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Deval Patrick says he won't fire DCF Commissioner.

Apr 23, 2014|

Kuhner says Olga Roche must go after Jeremiah Oliver’s dead body was found. Why won't the Governor fire her?

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WRKO. He still. Powered through the corner reports it's 172666868. Conducts those six cities such shady. So we basically have the we're turning into a Third World banana republic. I mean if you're really under one and all the basic premise of the last six years. It is the Third World by station of the United States. -- becoming basically like -- report. And like in Uruguay. You're not only have criminal incompetent -- president -- you also have criminal incompetent governors. And so here we have many -- And remarkably. So I mean just this stuff is just I mean it's incredible it's just it's amazement. He yesterday he demeaning mean. I celebrating the triumph of the Boston Marathon. And how we single handedly kept us safe according to many neat. When now pressed by reporters. Following VG the grisly discovery on Friday. That little Jeremiah all over a five year old boy from -- Burk. Was found dead. Wrapped in a blanket stopped -- suitcase. Off of interstate 190. A boy that had gone missing for months three months. While nobody DCF even knew he went missing. He's caseworker didn't even bother checking up on the guy sorry forgive me checking up on the kid on the little kid. And only after his sister complaint to a teacher. Did DC -- finally say yeah. Who arm -- we have a missing child here may be it's a problem. Well he was presumed dead now the boy has been officially found dead. And the question that I -- Which -- the media in this day outside frankly of myself how we and Michael -- -- and the Boston Herald which I wanna give full court most do because they have been leading the charge on this outside of the four of us. They will not go after queen won't go. You have over a hundred kids. Under older Roche based tenure ID CF either dead or missing. A five year old boy is dead. Because caseworkers. Dropped the ball and neglected to look and oversee that -- trial. You have one of the most incompetent. Criminal -- departments of children's families in the entire country. And still. She sits in her job. Still she sits in -- comfortable chair. In fact he wants the giver I wish where do you god as my witness. He wants me any -- wants to give -- all got 8101500. Dollar race. What is it -- 101000 dollars for dead -- -- this straight with a hundred kids this -- -- someone's gonna be a multi millionaire. If she keeps up a BCF. And so yesterday in all. Caseworkers from the department of children and families. Were picketing. Saying their caseloads are just way too much their overworked. They can typically handled they say fifteen cases per worker they're usually facing about thirty double backed. And they're saying this is leading now to systemic problems across BC -- And Mimi -- This now trying to blame the legislature. Now meaning I mean our governor passing the buck. Says and it's like a Romanian army dimensions and Mimi dampen the legislature and if -- expect. It's likely won't -- as far as -- don't -- -- ball. It's been an active mining enemies arsonist who really. This is been going on for years. If DCF needed so many more resources and fonts. Why which pushing port. Why wasn't all -- were shape pushing fort. You have money to cover up the drug lab scandal hundreds of millions. You've got hundreds of millions of dollars for the Probation Department. You've got hundreds of millions to put illegal immigrants on health care or to give them free education. You've got hundreds of millions to give out multiple EBP cards all these deadbeats that vote for you many mean. Notice when it comes to drug addicts and welfare deadbeats and the Probation Department and hacks and cronies all there's plenty of money to go around suddenly when he came to did -- CF for years protecting our children. Balloon. And. He's off on a junket. He's off to Singapore or Panama or Mexico. Sipping -- after a Pina colada is at the beach. This man is a disgrace. This administration is a disgrace. Let me tell you would've saved Jeremiah all over. -- attempt DCF commissioner. Who ran her agency properly. And had accountability. And transparency. Across the department of children and families. And you want money you say -- lacking in funds no problem. I didn't hear one thing from these these CF case workers on what would solve their budget problem like this. With the snap of a finger than nine million ball works. That mini me is now using to renovate the corner office for the governor that harsh -- ball that he's built for self. Instead of putting nine million dollars in Q your dinky office mini me so you could turn into a little pleasure palace. How about we forsake -- nine million dollars and kick up over to DC Def. And that would alleviate a lot of caseloads. A guy would enable them to be able to have fifteen cases so we won't have Jeremiah all overs and -- kids left right and center. But instead of taking responsibility. Instead of doing the decent thing that would be done in any other function extent. Do you think they would allow this in South Carolina. Wyoming. You talk. Texas. Oregon and. Kansas. I can we stayed after. You think they would allow this in New Hampshire. A hundred dead or missing children under the tenure of DCF commissioner. And instead when asked point blank for God's sakes. The child is dead they found him in a blanket stuffed initial case. What does it take now a mass grave will you finally finally fire -- Russia quote. Here's meaning. He stood firm. He Barack's queen old golf all the way he refuses to fire a queen old guy and he says and here's the reason why quote. The -- have been changed. According to the Boston Herald Patrick said after Kermit are confirming or Shea is staying put quote. What -- before. They have got an incredibly difficult assignment BCF. One quite frankly an awful lot of people don't take the -- I understand you've seen what we don't understand just about biblical things are DC. Well if you do all mean mean mean. And this has been going on for a year Ers facilities out of a sudden one big kid popped up. -- over a hundred dead or missing children over the last four years. Under her tenure and her leadership. For years they've been having problems with lack of funding and resources. So where have you been meaning me. Don't want to talk with your DC health commissioner doesn't she have a mouth doesn't she have a brain. She can't communicate that there's problems. Every DCF caseworker says privately the problem at BCF is older were -- But suddenly -- this is you need a special insight and expertise. You see only I mean mean mean. And -- cold clean. You see Andy and Bob -- Leo and the grand pull -- and a Democratic Party along with their hacks and immediately Jim Braude. -- well it's very complicated. DC flop at all. -- -- -- I'm not so simple look cotton bra -- wrong it's wrong. This is on your watch. Don't tell me how complicated assists fix it he goes on to say. They only played incredible dignity and they do it as well as they can meet their -- -- -- they have. They need more Emmys -- seizing people in technology. And we can help him in the legislature and we're going to deliver that I'm quote -- meaning me. And I want to run for president. First of all. If they need more resources and more technology. And more people. Take that nine million dollars and instead of giving yourself for golden toilet. Send it off to DC half. Problem solved number one. Number two stop giving me a lack of money notice now whenever there's a problem a failure of leadership it's always lack of money lack of money. -- You have a kid. Who was being abused allegedly. According to DCF's own files. For months and months and months by her mother allegedly and by the step that the that the boyfriend. They're now facing multiple child abuse charges to -- -- is facing a kidnapping church. That little boy was beaten black and blue repeatedly. They found bruises all over his body. Don't tell me you have thirty cases. If -- caseworker for this kid. All I see is this beautiful little boy getting beaten every day. And all I wanna do is I'm gonna save them I'm gonna rescue -- I'm gonna help home and I'm gonna monitor him. Instead they left him alone they neglected him for over three months. Now he's been found dead. Stuffed in a short kicks. Can you imagine with bad boy must have been going through. The last moments of his life five year old boy innocent as a -- never hurt anybody. And the reason why this show restore. This fraud. This this -- -- not talent lawyer for a governor. The only reason why he will not fire all -- -- and we know why. Because then it would reflect badly on him. Because she promoted her. He appointed her she's been defending her every step of the way. So if he dumps her. It's obviously a failure of leadership on his part sort of saved his political rear end. Because she has these -- dream this preposterous dream this fantasy. That he's the second Obama -- He actually thinks this guy this guy actually think he's going to be in the White House one -- I surety. So to preserve his potential presidential aspirations. There will be no justice. Not only for Jeremiah all over prefer the over hundred other kids that have gone missing or dead. And how many more kids are gonna continue to -- How many more. And I want you to see you kind of a callous man we have. In the governor's office I want I want the Democrats to know exactly who they elect and who they defend. Brittany. Playing mini me. Talking about I mean. And Clinton parent vulture and you need you can all you could see the emotion that compassion calm I gotta eat. I don't know how this guy goes to work in the morning you must've been crying all night for that little boy. -- -- -- It's a tragedy hit. That he kind of has been a -- killed. Don't really. No no -- no poll. -- mini me he was apparently -- -- old. Mini me come on now small hole. -- know we just maybe he'll look to -- to showcase many mean. Smallville kids like -- -- wander off to route out route one my one -- -- They don't know look I'm a little left and I look around five minutes here on our world one mind. I see a little out there why you locking yourself in this case slashed and you're gonna and a blanket to go to sleep. You're gonna suffocate little -- them. If this is a real tragedy. Like you -- is. Did you say it's really a shame that little Jeremiah is dead. If you had an ounce of big repeat forget that our heart compound should all pulse. All -- -- would be kicked out on her front rear end. And so my question to you was this. Boston Massachusetts. America. Why is Governor Deval Patrick refusing to fire -- Russia. What's the reason I'm sure she goal and what will it take. For this woman to finally be fired. 6172666868. All of your calls next. We try to get them. Now with our current caseload is very difficult may need more we -- just seeing people. And technology and with the help of the legislature -- gonna deliver them. Welcome back to the corner reports 6172666868726. Here on the great WRKO. You can -- the set 68680. I wanna read few a couple of packs which pretty much sums up the whole thing. Bleachers were confined here. Him. Basically. What a couple of -- have told me is that they work for the DC afterthought or they heard people there is 617. Jeff I've heard from people that have actually worked in BCS. They say all gore rush -- was horrible. Her nickname was quote Coca Roche. I know. Everybody know she's the prom or at least a major problem at BCS. And look how this guy defense. Now. Justine -- Pelletier. Does meaning me say anything yet. DCF. When it comes to defending children like Jeremiah all over or cleaning up VCR for going after queen not -- old -- does he say anything. Yet. Shall then -- does meaning me defense. Who does -- meet a friend who does he stick his neck out for where does he show decisive. A forceful executive leadership. Check this out. As you know. WR Kelly -- like her sister stations WE IWAAF. We have to abide by the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission by the FCC. Now whether those rules are good whether they're bad that's another issue but we have to abide by. And that's how we keep our licensing issue a license you have to abide by these rules or regulations you don't abide by the rules and regulations not lists. We do it RK know the guy doesn't AAF doesn't pretty much every other state show on radio does it. It's called following the rules and obeying the law. But there's one station. Boston's. Pirate radio station touch or won all six -- to be specific what else six point one after them. Now. It's predominantly -- black or African American radio stations to serve the African American community. There's not a problem with that. God bless you that's your brand that's your identity but the fact is an African American radio station to serve the black community. And they decided to say -- it. To hell with that. We're not gonna fall all the FCC permit guidelines. We're not gonna fall all the rules and regulations were just not. It's too complicated. It's too complex it's to burden some it's too much of a hassle Fredette. Why do you. They were finally then going to be thrown off the air. The FCC drop the hammer on him as they would on -- or anybody else say I'm sorry you don't play the by the rules you'll folder regulations you're gonna be off the air. Guess who came riding to the rescue. Guess who issued a statement. -- friend in touch won -- six point one FM saying. Don't chill going after them now. You live -- long mountain -- mini me. Governor Deval Patrick. That's who he defense. And of course now they get to stay on the -- And not only did he go a lot as a way to protect this -- whatever -- African American black radio station. He even goes on the station to do interview it's. Really come on RK don't yet -- come on the corner report and yet. So yes he did that taxpayers of this state blank you I don't answer deal. But when it comes to his base look so he comes running that's the real meaning me and. Comment. Welcome back to the corner reports 736. Year old on the great WRKO 617266. 6868. You can also text that -- six -- six day. -- some really good tax this is from 508 Jeff how come a bunch of men with high powered guns and police dogs. Didn't descend upon the station was FM 106. And capture their equipment like they did to mr. Bundy when he failed befall the rules. A very good point 50 it. There were they were violating the law -- 508. -- win. That's there are good point 50. This is from 617. Would default would -- all defend them if they stopped paying their grazing fees. Something tells me yes. I just got this funny feeling. This is from 617 -- old guy has compromising photos. Of dough ball and Obama. That's why she won't be fired you know I I never looked -- a cut -- six run seventh but -- EB. You know I keep thinking of her as the Scrooge the pool for did their for many -- may be she's got something on meaning me but I don't know. I mean apparently the two of them are very close friends very very close friends. And of course look this is what the lives do when they can't -- chew on the merits of the facts of the case they play the race card so here's 617. Typical lib I mean you know Doug. Dead -- later typical Obama -- bowl for the days of a good old fashioned lynch mob pop. 617. Do yourself a favor just for once in your life pickup in newspaper. Go to the Boston Herald. Quick Jeremiah all over you'll see a picture of that -- Now unless you're blind. You'll see he's not white. Is a minority. So stop with your race card garbage okay. 6172666868. Is the number Andrea Europe next thanks for holding their on the corner report and welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- know I'm probably gonna make a leader and a leader at 18 -- -- an act and operate and do we get somebody else -- the -- out. Absolutely correct and in the community president. He came into Dublin and other personnel can be cheapened the putt there I -- wrap. She does democratic second essentially diet. -- -- I'm not going to look it up and yeah. I don't that I thought the added I'm calling and then writing him anything. He'd experimental -- they can't even -- and I just don't get that. He's arrogant. He's -- -- power and Andrea I'll tell you what really the real reason is there's no mainstream media that will hold them accountable. -- -- give him free pass after free -- so we think seeking get away with it now I've got news for him America is not the people's republic of oxygen sits. And this is going to be his Willie Horton whether he knows it or not general mark my words Andrea. Jeremiah all over is going to be his Willie Horton. It's gonna hound them. It's gonna haunt them. If he thinks he's got any other aspirations for higher office it's going to bring him down and it should bring him down 6172666868. Brenda Europe next here on WORK no go ahead. Amen amen and amen. I -- I Caribbean and about it. But I imagine it without you without -- -- actually the only thing that I and the end the violent show that they listened to the show that we get. Children and we went missing children and presently we don't want the big passion about it had a precedent child that was found on the I don't know. -- haven't got blanket and I'll like it named Jeremiah followed back to complain that fight for the children. That they claim that those who. I don't. And you got to let it play Jack -- and all that don't get fighting. That's an act that took -- -- all of that Julie you bet. I know I mean what this look I'll tell you what what the people's republic of toxic cheuse has one or Massachusetts is exposing. On a huge huge macro level. The fundamental hypocrisy and bankruptcy of modern day liberalism. They will do anything to destroy their opponents. They don't give a damn about children. They don't give a damn about the poor they don't give a damn about the working class they have turned this state in two -- mafia regime. That's what it's just a mafia regime. And they have the state legislature. In their back pocket they have the media in their back pocket and look at this guy is strutting around like a mafia also. So even when children are being killed my two. The only thing you can do what yesterday's presser I swear to you was put his hand under the chin you know the way the Sicilian mobsters were doing just flicked a handout from underneath the -- You know I like I wanna say Italian but -- -- and that's gonna. She's gonna resign. Blanket. 6172666868. I swear to you. Mobsters would have more integrity. -- -- which at home. You mean to tell me. That surely makes. Mistakenly killed a five year old -- And let -- -- -- the senator wrote. There's torture telling me. -- under worst self respect. -- tell -- to face tonight he sleeps with a vicious. That's. Our telling me to a mob would have more I swear -- you -- the most watched you watch. You mean were responsible for five year old kid being dead and stuffed in a suitcase or gun. What fired -- Europe at the bottom of the ocean but the bottom of the Charles River. Scott we'll blow. This guy's unbelievable she's got a very tough jam. -- if she's obviously you know. Did you know he calls this this this this this idiot cults. And have you noticed Britney it's Jolo which rhyme minutes frank that he thinks like somehow. I don't know what -- this master plan that somehow we exposing the kkk. OK so Paul. -- -- -- -- Yet -- OK yes apparently calls up to showing says I wanna tell Jeff that the ball meets the girl for many comes on. Good to do paranormal -- don't Obama. -- get any calls on a private number so we can even track the phone number because -- who wouldn't put this clown on you say that's liberalism for a UN an optional. Missing -- doctor Michael Savage says he's completely right some -- to sort. Just like calling us in his pajamas from simplest level that's that's the bus the lives can throw up in the state 6172666868. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding -- on Arcade. Fire away. Thank you jets Japanese didn't Qualcomm and you a facility could disadvantage because admitted that the -- that trek. I think mob is back in 2006. Amid that runs on the socialist platform. Threatened closed and there -- it's OK to close but good old school. In many many other properties. Located and that's how this -- is -- finding itself by selling off these properties. But that's another thing joked he would do on the off all of the nail on the head it is the media the media complex. We have built all hat trick is probably in the White House is just a little reverse discrimination. And I believe them. Just thought the constituent. They handled the people of Massachusetts in across America. Are ready to wake up into that -- -- I would say exactly what. You've been saying in that going in every every if you did do the same the radio station last week I mean they want to hold that. Told and warned time and time again from the SE seat. Knowing I'm that's -- -- -- spends his political capital that's where many mean estimate does that. All when it comes for defending Jeremiah all over -- not Justine appellate Pierre forget it. Cleaning up BCF per Gannon. But suddenly. You go after -- I'm out of control all black radio station that services the African American community again god bless some. But you got to abide by the FCC we do eEye does AF does everybody at the com does. Shots now he's issuing statements now he's taking snaps now he starts fighting for the people of the state. The guy's a phony everybody can look look what you want from a guy who fail the bar exam three types. -- that tells you everything you need to know about. And I think one look at thing I can tell -- is a -- 6172666868. Eric you're up next thanks for holding and welcome to RK -- Good morning -- and this is that this system is it is a -- are right where where the ROTC workers try to all the -- They did this has been going on since its tour. A decade. -- -- -- Arm there are many many other children Rebecca Riley that these children are drug to Foster -- mom. And it's far it is absolutely. Disgusting. Disturbing and chilling where Robert ETF workers. What is going on here. Sure I mean you are so many issues that are just so sick in the state. That's -- and that's why they show is so dangerous to the regime. And this is I think the larger point that to me of this whole BCF crisis. And I was talking about this with -- -- on the wing and I said you know it's amazing to me. Outside of myself. How we car and Michael Graham who's gonna be leaving on Friday saudis on what planet but I wish him all the best. Who else has talked about just -- Pelletier. The national media is talking about Justine -- Pelletier. National newspapers are talking about Justine appellate -- But the local media channel for channel five channel seven channel 25 of course NPR the Boston Globe. They don't want to touch Justine -- care. Why because it'll make DCF and the governor Mimi looked backed. Now even on Jeremiah all over you look at the local news coverage Dell mentioned Jeremiah all over because that's for them sensationalism. Kid dead in a suitcase ball that's that that's that's too much good footage for that. But they won't make that connection to all the -- think. Notice they don't want to touch the controversy. Circulating all -- shape. So you have a lap dog media that is in the tank for the Democrats in the tank for Deval Patrick. When was the last time we -- channel 457. Frankly 25 was a little bit better but still even 25. The drug collapse Campbell. The New England compound and centers Campbell 64 dead. Nine million bowlers for the governor's office to renovate -- channel four -- -- five worst channel seven. I mean scandal after scandal after scandal. We've got dead children at DC yeah. Are you reporters. Argued journalists. -- you basically just. Or glorified. And and full payment entertainers. So here this is what they're focusing on okay let me just give you an example. So they don't want to touch -- older they don't want to ruffle any feathers because they're here to protect many in the tank for many. So instead of going after BCI have. Instead of going after -- the just the appellate your case they'll let me just give you an example of because you know it's fires. In Dorchester or. Our traffic accident on the party well let's not go out to the finish line at the Boston Marathon sixteenth time how does it feel I've finished a race today. Dots that's what they do -- coined by the way the Bruins won yesterday. But Deborah -- won. But just how did you see Gisele just looks very sexy or skimpy lingerie all the back to you now head butts that's the media -- the state. Coming back. I'm gonna show you blow Bible. What the local media is focusing on. And I ask you is this a corrupt media or is this an honest media 617. To a success it's good to -- Fix the -- Lucy and Charlie kind non. All of your calls next. Exercise between you three years -- you're okay. -- M 680 WR KAL. Boston's talks to. Welcome back to the quarter report Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer 6172666868. Is the number. Channel five. -- so we're talking just the NFL affair -- won -- -- Hold or worse shape over a hundred kids dead or missing under her time you saw what this channel by focusing on. Harvard school in -- in our -- at pack in Somerville. Mean. Then yeah we'll in my game. Channel five. IRS bonus job market for grads then things -- today wow candidate Doug thinks the -- if you wanna find a job OK you know. -- -- -- Channel seven look at this one this one this is to move this is serious hardcore investigative reporting. Police break up marathon party which 700 stolen it's. There was a huge college party just a couple miles from the starting line college kids party and -- 700 of them the police broke up the party while. What they are seen Jeff yet and I think there on the scene they have a helicopter hovering above. College kids while. -- for the wedding -- there's a Kagan ball left. To show the -- -- a couple of students passed out on the lawn moon. Back to you head to head back to you now. This is channel four. The police are investigating the death of a fifty year old 52 year old woman authorities investigating Lowell woman's unexplained death okay little blood there if it bleeds it leads season all I can guess what happens she's in lol but let. -- -- Again channel four -- this Harvard University student to -- open in Somerville so this building gets assaulted in Somerville. Apparently student claims a man grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into and out. She screamed for help fought them off and then you round went -- he ran away and she's fine she's safe. So she's my name -- seriously hurt. OK so hold on channel four is set is suing it is they're covering. All right so they're covering the building owner showing the welding company for the big fire. Not now. Woman follows similar route 128 crash police say eight talked to sister Fox25. Days says what all -- us. Police say -- a woman followed an accused drunk driver. From route 128 in Dedham. To route 38 in hang -- after the driver hit her car and kept driving so basically a woman falls a drunk driver. I basically in a car chase and a -- A last night fox -- -- big tease. For their later newscast that New York time was supposed to be our who's gonna win the voice noh was out how to protect yourself from skin cancer. How to protect yourself now and they like also like slot slipping on mount banana peels. But that's a big thing -- concurred -- or something or she slipped on a banana peel that's coming up at fox point five. Another Fox25. A Medford man was alleged was arrested after allegedly soliciting. -- pictures from a young girl now there you go. So little sex. Couple fires couple car accidents a little -- if it bleeds it leads. Thank you all the Bruins when my how's the weather tomorrow there's our news package. Nothing not miss much criticized mini me. All area that footage on before we go here's the footage of the squirrel water skiing part of look at that pop -- -- Steve you're up next thanks for holding their -- RKO welcome -- It Jeff just one who would give apology there's no idea ended up for a date with they'd go Portuguese CF. And she told me that she loves her job. She never works a full Friday to make girl now there's any day she wants that. That the working position as -- takes the the big east the more that they tend to have. I am sure nets got separated doing Steve I mean look honestly really if you wanna have a very comfy job. You don't work very much. Your your overpaid nice benefits good vacation time. You can squeeze in three day weekends whenever you need it worked for the state bureaucracy. This the only way to go. I personally wouldn't do DCF. I would do the probation -- department. Probation is the way to go mud frankly any agency will do -- John how you want to comment. -- noted political guy can be doing in this country in this state today Jeff. An earlier -- in a different subject so I was talking about how that is pictorial leaders have to leave the crowd right now. -- look how little. He is doing a vote this whole situation it's almost like he's being so basically what got bodies that we brought up sterling that's right. Yes it's time to put search for a sweeping font. 6172666868. Coming up next. Ed Markey. Wants to push a bill in congress. That will target free speech go after the media in radio television and the Internet. The war on the First Amendment has begun that story next.