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The Teen Work Ethic

May 1, 2014|

According to a newly released report states that in 1978, nearly three in four teenagers (71.8%) ages 16 to 19 held a summer job, but as of last year, only about 4 in 10 teens did. Howie asked is this the economy or a growing bad work ethic.

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Mike my kids all have jobs this summer the the got of my -- my youngest art work and for a Andrea at the bakery in Walpole. Ever so humble might -- my middle daughter will be working at the yet. At the housing. Project in Framingham where she works in the past in my all the spot -- we worked him for. BC. The idea at this -- -- Boston College where she goes to college but there's a story here offered in MarketWatch. American teens don't want to work decline in summer jobs can't all be blamed on the economy. -- I think a lot of it is the economy really but you know there I have noticed among my among my kids' friends. But there -- a lot a lot fewer problems seem to be working these days than than that used to work well when I was a teenager. And I had a -- time I was 149 if I had any I had so much as three weeks together I had a job. Yeah no I don't pay the same thing like I everybody was expected to get a job as soon as -- as soon as you can get a job. New one Mike right by your daughter. My daughter Charlotte got -- got -- She got a that he a work permit she was underage got to work permit troops Scott Brown's office -- Scott Brown was a state senator. The number of teens with summer jobs has fallen roughly thirty percentage points since the late 1970s. In 1970 it again this MarketWatch in 1978 nearly three and fourteen majors. 771. Point 8% ages sixteen to nineteen all the summer job. But as of last year only about four in ten teams according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics again you know -- take it with a grain of salt it's the BO. BL -- they got the island what via BS. It's been a steady decline seen even during good times during the -- during the dotcom boom of the late 1980s when national unemployment was only about 4%. Roughly six teens -- six in ten teams -- jobs. Even recently with the economy allegedly were covering few thirteen to opted for jobs last summer's. Job gain was down 3% from the summer payrolls in 2012. Do you think this is true that. Most teams don't say say they don't want the job. They don't want it. The kid may mean what I wanted to job -- I could make money I mean I wanted my home oh. Meaning hey you know I mean grant that I would have more money if I didn't have to beg my parents for money but I also I just didn't want to have to beg them money. Mean that was that was the magic Johnston. To me. I -- I wanted -- I wanted to work. But I don't Dee -- do you notice this -- -- -- teams want to work 187746. Mine worth three. 2218774694322. That doesn't mean teams are simply -- by the pool have been watching Bravo posts on certainly are. The company it's that did that. That studied this says many teams are in summer school well gimme a break summer school. The Summers for Lester what the summer school I was fifteen -- word that pipe. I wish I mean I want to I want at night. They just say you know I would go at night and it because if I figured I needed toward the pipe and I took a driver said that year ago. But -- was like full time thing who waste -- athletes go full time to was summer school it's ridiculous. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Arthur. -- there are third. -- -- -- -- Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. Yes. They remain. And so Rick Perry's morality is old school clothes. Wow eight years old. That's amazing you're in Washington County. And -- yeah OK yeah. They're not only know Laura yeah. There aren't they want fourteen distributor oh you're not collapsed this quarter. We are fortunate inquiries -- don't output gonna cook. We don't nowadays you have a lot of illegal aliens were -- in the Barry's right I mean there at the base of Americans don't don't like to rate -- anymore -- -- right. -- what you write down there call migrant workers. Excuse me excuse me Bob yeah I'd I'd. I was I was insufficiently politically correctly described them as illegal aliens. It's another outbreak there or. They're a little -- Set up on the parents don't -- field so it's exactly what no immunity. Yeah but it won't go to work less this or true right actually get so worked an eight years old. In my clothes. But I thank you Bob let's see that's the way it used to be it's just you don't have to. Here's you know here is what kids that today a lot of over the years this store in the near daily news' 6162. New Jersey students arrested for crashing school. Keying in hallways in elaborate senior prank cops. That's the best thing they could think that's a senior prank it's keying in the hallways and trashing the school I thought that. I thought a good senior prank was when I was a -- -- was getting an -- of few cases of Bob beer. In that the dragon about the graveyard than waiting for lights out -- about drinking the beer. Mean that's a lot more fun -- Keyon human all the way as -- at Kamal. Karen your next with how -- cargo ahead Karen. Primarily I just under is now that on the tape so many teenagers are looking pretty tops that their fight for job they really -- I'm not sure about other places that Lebanese cabinet is Charlton Massachusetts and they all work Q so. You know I don't know about the statistics but here there's definitely. A lot out there. But are there aren't Donald -- you know when you're dealing with places like restaurants or hotels again they're going up against illegal aliens aren't they. Well exactly and they hired them for six months. And so they hear a lot of anger and they are probably more reliable up tickets go to college a lot earlier now they. He stayed till. Through Labor Day. It's actually good -- I even spelled FL OY and McDonnell we make money well. I am I'm going -- Thank you Kara appreciate it 1877469432. To my daughter my oldest daughter now works at peace is gonna work at BC. Shia issue used to worker crossed the street this little school that across the street from where we live and choose light -- swim instructor there. And they laughter however there you know why does she was across the street. They figured the chief issue was never gonna like you know one call in sick -- didn't wanna -- somewhere. You know all she had to do was roll out of bed literally roll across the street. So they were set when she left Scott -- that put the clothes you wore a two year workplace I think better temperature. Scott your next with how we cargo ahead Scott. Our own problem -- is that. But a lot of it changed to where kids -- kids out until they're eighteen. Really it was sixteen spill. I'm good position at my job. Whether it's here I had some wreckage and let's say eighteen with a driver's license. Really. Wow yeah. What is -- what are they don't want is this one of -- -- this is this job where you have to deal with alcohol or anything like that. No it's actually -- PW. Really that's that's short range. That's hard to figure or the why why the FA BA team have a DPW job. There won't hire anybody under eighteen. And they do wanna make sure you can vote for the right person Scott. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Kress you're next with how we -- ahead -- -- -- -- One quick thing I I think what I've fallen and this is -- pair of teenagers what happens is there's. Just saw Richard do well in school and do everything you have to do in school you don't have to work as much quote quote. I don't know we went our growth that was the possibility but nowadays seems like -- followed this trap of just one of Johnny does well in school everything will be okay. Real tall man let that I would I've been everywhere and could spot that in my mind Chris let alone and a senate from one Mike -- You know -- Never said that the people do this happens all the time but around here so. You know the the -- you know there's there's truth to the old saying idle hands of the doubles workshop you know press. I completely agree with that as what you're saying is true up -- I'm done on the social and I've noticed simple that the -- doesn't have to have a job he doesn't -- and something's changed I don't know what it is the sums changed. Thank -- thanks for the call press 18774694322. I mean I don't like a unit you know. I wouldn't want them I wouldn't want them home by themselves special with you know -- -- you know the parent or parents are working in the kids just hang around house. Well man that's just that's a recipe for trouble. Mike you're next with how we cargo ahead Mike. I go to the pitcher that trade school recruit kids that. I'm sixteen -- -- good jobs yeah probably the bodies to do not want to work anymore. We -- right why they go what are they going to trade school they don't wanna work. So they wanna go to college. It allows you to now. This is not our country is gonna wanna go to college they want to better themselves and the parents sit there and let you gotta do whatever they want and so mommy's ever trips. So looks like they have the money stays so don't give up. But I don't they don't they -- -- haven't they figured out yet that they're better off of a trade school if they go to college it's just gonna stop a -- -- is gonna prevent them from getting a an entry level job and may yet trade. Well the best thing about trades go is when they don't make it to college -- -- that would trade and they realize what real work develop. Well. Everything -- a security blanket or right at the trade school. I guess so there's -- with the idea that -- just seemed like you guys would -- this before they before they waste a couple of years and a 100000 bucks on a stupid college. Are probably gonna try to do. Thanks for the call Mike spiker you're next with how we cargo ahead speicher. Yeah I'll probably look and I wore a lot of contractors and -- -- right outside now or water drops -- -- you know about that. And what these guys out here they say. In four years ago they would get awesome god. -- Are more important probably know is when they've got abducted on output from high school you've watched toward his parks and our. And the -- more important thought and -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- And then I don't want you know what I wouldn't expect the bomb but they don't want the -- if they wanted to say it's funny. Poll takers don't get 28 bucks an hour spike -- I'm saying it exactly what -- -- her parents. I think it hurts activated their call up once or all of these -- didn't they pick my abilities are a web -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks thanks for the call -- America again it's you know again you honestly got to start at the bottom. That's that's the way it works I mean Iowa's do that you know into one and I didn't figure was going to be a dishwasher my whole life thank goodness I haven't been a dishwasher but. You know still be in addition would be it would make it short money is a dishwasher is better than making no money in my opinion. 1877469432. To -- car.