encouraged a lot of Americans do it cut it migrate to taxes. Now these Americans he showed up and Texas recruits a Mexican province. Where illegal immigrants as far as the Mexicans were concerned. It's a pretty soon you get enough Americans settled in taxes that they changed the population conflicts. Then they do a bit agitated. For independence they staged a revolution against Mexico. And Ed though took control of Texas though we have a movement in Mexico collected about. The keys that make a -- step. And this is no joke. You've got a Mexican government push but it we go back about fifty years was deathly afraid. Of -- Castro like revolution in Mexico because of the misery of the country people in the people in the Barrios. So what did they do. They decided to. -- -- -- -- Jim you're you're breaking up on anybody here which are saying what they did wise they basically said let's dump or poor. Let's clean amount of our Barry goes out of our Garros and send them Al north they send them up north. And it's been -- it's it's a program it's a deliberate program promoted by the Mexican government loud and I was up pushes it all of these groups that I've been quoting. -- now sings me she'd be burning -- CB burning. A League of United Latin American Citizens La Raza. The Mexican American legal defense fund. All of them are openly talking about creating an independent southwest homeland. I slam and then eventually re annexing it to medical. And that's why they keep wind the borders to be open that's why they're pushing bilingualism. That textbooks. In many of these escapes in the city east. Los Angeles is a classic example. -- openly teach at the southwest California in particular on taxes is stolen Mexican land. So. Do you think Cranium. Is something we can't -- here you think Ukraine is something we can't have here. Now what happens about another twenty years of this. What is gonna -- Happen if California is majority Hispanic taxes is majority Hispanic Arizona's majority Hispanic world one of them are speaking openly Spanish. And they say you know what we're gonna hold a referendum. Ethnic self determination. We want to secede from the United States former home state and eventually. Reunites with mother Mexico. We gonna send in the military. Are we gonna go to war. Countries. Many people around the world. Who live in multilingual. Multi ethnic states. It's because borders have been imposed upon them it's a problem Dearborn in two. What we have done is we have imported this problem we have created this problem. Because of our multi culturally weeks. Well my friends if we don't stand up and say this is our nation this is our country were not gonna give it away. In America you speak English if you don't like it with all due respect belief. No -- put a gun to anybody's head come here. So if you want the benefits of America the freedom of America the prosperity of America will then you learn to become an American. It's not racism. It's patriotism and frankly decency and respect. Mike you're -- RKO. All I say. Alex had a call you my -- But I say it epic about a war related boulder paper or late. The protectorate of these people don't learn to speak English they're not climb the latter portable. It is apparent as well right now. While moderates -- a career killer that was the principles point. But in the theater thing this Amy -- -- woman. I know she's got some big political activists. She's a principal practical woman pragmatic woman she cares about two students. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I do. And that's what she's hearing on campus grounds. He says there English is broken -- speaking in Spanish. These are kids who worked 1213 fourteen years of age what future are they gonna. Except working under the table are going on welfare. Because unique you wanna be upper success story in America I'm sorry you have to speak English. You wanna be. Speaking to get this is not relegated simply. Stagnation or not there are a lot of Brazilians were the exact same. And I want this clear once again I'm not a big. Okay. I definitely become jingoistic ever since one specific to your game that I played just -- really -- in our system -- and a lot of Brazilians also walked. Our country is actually -- a lot of the people in our country aircraft and they live in such a crappy community. They want to bring everybody down to this same level it's not that we are looting and we are doing something wrong action -- bad. Did you not want to be simulated did you not want to learn. And this this is not coming from age weight middle class you know metal. Missions missions from the amount of people who lives there who speak the language. Of course keeping the trying to understand you know English. So. What went right when I hear this crap because you constantly have to change. A lot of ground racist now it's -- racism -- absolutely I'm approaching the western United States comes first English comes first. You are assimilated into my country. Amen brother. Damon Patrick -- said it better myself Ed you're on RKO and didn't. Yes eight had. I -- you encrypt it. I respect that. It but. I -- Jerry Arty people. Bet I bet you had talked actually. A great direct experience that I'd I'd teach and chip and it was public school system and FaceBook. I have and a majority might do our. First generation. Americans and their first priority is to speak English. At all they might speak whatever language they speak here we don't have -- back in. We have a lot of Asian American Brazilian. There is so much pressure from -- to speak English. Make their way to communicate. If we get tired in Danbury native language however. Today in the I have somebody -- it tong here waiting to -- it speaks fluent English. And are proud of it. Com -- and Eminem stuff so we want them. That the problem -- is that in that in Texas and California. Because there's such a massive concentration of Spanish speaking immigrants. They're insisting on speaking Spanish. Console like so this or principles as we speak English you're on school grounds speak English. -- -- -- Is that right is that just. I don't think so fill Europe next Iran RKO. Drill we -- OK we lost to listen I'm up against that 7 o'clock got a hard break. Let's take it to abide by the way coming up next we'll poll. Our main man. With fake -- to a big gun on his stomach. You will not believe what that led to I've got that story so much more don't touch that dial let's take it to Angela.