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Why won't Deval Patrick step in when it comes to Justina Pelletier?

Apr 25, 2014|

Listen to what Deval Patrick says when he is confronted by the spokesperson for the Pelletier family. Do you think he's really working behind the scenes to get Justina back with her family?

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The corner report Jeff Horner Boston. Volvos are cleaning up the liberal -- six so five here on AM six AB WRKO. And now on 93 point seven Haitian beat you. Good. A lot of talk about today. -- really a lot to talk about yeah but. Clearly then career. There's the issue all locally. Was finally. And I say finally. Somebody. Stood up to meaning me. And asked him point blank and publicly. When are you gonna elect Justine have palette here goal home. So yesterday. In Lowell Massachusetts at Lowell -- Reverend Patrick Mahoney who was the spokesman representing Justine appellate -- -- Finally confronted. Many. And there in public. With the cameras rolling. Reverend Mahoney finally try to get the Deval Patrick the governor meaning. Finally pin him down. On easy going to intervene. And help bring Justine now back to were family. And incredible. Come and play the audio coming up in a second but incredibly. Governor Patrick. Begins by smearing the parents Lou and Linda Pelletier. When that first confronted by reverend Mahoney. And says and and and the reverend rightly says why is just Tina knocked home with her parents. Why are you holding her back why is DCF still having permanent custody over the -- young woman. This fifteen year old who we is dying. She can't walk. She's been input and DCF scare for fourteen months. She's not getting better she's getting worse. Her parents have this year under armed guard supervision. She hasn't been able to go to school in fourteen months. Her health is getting worse and worse by the day she couldn't even go to church for fourteen months. Under a devout family by the way but let that go. And when confronted. With the obvious case that this was state sanctioned kidnapping. By the department of children and family X. That this was clearly a case of a child being rescued. Wrenched. From the hands of two loving parents buy out of control bureaucrats and doctors at Boston children's and DC after. What this meaning -- fall back on. This. He falls back and are on this alleged report that he says exists. A -- failed to report. All of suppose did neglect and abuse in the Pelletier home. Reverend Mahoney rightly events counter Simmons says well. How can you make these slanderous charges that -- Linda Pelletier were neglecting their child abusing their child is suppose it detailed report quote on quote. Without any evidence. If it's true shoulder report. Just released a report otherwise if it's confidential as you say it is. Then you're not supposed to make these charges instead. Many neat phone it's confidential. I I can't talk about this right now -- if you can't talk about it what did you make these baseless slanderous charges. Now he turns it around and makes it seem that somehow Lou when Linda Pelletier were abusing just Teaneck in -- But there was a rapid climate of child abuse and neglect in the house and that's why DC Arafat to step in dots why the court set to step in. That's why Boston children's had to step them. But there's one problem. As has been documented in multiple media reports. By DCF's own admission. Remember this case begins. When it just Tina Pelletier is being treated for mitochondria of disease at tufts medical center in Connecticut. She then has the flu. She's then taken to Boston children's because they recommended a good doctor is there. Go visit someone in Boston children's she has my idol can't you'll disease combined with the flutist can be very dangerous so they -- -- Boston children's -- is a very key point. The timeline is everything. They bring her in. Immediately Boston children's says Momo Momo she doesn't have my -- -- real disease this is all in her head. This is all in your head she has a psychological disorder. We're gonna trigger for psychological disorder and not mitochondria of disease. And then four days later. DC EF pushes for custody of Justine a Pelletier they won't let her out of yet. Out of the hospital because now they're saying Momo -- if we let her back into your arms talks doesn't know what they're saying you'll know what you're doing work that -- reader you're being bad parents by not giving her the right diagnosis. Four days later BCF files this claim that somehow there was neglect in the home. How did -- CF find out in four days the entire family history and there was neglect in the home. How can you in four days do we detailed comprehensive investigation. In fact neglect in the home. -- this today DCF of Massachusetts has never gone to their home in Connecticut. So they don't know what you're talking about. Can Medicaid's DCF did an investigation of the Pelletier family and you know what they found this is official. No neglect in the home of course there wasn't neglect in the home. You take one look at look at pictures of her before she went into Boston children's and after she went to Boston children's it's like night and day. Then neglect has been occurring under the watch of DCF here in Massachusetts and a Boston children's. It's obvious to anybody. She's dying. Her legs are swelling could. She's now under a hundred counts. She's emaciated she has marched all over her body she's fallen into a deep depression. She's being neglected she's writing notes were parents trying to -- secretly get these north south and please get me out of here they don't let me sleep. They don't give me the proper care. This is a form of torture. And so now reverend Mahoney. Confronts meaning me. And asks him point blank. You now claim there's this detailed report. What can report if you're gonna make these outrageous slanderous charges. Can either. Put up or shut up. Either show what's the evidence or if it's really confidential and you have no business making these slanderous charges so hold on now this is very key point. Once. Meaning me is confronted over this alleged detailed report. And Mahoney begins to stand up to a watch how many mean begins to back away it's incredible role lift Britain. They're britney's just speed up its air I ain't got. Love and governor worked on it for example don't tell them how important note that I wouldn't tell. Port of neglect and not make that public sir that's outrageous well although it's actually have to -- people. Confident we'll look at why don't you head out accusations. You don't ever reunification. Plan and she cannot walk. She's not -- an education she was not not go to church served. Fourteen months in your state this girl was not being educated. She possible to go to church helps -- respect and occupied. That she wasn't a -- to go to church for fourteen months. She couldn't spend time with the family there was a gag order against you need to read these are now -- who will -- to work let's see that reunification plan. Let's put it together. And let's get her home and he and it insert in your letters you never once they let's return her home to the -- here you only saving Connecticut. So we'll be happy with you have a spokesperson for the family of reverend Mahoney. I appreciate you worked in civil rights in the past let's not pretend this girl civil rights that's your home search can even walk she's lobbying educating. She couldn't go to church fourteen months so we need to we need to get her home. And don't say if -- -- table. We port of neglect in the home. And then not we won't make that available there isn't likeable -- I mean it for a -- company tonight keeping them. Well that's that's sort of medicine but let's just we have here in court. Under a different operator. Okay now so. The -- I'm sorry the -- is not a 100% so and so as you know Mahoney confronts them. And he says look at her home she can't walk she hasn't been able to get educated jasmine -- school she can go to church to sport -- wasting away. So he's basically saying not and other furthermore. You you you can't claim that -- somehow would detailed report of neglect when they're clearly isn't a detailed report of neglect. And -- -- -- but it's confidential well if it's confidential stop telling people -- -- detailed report when there isn't a detailed report if it's confidential and don't say anything. By your own admission. If it's not confidential and your flopping your mouth claiming there's neglect then shall the evidence he kept. Because there is no evidence because there is no detailed report. It's obvious because the Pelletier is never neglected or triangle. So now he's confronted with the fact that hey hold on I'm calling you well on this alleged detailed report. So now meaning me then changes ground. And says well okay. Behind the scene it's. We've actually been working with the court system -- mast and and the people's republic of backs of -- it's. We now want Justine had to go home he says the -- home in Connecticut and believe it or not. Even to be reunified with her family so. Which is it. Are they neglect and are they abusing. If your child. Or do you want them to be home and have -- be in Connecticut with her family. Look how now he completely shifted ground when he's under scrutiny and pressure from reverend Mahoney. Roll it Britain and -- I'd say if you've detailed. Report of neglect in the hole. And then not we won't make that available there isn't like or credible. I mean I prefer you can. Well doesn't that sort of -- into this desperate -- we could hear in court in order to affect -- -- you -- important when. What you did so much you can do it in the Latin 134. Missing kids -- easier. Sure I agree with heat HTTP. Not that you can take that. You. I will let you finish -- what you know you can help. In this situation and to not do if there's a 134 children Jeremiah Oliver I mean. Governor we have to fix this situation and can we -- can we talk because this governor you can do I know that they're doing what. You know some people that we wouldn't I. He under the -- and the police -- But I don't actually get. We're going to be what -- Wear a backpack or at least a -- not look at. What what it would mean if not with her fairly -- that's the DC admitted that governor won't -- -- should be ready fairly certain you never said that -- Before it never said let's get a hold with her family. You've never checked that linked with acorn that has made finding that happy happy to talk about that camera. And I'll stop by the office governor I would love to talk to you kind of under the commission's he's the affidavit he has been in office. Look at the ambition to be -- we believe we do respect the involvement with both hands with and -- with. Due respect -- -- let the fans but we're working remotely that they Wear -- you don't look governor you're not doing that you've got to go and that's or you're not bringing her home. We just call upon Governor Patrick to prevail when he's owed to protect the citizens of Massachusetts. -- so basically here's what happened I don't know some you mean out of for the audio completely. Basically here's what first and he goes and says it's not a public matter meaning he says it's not a public matter. But then he says reverend you should know I think she should be in a home in Connecticut. We've appeared in court meaning the government of Massachusetts mini me. In order to have her sent home in Connecticut. Whether you believe it or not the court has jurisdiction in this matter not us. So he's basically saying well I'm intervening behind the scenes to try to get just you know home with her family before recent but. Two minutes earlier singing on -- they'll report of neglect. So there was neglect and abuse but mother -- neglect and abuse. And he's working behind the scenes to get her home but then he says there's only so much I can do so we says that we've recommended that she go home with her family. We recommend it should go back to Connecticut but I can't interfere because it's the court system now the courts have this now. This is gonna go one in courts until at least in the court system and proceedings at least until May. He's the governor. As mark Lombardo rightly points out state representative mark Lombardo. All he has to do is sign one piece of paper one executive order ordering PCF. To -- just Tina Pelletier. Home. That's where -- six. And what is to meet incredible here. Is here you have VCR. Which has on its hands the death of over hundred missing or dead over a hundred children. Over the last several years. Including just recently just last Friday. They discovered the body a five year old Jeremiah all over stuffed in a suitcase by cannot buy it but a buyer wrote. And you're telling me even Justine -- -- Is better off under the care of that monstrous bureaucracy. They're in the loving arms of her mother and other. Who will take care firm. And nurture her. And get her the proper medical treatment -- desserts. This girl belongs with her mother and her father. And what you saw yesterday was in desperate behavior. Of a governor who has egg on his face. Because this thing is now blowing up in front of them might question to you was this. What did you make of governor Deval Patrick's. Claimed that now behind the scenes he is fighting to get just you know Pelletier home. Do you believe he's doing it do you believe that there is a detailed report of neglect. Do you think Justine -- will eventually come home at 6172666868. Is the number. 622 RKO all of your court. Welcome back there's a good. You know record -- you're up next on WORK well thanks for holding them while. Figure -- the other war talk about it deep field reported neglect. 130 look cute with a -- yet but a lot that can be sealed report in the black. All right so that the government bureaucracy to -- a rare look. Deposit that is established to take care -- you're doing and turn it back over a private charities OK but I would say you know which could happen. The bullet you should go all the or take the girl I don't. But walked -- a little like eight people on these -- ridiculous. Thank you so much Mike thank you for that call. Look if something is not done soon I I fear for the worst I honestly do. Now how can there be detailed report. They only claim custody of Justine -- Pelletier are repeat. Four days after she entered Boston Children's Hospital. In Ford case. They what they went to the Pelletier is home they interview friends they interviewed neighbors they interviewed family members. It's complete BS. Know what he's trying to do it's obvious. He's trying to justify why Boston children's did what they did what -- BCF essentially kidnapped this girl. And why they've held in custody for fourteen months but now suddenly he's caught red handed it's been a disaster. Just like okay well there was this detailed report all this neglect an -- so my god you wouldn't believe it but hold -- hold on. I'm trying to saints believe it or not believe it or not I'm fighting for Justin and I want her home with her family. He's a liar. Ronnie Europe next thanks for all think you're on the corner report and go ahead -- AGF happy violates the hip hop on -- running. Thank you I don't look sidestep this a little bit but I have to ask -- Charlie -- the move to California. I digging up the way -- -- that Charlie Baker Ben let me forgive me for sounding up pragmatic I don't mean to sound insensitive. But to political issues get any more winning. Bennett then it should be and held for no good reason by the state I think it will help with this -- and this is inexcusable. Inexcusable that I want to be our next governor and you can even way you know unless he can even step to the -- And be a -- runner and you try to try to at least. Do something that has an embarrassment -- and the -- meant. Running out honestly. He's basically I'll tell you what he's been doing lately he's now supporting. That it really I charity the legislature get if he's governor. If the legislature gives them something that he's comfortable with he will be very supportive of a ten dollar and fifty cent minimum wage so he's he's talking minimum wage right now Ronnie he wants to raise the minimum which. Now here well how big girl. A girl all of -- a teenage girl who is dying. Who has been kidnapped from her parents. If you can't stand up for this kind of an issue for this poor girl you're nothing to me. -- cannot honestly if if you can't stand up for this you're not a man as far as I'm concern. Children why would any independent come out and vote. For a guy like it's like what I would then why wouldn't -- upon I would any Tea Party person take I'm not a good day go vote but there I think. It's just. No and I don't mean it sound like I'm not being sensitive to just yesterday because I -- but but I've just got to I've just got to ask what. I just yet believe he's just nowhere to be -- is embarrassing. All that's why if he continues like this he's gonna loose and I'll tell you what the problem is I don't wanna get -- is is such a more important issue but he's got a democratic advisor. -- people advising him are all Democrats. I'll tell you this he doesn't have -- wrote a shot advising him if he had holy -- shot advising him it be a very different campaign -- very different Charlie Baker so he's got to run as Democrat -- And this is embarrassing. To the liberal democratic regime. So that's why he won't talk about Justine -- -- 6172666868. Steve. Europe next on the great WRK no go answer. Yeah it's good morning this. I've. Got just a little bit what under the you know. Is that it is illegal maybe it's illegal to -- kidnapping and I went my Coke but are more important obviously -- -- could be all all of it. And invest -- capital of affirmative action you have people on opposite why do you what they want -- up -- They lied to you on your hands often and people people more or aren't. Lot of you ignore the need you can hear a word in the voice of what it couldn't come up with the lighting -- this sort -- that's well. -- -- -- -- -- -- You tell me OK here. Jack wired jewelry and my daughter home well Steve I got this report does he -- report you guys have been neglecting and abusing your daughters -- But -- on -- but hold up thirty seconds later Steve behind the scenes I'm working to get her home with you. -- -- The Governor Deval Patrick was finally confronted by a spokesman for the Pelletier family reverend Patrick Mahoney. And forever and not mean he didn't hold back to give the reverend his view he stood his ground. He confronted at the ball Patrick in -- and lol there was a camera. And said first of all why are you claiming there's a detailed report of neglect and abuse by the Pelletier family the parents. Where there isn't one. And if there isn't one wire you making these outrageous claims and charges and slammed -- why are you slandering these two people. And if there is one show. Sure the public -- apparent show the world. And then when confronted with his life. Meaning me then begins to back court within thirty seconds -- he turns on a buying. And all of a sudden you may not -- rudeness. But I'm working behind the scenes doing more than people know. I wanna home with her family and I want to home in Connecticut. Hears of many mean. Dancing like he's never danced before rolling it cooks ambivalent about it. Under the under the law that you don't -- believe -- -- -- But I don't actually get the a backpack -- at least. What what -- hitting -- did not return fairly good that's the DC yet Mitt. -- governor -- -- -- -- should be ready fairly certain you never said that what we can never say let's get a hold with her family. You've never had actually I think -- -- has made findings -- I'd be happy to talk about without him. I'll stop by your office governor I would love to talk to you my return to the commission's he's the affidavit that he had the office. The commissioner asked would be able we do respect the involvement with both fans and not with. Due respect I. We're here we've only hit anywhere along. Look governor you're not doing that you're not doing that -- you're not bringing her home. We just call up my Governor Patrick to propel him -- he's owed to protect. The citizens of Massachusetts. Notice. In the people's republic of -- choose its came marks a truce it's. If you're a drug addict if you're criminal. If you're. A wife beater or child abuser. Take the boyfriend and white and mother of Jeremiah all over. Woo. Then DC have to make sure the child is always with the abusive parents. God forbid they shouldn't be with the abusive parents. But if you're to a respectable middle class people from Connecticut -- Who have three other daughters. All of whom either go to college work are completely productive citizen it's never one instance of report a report of neglect the rebukes. With Justine -- Pelletier. Hot be as happy can be in picture after picture. Getting the best treatment -- tufts medical center. But you stand up against the BCF regime you -- you violate the gag order and all of a sudden. You have to talk to older were -- They TCF commissioner. Weather will allow her to go home to where parents in Connecticut. -- -- -- Trusting child all go over -- I swear he is like trusting a blood bank to Dracula. Are you kidding me 6172666868. -- -- So we need to we need to get her home and don't say if you -- table. We port of neglect in the home. And then not have made that available there isn't going to work out of the I mean I -- what you should know. Well -- that certainly -- but let's just we could hear in court in order to ask them. Ready we'll keep it that important when. What you did so much you can do it until -- 130 for a missing kids -- enthusiastic about it and didn't. Sure I mean that you that he should be. You can help that. I will let you finish sir but you know you can help. In this situation and did not do if there's a 134 children Jeremiah Oliver I mean. Governor we have to fix this situation and can we -- can we talk because this governor you can -- a lot. You know what's really sad. But look what reverend Mahoney is rightly saying -- look at Jeremiah all -- look at these 130 for their kids is we want this happened to just Tina. You want another dead kid on your hands. You're telling us she's better off the DCF please bring her home you know what's really sad honestly. As a parent now speaking now as a parent. Begging. On your hands and knees practically please governor please please give her -- up letter -- let us take her home. With all due respect this is this is perverse. It's not church trial to many -- Although -- shape that's not you -- kid. You have no business taking custody of biscuit. -- There have been no reports of physical abuse -- reports of mental abuse none whatsoever they disagreed with the diagnosis from Boston children's and are being proven right there she's getting -- under Boston children's. And now what you think about this your parent. Q have to beg the government. Bank please give my child back. And for this man to stand there. English trench coat and he missed 2000 dollar suit. Where his zapped. His his is is it is perfectly. A manicure face. You can -- gets facial after facial what is perfectly. Well taken care of face. And he stands there. -- -- -- This is a family matter all now it's a family matter now all of a sudden it's a family matter -- meaning me. 617. 2666868. This. Is exactly why have been warning everybody about. The family is the primary provider and caretaker for the child not the government. The government is getting too big too powerful they're out of control -- Europe next thanks for holding her on the corner report and welcome. I -- increasingly comfortable he didn't want the cameras on Clinton to beat at all of the cameras. That he can't be allowed in the picture lining. The gamble -- and number two. We are giving these people to call themselves politicians they're grifters -- their -- Get everything -- that's connected to the technical the -- health care. Giving him as our most precious. Tax. I can and then held a couple of children are elderly parent and ourselves to get through life. And they are squandering -- it's like dying the -- here and nothing is being done. -- Bingo your -- I -- said it better myself Brenda Europe next thanks for holding -- on the corner report fire away Brenda. Jack thank you continuing to cabinet just looking at Alex I think behind Italy we cannot put players -- The constant. That the part that. To -- and countries. In the draft. To let she's stating I'm going to die hard -- today without a single thing that we should try it. Believe it you bash. The right which Italy she's hanging with -- that hope ready to get them not I don't know. But. There's nothing about sending fact that that and that's why he can. -- -- At that lady. -- Brenda. -- please hold we're gonna get the address and we're gonna give it out to the audience and if they wanna send cards or letters to Justine now. Of support. Of the -- of showing how much we care for her an -- behind her we're gonna give that out to the public 6172666868. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I anchor hi Gina you know one thing keyboard is it went to trying to French. Eight. You know there. Quote civil rights words -- upon because the police there questioned him about getting into you don't accomplish the president of the united state -- -- did not faction. -- -- Saying they are firmer good breaking and they want nobody questioned them to make sure they had a right to get an out and the lead and get involved and why should be involved in -- -- much more simple right. A violation then. What happening Cambridge. There's nothing that's right. -- look I'm gonna say something I shouldn't say that I'm gonna say it because it's the truth. Justine Pelletier was black. And if her parents were well connected Democrats. She wouldn't have spent our day in Boston Children's Hospital. Right many new to force -- -- would have intervened she would have she would have been home in Connecticut over a year ago the dear leader what do stepped in Eric Holder -- -- step in and the reverend rat than not reverend shall Sharpton -- what is stepped up. Everybody what is that -- So what do they care who look ultimately who're we kidding. The -- shares they know that's not my -- east. Those are type the type of people that vote for me so why couldn't care less middle class family they work hard for kids stepped lost. Are on welfare all I'll take a look at your that your problem or not on welfare applause. It's our child we. It's our child it's not your child. Guts that's their attitude. Well I'm sorry. It's the parents of child it's not your child meaning me send her home Bob Europe next thanks for holding -- -- just so. This this this should be a wake up call to let everybody including -- in the media. Look how powerful that Redmond was when he beat when he took the and confronted many unique. OK. You somebody should -- on this guy into Coakley and I'm they've got. From every event they go. Oh. Bob noticed that you're right notice. I'd be happy talk to but not with a camera in my face what do you mean you love the camera. All you can't get enough for the camera. One it was the Boston Marathon I saw your face everywhere. So CBS face the nation every Sunday talk show -- when there's a blizzard there you are Orchard Park in front of every camera. All you look you're -- hand all your -- it up in front of the camera now all of a sudden. We've got a child that's dying under the watch of BC -- that you guys illegally kidnapped. And now there even reports the country she's been tortured and that facility suddenly now. Talked about this off camera suddenly he doesn't like congress. Peace it's incredible. 6172666868. Damon Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I look back fortune is -- I'll get up into little little. This is liberal Dominic. Completely unchecked. These people can't and probably here and head themselves and are clicked in and out that would be it solid. What I want to appear correct standard in my way a beer with my family and I outlook their debt. They do it. Well what's really sad Damon is if she goes home -- parents I think she's gonna get better. And that's the whole point this is -- the reverend is saying look please one another dead child in your hands she has my idol -- -- disease she has it. Letter gold at tufts let them each reader we can still save this girl. But. Well I hope that I hope that true correct I'll -- you get it to get back home and that that worked out. She got something about Ukraine -- Damon it's a little bit off topic we have open lines Friday if you wanna call back we can talk about injuring open -- Friday at 9 o'clock. Will there are executive in my appreciated -- only get off topic here 6172666868. Chris you have been patiently holding frank Q and you're on the -- report. Well I'm really consider this to you don't want to let the people calling people. That I trillion. We cannot government conduct government using that State's constitution. Does government. These are these people aren't that government these guys are bloopers ever. I played opposite by fraud. It's never read not because it was me and I was talking to them. -- laughter no that would restrict your freedom fighter you just say one thing and in -- not machines and other. I really. You do that got daughters. So long story short is Rebecca their high horses. And they've got a custom -- people will be nitpicking. And didn't make sense if you think about it. I'm wondering what comes out towards Connecticut why English and what I wish -- don't. It's something else I'm good intentions just did not make sense. Chris here's what I think is going on. They jumped the gun. They took this girl and they were convinced she got a psychological disorder. They then took custody. They imposed a gag order. And now Lou and Linda Pelletier violated the gag order and they went to the media. They went to Fox News they went to other media outlets and now it's all the story has blown wide open and now they have egg on their face. And so they don't know what to do. Because they clearly misdiagnosed. Justine a Pelletier and they kidnapped her this was state sanctioned kidnapping. And so now he doesn't know what to do. QQ that's our goal. She's gonna get better with her parents they have a massive lawsuit. He calls on -- she dies shall body under the watch your VCR so now he's got a big mess on a sense. This is the mother of all -- And that's why I've been telling everybody for years look at what happens when you have unchecked state power. They trample your rights. They trampled parental authority they won't even preside over killing a child. Just to protect their authority and the power. The enemy is distinct. 6172666868. That's what our founding fathers taught us -- we need to learn again today. -- Europe next thanks for holding her on WRK oh welcome. Thank you for taking my call. I think a lot of people from your crew -- a country can do a lot besides sending tide -- him. By flooding the governor's -- it's a phone call. Saying get -- do the right thing we know that you can do that. And not so where ever he goes people should speak up and say what I had to frame her if you think. Think she should be returned you have the power to do it to and. I want executive order Judy literally one signature one stroke of the -- she's home. Once stroke of the pen. Anthony Europe next. Fire Marty joke from the blood no you today good how are you applying. I would Gloria all this for -- -- -- that -- warrior of the women -- why a lot of community of the fairway and why she didn't involve you striking for the families that there was no campaign could. For the children Anthony. Noticed that Democrats are always for the children. Where's -- Q where is the ice cream truck driver where's where's -- spreading. -- -- -- Where they -- where the lives on this. Silent it's 6172666868. Plus -- they -- to Rush Limbaugh.