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Herald's Bob McGovern On Probation Trial Verdict

Jul 24, 2014|

Boston Herald reporter Bob McGovern who has had a front row seat for the Probation racketeering trial of John O'Brian, Billy Burke and Elizabeth Tavares checked in with us to discuss the guilty verdict, sentencing and appeals.

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We got -- we got Bob McGovern OK we got Bob McGovern from the a Boston Herald who was recovering the of the verdict Bob but. Well what's what's going on down there are just reading your -- she said that the eat you said that the Carmen Ortiz the US attorney got a lot of questions about Bob Bob DiLeo the speaker. -- she -- about two minutes on the wrong guy just ripping on what the trial band and how it shows that there can't be any public corruption. But then obviously all of us reporters -- doing our job and we asked what you're talking about the Leo yeah and whether it's two Rae DiLeo at the trial and not in the courtroom and she is that -- that the entire time she just said. Well based on the evidence in the case sometime names come up in evidence says that yadda -- I think she just. You know yes sometimes names come up but they don't usually they don't usually devote the entire closing argument to the -- the spot in the -- You know that's that's the difference here. Well I know that that's a situation that's what we were all wonder and they were all western what's the what's the deal with -- why you create a lot. You're not gonna have not a witness not to indict them. You pay back up and. And they did anyone ask her about the other people they didn't bring him like petrol body mirror saw all of the guy who was the sort of the -- alleged reverse back Manfred DiLeo handing out these these. These jobs to unqualified people -- people who will later be charged with killing state cops. You know that you know it was beyond. You know you got it it was really outrageous see how mentally of course as we can get it because. You know lab we weren't really accepting the fact that you just gonna kind of fought off since she didn't and you can blow it off during the trial. And so get out you know so I was a little bit concerned that she didn't -- -- -- What do do one do we have a restatement -- from Bob the Leo I'm assuming -- You know not that I know of but I haven't been in the war for reasons I've I've just I've just been in the court. Right now I'm just getting back -- so I'm sure we'll find out and announced. So why is that someone mrs. O'Brien fainted in the courtroom is that correct that the of the much the the wife of John O'Brien. She was in the front row and she she -- he or she passed out and it was really eerie moment because I mean she passed out these people at the in the gallery off -- obviously because she I think that. They had to call in Ian he's excited and there. But as she was there and ask you were attending are the clerk was still reading off charges or at times so -- moment. So they were there were still saying guilty guilty guilty and cheese and the and the and the wife of the guy who's been found guilty guilty guilty is is lying on the floor are on one of the benches. They they took a brief moments. And then they just -- hour now. That is pretty weird. So what touted how to the other two defendants take it -- Billy Burke and I was with Tarvaris. You know that the two of them they just had their heads down and -- you know John I'm Bob -- has been the real character of this trial I mean he just couldn't be looked it looked like these are ghosts. See he was like he was artworks he was -- attorney he was a good thing he did a good about -- what else follows guys -- -- -- I I think they've been as good a job as they -- Yeah and you could tell that they were doing the in the post trial press conference and they you know. They related much to say these all these guys are very Serb posts usually. Right exactly. So was so it's sentencing is October 22 they'll be appealed to all this kind of stuff no no word it. It it turns out because -- actually. -- since the best in my. Somebody the paperwork. That's they're gonna happen in November and now I sense that -- economy my apologies but -- in November is when they're gonna sentence but they're gonna -- also -- You know most verdict motions and they made no bones about they're gonna be on the matter what happens here. Yeah I you're you're a lawyer mean we're talking about this was some of the guys before the trip before the the show started they got the got Burke. They got Burke for racketeering but they don't have them on any underlying facts that the makeup the racketeer. Yeah you know it's it's kind of like they just decided what we've got to convict him to even though there's no evidence. I mean I don't again. Well I'll play well I'm not entirely sure and this is no disrespect to the Jerry -- -- they got a the either. I mean I'm looking at the sheet that they had the stop yes and the verdict sheet. I were talking. Dozens and dozens of questions come -- Europe they did the map on how this all I have -- But -- you know I ensure that -- the things that these defense turned to look at you know they. They were legitimately shocked I mean that businesses. I think they they thought they had a homer yeah. But the longer went on I mean the more you had to think that the you know they knew that he you know it's like these guys this like this jury was picked out of us that the state house you know -- -- these people aren't used to that -- they're appalled by what they heard him and you know what they have every right to be all you know I mean this was. This was not the I mean it it was business it's business as usual the Statehouse but it's not what business as usual should be. You know -- Right and AT and that thing is that also brought out you know different little aspects of business as usual like the the court clerks. And they are hiring process that was the motion defense counsel filed this show that it is business as usual. You know that that that put the onus on said to you know basically differentiate between the two but I'm at some point -- splitting hairs obviously been as usual masters as -- Yeah in that no no -- what was -- he did anyone ask. Carmen Ortiz the US attorney about the judges -- -- -- the judges were up to their eyeballs in the same process. Don't know him really honestly it was a -- DiLeo and then her or spokesperson just jump and it -- short the projector questions. All right Bob what you get Cohen thanks for thanks for coming on we appreciated and I will read your story tomorrow when the in the world. Thanks -- I'm going okay thanks Bob McGovern The Herald -- -- covered the beat the verdict today in the in the probation.