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State Rep. Shaunna O'Connell says Governor is to blame for Justina Pelletier & other DCF scandals.

Mar 28, 2014|

State Rep. O'Connell joins Jeff to talk about Justina Pelletier and DCF.

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New York KO -- 190. Three point seven million. 617666868. If you want any part of the show. You can Texas at 68680. We are now joined by state representative. Sean Paul O'Connell. Obviously a major force on Beacon Hill. In terms of all of the abuse of power that we're seeing almost on a daily basis represented of O'Connell thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Hey good morning -- got a big air. The sole representative O'Connell will be seeing you obviously tomorrow at the activist training forum -- F one Boston. What are your feelings on be just Tina Pelletier case. How can DC after essentially take custody away for fourteen months of a fifteen year old teenager. From the loving caring arms of her parents. It is just the disgrace they are just destroying. This family. And these parents and I cannot believe that they are going further. To. Actually -- can't they can't even see their daughter any longer. I mean there they're going in the opposite direction that they should be going and and you know mark on our currency alliance has banned. Fighters on that they've really been leading the charge thank goodness. And we're still working and doing everything we can't help the Stanley we are trying to rally more support from our colleagues at the state house. Kids to get this mailing back their daughter. We're represented of O'Connell I understand that represented of lions and represented of Lombardo have cosponsored a resolution. To try to force the governor to Governor Deval Patrick to step in. And allowed Justine had to be brought home -- parents. -- either what 23 site a signatory so far am I correct on that. Yeah they have but I think recently hit you more has signed -- Jim Lyons and mark on our don't have really stand. Trying to educate all the numbers on exactly what's going on. That's how these people how they died daughters -- virtually being kidnapped from them. And people are coming around saying wow this is a problem you know. These CF is long and we need to get -- -- John Young girls back to her parents so I think more are. Our colleagues has signed onto it. And that could be key Governor Deval Patrick has been completely silent on this issue we need to hear from him he used to help this family. I'd get their daughter back. Represented of O'Connell by the way to the audience included Jim Lyons dot org or mark Lombard old dog -- And you can read the resolution. Please I urge all of you sign it supported. -- in -- -- call up your members of in the state legislature call up your elected representatives tell them to sign it. We have to put as much pressure on the governor as possible. This girl is dying and we don't do something soon she may. God forbid I don't wanna say it but -- it is serious. Yeah I have a different say that this that this is getting to be a matter of life and death these parents. You know I'm gravely concerned mr. infertility there about their daughter. Help is that they are playing you know they believe that look this this may be one of the reasons that they are not allowed to see their daughters because it has such poor condition -- how often they don't. They don't want the parents to. Be able to find out exactly what's on a parent can't tell the public. You have to we've got to get this girl they -- before. It's too late it it's very dangerous right now. Representative O'Connell. Why is the governor being so silent this is a huge. High profile case not just in Massachusetts all over the country even internationally. And why aren't more Democrats. Signing on to this resolution. Is it because they don't want to offend DCF is that what this is all about covering V covering up for DCF. You know. I think in the governor's case is you've got to you've got a big problem my intensity he has as it is and this would be admitting. -- -- that's been wrong from the very beginning. So why has had fourteen months now that they've taken this girl away from her parents. They run the whole time they need to run decisions. And it would open up. More criticism on DC gas and another. Area in which state are making a -- decisions. And and really hurting children instead of helping hand and it felt like there avoided at all costs. There's a story out in today's herald I'm sure you're aware of that we've been playing entering the newscasts. Jeremiah all over. It's been missing presumed dead. There is now report out about the boyfriend Alberto Sierra who's now been charged on multiple counts. Of assault and battery and child endangerment. Apparently now allegedly. Was beating a Jeremiah all over and the siblings who repeatedly with a belt. DC after this occurred under DCF snow is in fact they were warned about it twice. And they did nothing. What can we do to force major changes and DC after what can we do to get older we're -- fired. They are out of control a BC. Our control and you know it's very. It is such an awful and dangerous situation and there are some very caring people that were produced yep that try to do their job. And their hands are tied because -- management at these gas. And I'm glad the -- side and a lack of leadership. By old gospel got little shake. I think in many of my colleagues have been calling for her to step down since the very beginning of this. I think she still needs to do that we're never gonna get this department to move forward it changed the culture. Doubt that it caused -- all of these problems do exist. -- and people can very respectfully ask their own representatives and senators. To call -- -- stepped down we have the governor to a -- you know there are not getting the job done although Russia is holding this. Agency backed I think from the very beginning to actually came out and said this is not a systemic problem that -- just I think an isolated incident. She had no idea what she was talking about. And she just came out to cover up automatically that is not a leader and that is not some winds. Who wants to get to the root of the problem and fix it. Representative O'Connell we're gonna have -- activist training form tomorrow. What can people expect if they do visit us tomorrow if they do join the forum. What what's the message that you wanna give out to people about how they can lobby people on Beacon Hill and start to become a force for change. Yeah yeah except I am really excited about this training tomorrow we want our people with information and to be able to kind of take on the establishment has their voice heard. And have the information do you got so people that come to the trademarks are really got to learn about some specific. Hot by the issues. And Powell when you know you're talking to a legislator so are not someone employed by the states. And they say look there's no problem here we fixed yet. It's gonna happen information to say you know you have that what you got his window dressing and I go back because I know XY and Z. And I can do you know one example we've been talking about those without declarations and not public assistance programs are are over a year now. And that's when someone can just done a piece of Earth Day I live a distance -- I hated -- for rants. And they had their quote unquote landlords sign at the eternity and and it's south declaration because none of the information is verified. What they think they've fixed bath. Because they're not gonna accept that as the only form a verification. Such need to look at the language because this says we will not accept this as the only form of verification and if possible. And there is -- huge loophole to get around the whole entire reform. So so we're gonna teach people -- fight and not play it really hasn't truly been fixed and this is what we need to do to exit. Representative O'Connell let me ask you then one final question. When everything you said and done. You have a corrupt and out of control DC yeah children missing children abused children dead. Justine -- Pelletier is dying. She has been essentially kidnapped by the state of Massachusetts. Per per hour from our mother and father's parental rights have been essentially destroyed. The governor refuses to do anything on the Pelletier case. Arnold for a -- he publicly said she offered her resignation he refused to accept it. Is the governor ultimately responsible. For what is happening -- DC -- and doesn't he have the blood of Jeremiah all -- doesn't you have Jeremiah all over his blood on his hands. The governor has responsible erect -- writing mistake he is the leader she is inside and see -- the winds. Who is you know the conductor of this plane -- that we have here in Massachusetts. The only way that we are gonna get real change in this stage is to get rid of the status quo that have been in there are so many years controlling this stage. And people need to do that. At the ballot box in November vote for change both for what you say you want to vote for a two party system in Massachusetts. That will truly serve. The needs and the people here in Massachusetts. If you wanna be part of tomorrow's activist training form representative O'Connell will be there represented a deal will be there I will be there. -- we robo shark will be there. You can go on FaceBook corner country activist training or you can email hall Lee rolled a shot at holy -- a shot. RO BI CH eight UD. -- MSN dot com hall lead role Borchard IM SN dot com. Represented of O'Connell I look forward to seeing you tomorrow I think we're gonna let him on fire. Applicable -- did you get it and. Probably if you take care brought. 6172666868. Is the number. The state of Massachusetts. And the liberal Gestapo judges. Have now decided to even prevent Linda and -- Pelletier. From seeing their daughter. Now they can't even see Justine before it was once a week and her arms supervision now they can't even see their own daughter. Because they -- permanent custody is now being granted to the department of children and fax. Is this not to me is this not a clear example of kidnapping. Is this not a clear violation of the law. Is this not a clear assault on family and parental authority and family and parental rights. And let me ask all of you this. If the state took your child from you. And held there any psychiatric ward for fourteen months. And she got worse and worse and worse and is now on death's door. And a liberal judge then stepped in. And granted full custody to the department of children and families and now that insult to injury. Even deny you the right to visit your own child. What would you do. And is it time. For the -- cares and the people of the state in this country to demand charges be pressed for kidnapping and abduction. Against the judge in this case against -- shape and yes against meaning me. 6172666868. Is the number what would you do if Justine out with your child. And are you were framed his -- and happened to her. It can happen to you 6172666868. All of your calls coming up after this short break. AMC stadium on your radio dial.