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11 Million On Disability And Climbing!

Jun 17, 2014|

The number of Americans now on the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program topped 11 million in May, a record high and an increase of 18% since January 2009, according to new data from the Social Security Administration. Are you or anyone you know on disability?

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Eleven million on disability wider world rising so fast under Obama is that we did not right that's that's that's this is what you call rhetorical question yes. The total number of Americans now on the SS DI insurance program. Pop eleven million in May a record high in eight an increase of 18%. Since January 2009. According to new data from the Social Security Administration. Furthering a tree in the will have severe economic and budget consequences this from investors business daily. -- you know it's amazing because in the old days. You don't win before you have the kind of automation and technology that you have now or people got killed. Working on jobs. Lot of people a lot of politicians. James Michael Croatia for the government along by mayor Austin governor. His father died he was say try it was and some stupid contest with Oxley with completed with rocks they were that's what they did they -- laborers. Joint powers -- senate that -- by Democrats and the president himself wants -- his father died in an industrial accident. Billy Bulger was claimed his father lost his arm and industrial accident but it really did happen usually used to see a lot of guys around -- ice storm. The only guys -- didn't have part part to their fingers that lose you know they just lose -- them. In a in a press. Or something like that you know that people really got hurt or so -- you have you know OSHA. And and all this automation. And fewer and fewer people have any reason to be disabled for any week for anything. And yet we have. Tenfold a hundred fold as many people on disabilities we used to -- More than five point two million workers have enrolled in the program since President Obama took office -- enrollment is climbing faster under Obama than at any time in the programs history. An average 81000 workers -- this SS -- Social Security disability program each month during Obama's years. The overall average since 1975. Dispute the 2000 was going up under bush. Up to 66000. A month. While there is debate about the exact causes of the swelling ranks of workers on disability. There's not much is there really a lot of debate we we know we all know why it's way they're going out. It's clear that the sluggish economic recovery under Obama has played an important role. When jobs are plentiful some people who could apply who can qualify for the DI program may choose and site to work the Congressional Budget Office noted in a report when jobs are scarce many work will instead choose to apply for the -- benefits. The overall labor force participation. Rate has followed -- a 46 year low sixty. Two point 8% is millions of people stopped looking for work. -- in the meantime we're letting in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into the country. Who are illiterate too young to work don't speak English -- have -- while work ethic. It and they gonna they're just going to be approved for amnesty in the they're going to be allowed into the country in the gonna bring their family which is which has the same. Ability to work which is non as them the going to be brought into the country as well. Is this -- brilliant idea. The number of working age disabled Americans climbed 15% between 2002. In 2010. During the same years the number of workers collecting disability check shot up 48%. The -- disabled poor working dropped from 56%. In 2000 to 41% in 2010. Eligibility standards were significantly loosen back in the mid 1980s which led to eight -- surge in the number of workers getting. Disability for ailments that are harder to independently verify such -- and back pain and mood disorders. -- song. All rock song when it comes down to just to. I ain't no crazier than you -- cops tell me this was 20/20 five years ago it was a chief. Still around I see him sometimes. In any said that -- of all what I had to do you wonder what on disability which is common that was opposite chiefly had a dream last night. What's your dream. Defeated the dream and dream I took the it took -- which are miserable for them. That's that he's god and he's out at 780%. Tax rate for the rest of his life getting all the union increases that's all you need. Mood disorders. Today more than half of disability awards are for mental disorders including mood disorders. -- musculoskeletal. Disorders which can include things like back pain. That's up from 27%. In 1980 why would you why would anyone ever claim that they had a disease that required -- neck race. If you haven't sooner -- later if you had fewer of the that disability that requires and that -- and forget to put that race maybe you're going to I don't know that. To the weight lifting on test that you belong to Boston firefighter -- -- well -- it was a weightlifter when it was on this he beat up to the way. And social again they're gonna have some private detective followed -- -- get some pictures -- view while lifting weights or you know row re -- figure ride your house. Or rob or you know -- lifting cement blocks. And that you're going to be in big trouble. But again if you if you have if you -- got a mental disorder I mean which claimed anything metal that sort you have to have a mental disorder. Not decline. Mental disorder. Or should say you'd have to be too -- you have to be dumb you have to be so bomb that you couldn't even qualified work. He did in the middle this hour. Workers who go on disability almost never return to work force again jesus'. Anybody anybody keep their eyes open during the day knows this. And the loss of available labor results and it lost to society of the economic contribution those workers could have made. SS DI is exhausting its trust fund by 26 team which could mean an immediate benefit copper -- without congressional action. And -- annual losses will total 319. Billion over the next decade because SS DI in world these are eligible for Medicare benefits after two years. The growth in the disability pay program is adding billions in costs each year to the government health program. 18774694322. You don't want -- on disability I mean that you know you're really kind of wonder about. I'm not talking about people or really this -- -- -- -- about people who work physically disabled. You know I don't think that you should be. Given the -- in Medicare for the rest the life if you're depressed about going to work guess what. Going to work is not a day at the beach that's what he give you a few weeks vacation every year because that's where the -- holiday. Every few weeks. That's why that's why -- -- the people at Suffolk County are working today they have -- -- lay off I just a lot of but what a perfect day to be talking about. The disability. Win when people in Suffolk County your parts of Suffolk County anywhere not working because of the the remnants of that high hack holiday known as bunker -- 187746943221877469. -- -- 22. Tony you're next with how we cargo ahead Tony. And -- won -- thing I'm. They where where you'll -- fighting Al all of these. So easy to get its own game and I've been trying for two years I have. Two W replaced. And when I was in my exam by the disability doctor I had a heart attack in the -- And within. Triple bypass. Well where you channel where are you trying to get a disability what state. Are a lot of restated Vermont. -- -- I can't believe that I would suggest toll -- number one it's hard to believe the travel problems and in the lovely state of Vermont. You just thought that you should talk to senator Russ Sanders are represented of Welch about that shouldn't show. Actually had thought the senator senator the office about it before and they haven't done an important. I have been that case I Ares I ever ever back up suggestion Tony move to West Virginia or Puerto Rico. Because both places are our -- approving approximately 99%. Of the people who applied for disability. And here I am actually needed to drag out my own business at thirteen employees close. Productive and decide if I still get an idea and that they -- upsets me is that it's my money that I put away all these years that a port. I have another minute if you don't want it if you don't wanna leave Vermont to have you ever considered coming in with a translator. Are we could do that might that might that might that might do you know enable you to save money on the moving costs down two love down to West Virginia Puerto Rico. I'm Eleanor I'm really actually start to think about getting out of this thing. Because it's playing really ridiculous like a lot -- -- -- to -- Are -- the people that are on it that are just. Opener cigarette Serb or whatever and not getting my money. You know told I need a doctor -- but the car's gonna give you on the fly diagnosis. You some depressed yesterday you sound very depressed. Yeah it's the precedent. Some bear it or not big I you've got to just change you've got to change you're you your row disability you gotta go in there and be depressed. Thanks for the call Tony and good luck. 1877469432218774694322. 97 they are working a doctor's office this topic makes me sick. You would not believe it try this man in his fifties can't make an appointment in the AM because he gulps every day. It's partly just -- Michael your next with how we cargo ahead Michael. Oh my at our club it's caught. I think tree limbs stop -- and also the butchery. And get them on film right now despite it could like -- it's it's over a little bit autumn but he does get that 900 -- like back up. I don't -- Insurance company said about -- you know it's attorneys one. Well it is good. -- gotta make a lot going back to work it out that day. Garner played out four weeks couldn't help himself. It's now. What you -- guys try to make the effort to love to go back to work after the find out how much the pensions have gone up. And they even though they've been out twenty years or so the big comeback Michael and sometimes you know -- they get on the firing range and the gods have more power. And first time they fire the gun. The -- -- -- -- back on their ass. And what should know what what a tragedy they're disabled all over again and they're disabled again with back pay at the higher disability rate. I don't what happened. I don't spread they don't want caught -- the other side a car. You got your facts are what the -- to do it -- felt when sport and put the -- -- jump washed down the -- what they do take it. -- -- trucks right I know never ending it's a never ending cycle. I know. Leno the other -- couple about. We're there a couple of firefighters in central -- -- world like it taken to robbing -- next. Pharmacies. Because there were so hooked on -- I think there were I don't even know how disable that where they could have been out of there pulled off armed robberies of disabled can debate thanks for the call Michael. 18774694322. That's right how we fueled my uncle said fingers missing from industrial accidents not to mention my father lost a leg of World War II when they all continued working until they died. I'm telling you and you know not that long ago 3040 years ago. Everybody knew somebody who lost a finger a lot but much of not a maybe not finger but it joint a joint or to walk one or two fingers. Just because of the machine the machinery that people used was that dangerous. But you know now I -- -- picture I got a picture idea I found that that the in the in the terribly I use and actually Amalia -- -- of crime. It's this cop who -- by this guy is distraught in the guy is super drunk. -- -- -- a cop and a cop is its holding the guy to crops are -- the guy in the -- got -- holding little life granted its pen knife. But he got stabbed with this life and -- hold in the night and he's laughing about it. You know -- the now days I mean if not I'm not that every crop would do that but I mean if you wanted to if you wanted to go out. That's all you -- would that be that one little -- but it wouldn't matter how. You know how bad the -- won't watch it you could be go on if you want it to this guy obviously knew he wasn't sleeping you'd get respect. In the paper from Iowa on the front page. But boy my friend's boyfriend has been on SSI his entire life never worked the other a lot lot more people like that committee. It everybody used to betrayed betrayed the family you know whether whatever -- Now days the trade is no trade 187746943221. Now -- 1877469432211. Billion on disability wire walls rising so fast liberal -- Why are so many illegal aliens coming in the country for the same reason because Obama wants to encourage people mop up work. He wants to create more Democrat voters and it's a simple. To Osama I'm depressed I'm fifty plus American -- west of players on bills and qualifies for a nothing. To deal with the the deal with disability how we -- Tony is that it is a two year process supposed to be that you file get them item and appeal of his rubber stamp. Yeah you need you need a lawyer Tony is what you need you need one of those they got a I mean I hate to say it but -- advertise on TV all the climbers and in Florida there on. There and every every bus bus stop they had to pay for the for the little while. Little park of the little ventures that people sit on you know. Tired of sitting on this park bench every morning call a lot of you know call 11800. Dollar -- port or something like that. 18774694322. Power I've won French yes two kids boyfriend has house and his name he's here illegally she's disabled. Gets over two K a month per family per for BM. Disability she's always crying warm up at her house was bought brand new and Springfield has better things I work for a living. Bleep this broke an American system nothing wrong with her she's just a little fast. From officer mark I had a dream my vote for a moment and I was depressed and made whole apple pie clearly I deserve full disability from my mental defects. Were all depressed officer mark. You know -- are you have a skill that you couldn't that that is needed. You have to you have to fix the bank you have to fix the bank delivery systems so that. So that the people can use their EBT cards to get cash to buy those tattoos. And that malt liquor and most cigarettes that they need to keep them going. If he gets easy Ming had disabled especially if you're an illegal alien. 18774694322. Kathy your -- with how we cargo ahead Kathy. I've Elian Atlanta and what you would look cute little story. I'm my brother is 61 years old and he is cynical -- I don't politically correct term Britney mentally retarded. My father. Within a Prisoner of War camp in world war -- for a whole year he got shot down. Overseas and what he HT put my brother I'm disability which court should be -- this why did. Right that's what that's what disability is therefore -- is for people like you brought. -- need to go to war it works out five days a week okay east and it worked for the actions and a walk a couple of years ago. I got a letter from a security hole warning -- We're not sending you. Next month's check because we're not sure you while I think disability I said. You can't hear it called the long and happy go out and people are without your chart mountain said. Taken out -- we elections that -- shot. You know -- -- -- that they felt interior opt out I think I wrote it late to friendly conduct its -- on that and what. Richard Butler is about two Brothers like a lot of disabled people used to do disabled or -- doctor may be -- proud of themselves right. I've ever run into people like -- apple. -- -- All of that -- our best looking at you rocket hitting that sort of redemption better but you know. Well again it's like catch 22 or fewer if you wanna work I mean it's almost like you're crazy and -- given the system you're almost. You're crazy enough to be on disability right. -- that's it's that's legal catch twenty though it's too bad I feel bad for your brother -- I hope by helping get a mob backlog thanks for the call. 18774694322. Yup H my dad lost a leg to diabetes wheeled himself up at a 1000000000 every morning hoisted himself into the driver's seat. Pulled wheelchair and worked toll past. And that's when he used the big Gary that we got about a minute left Gary Gortat. Yeah Ali I got to do that time we have all the shoe factories out there and all the people that got hurt but anyways -- we've really quick on. What -- we have any public announcements you know we have all this on TV about entitlements -- you can get evident from the -- free but no announcements from Harbour report fraud and probably you know. Have you tried to report fraud Gary. Yes it's in the you know you might you know -- dial 1800. I guess they figured what the machine to keep wobbled but a machine defendant I have -- I you can pick your friends and if the only number I I had an uncle who went out that this -- -- was electrician. -- -- somebody could scuba dive all the time he used milk the system for us. I mean did. -- often associate scuba diving with this of physical disability Gary got -- there. And how we car.