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What do you make of the security measures at the Boston Marathon?

Apr 21, 2014|

Do you think the security measures at the Boston Marathon today are too extreme?

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705. Here on am six city WRKO. And now 193 point seven HD too happy patriots today. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer 61726. X 6868. You can also affect the Celtics 8680. Today. -- without a couple hours there are going to be running the Boston Marathon. According to multiple media reports this is gonna be the second biggest. Field in the marathons history. And many people wanna run for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons being they do not want to show the terrorists. Is that they will disrupt our way of life. That we will not cower in fear. That we will go along with life as it was before last year's mom. In short they will not wind. And so security. Is gonna be extra tight this year. And here are some of the security measures that are in place for the Boston Marathon connect. It's the 118. Running of the Boston Marathon. There's going to be more than 3500. Police officers. That's more than double the usual number. They're going to be along the entire 26 point two mile long course. There's also going to be undercover officers with special training. Furthermore there's going to be at least 100 strategically. Position video cameras monitoring the crowds at all parts. -- spectators have been asked to carry their belongings in clear plastic bags. Instead of backpacks. So just today you know no backpacks will be allowed. If you do bring a black pack. They discourage it heavily however if you do bring about back. They will be subject to we search. So get ready for them to search your backpacks. Or your handbags or your purses they'll be subject to random search there hi I'm heavily discouraging them. They -- you to bring all your belongings in a clear plastic back. Coolers. Kilts and other bulky items are all sold discouraged now. There are some streets along the marathon route. Whereby there'll be homes -- people will be watching from their lawns if you have coolers on those -- The police have a right to walk onto your property according to the security -- lines and randomly inspect your courts. Security is going to be especially tight close to the finish line. So expect a lot of security right around the finish line there is gonna be more than fifty observation points are gonna be set up. Near the finish line to monitor the cropped. Unregistered runners as a unlike in previous years are known as bandits are not gonna be allowed to participate so if you haven't registered. Don't bother going you'll not be allowed to run. As you can tell and that's just that's just what we know. There's other things going on that they don't wanna tell the public that's going on behind the seats. So basically backpacks. Handbags. Bags on your possession. They are gonna search randomly. Monitors. Everywhere. Police officers. Everywhere. Undercover agents everywhere. There's going to be over fifteen. Observation points remember don't forget there's also going to be a lot of psychiatrists. Like did you not. Along the route there's going to be a lot of booths which psychiatrists. If you feel the need to talk if you feel the need to cry. If you feel the need to express yourself. Because you're emotionally overwhelmed there will be says shrinks and psychiatrists along the -- Pat I have to ask you. To me this very obvious question. This is like a militarized zone. This isn't a sense de facto martial law. You don't have your fourth amendment rights. Against unreasonable searches and seizures additional probable cause they see with about -- the -- check your backpack. They see you with a handbag or or or purse they're gonna check your handbag in your purse. You've got big government watching you at every turn. You've got cops security. Men everywhere. Observation points. N everywhere. I've seen there's helicopters are gonna be hovering overhead I wouldn't be surprised that they were using drone it's. Unmanned drones overhead. We've lost our privacy or civil liberties. Now don't get me wrong of course you need to bolster security. Just no question about it of course you have to keep the public safe. But there's a difference between security. And essentially a Big Brother big government crackdown. There watching every move you make. They're suspending all of your civil liberties they're suspending the Fourth Amendment. They're basically treating everybody is being presumed guilty until proven innocent everybody's a potential terrorist everybody's a potential criminal. So correct me if I'm wrong. But what the terrorists want is -- to kill Americans. What the radical -- -- wants is to change our fundamental way of life. To destroy our constitutional freedoms and our liberties. And they're winning. Everybody keeps saying Boston's strong Boston's strong Boston's strong. I understand the sentiment of that chance of that slogan of course. We won't be coward -- won't be intimidated but I have to ask you this how strong -- week I want all of you to think about this. How strong our week. When we keep referring to that terrorist atrocity last year. As quote the Boston -- X. Have you noticed nobody were first to it as the Boston terrorist bomb -- for Boston terrorist attacks. -- that's what it wants. It was an act of terror. In the name of Jihad and holy war against the west and against America. You don't even have to take my word for it. Flash -- usual carts are may have said so himself. -- rolled it on the bold in his own blood. This is if you kill one Muslim you declare war on all Muslims. This is for every Muslim that has been killed around the world by US forces. She openly told us this was an act of Jihad. And an active Islamist terror. Due to people in New York. Do they walk around and referred the attacks of September 11 2001. As the the plane crashes. Oh yeah you remember the 2001 plane crashes all. All all your member and I are. Mask -- plane crashes I was tough. Follow the refer to Writely is the 2002001. The September 11 terrorist attacks. The 9/11 terror attacks. Why does their attacks committed by terrorists -- Put in the name of political correctness. Didn't trust the Boston bombing X. They reduced the sort of bumps. They just are all just they just went -- final hole pulled crazed. No rhyme or reason just two crazy guys hearing voices and their head and interest dropped the ball -- so you look almost like they fell out of the sky. -- no rhyme or reason to this thing could of been wood off. Dust just one off. Why they went off the motivation is why the for them going off the goals and and objectives for them going off maps and were Boston's strong actually been under the rug. Well how strong are we. If we can't even confront the central seminal reality of what took place last year. That this was a premeditated. Coordinated. Radical Islamist terrorist attack to instill fear on American soil right here in Boston. On patriots day. In the cradle of the American revolution. That's what took place last year that's what happened last year. That's the reality of last year. So. If we can't even -- in all rich what happened. We even miss -- you know we use all these euphemisms. Boston bombing. The bombing on -- stench treats. There. Anemic one obvious quick point and now open it up to the four months. How strong our week. Went every major democratic candidate for the governor of the state. Doesn't believe that flashback enjoy parts -- may have should be executed. How strong our week. Went according to a federal judge as was reported in the Boston Globe. Show carts are mania can have on monitored. Visits. By his lawyers and by his family. He can even talk to his his his mommy thief. -- is you buy that. Either shoplift or shoplifter mommy. On the phone completely un monitored by just Tina Pelletier. According to DCF. -- not even see her family on Easter Sunday. When she sees her family they have to be monitored with armed troopers and BCF right there. So. And self professed remember a confessed terrorist he's confessed. She admitted that he was behind him and his brother. -- -- He gets -- all food. She gets to pray to Mecca five times a day. She has on monitored visits with his family. They don't even want to execute them all of the major candidates on the democratic side for the governor. We won't even mention radical Islam or Muslims in connection to the terrorist attacks. So how strong -- -- We trip we put them on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. You have liberal columnists. Saying how sexy show carts are -- -- he's -- I kid you not female group weeks. -- saying he's too sexy too good looking don't have -- the Boston terrorist bombings. We have sacrificed. Our fundamental liberties. Here you wanna see my bag open up my back. My purse no problem. Camera on me at all time no problem drones overhead no problem hovering helicopters. No problem. Observation points everywhere no problem. Take my freedom pick my liberty take my constitutional rights take take take take please protect me please protect me. Our founding fathers. Must be rolling in their grapes. Boston strong. Normal normal. Melanoma on all my friends. Boston wrong. 6172666868. Are you happy with the amount of security for the Boston Marathon today. Do you think there's too much security. Do you think there's not enough security. Do you feel safe and are you planning to go I wanna hear from you -- them Jeff you're up first thanks for holding and welcome to WRKO. I thank you very much yet the very simple. The cameras -- the bills will not do any good -- one simple reason and that is. Islamist we'll just strike at another time with his no cameras had stopped targets. And so groups of about six to twelve. Five so we'll or six or seven or whatever so groups to Wear make up this solution is shutting down that mosque in Roxbury Massachusetts the Boston Islamic center. But look if they don't do that. The building is seen attack on top target I do security work for a living. And and I and I know for a fact that most. Office buildings are on the armed most people often don't carry a firearm was simply put. -- it's -- move by style attacks come to Boston and permanent mark love will be declared that -- have they. Thank you very -- out -- that you may have -- there have a good life. Thank you very much Jeff. Look I didn't what I find incredible. And although who applaud and all the emotion. Essentially I want to stand back to stand back for second objectively. What took place last year. I'm 26 year old welfare punk count down model land sodomy and and in nineteen year old -- head Chechen terrorist punk. Broke out outside -- mayor of who by the way I don't think is not good looking but let that go OKMR sex the sex therapist. Two Chechen punks. Who. To. Brought this entire city to which niece. And now because we fear who Chechen terrorists. -- we're showing the world. Drones. And helicopters. Police talks 3500. Cops. Video cameras everywhere. National Guard. Random searches in people's backpacks. Handbags. Purses. What are we gonna do if there's fifteen or twenty. -- really. What if we have one for Israel. And we go to Sherwood Jeffords mentioning they start hitting some soft cut some some soft targets. What do frolicking other countries around the world that the what do fork like Iran Russia mother Russia. Where they get this stuff once a month. The way we're respond think we're gonna happen tanks going down Boston street. You wanna put what the army on every street corner. Because before reacting like this -- the tool. I imagine if durst -- or god forbid 200 -- thousand of 6172666868. -- you're up next on WRK go and welcome. Piped up I'm really glad you're talking about that you know -- -- -- that's referred to as a terrorist attack. Took the irony about what's going on here. We don't even referring to today as. Pre dates the -- states it's suddenly morphed into Marathon Monday but Marathon Monday it's patriots day. And is patriot -- Today is the anniversary of when. Average citizen have had to look up a bit different at college carrying government. -- the -- known and treating them like like you know how it something in the British Open hoping upon what little conquered that he would. That Collins. That's and that's the bottom part would be -- got to come up short thanks. -- do this action in the open responded by the end and happened and in the room. Turn back open and didn't want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got extended but it -- to commemorate. How are Paul yeah well it. -- no this is why we can't call that the terrorist attack because no I didn't that would do that today. I called. Domestic terrorists at the -- didn't and that would -- separate personal liberties and not allow himself to be pushed around without reading it and come true. That being ordered him confident having him paramilitary. Operation within a scenario around and telling them what they haven't yet until. The prime -- like sheep. Roddick is that these -- -- you know like they're trying to think that I know they weren't terrorists you -- just mentally help. How perfect it made the big -- patriots stayed too. Did -- give up I -- pretty ironic. Natalie don't -- don't don't don't hang up on her Brittany brilliant Natalie brilliantly so one of the best calls I've ever had. I got to ask you this now because obviously you're very intelligent in your very articulate and you know your history. Fast forward to today I imagine just for the sake of argument were calling we're not a country were calling me. It's not 1775. Its 2014. The British government is going quarter after quarter house after house. Unreasonable searches and seizures confiscating people's guns. Do you think America today would respond and react the way our forefathers did. Thank you government may I have another. I brilliant call Natalie. Looked like she summed it up. We don't have the pride. We don't have the dignity. We don't have the self respect we don't love freedom. The way our forefathers did. I'm not to me is why I believe the terrorists may have actually really won 6172666868. What do you think Boston. Is there enough security is there too much security. Are you gonna go to the marathon how one grew. 728. Here on the break -- the patriots day. The marathon will start in a couple of hours and what do you make of the security is it too much is it not enough do you feel safe. The united Europe Max thanks for holding on WRKO. Welcome I hi -- Natalie and -- are stolen Sunday at that pretty much. When I -- -- honestly I think she stole everybody's stunned and it you know like from what I've lived the writer Dave -- can let party any kind of go about how. Every year -- the next stop -- date Q did you know. Talk about oh it's the whole the whole idea what it. Men can have a pitch and keep seeing him in the closet all of the horse and he you'd scream and red light and your. Eat it and the men and we're just they wouldn't regular marriage and we were very I think we can really take for granted. Take for granted what we have. Where so fat and lazy and spoiled that we say they know they're fighting or did it have anything so. Yeah they do they know where it was -- for Regis they don't appreciate it we're just fat and lazy and spoiled and just. It was almost don't deserve what we -- a. Bingo bingo. We have taken everything that is given to us for granted. And my friends those that will give up liberty in exchange for security as Benjamin Franklin once said. Forget neither Campbell deserve neither and so my question to you get a kids do you think there is too much -- Jam jam Dave Kevin Judy hang on all of your calls after this short news break. I'm Angela Anderson this isn't your news. On Monday if patriots day. And his patriots day today is the anniversary of when. Average citizen had had a love but overbearing totalitarian government. -- the more rural and treating them like like you know cattle or something and the British we're -- upon what the human conquered that these. The colonists. -- -- Fans that word got around Paul Revere who got to tell -- that the British are coming. Did you do this action and the Pippen responded by the end and happened and in the room. It turned back opponents didn't delegates. You go girl you go. Did you tell -- not so that was one of our previous callers Natalie. 736. Here on the great WRKO. 61726. A 6868. Massive heightened security measures for today's Boston Marathon. Do you think it's overkill. Do you think were now treating our liberty for the false promise of security. Do you feel safe. How do you feel about today's Boston Marathon 6172666868. You can text the 68680. This is from 774. Regarding the American revolution in how far we've come in terms of jealously guarding our rights -- Jeff I tell today's kids. That American farmers from fifteen to 95 years of AH. Willingly stood toe to toe with the most feared professional army the world had seen at that time shame on all of us. This is from 781. There cannot be too much security at the Boston Marathon as long as the cameras and added security. Go away after the event 978. Jeff security measures taken are exercises extending big government. Not security. Security identifies threats to eliminate them. Bingo 978. That's my sentiment exactly -- Europe Max thanks for holding. You're on WRKO. And welcome. Good morning chest -- -- a lot of it you know they're good -- up but I do have a kept a caveat to put forward for your consideration should. When I was just Meehan my guys were fighting the Japanese. Partner and World War II. I continue authoritative leader Japanese did not press send just rip your readers have Miranda rights before they attacked. I think properly -- I think of a bad rap and a police on this matter if backpacks. What the police are worried about -- Is that correct decision the court. -- that al-Qaeda did admit. That particular tactic that the al-Qaeda people applied in the end and their operations. I think that -- that whatever -- -- we'd like and I'm not Islam or radical Islamic or OSS. I know I agree with you Jim I think there's no question about it radical Islam is at war with thoughts. To me it's how we fight. And. 045 year old mother. With her two kids at the Boston Marathon if she needs a big backpack. For juice is and granola bars and cookies and young so it's a couple hours it's a long day. Is not a threat to national security. Not what you need to do with -- nobody wants to do this because it's it's not compassionate. And. You target look who struck us last year. Two young radicalized Muslim men. Who should we be profiling this year. He on the radicalized. Muslim men. So if I see somebody who 2223. Share if he a little bit nervous. Has got to back. Call me crazy how is it T shirt it's -- Chechnya forever on it. Excuse me sir can I look at your -- please. That's how other countries do it. But you see what we've done not to offend the Muslim -- not to -- the saudis not to offend care because we have to all be good little liberal multicultural and outlook a multi cultural liberals. We all have to be different diversity in political correctness. Because Marty Walsh doesn't wanna upset the ACLU. And all the other lives there everybody now has to be suspected. We have to have drones in the sky. Video cameras everywhere 3500. Cops plus undercover cops plus the National Guard. Pace with the Soviet Union to compare. Because of what who parrot who who keeps stressing this tool terrorists didn't. If this is our reaction for tool. God forbid if for Israel. Or Egypt or -- -- or Russia. And we've got to deal with hundreds of terrorists -- what -- gonna have parents on the street Marshall literally martial law. 6172666868. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding her on RKO and welcome. Happy patriots -- just. Takes time. Patrick Henry would be so pleased to give me liberty they can't -- Japanese stood up in Philadelphia. He and -- go to bat out of a little -- out. The other week -- often times it was even worse didn't guards wanted these initial brightest. It's forgotten about outside that you watch work long dialogue. 'cause they're desperate to get what is Pall -- called rupiah as ride. -- today. It is just a clear and down on not freedoms it's been upfront and 500 took 4000. Shoppers is that they actually brought it is I tell people looked -- never feel squad -- -- older than six months. A great apostate. And again we're not fully do we -- profiling. It's needed. Where were ignoring. And a mosque in -- he didn't arms that is true radical open in distressed and ashamed yesterday we came in from 2000 -- although the has been. Body blow to -- that you get on and literally it was 50 well I'm close god. All right young cadets as web. Another rob Teixeira from the -- accompanied with a police dog on those small little crap that he'd shoot fifteen minutes of Christ but pop up. He's just a changeup. I mean one of the common to win not -- ending up. Truly. Does speak out against this radical fundamental Islam and it is it is -- is crippling don't turn and ask for the public's help. Do you see something say something. Doing that it -- oh OK okay. And that took fire -- bad but I also built on the ground don't. Want to go out here being on the when he singled out Kevin I got to ask you this Kevin I got up to this. Because you're known as mr. Boston you're always -- almost every major event. You're all over the city are -- gonna go to the marathon today. Absolutely not I wanted to I do like a little bit it would -- -- -- put -- put up and show called anywhere outside we actually are critical to report today. Just to relaxed. Because you want just your client and whistles to it. On to. Well yesterday we got a pretty engagement in back -- are right. I saw Renault -- because I just -- a -- -- a police state (%expletive) Peter Boulware. Actually who protected the cattle sheep OK one at a cattle on the do you ranch. I mean that the as far as what that everybody capitulate. I. It's the -- look up there with the rates serious. Which is happening right underneath our noses right in front of our rights it is the militarized nation of the Boston Marathon. The 1984. The novel that we rent is now basically supplanting our republic. Got what's going on here. You are slowly seeing martial law and Big Brother so plant our republic. This 4000 cops. Don't get me wrong I love the cops but 4000 of them. I mean why not 8000 what assurance they washed up a 48000. Help White House. Just call in the army forgot six you want total security calling the army. -- Electric -- army or your book -- to all -- The Olympics in Sochi they went off so -- moved there wasn't a terrorist attack yeah he had 80000 troops. Is that it -- -- completely not every rule was bug in every hotel room it was completely bug every -- All Jeff but no attack took place you know you're living under a totalitarian state. They don't call me crazy that's not my America -- Europe next thanks for holding Europe next thanks for holding -- on WRKO. -- -- -- -- First saw our society you know there's some very good Middle Eastern people in this country and I have sometimes. But. You know I get through quick sort so that they have both my wife who ought to Florida and it was a Middle East and individual would have backpack and he would make an -- There and everybody's side. And walk around and give people basically state troopers came. And so there at the line and everybody felt relief we go through the security. And did he get -- no. An elderly couple this didn't let us know their hair light is no there haven't had time didn't do gone through this procedure of the surge because this old. A -- -- a little search and them as -- by a number system. And now the second thing I wanted to say. I -- -- -- and wouldn't -- -- walking around and it was a little -- got there I walked over to the graveyard in this a couple of -- a couple of individuals who was monuments -- problem. There -- a couple of the first people to die in the battle of Lexington pocket. And I just felt so proud. To be there and I happened to just walk over there I don't know why I found these stones and led some and and I was standing there felt so proud of what not Salem science. These guys must be rolling and make way if. Jim just to reinforce -- point Britain said when she went to Hawaii more than a couple of years ago Brittany. Paul last year yeah last November Brittany went to Hawaii last November she says she couldn't believe it. Almost every security check was on police. Now -- Ladies and gentlemen guys and gals I don't know maybe I missed the memo. -- did is there an epidemic of 75 year old senior citizens blowing themselves up. Well wall seawall -- and and member in big keys britney's older sister. The Vicky in Britain ruled they had their baggage checked in Hawaii. Wrong. None are britney's -- my -- they got their bikes checked out last year when they're in Hawaii. Naive and Damon left the noted side -- polite they are we just checked your bag because you see. 24 year old red heads and 27 year old. What would -- Q what she she's are carried a dark. I mean that's. Their Irish Italian home my god -- Irish monks are blowing themselves up. Do you nominee Italian Catholic priests are blowing themselves up all my god I look at Brittany and I. And -- I say Lou half Irish half the prelude from Boston. That's a terrorist. That's a terrorist ice ice RIC I look at Britain in order freckles and red -- and banner 515. -- -- compact should a good -- body but she's -- Malcolm she's been working out I say oh my god. Osama bin Laden. That's it's Osama and start but that's a black widow. This is the world that we now live -- This is I -- it's insanity. And I'm in the bathroom at 730 during a break it's on one of these sports shows I don't know which one Mike and they're Smart team Walsh army air our esteemed American Boston's strong. We're assault were so strong -- you're so strong you can't even called the packet terrorist attack. It's so we know just the bombing what did just just one off to a bomb just went off last year they can't even call it a Boston terrorist bomb -- That's how strong we. Joining Europe -- thanks for holding. You're on the corner report go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you get into the term bond and strong that -- want change gone to government com. So we will war on before it looks -- steer. I've been rationed to get to watch this family. A couple of weeks ago in the paper what the government and -- didn't want to continue and so I think one thing that the good people wounded that they should be. Angry at the moment we should take into account what do you -- they watched. But the current. And. -- -- Being goal. Who is watching usual car. Who was watching camera -- The kid was for a college at U mass Dartmouth smoking pot dealing weed on outward nine. The FBI was tipped off by the Russians. They were tipped off by the saudis. Hammer land -- back six months to Chechnya to get terrorist training. But who gets first at the airport. The -- leafs. Who gets their bags inspected. Brittany and -- 20/20 year old girl spent. Who gets who gets patted down and felt up I swear to you the corner man. Does MLS Lincoln and a funny last name field corner it's it's it's it's a good to jihadist laying. But that's our -- -- Muslims were radicalized. Going to Chechnya. The Russians warning viewed the saudis warning -- -- Welcome back to the corner report Jeff Horner Boston pulled over 617. It's like 6868. Is the number. Attacks are pouring in this is from 86860. Jeff. State troopers standing at the exit ramps for 95. Looking in cars for sure. I mean what's next because in Russia they have the women just strip so what's next. Have the how to get out your car take their clothes off and Bob are you may be having a bomb and -- pick her clothes off some stripped naked in front of government. 6172666868. Vinny Europe next thanks for holding -- on RKO and welcome. I'm just happy patriots stayed book but what what you just said about state troopers tracking of people 400 -- it sounds like martial law has been declared. Now we're at -- that I want to say. Did go to Natalie and can happen. On and on patriots state and another point -- that you asked earlier. But at the police were going to check -- we have private property along the route well what would we do I would ask them. While I have martial law have been declared that you suspended liberties and I would have thought might. My -- pocket United States constitution. And I and I would hold it up. Yeah. On the not a point. We'd have to remember if you want to get I would -- historical reenactment if you wanna get a full dealing. All of what this state is all doubt remember. Patriots they would first declared. W played that they decided to have -- the marathon. They should be called. The patriots day marathon and not the Boston Marathon. Those -- my feelings if you ever want to really get a full understanding go light on the Lexington green. Next year and he'll leave his majesty's tenth regiment of foot marching up and they re enact the battle of Lexington and Concord. Thank you so much for that call -- I'm not -- call today announced that if patriots day destroy the constitution. Mike. You're up next thanks for holding her on RKO and welcome. -- chip I think all these conspiracy theorists. I think they had a right. I believe he had 111 not experienced players. But that incident. Better at lunch. Absolutely transformed police department's. Agency securities. And sort of social work toward our country. And I intrusion. These great psychological. Profile Detroit police departments. You GOP just you know Irish property more. You have to be like a machine. The trading week police or procedure today is next storm trooper tactics. As they -- instantaneous. Reaction to any type of thing now let me just Richard Holbrooke to prostitution. Keeping you locked up and how people released a little botched. Oh listen according to Harry Reid I swear to you you're -- in domestic terrorist. Do you believe in the constitution you're a Tea Party patriot now you're a domestic terrorist I've got that story coming up but first. Talking about is long and Muslim. You're not gonna believe will be dear leader praises. And is he stern message. It's not the Christians my friends I've got that story next fado won here on the break WRKO don't touch that dial plus they.