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Illegal immigration, or illegal invasion? 7-3-2013

Jul 3, 2014|

The flood across the border of illegals is more akin to an invading army, is it not?

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For those of you that have just tuned in. There is a devastating report by -- star and foxnews.com. Where he goes to the lack claimed air force base in San Antonio Texas is a refugee camp. Where he interviews doctors and nurses camp workers who work out that refugee camp. They march reading many of the unaccompanied minors. There are being dumped across the border. This is where they're being processed detained. Fed clothed sheltered and then eventually sent off. All over the country to be with relatives many of them illegal aliens but let that -- They are now blowing the whistle on conditions at that refugee camp and other camps across Texas. Oklahoma Arizona New Mexico. The doctors and nurses now saying. That they have been told explicitly by health and human services by the Obama administration. Along with their security contractors. Who I swear to you god as my witness who refer to themselves -- squall. Around sharks unquote. That was Hitler's private militia army in Nazi Germany but let that -- And that these brown shirts. Through the HHS have pulled all of these doctors and nurses. That if they in any way talk about the conditions in these camps and what they're really seen. Not only will they be fired. But they'll be prosecuted and go to prison. And it is. A host of worse. Nurses. Psychiatric counselors doctors -- basically Mel telling talks -- -- foxnews.com. That they are now seeing countless children. With lice. With bugs crawling all over their hair. Contagious diseases. They are now spotting tuberculosis. They are now spotting scary beast they're spotting chicken pox. Now that more cases of the Swine Flu have now been confirmed. And now even there's talk about PO a bowl -- virus coming into the United States. To their shock and horror. Many of these unaccompanied minors. Crawling with likes. Sick which -- -- scaring these contagious deadly diseases. Were put on -- domestic chartered buses complaints. Before they got any treatment as they were flown to the refugee camp. Meaning that they potentially are now exposing. Anybody else pixel take those buses or who fly on those points. They are now warning of a massive -- an epidemic on health and health epidemic. A public health epidemic. They're saying this thing cannot be controlled. This is what the regime is now covering up. And this is good for the United States of America. Do you know how irresponsible this is how criminal mrs. And from a local perspective. And I know -- big national audience but forgive me. We just had six plane -- -- those very same kind of kids. Being brought here in Boston in mask and chipped up to New Hampshire. In fact some of them are now going to Chelsea. And they're going to win and they're going to Lawrence and they're going to lol they're coming into our community east. This stuff could start spreading. And our -- government is deliberately covering this up. This is why. It is not a racist it is not nativist it is not xenophobia. In -- common sense. East fork and knife patriotism. It is nationhood one -- one. You must secure your border. And -- people who come into your country. Oral she's become overrun. And when you become overrun. Criminals common drug dealers come in terrorists come in and yes. Very sick people with deadly contagious diseases come in. It's not racism. It's patriotism. And so my question to you is this. Do you blame those protesters now in California. Who have now -- event did three busloads of a 140 migrants from being bussed in to the town of Marietta. Where they are now saying don't dump them in our town. And my prediction. Is you're gonna be seeing these kinds of spontaneous protests. All over the country. And so my question Mike Mike -- question to the liberals is this all you want about some pair. Do you think this is good you think this is compassionate. You think this is. Hall -- -- and respect for diverse city. Offer your town. You wanna call in and defend this offer your turned. I -- here for me were in Brookline I wanna hear from you and west and I wanna hear from you and Wall -- call up until this. Somerville. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Put your money -- your arm or better yet. What's your children's lives. And health where your mouth since. 6172666868. Jennifer you're up next thanks for holding welcome. She asked a hundred sitting merit I -- that the Powell probably an inch LC on a regular basis -- committee with people of Irish. Although things that you're talking about appropriate that are ready should take the matter time before they start bleeding into the Richard count in this aspect. The other thing I go there. You know what -- feature and CNBC bank in Victoria secret -- -- feel Walgreens prescription magnitude if defense co pay on it. A lot because there are all either on what of course they carried out at NL going to clean CDs and that -- -- off. So Jennifer really so you've already seen SKB's. It's already yeah. The bad about I -- they're going through all the building actually traveling -- at least Salem and has sought at. -- had a return before. It's just a matter time before they got travel and what an effect everybody you can not control you can -- in -- They're bad bug to daylight this KB. That kid that getting in the school that special education teacher that send their kids to Catholic school she couldn't figure out because she got bad about him and her daughter cry bad dog. And they don't want anyone to know about the bad about it. It's a lot to get rid -- should be 101000 dollars to clean out with a 100% guarantee. Jennifer you're everywhere Jennifer you're a nurse correct yeah. Jeffrey if you don't mind me asking is this the native population that's getting these skinny -- in bed bugs in lice or these illegal immigrants. 95%. Is non NATO but now exciting to spread to the native population yes. So it's just a matter of time before it's Brookline and -- and what they're illegal housekeeper is bringing it and. It happened though you know that -- and watch. Market America mark my words to pick a few months but Jennifer nailed it. When they're illegal housekeepers and every legal -- and every legal man nannies and -- illegal landscaper is. Yet when they're doing the jobs that no wonder Americans seems to want to do when they start bringing those diseases. Into their homes. Who -- come September October my friends. We're gonna have the whole country in the palm of our hands. Frank you're up next thanks for holding welcome. -- more conduct our district. Our rob remember sort river near Russia or. Publish -- -- to go order it for child was discovered -- in school that they couldn't turn them home. I'm sure you have the product pushed forward into action. -- and respect for all of her city. Year and we are tuberculosis virtually wiped out in this country they would -- -- didn't think they're they're now it is back in full force. For a prior view as a goal there was the article in the paper -- much in the paper but about a doctor. That you room that she was positive for tuberculosis spreads continue to treat patients. Continued to -- surgeries in three different hospitals. English is going to spread. The previous close shared the nerves. It's already spreading our agreement to myself. Who actually two years ago because of that situation. Yeah I'm sorry frank and I don't wanna get personal affront to right to personal please let me know. Where did you move from and where did you move to. -- -- From Brockton who didn't. But how would bar barred some would be in Boston. A welfare situation very big for very little bit through the ninja loans there we could Viacom knows there's. In -- my dog Barney -- -- And I wouldn't be about a month. When we warmer winters are -- -- steers the industry would do well 100. Washing her kid here in here and they weren't doesn't -- likes. Here and I just shared relative. You know I got up and -- first start -- Reggie -- now. Francona would you move to the sticks did you move to like where I live. -- like Denard couldn't go do that but I got away from Brockton is. Our guys moved their nineteen million true rewards and they're fair but are very right now. It is very gentle. Sorry to put Garden City -- it -- is -- and so grabbed. -- -- and incredible these restaurants -- and nothing. Frank -- Massachusetts is becoming again. You're hearing you're prone countries becoming again I don't frank. Since -- you mentioned -- Diego because. I remember what conductor Richard broke tribunal where the insurgency here who would become one of the biggest cities in the world. So literally they got forehand so this awhile ago. Following I mean look it's it's gonna be run that pretty soon San Diego is gonna be completely run over it's basically it's gonna be the -- one of the north. Give it about hole five more years -- you're up next thanks for holding her on WRK no go ahead -- Good why didn't I just trying to say I appreciate your -- very much Los -- march early I lark was there. I don't trust late on immigration. Court and I integration costs -- our -- If you can't worry. About I stopped it when they see hundreds and hundreds of people coming -- now. -- here they just brought the water it all if they -- we can't. And they just say I'm here. I saw her and let me and Antarctic give it they have kids it border and honor the thirty you don't. And get and I finance the predation on. We get a driver's license it to -- doesn't know much dry -- they can't keep being they can't quiet it. And they usually the system. I want -- every single bait and not finish -- I'm totally scared to go there and she earned her a hundred people every page. And that government -- We -- and probably something wrong. So when the -- Axles legislator -- you work at an immigration office. I hate who I I. I look at the translator not quite equation but far -- Well a big girl are OK and you shall you do with a lot of illegal immigrants and collaborate day every day eight so what are they get they can take and do it up by their -- under dark. Michael Clark -- quote Spock book. That's. And so -- so you're saying so they're coming in they're getting employment authorization they get well -- they get EB key cards. Anger and you're seeing them they got TB they got -- they got all these diseases and nobody cares. The culture that and knowing that does that you are in body -- -- In the market and it was 800 and keep people -- -- count the -- they ever expanding out -- our kids. The idea that the -- -- a lot on the -- not cut a lot picked up there -- -- and already he. Plus what's happening -- the parents or the uncle -- the answer already here. So that's why they cross the border and ended -- gringo pays for the -- -- the playing and then gives them some money for food and they reunite them their ego. Can we get the -- the tuberculosis. We pay for the welfare we pay for everything. That's little -- gringo that's how we work here 6172666868. Junior up next thanks for holding welcome. Jennifer Clark you and your program the full value a light Saber thank you I'm I'm I'm traveling nurse. And I have many friends that grad school we assist. And I don't I don't wanna pick on any particular hour stretch is -- you wind up Brockton Wayne men stoking. I don't let it loose now. -- Every year. Did hundreds of children are showing up. Where it's like they now -- class into the school and nobody knows where they came from. That just show up and we are obligated should educate them and they have every day at least they don't have doctors. -- Coming into this -- this will take them. Everywhere. Every every nationality it's -- thank. So -- saying that. Even so the other students have been exposed all these potential diseases. Absolutely stunning that the public kindergartens this self help programs for kids. These programs they have headlights it is it's rampant. Without a little children. And it's just been there are bringing it home. -- I got to ask you this because I'm reading a couple media reports reversing a lot of the east the illegal immigrant kids are bringing in strep throat the brain and strapped. That I -- and a couple of months ago Jim I swear I thought I was on the verge of death all man was not painful have you seen strapped Jim. I feel about time but it's it -- that because we have the lodge in the group -- population now think it dead in a nursing homes. I'm becoming here in the silly that these people don't have Social Security numbers I think coming original intent really the paint cash. Where they get the money from I don't know and there and the system. Is allowing this in closed. And it's a money driven and always follow the money you said that before. Follow the -- you'll find out where. -- as this are just stiffed him just to clarify for me you know listeners. When you say they're paying cash what do you mean they're paying cash. Well also risk this is ethnic nursing homes. And they and you look at the ethnic national history which. The mission at the necessity of sent word that's how they are. This -- bringing that carrots from the country's. All I guess you know them have Social Security numbers that put money under the table and attend their parents get taken care. That's right but he bogeyed the people big businesses. Some other countries. -- although it -- handicapped children in this country. That's that's like unbelievable. In the country they'd bring their handicapped children here -- just drop them off then go back all they -- -- to -- America will take care of and -- recession twice. You mean so. They're handicapped kids the kids in a wheelchair that is bring him and then just dump a -- and -- -- Mentally retarded little walk and talk but -- -- in a word of English. It it it's also the system people just turn your head away. And all these people come when the topic a 150000. Quality in particular one with special needs person. Especially if they come from another country. Men -- goal gave programs -- transportation that they get a freak. So that you have no idea. So Jim essentially what you're telling me is as a nurse we beat were were dumping ground. I mean I -- -- a -- but you gotta laugh physicist you deploy your -- so you have a special needs person in the final legal we don't want them -- -- You've got to hold parents we all want -- dump all you've got what -- you've got kids just dump all campaign to work seriously what are we were the Red Cross. We want my where we are walking charity. Donna you grew up next thanks for holding. Welcome. Politics up yet that doctors of America has been ordered by age together not to disclose -- -- believe -- targeted their job. Blue and made that he know that every administration and why this happened because of any American president. What can it protect them from an epic that I'd be willing to -- -- boats that come up. -- that the politically keeping contact I think that doctors -- -- you should quit because they're not only can -- get publicity apartment complex. And then when the president had to put up -- quarter outlook and that they would be deported. But any held out that they will be supported a lot of morality on the Internet and -- showed -- -- -- hearing that. -- noted that if they're coming on contiguous but it cannot but I think country like that Guatemala not corrupt land under. They have to napping during become automatically be deported to -- Olympic hat and Danny. They -- -- another country how do we know that -- didn't look like propane. Exactly but -- -- -- general that there are some other countries so that they won't be deported independent -- Mexico they automatically will be. The pilot -- -- collapsing into them that involved the border redistribute the wealth. And finally you know how Obama wants. That -- billions more dollars event yes OK they don't stop all the foreign aid and they got a copy appropriation -- Dave Camp the care of the ways and means that Kara appropriation is called Rogers. Help them do not appropriate -- them and they can -- -- -- Canadian many of the status that it is not helping out countries want to get it can't be -- stepped. Could stop thank you to many did not get into a billion more. -- might come -- call from Homeland Security duties to draw Porter now everything and they simply are kind of be updated with these -- it. You had quite a heck of a good vacation you didn't care. Thank you so much Donna as I swear I'm such a hypochondriac. All this talk of lace. Unlike. Scratching my head all this talk of like skate -- I swear him like I don't have hair. What it. I mean seriously. No I mean I'm just saying I feel like -- it -- is now all over my skin I swear to god AMC CAD on Elizabeth Warren's office chief spreading -- Alexandria. Who answered the phone told me. There are no illegals coming in. -- This is from seven they won at Texas came in right now. Jeff where's she's spreading bowl where is war and now that were being quote hammered with movement doesn't -- illegals. Richardson on the pictures on the TV screen dot that this does not real assets part of the rightwing conspiracy making all the -- 6172666. It's 68 chief. We need these illegals to build that DP for you okay -- Mike you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Hey -- from. Apple but left it all extreme and on about the law of the land to come or but it 2006. Or pass per quarter. At an all. The bill -- double that it -- are like the southern border. I don't understand why that's that's not being done and it it back all that everybody out there all of our air ball on the that's the order that belt that hurt that the start are brought back some alarm. The southern border is like ninety something miles that's been built I am not sure it got quite well there are also a lot better. Mike let me tell you what people from Arizona have told him almost giving -- to verbatim. They have miles of fence for example on Arizona. And -- slopes. And then there's just desert for months. That's why can't that billion -- looking for -- that are part of that water that let me. The ball all the while certainly -- -- -- only those. We're and that is where all our work our art and got and unfortunately that. The ultimate down all the laughter but it at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that tuberculosis. There's already -- the worst part about support your sister your call. It wouldn't even know -- that -- that everybody around. But like I mean he's like tuberculosis story. There aren't there are certain -- -- -- cannot be treated really can't treat it. Might well what are some of the symptoms of tuberculosis. That we're caught. Where the people that are at risk that. When you -- cost forty -- to scratchy throat trying to -- out. Outlet or get out there are pretty happy that sort Welker caught a okay. I got caught -- it's going to be a month. Apple but the -- -- supports -- -- -- -- -- active exposure were out all but outlet that was brought to you don't you think it's our hope. But it could export of them are all about and all that are open except that certain that he -- That -- there are but they're good people probably are gonna -- -- 60000. Dollar deductibles and aren't sure it's a little quicker but how are. -- -- -- -- There are a -- -- the future the server itself that you everybody is sick all of it nobody else but they'll -- -- Saw app or whatever but whatever flag is for your results are the guys I'm out there that you -- -- but I thought the last. The last hour -- so. Got my parents Harry and thank you for that call look do you live by the left yet die by the left. And they want it open borders and my friends were getting open borders. 6172066686. Did notice stalled they say they're human beings but not in my neighborhood. George you're up next thanks for holding. Did you did George I love the show thank you. Obviously looked possible scenario for Obama stated -- all so -- if you go to Lincoln at just under the it is caucus and declared martial law yes I fired. -- themselves selection for the -- Obama's term. I think. Possible where you can see so much violence between if you reactions from middle America. All these illegal -- distributed. Disabled from litigation they listen very violent inundated it. Possible choose to assist Sunday before the thing declaring martial law. We have. No. No we I think that people on the recent -- artificially. George look I gotta tell you when I first heard this scenario the first couple years of the Obama presidency -- senate come. Now people are getting carried away a people are getting a bit paranoid. We now after -- and almost six years of this guy. You don't think about it look at the chaos that peace don't. Look at the pain and suffering that he's inflicting. Look at the damage that he's doing. It's it's honestly I don't I'm happy I'm going on vacation because I'm always gonna do next week. I honestly I don't know what else this guy's gonna don't. And there's a certain point where you have to ask yourself when you're inflicting this much damage -- this much chaos how causing this much of people. Now we're bringing in people with Swine Flu and tuberculosis. And and -- -- and to the country baby now even the Ebola Virus. What now what's next anthrax. Or really just what helped trigger a new biological warfare just bringing the real thing carriers that -- dump all over. Boston and the big number so Jeff I called Elizabeth Warren's office after that text message every diet yes. I asked to speak Alexandria. She was unavailable at the moment this is the Boston office. My dad I told them that I similarly called an ass stuff for Elizabeth Warren's. Comment on the illegal immigrants flooding across the border of attic Alexandria said there are no illegal immigrants coming in. She wasn't available for comment and then they ask this guy who's out of socket too is that the official stance. From Elizabeth Warren the senator that there are no illegals coming in to what she replied. I don't know. And I said is if someone -- that does know what her. Commented on the illegal immigrants coming it. Would -- replied I don't know. That I accept what is Alexandria is title to which she's paused for a second hit the thinking of -- and -- -- hot and had said assistant. It's as an assistant why assistant to the assistant regional manager what a -- To what she paused for a moment and that assistant to the regional director there. I said OK. So I'm gonna say that the official response from Elizabeth Warren's obviously is. But illegals are not coming in is that okay with you. To which he replied. I don't know. So as of right now until we have clarification. Elizabeth Warren's official comment is there are no illegals currently. They -- this not happen none of this is happening. And I swear to you god as my witness. If you have people on Fox News like Jonah Goldberg you have moon bats -- liberal magazines like that you're republic you have the Boston Globe. Saying she is gonna be the darling of the Democratic Party. She's gonna beat Hillary she's got to be the next president of the United States. She is spreading -- the first native American Jarrett president. This is the woman. Plus like -- can you imagine her as president I sure can imagine what about the humanitarian crisis on the -- wouldn't normally -- Don't -- -- will be coming -- but look at the look at the pictures look at all these kids to lead did did the detention -- the refugee -- I don't see anything. Look at me I'm an Indian. Look at my cheekbones and many Indian. If I'm in India and then I'm telling you there are no illegals coming in. Brenda you're up next thanks for all -- welcome. Yeah I had this kind -- get credited on May eighth grade education and a husband. And I actually great vacation. You know. There it now now. I I don't know whether I will let the including dumping it salutary event because I've been in outlook and -- A little bit all the incidentally choreographed and orchestrated by the administration and so that there will be an event. -- back. They can come and and increase government and act like the big baby our Friday show what they will not be able to you know. It will be so -- second trial. This administration that dull I don't know league I continue to say that. We worry about it but it will recall that act sorry I did not happen until you go to our community blood and I got from the south side of Chicago. Well that this -- saying well we really don't know anything about that guy what we need to delve. You know we've -- can -- a -- -- Otellini did you know it dishing the information that we -- and that sent some great information on the show today. About what the hell -- happening and into lightning you know I hate speech act I ate hot in the fact that the F bleak. I'm the -- what that -- that you need new initiative with people and Matt said some people don't wanna do that the confrontation look at airplane. I look occupational within a -- We still cannot combative way at some people maybe it might be like that but how. However I went back at the an important to shape. How the hell -- -- and the quiet here a lot of you know I can think payment but that's great. It's not experience the -- -- great guy. Brenda you nailed it well look I gotta say this is the fourth of July is coming up. And I get this from people all the time and Jeff what can I do I listen to your show -- see what's happening to our country what can I do. Okay a couple of thinks he can write letters. You can encourage people to listen to the show. You can vote obviously but there's one other thing you can do. Convince one another family member or friend of what's going on. Maybe you won't be one conversation takes a couple conversations. But just in other words convert one not two not three not for just convert one. So when November comes around you quote I'm the person you just converted votes. And if all of you convert just one. We have an army. In other words the truth shall set you free speak it. Sean Europe next thanks for holding -- on WRK no go ahead shot. -- sir how are you I'm good how are you shot some pretty good idea apparently. They're looking. It's about the immigration but it is still a little bit. More off the wall this is probably the best Coke or overt war on America and you get. It into the multi stage is that it supplant. Separate people. They've recently for the country. If they did grow in different categories is what you're okay black Hispanic on the Korean. Or native. They establish dependency on government. EDT welfare. -- there won't care. Then important deported at the -- immigrants. But every moment of putting all around the country they're deploying enough. And at some point. This president -- up next president -- -- that it it was more important. Or how. But. What did you just say is if you want it. Go get it in the gonna take it from middle class didn't take it from the entire middle class but they're -- cricket. And that -- about it. Don't look what you just described. Almost -- with key. Piece for example Venezuela under Chavis. What you describe is really what happens in Third World countries -- socialist dictator seize power. Do you grow grow -- build your army divide the country divide and conquer and then at the end when the takers outnumber the makers. You say take it they called it. Exactly. What I quoted I'm scared to death. Kids White House scared to death. But I am more angry and scared. And that quote putting on the yet watching -- but would. Let that go -- didn't let that -- -- you're a dissident to the regime like we shot. Thank -- for that call 61726. -- call again it was a good call 6172666868. UC. When it came to the dear leader. We knew nothing about Obama. We chief spreading bowl optional enough. So we've got we have either you know nothing about him or she knows nothing. That's basically our leadership in this country right now 61726. X 6868. A sir -- one's won for the agents. There are no we illegals coming in and that's what this one up telling you this does that affect the I think I heard at all but today I really good -- at all 61726. X 6868. More here. All minorities 36 dollars right now I guess my first dot com. Brought to you might get my purpose in Boston talk station KM six -- WRKO. My friends. Israel is now on a serious war footing. For the last couple of weeks. That country has been obsessed. With the kidnapping of three teenagers. They were seminarians. Who were studying. Studying in the West Bank. And they were hitch hiking back from their seminary which apparently is very common I didn't know Israelis to do that even in the West Bank in these so called occupied territories. But very where hitchhike and they were captured by Hamas. Israel has been looking for them desperately they have been sending Israeli troops going into town after town village after village. All three of them have now been found dead and murdered. They were killed by human animals. And prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now allowed Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay. And so now they are pounding Gaza they are hitting numerous targets through air strikes. But Netanyahu is now saying that this is not gonna end there. He wants to break the back of Hamas once and for all because for the last couple of years. When the Palestinians have been able to run their own state -- namely the Gaza Strip. They have turned it essentially into Gaza's then. They have turned it into a terrorist safe haven. And Netanyahu is now saying he's gonna defend Israelis he is not gonna allow the precedent. Of young Israeli teenagers really I -- their 1516 years of age. I'm seeing pictures of them salt of the earth. Being allowed to be abducted and brutally slaughtered and killed. Hamas is now vowing. That if Israel sends in the military into Gaza quote it will open the gates of hell on quote. We are now staring at a possible Israeli Palestinian. Showdown a bloodbath. Another war in the Middle East. And as Israel defends itself. As Israel defends its citizens. From terrorist thugs like Hamas. What is it dear leader saying. Is he saying we stand with Israel. Is he saying that we stand with us for. -- ally who is also facing a confronting a war on terror -- normal home. He immediately did dear leader got on the phone and told Netanyahu area and we shall all bound slow down home. Easy. Easy -- a bombing easy what the counteroffensive. Easy. What I find incredible. Have you heard him once denounced ice is. Have you heard the president once tell the leaders of crisis days slowed down and you're approaching Baghdad easy now easy. -- he once told the -- was fair slowdown humbled at that nuclear bomb that you won when Miley to Jones -- will all slow down home. 'cause she told the Taliban. -- slowed down shall -- them. In fact know he just gave them their five top commanders. But when it comes to the Jews and Israel. When it comes to work closest ally in the Middle East America's best friend in the region. Do we what any sane. Nations self respecting nation would do. To defend itself. And exact punishment. Further premeditated systematic terrorist murder of three of their citizens three of their own teenage boys by the way one of -- has dual citizenship. Is an Israeli and an American. The air is the dearly here. Leaning on the Israelis leaning on the Jews. And to all of my liberal Jewish friends out there. Who are now absolutely. Outraged at what took place in the killing of these three teenagers and now or shocked. That rather than condemning it Obama is in fact criticizing not Hamas but Israel. What government telling you for the last six years. Finally now you realize that this man doesn't like Jews. Now you realize that you can't stand Israel. Now you realize that this man always sides with the Islamic world. Against Israel and against America and against the west. Israel shall fight. And Israel Shelby right. And if I was Benjamin Netanyahu. I was finally break the back of Hamas and Gaza. Do the world a favor -- and take out these terrorists thugs once and for all. 6172666868. Mike Europe next thanks for holding welcome. -- -- And I'm -- they -- about would be had been carefully illegal -- What's gonna happen in nine months. When that is when they drop an anchor -- While they're gonna get I mean erosion citizenship Mike I mean it's an open silk everybody notes. They're here and are gonna stay. And they're gonna continue to stay. And if they bring their parents their parents are gonna stay and if they have children they're gonna -- so everybody staying. Until we've the American people saying enough is enough look at those protesters that -- sitting outside of San Diego and Murray had a if there's more -- in town after town city after city the regime has a rebellion. So maybe this is the sparked it's finally gonna light this prairie. This populist prairie fire. That is gonna finally bring this regime down. -- Europe next thanks for holding go ahead on. Those things going to but I do want correct one thing people like talking about Mexicans being deported across the border. I want to emphasize they're not being deported if being sent back and there's something called voluntary departures. Dunn tire ran out of time but basically -- -- and then they're gonna come back -- no I understand the game. My friends I gotta go I'll be away on vacation the rest of this week next week. All of you have been very happy blessed fourth of July. And whatever you do don't. Gets sick that the Croatian call a -- it's. About certain boxing day in Canada. You would boxing days I don't know. Nationality you are you conveniently pick and choose what July 1 which -- technically candidate Doug Kaye continues -- -- But Avery -- top of the morning at the -- and therefore you whatever I say. -- listening to Boston's -- those -- my friends to gather we're beating liberals one day at a time.