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Lou Pelletier joins Jeff to talk about Justina's release. 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

Justina will be relased to her family today. Lou Pelletier, Justina's father, talks to Jeff about her release.

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806 here on the great WRKO. And now 193 point seven -- be true. My friends yeah. We get a corner country. Justine appellate share essentially. Kidnapped by the department of children and families for sixteen months. Is now finally going to be coming home today. And I want to thank all of you out there for your calls. Your email us your prayers. For those of you that showed up at the rally. State representatives. Mark Lombardo Jim -- for their incredible work. We did it my friends and joining us right now. To discuss this great victory is the father of Justine appellate care. He has been just he fought a bitter legal battle he was a relentless warrior. For his own daughter -- solitaire. Lou welcome back to the -- report. Suggest god bless thank you so much. -- so what happened so it appears from the media reports that I've been looking out. It looks like judge Johnston did the right thing he ordered DC after release Justine out. And she she will be what reunited with the with UN Linda and the kids today. That is correct. It is going to be. Released later this morning from the facility and Thompson Connecticut and north -- corner of the state. That'll be on our way all. Unfettered -- no government saying you know offer. Shoulders. Be at the state of Massachusetts for the state of Connecticut. Well. Lou I figure you must have a lot of mixed emotions right now. I mean how do you feel right now. Well obviously number one is ecstatic. That could always call me by surprise to have. My wife's. Number short of my -- -- I was on the phone is just seem screaming daddy that. They're letting me there so let me go home. So you can't even imagine noticed there was there was -- was just overwhelmed. With emotion and just. Being given everything that is judges -- had no idea. I -- there early facility here if anything would be Friday at the earliest. So it hit Tuesday at 1004. In the afternoon to get that phone call was. Probably one of the greatest. All calls that I've probably ever ever ever gotten. Lou if I mean I don't wanna get to private -- too personal and you tell me if I am. -- what was Justine has reaction when she heard that finally she's going to be able to be home with her mommy her daddy and her wonderful sisters. She was screaming it was they were actually. Or meeting. That reform -- over at outback steak house. You know somewhere near all burn a wherever Massachusetts where they've been staying -- -- got a phone -- So sure that outback steak house I think that's what shaken up a little -- There was a lot of screaming going out of joy. So was you can't even it -- when. I tell people she has been a Prisoner of War. For sixteen months. No different than anybody else having been physically mentally tortured for the outlaws. And for her spirit her fight. You know I -- -- as it always amazed me we -- of all my girls visit she'd be the last one to have this type of intestinal fortitude. And despite everything that she's been put through physically and mentally. You know she's she is a warrior. So you know you know she's got a good example for everyone out there that you can fight the matter what is being done to you. And and that's the time. Goes by you'll hear more more about really what was done terror. Which should never ever happen to a child in the United States of America again. And and that eventually is that going to be it. What Justine has all been settled this is just the tip of the iceberg. We've we've got out as a country. Not allow hospitals to use government agencies to ever do this again. -- you almost anticipated my next question. What is the next step for you for your family and for Justine is it to push for Justine has law in every state in the union. Yes well one serious settled in the and so forth. You know I've spent no not once but two different trips -- -- -- saying. It missed this stop the start with a -- you know what. The health and human services. Allowing inert and Merrill. And rules that any hospital and can take somebody. -- a ward of the state under. It helped Foster care can be used for research. So hospitals a long time ago figured out how to use this so they just get. Somebody wanna use they report them to DC -- and a way to go. So. One of the biggest things is. That have to stop. And and what's being done took -- family's total railroading that goes on. Mean here I know you're you're good friends with HHS secretary -- -- And when he writes that you know -- we know we're we're trying to finally you know being cooperative. And anything going along. Again there's always that -- the kind of forget the cause and effect. You know the part they keep leaving out is for the prior fifteen months. We've been basically being blackmailed. Into saying hey we had to sign up. For Foster care which you would never do that like cute are giving the government. Here you can take my child you know we're back in -- fight for her. And number two. The cerberus plan that was put together by important children's hospital and you know. These messages it's TCF was forced to sign off that Justine now has the cycle somatic bill that's a lot of four. That's why we didn't get along on the Internet because it always leave that part out. Including some of your local newspapers there in Boston. So. And the disagreements or whatever we had just because they were trying to railroad. Our daughter. Just saying what she had a -- at arrowhead. And we've been making sure that parents China in the bottom line and guess what we were gonna do that. Blue -- -- what do you think was the tipping point. That's finally forced DCF's hands and finally forced judge Johnson's hands to release your daughter back into your custody. I'd I definitely believe we will who have -- from the get go we were now waiting in the court of law. That it was. This judge you know and it needs to go someplace for another day. So the only chance we would ever happen I believe just say my daughter was a court of public opinion. To make people aware exactly what's going on. You know and and then. Guess what that's what it talks because a lot of them by going public breaking this. Corrupt abusive and unconstitutional. Gag order like I did. You know initially you know back in February. This started turning the tide could even after Justine it was moved the facility. In Framingham Massachusetts. There's a temporary two week psychiatric residential facility they were planning on moving Justine -- -- they but facility called the shared living collaborative. The Merrimack Massachusetts which is on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire and it's so far it's just it looked it up on the Internet you'll see what it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it was immediate pressure. Now the sheriff wasn't clever and so will we don't want to get volatile that that's that's too much of a little chemical warms up we don't wanna deal would. So it was the media pressure was the rallies in front of the state house that was the phone calls by the thousands that were coming in daily. That. Turn the tide you know unfortunately it -- talk that put. You know as Cecily I would say sometimes it takes a village on this case took the country. To put enough pressure. On your lovely state of Massachusetts. To probably you know reliant. Lou winning is just -- expected to be arriving home. And you guys have anything special do you have a celebration or anything waiting for. But today we're gonna. And we did -- Father's Day two days ago which. You know even know they had that was how -- she had to go back home sweep we did a you know we want to circus away in Hartford. And and then came home for a barbecue. But one of our new reality is now that we have to deal -- -- To come to what was done to her by Boston Children's Hospital. You know she's paralyzed below that perhaps so just the moving her around in it and you saw me -- -- look pretty strong guy. Picking up for the wheelchair in home you know walking. You know -- whatever number -- can go from point a to point B. You know has been there's going to be an adjustment and -- And getting her you know on that physical therapy. You know with the real -- critical care prevention aids you know -- facility would would pull their opinion name at the start trying to get her. Conditioning back along with getting her back you know on the mitochondria -- Well vitamin cocktail and getting it back in the Madison session was taken off -- for so long. You know change -- needs some healing time. I think we're you know we're in -- In some way tried a low profile and then once the first strike because. The -- of told everybody will have a party and all parties or. Just you know we've got people from across the country you know what. Would wanna come so we will you know we're gonna. You know we're never gonna be Smart about it -- I can overwhelm her you know we're gonna let her. You know. He's kind of you know the controller necessities feel stronger and restraint is up them. We'll let her decide I mean think about this how many children actually wanna go back to school. And guess what just you know want to go back to school. In an -- out of West Hartford, Connecticut is probably one of the top academic systems in the and that -- in the stadium and in the country and they're gonna do everything they can't provide tutors do whatever they can two assists. Membership had no education basically for sixteen months. And I hasn't had any religious services hasn't had anything worked for so long. So. You know part of it is just -- start letting her have normalcy. No one of the issues of vital consultations. Israeli -- And what has been taken away from her during this whole period the rest. Well the first thing she asked for this terrible morning worship of sleep -- That hasn't happened and sixteen months. So -- want to watch they have sponsored do whatever they you know some of these whatever shows on and television. -- -- -- -- a you probably a couple friends come over. Today just you know we're gonna take -- ball. And I cannot overwhelm her letter build up for strength and build -- -- You know. Adjustment time. Lou what are the doctors saying about her chances of regaining the use of her legs. Being able to walk again. Is the prognosis is good can they work on that and hopefully reverse all of the damage inflicted on her. By Boston children's in DCF. Obviously I -- We'll -- area. -- -- -- I'm -- I'm a believer and I have faith that this can all be reversed. I just know it's gonna take unfortunately. A lot of time and a lot of work. This year as it is basically no no feeling below perhaps so. It could take a long time to build that. Build that up you know it's like somebody was you know. -- tell -- shot you know that was going through you know. That type of recovery -- have been hurt it's it's not much difference chest no upper body chewing isn't totally. You know. So the body is that regressed so much assistance we'll build all that everybody's arm strength. He used a wheelchair more just all the little things. You know each little piece has to do something that takes a tremendous effort. It's. You know making sure you know everything in our -- is. As you know her world from the second floor and so we made that we're going through their right now -- we've put her on the second floor. Between degradation to be carried out. Orderly -- in the main floor. Having having our -- -- that's what actually have a little. Still left on the first you know going from the based in the garage and -- then go to the the first floor. So. Which he's already taken a ride on the world so. Well look out for just won't make sure that whatever she needs she's gonna -- And we're gonna make sure that. You know. Our number one goal right now is because they sure that's -- -- -- kind of -- and so it was. Where -- deal with that and then. They're really this can't get awfully -- outpatient therapy you know going get all that arranged them. Again because this happened last minute late in the afternoon yesterday. And there's a lot of work a lot of work ahead. So today when -- kind of focus on. On the healing and then in the days to come. And that and that the people that did these things you know that they need to be held accountable. Because just have to stop this country connect people all hospitals to kidnap children. You know and for anybody thinks well we've never heard the Boston children's side. The original Boston children's side. Otherwise they would if there was something that would have been call from the from the press or somewhere along time ago. Lou I gotta tell you this. Ironic congratulate you. For being an incredible father. For never giving up. For doing everything you have to do to take care of your family your daughter. I wanna congratulate you for your family for your one I met one of your daughters are -- wonderful finally. And I wanna congratulate you -- Justine. She's got the heart of lying and she is just an absolutely incredible. Strong young woman and -- please do me a big favor. When you see her today please do me this favor. -- Jeff corner sends his most heartfelt. Wishes his best wishes. And teller that I telling her from me and all of my listeners. Corner country is behind her corner country is behind view. Please stellar god bless her and god bless her entire family room. I I definitely will display you know they don't -- video that you -- -- her believe. She has walks. More times than you can shake the first step really is -- -- smiling happy face. On video now that the foundation -- to meet you face to face the thank you two for all the support. -- when she gets better not now not -- when she gets better she's walking around she's figure skating again you know she's. -- bubbly she's happy she's going back into school. I would love -- however in studio for a one on one interview with her my audience would love to talk to work. Lou if there's anything we can do for you for Justine please let us know. Actually no one ever dreamed this up. The just a little Red Sox game this year and -- Who we can arrange that my friend we're RW you guys our sister station. Lou we'll get what do you guys want you want Boxee it's absolutely you've got to my friend. That would -- -- that would make sure. So heavily. Ask and you shall receive -- Jeff thank you and thank all your listeners because they have all of them have been part of the this resolution the pressure you and everybody else -- put on. Patrick -- -- with some company. As soon as come through the night and I firmly believe that god bless you god bless all your listeners and couple of Justine now. Who have a beautiful blessed day in my friend enjoy so much god bless you god bless you and god -- Justine. 6172666868. And to all of you the listeners out there. And I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart and this comes from mean. That comes from Brittany it comes from -- he that comes from grace my Ashton might -- Thank you. Because without you. This would not be happening today. It was through your efforts your sacrifice. Your prayers your calls you or anger. You were showing up at the rally everything that you did. We saved this girl from certain death. We freed her. From captivity from VCR. And now she's back in the loving arms -- she will be the next couple of hours in the loving arms of her mother her father and her sisters. Corner country. We dated may be. 6172666868. Is the number. Justine is coming home to NA what is your reaction. I wanna hear from you Boston 6172666868. Don't touch that dial -- your calls after this short break. And come and father and me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It came and -- -- What do you.