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Judge Tells IRS Fess Up

Jul 10, 2014|

A federal judge today ordered the IRS to explain under oath how it lost a emails to and from Lois Lerner - do you think they will finally come clean?

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A federal judge were to talk about the the IRS for awhile. This is they were to take a break from immigration for a little while here. A federal judge today ordered the IRS to explain under rope with lost patrol with the emails. 2:1 from a central figure in the agency's key party controversy. That's more like it. It's more like -- it's -- treatment it's a controversy it's still not strong enough. But at the Tea Party witch -- It's harassment. US district judge Emmet Sullivan. In the -- Just doesn't sound like an Obama appointee. Gave the tax agency a month to submit the explanation right. Sullivan also said he is appointing a federal magistrate to see whether the lost emails can be obtained from other sources. Thank you thank you judge Sullivan. Sullivan issued the order is part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by judicial watch a conservative watchdog. He said the IRS declaration must be signed under our -- This is the key. Under hope. You know you've got to be able to war 221. Put a stick. To these people can Howard is not gonna work. The -- arrest declaration must be signed under oath by the appropriate IRS official. I'm going to hold tight to that August 10 declarations Sullivan said. The IRS claims have lost the emails in 2011 -- lower. -- computer crashed. At the time Lerner headed the IRS division that processes applications for tax exempt status -- has since retired. Lerner who took the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer questions -- to house committee hearings has become a central figure. Inspect several congressional probes of the handling of Tea Party applications. The both hearings worst side of her fifth amendment rights not to incriminate herself. This common the current IRS commissioner has testified under -- that he first learned there was a problem with the worst computer in February but didn't learn the emails were lost. Until April the IRS notified congress June 13. BI arrests never informed judicial watch about. About -- the court about the lost emails even -- O'Sullivan had ordered the IRS to produce documents. Related to the information request on a monthly basis. Jeffrey Clements the Justice Department lawyer representing the IRS said the agency had no legal obligation to tell judicial watch about emails the may have been destroyed two years before the group. Filed its request for information that they have -- that they have a an obligation. To the judge. For the courts that they hid the that they have this does the this anything this unique. Part of the Obama administration have any legal obligation to anyone. Current Gerson just a totally lawless administer the administration. 18774694322. Today. The judicial watch asked Sullivan to conducting limited discovery to determine what happened to the emails perhaps compelling testimony. From IRS officials put Sullivan said that would be premature. I -- noted that the tax agency's inspector general was conducting an investigation into the lost emails wink wink nudge nudge. The IRS was able to generate 24000. -- emails from the point 20092011. Period because she had copied in other IRS employees. As part of the congressional investigation the I arrests of who's producing a total of 67 emails to and from -- covering the period 2009 to 2000. Thirteen prior arrest warriors are due back in federal court tomorrow before a different judge. For hearing on the lost emails in the separate lawsuit filed by a group called true the vote. The group which doesn't advocates for the integrity of elections soon the IRS over delays in its exemption application for tax exempt status. You know someone who wants to you know ensure fair elections and stopping Democrats from. From stuffing the ballot box that would obviously be considered day these subversive organization by the Obama administration. 18774694322. Were on your next with how we cargo -- -- They only garrido. And -- -- part can't call. Their partner doesn't want to talk about these emails are given information currently tied for Fifth Amendment. Twice. No affront to my back in the -- blatantly went through a grand jury. And I'm pleading the Fifth Amendment. And it doesn't look -- -- well you go to jail. If you want to testify. I know what they usually do is they immunize you. They they have to buy I just I've watched him -- what three at least three witnesses over the last two days in federal court. These are hacks that won't testify unless there unless they're granted immunity from prosecution. And what happens is if they agreed to immunity from prosecution and then you refused to testify. Then your found in contempt of the grand jury and the -- when jail until the grand jury is sent home finally which can be up to eighteen months. Exactly now I don't understand why I don't know who put that promotion. Or yeah -- off. -- -- you they can't get a grip on the problem is they can't have a grand jury because the grand jury would have to be called by the attorney general or by the US attorney and a in the US attorney who convened a grand jury to investigate this or who gave no hint that this case to a grand jury would be fired immediately. Just like just like you know. The up until now whenever you've had a major ski handle like this in this is about as major scandal she get this is bigger than this is certainly bigger than Watergate. I ran contrary Gator or any of these other scandals that we had. The the the president whether he's been a Democrat or Republican. Would feel compelled to one two to hand this over to a special prosecutor appoint a special prosecutor. Two to investigate this but of course. Obama thinks he's above the law and end and holder thinks that it's a racist. For him to have to Obey the law so -- you know he so you have a situation. With its again it's unprecedented where they where there is no there was no investigation. Of of of wrongdoing by the by the administration. In the and the he had New York Times. And the the rest of the mainstream media. -- remain. Dangerously silent about this there they're unconcerned. About the fact that this. This harassment this this this denial of people's First Amendment it was going on. Well what whatever code of conduct on -- ability to -- to me that's scary. Yeah that would intimidate him. I know yeah -- it as the it's it hitched Schilling. -- you know let's say that so that's a word that's all volumes sometimes but I don't know how -- you could describe what they were tried to do with the Internal Revenue Service to these Tea Party groups. And again. They're they're so bent out of shape the moon bats about the Citizens United which which allows. Which allows corporations to us to spend money in the corporations don't after. These these these super pacs don't have to tell who contributed to the reason the IBO super pacs don't wanna have to tell who contributed to them. Is because they know they are dealing here with a what they -- an administration. That is that is utterly lawless. And and is going to in his is going to try to watch her or ask anybody who contributes to the Warner call 1877469432218774694322. We're talking about the the Internal Revenue Service scandal and today judge federal judge has ordered the IRS to -- To come up with but he a statement under oath. Meaning -- -- cost him and that arrogant. Obama contributor of that runs the IRS and courses see any worse than than Tim Geithner a tax cheat. The attached -- that was the treasury secretary of the Treasury Secretary. Has has the the the ultimate. Authority over the IRS. So it so you have -- you have a guy who was who was enforcing. Who was -- forcing political which counts on people who were paying their taxes and in fact he had he didn't even believe in paying his taxes. But that he was one of the beautiful people. You know. Why should you have to -- taxes. You've got to make up fake. Fake deductions like. You mean you can't write off when your children go to overnight summer camps know Kim UK. Most people know -- -- let me rephrase that everybody knows that I didn't. -- ignorance of the law is no excuse I guess publisher. A member of the Obama. Administration. How we can you imagine what must be the most virus emails were lost Lerner did decide the brick along with him she did it on orders from verse appears I know. And and and again what what what are the conclusion is one to draw when she asks can be instant messaging BUB were covered. And she's told by by the IT people the IRS know they can't be recovered she sent back and email perfect. What what is one supposed. To make of that. 1877469. 432218774694322. Of course I mean even if the even if it turns out that they they committed perjury who would who was gonna prosecute. Is Eric Holder can prosecute. Anyone who couldn't commits perjury in the for the well. While taking part in the greater goal posts -- would -- American citizens engaging in their First Amendment. Right to free speech. Now. Because or or or doesn't believe in free speech. Any more than Obama believes in free speech. Tim you're next with -- cargo ahead ten. All this stuff out AIL -- Quote. An isolated case put in the government by its art remind me along with the order situation. One big Ponzi -- In terms of what's being told that the American public can really -- at. It's the more quarter art. But in general they're just trying to. If it's upon pre K so. I wish that's all it was that was Ponzi scheme I mean -- V it'll Ponzi scheme -- just trying to steal your money I mean that is these this whole thing on the border there. They're trying to destabilize an entire since the entire society. Dot distilling everybody's money in term up. Well pockets they're still and it's like to agree which you wouldn't term to destabilizing that country. And it's far worse than that but the article -- thing. Is it is riddled riddled with issues -- quite frankly -- the -- -- I agree with that. The the mean. You don't mix and got into Willie got it all kinds of trouble just because he was it's. You know basically fantasizing. On those White House tapes about sending the IRS after people but the IRS refused to -- it. This in the in this administration the I -- doesn't refused to do what they just they march in lockstep yeah I'll ball. Here present. You know. -- Presidential history. Always used the direct arm to their benefit to some degree or the other. Right look FDR was have a problem with by Annenberg the publisher of the Philadelphia papers the the father of -- Walter Annenberg who was the ambassador to watch the court of saint James under Nixon. And yet he he they they railroaded -- -- a -- the prison. You know. Big. And look at it -- look at the history of it. Everybody you know what again. Big liberals it's it's always the big liberals that you really have to worry about you know Nixon again Nixon dreamed about doing what -- -- the art did. But again FDR was pike or as well compared to war compared to Obama of our car.