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Jeff recaps the rally he held Saturday. 7/28/14

Jul 28, 2014|

What did you think of the rally Jeff held Saturday?

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Five here on the break WRKO. And now I'm 93 point seven hitched these two. Good morning. Busted. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up the liberal -- 6172666868. You can also -- that -- 686 day. My friends. I gotta tell you you wanna talk about a Grand Slam not a home run. Our Grand Slam. Saturday's. Rally. Stop the invasion rally where -- all many of you turned out. In this sweltering heat. I have to tell you before I get into all the analysis and commentary and reaction and there's been an immense reaction. From the liberal establishment in this state and around the country. I cannot thank all of you enough. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. That on such a hot day on the middle of the weekend in July. That's so many view many of you were telling -- you came from an hour away an hour and a half away. To drive down tick the box takes the key whatever all of you did. To calm down and show up. In huge numbers. -- conservative estimate. I want I spoke to police officers they said 8000 men a mom. Most of them said it was clearly 1010121000. North of 101000 they say easy. Even liberal reporters on the spot. For example one from CBS admitted this was the largest rally on Beacon Hill she had ever seen. The outpouring of support was absolutely. Phenomenal in fact it made national news and I'll get to that any second. That country was stunned. That's so many if you took that tying the efforts. On your weekend I know how busy so many of you war I know how many of you have children and grandchildren. You have jobs. I was humbled. I was touched. And I was deeply deeply honored. And in fact a rally would have gone on even longer we -- the basically cut it off at 12151220. Because of the sweltering heat and I was talking about this with proxy. The next time we do something we are going to be bringing cases of water. Just bring cases of water to keep giving out to people this is not we won't repeat the mistake that took place on Saturday. But one elderly woman in fact collapsed. She fainted my understanding is she's fine. But she -- she was being dehydrated. And we're gonna try to get her on the show later -- about the 9 o'clock hour to talk to her a little bit. But she made it up there she was sitting on the steps of the State Capitol almost PV ten feet away from me. And as I was delivering my keynote speech she she passed out. Obviously from from the heat. Probably heat stroke and maybe lack of -- And I got alarmed because she's not written -- trying to force some water and -- she wasn't taking the water so they're putting ice honor. We basically gave her a lot of room. So she could breathe we formed a nice -- that we brought in the state troopers the police came an ambulance was brought in. Russia was put into the amber when she was sent to Mass. General my understanding is she's fine she was rehydrated. But there were also a lot of very elderly people as well in their seventies and eighties who were sitting right in front of me I could see a hot they were in the sweltering heat. And so we decided look we're gonna cut it short we're gonna make our point I made my point. But I don't wanna get other people to pass out or suffer from heatstroke. So I know the sacrifices. That many of you made my guard and an elderly woman fainted. Because of your concern for this issue and standing shoulder to shoulder with me. And I can't tell you how honored and how touched I wise that so many of you showed up. And my friends and for those of you that could make it I felt your prayers. I felt. That hand of god. Behind me the whole time I could shield your support. And the fact that you were with us if not in body in spirit. And so there was electricity in the Arum there was energy in the air. There was dynamism in the air there was passion in the air but above all there was resilience and patriotism in the year. And my friends it was an absolute smashing success. The Drudge Report linked to. And according to the Drudge Report amid a link to an -- a blog. The bloggers it's a conservative blogger the rights group. There are stunned. When you can read the comments there are so many of them. That even liberal Massachusetts. Even though bluest of Blue States. The cradle. Off progressive isn't in the United States the heartland. This is where you have Cambridge and ha of us and meaning me. And chief spreading -- and shop Francois Kerry. And Ted Kennedy country and a late Kennedy's. Even here. And they sit -- of liberalism. There is now an insurrection. Even in the bluest of Blue States. There is now an uprising. And so Drudge linked to it. Then Glenn Beck's network the blaze it was the lead story for a long time. In fact I will be doing an interview with 805. With a blaze his own morning show. A jury that time we're gonna play some cuts of the rally. So he'll be a short interview but I'll be back but the blaze. The blaze who wants to do an interview. The national media picked up on the story local media the Boston Globe did a story Boston Herald picked it up. Channel four picked it up channel five picked up Fox25. Picked it up boston.com. Picked it up. So the numbers were so big. Yahoo! News picked it up Fox News picked it up Sunday morning FOX & Friends they were stunned. -- just to -- I. Never mind that it was such a big rally that would have made news anywhere. But of all places Massachusetts. The people's republic of -- that you say it's not many showed up. Who work is not a vocal about principled that passionate. About patriotic. It has shaken the liberal regime to which very foundations. And my friends. I said if you before and I'll say it again. We are now becoming a significant. Political force in the state. And increasingly around the country because we are the country. We are middle America. We are speaking could. For the voices. The aspirations. The fierce. The anger. The bitterness. The sense of betrayal and alienation. That tens and tens and tens and tens of millions of Americans. The silent majority middle America has been feeling for the last six years under this presidency and now has finally awoke and they have found a champion. And it is us. And so let me tell you what I belief. This clearly the larger meaning of this rally and there's no getting around it. We are now. They hair -- of the Tea Party. That took place in Boston in seventeen in the 1977. In this 1770s. Before the war for independence. We are -- hairs of the great patriots who launched the Boston Tea Party and helped begin the war. To secure our republic our independence. We are now they have errors. Of all of those lovers of liberty the sisters and Brothers sons and daughters of liberty. That responded to the call. Went our republic and our fundamental rights and freedoms were jeopardized. Going on since our very inception. This is now our generation's struggle. That's what patent that's what this rally was about it was the open cannon shot. Like the Boston Tea Party like Lexington and Concord. It was the opening cannon shots. Are -- political rebellion. A middle American revolution. That is spreading all across America like a prairie fire. That will then culminate. In the November elections. Where there will be an absolute. Political landslide and wipe out of something we have not seen in generations in this country a stunning repudiation. Of all bombers against terrorism. -- lawlessness. An ambitious attempt to erect a socialist police state. Here in America. Many need is nothing more than his minions. -- portal his henchmen. He is trying to do to Massachusetts are micro level what Obama's doing to the country on a macro level. He's basically one of his cap box and mafia speak as we now have essentially an organized crime family a syndicate. Running our country in Washington. -- gang of criminals. She's the local boss. That runs Massachusetts. For the dear leader. And so what we are saying. And what we said at that rally and this message is gonna grow and grow and grow and it will culminate in November. And it is irrefutable. It is absolutely. Irrefutable. Is that. No man is above the law. Obama is not above the law many -- is not above the law no one is above the law. You cannot grant amnesty as Obama is now planning. For nearly five million illegal unaccompanied minors. And bypass congress. You can't do it. It's against the law it's blatantly unconstitutional. If that's not an -- -- of power and authority than nothing it's. And what are we fundamentally demanding. That this country and its political leaks. Restore respect. For the rule of law. For our constitution. And for our borders. We are not gonna allow this country to become a Third World banana republic. Where and anybody can just come on and whether they be MS thirteen gang members would they be members of the drug cartels. Gang bangers disease infested kids I don't care who they are terrorists murderers rapists. And believe me I got even more damaging information Tom -- next hour. These -- kids. These are poor little innocent kids. Now we're finding out MS thirteen is recruiting so many of them. And Arizona facility right at the border. It's been lie upon lie upon lie upon lie. What we saw Saturday. Mark my words. Was the first shocked. Also growing middle American revolution. That aims to restore constitutional republic and take our state and our country back. And what is remarkable. The whole country cannot believe that we have now become ground zero the whole country is looking at us. And they are saying my cocked. Of all places. Massachusetts. Jurist. As we were the ones. Who led the revolt against British tyranny in 1776. It was right here in Boston. Right here in Massachusetts. The six -- of American freedom and American liberty. On Saturday. It was the first shot. That we hear again. Are now going to be leading the revolt against Obama's tyranny. There is now an insurrection -- to my friends. And all of a -- -- and all of the smearing. And all of reliable link and all of the distortions. Being now thrown at us by the political establishment in this state by the media establishment in this state and across the country. Cannot stop us because now they have awakened a sleeping giant. Just like the colonists in 1776. Just like the patriots in 1776. We are now grabbing our political pitchforks. And no force on earth can stop us my friends. We made history on Saturday. And together if we remain united. And determined. If we remain focused and resilient. We will help lead the country. From the brink of disaster. And restore the greatest republic in the history of the world. Corner country I thank you I salute you. Because baby we did it. 6172666868. Is the number. 621 on the great WRK oh let me ask all of you this. What did you make of the rally were you there and what we're doing what your significance. All of your calls. Five here on the way to -- Jeff -- of -- bulldozer. Six point 72666868. Is the number Andrea you're up next thanks for whole thing and well. Good morning -- I'm -- I just want everybody can now look about the rally I was at the rally. -- had semi professional photographer and I had supplied cook he with a number of great images caught an Alley and I want people to understand. I would all work out that is down at it at the back of the crowd the front of the crowd. These were people that society I could -- They work 5060 people deep you what it stretched out this police blocked not erode. I want I I want people to get that is what he huge. People today I have been calling my senators -- congressman with lynch. And governor tapped as Governor Patrick stop that we were told late sport probably a month and a out now. People need to get on the fog this morning they need to be calling the need to tell them that cap that stopped we are not kicking and they should state god I know that they had people they are watching to see while all the people who would be it would peaceful they went no problem. Feel good that did note wearing it was a great crowd of people who can hear about the country who can get up outlived its. Who came here about borders language and culture in this country and you don't want hot country going down -- two. Because with the policy -- -- -- -- people quote represented our best interest but they were really only representing your own candidate deluding themselves. Now -- on top but -- still was being attacked that. Thank you thank your team. Think they're great people or wrap up on -- you -- I -- I'm not that young representative who came back this year. Everybody who would be -- it was them aping the energy was palpable if you want to be -- you met. And it and that would not have been meant for. Andrea the liberal media captured claiming and they kept repeating it. And I'm -- I hate to say this because they're usually very good even the conservative Boston Herald. Several hundred protesters. Now you're there did you see -- 300 letter did you see thousands upon thousands. They weren't after the plot happened -- -- several high pitched up sitting on the steps are crying out loud and epic day. I took the picture I got the proof that fed let. But he's gonna have got to put a picture I don't know where it got to post some bad. Hopefully he'll post -- everywhere want four feel it and thank you if you doubt me the official -- -- herself photographer which it's fine by me. I -- telling the people they can't do without constant battle of the people I wish I shot to dual panorama. Yeah and I could not believe how many people are where I couldn't I couldn't believe it just like getting through the crowd because they have a camera is big on -- up last. Everybody liked excuse me let me through I can't tell you how many times like that the people look it refused repeatedly -- Hundreds and hundreds I don't luck that crowd the entire two hours that I would spirituality gentlemen that I would be -- thousand and thousands of people as an eyewitness. Andrea thank you so much for coming I really appreciated and thank you so much for your support. People like you Andrea we're gonna win. God bless you 6172666868. Laura Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. I had good morning good morning. Ankiel I knew I cannot I have to thank you know. Birthplace of the nature and you -- you nailed a baby and I think machine that would rally -- a rally a rally and I wanna know when the next one is good I turn my husband he was there equipment. Now -- I just want askew. When you were there how many you were there for the whole event I take -- cracked -- correct as the liberal media is desperately trying to claim that only 200 people are -- I'll I'll I'll get to the stories in the next. And the next segment. But they're claiming only 200 people showed up that this was nothing rally. I don't think I had about 200 people to get into the crowd. And there are like -- and that -- tried to India said before. Why don't sleep and injured in the hole caught they'll hold common -- what it. There's no way all the way down. Although I'm no good to be their -- proud to be -- don't. Police I asked the Boston Police I -- I asked them I say you know guys ballpark. They said listen I'll be honest with you they said all a conservative estimate from low balling at 8000. He goes on easily had ten and the other cops are saying all you I -- 1213 fourteen so I know that we had more than 101000. But MRI and -- I was doing interview after interview with the media. And the media in this state. Work obsessed with -- thanks defy economic Canadian but I was a rubber armor I was born in Canada that a Canadian citizen. They somehow want to use that to discredit us and discredit me. And the other attack was. Doors only 200 people I'm like what's -- -- Georgia people missteps just in front anyway what is the same the same rally what planet are you people living on well. -- don't they got a check their reading classic they had their. I'm Laura thank you for coming thanks for all your support that has now because everyone you'll be well be -- we need more and more tablets and they'll be more and more people there. God bless you dismayed. The Drudge Report Fox News the blaze Yahoo! News. Even the liberal me they didn't wanna cover it but then they were forced to sort channel four at the cover channel five had the coverage. Bob Fox25 that the cover. -- that they had boston.com. Covered the globe covered it barreled covered. I mean they didn't want tool but they were just so many and -- and the other thing is. Our message was so powerful and so pull in and so true. The regime is on the ropes. They know it. Corner country now is the time to move in for the knockout blow 6172666868. Is the number of 631. At the great WRKO. More your calls and more fallout from the rally you're not gonna believe that nasty attacks. The liberals are launching on me after that rally corner country you need to be aware of this. Let's go to Angela in the newsroom. I'm Angela Anderson here so what's happening police investigating a box containing a parent and human remains and ducks' break. The box turned up yesterday morning at an intersection where they -- mommy and -- rang the package that's now going to the state medical Examiner's office to identify those remains. And I alarm fire in Cambridge on Sunday has left a seven family is without a home no injuries and had fired apparently started in a vacant three story apartment building and spread to others. How the fire actually started though still under investigation and both sides digging in of the market basket flight. Employees continue to rally calling for Arthur Keegan analyst to be put back in charge saying that's not negotiable the board of directors. Considering a bid by -- -- to -- the supermarkets but say it's not the only offer on the table. The united nations Security Council issuing a call for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. During a midnight meeting in New York the council expressed strong support for such a cease fire. The fifteen member council also expressed support for a comprehensive peace between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza. This report brought you by the foundation for about a life imagine the dark picture of Thomas Edison had given up on the -- but failure didn't discourage deficit. Optimism pass it on from the foundation for about a life had values dot com. It's 630. 638 here on the great WRKO. Jeff Gordon Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal hole and my friends on Saturday. -- -- -- The stop the invasion rallied boy did we cleanup I imagine they'll loan. They'll bulldozer would help from all of you who was on overdrive. Here's AM. Attacks from 617 Jeff. Channel five had early interviews with the black and Hispanic woman that shocked the reporter. It was shortened and later broadcast slowing home. As I mentioned in my speech. You can see it in the crowd. That was white black Hispanic. Young old rich for men and women as I put veterans. Everybody Americans. And as I said legal immigrants like Jeff corner. By the way do you -- legal immigrants I met afterwards. They were shaking my hand one guy walked up to me and said Jeff I'm from Iraq I'm illegal immigrant thank you so much. I had other people had another from the Dominican Republic British two beautiful children. Jeff I came here legally thank you for fighting for us. My dad doesn't fit their narrative of the corner man being a racist. And of all of you being racists. That somehow if you oppose amnesty. For these illegal unaccompanied minors Obama's illegal immigrants. From -- us and brought them Mala and household and all. Being housed been sheltered at camp Edwards in born on the -- Or in Chicopee that now suddenly you're some kind of a big hit. It's a resurrection of the Ku Klux Klan. And if you mention if you noticed. When I talked about the media. Fox News FOX News Sunday covered it extensively the Drudge Report gave a big play. The blaze Glenn Beck's network Iraqis are -- store will be doing an interview and -- with their morning show. At 805. Cooks who -- temporarily filling in were -- playing some clips of the rally as I do the interview and then I'll come back on the air. Yahoo! News did a story on it. The globe had to do a story on a -- -- did a story channel for channel five channel 25 Fox25. But there was one network that wouldn't -- it. Channel showed him. Now. Before you get into this story about why and it shows you view the immense liberal bias really didn't think hatred that they have for me. Frankly from my kids I have no idea my children ever did anybody but let that go it's like Sarah Palin. But they can't get after you they go after your kids bats that's how these left wingers work that's how they roll. And before you get to that. About how now the leftist targeting me and my family and my kids. I want to just say this upfront because I've worked in the news business for many years I ran usual for ten years at The Washington Times. You don't have to cover a story if you don't want to cover a story. I'm not blaming child honestly I'm not blaming channel seven because they didn't do a story on -- It's up to -- you have limited resources. Where you wanna send your reporters where you wanna send the bands -- you wanna send a TV crews. That I understand there's no problem you wanna cover it don't cover it. But what is -- unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable. Is what one of their so called his his profile on FaceBook says he's an assignment editor salt take him at his work. An individual by the name of Marshall hawk. And they are SH a LL double L hawk electoral hawk HOK. He claims to be one of the assignment editors are channel seven. I've never Matt Marshall look. I don't know anything about Marshall looked. Except the of guerrilla attacks that he's been watching against me that's all I know. By the nature of his attacks other than that I've never madam. I've never bumped and don't want as far as I'm concerned never did anything to him. She is supposed to be an editor at channel seven he's the guy apparently on that day. Who makes a decision hey Joseph blow you cover this event -- Jockey yes you cover that event. The reason why he would not cover our rally. Or order his reporters and editors to cover our rally. According to what he said on Twitter I'm reading Q now what he shed on Twitter quote. -- Canadian citizen. Living in the US. Held an anti immigration rally today. But the corner reports. And then -- links to Webster dictionaries. Definition of hypocrisy. Linked to the definite linkage to the definition of the word hypocrisy. Yeah actually either go to the the more uneven misspelled a -- recede but let that go I could expect him to spout. So now the -- now the implication is. I don't wanna cover this rally because corner -- Canada. Corner -- she said on the air who repeatedly ad nauseam. Has been in this country for. I. I I came back in 2002 work at The Washington Times I as I explained to the boston.com. I went to Ohio University to do my Ph.D. course work. So I've been on worker visa as I've been on student fees as I've gone after -- after visa. Then I applied for my green card I got my green card now I'm in the process of being naturalized. This is taking forever. I've been asking to be an American citizen now for nearly -- 25 years. 25 years. And I cut the pay over 25000. Dollars. And taxes bulwark opted knows all the time I've never accepted one government benefit ever. Ever. And now all of a sudden. This ultra liberal. Obviously conservative -- corner dating. And and a known name assignment editor never heard this guy and until they began attacking a few months ago Marshall -- By the way his Twitter handle is out Marshall -- M a RSH a LL KH oh okay. They Canadian citizen. Living in the US held an anti immigration rally today. I may post a link to the definition. Of the word hypocrisy when he thinks he's being funny. This -- actually think she's being profound. First of all. The rallying. As anybody who was fair as anybody whoever listens to the show is I've been saying now for weeks all really almost ad nauseam. -- site painstakingly. Pointed out during my speech as almost every speaker who went up pointed it out -- against immigration. In fact we said repeatedly and I've said repeatedly. We are the most generous tolerant country in the history of the world regarding immigration. We allow 800000 to one million a year. Legally. How -- why no I'm illegal immigrant. So don't tell me this country's biggest country because they read Jeff corner and that's been my point from the beginning. So what was this rally about. Had nothing to do with immigration. They had to do with illegal criminal immigration. The breaking of the laws of this country genius. Can you see the difference genius. But now I gotta get to the core of the issue. The left in this state. Because they cannot defend. The corruption. They cannot defend nearly two billion dollars that goes every year we illegal immigrants. The left cannot defend that they're very military basis that they wanna use the how easy illegals. Are being denied all homeless veterans who fought and were maimed in our warts. They can't deny Jodie Kennedy when she says the schools and -- or at the breaking point. That our children are now being shafted. They can't defend. The department of children and found at least a 140. Dead or missing children. They can't defend Jeremiah all over that for young black boy stuffed in a suitcase. That. On mini -- watch. Nine million dollars for his school playing poorly in his governor's office to renovate an office. The Probation Department. To New England compound in center. 64 bit. Property taxes up 2030%. Sales tax up 25%. Now they wanna increase our gas taxes. Automatically indexed to inflation they're so arrogant they won't even vote on it anymore. Taxation without representation. And so when the corner man calls them out. -- corner man exposes. Their lies their hypocrisy. Or destruction -- criminality their corruption what does the left half. Can they defend them on the merits yet. And they defend them on the fox nets. Today a defend him using any kind of logic. Yet. They go after my nationality. That's all they have and -- I'll get to the children how the other left wing bloggers are going after my kids. Enough is enough. Enough is enough. It's time these people were called out. This man is -- Stasi -- What do you have against Canadians. What is it that you have against me because what I'm from Canada originally. What you hate Canadians that much why is it because my ancestors are from Croatia. And -- all of this deeper bigotry against eastern Europeans just somehow less than Europeans for almost sub human. What is it the fact that I'm a Christian and a Catholic. And that we set our lord's prayer. When I gave my keynote speech. This man is a despicable big it was completely unprofessional. You don't wanna cover story don't cover story. But then he gives his reason basically calling me a hypocrite why I came here legally what do you have against Canadians. What do you have against people of Croatian descent what do you have against a devout Christians and Catholics. Few big if you. -- -- -- Now let me just proof do you what do bigot here -- and a double standards. And why liberals get away with things that conservatives never do and it's time that it's stopped now. What if my name was not just corner. What if my name was one corner -- On the corner -- report. And want decided to hold a rally against Deval Patrick. And the sheltering of these 1000 Central American kids do you honestly think. Marshal Paul cook. She may not have covered the story which uses -- right. Do you think you would have sent out in two weeks. A Mexican citizen living in the US held an anti immigration rally today. I don't whereas report. Webster's definition I -- Webster's. Linked to the definition of the word hypocrisy. He wouldn't have said a word. If I was Mexican he wouldn't have said a word if I was Jamaican he would never said a word. If I was Asian dollars and Vietnamese or Japanese or Korean he wouldn't have said a word. But it's because what I'm a Canadian. What I'm white. What -- of pro -- -- What I'm a devout Christian. Which you did was beyond the pale. Which you did was not just unprofessional and offensive. It was down right bigotry. Let me ask you this. -- almost Canadians that play for the Boston Bruins when the coach of the Bruins Claude Julien when he opens his mouth at a press conference is the end hypocrite because he's a Canadian citizen speaking out on hockey in the United States. This is the assignment editor for channel seven yields. Channel seven. WH DEH. Channel 7 NEWS WH DH. This is the guy that's their assignment editor. Tell me what about Bill Belichick I think he's also of Croatian descent. Tell me when he wins football games for you. No. Then you don't criticize Bill Belichick not. Then he has a right to speak out are martial look. Channel 7 NEWS. -- the only ones that didn't carry the rally everybody else did. And your assignment editors said the reason why. He spilled the beans. He hates me because I'm a Canadian. Because I'm from Canada. He hates me obviously because of my Croatian descent. -- -- I will not watch channel 7 NEWS. I will boycott channel 7 NEWS. I'm calling up on every single one of you to do the same. Until Marshall -- is fired. You wanna go out there and launch -- smear after smear after smear after smear. -- conservatives have to live like this we say one word just one word. Taken out of context and boom careers are destroyed well you know what Marshall. You called sound of thunder and you got 26172666868. Is the number. My friends the number to call if you want a complaint to channel 7 NEWS WH DH. 1806421551. 180642. 1551. Person's name is Marshall -- you can find them on Twitter as well. At the Marshall hook marshals with two wells the number again 1806421. 551. The great WRKO. Jeff Horner has no voice of their resistance. My friends just to show you what a consummate newsman I am. Marshall hawk -- claimed about what is it 1015 minutes ago had misspelled the word hypocrisy no he didn't. That error was on our part cooks -- sent us an email and end the email he misspelled the word hypocrisy. So hit me Marshall are you listening. To Dutch won a news man does. He corrects his mistakes. 6172666868. Steve. Steve you're up next thanks for -- go ahead. -- Yeah ash can hear me yes continue you are locked yes Sutton your car wreck. Back early to call you -- I should not mom I'm an action RE not a lot on the percent the -- through therapy yet he. A couple other -- So when I was in two. I don't know I can't -- -- all of our electronic show all and I'll let you know and I think. And I cannot forget about -- more sensible. Keep it real. I think -- very well -- here are great vocabulary and you get your point across so well. You are born great and -- action. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I live in downtown and you know you -- seeing a lot of this table that I'm sure. Allow look there -- huge population and -- content. And you know let it stick it's getting worse. About the economy. -- don't you think over here in here and -- congress hasn't gotten out of that much better down not that much better I think I'm getting -- or restrict cited the quality. Of the top 10 in the morning. Let's go I like I can spend your whole family oriented and very -- NG. Steve I got -- -- come our exit you -- it's 4 o'clock in the morning now Sandia. Yet. Really incident -- how much how much -- really wanted to -- While Steve I'm really honored. Steve. Yeah. Tell you this not -- and our election outcome. Without -- -- -- Every morning I love what they're really pick something that you can -- -- how -- -- your -- -- -- -- very -- -- I can't ever occurred on the folk out there and are now returner so -- -- Marine Corps. Important component for sound card on my -- much we talk radio and Asian country had no idea how how active duty cast their Obama that what iron no way. Annual -- might pay one out in the military. You know all of my my non dollar goes straight in -- notre. I -- went or not they don't understand they vote that my card so technical operational by the -- that I want no change. But I can give me a problem I've -- based -- A critical look at three saarc interior air group all active duty. I've seen what they've got obviously there are -- and I have to agree you know I'm no expert about her I know I'm -- efficient electric on the eleventh. I think what you can think of Obama. Like a little we know and literally and act like there are conflict in our. Did that patient -- it's time to think about the news and talk down. Yeah he's not even -- about nothing I'm just beneath contempt. Now I -- other way around in the military -- you know an outlook object. There's already signed mostly dairy sector orders for congress truck couldn't believe it when -- and again look a little kid. It reminded me of it where I'm used it -- it. He ever got to vote on the way to shape to it we got kicked -- probably actually goes -- -- it. -- electrical and him saying. And are lucky term used by a friend content thank. But they tend to agree that in real life for. -- is the way we're gonna soccer in America trust anybody and we're gonna stop them. And I want to Steve I want to thank you for your sacrifice. For your service. You're my hero my buddy you hang tough and whenever you wanna call the coroner report. Brittany give him via the special -- -- which won a special line you don't wait in line you get to the first in line OK Steve. Gob bless you my friend 6172666868703. On the great WRKO. 70 wait here on the break WRKO. BP. Just corner Boston bulldozer cleaning up all liberal -- 6172666868. Is the number of you can also affect us at six saving six shady. Power to the corner report so my friends that. Here is now. What has been going on. We hugged the rallies. It was an absolutely. Smashing success. Some state troopers told me the Boston Police told me. Minimum 8000 people showed up they suggest let me give you very low ball conservative estimate. 8000. People showed up. Most of them said it was 101000. Or maybe even twelve or 141000 they said Jeff it was teeming with people. They had to shut the street down. It was pouring into the comment it was down the street it was around the corner. We made our message known loud and clear. No more illegal immigrants in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or anywhere else in the country -- -- That's all as I put it. Nor mosques. No more. No more the -- us. Norm last normal law -- more moment Tom friend day many -- come brand day. -- America -- For renovation. -- that we can't take anymore. And as I mentioned in the piece. Sorry in the speech and and it's been mentioned now on several pieces defending me because the left now begins to attack me. They said corner is illegal immigrant. If any man embodies. What everybody is saying and I believe this is why they're trying to target me now because. For all of their brilliance don't get me wrong. But how we car. Mark Levine and Michael Savage. You can run down Glenn Beck. None of them are legal immigrants. So when you have a legal immigrant to this country. Standing up and saying. I did it the right way. I paid all of my work he says and for Mike Green cart. I respect -- larger traditions and customs. That's the way it should be. That's the only way nation can serve life. They look at me and say how do we call -- generalists. How do we call on the big it how do we -- -- -- we can't. So they then did -- lines of attack. The first line of attack was that of Marshall hawk -- channel 7 NEWS. WD GH it was dump forgive me WH DH. He's there assignment editor on Twitter at Marshall hook them they are SH a LL. Double L -- channel 7 NEWS. Where he then on Twitter. Attacks me for being a Canadian. For originally coming from Canada. He -- out a Canadian citizen living in the US held an anti immigration rally today at the corner report. And then he links to a definition of the word hypocrisy. And the Webster dictionary. And basically saying that's why didn't send any reporters or editors the coverage because you've got corner who's a Canadian. Giving a -- supposedly on anti immigration and he's a hypocrite now first of all that's completely unprofessional. Do you don't want to cover rally that's your business. That's your right. But for use -- to inject your personal opinion and a vicious ad hominem attack. First of all the rally was against. Corner came here illegally. So there's nothing hypocritical. Genius that's point new Merrill -- know I got to speak Spanish and that's all people understand nowadays. OK but no Merrill bests whatever it is number two -- numeric loss. Number 20. What he really -- Canadians. I think hearing this now for two years from all of these left wing -- So. Central Americans who come here illegally are welcome. -- very Americans according to Nancy Pelosi Mexicans who come here illegally they're Americans according to Nancy Pelosi. They can take any job that they want because they're Americans in fact they should be given not only green cards they should be given citizenship a fast track process. I've been looking for once since 1994. 25000. Dollars god is my witness and counting. For -- my wife. All I do is pay taxes up to -- who. I adopt not one but two American born children. Two American kids who if you wanna get personal goal back generations. In the United States. One might actually goes back almost to the American -- a revolutionary war eagle is back to the eighteenth one X. All all of his ancestors fought I was told and all the great works. The civil war. World War I World War II Korea Vietnam you name it. I'm the foreigner. This is. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Look at his bigotry. Know what it is is this as I said before. If my name was one core terrorists. Or -- my name was I don't know why Jackie Chan and in other words if I was -- if I was Asian or if I was from a -- if I was a Mexican if I was from Mexico. Holding a rally for. Against illegal immigration if I was Asian holding a rally against illegal immigration. If I was a Jamaican holding a rally against illegal immigration Marshall -- that big it would never have sent off that tweaked. So what is it because I'm white. But because I'm Canadian. Much because I'm a Croatian ancestry what because I'm a Christian and Catholic. Who held the lord's prayer before I gave my keynote speech. Furthermore. So now they're going after the fact that somehow. I'm originally from Canada. Who came to this country because this country said Jeff. We needed professors. -- we needed more journalists Jeff we needed more people with your expertise. Your skills your education. At The Washington Times I fit the bill perfectly. They said Jeff honestly we did a national talent search. You blew everybody out of a -- right and I'm just telling you what they told me. I did a job that no other American apparently for The Washington Times was able to do. I said thank you god bless you how fast can I get citizenship. How much more can I continue to contribute to this great country. I master the language -- we knew English but even more. I taught American -- -- master the constitution a master declaration of independence all I do is help service our vets and people in need in our communities. I have done more I'm telling you right now I have done more I guarantee I have done more for this country. Then that big -- racist. Marshall -- has ever done in his life. The -- is the fact. I had just doesn't seem to work with the left they're trying it they keep playing the Canadian car and it just it's not getting any traction it just doesn't because they look at. You want talk about hypocrisy. He's the hypocrite. So you want anybody around the world to come on in except Canadians. What does it Canadians are the only ones who can't speak. Canadians are the only ones a -- come into America. You -- you. How much higher. I Marshall I raise -- help to raise 101000 dollars Cape Cod cares for the troops for our vets serving in Afghanistan. Project it was more than 101000 Britain OK but let that -- -- to arm and a low ball and say 101000. How much did you raise Marshall. Man but I Canadian -- Tell me when I do fundraisers for cystic fibrosis in Boston. Give a problem that I'm a Canadian then boom. Pablo when I raise money for cancer and breast cancer and pancreatic cancer which killed my mother. Moon. And. -- How about the fact of how for the Bruins are Canadians. War when they won that Stanley Cup general problem with -- man then Marshall. And half. When Bill Belichick won -- Super Bowl X. Did you -- problem with his Croatian ancestry Marshall. And. I mob and I'll -- it's acceptable not then it's gone right through the back of the bus. You despicable fraud you. -- up one just is not working. Just bad -- just doesn't work so. That next line of attack. From the liberal media and they tried early on and that's what I was working the -- Saturday right after the rally. Because immediately they saw the numbers. And they were stunned just like you're telling everybody huge it's being there you have no idea what a statement it's makes. So. From. CB yes. Three assists and -- pronouncing her season okay SI SON. Three season. Goes out and files a story that initially says the crowd numbered in the hundreds. Crowd -- number on the hundreds numbering in the hundreds. In the front of the state house. But all the pictures we sent out you can see thousands upon thousands upon thousands. So then the liberal media said well OK with hundreds. And always there was a vocal 200 it was a vocal 250. -- -- There were thousands. In fact she even admitted on her own Twitter to -- below her words the largest rally I have ever seen. At the steps of the state house on Beacon Hill. And yet she still had to play that 200 the hundreds. Where they were deliberately trying to low ball the number dramatically drastically. So then -- -- later changed her story because she was getting humiliated with all the pictures circulating out there. Closer to 101000. So she then said well maybe a thousand showed up no you're still wrong by a factor of the halftime but let but let that go. So then I get a call from boston.com. And boston.com repeated the lie or several hundred people I said how could you say several hundred people. Do you not have ice I asked I said look I'm -- you blindly like are you visually impaired. I -- -- -- in any resent that I said what I resent the fact that you lied about this. Or any kind of guy surety how dare you call -- lying. I'm offended I'm not -- a mother with a two year alone in Iranian -- historian on an afternoon and I'm trying to get the correction I'm trying to get this thing right and you're saying I'm a liar. I'm saying your doing your job. How was -- at how Iran and usually for ten years. When you get something factually inaccurate and you call somebody to get -- to get the facts straight to set the record straight you're not doing me a favor. You're doing your job. And with all due respect. I don't care about your mortgage payments. I don't care about your personal life I don't care whether you have a two year old or twenty year old I've got two kids defeat. That's not the issue that's unprofessional. I don't wanna know about your personal life. You said several hundred -- why the pictures demonstrably irrefutable show it. The pictures do not -- So she had -- then change your story that's re teaming with protesters -- says 101000 but then right away right away. -- -- -- -- -- Malicious that is what's your immigration status. Suddenly everybody is so intrastate in my immigration status. Look at these liberals now all of a sudden are you show me your papers you have papers dicier. Paper's long. But if I was one corner race from Tijuana market demand and let the man let them know whatever he wants no problem. So explain to blow by blow all I got all. And that's all she was interest and suppressing the numbers. And trying to somehow panel what do what they're trying to prove by media -- Being born in Canada I I don't know what they think to try to prove without. But here is the kicker talk -- here -- to me the absolute kicker. She then says to me. How would you define a child. If someone is raped at sixteen is that the -- of a child I don't understand why all of you are getting so upset about the X is a reporter put your objective. All the governor wants to do is protect a thousand channeled on him. I said -- excuse me also and I -- and -- Janet for the sake of -- you've just for the sake of discussion I'm Janet. I don't know how to tell you this. But a sixteen year old and a seventeen year old. And many of them 20/20 12224. Limits and 3540. Mask -- rating claiming -- seventeen is not a five year old. If this assures we shouldn't give you verbatim to debate. This reporter Brent. Not an opinion columnist not a commentator her job is to get the facts so she's look at how she's peddling Deval Patrick -- But if if a sixteen year old is ranked wouldn't you say that's the rape of a child wouldn't you wouldn't shoot I should Janet. You -- a sixteen year old that's called sex with a minor that's called statutory rape. A sixteen year old missed my six year old. What -- is that is a fifteen year old child like Romo got some minor. After fourteen year old back some minor present. Okay we'll thirteen year old well all I said now is kind of borderline they're going from check childhood to teenage short. That's the kind of transition you see. Janet let me explain this to you -- the birds and bees when you hit about 1213 especially thirteen. Or so are sort of trust this exactly the way told. You hit something called puberty. And you see when you hit puberty. You start getting bigger you start getting stronger men in particular muscle development grows exponentially. I you're able to have sexual intercourse. You're able perhaps children. Girls can get pregnant boys can get girls pregnant you see there are no longer children and that's why they're called. Teenagers. And many of these teenagers as the Texas border has been telling us the Border Patrol. And 90% of them that are coming in are teenagers many of them are criminals and gang bangers. That's why we don't want them in our community can you understand that. She wouldn't let the point -- Boston.com. She quotes mean she thinks she has -- some quote that I define a child twelve years and younger. In the quotas so yeah basically if you're 14151617. That's a teenager. A child to someone twelve years and younger. Pressure I should -- what's next. The sky is blue. And arguably the -- no longer blue 'cause it offends people think is bringing. This is how desperate they are. And the reason my friends is this why are they trying to claim. To this 200 people showed up why are -- low balling the numbers. Because they're trying to marginalize and suppress. The extent of the massive opposition. Meaning me and Obama's planned to ram amnesty and illegal immigrants down our throats. That's why they're doing it. They're lying on behalf of the regime and my friends. They're not able to get away with it 6172666868726. On the great RKO. More or fewer calls next. This is a M 680. Seven point nine on the great WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston bulldozer. My friends if you wanna call channel 7 NEWS directly. -- give them a piece of your mind about Marshall hawk and his delegated unprofessional attacks against me. The number to call 6177250777. The number again. 6177250777. Mike you're up next thanks for holding welcome. -- -- Speculation. Unfortunately in my life and I worked adding we couldn't go back. I look what it's up to get on -- let walk you know. If you look at react I -- oriented -- seven point eight I he has -- night. I'm probably you're the Mike from Linda called them. -- cute did this commonwealth and corner country a huge favor. Everybody told me about how rush gave us a big shout out. Well I guess what if I can. -- rice says it has clothing clothing. When is fighting back and let us not forget all the lottery and -- can't enjoy it because you were important for people of Massachusetts. Aboard a British soldiers. So people -- -- -- a lot of industries -- refusing these kind of demands. Which led to our independence. God bless you Mike -- take care my friend. That's what I said. I said before I'll say it again I was quoted in world Tribune. Brilliant piece by my wife doctor grace -- -- hired all of you to read it world Tribune dot com. The American revolution. Against king George the third journey began here in Boston. What you saw on Saturday was the opening shot of the political rebellion. Against Obama's tyranny. 6172666868. Comrade John thanks for holding and welcome. -- quickly here okay first of all so Marshal work. The reason he doesn't like you is because the first people that can tell when Tehran is building up and countries. Totaled the -- -- yeah yeah. So let illegal immigrant. To speak out about what's happening is because she's are decent -- own country. You more of an American it will let the ballots follow the numbers go I'll let you know that's just what I that there were a there was going to be a protest. But one day and they probably are OK let's just go to the top and so they had 202 was nowhere near what they saw the number of people who -- -- in -- list. They mysteriously disappeared. That's what our comrade that's what cooks he told me there was this it was a counter protest. When they saw how many how big our numbers were they just fled they just left. They want to a ball and it was source jetBlue all in the world I thought this Katie. Thank you -- -- three outlook sent one out but so that was at the -- appellate feel how easily. You don't shut down on the street but 300 people -- -- -- shut down. I'm not a I don't know I can't answer it. Just let's keep the college I would love that he could do a couple things on Sundays so could do that -- it is up for work on Saturday. And I look and everything will hold on something as much as chief Thomas. Club. What problems are showing up -- you're great. Take care my friend 730 on the a 733. On the great WRK though more if your calls next. You know -- for. -- -- -- Car rally on Saturday made national. News. That Drudge Report linked to this story FOX & Friends discuss -- carry it on Sunday. The blaze is their lead story -- Glenn Beck's -- glee Glenn Beck's network. Yahoo! News did a storied Boston Globe covered the Boston Herald covered -- channel for channel five Fox25. Boston.com. It got statewide play it got national play. And the reason why it got national play. What's that now people across the country. -- sank. That if even here. In Kennedy country. If even here. In the bluest of Blue States. In ultra liberal Massachusetts. If there is this kind of widespread. Anger and opposition. To the invasion of our country of illegal immigrants. The elites have dangerously lost touch. Their regime is crumbling. We fired the first shot I believe. And the middle American revolution. That is gonna sweep the regime out of power come November. And it is gonna build and build and build and Boston and corner country. Just as this city. What's the original place. That began their revolt against British tyranny. Now again Boston has become ground zero. This time in the revolt against Obama's tyranny. And that is why mini me has been shaken to its very core. Democrats on Beacon Hill could not believe the size the passion. The energy that we had the courage that we displayed. The liberal media couldn't believe it which is why now they're desperately trying to attack me. Where they're trying to downplay the numbers but it won't work. And the final insult. -- you now have left wing liberal bloggers. Not only going after me because I came from Canada and immigrated to this country legally the right way as I'm now in the process of being naturalized. But my two children rushed and Eva -- I adopted. From this country. Now they're calling for my kids to be deported. I swear he. Now they're calling for mean my family and my two kids to be deported. I just somehow now -- threat I swear to you to national security. This is the kind of garbage. That now the left wing Blogosphere is spewing. Do -- frighten you so much. Does one man behind the microphone. Speaking the truth -- after day. Exercising his first amendment rights. Whose parents fled Communist Eastern Europe. Who left a great country Canada because I loved America so much. Who taught American history who studied American history. Wants to protect and preserve the greatest republic the world has ever seen. Who came here. Legally. Work visa after work -- then green card. And for respecting your rules. Respecting your customs respecting your -- Upholding your sovereignty cherishing your history defending your constitution. Defending your way of life adopting two American kids. Having my whole family and my wife -- a very proud Canadians come here lived here worked here served here. Where the problem. You want to deport us. You threaten my kids now. You know my friend you may have noticed in previous rallies. I usually just com I love I love to mingle with the crowd I love meeting all of you. To mean that's why I'm behind the microphone I AME you. Do you warn me. You are the hard working people of this state and this country. You are the backbone of this country. And I love meeting all of you and I can't tell you what an honor it is to be your voice and your champion on the radio. This rally because we've got so many death threats. Because they knew the numbers were gonna be big and they know that the state is against them and they know the country is against them. This is their overreach. This is now their big play. This is why Obama is now literally risking impeachment. In fact he's begging for impeachment I'll get to that story a little bit later. Because now this is the fight for the heart and soul of the country. To fundamentally transform us to bring in a huge underclass. By the millions to permanently change and select the electorate. That's what this game is all about. And as I pointed out on the air repeatedly and at the speech. I said this to the reporter boston.com mentioned in wanna hear that. There was like arguing with the wall she goes. Through its chairman mentioned funding and told look for -- your friend and I don't understand money thanks so upset -- -- What's the fundamental essence of your -- -- is very simple Janet -- one of the fundamental essence of my causes very this. We keep taking on millions of the illegal immigrants -- gonna go bankrupt. American women said so Chelsea has said so lawless said sold warrants essential pound after pound. The police chief at Bristol counties is we can't take anymore. It's very simple we're gonna go broke. Were already spending two billion dollars a year annually in this state. Where now the highest taxed state in the entire in the entire country. And I said I said listen I should -- What I find incredible and all of us. We have a seventeen point five trillion dollar debt. We are now the most indebted nation in the history of the world -- seventeen point five trillion miss. It's unimaginable. Janet. Were broke. There's no more mind me. And that's nothing she lets get back to the children in the mall. -- -- you so you eat the ball wants to help the Chuck Hagel but they're children that's a little -- Cleaning and children are shredding matter or what I said last segment but. Mean you don't think a sixteen year old as a child if a sixteen year old district and I said -- or should look -- -- Huge job is to be an objective journalist you're pedaling to meet the governor's line. MI talking to his Press Secretary or to a reporter. I sure as if you're second and went and been into the hands. He's bringing in gang bang regime criminals or any evidence do you have what evidence do you have that he isn't. Well he sends sound so you take him -- his work here that kind of a journalist. You take a lying politician for his word. Janet did he say he was gonna cut property taxes yes or no. Janet Daley said he was gonna raise taxes on the middle class yes or no property taxes up twenty to 30% sell stocks up 25%. I could go one about lie after lie after lie. Maybe not say he was gonna clean up DCF more children have died under his watch I should what are you talking to me about. Everything dismantle -- is a lot. And now you expect us to believe them. After secretly flying in mind plane loads of illegal immigrants. What is amazing. Is being sold to hold the governor's line they are so desperate to cover up form. And they live in a bubble. They don't see the backlash. They don't see them growing anger. They don't CD the rising. Of the American people that title wave that tsunami. That is building and building and building. And that's why the national media covering it and that's what I told her Russia offering is incredible. You wanna put down several hundred people attended the rally and you wanna ask me questions about my citizenship. And my illegal immigration status. When this is may be he biggest story of our lifetime. And the state is in full revolt. I -- are you kidding me. And you call yourself a self respecting journalist. My friends. The future is now powers. This reminds me of communism in the late 1980 east. They are arrogant. They are bloated. They are venal. They are corrupt but they are dangerously. Out of touch. And just because they've run this state for decades. Like out like out like a mafia family like a cry like a crime syndicate like organized crime. They think it's gonna go on and on and on but it isn't. Because now the noose is closing in on Bob DiLeo. And the probation scandal. And people are finding out about mini -- nine million dollar renovation of his office. And people are seeing all the dead children at VCR. And people are seeing how they wanna raise our taxes indefinitely without even having to vote on it. And people are seeing how much is is costing us in town after town and city after city how this invasion of illegal immigrants. Threatens to turn us into next -- its. My friends. We are the people. They work for us we don't work for them. And for too long they have been counting depending upon your complacency and up on your apathy upon your defeatism. And what you showed this state and the country on Saturday. Is that the blood of liberty still runs through our banks. My friends this is going to be the second American revolution. And just like in Boston it was the focal point against British tyranny. This one is gonna be against Obama's tyranny and the whole stinking liberal regime is gonna come crashing down. 6172666868. Is the number. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning outright at that thing you may ALCON from the list or -- You made my day on Saturday I am very early Saturday morning with terabyte fashion. We were standing right at the front of the this has got a chance to meet you again I met him back in November it approached. I'll I'll let fully up and I'll rally. Sake you crack in Britney pretending everything. At the pleasure talking to hit -- in New York City Subway and -- flight that morning I met a lot a lot of my car at some from the -- and that's. Attack but more importantly trapped thousands. Thousands of people out there what I talked after the tax credits to -- that I locked up the crowd. You couldn't like got there was no decline if you look last. -- -- -- No and the line they went out and out that the people should lighten up I talked to many many people. Course like here illegally from other countries more importantly -- What are cops call the punishment from Venezuela. -- legal resident how to get it if it stayed. He can't -- -- first born here hit two beautiful young daughter. He called me out here like you why it. To grow up in this country where we came in and somebody and millions and millions of leak illegal Democrats. He would terrified for his daughter's future at my. For everybody around why aren't like this project if you would just indulge -- -- -- -- -- -- like to speak eat and marine column called in the last hour from seeing it live that's to eat from the bottom up by -- It felt like your service to this great country. That I hope to god it -- your PT actually. That got Steve god bless you and -- god bless you -- -- Britney for every single thing you do that every single day. Thank you so much -- it's an honor and pleasure melt -- god bless all of you. For your support your encouragement and for standing shoulder to shoulder with me. Because you have no idea how much I appreciate it 6172666868. Is the number John you're up next thanks for holding go ahead John. Good morning mr. Carey today I'm good her huge. I'm very well thank you are accurate or however that they that it all started. On Saturday actually so speaking of phentermine. About -- rallying your show particularly daily message. An important one. Hey I think Fox News so that's what I knew that if they -- that serious flat I got let -- all I watched the rallies are you -- I I took both the media when they work group you know outnumbering the crowd at two under -- not that -- -- Why don't let the app from about -- -- out on the they're. I mean the -- I would suggest the immediate problem is you're you're a man of integrity honor you're not. I -- outlet it's like young children. It got a walk and an -- if your not all -- out our -- or let the road by the -- they beat our crowd people or you're. That's how it got to be one adapt. Archie aren't here right. They re caught the scene on our route ninety IR I went back door. And then you'll you'll -- I'd -- I mean it's insulting. So she got a kidney jet that they you know are people are watching a pilot at age. So channel that -- I think they got a lot more that she's here I would expect all the bank. Because this is. Movement like that it's not like Occupy Wall Street -- about right rob in just collect it and then they are defined as. It right there it is right. Right and wrong issue and they are rock. We are right. Shall -- I took the -- absolutely amazing but what record they don't. You know what are happy and well they build out there I know -- -- -- -- -- Thank you very much thank you so much John. 61726. X 6868756. On the great WRK oh -- your calls.