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Dangerous Free Speech

Apr 24, 2014|

U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-MA) wants the government to recommend ways to stop media outlets including TV, radio and internet from “encouraging hate crimes." In other words he wants the government to clamp down on free speech. Howie asked is it dangerous to allow the government to determine what you can and cannot say.

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How many times. Did did we tell you during the campaign. But Ed Markey was going to be real embarrassment. To the state of Massachusetts he's been. He's been hiding down there in Maryland in his gated communities for forty years or so was congressman just did what he was told. Never never -- never made waves. Never made the all star team either. Then. John Kerry got a chance to make an ass out of himself so. All the little lapses. Moved up to become bigger passes in Massachusetts politics. So Karrie became secretary of state marquis became. The senator from being congressman and Catherine -- may be even more -- some in the first two people mentioned that becomes the the new congress woman on the she's she's fighting against the war on women with many many of the stalwarts of the world as we discussed the other night. But here is. I am and I'm really concerned about this is this is controversial subject but that they cut because. At some point in the future I could be charged with a -- for -- say here. But Ed Markey. Is of withering indeed he is of boo he is a mole well he is eight -- You know what he wants to do now he wants to have. A study. Senate bill. Twenty to nineteen would direct the National Telecommunications. And Information Administration. To analyze the use of the Internet TV and radio broadcast public access TV and commercial mobile services quote. To advocate and encouraged by a one. This is -- when -- the two they're gonna analyze the use to advocate and encourage violent acts in the admission omission of crimes. Of hate. Omission children in that this whole mission. Call mission of crimes. And them alone you know with Ed Markey writing this book he could very well written omission rather than culmination. And develop recommendations to address such news. All offshore -- all to be sure these recommendations would be consistent with the First Amendment. Okay. -- So they should pretty -- pretty serious you know that that they want that they want to even do so but like last night I know they're saying well you know we chemical after the press. As long as I read a column about it like I wanted to write a column saying he's a mile run I can say usable on -- and you don't truth is the ultimate defense and he has -- But act. What about if I say it on the airwaves here. Well well why some they'd be found guilty of being a hate crime this is a guy Ed Markey. Who said. Just a few months ago that the proudest vote of his entire career. In congress he's been in congress and 1842. He succeeded John G John Quincy Adams. He said the most them the boast crowd vote he ever -- was for a bomb. Now to me this would be to prove the -- -- -- what do I just seven I mean that most people. Most people having discovered that they voted for obamacare would consider resignation as the -- most honorable people. Like Democrats in Washington and the state. Most honorable people would consider the the making of that kind of mistake a something for which they could at the very least resign. In May be even consider were what the principle of the South Korean high school did which was hang himself in the in Morse. For doing such a terrible thing. The people that he was entrusted with representing. But. Where did these people get -- who who is going to make the decision about what is hate speech. And what is not hate speech now now is it hate speech. For Barack Obama the call. Two to call. Members of the Tea Party tea backers. Now that's a this is entirely the media a scorer a homophobic slur. Yet he yet he were to routinely refers to what tea Tea Party people as he backers. How about how how about to -- any Warren now she saying that the people don't people like India and Republicans. Don't want to was -- don't want paved roads. The -- yes she's saying this issue say -- the Republicans want to drive over pot -- this is a little known fact. Now so that someone just said will they be listening in at mosques as well. Or will we -- will be or will whistled -- would be going on at the Christian. Churches. And I Jewish temples. Well there ya. That's that's a yell where's whereas a lot of hate speech going on the stage is a good is it going on in the on mosques is a remote. Is everything going on in the -- Hindu temples. Christian churches -- Jewish synagogues. Where's it. Of course kept going on the moss. Was I hate I hate I hate I hate. The very title of this act they hate -- -- -- of reporting act. Of 2014. They hate crime reporting. -- when he fourteen. This so of this national commute telecommunications. And information administration would be required to submit a report to congress. On the use of telecommunications. To advocated and encourage violent acts in the commission of crimes of hate. Using its own judgment to determine what qualifies as impermissible speech the new government hall monitors would then recommend steps to congress. To take that are appropriate necessary to address such uses of telecommunications. Now those -- must be consistent with the First Amendment bill Cecil with the first. Now -- ask you some of them how about win win CBS news. As they did in 2004. If he gets fraudulent documents. 221. To try to prove. That. Then president George W. Bush. Who was a was absent without leave from the Texas Air National Guard. Those documents were fabricated. Where's the New York Times put it they were fake but accurate. Now it would that be hate crime to to do it to watch two to publish no more bodies. About the president of the United States in order to try and fix the presidential election. Or would that be okay because he was a republic. Now read your remembered when -- George Bush was president and a one of the networks I forget which one was. Decided to do a little war a funny little item. Of one of their so called comedy shows and so they have a freeze frame of up President Bush. And they they they they put a yet target over a cross hairs target over it. And underneath it said snipers wanted. Now would that be considered hate speech. Or without -- I guess that would be squall speaking truth to power if it were -- Republicans that you work. Asking for snipers to take out right. That is is this not -- and by the way what. What constitutes say it is is negative for reporting a hate crime. I would think it's negative reporting what I just told you about Ed Markey say -- -- saying bragging. That. He. Consider voting for Obama care the greatest vote he government hate him in the -- in the House of Representatives. Is that it is this true the ultimate defense. There's a roll call vote idea is that is that they -- the fence when you when you say something like that's. Is it a hate crime to say that Ed Markey. Used to be a pro life member of congress. And then he began looking at the polls in the early 1980s and decided to become a rapidly pro abortion. Member. Of the United States congress is it would that be a hate crime. Then again that the more important questions. Or I guess one of the more important questions is is who exactly. Will be deciding. Who. What -- hate crime miss. You know. I thought that you know they what they what do they used to say when bush was president when the Republicans win the White House the used to say dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Now. Dissent is a hate crime. Is it. That really I mean that's what that's what's so -- liberals say. They say if you're against -- -- if you're against. Comrade Chris Matthews. Says that anything you say against. Barack Obama is a dog whistle. So anything you can't you can't speak out. Because it's a hate corporate you can't say anything against -- on. 1877. What about the Harry Reid calling Tea Party members domestic terrorists is that -- you know what that's a good thing. You know he's he's got C. He's got. He's in the he says all the stuff that sent. And you can say anything you want in the senate and you know recover from the oval libel laws not I don't think that really calling a whole group of people domestic terrorists. Is is libel per site. But I I do think it's it's certainly. Beyond -- responsible. But then he he is beyond irresponsible. 1818. What what about what Martin Bashir said about Sarah Palin was was that would that be considered a hate crime. Now is that part of the war on is that -- -- another thing is that part of the war on women. What about what David Letterman said about the about -- Sarah Palin's daughter is not a hate crime. What it you know it seems to me -- if one looks at the at the amount of of nasty. Angry. Over heated letter -- In the United States of America and you call that hate speech that I would have to say that approximately 90%. Of the hate speech. Is coming from. The beautiful people on the moon bats -- celebrate the diversity out. What about what Keith Olbermann said about Scott Brown what did he said. What it's -- all what that all governments say about Scott Brown I don't remember that. Seven anyone come on how we you know be you know a little like all the other rules this will only apply to Republicans. Know exactly know why I know I know that that's that's why embracing the point is that this is obviously just the way to why this is. Is see if -- if this were -- Republican doing this that call it channel and this is a having a chilling effect on the First Amendment but because it's a Democrat a because it's a Democrat and suggesting. Shutting down hate speech that means it's okay. Now was it hate speech for Al Sharpton to the say that the white number Loper should be thrown off 125. Street in in in Harlem and then one of his deranged followers went in and burned down Freddy's fashion mart and killed six or seven black people. Hate speech. The -- of Al Sharpton. Is some hymn of -- -- and a man of color he can't speak he speech. Jar on your next with how we cargo ahead John. -- okay how we will constrict yet Ed Markey courageous. -- president of the exterior resolute. Yes his first big vote in the senate John. Yeah. It was. It he really at nickel plated he had he had really. Decent Republican going up against them -- personal history. Moderate guy a you know I and I hope our Brian -- you get a run for his money I hope people can look beyond. The. What do Henrik was -- Henry Clay who said I'd rather be right than president. I think it was huge Ed Markey said I'd rather be president than president. By 18774694322. What about Jeremiah Wright got. America. Is that hate speech. -- It. What about the lipstick on a pig comment during the presidential debate I think the thing about Martin Bashir and you know I'd forgotten all about Martin -- I think ever want us for cardinal even Martin -- -- remembers first night. But he you know that I mean that was pure unadulterated hate speech and and and and and Michelle Malkin has. Has is. Had. It's been the target of some and some amazing hate speech. George your next with how we cargo ahead George. Yeah our our you know hate speech gates is all about though on after the Christian -- like. -- because what they get up there and say. Homosexuality. Is an abomination. That's what you're gonna see the storm -- -- a mop up what are cops on the priest or that preach. Right I don't I don't care TJ -- have a good start but that's what -- -- You know I love America but I make complaints to leave them or because the American Mike wolf founders does not exist. You're right the George against -- voted against gay marriage in California. And -- -- it. It's happened at like five or six states Georgia it's just started it happened in Michigan last week same thing. You know I mean yeah -- robotic and skaters and so that had. America is just lost its way. You can't you can't say he you know I I like the way you have to say all these all all these people that are -- that are reaping reaping little boys you know -- -- whether there. Whether -- Catholic priests or whether their Hollywood producers. We have called impala files but that's not what this this is not a -- at a few -- this is about. Homosexual. Rape and -- -- is what it's about you know but they thought they don't want. They they can -- you have to use a word that doesn't describe what's going on because to use the real. Exact terminology of what's going on is taped speech. On Sunday -- -- in the city so I'm not -- angrily Transmeta arch. The only thing -- really does -- and B is went the president of the United States. Stop calling me a -- Edgar. I don't like that. And he and he doesn't yeah and nobody -- nobody calls -- no nobody not one single liberal called him on that when he when he if he's done it repeatedly though. Thanks for the call George 1877469432. To -- now -- car. 1877469432. To play if this passes nor the gonna call this settled law. We have freedom of speech for a 220 plus years in the United States but now we decided to do away with freedom of speech for conservatives and Republicans and guess what it's been they've worked in on the books for 24 hours it's settled law. Move on nothing to see here keep your mouth shot. And those of us. Were covered under the provisions of the hate speech statute. Will be living in the -- I don't mean the shadows of love. Will be that really living under the shadows. Was it hate speech so sick so through when Warren told bottle physically threaten Mitt Romney son during his MS NB -- C show and threatened there and challenged him to a fist fight. That's that's true that's true that that's a good one that's a good point too. And -- this guy says this is busy there's a fund. It goes back and captain I AMR I am 48 years old and and Ed Markey came to visit me and my class in the seventh grade in Winthrop. This guy's 48 now that's how -- it marquis was in the -- says what I -- No kidding exactly. What a hack. That somebody else says he's been dodging. Ed Markey has been not dodging tough issues ever since he dodged -- deeds. Ball ball in the mall opened square that's and I've told that story before -- he was. Houston while this girl named -- Steve they were like hikes on -- high school sweethearts who have been with for a long time that you worship the guy. It was compass and that. That that how much you love the guy in and Schuessel sitting around. And and so he does he started taken up with this psychiatrist who he later married. And you know she was this issue was a step up socially I guess from Kate Steve it was just like them but just like that -- the girl next door from all -- and so what she got really mad at one time and she she was in a par. And she she was suppose he was walking down the street and mall opened campaigning or something it she supposedly try to run him down I don't know this for practices this along time ago. And I I I remember the what the next -- to historian for channel seven with that and of course no one -- them. So I had to recreate the entire incident just all by myself. You know first I would be driving the car could be a -- -- BK Steve. And I would jump out of a car and I would have to be Ed Markey would roll around on the ground trying to get away from car. -- -- Was more like three stooges that like replica. And -- news news story but you know what now they think about a a lot of the stories of more like The Three Stooges. 187746943220. But the Bellagio telling Republicans believe New York. But -- what's what's -- Cuomo telling the toll of new York -- Cuomo told them Cuomo is now the moderate in New York Democrat circles. Cuomo wanted that the anybody who believed in the Second Amendment. -- but he was against homosexual marriage anybody who was against abortion. To leave New York now you figure that out that comes -- that -- comes up hunt there's everybody with a guy and every Catholic. Every Catholic who you know was a real Catholic every Jew every you know real -- And every up Pentecostal Christian. Was that -- -- out to about two thirds dispose of they haven't lost enough people already there now probably have half as many congressman -- they had forty years ago not a gonna lose another two thirds of the population. Cuomo wants them out. And by the way most of those people would be gates. Those people if they're still working. Why aren't you are next with how we are going at Lawrence. How he's still my being I wanted to -- when you -- -- -- being used it which we have in the senate disperse. I hear you do a recitation of excessive travel and entertainment expenses down and Palm Beach was aware that mrs. Robinson her bottom barrel on. And Michelle ordered to Rancho. I'll let you know the thing is though I'm sure they enjoyed spending that much money as much as the obamas enjoy spending other people's money there's something really admit -- It's -- pleasurable to spend other people's money is an arts. It's like -- it's like drink and free Boozer drink or eating free eats you know. Just they just a little more tasty. How we want to tell you this one dangers that would we're -- evict from congress next on November apparent New Hampshire and she had. Which which which one Q could cost her huge third cost garage reporter. Well it's going to be mrs. Shaheen. Says she burst. Yeah. Well yes but well -- an ascendant if you don't mind because the other networks Harry Reid who says. I XYZ hasn't paid income taxes -- -- Romney that it was. They'd be rich requirements and accorsi has no information from the IRS does -- let's see there started seeing. He doesn't nobody but again he say he you know Harry Reid who was theoretically a lawyer. Believes that apparently if he says something you were guilty until you're proven Imus I thought it was but I thought it was the other way around. -- the way I thought. What's gonna happen in New Hampshire are the Federal Election Committee just released the numbers we have two really good horses on the Republican side going for September 9 primary wins and -- about got a -- million dollars in the war chest. No you're just gonna be -- and driving up big drum. Our attention on the senatorial race and whoever wins September 9 is gonna blow -- came by the literal words without holding. -- brown in New Hampshire against Shaheen is Leo they want ideas and I help people. All in Washington about changing vs brown and no one knows who Jim -- closely. Your year earlier man of the year and a guy that did all the charter school legislation and answer the ten years so summer I gonna get a good -- how. Wanna give you don't wanna get yeah I know I'm from Massachusetts in the New Hampshire which you know I mean I like over it but you know you don't wanna get an -- -- -- -- guy who paid his dues to the Republican Party particular elected statewide. I think anyone around the machine that's. It is it's gonna blow or away I mean she -- that. Well listen to this lesson that this warrants as -- press release just came out from Jean Jean. We cannot give up in the fight to end military sexual assault. So she's going up against those people who worked for continuing military sexual assault what are rich warrants. The -- notes. She also operative a lot that's -- overturned as you know that your insurance commissioner's ruling. -- anthem blue cross not offering care to some possible and not when she says it's wrong -- the state of New Hampshire. Sheriff's department to do that they need ever struggle ought to meet New Hampshire. At a stock to their Lawrence -- how we are.