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Mexachusetts? 7/17/14

Jul 17, 2014|

What do you make of Deval Patrick considering sheltering unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border? Jeff says it's time for another rally!

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Don't fix here on the great WRKO. Am six stadium now under 93 point seven HI VQ good morning Boston. 6172666868. Is the number. My friends. I want all of you hold onto your hats and because this is going to be one of the most important shows. But the corner man has ever done since we launched a corner report here on WRK oh what oh we're almost two years ago. Our state. Is now being invaded. Let me repeat that. Our state is now being invaded. By a flood of illegal immigrants from Central America. And amazingly. Incredibly. Shockingly. Disgusting only. Meaning me. The governor of Massachusetts. Deval Patrick. Was asked yesterday by our reporters. That there were numerous reports circulating. That the dear leader President Obama himself. Called up meaning me and said we need you to take a large chunk of these illegal immigrants. And house them in Massachusetts. After Maryland said no. After -- after the democratic governor of Maryland said no. After the democratic governor of Connecticut said no. After Iowa sentinel. After California's said no after Arizona's said no after state after state town after town city after city said no. Or is -- like deported because we ought to be good Communists now in fluent Russian. Yet. Here. Is what our own governor said. Roll it Brittany. We tried to -- about what our what our capacities are what the circumstances. I would be. Tonight in the case of unaccompanied minors at -- at the border it would be some sort of secure facility that's not a bad upbringing and continue. -- -- Incredible. I've never seen anything like December. Literally I don't think I've ever seen anything like this in my entire life. You have the mirror of -- Now it's coming out Chelsea. Now it's come out that Chelsea -- that's 700 poignant students they just -- rolled 285. They know of directly from Guatemala Honduras and El Salvador. Whereby. The schools are being bankrupted. Strange to the breaking point. Hospitals to the breaking point health care clinics to the breaking point basic social services to the breaking point. Do you not walked down the streets of Boston. Meaning me. If you could get out of your limousine. If you could stop doing your junkets to -- Singapore and Japan. And hitting Cancun Mexico and hitting the beach if you could actually walked down boils the street and see all the homeless people that we now. Look at all the returning veterans that are coming back who need help what about our own children. And now you're telling us that Massachusetts. Is now gonna become. Max a chill sets. That we are now to become the country's dumping ground. For all of these illegal criminal aliens that are coming in. This is treason. This is a complete. Abdication of -- duty as the governor to protect the citizens of his own state and the frankly uphold the constitution of the United States. These are just children. We now know there are many gang bangers -- I'll talk about it later in the show. Just as an example one MS thirteen gang banger was found they arrested him with a car -- wall full of these supposedly legal immigrant children. We now -- perhaps -- is brought into our state. We need tuberculosis. We need all these diseases coming in god forbid -- be this wind flow. I -- how some. And eventually because they're gonna stay they're not going anywhere so then who pays for all this. Could put him to school. Public housing food stamps EBT welfare. Health care. Already -- is on the verge of bankruptcy already Chelsea's on the verge of bankruptcy cities and towns across Massachusetts. Have already been sheltering these children that have been coming up and what is most despicable. Absolutely despicable. Is we now know of at least nine plane loads of these children which were sent here flown in here and he lied. He deliberately claim I never knew anything about this. You mean there are being sworn off the bat first and at Logan Airport Knoll. Issues -- -- dishes the first hurdle but not all all of a mall. Now he's telling openly to the people of the state. -- he's talking with Obama they he will accept god knows how many of these suppose it unaccompanied minors. And they're gonna how some here in some facility in fact according to the Boston Globe which -- citing a senior. Patrick administration official there looking at camp Edwards. They're looking at a big military base they wanted to compliment Cape Cod. And enough eventually can Huckabee -- caught forever I guarantee you. Once during cape god they're gonna how some they're gonna process some. They're gonna hold them for a while. And then eventually. They're gonna say send a couple Lawrence send some mortal lol send a couple this August send a couple of anybody sent a couple mortal limitless gonna go bankrupt okay are sent a few mortal and but all model but all judge Brookline -- ball. Don't touch Marblehead. Dawn -- -- not all those are might be Bozo limousine liberals not that I'm not west and not keep it out there not air. Not -- not not where many new lips and definitely not Martha's Vineyard. Because it Martha's Vineyard the dear leader by the way it's another story he's going on another vacation. -- were being invaded. Our border is being over run this guy I swear to you god as my witness is going on another vacation. Another said he wants a sixteen day vacation in Martha's Vineyard all I guess. -- of those kids are gonna end up in Martha's Vineyard got a guarantee. You but let that go. But it gets even worse. So not only now. Is she saying we have to be -- dumping ground. For all of these criminals coming in all of these sick children coming in with all of these diseases. Ice the taxpayer of this state is -- -- up here. I drove in today on pot hole after pothole after all hold our roads. Are are a disgrace. And now you stand there and tell us what a straight face we can afford to take in all. Who knows how many of these so called unaccompanied minors. Here. So now. He has to ratchet up the pressure. Because he knows we can't afford it he nor is a threat to public safety he knows that almost every other state in the union. Nobody wants some. For the obvious reasons Democrats. Don't to credit governors don't want them. Democratic cities and towns don't wanna nevermind Republican wants. So now. He's about compassion. And Paul Lawrence and -- of her city. And it's about. Children being remarried with their families and how can we say in all of that children. Roll that Brittany. But we'll first of -- for children who are reunited with the -- -- -- appearances deceive your cousin moved here from out of ten. How we -- and in the end in the community and media and most of the funding sources then there. State supplies team this season towns take account of those of those individuals although of and many things. Thank meaning after the accountant after the. He's done if they need some help from the supplemental budget I'm sure we're open. Today is they're going to be a situation where you can say you know look we can't do anymore Connecticut yes I -- I don't think he's saying I don't think we in our commonwealth. Would say. That we can't respond to humanitarian crisis here obviously limits to what we can do Travis then have them. Rudy Rudy is looking more money funding Cleveland hi Chris what we need to understand the scope of what it is were being asked to do. But I am I continue to personally and I don't think it's coming. And turn our backs but to children who. It's incredible. Okay are a hot tip by the way or Fox25. I think they got the scoop on this undated an incredible job really a wonderful job. Aren't a couple of very quick points and I wanted to open up to the phone lines. Because my friends we have to respond. The state house to respond to the people of this state and I'm appealing now to everybody. Conservatives. Liberals moderates Democrats independents Republicans. It doesn't matter because this is going to affect. All of us. Those diseases are gonna affect all of us. Are strange school system is gonna affect all of us overflowing classrooms affects all of us. Overflowing hospitals and health care clinics affects all of us. Gang members running around potentially. God knows what shooting people killing people dealing drugs affects all of us. We're gonna become a Third World banana state. This is this for if this is allowed us. If we don't stand up to the governor we will be come mex -- two sets. Now a couple of quick points me to be stressed. Number one and most importantly. This so called humanitarian crisis shut the border is completely of Obama's own making. He's responsible for this no one else. In fact there was an intelligence assessment done by his own Justice Department. He is all we have beyond his own drug enforcement agency whereby they interviewed the migrants themselves. And out of 230 migrants that they interviewed 200 in nineteen to nineteen out of 230 said exactly this. That they were told about the DREAM Act. That there were told that illegal immigrant children. Were given essentially amnesty and could not be and would not be deported. And that eventually their parents could reunify with them so they all said he we came up here because we're gonna get amnesty. That's what the president said in his own speech and plus she's gonna give amnesty he wants amnesty. So we figured just like to dreamers we come up here we're safe. He provided the magnetic key provided the incentive. She's the one that basically put up a big BN -- all come on inside. And now they're coming up by the tens of thousands that's point number one point number two. Children who were you reunited with their parents it's just as if your cousin moved here from out of town. We absorbed them in the community and most of the funding sources that the state supplies to cities and towns. Take account of those individuals although admittedly after the fact. Meaning after -- counted and after the budget is done. If they need some help through a supplemental budget I'm sure were opened that up that's exactly what the the the governor sent. Genius. Who's got a peripheral thinks. You're gonna literally you're gonna turn all of Massachusetts -- wind. Our property values are gonna sink our property taxes are gonna go through the roof. Of course our streets are not gonna be safe our children are not gonna be safe. And here's the final point and then I wanna open it up to the -- -- Yes a nation is like a family. I truly believe that. This show and its audience caught as my witness like a family to me. And this state that has taken me in and taken my children and you have no idea how much I love and respect the -- its history its tradition. The beautiful people that live here it's wonderful communities but that's the point my friends we're family. They're strangers it's. Very illegal aliens -- criminal it's. Who trampled on our sovereignty violated our law and came here illegally -- notched a family members are not cousins they're not relatives -- waters. -- invaders. And instead of saying go home. Instead of sending them back and seven courage and become more and more in greater numbers that's all this is gonna do. Is encourage even more to come. This guy's waving the white flag of surrender on our backs. And those of our communities and of our children and over final weeks. My friends. The future of our state is at stake. Our children or schools or streets are very public safety and health. It is time that we send a message to this governor loud and clear. No to this invasion not one illegal immigrant child any more in to our community and into our state. And that's why my friends I'm announcing this right now. Not this Saturday but next Saturday. -- 16 July 26. Corner country. Every member of this state every citizen I don't care what your ideological or political persuasion is. I need you to show up with a -- the steps of the state jokes for the mother of all relics. It is about time. That we the people finally speak up and held this out of control arrogant governor. We don't work for him he works for us and our order to him is plain and simple. Send them all back home. 6172666868. This is Massachusetts. It's not Massachusetts. Jeff you're up next thanks for holding it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the are just a -- I guess said yesterday that does all basically big vote granted these didn't know -- -- people -- vote for this so whenever vote it's going to be for the Democrats. So we do we do something like the fire department and the police department choose to do where. If you wanted to be and so -- fireman or policeman in Netanya agreement in that -- is something like that should be done and that's. It's he should. If you vote for this dead and -- sound. These people assert that I did sustain your time because once you get people staying these these kids certainly didn't even start outbreak which is more important. Outbreak in tops field Bloc's first Marblehead slows cut. Much setting it is and these kids into the schools that's what it will change depth than other -- they don't care all my kid in the -- -- system. We do not care they don't care at all they -- what the money and they want -- vote they're gonna get my money no matter what they're never gonna get my vote. But what what they're doing now they're getting remote we have to put them they have to be hollows and nobody in north Beverly they have to be housed in all these places where these politicians live. -- shop and -- kids go to school that's what has happened. We won't change until someone of a close infant and a -- it represented -- senator one of their family members get sick. -- an incurable disease or get hit by an illegal daily that's an illegal alien and -- -- you don't without a license and gets hurt that's what does that change -- Don't care about me the government are there to get my vote bicker about their vote -- they don't look inaudible what Jeff. It got to change and change public. Jeff I hear you. And -- 110%. Right on everything that you sent however there's one caviar and it's a very important one. They're not gonna allow opposing legal immigrants. To go in to Marblehead -- to Brookline -- to new and or to Wellesley or you -- -- liberal gated community. Or not. Because they run this state they controlled the state legislature they control the state government meaning me knows that. So basically they're gonna -- communities working middle class communities. And they're gonna dump them there. Once there housing -- whatever let's just say it's Cape Cod. They're talking camp camp I -- it's no camp Edwards forgive me -- decision has been made but let's just say for the sake of argument okay. Addiction -- camp Edwards they're not gonna keep him in Cape Cod forever. So when they start dumping those kids and placing him in district after district count after count. It's not it's not gonna be Marblehead it's not going to be Wellesley it's not gonna be Brookline. It's gonna be Salem and it's going to be a -- and it's going to be Peabody and it's going to be Quincy and it's gonna be -- and and it's gonna be lol and it's gonna be Lawrence. That's what they're going to do. And so what he wants he she wants he wants a blitzkrieg he wants a fete accompli he wants to make his decision by the weekend. Ship these kids in next week that's what he wants. We got to stop them. We have to now take to the streets. We have a peaceful. Civil nonviolent. Demonstration. But at the steps of the state house. Just as we pushed the government to do the right thing to free Justine -- year quarter country we have to ride once again. This time now to save our very commonwealth. Are you -- 6172666868. Is the number. Next Saturday July 26. The corner report will hold a major rally at the steps of the state house. Please I need all of you to be there bring your friends bring your family members bring relatives bring as many as you can because my friends. We have to make our stand. Laura Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I just a couple of quick point sure there's no reason he called many made. Okay -- base. And articulate the Saudi out of New York facility he did renovating -- nine million dollar office. Put up a couple of prop -- Until I lose I don't know that I'm I'm just beside myself I like. It aren't that -- got to pick up and I guess who import jet you're a man. He knew they are -- you know the Laura we're gonna pay for this -- -- Well well aren't they are not a aunt got it I don't limit. The. How -- at the hogs the ball. Many mean you're looking for a nice facility. Look. They they bottom fifty million dollar -- -- where do you in Texas a hotel and resort. -- to put 600 of them. To look to -- one Olympic size pool tennis courts racquetball courts I swear -- huge record Z spas saunas -- works they wanna build a soccer field. -- what's I say give from the governor's office. Nine million dollar should -- be. Beautiful little -- set up he's got there. And let's -- Mimi likes it 617 let's see how we likes to be around kids with lice crawling around her fixed let's go to likes that. 6172666868. Is the number Tom you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Thank you for organized having a rally on there and my wife who never ever -- all. -- political we leave note Governor Patrick. All you want to. Eat you -- -- all -- your -- No doubt one through college. And out all yeah hundred and she land base that AM and I -- late male married to a black female. And she's got out of a mother and brother in law called the governor's office. -- you have got a ticket -- and not in the generation we will lose this country. Thank you mystical. Thank you very much Tom 6172666868. Date Europe next thanks for holding her on the corner report coed day. Yeah -- yeah. I've got so -- and I couldn't do anything I called state police. In the numbers of course they couldn't do anything but at least eight. The top percentage I would say it was a very nice guy I thought he had nothing anybody says there's nothing we condone. And that you know it says press has sense of powerlessness. Do you remember. A piece by Edgar Allan what's called the massacre -- the red yeah. Yes. That it happened that can sometimes and I guess some look into the faces Syria. Where he you're the sum -- committed and they -- it had a big master relations. And they thought they'd be safe from this that I understood scene that was killing people in the just follow them until the ballroom etc. But does. I don't know Japanese fruit then did you -- -- you believe that they would be shot maybe even some bright so all of a little bit. And back I don't know what we condone but. -- -- -- we don't need to break the law let me tell all of you this OK now please listen to me. You see how we beat them on Justine appellate care how we forced DC after backed down and freer. Because they saw our numbers. They saw how many people were outraged. I am telling you. State lawmaker after state lawmaker even many Democrats up on Beacon Hill think this idea is insane. If we show up in big numbers. And have a loud. Passionate but peaceful. Civil rally. Meany mean will be forced to back down. He cannot oppose the entire people of the state. And I'm telling you on this one. It's 92110. To 115. To one. The people of this state don't want to their communities threatened we've had enough. Towns CDs are going bankrupt. We are not gonna allow Massachusetts. To become -- a truce it's. My friends if we make our stand will wind. If not now when and if not us who. 631 on the great WRKO. Coming up next more your calls all -- state representative mark Lombardo. He's gonna tell all of you just how angry many lawmakers on Beacon Hill are. Let's take it Angela in the newsroom 6172666868. Lines are blazing. And -- Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Jeff -- I just -- round at any doubt. They had charity begins not at all. I'm just gonna give it sort double opt -- I didn't that all them. Right yes -- hit -- big -- sort of -- I mean it -- in Osama program. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I try to look I -- -- But -- payment. Semi -- well. I got and -- political problems I called and what relative to what happened and to have shortcut. So that -- get the support this just a little programs are subject. I -- that all important win because. I knew that the do and how much -- Leno I wonder -- it is to. You know protect you believe they also told me that. The budget work. Cut in the apple might orders to go to summer program won't have to pay did it all each kid. To wrote some program. I can do it but Dick Clark who I mean how would. How do you -- chicks in my -- and had an incident. And long. And while I'm not trying to upset you but I'm just -- is this is the truth not only are they being how sleazy legal immigrants. They're putting up in hotels and resorts. They have German tennis courts I swear to you racquetball courts soccer fields spot. Did you guys have just -- season spas saunas appear Salvation Army for your voice. -- don't know. Just why now what you had to guess what that's like it because I -- It that it all of the -- -- put a little -- to do some problem. Today. -- -- -- -- -- -- God bless our John Wall and take care 6172666868. What about our kids. What about our people that are suffering here. So we have to divert all of our precious resources. Because demeaning me -- dear leader saying so. Because they want import as many people as possible for votes. I'm sorry my friends this is wrong. This is wrong on so many levels. And I am not I'll be damned if I'm gonna allow this state to become a Third World banana -- -- no way. A mini me he's off he's got six monster goal and then he's done. He's off to Washington DC. He wants to make his political career upon our backs will you know what I mean I'm sorry. But you know what find some other sucker because the people of this state have had enough. Robert Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Jeff played nobody I'm good her real understanding the thought of the space out they get here aghast that rally. Always had a noon today -- to predict -- -- state representative Jeff -- is also gonna be talking about this issue as well. The predator in their name out there all the all the wasteful spending but anyway but Greg contacted by a role. -- but -- evil and even though it you sound. You deadly bird sellers reiterate -- -- -- all right here they're they're being quiet and yet it all the public are considered 500. But the maker announced that they're buried somewhere along bad but out here the plant perfect and get rid of article legal all of now the -- is keep going right down the line with the -- law. -- -- -- I'm with you Robert. I'm with you my friends look this is a watershed moment. We're gonna teach these people that run our states. That this is our state it's not -- state. And the peasants want to take their state and their country back and next Saturday my friends don't political revolution. Begins. Let's take it to Rush Limbaugh Brittany 651 on the great WRK.