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Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, says it's time to end hyphenated americanism.

Apr 30, 2014|

What do you make of Jeff's interview with Rafael Cruz?

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Welcome back to the -- report our 2705. Here on AM six -- WRKO. Now on 93 point seven HD two. My friends. On Friday may sixteenth at 7 PM. In Lafayette house on 109 Washington street route one Foxborough mass. I will be the master of ceremonies. That's right Boston's bulldozer. Which we'll have several speakers but the headline speaker will be Rafael Cruz. The father of the US senator Ted Cruz. And joining us now to talk about his life story and what you can expect here. On May sixteenth is none other than Rafael -- himself mr. Cruz thank you so much for coming on the -- report. -- -- -- -- a question to reworking of. -- mr. -- you have a very fascinating biography. You were originally here from Cuba you fled Communist Cuba to the United States. Let me ask you the first obvious question. Why did you flee the Communist Cuba. And why did you come to America. Well you know when I was growing up in Q well I was growing all when there are very oppressive military dictatorship throughout the dictatorship we'll let -- And as a result of that. A revolution got started. Respect it initially -- -- -- -- button. Civic groups that spend some sort of work but that started in the high schools on the university's. So all I'm looking bull he's got -- rising in Cuba are -- that I remember at that time many young charismatic leader -- saw. -- about hope and change. His name was Fidel Castro. We'll follow him we thought he was going to be our liberate a little bit we don't. Well also restore the mining Oldman in the revolution and I was capture that I -- us. Put in prison that was torture brought by the grace of guard I was Levy's side and then I have no choice what to leave Cuba are and I was able to refuel parliament for years couldn't be sucked. And came to the adverse -- of -- -- student access. Sold that was the reason I'd like Q about Derrick Cassel still work according par which still thought he was going to be. What we needed in Cuba are brought when Castro took over in 1969. I went back Cuba about summer -- that I got the shock of my life. Dot same man that had been talking about how open change was not talking about how the rich wants people. About the need to redistribute. The wealth. And he began confiscating private property to be -- are curtailing freedom of the press shutting down newspapers and television. And so I left Cuba properly dissolution. Never to return to -- All relate to this day you've never gone back to Q I have never brought. What will it take for you to go back. I have -- this article like this is my country I'm on American and this is my country -- left Cuba 57 years ago. And as a model fart. When someone. I didn't surprise me -- secure America and I said well I don't consider myself Cuban American I'm an American who was born in Cuba. And 91 and foremost by an American man soul -- thankful to god that I gave -- the greatest country. In the face of the year. Mr. cruise. Your obviously senator Cruz has many enemies. Let me just ask you this where do you stand on the I'm just curious a year an immigrant to United States as I am by the way not from Cuba but from the Soviet republic of can Pakistan from Canada nor the socialist republic Afghan Pakistan. So I also -- socialism about a different kind of socialism. Where do you stand on the issue of illegal immigration you're an immigrant yourself. Do you believe that we should give amnesty or a path to legalization. For those who have entered the United States illegally. Well you know our Jeff. We are the current trio pools. -- week. Put aside that rule approval. And then we've -- -- -- I think what actually made America are exceptional is that we. All separate by the -- -- It is. But I think that what would put the priorities in the wrong place. Basically. We need to worry about securing the border security in the border sequestered from national security. I mean. Wouldn't we don't know who is coming into this country. There could be. Terrorists come running to this country there -- sure there's growth and running. The deep drug cartels. I mean you know I would imagine with what is happening there being Eric in Colorado with the legalization of marijuana but the drug cartels -- well we're already moving into. Input into Colorado on setting up shop and you're due out far. You know all. Drug trafficking you are -- you have terrorists do you do many are also you know all -- So actually is that animals we eat it I think one of the first and foremost. Overly -- assault by any government used to secure its borders -- national security that's not being done. And the and really the other thing is cities. You know. Obviously there are challenges where it's illegal immigration system once sometimes it takes a year or supporting years will be able to get -- -- -- So they are there are things that come be down to streamline. The legal immigration process. -- there and instead of people having to wait. Ten years maybe to get it illegal will be subsequent to the United States. Will be able to expedite that process. The other thing is you know. I remember years ago -- started a program. Where. Migrant workers came to the United States -- that temporary work -- This was widely used in places that part of my record jolt our. Big agricultural office -- and they would call for six months go -- And the uncle mark an -- here for six months probably illegal. -- -- would that work -- first six months temporary and they work very well for many many years. There are also area. Where. Are because of are you -- great technical demands we may have -- -- call for all of -- war. And so all they are things that can be -- also with speech -- -- H one BB -- something so these sort to be able to look in areas. That we do not have been off. -- -- -- -- -- -- More more resource but we got to realize that there -- -- With higher unemployment. I think Europe. Americans. Need to cover priority in the job market. Soul but I think that the -- The big bad -- first and foremost priority. I'm home fortunately. He sees something that neither house but being willing to do anything about hostile we national security have to be secure in the court. Mr. cruise I'm just curious. You're immigrant experience you are really the embodiment of the American dream. You fled Communist Cuba you came to the United States. You create a successful life for yourself your sign is now one of the most prominent and powerful senators in the United States. How do you when you look at America today 2014. To when you came to the United States. How we treat immigrants. Differently in terms of assimilating them because I listen to you and I hear you red blooded. American. I look at many immigrants who come today. And they hang on to their ethnic identity their hyphenated Americans. They talk multi cultural -- they don't seem to be as grateful. Or as appreciative of all the benefits and opportunities and freedoms that we have here have you seen a change in your lifetime. Over how immigrants or some elated into the melting pot when you came and the immigrant experience today. Well obviously there's a change what we have to realize -- -- change console. They changed is that programs change state administration. Wants to promote the concept spoke hyphenated Americans. This administration. Is brilliant. What they called social justice. Now we need to define the terms that that certain social justice sounds very good but basically social justice is quite like activism. It is the right so big group. I need then nice individual responsibility. So this whole concept of looking at all these different hyphenated groups where the treaties and even any other groups -- mean -- consider. Women are a separate group -- It is that the divide and conquer concept and and one of the things that this administration has been doing. Is smoke and each one of bolts so old groups are the victims also side the and bush in their means -- dependence battles. So that they can keep them on the depth foam that whole concept these if they can create their bus dependent society a foreign government. Then they feel they have very prominent boating race. Pointing -- in power. And I think we we don't need to be talking about hyphenated Americans because we are all Americans and we only want the same thing. You know people ask me well how do we reached -- I -- big group -- such a group everybody in America wants jobs and opportunity. Everybody in America won the ability to achieve the American dream to be able to support their family but also a common goals. Why do we need to approach differing groups with different. Pop up programs. That is something that the administration has created. -- -- say put try to so you gave those groups might -- -- been dependent upon. One government but the challenges of these. You know what we will bark -- Lyndon Johnson they were told programs Sutton made. Lyndon Johnson won -- the great society. But what about the other one was special poll why are home poverty. You know we got more people who data we've got whipped Lyndon Johnson. Because just keeping a hand out the report does not get them out of poverty. Don't get someone out of poverty we have to shoulder and how to get our report that we got the and power then the top all what mobility took -- out of that can be sure now. Look at the difference in all years ago on an appointment was something very very temporary. Who hold someone. All over while they found a solid job I need someone -- on important matters for a week or two weeks or months until the farm and our job. Now we've got people on an important important night in nine weeks almost two years and they still want books by and -- and now they are. Embracing the idea that he -- liberating not to have a job. I mean are. Our priorities have gotten totally crazy. What is I mean and I think that what happened sees when someone he's dependent on government. They'd be -- source of the government and even their self esteem. Is the -- We are talking with Rafael. Cruz he is the father of senator Ted Cruz. You can hear him speak live I'll be there as well as master of ceremonies. Friday may sixteenth 7 PM. Lafayette house on 109 Washington street route one. In Foxborough mass will be other speakers as well but mr. Cruz will be the keynote speaker. You can get tickets now -- sixty dollars and includes a buffet dinner. Advanced tickets only available at mass RA dot com slash events. Mass RAA dot com slash events. Or you can contact Eileen Q sack at. CU SA CK at Comcast dot net. Mr. cruise -- wanna ask you one final question. Many of your sons enemies. And I can see by the way where he gets his eloquence from on and on your very articulate very eloquent man. Fearing his eloquence fearing his courage. Fearing his boldness on issues that affect this country. Are now playing up the birth certificate issue. And they're saying now that because Ted Cruz senator cruise. Was born in Canada in Alberta not born in the United States. They believe he is not eligible to be the next president of the United States what do you say to the senators enemies on that point. Well you know basic Israeli. There's no point my -- on -- morning Calgary Alberta are kind of let. His mother was -- Wilmington Delaware. And I mean these longstanding. Rule all in this country has to be need someone needs more and all of a US. Are apple. Citizen born in the US anywhere in the world. They are considered US citizens by birth. Now he also produced considerate comedian citizen because it was morning Canada. But basically. He was registry in the Canadian consulate when when when he was when he was born. And and as far as the -- is concerned. He is consider a US citizen by birth. Even -- Dershowitz. Has. And all time in the home on -- scenario a couple of locations. And and he agreed -- with these start a concept I mean those are the model far. Historically. -- how -- out for example. George Romney. Mitt Romney's father was born in Mexico. He ran for pursuit of the United States. John McCain was born in Panama. He ran for president of the United States accessories yet more point to. -- on house artists how to US passport. Since he was being high schools. And he's waiting his slip it in America. In since it was a little chart. You know -- bases. Based -- country and I have no doubts that he's considered a US citizen by birth. Mr. Cruz you think your son is gonna officially run for president in 2016. I have no idea abducting guard -- I know there's a lot of chatter about it that. But you know that they're -- -- there's a lot of chatter on these this side indictment. On the United States are where we are today. You know. Dead is more open exceptions but done that rule on that side. Standing for principle should be that rule. Not the exception. And the part that he -- One although only -- -- a handful. That are spending formal constitutional principle. Is that sad state of affairs. That the majority. Are not. Spending Puerto constitution as a model practical petition is being trampled -- and databases. And I think that's the reason why. He's been so much in the new rules because he'd like flights from all the first. -- being standing for righteousness. For four -- limited government for -- rule of parole for. For a constitutional. Conservative principles. And soul that went there only if you do in doubt of course you're gonna -- about. We have been talking with Rafael Cruz the father of US senator Ted Cruz. Mr. cruise is truly been a joy and pleasure to have you on the corner report. And I look forward to meeting you personally Friday may sixteenth. -- I'm looking forward to that streak is over in March look forward to seeing you in a problem. God bless you mister crews -- daycare out that bat. Balls. Were the kinds of emigrants this country used to bring it. Yes today. They come and wanting to be Americans. They common becoming Americans. Today it's every man and woman for himself. My friends. Join me I'll be master of ceremonies Rafael -- father of US senator Ted Cruz. Will be the keynote speaker. Friday may sixteenth Lafayette house. If you wanna get tickets. Go to mass RA dot com slash events mass RA dot com slash events hope to see many of you there. 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