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The MERS Virus - Dr. Wayne Marasco, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

May 13, 2014|

The MERS Virus - Dr. Wayne Marasco, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute by financialexchange

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Joined right now by this is doctor Wayne Roscoe he's infectious disease physician Dana Farber cancer institute and doctor thank you so much for joining us this morning. -- -- -- Merck verse is is what we're talking about here would you would you explain to our listeners exactly what that is and and what the symptoms Mike Dee. Well hey it's a quarter hours on -- distant wrote about the source. Which sort of pandemic a decade ago and treat it goes forward this when the system related. But of course this Rust Belt there's and can lead in more severe case to in my own. And down and in other -- certainly European -- I kidney disease developing answers all of that well but it's really who lord. And -- how many cases have been verified over in the Middle East. Oh there's well over a hundred was that this regard because he coached for hundreds of 300 pound. Actually -- four under. It's been confirmed the sport and these cases are fatal. -- -- -- -- -- At this point but you know we don't know that number's going to be sustained as the our regional health. Ortiz in the global health the racial that are sort of -- -- -- February -- it early diagnosis will lead to people -- need to -- -- department's culture earlier that this week has been about thirty. This 44 year old man who was infected with this virus was on a plane -- on four planes in fact 11 landed here in Boston. And the CDC is trying to identify how those people would have been on that that played. Are they actually at risk. Well in these CDC actually do their epidemiological. Work on yours to make sure it. -- we understand. Him. The risk contenders of transmission. So we know that there -- Oscars and this is what has happened to me in Saudi Arabia and I'm being pretty current culture. Here. Individuals that become an -- from patience. And likewise. Of course ritual as partners and industry. Council. There's -- -- this. Can lead to transmission errors on. These early days ago -- calm I think to conserve. Is he. Of course -- document library aren't secondary. And tertiary case. Could occur. You'll remember. Sort of what you know that story this -- it's. Poor when there's. Political support for -- people or -- that actually led to. Structure of other people on those air play but at this point. I would say that the there's no evidence to support. That would occur. I certainly think he EC. History right precautionary note. In terms of contract he he when making these secondary tertiary current urged the -- -- -- You know global -- warm weather and our security institute. Now. It presents itself sort of like a cult correct -- Okay and and what what makes it different -- -- doing what direction days ago because. In we have listeners who recently have cold symptoms we don't want them to think they have immersed. Well possible you know they don't. Think it's pretty clear you know this is really reachable call on this at this point. On I would say that. We know that animals are instructed we know from your logic in particular decade ago. That there are a number of camels were attracted even a decade ago. With a police developed -- burst before. You know wherever the evidence of transmission so. At this point you really compare it to you -- -- contract -- The Middle East where you'd be concerned. You know -- copper -- it would really be. Similar -- the case that we've seen so forum where. We were sort -- radio. And you know that's sort of via the ideologically. I will say -- -- from you know which symptoms of sore throat and of course -- tract construction in the cups and about current car. -- you can rest sure this is more. Over you know -- were sort of fortunate. You know in some ways -- cities. Alerts. Aren't here because it can be much more complicated as this. -- outbreaks were very important overseas where he knows that the earliest symptoms of -- upper respiratory. Tract symptoms and -- and call you know could be mistaken for in order. Sure absolutely. And and one final question here's our armed. Is possibly called them the super carriers that you know we've identified this individual is someone who was on that airplane four of them in fact. It can one person truly bring something into a country can they can they change their course of a disease like that. Well -- -- there is certainly. There's no evidence. Were there but it held a range of possibilities however -- cool and sort of just to put option punctuation mark corner. Comment. If that -- were there are still evident that this could lead tertiary. Instruction in other words secondarily. The person from someone an airplane and other. You know I'm elderly and individuals some sort of like you know increase in circles. Of construction so. I don't. Have these really old country cute amateur don't think there's any evidence that there should be. Currently in the -- or your all you know work we're trying to understand what he. Little -- could be born. What we would consider martial arts. -- the sport clearly of the past it was called me in your face it was belonged. That's sports. At this point -- you know we don't have a good. Doctor thank you so much for joining us today. Some great organization thank you.