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Two Boston Firefighters Join Jeff.

Mar 27, 2014|

Jeff talks to two Boston firefighters about how the community can donate to the families.

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Anyway we got to fire fighters coming in right now. I just we're going to be status hey guys how are -- -- nice to -- Hey nice to see you guys come on and they just coming into the studio right now to talk a little bit they were on -- were the only area. The FAA after -- and we're talking AAF and we just want to bring amend. Tough day today. I was devastated when I. Heard the news I'm just curious set to introduce yourself to the public and hi guys feel for them Richie Paris some. Probably represent the -- to fight for his local some eighteen president. You know and and and maybe -- can introduce Eddie Kelly and the president of professional firefighters in Massachusetts Charlie I feel. We would we feel beaten up today is a tough day. You know Felix shots go to the failings in -- this just in the problem Francis to fight trying to Stewart died yesterday. I feel bad. For everybody that we're definitely a city from the to fight for his trip to the deputy chiefs it's it's it's a tough day for sin city of Boston in the state -- -- for salmon -- international fight -- and it's. It's you know this happens every day all around the United States and Canada all around the world should -- him. But it's tough to tell you got what you guys were. The health foundation. You worked with Dell foundation he had Greg actually stepped up what she's done time and time again you know what we lost John Davies only stuck. Who we lost. She's the rice a -- PV. Greg's always stepped up for us up and down the east stepping up again to tell -- it was of the Kennedy family. And to help the Walsh family. So we just -- you might just send this morning so you know came in and talk a little bit about any Michael. How do we what are you need from us because we have a big audience and their very passionate audience how can we help what do you need from us to help you guys. Well could over Greg and Greg -- foundation has agreed to you know kind of help us to raise funds for that -- me if if if young listeners want to try to help the families and he already had three little kids an eight year old a five year old and a two year old. In that -- five and two yes we certainly want to. Relief any stress -- you know his wife might have. At least financially. And you know Greg Hill stepped up and you know great feel -- -- the Greg -- foundation the gray he'll foundation. His helping us raise those funds right now so we're right now we have we don't have a fund set up right at this time was still kinda you know there's still. They're still fighting the fire. Last night so we haven't gotten in maybe today we'll have put -- sums -- a fund set up. But. In the meantime the the Greg Hill foundation be great place to to donate money. Let me ask you this is before you guys go. You mentioned at Walsh whose kids are not the eight year old was a boy and a five year old is not a boy or girl. You know guys and girls it's a girl and employees to corners to almighty -- -- -- -- great family and you know that the little it did the eight year old boy was so brave yesterday and -- very very proud of is just like his dad. And and his wife was very strong -- you know. US this -- to the public could do remember. You know and I have an -- -- Ahmet. When I was in school Luis our fighters chucked her fight trucker in Maryland so please guys go way we always. Still up -- sort of prayer then you know I mean I like to see Beckham back. I'd like to see you know next time tell people they see a -- truck going down history Europe police are -- -- You know blessed themselves to say a prayer that they'll go home safe and you know go back condition and we should not mine and I mean just. Keep these two feelings and imprisoned -- and their thoughts. Everybody out there please go to the great -- foundation dot org great kill HI LL Greg Hill foundation dot org. Please let's give generously -- families need our help and is very very dark power and dark time guys. I can't god bless you guys I can't thank you enough for what you do for us and for the city. And I want you know our thoughts and prayers are with all of you right now thank you government should we should I love you guys thank you tell you are KL. Hi this is Andrea.