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Sheriff Hodgson Spills The Beans On Illegals

Jul 14, 2014|

Massachusetts Sheriff Thomas Hodgson joined us to talk about how illegal aliens are being secretly flown to the Baystate and are being kept in jails in a covert operation that is causing health and security concerns amid recent spikes in detainees coming up from Texas during the latest border crisis. Howie supports the Sheriff....

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The unprecedented. Shipment of I wasn't -- league while the illegal aliens from Texas to Massachusetts is model we straining the resources of local jails. It is costing taxpayers millions of dollars for healthcare Bristol county -- said yesterday. At least one illegal alien brought to Massachusetts from Texas by IE ice immigration and customs enforcement. Is in a hospital with 24 hour surveillance according to Bristol county sure Thomas -- Hodgson who was responsible for only about eighty adults were awaiting deportation. Battle will be the day. We have two officers around the clock at the hospital taking care of this person match one bill. -- of the medical issues he has the pills are going to be in the millions and that's just for one person arch said. That's directly from the medical staff that's just one. Person's bill. Now remember. Veterans. People who put their lives on the line to protect this nation. Aren't dying because they can't get in the veterans hospitals. People. Who pay the for their own health insurance policies have been cut off from those health insurance policies by the insane policies of the so called Affordable Care Act AK a obamacare. And are now being denied cancer treatments in our body. Because of a crack pot. Socialist. Utopian scheme. Engineered. By eight. A guy who for many years claimed he wasn't even born in this country. Obama. And had a different name. -- So Toro. But. Even though there's no money. For Americans. Who lost their health insurance through no fault of their own no money for veterans who fought for this country. There is millions upon millions upon billions of dollars. To welcome all of these illegal aliens. To the country. Okay. Citing a lack of space federal authorities have since April -- six plane loads of illegal aliens to Massachusetts where they will be held at bay state lock ups according to -- The federal government has not told them how long the new win mate will be in Massachusetts I it's hard to know I don't know what their plan is and I don't think they know auctions. Ice spokesman Daniel -- record did not return repeated requests for comment yesterday. -- in jails as well as those in Plymouth Suffolk Franklin in Norfolk counties have for years held illegal aliens under the church lucrative contract with ice. Which does not have its -- lock ups in Massachusetts. The system has brought in more than 100 million since 2005. But the sudden overflow influx from Texas is no. We normally don't have them for years and years. Parched said we're we're just doing what we always do. When it comes to detention but what's unusual was that the coming from Texas by the plane -- that's not something we're used to what's unprecedented. They're bringing them into Texas. They're trying to bring the meant to California achievement and one common area there. They have tried to bring the meant to Michigan where there's been a -- uprising. They try to bring them in the Colorado where the Republican governor with a Democrat governor I mean who last week was playing pool. In the it in the pot smoke shrouded pool hall in Denver. Well -- drinking a beer. He says and. -- Nobody wants these people. Why do you think they're clearing them out of Guatemala and Honduras all and here's another thing a lot of them are poor pregnant. A lot of them are pregnant. We come over to the United States drop a baby and get welfare for the rest of light -- and -- -- And -- about. 18774694322. Joining us now on the line is. Bristol county sheriff Tom Hodgson. Population being what the -- how -- our show. Happy to do whatever this is this is horribly bad is and that's. Yeah they are very district insurance periods. This year for her every American ought be very concerned about what this means to to -- paper it's considered their communities are. So tell what's that tell us about this guy in the house how many people or how many people -- -- have that you've had forged and -- and -- -- hospitals. Well we we we do that transports are round of Massachusetts oration. In addition to our detention center for drug -- -- or shall we boarded the car off when -- committed. We've got about a 150 -- or shall we go back and other out Oregon coast are under total of -- -- -- wage. Well it's gotten. Proportion of those and in the -- social structure as well. And so -- -- calmer now in the hospital I'm kind of wondering about -- -- by the way what are what are you doing the fact that these people have apparently not been. Screened for any diseases I mean you are you taking any precautions -- you having -- union grievances while all the mean having to these people. You think you know what are your guards could come down -- some type of a terrible Third World disease by by being in contact with these people. You know -- the potential community Easter. -- exposed uranium producer analog and richer or. -- -- our primary goal -- ticket to a we do worry are we -- -- 00 culture and every -- as well after fourteen days but. For what the issue of yours accomplish -- or. The people that are coming. Out or we don't know what are what are criminal history. So that that they're -- noted that a Christian. In corrections. Or people based on their. Orbiter there don't history and post it here outsourced and her to this country we note the streets here -- we were better. More our support but the second piece -- is insurance and Howard report. The cost the taxpayer -- what are -- But the cost about a -- Eric trigger on basically a Texas good -- That after today that through it all out that'll be an editor for over to -- It's been for two months over -- NBA what's with. -- articulate a sister to a lot like -- -- -- It medical staff they're -- it's all just that this individual there's not a is going to be in the billions I'll. And that's just one person. Now that you've been at what Boston Boston's city. And I think you -- now over to be shut out. -- part of our deepest and most -- community medical hospital what are. You. So. Big picture in you know we're still corporal or shall be so it. We are people follow -- around it taxpayers worry about how people rest in regions. Like Texas and say. Federal tax dollar -- for travel. You're thinking get all the -- you were making gonna be for naught because now bringing her to a and still pay factors that perpetrate what are you know with -- soldiers so. I actually the best. Because they don't have a knocked down they're obviously -- to overwhelm. Now the other thing is really sports people be more concerned about is the number of people or not. Being transported around the country are playing in -- church so these. What are simply being released sections we got the call in its -- future -- were intrigued by mr. -- For coming in this country they're going into orbit which they're being sponsored by elites are Ers are absurd sort of organization since -- -- -- -- We don't know what their histories are and what -- -- it was always -- nutritional. Habits which quite so. So. How many how many of these kids how many of these do you think there are the called kids -- called criminals criminals. Well Italian -- along like this morning wannabe. Recuperation treat cure -- -- -- well -- reporting today that. In the last two months he's got a hundred unaccompanied children computers. Practiced in the -- on the ship early that's one term. So so there and the other thing we -- -- 40% of these individuals. Were getting all have played on true or our country. All are not are not sure that you're just a 40% or shall. So where are they what are they up to. And some of the Marty even from Central America some of homer from terrorist hot beds. What do you know what the other problem we haven't -- we are sold out but it's it's big gaping holes now in the order. Are are are rigged to -- sure all the structure because we're all between border states because of this and these cartels. Are absolutely. And -- Getting warm -- approaching here. They also we we know that or should he -- you're contacting the cartel into -- -- -- really -- shortly. And there aren't going their way country be a -- well. That it. Very -- problem or they are we tell our national security -- What are you what would you say you saw that letter of that that injury -- brawl your your shoes she was a former -- or if she were she was a colleague of yours in a manner of speaking. You saw the letter that you sent to Brad Jones but that letter was full of ice wasn't. Well I didn't -- the letter actually now I'm not sure what what -- She said that she said no no one was staying here that they were just being that they were just being shipped world. But the first thing in Europe. Well they'll be here yeah -- -- Adobe air for. Our amateur shooter aren't you the question what we're. But it -- it because it is going to be here about course and there are going to be more come. This is the trend that we've been told you you need to be. Prepared for Europe we have that children are so so. So someone wants to know that he says he has to pay a 35 dollar co pay when he goes to the doctor did when if you're inmates have the pinnacle bank. Yeah well and I stopped that's a fortunate I. That it isn't a -- a rhetorical question I just. You know but you know curious to expect it really report -- because. Where we're seeing war or are -- living. Never mind the heat stroke can't it be -- more she's more church. If we say that helped get this couple are now you're gonna know what. Reports demonstrate in the president's before for this probably helped create and the other thing -- How is it 2000 marked our work on immigration issue at church. And open up our border security is that congress in the present and active and be sure there -- regional leadership. Around this issue secure our borders that. We wouldn't Costa merely restated investigation. Appearance this is trouble and all this we are on your body to secure borders and who would have this problem today. So you're going -- the thirsty to the war. A leading to our actual -- it was sort of richer a country you are going to be meeting in order to assure we're going to be -- or first thing. On Wednesday which sure are bacteria in -- cal -- Wrote that article and we're gonna be the ice and also. Literature. Because you wanna talk sure. What what what speech here achieved double or don't shaky issues and health issues because we need to know because we're becoming border states -- All kinds of people being moved freely around the country nobody knows what they are what are you. You saw that you saw the story a picture on the Drudge today a a -- -- a Mexican deported four times. -- stock back into the country and molested -- raped a little nine year old girl and the nodded not on the border but in the middle Texas. Right -- meet this these these crimes are going on all all the time -- this item and illegal alien from Brazil just came up for parole hearing. He dragged a Greg and -- an American to his death the American was screaming to be able to you know from to stop the car and he didn't stop and he aegis -- they probably ran over a the -- which now he can always an illegal an illegal alien and keep that when you think we can tell -- we're told these people the future of our country god help us if they are. Well you know -- you're right in and in bureau memorial this economy low that your people in their community. Killed at the end of illegal. Drivers truckers and -- and sure between these. -- -- which was a truck -- prior -- -- -- might have been well I won't really be darker red stops aren't. Good morning it. Until the brother or Maureen. So so so that's one trial never mind across the nation of people think he'll -- illegal so long. And pictures. This you know what's really I think they're really orchard where our bureau is this really aggravate -- -- aggravate most Americans credit. Several -- you know that they government aren't. What people yeah the people and stroke government or else all true at all this option it's what they do it this year. Armed entrepreneur watch groups and neighborhoods to make sure your neighbors call attention to launch and it doesn't actually doesn't support. Our government is stopping people and are -- Stated we don't know what their health risks are to us you know what to -- risks -- to us in basically saying well we ask we're not gonna tell. Not Pretoria where they are -- not to tell ya got here we're gonna say anything you need to know. Or to preserve your problems reaching the shore across this country are not -- -- by. And allow our art job -- still be marginalized. Art federal authority overstepping their -- -- reputation people. And that's why it's such it's we're going to be calling for. All church across structured -- or it's. It's in Q to -- -- congress. Finally secure that or not they're out one person you can be one reason why sovereign borders -- -- secure knowing what we know parts. We know what it's about it's about getting more -- undocumented Democrats into into the country to war to vote for a higher welfare programs and more government dependency. Yeah and it's and it's also also. You know the mass destruction properly our administration that look if you want to secure area. And who wouldn't you Tokyo which is sort of committed are you a a lot particularly well. And securing medical needs -- what. Yeah you -- -- I was thinking about this over the weekend somebody rodent under one of my columns last week and so I'm I'm from Indian stock boarded we have a crappy immigration policy. And and I thought you know the Indians have a better immigration policy than than the United States as a mean at least they at least they weren't that they weren't dot. Housing and end feeding. All the people were coming in to invade them mobile -- them. You know the audience felt no need to learn English in order to provide welfare for the pilgrims you -- know where he worked crazier than the Indians work. Yeah it's it's you know it's really it's. -- aren't aren't we if we could possibly be in this court should generation in and it elected leaders -- our country. Would allow. The people who are saying you're paying and paying we're working hard. To be here and let them less people that are contributing nothing. Korean here are your expectations that we're just gonna security -- -- -- -- make or what really -- urged president. Cut her own ability to get medical therapy -- or so but people can't. All well. There's a real real easy solution to a lot of this first is as secure -- the second thing is. The president -- states needs -- administration. Is secure embassies it's the embassy in these countries. In those countries and let people that maybe he'll have a legitimate -- go to the embassy plot. These people deserve archived for industry to fear. Return you'll weigh in battle out there. And that's some bottled water instead await the computer that's on the factor in this. -- -- You're going to be particularly local -- -- to the housing. Total by the way -- their relatives are all going to be allowed to come up to when you ought to provide housing and medical care and food. And in surveys for all of them so. But how he joked if you're that this proposal is I should not. A woman and her post in the this court is well. He sponsored. As far as there's the other party. In accordance well it's 214 and fourteen different states. And they've done it because prior -- -- Who are here illegally should look for reports reaching here it would ordered. Compared to be illegal immigrants should be regular average. Pair of fact get her lap -- But I think you all right and people without problems. You know look as far as I'm concerned if people can't hear me. What -- should -- in law should change in the Premier League lead your child. The child the child to not be in order to. Right I mean if if if it requires repealing the fourteenth amendment and so be it. -- You can't allow this -- how this this twisted interpretation of the fourteenth amendment to destroy the entire country. Right you know what our long -- short of it is that we're all we all these kids can PR from the standards on the started -- the secret that we won't help epic but we weren't sure interest here for compact nature which -- -- -- We won't be any of that if we allow our systems to be so overtaxed we need to secure -- I know and that's the situation where insurer clutch absolute -- is what we're going to be in preschool. What about these are cute government with a straight tuberculosis -- she -- And other current disease just as well received that we don't even. Understand. It. -- accuser now but but it Camilo currency still skated at all and -- so yeah bit. Which burdensome. I know -- -- -- -- -- win they say the date that these gray haired people come and and it's claiming their seventeen years old apparently they get on big on welfare they are in school actually they just claimed their -- their own. I mean it's just. What -- OK sheriff the UMB can we get a touch with yourself when's Seattle after you've been down there for awhile. Okay we'll talk to we talked to Bernie urges urges that your number. Talk to sandy okay. Are all but okay what elected sure but come -- and from Bristol counties went down tomorrow to Texas to CEO Steve forced him what's going on. And we come back we're gonna talk to watch auto quality the of the legislature. I guess they've got -- fill probation jobs for a people who -- -- state police officers. There're there are now working on a bill to want to get the to get more money for 44 -- welfare for these illegal aliens are.