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Sen Scott Brown On Gun Control

May 13, 2014|

Senator Scott Brown retired from the Army National Guard today after 35 years of service with the rank of colonel. We spoke with Sen. Brown from Washington about his current senate race in New Hampshire.

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Here in the beginning of the show today we have video of this it. From a former US senator Scott Brown -- you're down to Washington today what's going on. Well -- ambush as the -- probably ninety plus degrees and humid as usual but. -- toll it's about fifty year you know the winners dragon on. Some leeway note that a crazy winter and now. But they're just Tuesday able to in my retirement ceremony at around with the general grass that was so officiating it when. Up to 35 years I'm afraid to say -- -- -- put its. That's what you're you're out of the National Guard and what was your row what was your record retirement. I'm a colonel Russell bird colonel and we go to a 2 June 30. The ceremony was today and no Galen -- and Ariana and it was fiancee were able to come down and a lot of former staff and friends senator curt came over it was it was very very pleasant very very nice ceremony it's just kinda continuing number wanted to break up for our or agreement end here -- Welcome congratulations. And thank you for your service we appreciate it. It's been it's been fun that they don't miss about it most is the camaraderie that the folks that are here the people men and women who are serving just met some amazing citizen soldiers and I received regular army regular marine forces. Just great people just just great great heroes on this that a little bit melancholy about it at. Really. I reached I'm a mandatory. School mandatory removal date. When you're certain you -- thirty years as an officer. It's time to. I'm a big they are you are going to church -- And I'm sure there were a little bit more amenable about the adjusting to your schedule let's say Chuck Schumer office like seek to work call you know -- was right he was he did everything but pull your fingernails out during the week when he twelve campaign. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah they're serving and then they kind of kind of the deputy counsel of the chief counsel working on. A lot of issues might change we actually we wrote -- implemented and slowly and sports in whose sexual assault regulations for a National Guard. And they're really really doing yeoman work when it comes to. Addressing that very serious issues so that was something I was. We're very proud of and also making -- when I was -- US senator making sure that we had. Are the general the National Guard bureau become a member of the joint chiefs is that relationship for the garden. Especially to have that. In country knowledge of what was going through and and the ability to take those assets and then -- from around the world -- To help with the with the battle it's so important so that's something -- Really very very happy with it is time now and I was on the armed services. Well let's talk about let's talk a little bit about the senate race here I saw an idea poll yesterday that said though Obama's favorability numbers in New Hampshire it's on the 36%. In -- then someone told me today about a poll haven't seen it writing yet that said you were only four points down to what Jeanne Shaheen. And that's pretty damn good and but those numbers for Obama pretty damn bad for her I mean -- it's how wise how are you feeling about this. So very very balanced about everything. That's the sense that I get the news yeah Obama care clearly is the most important issue and -- I voted priority retired street still. I'm gonna vote against could be -- the 51 senator to. Make every other senator the 51 senator repeal obamacare were reconciliation. And and start over let the individual states do what they've done there's been done in other states and got a Massachusetts and it can be done and any state quite honestly so. Looking forward to getting back down it feels good we have all of this show different -- Colorado. It's it's pretty pretty close which is -- pretty positive. Yeah not cheat sheet she important what percent of the time did she vote with -- -- who was not really been exact or. -- read that 90% NC last year that McCain and give or it was a hundred. And people of New Hampshire. So she -- with Obama more than here re read them yes yeah yeah yeah I've -- so that's scary. It's unfortunate because when I travel around the state people say you actually an -- I suppose I'm more -- I've worked under. Armed services together that's not the issue the issue is how are you voting hours you represented. Interest that are of the the people of New Hampshire because don't forget she was the deciding motor obamacare she didn't vote against every single. Grandfather an amendment to protect people's so doctors and nurses and hospitals she looked. No need for its Karachi she told -- -- -- where wherever I've -- I mean it's still up there are new to budgets even Barbara swine. These -- 2009 the president and the Portsmouth I explored. So you can keep your -- -- -- -- -- -- that's not happening in in New Hampshire there's only one ensure. And as a result of that one insurer. The the ability of people -- Should get there caring coverages and keep their boxes especially in Europe and people outside the network. It's truly devastating -- you throw in the veterans fact that they had traveled many times in the Boston it's. It's a whole different ball game when it comes to the medical. Availability and an opposite. -- -- of one of our one of your brother followed when -- senators Scott I don't know if you saw this today Bernie Sanders. From Vermont is now blaming the Coke Brothers for the chaos of the veterans administration hospitals can. -- mean he's he's he's he's one opt Harry Reid. Yeah well that's unfortunate bottom line it says you know -- is I think we discussed that. The veterans administration has broken -- called for secretary consecutive. Step daughter gets fired because. Those backlogs in just out of control when I was there -- order chipped it 500 days. It's worship people dying. What we did we're able to have sealed hearings and actually bring -- BA from Boston. Which did a very nice job a new new person in there. Really connect them directly with the veterans one I want spirit bring in his file me with so and so this is your case person. And get position not only get awards were people that could duplicate the years to get. VA benefits for soldiers who would it deserving of them. And there's some amazing nonprofit groups and -- knowing messages has been in New England who you can go in as a former sort of able take its its work. Sure nothing and they we'll watch it through that process and some of these groups of a 100% success straight. In getting these claims narrowed down to virtually nothing. -- yet you what you are you know why you always have a good good constituent services staff and go yeah. One of the best we had to obviously big shoes to fill and I'm looking forward it would just. That's why you kept a lot of -- you kept a lot of homeowners and I don't -- you know I don't wanna know. Except some some former Kennedy staffers -- they were very happy family winters and there is one of -- it's not -- -- In the country in dealing with -- immigration issues -- a passport. And you last that you you need to be got it down go to a wedding you'll get it the next say issues. Truly brilliant and we have some good good people and and hopefully get a call back. Well what what what are what are your thoughts about the it Elizabeth Warren's book you know about her little sort of rewriting of history and. Guys so you Rhode you know I. I don't have much to say about it you know she can do what she's doing and I'm gonna focus on what I'm doing and what I'm doing is trying to win ascendancy to the people in New Hampshire and then take back take back the senate but all those -- and Harry -- -- in. And put him on the president's desk rescuers had really gotten us this actually Obama would like to be putting a lot -- -- -- ask well -- -- -- -- -- fast fast track towards the president's desk. You know dealing with -- our debt deficit you know is that they're very important issues of state. Facing a kind of -- -- and reform policy don't forget and I think my memory certainly are stranded try to remember back. Shall tell me you're losing your memory like Doug and Hillary Clinton now comprise. So well -- but remember we talked about spoke over Iran and I almost two years ago wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton's famous and these people this group should be on the terrorist watch this week they need to be deemed a terrorist organization. And then have filed legislation to -- and thereafter at this file again and went actually to -- senators and means committee Byrd dies. Mean these are things that are all real at all coming back to haunt us in quite honestly we deserve better. Well the you know the the New York Times which is of course the the propaganda sheet of the Obama administration. They're saying they're saying that that there was a headline from three years and I'm just looking for right now said. Vocal are promised oh here it is. In Nigeria vocal -- rom is not the problem. That was too -- I was just two years ago in the New York Times. Well we know better it is a problem and the fact that they're kidnapping young children for ransom and obviously it's a political purposes as there's a long Heathrow and what's happening there what's happening obviously in Ukraine. -- is happening and invest in Syria and it's really laughable foreign policy so we need to also. Send a message to the rest of the world. That United States is back in business to look at the military let's look at a lot of things that have been -- executive order and and really focus on. Not only have foreign policy bit. More importantly getting rid of Obama articulate so. In Tripoli and in which wind and to adjust and don't forget every business person who had a business it's going to be next comes after the election -- right. The president actually through it and take it -- pushed it back so I'm not stalled and that they pushed it back. After the election well that's the next round hopes this let me answer if you own a business and encourage -- Get on Scott Brown dot com and give me the tools to have to battle because I'm gonna go around him and and and empower every senator hopefully some. Some democratic senators to repeal that thing and -- never be veto proof as well. Scott there's another great story today in the about the obamacare -- waste there's a company called circle and Saint Louis. And they hired them forbidding him contract a 1000000200 million dollars 22. It to process the be written applications for obamacare the ones that couldn't get through because of the broken down bus systems like one of Massachusetts. So they there were apparently no one's doing anything if these companies they're still hiring people but they had they were asking TV reports were asking them. Are there days when some people don't don't process a single application. And the personal -- there's a -- weeks when people don't apple I don't process single application and another another billion to down the troops. I always have the money that's been wasted in the Shia are. And dispose of implementation. The fixing it -- six in an attempt to enter the correct is astronomical. And in this -- devastating. And you and act -- about it you and all your listeners have been so zealous in saying. It's not there for our country it's not that our air for our region is not the first stage. It's it's it's. It's a disaster. And order episode so that I pointed out that they were gonna have record is a trillion dollars -- customers use diplomatic of them Hastert is gonna effect. Our businesses and our in our region and that you would have these longer lines lesser coverage says doctors would be upset. We we need to we need to get it back ministry tell us such Federalist approach are allowed the states that. Section out for them so they can do a better they know what they need and make an address all the concerns that they're going to be bringing up a step mr. repeal obamacare. How how what the New Hampshire senate yesterday killed in state tuition it and it was pretty much of a moot point house already killed that but how would you how would you vote on -- instinct. You know I've already voted I -- it's quite a few times. There's no reason to provide in state tuition benefits. How about how I generally Kelly -- wanting amnesty or you know would be your run your fellow and utter genius. My position on on immigration -- I'm not in favor factory amnesty that's way voted against the DREAM Act Tim and I do not support the president's efforts to. To put all the and all those votes ahead of the four point six million people have been. Following the law aren't doing the right way it's it's it's not something -- sort of supported the -- Hambrecht and -- that. 978 says New Hampshire resident and volunteer for the New Hampshire GOP please Scott Brown about his position on the so called. Assault weapon or high capacity -- to ban last time or read directly related to keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally -- which is a different issue. Well I believe that any person -- same person I should have the ability to you know carry and bear arms I am retiring today. After 35 years of providing those rights for people aren't helping. To preserve their positions say a few military bear arms I have had a problem like many others that I know of people who have who are mentally ill severely mentally ill that should not be anywhere near -- firearm. But to think that we should not have the ability to turn our social issues. Something that I could. And never support in terms of taking -- those rights. Have been on those records I remember how can you kind of -- and a chocolate about it. When I -- -- the darling of the NRA and messages. Right could -- -- more than that regularly checked and every Garrett. Right how when these veterans hospitals are a disgrace my wife worked at one as a nurse one day at a VA hospital in Rhode Island -- 23 patients all by yourself less than three minutes book patient doing around its. Will it bottom line how are you you had a situation and senator -- was running against senators and then she's that we need to have a full service hospital in New Hampshire. And she's gonna get it done well guess what she has not done that at all and it's a problem when you have veterans not. Well in New Hampshire specifically driving. An hour plus to get basic care coverages he backlogs are incredible. -- Massachusetts. They are some of the hardest working people. In the VA and and Massachusetts I've been there I've visited them there they're doing yeoman work eight and angelic work. With the resources that they're being given that they need more in need more bodies they need to have the ability to outsource on the willing to outsource especially in the mental health. Issues jumping or pushed or they have their regulation to do it wanna keep everything in house and as a result of your soul well. So bottom line is yes there's a problem at the creation strategy should resign or be fired. It's unacceptable. And we need to have better this year as deserving is that as a mechanism there are mechanisms to address these issues that. They don't want to think outside the box that's why I'm looking forward to getting back from the veterans committee. And help out. -- at least -- wanna know more about this this -- -- and took questions but do you support a ar fifteen style rifles and thirty round clips yes or no. No problem I've never commented -- never voted on changing any type of clips or magazines at all I am not so what can show me one of those votes -- -- efficacy as. I have made my position very clear -- young musicians do you live. Currently there are many times I have been a strong and long supporter of the ability to keep military bear arms Chad. High ratings for an -- go to the point where. Folks have been using those ratings against the US state rep states senator United States senator I like many other people however it was moved. What happened in. You know and many of the situations in Utah and others. When you have people with severe mental. Don't miss Stewart getting their hands on weapons and city to address that and -- bottom. I'm at a propose any new legislation. We have realized just need to enforce them. -- -- a blast the new machines unleashes on the air right now is entry. We share your -- at a coach a team should gains on the air now isn't she attacking. Actually this is on the air talking about promoting her. Is this record and her work for veterans and a bit distracted as a member of the small business and is the chairwoman of it is abysmal -- I'd be and other groups of given her very very low low -- stop -- she voted for every tax increase almost every regulation that's anti business. Hard churches and spare room and all these other -- She's in favor card checks. Oh my god card checks for but the public the carbon tax Sheehan favorite and I don't -- she isn't felt but she used to be in favor of art director. I don't -- misspeak but I know that she served against the Keystone Pipeline which is something that is a no brainer it's it's been asked and answered it's. -- -- good union nonunion jobs creating an opportunity to put more oil in the system. Stabilize the market step back from our dependence or oil make sure we establish the great relationship. Well -- raiders trading partner Canada. It's it's a no brainer she's against an important and I'm kind of surprised a lot of unions as saying well you know she's against it sulphide -- an error like illustrates. Then they came out of the -- good middle. Class jobs they can have the higher. Health care costs. -- obamacare and on and on time so that. Which means that you know the unions the unions work against you when Massachusetts. In large don't work and that -- -- and I mean just went directly to the yeah. To the union also in the -- the members and value the most votes I mean you are just gonna have to do the same thing again. That a good amount we're gone right for every vote Democrat independent honor -- Republican. It's just so. It's been fun I'm not gonna -- it's been a lot of fun being a spokesman. Talking to them about the issue is that without a doubt the biggest issue affecting everything is Obama care. The lack of a an energy policy the high cost of tuition and longer to get out of school. You know throw that in the lack of good paying middle class jobs and just see the lack of functionality of the senate the psyche gets -- down -- voting. More than Harry Reid votes of the president is so it's a problem people wanna change. What the so why how many times how many counts you hitting a dead day in on your own an -- it. -- -- 20250. Miles a day where. We're going everywhere everywhere some titles started right there you know receiver and go up to Manchester and up -- look Sony had. Over in north north to north Conway and then maybe done a national or mineral wrapped up back up and and riots and slime it's been a lot of fun these people and seeing what there. -- are different truck. That's essentially get almost a 300000 mile of -- to -- -- -- to redo the brakes and do the differentials and and spend a little money to get an upgraded and then Richard and -- -- in the middle of the month. OK let's I got to try one more time they are all over me try one Mort do you -- do you post an assault weapons ban. I would have been very clear along and strong record protecting people's rights carrying bear arms if there's a vote that so don't want to show that I've taken that says otherwise please show me. But I have had like many other people's concerns about. People are very serious mental disabilities getting -- is gaining access to the weapons and that's something that I think everybody agrees on. I'm not going down that are proposing any gun legislation Jeanne -- has an -- rating. I'm my door is always been open will continue to be open and number I don't work for every person of good will on this issue so just to make sure that you know everybody's. Used to been -- I'm not quite sure -- -- say. Who who -- is so why. How -- you think she's gonna outspend you in this race or not I don't know -- They promote have the resources or -- simply money I don't think money's going to be an issue people wanna help but she's got a little bit of an upstart like three million -- and start. No attention out for him I'd appreciate it we'll get nonstop -- on the health. In -- people wanna if you wanna work for UN the New Hampshire around. We're in Manchester we have other offices opening up that it's going to be fine I remember all the all the folks coming down from New Hampshire helping amassed well guess what. I'm have some fun and everyone around them up to New Hampshire and -- on two attempts we can take back the senate take back our country and the proper message to the president in the world and they were back in business folks that it must -- some fine. You know the a lot of a lot of a suspicions that there was a lot of shenanigans going on on the with the same day registration in New Hampshire. As you as you well know and tough. Do you think are you concerned about that of you -- are you working -- a way. And we have a plan for every contingency -- -- gonna continue to execute that plan. Obviously kids who are. Thinking about changing going -- barely got to understand that if they're not from. And New Hampshire is that some of their financial aid and other. Opportunities to be -- you know I'm hopeful that they're going in there with -- right intentions but you know what what medical inflation that votes as well. It is it was still available 617. Now about us getting married July and they're both getting married I -- two -- July and August this year -- -- Baylor and end Ariana and I'm here -- With their fiance so no they are not available but they're I'm blessed they're both. So great kids and working hard and Ameritech it was going to -- Turkey Egypt Greece and one other place. Two put forth -- the she's going to Nigeria. No she's now she's going to perform for the troops over the fourth of July weekend so -- happy that she's still involved in that. What would you tell Jeanne Shaheen if you want to if you could speak to our right now pretend she's listening right now. Well knows you as a patient just listing you with their colleagues within that everything that's. I've not accelerate them and it just some people of New Hampshire and the people of New England. We have a real opportunity. Exact person and take back the country if you -- repeal obamacare and you and have a check and balance what the president is doing them. Gotta take over the senate that the best way to do it folks and I can do little on -- And -- looking forward to it Ozzie because he's. There's and then got that whole that whole area how -- whether it's. We have been hearing so I I remember participating in them. And it was very clear that we were not getting accurate information truthful honest which means that they have said listen we screwed up. And we made a mistake in my -- so sorry this is what the editor thinks that it'll never happen again that's one point but they -- all all they -- all they. They intimidated witnesses. It was news it's still I'm thankful that there's new as investigative committee in the house going forward. I'm I'm very appreciative -- ever does that is that parents and loved ones emergencies need to know what happened and and then we need to make sure it never happens again. And that and -- in court. Safeguards in place to make sure that that's the case. Did did you hear -- Eleanor -- the other day on the McLaughlin group she said you know it's important to remember they -- rumor that the the ambassador was not murdered he died of smoke inhalation. Yeah -- -- is there this. Well uneven pattern common on most -- sorry everyone knows what -- out. Slow so not everyone knows we have a strong indications. That there were there were terrorist activity there in their -- sides by a video. And that in fact yeah. A little likelihood is that should never happen at once again. It is still in jail by the way I thought -- let him open I wrote a story yesterday he's he's still -- a halfway house in night down in Mexico or somewhere can you believe that. Once again if you want to have a check and balance in the -- and so policies of this administration. Then we need to take back the senate. -- that it when people have a choice they can they can you know the nickel and diamond and then in question. Policies and boats and everything it. I noticed that made it we can band together it's as good. Americans and fight back that's what I'm trying to do. What do you tell these people that are a there Italy there a lot of people that you're all cheese or rhino he voted against this thing -- one thing that I really cared about what he what do you tell -- -- -- against I tried to tell you run and against Jeanne Shaheen -- friend. It was more you. That's right are you you she's voter would. The president 99% last year a 100% the year before Manning and the ever -- just got an F rating with the NRA and things the people care about she is. Order for retention ratio was one of the deciding vote so Obama beat deciding burn obamacare. She voted against every grandfather remembrance of people -- so you're upset about a couple of votes well. So in my -- 506070%. Friend 80% of admissions policy unite -- -- percent enemy we got a real choice. All right a -- might -- -- all you can say Scott and I. And at that we have a cherry street where not all the same we we all have very strong beliefs about things -- here's the beauty I have on the third rate people on. All us every side of every issue and we must take the one situation that we don't agree on. Well we agree on about 100% of every other issue set up. We believe -- we believe in a strong national. Incident that's -- policy we believe. We're spending too much that I would support another stimulus bill but I do wanna get rid of Obama care. I mean we can go on and on not all the things we agree on less cost of some epic is great yeah I guess somebody who's simply not that I knew it would be an every every every single issue with the. Is that what Ronald Reagan said you know five bodies with 80% of the time that's a person who's your friend not the person with you 0%. 678 to remember she's land assembly the other side so. But again good person but she's wrong on the issues and that we currently get it we gotta get get attacked so its first was first debates. I'm sure we'll debate of the after the primary and I -- to make its requirement that's why I'm asking people to help enhance our roundup -- -- let me play some catch -- volunteer -- have some fun. Okay Scott good luck to graduation on finishing you're -- service and thanks for your service and. I responders -- it is a lot of fun great great great great people a blast. Thanks to my best -- listeners and now I'm Cindy is Obama spoke at my school that's got brown.