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Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) On Obamacare and Illegal Immigration

Apr 23, 2014|

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) joined us to talk about Obamacare, the economy and illiegal immigration and anything else the callers wanted to talk about.

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Joining us now on the line is a senator Kelly a shot from New Hampshire -- a long time Kelly thanks for joining I'm glad how we can't -- now. Wasn't what's what's up with few you've you've been you've been fighting oh obamacare with the medical device taxes which is. Which has been a a real horror show for both. Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Now it is over so let me to tell you about a company and then I visited yesterday at New Hampshire over here. Doing great work. Like saving device. That has been effective that helped on Cleo blacked out like cancer really aggressive form of brain cancer and now they're looking to have try it other cancers. And the medical device -- 2.3 percent tax on revenue brand company that never. On revenue and this is what it means to that company -- So this year they'll pay one point three million dollars and attacks they could do for clinical trials. On applying this technology. To different kinds of cancer. And seeing you know and and helping -- people's lives and that and that makes it very real big. To wrap it all revenue they've ever made a profit this is about a start up that attacked an indication it. And they injure people this country of the best medical that I taxes added by best medical devices to stabilize. 18774694322. If you wanna talk to Kelly Ayotte the it on. You want other obamacare. So I know you've got to come up to New Hampshire. Our key areas I heard from a manager of one of -- ski areas that. That -- carriers are thinking of shortening. Their DC that their summer season because of the way that does seasonal employees are defined under obamacare. Yeah I I read -- -- saw that in the paper a couple of days ago that they can't that that they -- if they if they keep monde that that much longer. Then they would be full time employees in a -- it would cost the it will cost the ski resorts or the or I guess were also -- lead to places like. Like to be little laugh summer. Groups you know yeah. Because a lot of theories have this summer activities -- thinking at shortening bolt so if you're seeing a shorter season like accurate you can. And what about. Here yet and what about the hospitals now there now there were were how many -- 124 hospitals and I'm sure that aren't always there. And ten of those 26 hospitals have been excluded from our exchange. So people are writing mean basically saying you know I want it did I get pushed on the exchange of my policy was canceled. And what where I am now is that the hospital there. Community get excluded and then they can't have their relationship with the doctors that they have on terms of having that people not being able to keep the doctor that they want. So what what is the what do you what do you tell these people knew what do you -- on the collar they call up I mean you didn't vote you didn't vote again I've. I've never I was in that it when it came up and I actually voted to repeal the law. So have a chance to do that -- that Bennett has said it and so what I tell them is like you know I basically tell them about. Certainly where I stand -- law and also I'm also a cosponsor of a whole -- of -- the legislation on specific issues. When health savings accounts restoring a forty hour workweek repealing the medical device tax protecting people's personal information. So and then you know obviously there's no way we can help people but the problem is the structure of the law. So you know it's it's not like it's a situation where it just brought into the camp at a particular agency back up the constituents this is a problem of the underlying structural problems that this law. That's why it needs to be repealed and replaced. 18774694322. Now there I'm getting text that here Kelly and people wanna talk to you about this aren't they wanna talk about the immigration reform there's still angry about integration and they're still angry about immigration reform. They keep talking about anything how are you an open line great. I do I durable a line tonight invited me want to call 187746943221877469. 4322. Now I -- How do you how do you justify. Eight amnesty when we have. More Americans out of work than at any time since probably the 1950s if not the 1930s you have. 86 million people in the private sector are supporting 147. Million people who aren't either aren't working or working in the public sector and now you wanna you wanna bring in another. 102030. Million more people were -- most of our -- gonna go on welfare. Sally first of all I disagree -- the bill I supported. Not amnesty because. We're not talking about bringing new people and they're here. And the question is are we gonna have them pay taxes go to the national security. Background checks pay a fine. And then get the back of the line learn English and if they have a job. -- at point they can apply for green carpet. So this isn't a situation where they're gonna get in front line of anyone there RD year the question we have that -- bill. Is are we got actually it. Focus on getting this done because we do have a illegal immigration problem and the bill I've supported also would have doubled to. The number of border agents it is southern border double the about a border fencing and used more advanced exporters -- are. -- do you support do you think do you trust me this is the question house Republicans keep asking -- Boehner do you trust Obama. To enforce any of these swell measures. Well listen I mean I think that what we're seeing now is. Government by executive order either -- taken action on immigration by executive order. And so it to me the congress that actually act to prevent some of the things you know he's doing it actually -- to have laws in place so that. You know obviously we know what he's done with obamacare and I disagree with him. In you know doing music executive orders and changing outlaw but. So if we're in a position where he's just gonna make these decisions unilaterally I think the congress should act of and a lot of -- to act in securing the border getting these resources spared the more we do you have an even bigger illegal immigration problem. We you know the 1950s. Dwight Eisenhower had a problem like this then you know where I'm going with this. What did Dwight Eisenhower do when he had a problem with at the border. I think he's secured militarized. He'd he'd deported he supported hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens if not millions right. Well you know here's the interesting thing no one has been able to tell me Powell. Bit millions of illegal immigrants here now. At the eleven million estimated how we can possibly deport them all. So if it logistically in terms of what it would take to do that. Let's start I wanna -- how -- how about the fact that you know every every Friday night every Saturday night in Manchester. In Salem. -- in Concord illegal aliens are being picked up by the police. They they know they have they they know they're illegal aliens they they did the police departments in in. New Hampshire Massachusetts every other state of the union call -- and they ask them to take them away and -- says just release. That's the problem I mean what's it what if if we if if we could start if we could just start picking them up. And having the taken to the borders in the just thrown across the borders. Then you know I mean that. I want be well at the pay higher taxes to get rid of illegal aliens. I think something to. We'll have a problem how -- in terms of our legal system. Because you know I had the chance to speak to go. Visit. Not only Intel Texas Instruments that play play a bunch of people across the country but also a New Hampshire. And there they're trying to get the engineers. So the people -- -- door education institutions that'll actually grow the economy and and help create jobs sent. You know we're educating them here and so the legal and we should be looking at fixing -- -- -- that as well as the illegal. Telling those are -- those are the people that are getting arrested on Saturday night after -- wanna drive by in Manchester. I just spent what do you what do you mean by that so. I mean the illegal it's illegal aliens that are doing the drive by shootings that are committing these. These atrocious crime. You know are increasingly out of our backs and. And that's because I was attorney general overstate and you know I think that what you'll find is that there are plenty unfortunately of legal citizens that are committing these kind of crimes. Being right that's bad enough and. Being driven right now I had a forum this afternoon went. People on our state law enforcement leaders treatment providers Caroline is fueling unfortunately this heroin problem it's fueling. A lot of the crimes that are seeing right now. What's wrong with just enforcing the laws we have on the books. Tally -- -- -- enforcing the laws but you'll not get -- disagreement with -- I think they should be enforced and I actually think that we should. Put in place at waited deal which. The deficiencies in our laws both funny illegal immigration and illegal immigration so that it's people who are staying here who can contribute to our country. And make our economy grow and help help the country. To be strong. But they could be the problem is that the people of the courts and and in New Hampshire is as elsewhere letting the people who make no contribution toward just complete parasites leeches stay in the country and -- a -- the ones that are -- that are committing the the and ever growing pool pond to. -- signing you because there's no question in fact that's one of the things. That Barack Obama believes immigration bill would do it if you commit a crime meet those are the people that do get shipped out. Barack Obama's letting people living criminals -- and he's just start. Barack Obama is obviously. There are many things that I disagree with the president and as demonstrated by what he has done with regard to -- multiple changes. That he's made with obamacare that are electorally convenient. But are reflected at all. 1877469432. To raise your next with how we car and senator Kelly hey -- go ahead right. Were I always that's -- for miles well and up. I've had many operations over the last sort of ten to twelve years. And I flipped on the -- in January and ended up from the hospital. Would apply to grow. And my wife and I are all on Medicare well because of that changes. In you know that our new health care law. Sure Obama via. Rules -- Medicare or well cultured and we got. Big shock in the mail the other day a thousand dollar bail and handle fifty dollars a day coal states Albanian in the hospital. -- You know I'm I'm sorry that you got through this thing your rights. They took money from Medicare to fund obamacare and so that's -- you're experiencing. If it -- you know. I don't know what we're at hero so hitters right so so Kelly heroes way Reagan worked his whole life. He paid into Medicare. Now the Medicare money has been taken away so what can go to -- obamacare. To support Obama's voters who never worked a day in their lives. Well you know that this is the thing it means in order to have fun. You know what he'd be funded obamacare there was money taken out of Medicare especially programs like Medicare Advantage. We're the ones that were focused on and you know that. How how -- that was wrong because we got a problem with Medicare looking at the long term solvency. And this in my view is that is going to undermine. That and for people like rain were relying on Medicare. This is his front and it's another reason why we've got a get back to the table and repeal the law and think about our common sense ways to lower health care costs. Mike thanks for the call -- Mike your next with how we car and senator Kelly they are from New Hampshire glad might. -- Ellie Ellie. I'd like to say this I don't look for this total guessing senator -- -- -- -- -- you don't always support or we can look probable that a lot of us. The -- hit some lady you know. A -- dancing around the -- I I'll take Obama -- Date but I'm not taking illegal immigration. Written -- -- -- -- and -- assure -- -- the real issue with attention truck they're running at school. -- for a especially you know we see you down at double -- And -- can say here's the question. They're here. We have illegal immigration I wanted to stop more illegal immigration. So my view is that we should try to solve this problem. We wanted to we wanted to deport them Kelly. That I'd like to -- the plant what the planet to deport eleven million people is the estimate is that's how we're gonna do that logistically. We'll start with a single illegal alien. And they will deport him while at the port the next. Let's let's start let's start obviously where those who have committed criminal acts absolutely. I agree that you Foley. A lot of need to be enforce. I mean if you if if if you have some kind of the amnesty then all their relatives are gonna come up here and we're gonna get we're gonna get. Tens of millions of war in -- to police here who have no intention of ever working they're just gonna be leaching off the system I mean. How how many how many more people come we have not working in this country. How -- first of all. Again. Dick and I -- disagree radeon the amnesty characterization because we're talking about people who -- -- -- Have to pay have to come out of the shadows passed a criminal background check if they don't they go back pay taxes. And and then and only up to triggers a matter of putting in the border security that needs to be made that they get them back. Isn't there the question it's one thing if we think that we can deport eleven million people I've not seen the plant that makes that possible. How how wants it but all these plans you know for the for these finds that their supposed to pay they all include hardship provisions. Now how many of them do you actually think are going to pay any fines are all going to be given a hardship provisions. Barrels gonna be -- there'll just going to be you know swept the log they'll bring in their relatives their relatives will get all the heart on its. You know. The bill action to limit the amount of people can be brought in as a relative it's merit based immigration. Looking about what you have what can you do for this country do you have a job. You know what's so it's that this could actually changing their -- of merit based immigration which is what it should be. For the country what I thought of that helped the country so. You know I I think. Yeah I've had discussions about immigration. In the past looking forward to future discussions on. But. I I don't think the status quo would accept. Nor do I want to solve the problem. That's why that's why we need deportation. I mean it's just it's it's it's the only answer that we can't we can't X. Except this kind of invasion of our country. Shelby the planned a power gonna get eleven million people out here. And with the resources it'll take Wendell -- -- -- hospital looking at a that I don't I haven't heard anyone yet it has said that that's real. To try and find the book tonight on what Dwight Eisenhower did back in the early fifties and I'll send it to you one Kelly I'll I'll get it out of out of a leverage we we have time for one we got to have one more Paul Dana. You're next with how we car and -- Kelly they -- go ahead Dana. Ali Ali Ali -- I can't deterrent -- in New Hampshire great thank you are as hurricane tuck thank you. I voted for him supporters years but he did wrong on this idea Eisenhower. And Harry Truman to -- seven million illegal aliens now they did that active and it is they were nervous about Americans. Not having jobs coming back from the war. And they get the right thing it did what was right for the country take the money here. I just don't understand -- Republicans. And sit here and then. When its appeal to block for the Democrats you guys being sold a bill of goods. Everybody I talked to was just disgusted by amnesty thing and I think it's -- horrible thing. Well I appreciate your calling and I guess I haven't I don't believe that this is the built in voter -- actually think that. First of all these people aren't gonna get the right to vote. The way that this is set up its its. It's a long long period of time that you know well over a decade. And but but that said. You know a lot of individuals who come here to work hard. Kids to do the right thing but he can provide. We we got to wrap up for a better life that's actually had an American dream that I think it's considered Kelly we are up tomorrow. -- here -- just like cut commandment -- well CO either in New Hampshire and Massachusetts thanks -- for being with us against scenario I'm -- car.