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Walid Shoebat exposes Muslim Brotherhood connection in Ben Rhodes' email. 5/5/2014

May 5, 2014|

What do you make of this?

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Sport and I don't. -- great WRKO. NAM fixated. And now on 93 point seven page 326172666860. -- does need for rising. House speaker John Boehner AKA -- him. Now under increasing pressure from many Americans from conservatives -- my house Republicans. On Friday afternoon finally acquiesced. He has now been ordered the creation of a select special committee. To investigate Ben Ghazi. In the wake of the smoking gun email. Whereby Ben ropes. Deputy national security advisor White House spokesman. Sends off an email we now have it. Two key people within Obama's political inner circle. Directing Susan Rice and others to blame the attacks on the anti Muslim video and knocked on al-Qaeda. Which we now know was a complete lie. Any deliberate attempt to construct a phony political narrative to deceive the American people. In the middle of an intense reelection campaign. However. While lead sure about one of the most respected experts on the Middle East in particular on radical Islam com. Also has new explosive revelations. About that email and in particular one member of the of the group that received that email we're now joined by wall lead -- but. From sure about the dot com while Lee thank you so much for coming back on the corner report. Yeah. So what -- so apparently. A lot of people were on that email about 1012 people most of them -- to pull out Obama's political staff. You lot of stuff for -- staffer for Hillary Clinton but according -- investigation and you say there's another person on that email. And you should give a lot of Americans some serious pause take it from there -- -- Well earned the smoking got an email that reveals. You know who instructed Susan Rice to blink of an event -- stuck with a video that it exposes one recipient. Named men and BK. And -- He goes by that DT and happening as well as may -- see that happening in the government he admitted he -- -- present. But he is meant DC a crisis in reality. -- I think he was the leader of the Muslim student association. -- Muslim Brotherhood front. Well with this guy be recipient to that email and -- for the president. He he was the president. Not just anybody the president of the Muslim Students Association. That is basically linked -- the Muslims that this ample evidence to even from these are the construction of the -- -- but at the university campuses. And he attended also the sister mosque of the Islamic Society Boston cultural center but that's what the mosque is about the mosque. That basically was attended also by Boston Marathon bombers. -- the mystery. Holland at -- it looked through the Crocs to become a special assistant. -- -- office of the chief of staff National Security. Council stuff. And the executive office all of the president of the United States that we do not know how this slipped through the cracks. It's obviously meant that many. Of the -- You know the -- of -- I've been seen in this should vindicate. But Michelle Bachmann who brought the issue to front. That Muslim Brotherhood agents infiltrated into the government and she was basically. I shouted out bye everybody. That's what happened is affiliation. To Islamist groups. And that the -- It's held in the document published by the Islamic institute of Boston. It's entitled participants. But the citizen dialogue group one of the participants. Well this is US State Department initiatives. Was -- deep and company. The fact -- his -- is all but I think he identifies himself as a student. The George Washington University. Who was president of the student most from association from 2005. And 2006. And also served an -- in both the White House and the US State Department but let's understand. What does this Muslim Students Association at George Washington University. It was founded by none other than not the men and I'm will be. A -- but -- Liu the convicted terrorists. It was involved in in terrorism. In fact as. We just with clothes the -- the deputy chief of staff. About the second significant -- -- might -- being served on that same sport. In the George Washington university and necessary in 1997. And let's not forget. It was none of them. But on the water and we that he. What since the expiration of the Fort Hood. Jihadist and there and to dogmatic -- You know -- become a chaplain for that and as a chapter. Which I'm -- that not just for the follower but that it. And -- the also worked for the -- somebody sent in execute. Which actively collaborates with the Arab American action network. And care. The crap out of American action network was folded in Chicago. By and then of -- then pushy attitude -- Palestinian. Look at that total all of the PLO or press agency at -- tall and weigh in the PO old designated as a terrorist organization. Kennedy is also a friend of president Barack Hussein Obama. So now we linked to dog. But there is -- there is more. This citizen follow exclusion which -- happening with the ball and you'll. Was accompanied by -- give Russia and follow and that's multiple. Have access to the hold of the US Apollo forty year. Not sure what's populate litigation. That had access to the Oval -- -- the Bush Administration. That's in the days of the title after the 9/11. And currently sits on the board of the highly suspect civilian emergency task force. What former about a digital mosque chairman established one. Well -- the -- newly revealed. Collaborates also would. None other than the pope's spiritual. Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood -- due -- -- although we -- the full tools we have done reports and assembled for the oldest. So polluted linked together and his extensive information for people to find out on the web site which -- -- -- for the last two weeks. This story of course approved hiding over the -- that he had the mom all his mosque. So it's always very interlinked and very obvious. That these people are infiltrators and have known this since the days -- myself was involved. In that many of these islamists. We're talking about. Working as interns at the White House and of course the most important agenda is very obvious. To intervene into the US agenda ground zero mosque to whom I'd be deemed to all these circles. As to destroy. The United States from within has very little revealed. In the documents in the Muslim -- documents. We are talking with the while lead sure but you can read more of his incredible investigative reporting actual -- dot com. He is one of the leading experts on the Middle East and on Islamic terrorism in the world. Wally I just wanna focus back on -- -- for a second and on that explosives smoking gun emails. So which are telling us is one of the recipients of that email. Was in fact somebody with deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood correct. Why would somebody like not be on the receiving what why would they be on the receiving end of that email. Well that's a very difficult question to answer but it is obvious. That if you look at the intense which we can reveal the right after the -- before Egypt itself. That this video was not the issue even from the Islamist movement itself in Egypt. That this elephant in the Muslim Brotherhood has concocted an idea. Well basically. Twisting the arms of the US the Europeans. To make it illegal. To speak panicking thinking it's -- so that didn't walk -- feed you -- similar -- what happens. The video became crucial point and -- many people working with a president. As low as the president probably himself if we look at the family -- mean this is something we need to study about. The president himself his family connections. His -- dramatic. In other Brothers and uncle -- I eat the whole family is really pro Muslim brotherhood of process look at the prologue have it. So you know it looks like it's you know now we know this issue came not from Ben -- that came from the president himself the president himself. Had this agenda. And that's something Dominican people have to come to the forefront. To basically face to. That we don't have a president. Whose allegiances is not for the United States when it comes to these issues he covered up the whole thing we all knew it was from -- machete or. The State Department at first it was a portion now. All these -- was scrubbed off. As a result of this. Now we know who scrubbed up all this information. Unfortunately I was the schools by the Libyan government. When we first even brought documents that -- from the Libyan government showing. And followed it should be I agents even the Egyptian. Government that the -- both that'd be Mohamed -- once was president prime the president of Egypt we know. That -- -- from functioning we know that involvement of terrorism but all -- scrubbed away well would become part of the issue of terrorism. Because the issue at the forefront. Is not the terrorism all of the war on terror put the issue on the forefront is to basically. Begin to twist arms. Also the legal system in the US. So we know the First Amendment is undermined. And we cannot say anything against this that and that's the goal political fumble site. -- that's what we discovered. Okay now Wally I want you develop this a little bit more talk and a wall lead sure about. He's written several books he's consider one of the world's leading experts on Islamic terrorism. On the Middle East he in fact was a former terrorist himself. As a young man he then converted to christianity he renounced this terrorism -- he has extensive knowledge of the ideology of Islam. The terrorist networks -- as long you can read his stuff unsure about dot com. While -- this is the 64000 dollar question. We have the attacks September 11 2012. Four Americans including ambassador Chris Stevens are murdered in a terrorist coordinated premeditated terrorist attack. Why did the White House cover it up why did they blamed the anti Muslim video Mike Furrey wise. That they wanted to save the president's political bacon. Because she was campaigning that Osama bin Laden was dead al-Qaeda was on the run. This was seven weeks from the election and so he couldn't have -- blow up in his face so they had to find a distraction and the anti Muslim video was a distraction. Do you agree would -- -- theory or do you have another theory. Followed different did view is that fear but electoral. That's President Obama affiliation was almost Muslim Brotherhood. Well would he go to Egypt and give the green light called a revolution in Egypt. I mean blended them also would become all of a sudden it viable entity to become. Accepted in the Egyptian government -- Egyptian people themselves. Finally cut -- and Obama has not put these easy. He's always been calling for leniency. And of course you had even Mohamed Morsi. Just rider alone before the clock was demanding the release of the show excluded all kinds of things involved. The release of a blood -- behind these first bombing. That you notion that men that's involved we have evidence in which. You know it doesn't make any sense for Mohamed -- could be saying that United States should release the blood chased. And they would that -- -- very likely that the attack and then it doesn't work regarding the release of machine that wouldn't you know. That was botched and other awards is that it that it ended up with a desperate Stephens -- smoke and -- So we need to look at the whole -- from its inception from the beginning. The golden ball not just the president of the US but the Egyptian government as well and why is that you know -- the United States -- why -- is President Obama. So -- and eating the Muslim Brotherhood which still -- the Obama conciliation really. It's still an Islamist. -- of mindset and that is something that is unpardonable sin to speak on the radio program. To see that the president is affiliated with -- -- -- family in which we have recordings even we were the first established according. Locals played Obama was that every member in the -- Obama family is also -- that would include the president. So this is beat them you know imponderable question taught school what is really different leadership of President Obama consult. And that is why -- -- -- so important it goes right to the top. Cool until told -- wrote to basically cover up the whole thing -- to have been the president himself. And -- your further point on I think are really major point. Is that this man the this this producer of this video was sent to prison for a year. He was basically imprisoned for defaming the Muslim religion and a Prophet Mohammed. And that was a tremendous blow the First Amendment so you're saying in that sense if you want the creeping Islam socialization of America. It worked. They blame the video they blamed the attacks on him on the video they sent the man to prison and basically the First Amendment took a major blow MI. Am I misreading your opinion here. No he's not in fact we talked -- started there was about how the government was fighting me. In shock are heavily courted by -- still make it themselves. Not all of the seat in the -- how -- filed -- contact information. Is unbelievable. He called me up. The twist -- all to be fighting and and you know he contacted me -- this -- and the -- of the unicorn how -- I know about it. Well he wasn't very close friend or my first comment he had an element. Now he was a collaborator with the federal government in fact this is not just -- statement. This -- in the court records when he was released in 2009. He made a plea bargain that he would help the government. To catch my cup and Indian parliament. Now what happened yet Solomon was accidentally caught in Canada. The Canadian government -- police we have -- emails from the Canadian government. Contacted me. Wondering why do you system did not want to take he had follow -- Into custody he's very wanted and that was the plea bargain the movie -- remained. Now why -- the US not want this -- he was the ball and it -- look before he was the reason why that the live if you look what was released. So it is very likely that not all of the -- the -- I've been working with a government for Clinton -- for obvious reasons we do not know about. But all we do know. Is that he. Became an agent a federal agent when he began to collaborate with the federal government the US federal government. And the FBI. And that's all on record -- proven fact people could take a look at. The reports that we reported. In which this filmmaker collaborated with the federal government. Now -- father of the extent of that collaboration regarding the movie we do not know. But we we do know is that the extent of collaboration to -- in the tortoise got it done by the name will be yet Solomon. Who happens to be the first -- and how -- -- -- information. What would you be calling me what would you want you to put my old to just to be strident. This is becoming very very suspect and this is -- and concern. While lead another major issue regarding Ben Ghazi. Was that we could have rescued ambassador -- -- -- -- ambassador Stephens -- Shaun Smith. But death legal and our ready and Tiger Woods that they should have sent in this went on for 678 hours. The attack took place over a long period of time we had an air force base less than an hour away in Sicily. How come military reinforcements were never sent why do you think Obama gave the order for the military to stand down. Well that is a very difficult question to answer it's you know we do not have information as wind the president. So or whoever -- them to stand now. But we we do understand is that this was -- a rock bottom photo -- -- which is distributed to the Muslim Brotherhood as well. So the success of death doctor -- accomplished. No we do know is that whatever the president ordered that is just stopping or whatever. You know if it did basically the terrorist of completing their mission. This is basically. That the trail. The American people literally it's the betrayal and this is why we've been speaking about this for all -- and nothing's been done. Now this you know what we can say in the Middle East one data snow melt. And all the crap under will be revealed no the crap under is becoming every revealed. What do you make of the select committee do you think if Republicans pushing ahead. Ultimately -- lead what do you think they're gonna find are they gonna find a criminal conspiracy. By the Obama White House to cover up what took place -- Ghazi and deceive the American people. Do you think ultimately that's -- Republicans will find. Absolutely you dig deeper I mean you'll find out even when the State Department wouldn't -- Federal government within the FBR -- and infiltration -- infiltration of the most of that was from which we showed Bachmann brought. What tremendous evidence that she was basically yelled out but every Tom Dick and Harry in the congress. And she was basically shot. You know she would shut up because she did not you know they did not want basically the embarrassment that this causes. It's called as a major embarrassment -- just -- -- Democrats but also some Republicans. So it is very very interesting to know. That this infiltration has been going on for years we've been monitoring this then there's many agencies that monitored such such infiltration. People position stems from the top while what this car company be working for the president. Why would he surround himself with the saudis got to do is what pro Muslim Brotherhood. What would shut them the same BB BB your writing is going to be involved in running his speech in Cairo. In the historic speech. Why would -- gravity works for Hillary Clinton 2047. Who we know her mother or not is not just the number of the most improbable and -- leader in the Muslim -- but the organization. This has been very taught in that case in which the infiltration of the Luxembourg has. No began years ago into the government and when Obama took office it just basically Marshall. It mushroomed to a point that the Muslim Brotherhood -- to dictate policy in the United States. -- -- I got about two minutes. You've talked about the president's connections. To the Muslim Brotherhood and too radical islamists. You mentioned whom Aberdeen. The clintons. If they should come back to power in 2016. Bill and Hillary Clinton how deep are their hearts to islamists and to the Muslim Brotherhood. Well if you look at just 1% of the one who was. Very involved with the Muslim Brotherhood this has been improved by several article we published. In which children exchange between Bill Clinton and the sound the warning whose affiliate. Not all of them but pop's spiritual leader of global slump Bubba vote. -- -- -- -- And you those emails back and forth between Bill Clinton. In which the Muslims. Wanted to basically. -- The Bill Clinton and say what he did for -- Muslim community. Now Bill Clinton refused to meet with the -- -- at the dog could you have mosque because of the tortoise connect. So -- that Bill Clinton knew. About it you know mosque which percent to one Iran. Is basically the obvious and very suspect that the meeting and the collaboration between emails. And between private meetings we have focused approve it. Between the -- applauding. Who is a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood. And Bill Clinton. Has been established and -- in that case so we show. That not only -- the big -- and Hillary Clinton but also with Bill Clinton himself. And his relationships with the -- of wanting. And Islam but the product that is knowingly. That this is in the audience group -- continue to cooperate with -- entities. Knowing that these are a major problem President Obama also and also from major problem well what -- bubbles from government agents to work for you. Not just at the federal level but the state level I think department. Four in the capital him to the State Department to the president's Oval Office. Dole is in all very shady characters. Not only work -- employees but also visit. And also you know his older -- visits of President Obama will we know -- medical Obama is is an established he evolved how about Steffi. It's an event in Yemen. You know he works. With the product Vatican's Glor. Not only Egypt but and so does well he's he -- he's an employee his brother is employees. Well the Sudanese government. And Elvis Lebanese government is that a distant terse statement. By our old rules. Lot with the president's brother be working parent and visiting the president and still everything is hunky go to family wise with the president never announced. We have been talking with while lead sure bat. Truth teller a whistle blower one of the leading experts on radical Islam. Terrorism Muslim terrorism in the Middle East. Gold too sure about the dot com. Literally true SH OE bout like a baseball -- BAP. Sure about dot com you can read all of his articles all of his blogs the information there. Is impeccable. It's deep it's profound. And my friends it's important. -- lead dynamite stuff as usual take care we'll have you back on again soon. Go to a lesser -- 6172666868. Is the number. You've now heard while we'd sure about what you think was the real reason behind the bench -- the attacks on the cover up. John Boehner now once they select committee. Democrats are threatening to boycott it. Should Democrats boycotted should we have a select committee. Do we should we find out everything that happened and -- -- all of your calls next.