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Unfair Treatment of Uber Drivers - Shannon Liss-Riordan

Jun 27, 2014|

Unfair Treatment of Uber Drivers - Shannon Liss-Riordan by Barry and Kim

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Hoover is and I am big proponent of their service like everything they do they get themselves some problems and here's why Shannon leaks work Riordan. Who's one of the top litigators in the country is taken to task yes and I think I've I've read some of the notes -- -- something about it in today's paper. I think she might have a pretty good case right -- or right now -- how are things. And you are -- -- got -- in your cross hairs right after eighth victory over. Starbucks you you won big with Starbucks is at fourteen million bucks. So Hamachi on after -- for. Well we don't know yet I have a number I have. Like -- again and that pending in Tampa is down right now and yet I get I'll meet. Inbox and I -- driver -- Or. This carpet -- drivers and contractor Matt got a lot there really believe. Making drivers you expected and employment wage. I think employers should have to play. -- misrepresenting. The public. Gratuity authority included in the -- which makes -- a pink -- meet its drivers there are you -- And -- the black car and crack -- it and. So talk to says let's go back to the first point which is independent contractor. What what is it about the Cooper. Driver that makes you feel that they're an employee as opposed to an independent contractor. Well. The -- here. So under. Law. Worker who perform a service that the company -- -- our employees early direct lot because it -- that really believe that. Company should not be. Using an attack contractor were able to avoid things like -- obligation and and -- -- -- -- players. What is it aren't going to claim that it -- incarcerate it's the technology. That -- -- pull them out now look at what Robert the public -- your album I ever. It -- -- -- argument and I pat pat pat pat pat act 11. Accurate map to achieve where bad as trying to say at -- package very hectic. Just stick network. Connect people who -- and packages. -- -- -- -- -- -- Rate nobody our FedEx drivers are they employees of FedEx are they where they -- FedEx trying to classify them as independent contractors. -- attitude and hot but I am -- -- -- -- your case by one or all there are actually believe now. -- got a similar issue in particular I'd buy. A car service yeah. But now let me ask -- do they have to work a certain amount of hours to be considered an employee is -- have. Yeah that's not an employer employee mark -- time we have multiple completely you know I'm not. And that outward that's not that's not well. Now -- but what about the never argument that they can only can choose when they wanna work -- isn't part of the employment. Lies that you're given shift and if you're given an assigned set of hours that you have to work that makes you an employee I think movers can argue that. While the -- they they can turn their computer on anytime they want and take shifts as they come available. Yet it that's not out and -- is that. Lot dot added ape actors might be looked in other states yup that -- and cal is out app but every -- rot in the country. Argument that they can make but it not. Is spot the error number actors that the court. In and many you look at how much control. Elect employer has their employees about the kind of thing you look at a look at act. -- -- -- Instruction on how to vehicle yeah there are at the merit. I think you know and it can tell you. And you're not include Lockheed. I wouldn't have proved that they have quite a bit the -- service. And the workers a fighting in the third. The cart service with airport airplane and I. So how many mass drivers are you representing right now. Well I don't know the numbers yet I'd filed a lot action is one corporate and that will be finding out. Now it's really important point. You know is that. It is coming. And it didn't want to be in class action distributed last year. Arbitration clause on the record that would prevent them are being an action call and and the federal judge in California. I got a ruling from him. Ever notice that drivers and an opportunity and other -- opt out. About arbitration clause Matt -- it is it any other writers map that -- in the country party. 38 now. How the British opt out of the arbitration clause -- Heart. We're trying to read the -- driver to do it at at an email. Order but it over opt out opt out -- car drivers to email that date you know auditor. Opt out or dot com one opt out urged -- -- -- be covered by. But if they do opt out -- probably 1980 getting a driving layup as those repercussions. I don't have it be illegal where it Gregory house is against her many many drivers have opted -- -- -- -- Buyer is what it calls it -- it -- -- illegal. Let's go back to that that that. Gratuity issue. Because you know when you do ride you're you're under the impression that it's a one time fee and that's -- my prayer in the act I feel bad now because I didn't tip my right. Right well that. A lot of people here -- people and I. App. Yeah and back. Do. -- -- -- -- the dollar per pack church worker I checked and everyone thought that. Having been active. Like it at that mark -- and you hear about eat all our public -- Because there led to believe that are included land and not being there -- driver and. Why is it is -- advertise it as such did they say. Did gratuities included the do. Yeah I have pat back is that on the web site and marketing aerial not general election the public. -- -- -- I I'll tell you -- I did ask my driver to at the end of the trip I said to have you is the tip included in this and he said oh yes it is that was. That's what that's what they understand need to pay -- At its people operate in early on its action at. It was spending out secret shoppers to watch and you get in trouble they were taking. -- didn't -- you know there -- that they keep a job. -- So do they get any gratuity it all or they just not getting a tip at all. -- -- pretty good money issue because I talk to these drivers and they tell me that the -- make and good money and a shift like they'll go work shift in in like three hours they'll make anywhere from five to 700 dollars. Well it did. Not you know you know -- may be doing well and not doing as well but -- -- -- think about it but they're paying out. And I'm buying -- Arctic air you're paying car payment. In our. Partner king. At at a party. They're bullies they shouldn't have to LB and also -- that are act and make a lot about going to pay. For the job at -- And he he'd -- which you -- out. Doesn't -- -- we had someone call in who was a driver and he was just as pleased as punch that he loved them loved. Would how long does this suit take you to get through the system. Awaited health you know at some patent result in and other iPad got actually dispel hopefully it won't be out -- I didn't I know you're fighting -- and mail well probably and a long haul. Now you know the they will fight it desist their whole business model is based on independent contractors. Shannon thank you very much for your time. Shannon Liss Riordan -- Riordan keep from mispronouncing your name of the needle offer ms. Lipton and lease rear.