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No Justice For Justina Pelletier.

Mar 26, 2014|

Kuhner doesn't think DCF should have custody of Justina Pelletier. Jeff believes Justina should be with her parents.

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Welcome to the corner reports 606 here on AM six days WRKO. And now 193 point seven page and he filled. Good morning Boston 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show we can also affect the -- 68680. No just this for just Tina. In an absolutely. Stunning decision yesterday. And I've got to tell you. This I'm choosing my words very very carefully. We are now beginning. Its I'm not saying -- there don't get me wrong. But you are now seeing a form of creeping liberal fascism in this state. There's no now there is no getting around this -- And until we start doing something about this my friends. It's gonna get worse and it's gonna get a lot worse. And today or it's Justine -- here but tomorrow it could be you and your child. In a stunning decision. A juvenile court judge. Joseph Johnston. Denied. Custody. To move and -- debt pellet Pierre. Over here fifteen year old teenage daughter Justine out Pelletier. And instead. The judge John stand granted quote permanent unquote custody. To the department of children and families here in Massachusetts. Now. Let me quickly give everybody the details in case you haven't been following this case. Justine -- here is the daughter of Lou and Linda Pelletier. She was a resident of Connecticut the parents live in Connecticut. She was diagnosed with mitochondria. -- disease. In fact this was diagnosed by one of the top talk -- a tufts medical center at -- Not by some witch doctor. Not by some village doctor not by some voodoo person but by experts at tufts medical center. They were giving her treatment for her might -- real disease which is essentially a muscle disease that affects the muscles it weakens the muscles. And by all accounts there has been no evidence to the contrary. The treatment was working. She was getting better. But then in February. She came down with the flow. And so the the that -- when Linda Pelletier welcome to Boston Children's Hospital. Not on the advice of their doctor saying not all you have to understand something. -- your you know your child's sickness is very sensitive my book on real disease that fool you wanna take -- to Boston children's so they took her to Boston children's. To their shock in the war. People from the psychiatric ward came to look at just Tina Pelletier. And Boston children decided at normal -- don't. She doesn't suffer from mitochondria -- disease non normal moral. She suffers from a psychiatric problem. She suffers what's called soma -- sum up to form the disorder. Basically it's a form of mental illness where they say that her symptoms are psychologically endorsed basically she's imagining all of its. The parents asked for a second opinion basic you gotta be kidding me. -- told us it was my -- kind real disease we've been treating her for my idol kind real disease. They didn't give them a second opinion they say it's either our way or the highway wind appellate -- refused. Then DC yet stepped in Boston children's ripped the child out of the hands of Linda and -- Pelletier. Committed hurt his psychiatric ward and ever since then the appellate shares have lost custody of their daughter. Under growing public backlash and increasing media scrutiny. It is now being decided in the courts have decided. That now Justine have Pelletier. Should be treated by her former doctors at tufts in Connecticut. In other words she might have mitochondria old disease. The reason why they conclude this is for the last year they have taken -- offer medications. They have been treating her for her suppose it psychiatric disorder. And she is wasting away. This there is no debate on this the original discussion on this. All over the last year. Justine as mental. Emotional and physical condition has dramatically deteriorated they've taken -- off the mitochondria Obama medications. She's been away basically from her parents she can only see them once a week. Under supervised visit. She is -- And so obviously in a vote of non confidence to Boston Children's Hospital because that she wasn't getting better under Boston children's. They decided to send her back which you can get treatment in Connecticut and at tufts. So now the question is would the -- -- get regain custody of their daughter. The one that was snatched away from them. By the justice system in Massachusetts. By Boston children's and by BCI. To their shock and horror of the parents. To their shock and horror of people all across this country. I couldn't believe it when the decision came in yesterday. This buffoon. This liberal ideal cook. This a liberal -- skipper. The judge Johnston. Rules that the daughter Justine not will remain in the custody of DC half. Permanent custody -- GCF. Until another court case you're gonna be another hearing on this on May 25. So permanent doesn't mean it's that they're gonna have her that DC apple have. They should be under the custody of DC up until she's eighteen. Permanent which is a very vague term. Just means it's DCS custody until the next hearing on May 25. The parents. Were outraged. Supporters and demonstrators were outraged. And it's now the dig deep tales of the ruling are slowly being leaked. And so judge Johnston. There apparently four key details that have come out from the decision. That have now been leaked and in particular wanna give a big got a tip to the place where done phenomenal work in covering this story. And these this is the reason why according to the church. That the appellate tears could not to regain custody of their daughter why they were denied custody. And drag and DCF was granted custody. -- The judge argues in this ruling. That quote credible psychiatric. And medical evidence unquote. Suggests that Justine -- -- Suffers from quote a persistent and severe somatic symptom disorder. Not to my -- com real disease -- she was diagnosed with previously. Really. So hold on now I judge Johnson. You liberal fascist you'll. You thought you. What your medical expert well. I'm sorry excuse me I maybe I missed the memo we are looking at your background in your pedigree -- what university what medical school did you study yet. What medical degrees do you because if she was suffering from this somatic symptom disorder. So -- to form. This supports a psychological illness she's been under the care of Boston children's for here. How -- she's not getting better. -- -- she's getting dramatically worse person her situation her health is deteriorating rapidly. She's wasting away. She's on the verge of dying. So if Boston's children's was doing such a wonderful job. How come she's on death's door number one number two. This state of Massachusetts. Ruled that she should no longer be under the care of Boston children's and should be returned to the care of tufts by the way. DCF is preventing -- so far from having access to Justine -- here but let that go. So she -- even been able to see a doctor from tufts but again let that go. It's a blatant vote of -- confidence. You're sending her back to the original doctors. At tufts medical center -- believe it's my -- -- real disease. So if in your expert opinion you're all mowing medical expert opinion genius from Harvard Medical School that you are. Why is she being sent the Connecticut. Under the -- -- -- If she is supposedly had this overwhelming evidence that she has the psychological disorder that's number one. Salt the now he goes on to say that -- -- Justine is quote a child in need of care and protection. And you do the conduct an inability ever parents Linda Pelletier and will Pelletier. To provide for Justine as necessary. And proper physical mental and emotional development are you kidding me. Their daughter was no. They took her to one of the finest medical facilities in the world. Experts -- said she had my idol can't real disease. She took they took the expertise of the doctors they trusted the doctors. The doctors were treating her it was working she was getting better. They want their child back. Each has their child it's not your child it's not DC Jeffs -- it's not the government's child it's not your child judge Johnston. You're not god. Each of their child. And they gave the child the best treatment possible to do -- according to the advice given to them by the doctors at tufts. What parents now don't have a right to choose one set of doctors over another they don't know what's best for their own daughter. This is the third reason he gets cuts the four threes and this is the third reason. I'm going an order of importance from the lowest and highest. This is the one that I think really this is the the cronyism. And nepotism that you see in this state where one hand washes the other this is the corruption now. Because everybody knows that the liberal democratic judges in this state the corrupt -- that they are. Are in bed would be CFM with all the government agencies one hand washes the other. So this I think was the one that really upset them so they're gonna teach Linda and -- Pelletier a lesson quote. Justine as parents significantly. Hampered unquote. DCF's efforts to find quote a sold a suitable placement unquote for the girl. According to the rule -- they're hampering BCS efforts to place this trial. Obviously because the parents wanted their daughter to come home with demonstrated. To parents and every. At their returners in what we should maybe give it to this agency or not agency or not Foster home and they keep saying well no it's my daughter I -- a home. Not hampered BC IBC that's not all that's obstruction now about they're putting up obstacles to these liberal -- get a boost peppers. Quote. While Justine I was at Children's Hospital the parents were verbally abusive this is what comes out of the ruling. To Justine as hospital providers. Family members of other patients complained that Justine -- parents stated their children were being kidnapped by Children's Hospital according to the -- They threatened to call the FBI they call the hospital personnel this is toward the bottom upset now. Not cease quote unquote and claimed the hospital was punishing and killing Justine -- -- The court also accuses the parents of using quote unquote profanity. Directed at BCF percent out. Are you kidding me. Are you kidding me. Is this I'm sorry am I still dreaming that I not wake up I feel like it's a bad dream nominal wake up and say -- I gotta do to show. This morning you wouldn't believe the dream I had. You kidnap my daughter. You take away this daughter from the parents. The parents say you kidnapped my child and that's used against you. Because you don't -- down in front of the all powerful state. -- are acting like Nazis but you can't call I'm not cease pool were offended now. All. They called there's not -- and this is the one I love this is the one I love and they used program in teen. And being used DM from grand. Me and they are using every using the F bomb you can't do that against BC you have pretty -- now. You're lucky. That this man didn't come in and sees his daughter and have a gun by -- site. What you did was beyond despicable. And in a state that is known for its profanity. When you have the governor using profanity. When you have old -- were shot eight using profanity. When you have every DC after official that you and all of a mouth like from the gutter profanity after profanity after profanity. Now all of a sudden you stand on profanity. What do you want them to say. Thank you for taking my daughter. God bless you for taking my daughter I really appreciate that you took my daughter. Yes ma'am -- abide by your orders yes ma'am. VCR. Has abused its authority. DCF has no business. Taking this daughter from the hands of her two loving parents. This tramples the authority of the family. This -- is a form of state sanctioned child abuse. This violates the rights of the parents it violates the rights of the child and my friends here is the issue. Ultimately we have to make a decision now we have to now make our stand. Who has ultimate authority. And control. Over your child. You -- the parents. -- the government. And with this liberal who stamper. Judge Johnston is saying it's. I have authority over your child -- DCF has authority over your child so what you wanna send Justine and to a Foster -- you -- can be molest them. With your record of children getting molested and lost is that what you guys want. This is a major travesty of justice. And if we don't stop this. Then ultimately no child is 66172666868. Is the number. Justice for just Tina. Did she get it yesterday. I say no what do you say Boston. Should the parents have been not denied custody over -- -- 6172666868. Six point three on RKO. All of your calls next. She needs to be home she is who. Mentally -- more importantly physically dying under the care of the state of Massachusetts. They have Boston children's hospital and Massachusetts department of children and family who. That was -- Pelletier yesterday on Fox25. After the crushing. Heartbreaking decision. Acted permanent custody of Justine appellate scared she's gonna continue to be under the care of DC. 6172666868. Andrea Europe next thanks for holding and welcome to the corner report on our tail. I can't I can't believe that they can just put trade I cannot believe that. Say it I'm understand I don't. It was every it would I think I thought they want to -- in the eat really well -- -- -- time it's. Totally -- I'm not -- This is why the issue that brought in wouldn't say at least legally it kind of activities here in Connecticut and the second thing and and I have not have a leg to fight the fact that. Don't think that basically bomb -- you -- on form legs. Andrea a second question first. She everyone now agrees. Better situation has deteriorated rapidly her legs are incredibly swollen. She's not eating she's starving she's lost a lot of weight. My understanding is she's now way under a hundred pounds underweight the parents feel that she may die over the next couple of months. Now what did ruling is going to be on the -- is again whether the Pelletier is can regain custody. However they do want to send the kid to Connecticut because they want. Justine had to get treatment at tufts medical center. So the plan may be to transfer her from department of children and families in Massachusetts. To department of children and families in Connecticut. So have DCF in Connecticut have custody over Justine -- Pelletier. So they wanna keep this child away from the parents at all costs. And I think Andrea the reason is obvious. They humiliated them. The Pelletier stood up to them. The -- -- wouldn't back down. And now they want they want to show people what happens when you stand up and question DC. Let out capped at the Bob Patrick had everything to do with the he would he can appeal to -- that little speech he gave yesterday at the end. Not coincidental that he gave at the same date of this drilling can now. Oh yeah while he doesn't wanna get involved he says he won't he's like on just pilot he's washing his hands of the whole thing. Off course -- I mean. Look this is this is member -- look this has been a liberal project for the last twenty years remember when Hillary roller book it takes a village. This is a form of collective -- this is a form of state is. They essentially want to established a precedent. That your child ultimately belongs to the states. That government bureaucrats like BCF know what's better for your child then you do. And they're going. Call he call this mud seems he used DM -- -- home. If he's not fit to be appearing to. John Europe and that's literally -- that's one of the major reasons why they were denied custody of their own child. You kidnap my Ashton. You kidnap my e-book. You're lucky all you get from me is the F bomb. John Europe next thanks for holding welcome back. Good morning at the carrier that I'm good you do it. Very well you know that -- certainly can't do nothing but -- history and also what the issues through this entire process. You know Jack Johnson and instead go. I've been in this courtroom or he's very fair minded and all people eat it anyway hearken -- -- rookie -- -- -- What he actually maybe statements from the bench. When the guardian that like that which -- the just out here are our our air turning. I'm not like the means order of eight or a lawyer for purposes -- -- orchestra. And quite -- very credible. I -- she issued a report indicating she -- child should. -- up -- copy that broke -- -- her medical care should continue. -- -- everybody agreed that aren't the -- It starts here are great even picking up where some degree at that hearing concrete in that -- admonished. That -- mildly at that high that few people. We're trying our hold on John John John buddy I'm up with some up against the hard -- you hang aren't good obviously. You can provide some information about this judge so hang on John will get back to you I've got to go for our break let's take it to Angela in the newsroom. For more than a year now the state of Massachusetts is head temporary custody of a Connecticut teenager named Justine -- Pelletier. A new -- page court ruling makes it permanent. For now. It all started in February of 2013. When Justine -- parents brought her to Boston children's. With what was originally diagnosed at another hospital as a rare genetic disorder. Doctors at children's believe Justine the symptoms are actually cycle somatic. When Justine as parents refused to go along with that diagnosis. The state of Massachusetts took -- -- -- Welcome back of the welcome back to the corner report on AM six city WRKO. -- now on 93 point seven HD two. 636. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer that was Fox25. Yesterday a judge Joseph. Johnston. Suffolk County juvenile court. Ruled that DCF will retain. Permanent custody over Justine -- Pierre. Until at least the next hearing on May 25. Jauron who has sought here in Sutton judge Johnson's court. No as a guest judge Johnson's philosophy a little bit. We were talking about this with him just before the break so John you've been an escort you stuck in this courtroom. Pick up where you left off so you're saying that. By all accounts are saying he's a moderate judge correct. Correct. Ruling that the picking up where you left off your very reasonable people walking back to that here at the beginning of the month. Judge Johnson spoke on the bench. And the recommendation by the guardian that like -- which -- the next article about the -- the end of the later very respect it. She advocates for children that happy about. And she got all the action could make a lot more money doing what -- instituted that you get. -- she recommended that -- are being in the care per hour. And the judge agreed -- network when it came down -- projects that the child it gave everybody. Are very strong feeling that you're gonna come down on the side of the family when he issued his ruling on the seventeenth. Any subsequently got the way -- what -- -- well -- and a few days and you know what are -- -- it happened -- that we're offered up the right. In the ring that comes in the players expect decision about there because we have now. What they're doing is there including me integrity out the way the car. Or -- -- wouldn't -- -- or education get a point it's silk which is the start okay negotiate very qualified yet in the. Couple records aren't fighting for those who can't fight for themselves what they're also doing impugning the medical integrity of -- Under and they -- doing that legal but they're doing -- -- splitting. Legal Medicare here that judge. Screw up your right out of single waving from the governor -- you can knock. And quit in that manner because if you hear and act first extension perky or oh I get. -- To fire. I get the -- -- -- -- -- around the world you -- that the. That struck and family straight all of our ticket to their family it'll look like yeah well I'll -- there's no legal. That that they have been ruled that yes at first. I. Juvenile court system with regard to cut BK. Bingo John you nailed it very -- as usual very good call. So basically when meaning me came out. And so I -- DC after all the way he's wagging his finger he selling this judge. You better not put DCF in jeopardy cordasco unleashed a flood gates. A hundred dead children missing children abused children now we've got this disaster on our hands. So here I think what I'm so what I'm hearing John saying is this. Because the big issue on May is going to be well Massachusetts. Children and families DC if they wanna kick at the Connecticut BC. So how the issue then go to Connecticut BC. And then in Connecticut DCF hopefully will then rule we give custody of Justine about an appellate pierce. The problem is this is taking months. She's dying she needs her parents now yesterday last week last month last year. Six they're playing politics. With the dying child 6172666868. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome to the -- report on WRKO. Hey Jeff let's send I had my fingers crossed but it's drilling program and our family but unfortunately things didn't work out. -- are some that are actually five years ago there was a judge that's settling federal court but three years and Chad ran out of work. Because of the stressed she ended up getting a disability. Full disability from the state. Should the -- for a total of three years she gonna get a 1101000. Call up. Projected tax free for the arrest of pro life and she didn't even spent three years on the bench I mean if if these people are in charge and I can't handle three years. I mean how can make decisions like press. And this is Jim this is a travesty of justice. In every way shape -- form. DC -- is abusing it's authority. They have kidnapped this trial -- covering up for DCF they're covering up for Boston children's I'm saying this for months. They overruled tufts and Boston children's doesn't know what they're doing. And this girl slowly dunk. Now you even have to get into mitochondria old disease is it a disease is -- not a disease the issue is a simple and clear cut as this. It's the appellate pierce child. It is their right he's your right this parents. To decide what medical care you will give your daughter or your some. It's not up to this judge. It's not up to some liberal bureaucratic DCF or some a doctorate Boston children's. Now let me just a couple more this that factors behind the ruling. That we're now coming out. The judge has determined quote. That placement of Justine in the conditional custody -- parents is not in her best interest at this time quote unquote. How would it not be the best interest of this daughter to be with her parents. Is there a history of physical abuse mall is there a history of mental abuse and all. Is there a history of medical abuse or neglect no. D'etat occurred a tough it's tough said it was my -- Kong's real disease they were giving her treatment it was working what's the problem. Her condition has worsened since you've taken away from the particular a custody of the parents. Now this is the one. That should send chills down everyone's spine. This is he says the number one key factor in his ruling why he granted custody to DC. -- quote permanent custody. Judge Joseph Johnston. -- -- Psychological. And clinical evaluations. Of Justine as parents Lou and Linda appellate Pierre saying they are quote necessary. Now he doesn't want it to be conducted these psychological evaluations by the Boston juvenile court clinical all all all you nice guy you. Name. All you're such a nice guy. But he said these are valuations. All along with other services that must be coordinated by the Connecticut department of children and families. If they want the child to be treated at tufts medical center in Connecticut. -- now gonna have the I have to you to kidnapped the child from the parents. Put them through a year -- Now they got under gore clinical and psychological evaluation basically implying your crazy. And probably get some stage shrink the sole holder Lee is a fruitcake -- Craig. Obviously that can have custody of the child look at the aggression from the father. Co anchoring the father has come to such an angry and he's an abusive he sees a volcano always gonna blow at any moment. If this case is allowed to stand. The ominous precedent will be sent. They can take your child away from you at any time because they can because they want to. And they will trump up and make up any excuses and any reason to do it 6172666868. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. But he -- the -- little liberal lawyer plant. I -- this judge was so principled I would sit back to watching young girl die in the in the capacity of hospital. Because not principled people. And that that's that's a -- I mean I think that this judge set back. To a dying young woman. Instead I'll just continue with the people who were killing you so but that is not a principled person but. That's not that that's an -- the main reason and I called -- I I have no doubt -- After person after watching this with you. In Brooklyn fact. That TCF yes out to make a point. And boy did is that if you mess with us we will kill your child. There is no doubt in my mind they want this child -- -- Just to prove a point that this child is ours it is not US. And the reason why they want these terrorists -- under go -- psychiatric. A valuation. Is so that once this girl diaries. They can have been legitimate legal argument that these parents are unfit. And that's why we killed this girl rather than giving our actual war -- parents who. Who did everything in their power to take care of this young woman. -- -- Under our psychological evaluations whatnot -- it. And therefore we have to -- this girl rather than giving her to her loving -- Alan I mean look I think you've I think you nailed it. And I think in the end if this girl dies they're gonna blame the parents. And what they're doing is this look what they're doing. They are making an example of the Pelletier -- You go after us. You humiliate us do you call us not -- you call us kidnappers you expose us you humiliate us. Not only are we gonna take your daughter away from you she's gonna waste away in front of your eyes and you know what here's the kicker mark my words -- a prediction. When. God forbid if she should pass away if I hope to god she's. Everything turns around she gets the cops she gets back with their parents and just you know lives a long and happy life. But if she doesn't. They're gonna hold the parents responsible. For the death of Justine. Mark my words. I say a picture tells a thousand words from her. Look at -- -- prior to arriving in the state of Massachusetts and Boston children's hour right here we can take a shot of us right here together that was December of 2012. And then she was actually skating right through February. First of 2013. That she got the flu. Went to Boston children's because her doctor that was that -- the month earlier transferred over to book to Boston children's. And we went there they took over. After few days they -- they said that she didn't have mitochondria disease they want along with -- we tried different approach but after a few days has said. You know really what you have -- -- psychological took. I mean a picture does say a thousand words. February 1. 2013. Look at my daughter she -- she's she's skating rink. She's happy she's smiling she's skating Reza finally everything's fine. And now fast forward thirteen months. She's in hospital bed legs swollen like their balloons. She's under a hundred pounds she's. Marks all over -- comic. Marks all over her body. Bruises everywhere. White is a ghost gone -- -- did she looks like she's been in Somalia. And the parents are I would seriously and the parents are the one that should be given custody. And they wanna give this to DC yet. Which has the blood of over a hundred dead children on their hands. This sector. And I gotta say this to the liberals to the Democrats. -- your humanity. Monica might. Put a bunch adult. We're talking about someone's starter. A few people machine. Cardinal principles. Tribunal decency. You think you'll love this governor so much. You wanna protect your little regimes so much. Shame on you. This one I'm telling you I will never never forgive you for god forbid if doctoral should pass away. I'm telling you god forbid. I'm gonna hold -- CF responsible. I'm gonna hold the governor responsible and yes I'm gonna hold every single liberal who kept silent responsible. You're not gonna live this one down because this one is on your hands. Might -- up next thanks for holding welcome. -- -- -- -- -- doesn't have ordered up situationally at it and I would also circling them I didn't do and it like after a report from cult. Go to a record all be important -- DC -- And find out how to figure out just -- the -- department and lack thereof and all our repeated. You know Governor Patrick didn't happen very. The political and social work at -- and so you weren't trendy. -- they're right. These people qualified to run this department. Mike they couldn't clean my toilets. Caught his in my witness. If there were sent over to my house went up plunger. A clean might -- I'd say please Momo Momo mobile -- my liberal neighbor down the street. You you'll wreck his house I don't want my pipes exploding which urine and excrement you you've done enough damage please don't touch my toilet. Never mind my child. 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show let's take it. Welcome back your corner report on WRKO. 6172666868. Rice syrup Max thanks for holding and welcome. You know -- There is no -- -- judges are afraid of aren't competent governor. In our -- it is a -- -- just pilot but watching the end of this travesty of justice. You know this could happen that any parent in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Unless this globally connected. You know I -- to -- put politics in the us but we the people must purge of the state of our useless leaders on beacon helped. And the judges. In the judge's yes you know -- I know elect judges are ever recalled every ten years. -- yes yes Russ phenomenal called buddy it's time to clean how oaks. And it's not just political our justice system is corrupt to the bone we got to go after these liberal democratic -- or judges because they ours. They're stealing away our rights. Now they're going after our children. -- -- If they can take Justine away from -- and Linda Pelletier. They can take away your child. At a whim. At a whim. You wanna give the government that kind of power. My friends. We're gonna continue with this topic. Into the next segment a lot of used to wanna get on the line and talk about this are still a lot more to discuss. Let me just ask all of you this very simple question. Yesterday a judge Joseph. Johnston. -- Suffolk County granted permanent custody. Of Justine appellate here to the department of children and families according to the Boston Globe. The Boston Globe's interpretation is that now Justine now. Could be taken away from her parents is custody until the age of eighteen when she's an adult. Was justice granted to Justine out. Should she be returned to -- parents or should she remain in the custody of DC up. I say no what do you say Boston 61720666868. If you wanna be part of the show. Let's take it -- Angela Anderson in the newsroom news of the top and bottom talking between.