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US captures Benghazi suspect: Was it staged? 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

Jeff thinks it was staged. What do you think?

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Org today. On the great WR there we go now 193 point seven -- should be true. Welcome back to our to the corner reports 6172666868. You can also text -- 68680. Well my friends and I can't say I'm surprised. There's always always always happens with severely. So check this out you wanna talk about coincidence. Judge this baby up. Poll numbers. Dropping like a stone. How many get into this later in the show apparently now inflation -- there multiple reports coming out inflation is rising quickly. Chicken prices all time high meet all time high -- all time high. Gas prices higher now the may have been in six years the economy clearly in trouble. These Democrats poised for a major show locking and defeat in November. You rock going up in smoke. Ice is taking over much of the country. V very unpopular trade for saving private of below -- bird called the Taliban five swap. On every front. The administration is crumbling. And -- dear leader means eight PR victory. He needs to deflect attention from what's going on in Iraq from the economy from the get more fired swapped from -- Everything that's now engulfing this administration. And shot sand. What what a coincidence. Shuts them. Suddenly out of the -- On Sunday night it's now been reported. That US special operations forces along with law enforcement. Captured one of the ringleaders. Commander Ahmed Al bull got a lot. One of the commanders a Mansoor Al Sharia are responsible for the attacks on then does he. They caught one of the other Ben Ghazi mastermind it's. Apparently -- dear leader gave the order on Friday. And the operation took place on Sunday. He is now on his way to the United States he's being held aboard a navy ship. And so it now appears that our special forces in a daring raid to capture him inside Libya. And now one of the ringleaders have been Ghazi is going to be tried he's being held. By US forces army navy ship. And the administration is touting this as a spectacular. Victory. In the war on terror. This is incredible. Just you mean in the midst of all of this turmoil and and and media criticism. And all of this mess and debacle here at home and abroad just allow all of a sudden. It's just a -- gift from the political gods. She just pull this rabbit out of a it's just it's incredible. -- like dear leader your sole lucky how did that happen. It is so obvious. That the capture was staged. It's so obvious they could've caught him years ago. They could call them over the last year year and a half after the Ben Ghazi packs. And the reason why I can tell you this because this man. Who they capture. One of the ring suspected ringleaders of the Ben Ghazi a pack Ahmed Abul car pile up. Gave interview after interview after interview. To US media outlets. Let me give you one example. Last August. Openly. At a coffee shop in a prominent well -- hotel in Ben -- in front of countless people sipping coffee eating some buckle of Bob having a good time. CNN's. Our blood Dawson. The interviewed -- -- -- offer two outs. And afterwards after this interview she said quote these -- her works this is from CNN. For a suspected terrorists to may have been involved in the murder for Americans he's really not that difficult a fine. Are what Dawson said jury her report so the CNN reporters -- honestly he's walking around and does he he's walk around Tripoli. He's giving interviews to anybody you'll speak to one. He's everybody know she was one of the ringleaders. I had no problem calling -- I had no problem contacting them I had no problem meeting and we met in public he shook my hand. And -- he was railing against the United States it's not just CNN. I remember I read this is a piece by David Kirkpatrick -- of our review written via the initial piece this was in October 2012. One month after the attack. The New York Times today and our correspondent in -- North Africa. David Kirkpatrick. Interviewed Abu cook Paula. Right there. They were drinking coffee at a prominent coffee -- He kept saying I'm here. If the Americans want -- arrests mean they know where they can find me. And then he went on telling the New York Times reporter. Is that it was the United States was to blame for all of these terrorist attacks date that we brought Ben Ghazi upon ourselves quote. Why is the United States always trying to impose its ideology on everyone else. According to our problem -- -- why isn't always trying to use force to implement it's agenda it's. He gave it to outlet after outlet I'm deciding to examples. Foreign media European media American Media anybody wanna pay -- what this guy. And you could be awkward this guy. If any reporter. Can have that easy access to him. -- this guy has been spotted in Tripoli in public ending Ghazi in public. Drinking coffee bragging about what he did in Benghazi. And it's been over eighteen months are you trying to tell me. Would a straight face. That it actually took us eighteen months to conduct an operation to get this guy. That we weren't surveilling him -- whole time. And that this was one of his trump carts. That this -- dear leader was one of his aces in the holes. Where he's gonna say. And I'm on -- played this card when I need it. When things are going back -- flu like any rock. Who who like with the Taliban Afghanistan that trade didn't quite work out who things are going back with the economy cool things are going back politically. You know what I need a victory. I'll tell you what -- -- Lal Abdullah I make a deal with fuel Campbell out. We're -- our rescue now we're gonna pretend to where rescue. Don't worry I'm sending 300 troops into well into well Iraq. By the way did dear leader is now thinking of sending in now a hundred US special forces. So now or incrementally going back into Iraq. When some of them get captured and they inevitably will. Don't worry I can always trade you for them on Iran lacks. Put on some weight you'll enjoy -- get mall I'm telling you you'll eat well. Satellite television you can watch the World Cup have a good time. And a couple of months when our boys are captured the few that aren't being added we'll trade you all. -- she don't worry about it. This is so obvious. They could have caught him in October of 2012. The New York Times reporter openly said he couldn't believe how easy western region. How accessible he was -- walk around in public everybody knew we was. Everybody can you a cell phone number. -- reporter literate so I just called Monticello. During the Ming says this is -- -- up well against giving does he says I was there yes yes I was -- we've -- yes yes I like to kill Americans yes. You want -- a real problem. Where you look I like this does is it coffee shop in many many good coffee. Rays not the medic in coffee UC I don't like American coffee -- gold bug me go American golf. Here. Is Fox News reporter he's lucky if -- is one of the few reporters out there are actually doing some serious report harsh. James Rosen. He confronts. The State Department official she's really just an official -- the Jen Psaki. This woman just lie she lied about the Taliban she lied about being -- see. Just lie after lie lying about puke now apparently Putin's petrified of Obama. Lie after lie after lie. Well here is James Rosen. Saying the obvious. If all of these media people were able to reach him for interviews in public. Over eighteen months. How come you guys didn't arrest them then. And watch her lying. And dance. And -- Role lipped Brittany. In response to -- question. You stated. I'm paraphrasing but faithfully. That we should not be surprised that. A suspected terrorists might more readily agreed to show up for an interview with a reporter. Then he or she would. For a scheduled meeting with the US special forces. And respectfully submit to you that that is not properly framing the question. As known would expect a terrorist to show for a scheduled meeting with the US special forces the question being put you it seems to me is why US special forces. Couldn't have an unscheduled meeting with this individual in a period of time less than as you put it just a few years. Well James with all due respect I would say there are reasons why individuals. Including terrorists meet with reporters to gain more attention for. Their issues or their agenda. That is entirely different from any operation to. Two take these individuals into custody and -- range of factors taken into account. Where we are today is that this individual with with the support and leadership of the military the Justice Department our range of officials in the engine and interagency has been apprehended and that is an important step for an -- yeah. So I guess the question that along following your own logic the the next question to be prepared to -- who is. Why didn't we poses a reporter to capture him that well. We appreciate -- You if you're volunteering yourself for future endeavors will take that into account. In other words he still out of pocket dressed in the central and -- could not answering the question of why a reporter was able to get within six inches of this guy. And US special forces warrant for more than two years. What is the answer to that. Pulled the answer Jane is that. Reporters have interviewed a range of terrorists in the past there's nothing new about that they have their own. -- desire to get their story heard their agenda -- that's entirely different from taking the steps necessary to. Apprehend someone in this country at third contest second I'd love the United States. As as has happened in this case we did it as expeditiously as possible I took into account a range of factors and where we are today is that the outcome was successful. -- blah blah blah blah blah. BS BSE literally it is Dickens piled the BS upon to be us. -- normal. Let's say there was one guy from ABC news his name escapes me. He was one of the few American journalist to interview Osama bin Laden -- this was before the 9/11 attacks. I've actually interviewed a few terrorists is going back to the nineties. You are blindfolded. Your -- in your car. And you're driven -- for our course into some undisclosed location. And only when you meet them do they take your blindfold off -- basically in a secluded room you have no idea where you war not. That's how these interviews are usually done. Not when your meeting a guy in downtown Tripoli or downtown Ben Ghazi. Out of five star hotel in a very popular coffee shop. Completely in the open. Where he's their smoke in the Marlboro -- sipping coffee and everybody's calling available are you a lot of old wardrobe wondering does the and there are high five and okay. So it's obvious. I mean even the reporters were sent a a -- CNN. I mean you don't get a bigger shill for the Obama regime -- CNN the CNN reporter openly said. Quote I'll give it to you again after she -- the -- effort to while she was almost -- pocket just for his conduct Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack. For a suspected terrorists who may have been involved in the murder for Americans he's really not that difficult to find. They could've gotten him in October and November and December of 2012. Any time last year anytime this year. They've pulled this rabbit this this story out of their you know what. To help the president. Distract attention deflect attention from all of his multiple failures around the world. And by the way I was kidding he's not being sent to Guantanamo Bay obviously. There are gonna try him any civilian courts here in the United States so this murderer were actually going to even give them all lawyer. On top of all 6172666868. Is the number. My question to you is this. Is it cause to celebrate that one of the ring leaders has been captured. And secondly. Do you believe that the administration. Knew where he was the whole time and that this is now simply a public relations ploy. To make Obama look about as old as -- rock goes up in flames 6172666868. Seven point one on the great WRK all your calls next. Texas a M six AB WRKO. You don't need to everything. Herself all you need to say is. Nine here on the great WRKO. Mania around my legs and welcome my friend. -- -- -- -- Well below I'm getting -- all the time and a lot of comment on the thing that you think that I wanted to thank. Thank you to you bill -- seat. Brittany and everyone include the country and Laura next coordinated. The eve of the cards the letters and everything I do our. I I just wanna -- thank you thank you so much and I appreciated my wife and I. We read all of the men -- on our -- and it was just so much love kindness and concern. -- we take care of our own corner country. Not tell me -- before we get into -- -- how are you feeling getting better. Well I'm getting stronger and and I still have. -- -- to go away next month or so I'm going to be getting another pet scans. To double check the result of all the radiation treatment. And I. A bad I'm very confident that everything is gonna come out -- okay. And people. But when you get -- kindness and concern from so many people -- people I don't know Lee. -- just get better even faster since you have. -- This topic of this morning Jeff. All right before we get to the Benghazi now I remember I'm looking forward to having that dinner with you -- as any. So his corner country -- and have a nice dinner with you once you get that bill of health. OK once the doctors -- as many -- completely cancer free my friend you're gonna have the best steak dinner you ever had in your life. OK we. Look at what Roberto believed to make. Club but the body of -- might have to wait a little longer my case but to come back and. The -- whatever works for you my friend we can wait a little longer. We can win it if you wanna do it a bit quicker but you're gonna we want you to have a nice steak dinner to celebrate your victory over cancer. God bless you god bless America I'd look you just title if you. -- you thank you all looking forward to that believe me and I. -- -- Some of these people that don't wrote these wonderful things aren't. All of children. Secretly. I step one was to free Justine -- two ways to get Vinny healthy again haven't beat the cancer. Step three is we're gonna repeal the gas stocks the indexing of the gas tax. Remember this CNN steps for is we're gonna take back the -- -- -- impeachment you see that's the plan -- yeah -- part of the master plan my friend thank you. Thank you now -- I die before I'm up against have been very quickly what are your thoughts on bank Ozzie you think this thing was staged. I think we are I think it was staged and real quick. -- once watched Obama on TV. There was an order coming through the TV and Obama all Derek and I think I would reduce smell up hardened when he finishes he's been a part in this government. You get all of them. Acute -- up call ready they -- at this guy honestly nothing would surprise me anymore. Since what seventh -- that 66868. They captured one of them being Ghazi ringleaders shows slam what a coincidence. Just well. Do you believe it was staged I wanna hear from you Boston what do you make of it 61726. At 6868. Let's take it that Angela in the news or. 740 here on the great WRKO 6172666868. Is the number. There was like America. One of the Ben Ghazi ringleaders are mad. Our bull got a lot. Who has been giving interviews to CNN the New York Times in public and coffee shops in Tripoli and Ben Ghazi. Josh. -- and chest -- was just captured. On Sunday by the dear leader. Special operations forces Obama is now touting this as a major victory in the war on terror notice now all of a sudden they care about being -- -- all of a sudden now it's no longer what difference does it make now all of a sudden walk all. A couple weeks ago Hillary sat down. For a private lunch with the dear leader at the White House. Who does this help. Hillary. This now will give Hillary more cover going into the 20s16 campaign. And if I were this guy if I were this terrorist Ahmed Abul -- I blame the video. Mark my words when this guy ends up in civilian court in federal court I would blame the video. If I were him -- signal along I mean wall came down. Long long long long normal looking at a motel about monoclonal. -- video insult my religion. In -- is some bad -- should've been. And hello how dare you insult the -- -- -- -- of Mohammed Al a good show meant -- is the pick up a gun and I couldn't control myself. They -- even come off. If I were him I'd say the video made me collect. What do you say Boston 6172666868. Was this staged by Obama to distract attention. From all of his numerous failures. And do you think he will -- in court that the video made him do it 6172666868. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding well. They do jab jab that don't read that goalie is. Most people don't know what anybody gets over the years he's played -- -- -- if he's going to be that don't buy it again and I am so glad that you said. That -- -- a -- -- it's a good at an all. Out this huge. We tie and you didn't release said I didn't but I think he's a good deal portrait -- -- We're gonna collect and -- has some of the worst people -- it straight you just. Okay it all up and lecture accompanied in the east. Well -- yeah. -- and that closer relationship -- do what about how they thought well hold when he had legal and kept a legal fees. I don't know again -- held up tie it in court and almost sure to -- -- so -- but an agent what Tom abate I genocide a lot of these last fight we. I guess send the American public can not people and you walk. Right how many times someone called -- that. On the -- negroes to Normandy on. Ted do we ask -- what I want to know what he -- -- Everything I can opt in and it will let. And let Iraq it's an Internet last says what's good thing that doubt in our economy. Okay we're going down. Images and -- -- -- I got a story for everybody trust me it not been warning about this for a long time. Inflation is on the riots. And once inflation gets it's like a -- once that things out of the bottle it's very art deported back and but -- looked to me it's very obvious. I imagine if you were Dutch filmmaker. Got four. Arab Christian. Court tossed in jail for a year for making the video. You wanna talk about -- you don't think about it he's the only guy so far it's actually paid the price for my for anything going finding -- and he had nothing to always been Gaza. So this Porsche -- who they tossed in jail for making that anti Muslim video he's the only one I've spent time in prison. If I -- this guy. Whenever I am Ahmed Abul -- Mohammed Al Mohamed Al mama okay if I'm Mohammed Al Mohamed Al Mohammed and video. The insult my religion video. That's what does need to know that they are good I -- would feel any Obama and Susan nice meal is there video don't blame me blame to be a legal. And if they're gonna price gonna be in California court very likely. Some liberal judge I swear he was gonna Biden Sam -- there was the video. I could easily. He could walk out onto I could swear I could see this happening he walked out onto the streets of California. Let's say cool San Francisco or LA. And say hey do one other big -- irregular. 6172666868. Bruce you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Wouldn't be surprised if they -- and nobody got short hair and you know this guy wouldn't even be around even considering even think that I voted just. If we had bought in and done what we were supposed to do. What the deal liter. But you know a lot of good golf course so calculate that the Obama -- there and burned the wire and she can make -- he's eaten awfully good and -- teach and teach about it either an error according to a chain link fence. -- By the way I swear to -- the averages -- is -- true -- you can look this up. The average inmate at Guantanamo Bay has put on forty ounce. You der -- monsters -- Wales I mean there are you -- if anybody needs weight watcher strossen it's those guys at gitmo. Pizza hot dogs hamburgers you name it it's about today. But who soft drinks for every meal soft drinks -- bottled water to bought bottles of milk can you name. -- -- -- -- Notice she goes after her kids. I don't see you're going bound to get -- lecturing those terrorists -- you're losing your waistline. Yeah you're blowing up honest. Look at the obesity crisis. Well all we got a problem the terrorists are getting to every urban -- -- -- chubby. 6172666868. I would send shell dumping gitmo I think I found a mission for moved shall stop talking stop nagging us -- those guys like Guantanamo Bay. Steve you're up next thanks for holding welcome. -- -- When you are the extend to about -- catch this guy. Let me go to go to resist the sort of retaliation list does not understand what this. All on site I would have been forgotten. Yeah bring them and -- The US civilian try and -- -- -- -- you -- -- I think sixteenth election particularly strike also not to go very fast as they discover. Yeah that parents and other neat -- they're trying to make sure that they get a conviction. And and understand somebody I can we get this guy. Brilliant. I could so easily see that scenario happening. You know takes about who two years. And then the judge should know what every had a judging only I gotta say Hillary's bacon she comes on and says you say eight. Why are Republicans obsessed about what happened four years ago. We got. We got to throw the book out of elect me first female president I'll keep you safe. All Europe Max thanks for holding. -- at all. You know it. This is so troubling because the Obama a little scary you wanna -- -- this suggestion actor but he's not he. -- so blatantly obvious I feel like. The Tokyo but in the English showed. Thought that are the adult in the room at a at a children's magic show -- said. Are mesmerized. By the -- candidates both voted the front of the they don't respect our -- why didn't they did that -- -- and WPG -- how to act. You do not that the quarter -- and come from the -- -- -- That that wrote the book only in this country -- -- -- -- and they're they're there and they need. -- -- -- -- Myself because I've just been here in youth in amazement just like how can you beat. So still -- -- so stupid. -- -- -- -- -- I can't there's no better word how can be so stupid not -- what is being done -- and -- And -- had 88 total leash and everything. All I gotta tell you there's a very famous journalist he was very good his name was HL Mencken. And he once wrote famously never underestimate. The stupidity of the American people. Forest PT Barnum once put it there's a sucker born every minute and -- man in America there's a sucker born every minute. You know the problem is this -- your analogy. We -- when you see a magic out the parents are laughing -- -- -- it's not see what a fraud this guy is the kids are mesmerized. The problem is today the kids are all voting. And slowly there's more of them and there is -- us. That's that's the problem. Robbed Europe next. Thanks for holding -- on the corner report go ahead my friend. You know maybe maybe I should go to get mall because I'm having trouble putting food on table paying my mortgage. Because of this lousy economy. And hit my mind on Iraq Afghanistan and Libya. We spent trillions of dollars. -- -- -- block. Over the air and why it's been accomplished nothing. I don't care what happens over there I would then kill each other that's not my country. -- -- sources that cold and put people to work. -- rubble -- if you went to get mall. Believe -- -- he'd be putting on 3040 pounds. I'm not kidding they have breakfast the face. Lunch buffets dinner buffets. All you can meet they even have those recall those eskimo Klondike bars. They get you one eskimo plot I -- Whatever article Klondike bars or eskimo bars whatever they are better Klondike -- -- there is cream -- -- they have ice cream sandwiches. You want barbecue chips you want salt and vinegar. You want I swear to you want catch up. -- diet pack of Pepsi Diet Coke some prefer -- some prefer Pepsi. They have a soccer field for them to try to work off all that food you love the soccer field. I -- mall right now you can there's testimony by guards day love the World Cup. I know the ratings and America are sky high unprecedented. And get them all day all sold loved the World Cup they watch every game on a flat screen plasma television. They -- and by the way they cheer for Iran Algeria. Did their beloved Iraq the Muslim countries Iran and Algeria. And apparently they keep saying it a diplomatic diplomatic up whenever I Algeria or Iran scores a goal. And they just gonna put up their hand and you want popcorn okay what you want your popcorn. To lock box for you okay what do you want couple Snickers bar and -- -- by Pepsi right -- got you got it. I swear to god and to the left. That's our options. To the American left that's O Schwartz. Greg Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Greg. Good morning mystical honest. Yeah. -- has yet that -- -- proud is that they'll say well no we don't have outfit Michelle Obama Wear the -- Well I mean media she's still very much at home -- now she would criticize the reading habits. She -- even myself Harvard Princeton educated. You know I don't know how to feed my kids and this is torture. We are now committing torture against these gitmo detainees were fattening up too much -- where John condemned to death. And while wanna call and amnesty international Human Rights Watch -- -- investigation by congress. This is outrageous and they should be freed on the grounds if you manage -- humanitarian grounds because we're giving them too much junk food were killing them with food. And the lip I telling you the lives in this country were to stand up and sold. That's been huge human rights cause for the left free everybody did get small coverage wanting them to death glad you're up next thanks for holding go. We have to smaller while I was quick. I'm Bob -- catch that guy the mastermind write this. Not so why aren't -- -- -- there hadn't been able. That was planned but. Year ago there was saying it was a video. So. What does it do -- to Orlando did not play and I don't get it. Fog of -- Glenn. -- Hillary Clinton was on last night on fox you don't get to that later in the show what a -- in her view it was embarrassing. It was embarrassing. With the -- to bearing Greta Van Susteren but let that -- It was a brilliant. It was the fog of war. Hi I vacillated. Heidi if I'm the one hand from 12 I said it was dipping below. The next second I said it was terrorism then I said the video. And then I said it was a terrorism I'm Bradley was second the second minute -- minute we were changing our assessments -- And slamming delicate don't always where just nodding his head. And you can tell the order was given by Roger rails. The order was given by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch -- Murdoch is a big fan of Hillary Clinton. Murdoch says if there -- to be a Democrat and 2016. He wants to see Hillary in the White House because like him he's she's a hawk. Like Kim she's part of the war party like him she doesn't mind sending troops abroad to get them slaughtered. So he's her favorite Democrat sold they went. Do you see. I spy on her you couldn't go easier on Hillary then Greta Van Susteren and -- there I swear he's. NPR. What's tougher on Hillary Clinton then a bread -- and Greta Van Susteren. And -- -- have a clip. Our group. But how are you about the up bumping Ghazi. Okay here's here is -- there. Asking her about well was it to video or not to video check out this it was both it was terrorism and the video everything all at once it was everything. -- -- Not a -- in your testimony before the senate on that doesn't January 2013 that you stated this quote. I certainly did not know of any reports that contradicted the intelligence community talking points. At the time that ambassador rice went on the TV shows on Sunday issues and do you stand by that -- I do -- and I wrote about this it links in my book a whole chapter on on the attack on Ben Ghazi. This was the fog of war you know my own assessment careened from. You know the video had some they do with that the video had nothing to do it that it may have affected some people it didn't affect other people and I think that. The conclusion to draw because we were not just monitoring. I'll what was happening and Ben Ghazi once it began to unfold but remember we had a very dangerous assault on our. Embassy in Cairo that same day which was clearly linked to that video. So I was trying to make sense of it and you know I think that dead the investigations that have been carried out. Basically conclude we can't say that everybody was influenced -- we can't say everybody wasn't. But what the intelligence community said it was spontaneous protests and that is what at the time they thought. It was their video all but -- there was terrorism. And we weren't sure and I went back in four of them. I know what Susan Rice said Susan Rice is blamed a video and I blamed a video and Obama blamed a video but. How we changed -- assessment for six weeks later you see him it was the fog of war. Just the fog of war but -- look what difference does it make we've captured the ringleader. That's a subtle that amount. You can already see the line of attack. This was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. They could have arrested this guy two days after being -- CNN. Sorry forgive me to New York Times got a hold of the guy a month after the attack. Now all of a sudden. Just think about it. You've got to get -- five. You've got serious economic political turmoil at home dead disaster in Iraq. He's getting hammered on all counts. There are now opinion polls that came out last week CNN polls. Saying six out of ten Americans believe that something seriously went wrong and bring -- that it was a terrorist attack and they're not satisfied with the answers given by the Clinton administration six out of ten. And now all of a sudden. It's incredible. Just out of Paul bull -- -- pick after the -- this is this incredible. So so Brett bear. Down -- the obvious question. And tell me madam Hillary excuse me secretary Hillary. Did you ever discuss the video -- dear leader. Oh home. Am I didn't. I'll my recollection mom brat. You know that might not my did you did you discuss the video with the -- of the attack. Go ahead should Britain the. The video with President Obama. I don't I don't know that I talked to about it with him at that conversation we had since. On numerous occasions. Because part of what we were trying to sort out is what causes and I had. It very clear sense of priorities to protect our people -- -- them to safety on recent make sure that other attacks or threatened attacks. At other embassies or other American posts. Are not going to happen we need to get much more support from the governments of the countries where we are posting our people and -- let's learn what happens so that we can try to prevent it in real time. So I know that there is a lot of questions and and I know you and and your viewers have a lot of questions. And I would recommend that people can read the unclassified version of the the accountability review board which you can get off the State Department website and read what congressional committees have already put out because you'll get the best. Information we currently have. From. Basically read the whitewash report. Then read a whitewash report them and it might look. I don't know when I spoke to about the video I can't -- I. -- you is this Brad you have to -- that when he was losing I walked into the White House I said Barry. Barry Mr. President hello hello hello. He was out in public a leg at a fund raise an unexpected but as Olazabal talked about the video tomorrow. My friends coming up next. Pelletier. They don't fly don't touch that dial just the not is coming home today we did it corner country and don't miss that interview this -- --