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House Republicans Expand Obamacare.

Apr 7, 2014|

Do you think republicans should've expanded Obamacare?

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-- KO and now one night. Three point seven. 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show -- can also go to the -- 68680. So. Sticking to our wrestling team yesterday was wrestle mania about Courtney Love that there was a great show 400 pick her loss to Brock Lesnar. And you know wrestling is fake I don't wanna be on them to -- the kids in the car arms I'm sorry five. -- five. Burst your bubble there -- -- If I -- Q what does that mean to do it but rest. You know -- what's next season Santa Claus. It's fake it's fake. It's good -- it's very good fake theater but it's theater nonetheless now. It's a lot like our political system. And it's a lot like our ruling class. Just like -- wrestling you have the good guys and the bad guys they -- to each other they do a lot of talking a lot of boasting a lot of name calling. But the whole thing is ranked. So -- now they want Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush. And they want us to think in this circus in this wrestling match that we actually have genuine choice. And real self government. And not a real democracy and a republic. It's the same thing when it comes to obamacare. We now have all of these Republicans. Who have been saying we have to repeal. -- repeal and replace. We have to get rid of it they keep voting for a all over -- -- nearly fifty times now. Knowing that the senate is not gonna do anything about it they key voting and voting and voting to repeal. They could be funded if they were serious. But Mullah -- mall that would ruin the show. Will now check out this story desist from the Associated Press. Apparently. The chamber of commerce. And other business organizations. We're pushing Republicans. To actually make a major fix in the law you may -- Jeff champ Jeff. What's the major fix some law. According to -- what the 2000 some pages of obamacare and now by the way 121000. Pages in regulations. Just to show you what a monstrosity this -- yes. They -- there was a cap that had been put on high deductibles. So there was a certain cap that was put on high deductibles. For certain small businesses. If -- cap was blown off for individuals the cup was blown off for larger businesses. And organizations those employed basically over 99 people. But it wasn't for these sort of smaller businesses. And so at their request of the chamber of comps the request the lobbyists. At the request of many business groups. Quietly. Subtly. Surreptitiously. In bill. That was passed to restore payments that you're supposed to make the doctors. Or that were cut those payments were cut due to Medicare. So it to slip that they made this they passed this bill. About you know we're reducing these cuts -- sorry -- -- Ending these cuts restoring those cuts to Medicare to these doctors. They also slipped in this little provision. Whereby now -- caps on deductibles have essentially been blown away they've been basically destroy. And the reason why they did this. Is because they say this will Foster much higher deductible plans which will give even more choice. More. More coverage possibilities. To people in the small business to their medium sized business community. In other words. It's gonna help expand coverage for obamacare. And this is something that they did not watch you to know. Let me read you this story in the AP. But the prodding of business organizations. House Republicans quietly security recent change in president Barack Obama's health law. To expand coverage choices. A striking one of a kind departure from -- dozens of high best of all attempts to repeal or dismember. So Democrats describe the change involving small business coverage options as -- straightforward improvement of the pipe they are eager to make an Obama signed it into law. Republicans are loath to agree given the strong sentiment among the rank and file that the only fix the -- deserves is they burial. Quote this is from represented a film role a Republican from Texas. Maybe you say it helps obamacare but it really helps the small businessman. And all it helps obamacare. Now here is what is amazing about this. First of all they did it in the dead of night. So that you would know about it and in fact if it wasn't for a few democratic staff first. Who picked up on this and -- womb. Look at the hypocrisy here. These are the same Republicans. All over and over again we have to repeal it we have to get rid of it. We have to bury it we after us Gillick. Kill it in the crib vote against it. But now they stick thin this little provision. That actually blows these deductible caps. Eliminate some. And actually expands coverage options under obamacare for small businesses. I mean immediately jury how are dirty Harry Reid sensing a huge PR coup. Runs that it runs in front of the cameras runs to the microphone and says -- city. This is what we're talking about help us to. Man the law. Don't end the law. Make fixes that will improve the law. In fact expand coverage bring more people under obamacare. Give up more subsidies. That's what we want to. What about your promise to repeal it. How can you stand there with a straight face after telling us this thing as a train Iraq. Which it it's -- a monstrosity. Which and its. And assault upon the United States -- candidates. And then just because one of your lobby groups as jumping you say how high now you're supposed to out affixed to it. That actually expands coverage under obamacare. This this is a surrender. This is a complete betrayal. Not only of their principles put of their rank and file constituents. And this is my point my friends. And this is what I'm trying to tell many of you for years I saw they giving up close and PC for over ten years it's a game. It's like wrestling. They're not really hitting each other. They're not really bodies slamming each other. It's it it's. There are lining their pockets everybody's getting rich everybody is getting wealthy and they pulled on expect a coal. Sure oh for the crown. And this thing is -- it. All of these Republicans who now so all we have to repeal it with all the we're gonna improve it now because the earliest -- see another reasoning is I'll just say the reasoning. Well the earliest weakened repeal latest 2017. So until we get to 2017. Our job is to make this why is workable as possible and to diminish its pain and impact. You -- to make it easier to swallow. So the small business community isn't as hurt as bad by obamacare is that cushion the blow for three years until then and hey. Then when we get Janet. In power in the white folks and we get the senate and we get the house and we're gonna repeal and replace it you say trust us. Three years -- now then we're gonna repeal and replace. And meanwhile we're gonna make it better. You phony you. You frauds you. It -- mark my words if the opinion polls show by 2017 at the American public wanna keep. Obama could suddenly a look at reform a concurrent improvement. Where can we never said repeal and replace. We said improvement updates. That's always set up David Kemper -- How can these people look at themselves in the mirror with a straight face by the way just to show you how how devious this once. Many of the rank and file Republicans in the caucus had no idea their leadership even did this. This was done at the behest of bonehead John Boehner. Majority leader Eric Cantor. And house Republican whip Kevin McCarthy assumption by the Republican leadership. And you know how they snuck it in just a show you how -- devious they are. It wasn't even done down a straight vote in congress it was done through a voice vote. I. -- when there was practically nobody. In the chamber. When there was practically nobody in the house of represented ups. They did it behind everybody's back. Because they didn't want us to know about it. And that's why my friends I've been saying this now for a very very long time. Progressive -- It's not just dominant in the Democratic Party. It occupies the leadership of the Republican Party. It is a duopoly. It is the demo Kong's vs the republic crafts. And all their interest stayed in issue controls which could maybe when you have it for a couple years and we have it for couple years but in the mean time. The massive federal law by a fun. Massive government the massive bureaucracy. The increasing control over your lives how you pay more and more in taxes. More and more regulations. More and more in fees it just grows and grows in gross. Because ultimately what they want is power. They wanna have power over you over your family -- over this country. They are drunk on power. They are intoxicated by power. And so when that Tea Party comes along. When these little country bumpkin like Rand Paul and Mike Lee and pit crews come along. And they say repeal every period every comma every word in obamacare they'll look at you lecture fanatic. Because in the end what matters is the ruling class and protecting the power perks and privileges of the ruling class. So here you have these very same Republican leaders. Who mild that every instant how they're gonna repeal obamacare now they've just expanded obamacare. My friends they're hypocrites. And come November. Not only do we have to regain the senate. But it's time that John Boehner and all of this corrupt collaborating French Republican -- Eric Cantor Kevin McCarthy all of them we send them packing and bring in a true opposition leader in Washington DC. 6172666868. Is the number. Republicans have now expanded coverage for the first time under obamacare. Obama has signed it Harry Reid loves it. Is it a betrayal do you feel betrayed and can you trust the Republicans. To repeal obamacare root and branch bill Europe next thanks for holding welcomed. Even the most ardent opposition people. And -- at least for two years walking around saying we have to determine what I get rid of some of that. So I'm actually they were gonna have to actually expelled out say which. And I that they light and wanted to keep. And I think you'll reaction is pretty predictable but you would oppose. Any -- but nobody can run on your position. Nobody can and on. I think we should throw those children back off because they pre existing conditions. I don't think I think are some -- but it almost universally accepted and I hope that's what they're talking. Well bill I mean look I'll tell you right now if they ran on my position they would sweep. They would loose they would know that's that's that's like no that's that's that's the myth that the liberal media are trying to create. Think you can Ronnie we're wrong let's go -- who got. What number one. Reader in addition. Bill holt I'll get all I want second but -- I'll I'll tell you how you win. Number one and this is just the sock it. The previous system. That you win the lives keep saying was this horrible system. Well do you agree with it it was the greatest he was the greatest health care system in the world number one. So you know I wanna get back out of it stop -- to -- -- -- and until well I'll talk to you but I can't I can't talk to you if you keep talking over me. First of all bill nothing works a 100%. And Obama care -- destroyer health care system you're wrong about so we've gone from a first world well bill how -- not been six million people who lost their policies. Apparently people were all -- bill bill bill now quite easy but look at these are easy easy. Has six million people lost their policies now they haven't spoken we -- cut people senior premiums go up by an average of 7500. Dollars. I -- -- even really all the bad stuff but there's also good -- -- In reality I mean look you who don't tell me who congress. Can you open question. That watched it. That's -- listen bill I'm trying to how. Can look bring her down honestly look okay bill. I'm trying to have a reasonable discussion with you yeah I don't know what sort. OK so. You deny the six million people have lost their policies even though. The New York Times the Washington Post the Associated Press Reuters everybody admits the six at least six million and that's OK and. Went -- -- -- pulled -- -- -- number one it and I want. I'll go ahead -- Guatemala purse for people -- usually have been thrown out of it helped get -- auction on another health care. Some OK but -- well. What do more up to you has never expect that there are too great demand out the best. I mean are OK look so I mean look -- built so point number one. I'm. On this there's a great demand for this I don't I don't see this great demand that's number one number two. Six million people somehow found health care. Others have not found health care that's an open fact in fact it now seems that there are more people were uninsured then before obamacare the bigger point is this. Did the president not tell us. That we will be able to keep our health care plan did he not -- so I guess. -- great not a bad day you wouldn't I don't know he's not about actually none none none -- -- it's not a bad thing right it's not a bad thing that was a long. That was a long. He was told about this in July of 2010. Item needed dot I was a lawsuit but what are you so he lied about this to the American people so hold on now you have the greatest health care system in the world. Which this president ran out of which this president were wrecked. We now have a health care system that is infinitely worse. I'm you're paying 4100. Dollars more in premiums I can testify to this film I don't get to keep my doctor. I don't get to keep my all my health care plan my health care plan is now worse and this is happening at that kind of millions of people. -- Got a -- insurance company it actually didn't force my insurance from god and and and I know who forced my insurance company to do now. Georgette you're insurance company what and how much you damn good yeah once. Actually canceled -- quality. Under -- obamacare mandate. You know why under the obamacare mandate that you have been reviewed the white guys I didn't have -- I'll tell you why because I didn't have psychiatric coverage. And you know why I didn't have psychiatric coverage though. -- because I'm not I don't have a psychological ailments genius. I told you don't have psychological coverage and you have some sort of a psychological event who pay that -- Currently and I have to -- that I knew who I have to get new coverage then I have to get new coverage genius if you are -- to create a precondition you can't get coverage. What do you think about many people have a psychiatric problems go get preexisting coverage are you not in the old system -- They did -- -- electric it is to me you're lying. Yeah I don't foresee or even want to run multiple laws already. I'm trying to give you sensible position because people your point of -- never accept that there's a great demand belt -- that's. Demand for Walter forcing people to buy health insurance or else you face a penalty hollows that a demand for you get out and we should you. You were likely listen what do you look look look are pretty Qaeda -- do me a favor please turn to -- out. OK number one. First you denied there were six million people lost their health care coverage okay -- tonight dot. Then I tell you the premiums are going through the roof then you say -- all but then you say yes and all players. Then you say well the president made a mistake when people make and keep my health care plan but like I keep my health care -- even though we blatantly -- so let me ask you this. You have destroyed the entire healthcare sector of the United States we now know that only at least -- -- most to a million people who were uninsured. Now have health insurance. So all of this to a short two million people trillions of dollars it's gonna to the depth. All of their wreckage of the of the health insurance market you're telling me that was worth it. I'd guess you'd really truly you know look at it I think the people all the people between eighteen you're 26 is probably more than two million people. What are you talking about I'm talking about a seven point one million people that allegedly signed up. We're now finding out most of those are people who had lost their insurance because of obamacare. Not that didn't -- insurance that which most of that is saying is under. It's it's a -- plan. They have a much worst one now they did before so you've taken us from a first brought healthcare system -- -- second -- to a -- -- help our system. The worst foreign loud and they used to joke and -- supervision on that you should tricks get old oh you don't expect you want. Cancel it you want -- -- they don't even try. Milk up I'll tell you what I'm gonna do we. Are right listen look OK so -- get this straight. Yeah bill okay here pair belt but this is the difference between you're not okay. You -- the health care system I didn't help -- yes you did you did and the president -- All right so you guys wreck the healthcare system and then you turn around and tell me that some might do need to fix which you guys -- Yes you do it is my duty to fix that you guys -- -- I'll tell you right now I'll tell -- -- -- city and make things bad I'll make an infinitely better I'll get infinitely better. I'll I'll I'll I'll give it -- right now. You repeal obamacare probably per -- yeah. They are right now that's we're gonna -- who had her followed behind by looked nice -- a six year old in the in the world I would into -- of the people use and look at the apartment -- want it to them off the air is disposable phone -- -- -- the -- Okay so look here's what you're gonna do all right here's how you Texas. You're repeal obamacare. You get rid of all the mandates. In other words first do no harm a patient is bleeding stop the bleeding just stop. You repeal that all of those people who lost their health insurance they get them back. All of those premiums that went through the roof big goal background. All of those people who lost their doctors and health plans -- get him back to sell you on Abdul the damn coach. Venues shading me OK but Jeff what about the arrests that are uninsured. What about those with preexisting conditions no problem. Then you replace. You replace it where if a free market based system. Based on competition and shorts. Whereby. First of all you get you have tort reform so that cut the cost by five point 5% right there. Doctors are practicing defensive medicine costs drop like a stone. You have people compete overstate lengths. You provide a wide range of coverage where people can pick from any choice of plans across the country. And then to really help the truly needy do you give them a vote sure. As you would in education. And they used that voucher. To buy the best plan that suits them and their family. Now what you wind up getting. You wind up getting first class first world health care. Remember in Cuba everybody's in short. In Canada everybody's quote in short. But if you don't get to see a doctor. Or you don't get to see a good doctor okay Ers. This way everybody has the access to get good quality health care now. I annual guide The Washington Times he was healthy as a horse he was thirty years of H. He didn't want health care he said it wasn't good for him fine. But then when he gets sick and go sees the doctor he has to pay the full flight. It's called personal responsibility. But a free society should offer people the opportunity for good health care. That's what Jeff corner would do if the Republicans run on this they wind. This fiction that obamacare is here to stay it is and it's a cancer. You don't widen the cancer. You don't make the cancer or bigger you don't -- the cancer you only take half a they don't have the cancer yet take -- -- cancer all of it. Anthony Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I had Jarrett went up I want them to -- all -- So I had to go over a bite out you know what was edited a policy to make it a -- that much from Obama care. So loud why I'm -- -- -- WI AGR eight year. OK I get a pre wake it's mandatory to have a -- policy is part of obamacare. But that it got the -- that patient OS 17100 or if you all year in all recovered cleaning. We don't spend every year even if it's well what are you cavity backs straight away but it had a ought to let anyway. Also. I felt -- mammograms. I get birth control. I get other stuff which forced by insurance so the rule. In the ops people like Billick what's wrong with this country and I always remember our. That the Democratic Party what -- -- -- it but what but oh well we tried that people like bill. They don't I -- by the way I get mammograms as well I swear to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry it's part of obamacare. While little -- butcher was Jeff but she already had mammograms covered under a previous plan we got a great plan. He's destroyed our lives. Cost me 4100. Dollars I swear to you. I still don't have a general position. I get sick I have decision nurse but. I pray now that I don't get sick. And these geniuses are calling up my -- -- all undercut repeated look all hold our church -- A brick wall it's all these -- and zawahri are. And and British talk over you and talk over you and talk -- like a paper. Because they don't want you to hear the truth. This thing is a cancer. What do you do with cancer you killing. I'm talking hardcore. Hardcore. Chemotherapy. -- Europe next to go. Major employers or do you Joseph -- buddy. Guess they -- -- -- -- the same health insurance company for eighteen years. Never ever received I think that would built from them and then look out. I'm my daughter's side they have fifty -- But by and so true and I exit electrical -- Are evident by the white put some some blood work lab work -- 275 bucks in my hand pump it's absolutely crazy you know. -- wrestling analogy is absolutely perfect driven out of all of there's there's there's there's you know big epic showdown. Until people wake up and realize -- which a lot of lips and your kid you know realize or foreign straight you know there was probably a lot of people -- Still the -- don't realize what trick. Thank you for that call job that call Joseph here's attacks these are the lips check this out this is from 978. -- it never Amos men -- get breast cancer too. I know I genius. And that's the point. Under my previous plan had I gotten cancer anywhere. And -- pass the colts in my rear end or in my breast anywhere I would have been covered. But now there's an extra coverage just for breast cancer. For mammograms. Every man has to be covered for mammogram still. Only you could think that's a good idea only you only a -- 6172666868. 731. My friends Republicans have now over the weekend signed by Obama signed Biden a pass by dirty Harry Reid in the senate. Expanded coverage under obamacare for small businesses. Is this they surrender. I say yes what do you say Boston 6172666868. Let's make it that Angela in the newsroom. Angela Anderson this is. WR halo and now online. 666868. Is the number. Republicans now. On a voice vote sure viciously slipped into a bill. That restored payments that were cut under obamacare to doctors treating Medicare patients. They slipped in a provision that in fact would expand Obama care coverage for small businesses. They say they had to do it they didn't want punish small businesses because they don't wanna wait that told 2017 when they say the law will be repealed. But it is now the first time. That the Republicans have actually increased coverage under obamacare. Harry Reid is gloating and the house bill was immediately passed in the senate it was then signed by the president this was all done over the weekend. And my question to you was lists are we now witnessing the first Crocs. In Republican opposition to obamacare. And is this the beginning of a sellout. Six once I say yes what do you say Boston 6172666868. You can also text that sets 68680. This is from 617. Jeff. Mammograms. Have been mandated in Massachusetts for many years and rates have been gender neutral since well before obamacare. Men in -- were already paying for mammogram coverage. Now 617 you put your finger right on it. We had Romney care. Now I'm not a fan of Romney care I would have done things very differently but let that go we got it. That's why there was -- whole reason. For any member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation in the house or in the senate. All fooled by the wayward Democrats. With the exception of Scott Brown in a special election. That should have supported. Obamacare. Because it hurts the people of Massachusetts. Most are premiums have gone up under obamacare. Our taxes have gone up because of obamacare. Our healthcare system has been debt devastated because of obamacare. The one state that should've gotten a massive exemption was us. That shows you how the Democrats in this state. Put partisanship and their loyalty to the dear leader. Above the interest of their own constituents and of the interest of their own state. Everybody who voted for obamacare on principle. Even if you're for universal health care coverage should kick -- should be a wife should be kicked out of office and sent packing. Instead what do you get from the Democrats. -- Don't dear leader. Did dear leader says jump we say ally. A lot of other techs are coming in 68680. This is I'm from. 603 and I want you to listen to this my wife lost her insurance she's now undermine. We are a sixty year old heterosexual. Couple but now we are covered for gender reassignment. Among all got some honest all sex a sex change operation that's some must now. Oh yeah that's some months. You can't live without it now especially if you kill people in this state that some months it's an absolute most. This is from 954 Jeff I'm on Medicare Advantage here in Florida since Obama cut Medicare. The best I now get is a nurse practitioner. No doctor don't get sick welcome to my world MiFi four. That's I don't have a doctor icu nurse now. I tell my wife just pray for me every day that I don't get sick Madge are up next thanks for holding welcome to the corner report on RK. Thank you -- try and trying to demonstrate the people of Massachusetts. It says yeah I include you my insurance that doubled. I've gotten the note that I never got but why I had been taken -- tap it -- I -- ensure art. A gag and thank you people I don't get I love Obama -- the -- -- car and not getting educated adult people unwilling in that country out. Well I know and -- -- look I'll tell you we're really bothers me about Elvis. How they told us this in the build up pad dissent by how they set honestly. Everyone's premiums because we believe in collective ism we believe in social justice. We believe everybody should be covered. You're premiums are gonna go up 456000. Dollars -- you're gonna lose your health plan you have to go under -- obamacare plan. You're gonna lose your doctor all of this is gonna happen. But are you willing to make that sacrifice. For all of us to have health care coverage okay how are being made that argument I -- said okay fine. At least we can have an honest debate. But they lied to. But -- that aren't they that's not act as a part of that I'd -- rights program. Opposite. This guy lies at their honestly Max and have you noticed when he lies his ears just get bigger and bigger and bigger and what I noted. I don't know -- away -- on Monday Max. -- look at -- cannot. That's what I -- people on the front that don't believe him. Not that bright and I thought he lied about it. Because I don't Clinton and never looked into the camera app I -- like I want to -- here and attitude that. They're like I don't play and the way they act. That's why calling mini me. That's why called Deval Patrick meaning he's a -- Obama. 6172666868. This is from 508 Jeff. We are paying 6000 dollars more a year but the good news is that my husband can now get a hysterectomy and breast implants -- -- -- is all made up. Bid these are all lies everybody is lying about this it's an incredible -- -- now Harry Reid senate everybody's -- my friends. Gary Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Jeff small landscape business saw from -- August with two employees -- in the post that child articulate small business and American Jeffrey good morning. Good morning you tell you my friend. Good I've been called on three years I'm not sure sure of emotional and walked around all remember your comment about the other capital about is that all -- in -- and two grand a month. I'll charge what that was -- job. I have no wonder kicking and I'm all by myself. Wife and two cage we were paying two grand a month. Could really afford that because my mortgage was only 11100. You know -- on what's happening now got our butt kicked up my plans at the last month. My new plan is 2800 dollars what that joke I can no longer afford it for the first time I'm 47 for the first time in 27 years. My wife and I cannot and we got no health insurance this moment. And there's not I can do about it I cannot afford -- 1800 dollars a month for health insurance initially what the American people need to wake up about. I don't know when they're gonna wake up -- Now a -- Gary are you gonna be -- and be forced to pay the penalty. Jeff. -- the penalty of 2800 dollars a month -- out of my pocket -- for a penalty who -- I haven't talked to my doctor I go to the block it's it's 25 dollars and cents with a doctor's -- I have health insurance it's fifty dollars when I don't know how. I'm looking like a -- I can find another hole to 2800 dollars a month. And everyone getting hit a free so it's not yet I've been putting a gun to a lot heads into the and we just can't do it anymore Jeff I'm sorry -- to lick. I'm almost and yet I feel like and we cannot afford health insurance and I have a Puyallup but I'm not gonna give it to walk. I'm not gonna give it to warmed up and saw Ali thank you and I guess what -- -- that's not how bad the situation millions. That's what you are well look Gary look here's what's gonna happen okay because it Democrats are in spin -- So in fact Brittany do we have that kind of Nancy Pelosi. Okay -- to -- -- cut because Nancy Pelosi. Recently sent over the weekend she was on CNN. And she told Candy Crowley. This. Basically they're so proud of Obama care that in fact were happy to not run away from what we've undergone a run on obamacare. That's how proud they are of obamacare. Well fine you wanna live in a delusional fantasy world -- my desk. I hope all of you run on obamacare. And then we're gonna find out. How many people have been negatively hurt by Obama care how many people have been positively impacted by obamacare and we'll find out in November. Good to look into it and there's reality. There's reality. And so all of a spin and all the lying and all the propaganda. And all the bogus phony numbers. Listen you can say seventy million signed up on obamacare you wanna cook the books cooked the books. India and reality is gonna come to before. And November is gonna be when the rubber hits the road. Now if the Democrats. Are that's stupid let him be that stupid and if they're Republicans. Don't wanna ride this winning issue. Because the American people don't want obamacare they want it repealed and they won it replaced with something infinitely better. If they're gonna start now collaborating with the regime to expand obamacare. That's a problem. We can form a third party destroy the Republicans and then destroy the liberal regime because now we have the numbers. Our numbers are growing UC this is what the Republicans don't get and I'm telling you this is the success of the show this what people don't realize this. This is now we title waif. And it is growing and growing and growing and we don't need the Republicans. They -- us. We don't need John Boehner John Boehner needs us. We don't need Eric Cantor Eric Cantor needs us. So if you're not gonna listen to us and represent our interests and our values and our beliefs. We'll get somebody else. And if the Republican Party is not our party -- problem. Nothing is carved in stone. The Republicans emerge on the ashes of the weeks. The -- wants a big party the Federalist -- wants a big party parties common parties go. So if you guys don't wanna listen to us and defend us will go for party. Because our interest and our values and our movement that's what's important not -- growing. What vehicle it falls under that's my friends us on a big deal. So I told Republicans. This is their final chance. You're playing with fire. And if you think Jeb Bush is the answer or you think Chris Christie is the answer I'm sorry. Fool me once shame on me fool me twice. -- -- fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on you but for me three times shame on me. McCain. Romney. And not you wanna give his -- no way. No way. Here's Nancy Pelosi here's the -- Iran. Like an inmate -- an asylum. Saying we're gonna run on obamacare were so proud of obamacare. -- -- -- I'm remote focusing have one person that's one thing. -- you gave him a changing yet Italian people shine out -- Condit you know I didn't start the bill remembers which are proud of what they have done. Are happy you -- not run away from what we have done very proud of what we have -- com. Polish public you know they're just. It isn't -- say that there are folks. Who are writing campaign that Democrats distant and distant and it tells you imagine if you're a penalty and didn't. Where there's even go to his own time of the mood there I didn't vote for the -- but you know. That's the exception from Democrats embrace before look at that very proud of that hand. It's just hit it anecdotally if you hear this that the other thing. That's exactly what it is in the plural benefit that is really not data it's it's. A few examples. But there a couple of hundred Democrat and a -- home who are preceding -- a very positive way could we ask you about. All of you should jump off that cliff. Mark big -- is running against that are running away from Mary Landry is running away from it Kay -- is running away from it Mark Pryor is running away from it every major Democrat that's running is running away from. So if it's such a great deal if it's such a great law how come every Democrat is running. My friends I'm up against that but before I go on this break. I wanna -- you this text I -- -- I want all of you to listen to this very carefully because this is the future. This is from six so it Jeff my husband is Canadian. I am an American nurse. We lived in Toronto in Canada. And he needed a minor surgical procedure done in the doctor's office. It was the receptionist assisting the doctor because the doctors said he couldn't afford nurses from what the government contract paid him. Americans need to wake up their lives are being put in danger. In Canada. Receptionists. Do procedures. On patients. Not even nurses. I'm bound to win nurse. The last time I went I swear to you would they gave me a medical student. Our first year medical student. I'm afraid the next time I'm gonna go what's going to be the receptionist on the front. That's I mean I'm telling you that's pretty soon it's gonna be the receptionist and if we continue it's going to be.