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Welcome to the United States of Mexico. 6-9-14

Jun 9, 2014|

Children are being smuggled across the border. Obama is to blame. What do you make of this?

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707 here on the great WRKO. AM six stadium now on 93 point seven HD two hour two of the corner report. Jeff Carter Boston's bulldogs are 61726. X 6868. He illegals. Are now pouring and I mean pouring across our southern border. This is now a humanitarian crisis that has been escalating over the last week. Literally my friends' children are being dumped across the border. Now before I get to that because this is all tied in. Two are out of control immigration policy where we are now being invaded. By illegal immigrants. We're now we're being invaded. Swamped. By Third World illegal immigrants who are now coming into this country because the word has gone out -- you won't get amnesty. As long as you somehow by hook or by crook make it across the border. You will get some form of amnesty you will get some form of a green card that Tom gringo. There's handing out green cards like Barack -- So. Fresh upon their victory in Somerville remember I talked about this a couple of weeks ago. Where in flagrant violation of the law. Where's guess apple Gallagher now when you meet him but let that go we we should set -- on the mayor of Somerville but let that go. As you know all the marrow of Somerville. Joseph occurred at home. Issued clearly and you legal lawless the executive order. Prohibiting police officers prohibiting now cops from holding illegal aliens in jail simply for immigration violations. So basically literally it is now legal to be illegal in summer. It's it's so longer illegal to be illegal. I know with Martha Coakley she said it was technically illegal to be illegal it's not illegal to be illegal will know. It's no longer not technically it is no longer illegal to be illegal in Somerville. Well fresh off their victory in Somerville. -- -- a radical. Open border Hispanic activists. Many of them hard leftists progressives. Now sense that they can capture the entire states. And how they wanna get to capture all of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is by capturing Boston. And so there's a group that spearheaded the drive. To legalize all illegal immigrants within Somerville. Where they are now free from ever being deported. This same group is now pressuring -- the group is called son told present -- central -- present day. These. Basically hard core left wing activists. Are now targeting Boston mayor Marty AKA -- And so now they've put out a huge. Effort. A mass email. That they're now getting the word out to call Marty Walsh. The email has been written in both English and Spanish of course for their membership base most of them don't even know English so Spanish is the key language but let that go. Both in English and in Spanish. Now there are lobbying Marty Walsh. My team to do the exact same thing in Boston. Where now the Boston Police if they have their way. Will no longer be allowed to enforce federal immigration laws. But in fact can no longer hold illegal aliens in jail simply for immigration violations. Basically they wanted to not be illegal to be illegal in Boston. And according to my team Walsh's office. They're very sympathetic to what happened in Somerville. Mayor wall share through -- spokeswoman Kate Norton said they're very open to this proposal. They like this proposal they wanna meet with central present day. And they wanna see if they can craft something very similar for Boston. So basically -- Boston becomes a full out opened Sanctuary City. Massachusetts. Will become an open sanctuary stick. And if you think we have welfare abuse now. If you think we have EBP fraud now. If you think we're squandering hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars on illegal aliens. Are swamping our hospital's. Emergency rooms schools food stamps welfare services my France. You -- ain't seen nothing yet. And so what's occurring on the border. It's now gonna come all the way to el norte -- all the way up north even to a New England. This is basically going to be an open door. Or illegal immigrants from all over magical. And Guatemala. And and daughters and I again then. And batted away and Hornaday and all of them they're gonna come right on down. And so now. As we are contemplating. Basically anarchy. As we are now contemplating this state being swamped with illegal immigrants. An open door policy come on down. The word has gotten out in Mexico and in Latin America. According to the -- -- -- the smugglers who bring in BZ illegal immigrants are basically human traffickers. That because of what the dear leader has done. Whereby his policy. Of deferred action for childhood arrivals you remember -- pass that in 2012. Allowing. So called undocumented. Immigrants illegals. Who have come to the United States as miners you'll not be deported -- And so now because of this they did exactly what people like me weren't. It turned the entire country into a massive magnitude. For even more unprecedented. Illegal immigration. And so as I speak to you now to our pictures all over. Of lying upon lines upon lines it almost looks like it's. Look like -- -- America's Vietnam. Like almost like these ideologues these gorillas that Viet Cong and single role they're just marching. Right across the -- the American border state run backpacks and their march and. Teenagers. Kids. With their mothers. Crossing the border and once they get here they are no longer be -- it. There is now an army in fact they're so overwhelming to southern border over the last couple of weeks. Literally it has become a humanitarian. Crisis. So let me tell you what's been going on reference. Because of the passage of the deferred action for childhood arrivals. And now the push for amnesty. The word has gotten out. That if you arrived if mothers arrived with their children and especially if children all arrive alone they will not be deported. They will get the stage they will be given amnesty -- will be given some kind of residency status. And then the parents can follow to reunify with the children family reunification. And that is the backdoor to come into the United States. And so now they are pouring in their being smuggled in. From Guatemala from Honduras from El Salvador from Mexico all. And look just to show you the numbers the numbers speak for themselves. In the decade before 2012. Before Obama pushed he's a deferred action for childhood arrives. Before that the ten years before on average. 7000. Cases a year where unaccompanied minors basically children without their parents would cross the border illegally. Every year. That customs border and customs would do with about 7514000. Cases a year depending on the year. Last year when word got out. That now there were no longer gonna be deporting children or kids. Cases jumped to thirteen 1625. This year. It has skyrocketed. To now 80000. And claiming. There are now at least this year alone over 80000. Children unaccompanied minors and teenagers. Being dumped across the border. And they're not being returned. And so now you have this horror and spectacle. Where children are being dumped in Texas. In Arizona. In California. We no longer even have the bases the storage space to take care of them. And so what Obama is doing is I swear to you they're giving these kids bus tickets. And these kids are now being sent into Philadelphia into Washington summer arriving here in Boston. Others are going to Tucson basically telling the kids just just go. And a lot of camera than encouraging their mothers to come with them so them because you don't want the kids cannot be with -- Parents and before you know what we are now being swamped. It is a final push. Where people are pouring across our border. Because they know once they get in here they will get amnesty. Diseases. There is now a serious problem of disease. Some of these children have died in the desert. Some of them have been abused by the -- smugglers. And -- dear leader's response. Is to now give them lawyers. So they can litigate in the courts and get amnesty. This is directly at the feet of Obama. This is what happens when you have amnesty. This is what happens when you don't deport people. This is what happens when you reward people for breaking the law. And it started with children all of the mark only the children if you were born here -- -- we're gonna give you citizenship. And and it grows and grows and now the word has gotten now all you've got to do because the gringo always social picked. -- -- -- All you got to do was to make it across the border just send one your kids give them to a smuggler. And have them somehow dumped that kid across the Rio -- -- your kid will be an American by extension you will be an American. Well let me ask all of -- this. What do you think is gonna happen. To the working man and stay in this in this state in the city and in this country. All of this cheap labor. Pouring across the border. What do you think is gonna happen tier wages. What do you think is gonna happen to the crime rate. We have no idea. Who those 80000 and climbing are they could be mujahideen. We know that there are Iranian terrorist cells that have located themselves Hezbollah they've located themselves in Mexico. I mean honestly I'm being serious you look at our version or an Arab or Mexican you can't tell the difference. Or Pakistani or an Afghan or what you can't tell the difference. This is dangerous. This is reckless. Many of them now there are reports they're bringing in all kinds of diseases. This is putting the entire American population at risk. And he's doing it for one simple reason. He's got a big mid term election. His political bacon is at stake the senate is at stake. And so now he wants to dump as many illegals into the United States. And then have the bad evil Republicans say look what they're doing they shouldn't be doing this. And he can turnaround developed an ounce and the Hispanics and say you say. I want all of you come here and it's those evil racist Republicans that are blocking. He is turning us into the united states of Mexico. And unless we closed down that border and I mean shown. Literally. We will become the Mexico all of the north. 6172666868. Is the number let me ask all of you this. Sure Boston follow Somerville should we allow illegal immigrants to be legal in Boston. And all of these children being dumped across the southern border. What should we do about it. 617206. X 6868. -- the number 721 on the great WRKO. All of your calls next. Illegal immigrants most of them children are now being dumped across the border there pouring in. Plane loads are now being dumped by the federal government can El Paso in Phoenix. In San Diego they don't know how to deal with this it's a massive humanitarian crisis and the word is out. According to one Guatemalan. It was a moment according to media reports this is from CS monitor. One -- as they put it quote they're saying that women and children are allowed to stay they recently detained immigrant illegal immigrant. From Guatemala told CS monitor correspondent in Tucson Arizona. So they've got the word out from the dear leader. They will not deport the children heavy illegal immigrants. If you're an illegal alien jays pitcher -- then if your kid as if your kid is and then you'll be end. Come on down. And now literally this southern border is being overwhelmed 6172666868. John -- first thanks for holding and welcome. Good morning mr. carrier that I'm -- scenario John very well. I'm sure you never call my FC. East started it. And -- meant that successful effort you're. While -- I thought my but we're at our sport its trek. And there any sort of an extra -- watched act. From the television. That advertising. -- hit it -- it. Just the United States and illegal got. Not a bit and -- -- voice over what -- shot but hit it in the nation's illegal sport and being right you're right it's our big party. What by the United States copper. That's where these people can't calm and now they know he'd been through one -- beat -- copper -- -- -- -- -- all the country. Okay and now that they don't it's gonna be okay we're not gonna think this app. People think it's just on the liberals are not been making fun of me and called me at it and everything. What I was what I mentioned last year and that -- it I just told that at. Were ordered by somebody that I have complete integrity out. Got here com. It's incredible -- itself and its partners are all our air and RE eight community crap are. Killing them. So you're content -- -- -- -- about it -- in that. Liberal fanatic it all but I'll get back you people talk about your will be importantly educate. People like may well be resourceful I could be broken model what I would make everything I ever made again back you people are expert. -- thank you for that call John well it's gonna come here. If central present day if these radical progressives have their way. They want in Somerville. Now they want the big prize they want the crown jewel they want Boston. So they wanted to make it's it's legal to be illegal in Boston. So what do you think is gonna happen to all those immigrants flooding Texas Arizona California are not stupid they're gonna come here. What do you think that's gonna do or education system our welfare system well RT EBP carts are hospitals are emergency rooms. -- got flooded. This is gonna break our back. We're gonna become the Q1 of the north. He's going to be about a decade it'll take about ten years. Is this what you want to turn this country into Tijuana. 6172666868. Is the number and there's only one person to blame. And that's the dear leader. Gets his lawlessness. His policies. His desire to not be -- their children to be legal immigrants his calls for amnesty. That's driving all of this 6172666868. Is the number. What should we do with all these children being dumped across the border I say -- -- -- what do you say Abbas that. 736. -- on the break WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up the liberal bowl while my friends the invasion has begun. 6172666868. Is a dear leader has let it be known he's gonna push for amnesty in 2012. He pass this infamous. Deferred action for childhood arrivals basically if you're the child of any illegal immigrant a minor. You somehow get into the United States you will not be deported. And so the word has gotten out. Come on mountain. I never know you. Go out now living. They -- up but there's said -- so you gotta learn how to speak Spanish -- the wave of the future now my friends. And eventually English will eventually English will be the second language and then you're lucky even hearing it. So they're dumping these kids across the border you're now okay. Thousand of them they're being dumped they don't know what to do literally. Ice is completely overwhelmed at the border. And so what they're doing is they don't know what to do what these kids. They don't wanna send them backers there Friday may get killed or. Whatever -- the coyotes who knows what they'll do what -- Solomon to slavery or sex trafficking or something. Soldier loading these illegal kids on complaints. And they're dumping -- at bases and storage houses. In El Paso, Texas in Tucson and Phoenix and San Diego. Across California. And we're paying for it. The taxpayer is paying for all of this. Now. Timmy if you send your kid. Put him in the hands of some smuggler. Some human trafficker. Some campaign. Risking their very life. To mean I don't see how you can retain parental rights over your kids. -- if that's not child abuse if not that that's not endangering the welfare of a child I don't know what is. But they get the kids across this is now the new racquet. Obama has said he wants to give them a lawyer. As we have to be. Older. A compassionate. And show respect for -- learn city. And eventually the mother of the parents come and his family reunification it's amnesty through the backdoor. And all this is about is 2014. This is how we gonna mobilize. His base. To help him keep the senate that's what this is all about. 6172666868. You see at one time. In the war of 1848. We defeated Mexico in a war and that's how we got California. That's how we got Texas that's how we got the southwest. Now we're being annexed by Mexico. It's what the Mexicans call on -- can't stop. The recon quest. And they're doing it -- or for a southern border just dump the children just come across a bumpy so another dumping kids and -- -- ringgold. Is sending them off all across the country. 6172666868. Is the number Kevin -- up next thanks for holding to -- WRK no go ahead Kevin. Hey -- good morning. You said that English and the kingdom quite frankly to the -- came to know that it is you have to hit number nine. We meet NATO's great buy -- -- but nine people from Spanish -- Portuguese. French. Quite complete -- French we all it says she gained in you'll hit -- chapter in which all of the -- -- it's young as twenty years old age I've accomplished. That the camera it's usually a little disagreement. It decided underdog to the -- just died in the process and what happens but also -- Do in this state department of children and dimly. -- -- -- I even saw what it called Google. -- do that hypocrisy is so tight into an astounding. That you had come out with a 300. I -- -- you can -- Michelle Obama comes out of that cash tank. I mean it is just a shame that we look back even John's call. She also sent him. Different branches -- about bureaucratic government that is controlled so literally just about the -- America. Come and get won't stand stressed not the -- look down in the Americas. It happens inside he'll break yet at. -- age gap. Then they've ever -- hope they placed -- the rubber stamping everybody coming across -- went up by playing. Grandpa and you need to -- that it would depend what happened. -- that says the man isn't out of the can brought these the government. The paperwork to prove that they -- HK seventy. Champloo what governor Jan Brewer signed to. And what happened I was cold and this played out -- on the up. The attack against you good luck in Arizona. Kevin they sided with foreigners. They sided with the law breakers with criminals. With the illegal invaders. Over their own. Over their own government the state government or the people of Arizona over their fellow Americans that tells you everything you need to know. That's that tells you that's their allegiance. Now if I'm in Karachi Pakistan. If find this I find the Taliban now. And I'm sitting in Afghanistan -- get up plane ticket that he'll want I'm just cross that border. Because once you're -- -- bombs away. This is -- reckless this is so irresponsible. And in all honesty what about the children. To be separated from their parents like this possibly be used human smuggling. Do you think this is humanitarian to keep the men. Now let me show you how Mexico in force is their border just show you how bombed the -- the -- it's okay what do suckered the -- it's. You know about the marine who's now rotting in jail in Mexico. -- -- -- Well this according to the Associated Press the eight weeks old son Jeff corner just making stuff up this is straight from the Associated Press. Mexico's government has now released a statement. They're tired of all of this criticism of the treatment of our marine and this is what they said he violated the laws of Mexico. And ignorance of the law does not justify breaking the law. And according now to the statement released by Mexico's attorney general's office. That you're defending their decision to imprison him saying while Molly was caught with a couple of guns in his car which some ammunition. That violates the laws of Mexico all you can violate our laws and so as they put it quote. Prosecutors say not knowing Mexican law doesn't exempt Palmer received from responsibility. You see in many -- When one of our own accidentally crosses the border on marine with guns legally purchased in the United States will all. They send them off to the cannon. They send them off to prison. There's no amnesty for him. There's no exemption for him. So magical. They have the rule of law. I'm not even asking for an American standard I'm saying I wanna Mexican center. Whatever what the Mexicans go to protect their border I want the same -- I'm now asking for the standard I swear to you a Third World banana republics. So Third World banana republics -- defender borders. But we can't. And I I swear I'm the crazy one. I'm an extremist. So don't Guatemalan -- protect their border the Mexicans can protect their border the whole world can protect their borders except. -- -- -- Bob you're up next thanks for holding. Welcome. To get a -- I'm good how are you up. -- I can't take it anymore every day you know I -- -- -- your program. And I agree with 99.9. Percent of what you have to say I -- it just. How much more we can take -- more common sense -- -- country. -- should machine. And I would like what we can do. You know as Americans are our politics at -- -- -- -- -- -- state employee okay. And I hope they'll be held against me but I public can't -- first I -- my job so be it. We got to do something it's usually just got to control. Bob look I'm telling you that if we speak out we will win. I mean I've got news on Justine -- care we're gonna have -- at 935. I mean I don't wanna jump the gun here but I knew that rally would have an effect but if people don't speak out. On issue after issue then we're gonna loose. And this we are still the silent Britain were the majority. And the problem is where the silent majority. Well we better start becoming the vocal majority because if we're not vocal much longer if we don't targeting local so my friends we're gonna become the United States and Mexico. Now I'm telling you I'm being really honest with you were going to be completely overrun with illegals I swear -- one Acapulco. I mean it's at the weather's warmer there nice beaches. If we're all gonna be on welfare what the hell in my eyes will be on welfare and Acapulco. I'm gonna stand here and freeze for five months of the year. If if Mexico's gonna come here I'd rather go about the Mexico. 6172666868. -- -- up next thanks for holding it there on WRKO welcome. -- -- -- Is it William. I guess what -- I'm sorry I have a -- on the board it's my. That's all well Roger -- So there's big consequences and that's we've actually lost the country at this happens. I would -- -- center and it tournament and we need to advertise and Mexico would say they got choked or impeach Cheney and I all I. -- dictionary. I'm. Around the -- went up so late able to be basically huge cardboard in the Middle East. Most likely -- I understand roster that I know I know this guy. I think it is not president I have all over the age and it's gonna be a trap and what's gonna happen is educated white men in this country each other actually -- that she sent our clients are then. They're gonna kill a lot import it. In my opinion. Just play and by the chamber of rest and others around and we need the shot. -- poultry in this type laws. I mean people stock. It starts indie -- but this country and -- -- patient at a cost the nation the United States America. That targets major and. Amen William amen brother well look we're running acts. Were running acts in Mexico Guatemala Honduras El Salvador saying I swear come on our does come on up. Com Mon -- el norte -- is open for business are all looking up go to court the government web sites. In Spanish -- telling illegal aliens. -- how do you apply for food stamps. How do you apply for Obama care how you apply for welfare. How do you apply for EBP cards. -- do you think pays for all of us we do that's our money. Now you wanna talk about the -- since. Yes the left wing Democrats Obama knows what he's doing he's importing votes. -- big business and the chamber of commerce that -- the Republicans lock stock and barrel they want cheap labor. So who do you think now let's come out he's mr. chamber of commerce everybody knows that -- big business owns Eric Cantor. House majority leader Eric Cantor comes out. In the midst of this crisis and says let's make it -- We got to make a deal. So Eric -- is now openly proposing. To the dear leader let's give amnesty to all the children of illegal immigrants. Again but we have to build a border fence yeah right like that's gonna get built. So if we give amnesty to all the kids of illegal immigrants what you think it's gonna happen to the parents we're gonna leave them in Mexico know. -- -- -- gonna get amnesty as well. So you have cantor and Boehner shilling for the chamber of commerce and you have Obama shilling for George Soros. You know gets shafted you do the little guy. You know the -- this country from now -- I swear should be blank you because that's pretty much what they're -- to west blank you. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. If you keep interest -- and Hampshire -- -- shot to even -- Massachusetts deluded but welcome to only. Good -- crowd because I think that would do -- good time. -- -- It's disregarding the American spring of movement in DC back in the day you know didn't give any coverage. And so my son -- military tries. He was so sad to see that it just didn't take up. I don't know I guess just green I didn't even have to get on I think that -- cool or not we're. -- Obama flew down to Mexico. Prior to the 2012. Election. And he's got it looked up. And Mexico but now it's mostly. He used the Mexican -- get reelected. Not illegal as they wouldn't vote they had most of them. But he had. Being -- around everybody noticed is I'm not even say my source I know it OK and you didn't get. They have a core that's coming up Jewish Central America. And we have the you don't need to deal with the Mexican government to allow that. It won't be children raped it still won't beat people's verdict this has nothing to do with the coyotes. Our drug cartel and that the youth talent you don't know that it's. This is our government -- this all plays and and there's nothing we can do about it. Not about Republican and Democrat this is way beyond that this is now up to the people. These -- peoples movement. Thank -- for that call Judy 752. Here on the great WRK oh my friends. Latin America. Do you stand on our southern border mama I'm. Six here on a great WRKO 61726. Or 6868. Is the number. Steve you're up next thanks for holding and welcomed. I am around your your on here. Well I think you. I want to make a point to that we talked about taking bets -- country and Jeff I'd be curious has your opinion about just. That in order to take back their country I would submit to you that we need some billionaires like regular Coke -- could conservatives. Change starts aching back from media. What happens if for example -- -- while others -- to purchase MSNBC. So that it VH one has more conservative evenhanded approach rather than a tremendous liberal propaganda media that it -- I'd -- -- your opinion about that aspect that it. -- I think it's I think it's what's needed to. Look I have to give the left credit they understand the importance of culture and they understand the importance of media. They -- the Washington Post they on the New York Times they want all the major networks. They don't CNN they own MSNBC and that's how they get to dominate the debate. They set the terms. They're out they're basically in alternating brain washing the American people or they selectively choose to run certain stories and not run others. If we were as vigilant and as active as the left. It would be very different country. You see our problem is we play defense and they play offense. And that's why they keep winning and we keep losing. -- -- up next thanks for holding her on WRKO go ahead Jack. Edit larger -- -- take my call it I'm good how are you Jack are -- -- and yeah -- -- -- like you know potential war. I have a question for you -- And the question that given our AP immigration this year it was nothing today. That there is I thought that our administration. Wash it down this guy can boot didn't answer did you notice said that. I bet that the question why -- seem to great. America. So much. I think it stems from his father. I think it's it was his father's vision to destroy America and his father blamed. All of the sins in Kenya all of the problems in the Third World on America. And so in his view according to his father according to a stepfather. Remember his mother was a big anti war hippy in the 1960s. His grandfather and grandmother were diehard Communists. His grandfather is the one that forced him to be with Frank Marshall Davis. To have Frank Marshall Davis basically as his mentor -- his tutor so he's basically a red diaper baby. Since she was born he was stalked by his parents his grandparents his relatives his siblings to despise the United States of America. And look say what you want I call him Obama the destroyer. If there's one thing he's good out. Is destroying this country piece by piece by piece. 759. Year on the great WRK oh don't touch that dial that -- at that Angela in the newsroom. News of the top and bottom talking between executing a sign post dodi's flawlessly because I can't do. Wrong this is AMC TW RK oh Boston. Com Angela Anderson this is a.