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Dude! Benghazi was so long ago

May 2, 2014|

A former White House Spokeman Tommy Vietor told Fox News Brett Baier that he can't recall changing talking points because "Dude it was like 2 years ago. Should Benghazi be leading all of the mainstream media?

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And two that today -- a lot of there are some more funny sound bites you just heard the dude sound -- Those by former White House aide named Tommy Chong. No Tommy Chong no wasn't Palm Beach on that was -- fight toward just sound like army strong. Or she each -- Just I mean I can't believe I've never heard a I've never heard White House aide that I used who used the word that dude in a during an idea of what what amounts to a formal interview. And you know just it. I -- cash just how serious TT I know exactly -- -- was casual as the next guy but you know when you're talking about 88 the and event. In in which Americans were killed means you shouldn't -- which shouldn't shoot what I have have a little more the quorum. That is than two refer to the interviewers dude did this is like two years ago were. Do you. This is a few years. You've got -- and it's been to since -- me and yeah I moved because I don't mean since. It it too -- -- boot from the pot dispensary admit you did. -- to the two years ago. To -- this is like two years. Well. What it what is what is happening here but we've also got other great does sound cuts of course Chris Matthews. It's is it apparently now it's a dog whistle it we were getting very close to the dog whistle. Two -- it we if you blame Obama for four Ben Ghazi it's it's a dog Wesley doesn't he hasn't said that yet. But that's obviously where he's head. It is -- it's possible that he will -- he will get there tonight or. Maybe by Monday or Tuesday at the latest that you know anyone who attacks it anyone who mentions been godsey is is a racist and -- -- -- dog whistle. So why is this is so this is Christmas comrade Chris Matthews tonight -- -- last night trying to what trying to defend. Defend Obama. Either way it would -- Please all remember. -- bastard Chris Davis was a grown up as serious professional -- of sound mind yet he decide to go out there that risky facility that night he made that decision which ambassadors have to make. It turned out to be horrific situation he walked into room but the idea that somebody else should have been covering form -- someone else should -- had the army of the army they're waiting to defend them. I think it's got a little ridiculous how does that present even know he was going on that tripped out I don't the big -- how we live in a world of London of unpredictability. And harder and the idea that one of these incidents would be blown up is the most important issue. Of upcoming presidential elections for kingdom come to me is out of proportion. That's you see nobody was saying that the army should be waiting for him congress I mean that. The dispute is once they got into trouble. Should the president of the United States or the secretary of state bin. Aware enough or. -- -- Or. Caring enough to is just -- -- a Mueller asking forced it will rock is the right to do something about it. Nobody's nobody's saying you can predict. You couldn't predict. What she said what difference does. Yeah and well let's hear that one again to write an -- and all Shuler in Portland is angry that the colonel I've been using the sound cut but. You I don't think we're taking -- -- -- contact explain it to -- it does make. Again the depth and what. Difference it makes is did you want to say about it you don't mean this is a woman that you know got her start in the nation's capital. Working I believe for the house or the Senate Judiciary Committee during Watergate. Mean this is a little more serious than Watergate -- and that it was a burglary what's more serious killing an ambassador you how many ambassadors have been killed in this -- in this in this nation's history eight. -- very many -- pretty serious when you have an ambassador murdered overseas. And end they had what difference it makes is. Whether or not you're gonna pass up and take responsibility for were -- -- for the fact that. Al-Qaeda was not yet -- the president of the United States it's -- two weeks earlier at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. That al-Qaeda was dead and GM was alive remember that. It was it was his. Mission accomplished moment -- you know when bush who want to the aircraft carrier after Saddam Hussein was overthrown in Iraq. So he didn't wanted to wanted to wait acknowledged that al-Qaeda had been behind this or his administration did one. Acknowledges al-Qaeda have been behind it so lately they've decided to watch -- up. And and he they blame that on this on the silly. YouTube video that that nobody had ever seen and he and they threw. -- really wish they would I wouldn't wish this guy would come out of hiding. I don't blame them for coming now hiding but I this guy this this Egyptian Americans Coptic Christian likely made that stupid movie. And the -- is a shadowy characters as Obama described him in 2012. And he probably. I'm sure gumption I'm sure that the it's defensible to a tournament jail for violating his parole or whatever. After he was you know convicted of four broad. But. Would he have gone to jail had he not had not been convicted scapegoat what you've spent a year in in in club fed I don't think so I don't think so. But they -- him in jail anyway you know so. Next time here there's no political prisoners in the United States that column about the I don't even know his name is I just -- that's -- kind of Egyptian. Anyway -- what's the what's the poll question what are the results thus far. Chris Matthews says it is ridiculous to blame President Obama for being -- he do you agree. No. Yeah 80%. Saying now. I'm kind of offended at least I mean I understand being partisan and putting your position out there but that's just. We're not turning into Baghdad and it's just it's just really -- turning into Baghdad -- he is Baghdad. He should he should. All right -- Bob were right it did about a Smart idea remembered from the airport when he said there are new US Marines here as he watched marked by about kind of -- up. All right let's let's hero Jake -- about the. You know is that the comments that are being made. Are are are dissembling. Obfuscating. And often you know insult to our home. So accurate I don't disagree with those who don't care or. What's going on -- press conferences. Okay now we'll be it would be hero will be here Ryan O'Reilly talking about this about the about the press corps. The Wall Street Journal editorialized today quote. Mr. -- still insist ms. rice had relied on points about the Ben -- attack that were produced by the CIA. He must think the press corps is stupid. Well party may think the press -- is stupid he know Ole miss the press corps doesn't care. And that's why he says he's outrageous things. He notes. The coverage will be minimal except on Fox News. Last night CBS evening news didn't government -- NBC did a 32 reader. ABC did report with Jonathan -- many saw out there who gave -- a hard time that was ten minutes into the broadcast. ABC should have left that. Most newspapers today either ignored or minimize the story -- yesterday. So let me break it down again. According to general levels testimony today. The US military made no attempt. To defend the Americans under siege because. They were not asked to do so. They were not announced to do so in the worked there were 12100 use that in the kernels -- yesterday on the show. That they were there watching it all over the world. The the feeds the video feeds from drones above the the consulate or the whatever the consulate in -- 12100 Americans do about it and apparently. That the only ones I guess that that really. -- done something could've tried to do something wore the White House and they didn't think to do anything. And so the the the ambassador and the and and his. Is his underling and the two -- -- worse CIA contractors -- -- -- anyway I under I understand that. But it's you know we don't know do it and and you know they consider what book the battle was going to be over two hours but when the battle's going to be old -- -- battle could go on -- for -- on base. And they didn't they didn't they didn't try to rescue. -- bat really bad and then this and then this -- today what what has -- Tommy Tommy strong. I was so it's clear Tommy Chong again. Talking yeah. According to the emails in the timeline CIA circulates in new talking point after they've removed dimension of al-Qaeda yeah. And then at 621. The White House. You may have a line about the administration warning of September 10 of social media reports calling for demonstrations true. I believe so. Did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points. -- may be an -- there remember. You don't remember. Did this is like two years ago -- talking about. The most money did you brought that everybody is talking about we're dog but the process of editing talking points and that's what. Bureaucrats do all they want to hear our beer producers -- script keyboard here. To demonstration yet did you do that now what are what are we what is the question that I NS TI is talking points. He was edited from attacks to demonstrate no Michael Morales testified about what she changed. Michael Morales who just want to work for a for a Hillary Clinton. Or did you go to work for for Ben Rhodes. Or did he go to work for Hillary Clinton and Ben Rhodes and David -- is almost I am getting all confused it's it's like. It's insistently incestuous. Little little little luck. -- -- In nine inside the beltway that there are all that there'll there'll limit together or we're just looking to she wouldn't we're to morale moral go to war. Did you remember sandy it's it's and there are some in this -- stop fuel number and what didn't he go to work where it at CBS. I think he did go to work he went to work for it erodes rather at CBS the world's brother yeah yes yeah. Okay we'll take a couple -- with your calls some calls on this but also talk about the the the unemployment report before the markets here. Today and just the fact that. Their the the the mainstream media these these deceive people that O'Reilly was talking about it and they there were there they're there road doing hand stands there they've got their compounds in the year -- all. There's -- There were they're just jumping up and give me you know give me a -- give me an unemployment rate went out. Six point 3% now it only had to do was pay almost a million people out of work together on the six point 3%. You know the way things are going to see Indian you know -- in five years there's going to be no unemployment rate because there's gonna be nobody left in the workplace. Mean there's there's what is -- sixty is that this is it 63 million ordinary night is it personally too I can't room. But I think 9292 -- 92 so it's absolute focus on May take up to twelve it may take oh about twelve years. To get the unemployment rate down to nothing we can do it now I know we can you we could I mean it's it's good I mean prop 800000. School. That's that's you know that you who know that the 1% was that -- you know that is the all these people retiring from the workforce they they keep they keep living. Obama phones they BBD cards. That they have no way. They mass health cards they did she you know everything is everything is fine and AMP they don't care how -- -- colonel hunt take -- I didn't know what dude. I would get out -- A -- we we won any arguments in two years. Everybody confirming what we had two years ago at this it's -- It's that you -- -- edited it talking points. And also yeah we will watch that it was that we can't force that met or. Got a front end they think mobilize forces. All that's all that's been out on the record. And we got the president I think it would not give your I don't see all that -- a little -- And we're gonna go to Chris Chris Matthews is trying to make it seem like well how could that president know that there was going to be an attack. Put that you know he's he's trying it. He's obfuscating the issue the issue isn't whether he knew there was going to be an -- the issue was what he did after the attacks started which was nothing. Ali I -- that it about eight hours before there were twenty -- embassy under attack world why. And the NB mobilized what. Nobody would admit. Mobilize forces -- -- -- back in Coventry Carol it out ahead of Jack I think got beaten cargo blows up. And then -- an Alabama battled and got a sixteen hours. An airplane should warn the world from Europe. To access. -- its -- aren't -- border is more well Amazon about the situation which has several. Lot of people. Put spat with the kids who would it mean this isn't it. Now the you know when -- too close he keeps saying you know why don't we talk about something else she sounds like the Republicans during Watergate dungy. Yes there there is. Clearly political and really why. And it did for two weeks Britain say on television on the United Nations. I don't know that we give 24 hours maybe -- lot. Actress got all the general. Question -- how to -- you watch -- we knew who actually -- We're hot right and nothing do little movies and we have wasn't available. -- just took all -- know the president outlook that the White House. What was -- what we're in the situation room of the White House. I just got it I just got attacks remain that relief is if it is it's really good. Is that not a who that the whole of this administration's strategy to take over after bush 43 was bush lied. You know another and now you know what goes around comes around -- right. We've got five years of Obama you're you're actually it doctor. -- -- -- we've -- our administration. About something very trapped. You're good at it very well better chance we could not say a lot about what you got to try. And it was all political. Although it was -- -- get elected don't make mistakes like gut and from opposite crap. Now it all apart it's it's it's and it is it's it's a shame we political. -- Well to do it tomorrow night. So the next week animal. And LA BC weeks. We ABC is like getting -- and in this. -- -- -- out there. Are a lot of the call. Probably in the -- I think he has yeah yeah they would after they've they've been about six minutes. While it -- guys they're they press corps is pretty well. Because they've been able -- Because they also looked like why don't they they look like they they look like -- might Walker's current you know. Oh absolutely. It it. And they should be condemned for. With -- per cent -- which killed thirty years. We lots of embassy lots of our operational. Again it's 1001. What -- the order that. We. You don't get it -- and then they said this guy out here they are aware this guy Colombia on meet the torch along came from or not but. -- -- I mean have you ever heard -- -- -- Dixie -- I -- it's about Americans we open an operation in your screen you're saying to food to. -- forget that as recently had somebody -- congressman buddies so I mean. I do believe. That's right that was the attorney general of the United States I'm gonna go yeah yeah. This -- to talk about what the National Security Council spoke for. Those areas. And he admits. Every serve and bureaucratic. Writing. Bear. In which she did not follow up -- wanted to get an order. You know what -- Really I think it's. We should not let this go like all the other stuff you got it is real. Not general our general and CI -- About two years ago at bear very. Well now the not now the house is gonna have a select committee with the trade -- whose. You know ideas are bad haircut but other than that he's a pretty good congressman. Is that very well there -- very Smart -- stopped all finally. Finally they're good at. This issue leader Nancy I don't audible ring at a bat and then it sucked up. -- got to go back you've got to bring about. OK colonel so you'll be on tomorrow night with Judy bureau yes. OK as the new bill what all Riley next week. It -- -- -- -- -- I was good -- it was they really get a good description of the white house press corps like you know he's he's right about that they don't they don't care. That they aren't prepared and has consistently built -- And and there's going to be more column. Opt out of these these memo -- general broke broke. We've -- pretty GQ Syria's got it good. In the area. And -- like you know come around to your conclusion to that you know they can't say that there's no video here because even if -- -- if they can't get that even if they can't get the exit the actual drone video from that might they've still got you know. Why else of footage of drones right that they could put up there you know and not to cover anything they want this. There's nothing classified about that video over Bangkok. They show video for eleven years these -- -- I felt war. Come on it's it's it's it's. Covering it up because the video -- show organized guy with orders. Moving. Or I would be walking around -- -- -- that's why. It it was organized. OK Carl thanks to -- -- we appreciate it. Colonel David Hunt the present which makes what is -- that -- talked it over my tax. Let's see who was first here this and what -- a couple of calls before switch over -- one of the get. Georgia are next with -- -- go -- George. -- you know it's. -- think that the president has nothing that I Bible he answered questions where he was that night what it was doing. I mean -- collect important now what he's doing. Yeah you know I am sure he would never answered questions but that's little legal -- illegal would step up to date this is what I did this. He's guilty and that's why he'll never in search of the voting question. You know what is George what is he guilty of -- was in the White House I mean how much trouble could he be getting into in the White House. They've got maybe -- should be thinking of Jack Kennedy he got into a lot of trouble in the White House. But I you know I don't I don't I don't know what -- -- OK they say well you know he was getting ready to go to Vegas the next day or for big -- fund raiser. It's all if you went to bed early I you know I understand that don't -- But now because he's. They union -- and I think you're just saying no cut -- that foreign policy and al-Qaeda that's why it's important you know what could not he said basically. Is a lot more if you would actually condemning. Like keeping all the standout repairing or they'll dying basically we don't have to -- and so what he knows the risks are you kidding me. And you'll want to work force when he threw her -- strike every single and it's a billion network still would be one. What all over the notebooks for Americans think about how they don't think correcting -- -- -- can only. Yeah no was always there was other way to what wedding party right. Remember that. That they. Other perfect perfect name for Carty. Absolutely perfect whoever did that that's a whole market that's very very very appropriate. Thank you George 1877469432. -- next. Mary you're next with how we are glad Mary. I caliakra a couple of comments and then -- act on my husband bill about questions -- -- Sure what went out of my life and I I'm in lit it and they are national art. He spent here in an. Apple here each new job -- in your knee you is there. And -- quite accurate and thank -- but they may. My -- and I urge you reader I mean. Very proud of our military all of and -- after eight years that -- I mean -- now what. -- no. Candidate. I don't -- it doesn't about lights are. Unborn life and light. Yeah -- entering she's been happ went right now get out the back in the later he's not. -- -- -- -- At the stats aren't. -- marriage. -- -- I don't trust you know I'm not my child -- young man. People turn their act. And it back and watch it in real time how we watched. People -- And. I know -- there was a story earlier this week saying Moeller Nielsen millennial generation doesn't trust the government. What generation currently alive does trust the government. After these last few years I don't think anybody trust the government -- put your husband ought to be your question for Paul page. I -- say cheating John and then it Bennett Donna that that they -- that you guys were in charge that I. And I wonder what -- qualifications were in charge and let. Madonna is now the chief of staff from the White House so he must pick and a promotion he must've been pretty good to covered up some -- I don't know what Bob Brennan. Yet we haven't hit a thoroughbred they would have thought differently about -- OK and don't don't and how much security. And security act and let it ought to be trashed and -- No they didn't say the that the New York Times and and a CBS. Were were there before the FBI wants to begin the investigation. Anyway butcher helped -- -- -- last year to put her husband on. She's she's gone okay we're -- to take a break we come back gonna. But it just wanted to talk about a little bit about this wanna talk also about this unemployment. This unemployment report today and a the the number of people that are are now not working 800000 more on shall we were losing. Were losing workers last month that the rate of what 25000 today. We're thrown in the towel and this is this is good news. This is good news more good news for the for the state run media 18774694322. Now are.