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Deval backs down. Kuhner Country wins!

Aug 6, 2014|

What do you make of Deval Patrick saying we no longer need to house unaccompanied minors?

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Being okay. Being. We did a great thing. I love you'll every member of corner country I love you. It's big news broke yesterday my friends by the way 607 here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. You can text -- 68680. Jeff Carter Boston's bulldozer. So. We had our rallied. As you know. 101000. Our view showed up you showed up strong you showed up proud you showed up option that you showed up courageous. Unafraid and vocal. And yesterday. Our -- blew. Out of the blue. The Airways meaning -- Governor Deval Patrick. Who now announced. That he is going to cancel his plants. To temporarily. Shelter. 1000. Illegal immigrants. From Honduras. More I've come out a lot -- sell out daughter. Cape Cod or in Chicopee. He completely. Backed away he completely backing down. And the way the governor's people are trying to spend this. And I it's incredible read I read a statement guest tonight I was laughing so hard honestly. I was on the phone with -- -- today we were laughing. Dubbed BS how. Seriously -- BS on this one so. Are -- now to meaning me. Is -- reason why we're no longer going to be housing or temporarily sheltering all of these unaccompanied minors. That your church -- decade Cotter in Chicopee. Is because. The federal government. No longer needs to use these two facilities on the base state. And they don't need west Dover air reserve base they don't mean camp Edwards. I shelters for the unaccompanied children the -- just don't need them all of a sudden. Just show -- they just called up and they said them a mini me. Thanks for being such a great host wanting to take command but. You know we got Virginia we've got Texas. The Virgin Islands Hawaii Alaska. The fray we don't need you but thanks again thanks for the offer. So according to many mean. Is that. Pilot Deval Patrick the governor said that the reason that they're not gonna be sent here. Is that the feds now already planned to close a temporary shelter at fort sill in Oklahoma. Because there are fewer children now crossing the border. It's incredible. Suddenly now there's not that many children crossing the border -- at the close one in Oklahoma now and so because -- they did a headcount. And then they'd get a head count again and nation has. We don't need these thousands of children coming in and enter into Massachusetts. Because there's just not that many children crossing the border. Did you suddenly just all tapered off just pitching the last couple days it's just incredible it just sort of paper off. So many me said the Fed said we don't tracks but we don't need to use. I -- back at camp Edwards or that the -- air force base in check up. And so according to many mean. He's touched. He's touched that so many people in this state I swear to you so pour it is initiative ad supported his plan. Even though they don't need the house them. And they're not gonna house some but he's still touched on all the outpouring of support check this out quote. I have been deeply moved by the outpouring of support we have seen from across the commonwealth. As over 1600. Of our neighbors. Reached out to express their support for children who are alone and thousands of miles from home. Patrick meaning he said in the statement. It appears that there is not a need for Massachusetts to serve these children at this time but I am proud of our willingness to -- salt. And then of course the Patrick administration through their spokespeople. Said that I mean he needs administration. Stands -- There are dark. And me kind of fed suddenly need shelter space they will be there. For the children. For the children. I mean I I mean many mean I know you listen to this show I know I drive you crazy. I know your people listen to the show I know we drive drive you insane do you honestly think the people of Massachusetts are that stupid. That we can't see what happened let me tell you what happened. It's so obvious what happen. It was running date data internal polling forget the bogus Boston Globe poll almost manipulator contorted poll you can possibly do. They did real internal polling. And what they're Democrats found was in this state in Kennedy country. In the bluest of Blue States allegedly and I'll get to that in a second. It was running 78921. Against mini me. People have -- with the illegal immigration. And it's not just conservatives it's not just Republicans it's not just libertarians. It's independence it's moderates its conservative Democrats it's across the board baby. And then to their shock and -- They saw one of the biggest rallies at the steps of the state house because of -- corner country because of fuel. And they said my god. -- 101000 album. And that's just the tip of the ice -- -- just the tip. And by the way that was 101000 in the middle of the summer. On a weekend on a beautiful Saturday in the middle of the day. If you can get 101000. Further up. In the middle of the summer on a weekend on a beautiful Saturday can you imagine what they would have gotten in the fall. -- -- They're looking at this -- saying almighty god the Republicans are gonna run on this issue especially for races in the state house and they're gonna kill us. And that's why you led the likes of democratic representative Jim selling going on how we car show and say I'm gonna give them I'm gonna give the governor -- careful. -- he's insane if he wants to do this and so what happened was Bob the Leo gave him a call I'm telling you this is what happened. And they said we're gonna killed. Construct the Republicans can ride this all -- wait until November. And we're gonna lose seats. We're gonna lose our influence. We're gonna get hammered. Meaning he what are you doing. And so meaning me. Now faced with a revolt by his own people and Democratic Party. Facing a huge backlash among the people of Massachusetts. And most importantly my friends. Now seeing for the first time in decades in this state since the late great Jerry Williams. There is now we talk show. And there is now a movement in this state that is willing to fight back. Corner country has arisen. And we've beaten them on Justine -- Pelletier. And we've beaten them on the gas stocks and were beating them on EDT fraud and were beating them on illegal immigration and were beating him on corruption and my friends. They can't stop us. Because we're getting bigger and stronger by the day why because we are speaking the truth. And we are saying enough is enough we're not -- cower in the corner anymore whenever you call us racist nativist certain homophobic or whatever cheap smear or cheap shot. You think you can -- or level. There is now a real resistance. They now have a real fight on their hence. And you know what they are going to be saying this for a long time they cannot that Democrats in the state. The liberal democratic corrupt machine. Lazy. Arrogant. Out of touch. Rotten to the core. They're like hey I heavyweight champion. Where they met one opponent after another who keeps throwing the fight. And now they've met somebody who smacks them right in the mouth and they can't pick up they can't take a punch. They can't. They sought 101000 people and they automatically recorded old you can see it there in full panic. Don't let me tell you the real conversation all tell you what really happened. After meaning me got an earful from Bob Toledo. After meaning you got an earful from Martha Coakley after many -- near -- from Steve Grossman. After many -- an earful from senate president Teresa -- and all these other angry Democrats up on Beacon Hill. Saying the ball what. What do you do -- You -- cost us the governor's office. You wanna -- major seats on Beacon Hill. This is the one issue the Republicans are gonna right straight in the power. Meaning me. Oh my god oh my caught my caught and you what they said -- -- you think you're gonna run for presidency in 2016 do you think you're gonna run for the presidency. With this issue haunting you. Are you insane. You're gonna be laughed out of your own state. Your entire political career is gonna go up in smoke. We haven't seen numbers like this 78921. And in an -- in decades here in the state. During the ring. Suddenly the White House gets a call. Carlo she brother Obama but -- later. The president did earlier look guys let the ball is what you call -- mean mean mean. I got a problem here I got a real problem what -- what role. -- -- -- -- -- come down combat what's what's the problem -- Valerie Valerie David David Miller about fight for governor guys governor. A sign that I -- -- below their burly old service Bulaga got Jordan speaker go ahead -- go ahead go ahead. And I'm looking at these poll numbers and they don't want his plan to shelter all these did your voters are sorry every day unaccompanied minors the children and you. Then you are -- -- -- are your voters are by no bid unaccompanied minors. -- -- they're angry they're angry and kids are under angry and -- beaten there they're angry everywhere and anywhere in -- an inch -- NN Boston remember -- really elder combat combat color coordinate their mantle said it would talk about. -- -- Well it's the liberals say the upbeat composure as a slam -- -- bonuses while -- knowing I thought so and and it was supposed to be in the blues data and we have the medium rare but didn't and Democratic Party. And and lone red bird but this -- guy Jeff Conan Hogan or is what got. -- not only do you know this rally and there -- 101000. People up but it's it's stayed out of its probe that's been 101000 him was in the middle of the summer. 101000 well Michael lets but two big number dollar put the hell what the -- the -- that Obama pulled on knoller says. Homer racist just go Morris is culmination of us do all the -- come up the rest are in coral careers. Moment there's the problem and now Iran say it is what the senate voted. The -- should get him. He's illegal immigrant what the hell but it really is illegal in. The legal immigrant. He had -- -- is from Canada. There's even Canada is illegal immigrant is saying he's supports legal immigration but money illegal immigration look and made him his card doesn't work all Mike dawn wearing it all -- -- all more -- do what I don't. -- I thought okay. We're going to augment this thing up but we dog -- would say we don't -- her a voter hotline poll on armed -- are the ball. Work we're just -- Were unnecessary we don't need the housing anymore. Thank you for the offer but we suddenly don't need to put people on Cape Cod and Chicopee assault. When we withdraw our request shall save face you'll look good you did this corner go after about and everybody wins OPEC. I remember -- the ball -- sixteen I love your mini me like mad. That was the dot was the conversation. And look what -- -- he has. Instead of admitting he was wrong. Instead of admitting he was spitting in the face of the people of Massachusetts. And instead of admitting that there was this massive huge backlash. -- -- telling the people of Massachusetts wanted this. And look how they played it look how -- play it just to show you. What a little see that. A cynical politician he is how utterly opportunistic and men they should see is what a liar he has. He turns around and tells his people hate don't blame me I wanted to. I want. It's something I didn't want I want didn't I still on -- -- you few pro immigration new pro amnesty people you can blame me. It's the feds the feds just don't wanna play some here anymore the -- that the federal government just says there's no meat so what does he do. Meany mean now looks like he's still a compassionate hero to the radical left in his party. But the issue of the sheltering of these thousand illegal immigrants is now taken off the table for the elections. And that's what they really wanted to my friends. We won. And we won big. 622 on the great WRK oh my friends in the corner poll question of the day. I wanna hear this from you get your feedback. Why is our rally. The reason that don't fall and the feds decided to cancel their planned. To shelter illegal immigrants in Massachusetts. Text page 68680. For yes text B 68680. For no. It's brought to you by the greater -- senior services. Providing a wide range of social services for you when your family. Visit WWW. Dodd GL -- SS dot -- for more information. All of your calls next. Born and decide. Everything that's wrong Boston business today. Who. -- -- I live here on the break WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston's -- 6172666868. The overall backs down. He now how will not be temporarily allegedly temporarily housing over 1000 illegal immigrant children. And Cape Cod or Chicopee. My friends we delivered a message loud and clear. Bill Europe's first thanks for holding welcome. Just. -- the governor is more slippery than you give him credit for it's it's my opinion that he always knew they were never gonna come here. And he just talked to talk to -- -- when that moment came when you knew that this could not gonna happen. He gets to play though what we -- ready cargo we'd love them car that would never -- -- happened. He know it would never gonna happen because he knows that they wouldn't put up their unit -- -- The whole thing all this -- cup because this art. And all the all the rhetoric. What we actual knowledge that this is not gonna happen if you want to this moment. We could turn around -- what we were ready and we're compassionate thinker I'm a little bit spreading -- war and came there and people are attracted to or -- that got out I'd go without that simple look and as far as. How wonderful we the passion we are you wanted this. Compassionate state moment he got it. Celebrity is that nothing to do with the rally that's wonderful all of the rally -- -- site reported that rally. I couldn't make it has nothing to do with polls. Every time you had a poll recently that from her no I I know more dynamic state more than you think that it's not -- I guarantee. He knew from the get go he just played up. Not very -- thing broke. I gotta tell you the truth what I heard from many Democrats up on Beacon Hill they confided to me. -- he was dead serious. No he listen I'll tell you what happened they don't know where a -- many of these illegal immigrants. And so they figured well masses are safe as any place. And they were stunned. By the prairie rebellion. I mean beat the political backlash. Was swift and it was furious. And I'll tell you this he can try to wrap himself in the mantle of compassion all he wants he looks weak. There's no getting around this for him is a big defeat. And everybody knows it 6172666868. Notice. This time he didn't come out in front of the cameras you notice that knowledge this was now a statement. What happened I am crying because remember that -- court meaning me what happened to being a stranger in Egypt what happened decrying what happened to you citing the Bible what happened -- your peers and -- for the children and. And suddenly. A little statement sent out late afternoon. I'm many needs and and. 637. Here on the great WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Six point 72666868. Corner man is an -- could move -- -- my friend. Look I'm not saying the war is over don't misunderstand me. There were nine plane loads of illegal immigrants dumped. In this state some of them shipped up to our New Hampshire. Many of them are in our communities inland in Chelsea. In other and other's towns all across Massachusetts. So there's still a big big war in front of us. But there's no question about it too many mean wanted those two basis. In cape caught in Chicopee. To be used to shelter 1000. Illegal immigrants from Central America. We held a rally. He backed off we won they lost. And now Charlie Baker has issued a statement we may be -- where are back lost my -- There's and so Charlie Baker. Finally issues a statement now look now listen to this this kind of think my god who's running as those camping -- Our here's Charlie Baker. Notice now whether requirement -- -- statement. He can't completely reverse himself because he made a huge mistake in backing many -- plan that that the sheltering and and house these illegal immigrants. But he wants the sound tougher. He wants the sound like now he's on the side of the people so check this out. Him -- -- stray from Charlie bakers people this is Charlie issued the following statement regarding the federal government -- -- means decision not to shelter unaccompanied immigrant children in Massachusetts. Well. I am pleased to learn that the federal government is no longer asking Massachusetts. To provide temporary shelter for unaccompanied immigrant children. Because it became apparent officials had no clear plan for the commonwealth so now he sees now we start a stand up to the -- a little bit. -- had no clear plan. He continues. As I stated -- he doubles now check this out -- but -- doubles found. As I stated. I believed Massachusetts should have joined with other states and providing emergency assistance. Provided the federal government articulated a clear plan. Guaranteeing a temporary stay with no cause the Massachusetts. Because asking are already now here -- -- gets a little tough because asking our already strong range social services. To fix the -- Washington created would be unacceptable. But -- Libya except. Thought Charlie you log in you. At a church chill Charlie. That easily Charlie -- have to be so tough. I mean you have to do is be such a hardliner Charlie -- -- so principled when you stand up demeaning me in the Fed's Imus is out of the this is a prophetic statement. It was never going to be cost free it's not cost clean I don't. We've got over 200000 illegal immigrants in this state and counting with -- mine plain clothes that were dumped what are you talking to me about. Public -- to feds are gonna pick up the tab what do you think. What do you think finds the federal government we do. Whenever the feds ever honor anything in terms of their obligations are commitments or kept any promise. So all what's happening now is this whole thing blew up in the political class is face. Charlie again with the Palestinian of American politics he never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Sided with many meat when he should decided with the people. Now when he hears all the complaints. And I'll towns are on the verge of bankruptcy and our social services and welfare systems and health care is strained to the breaking point suddenly on non normal we've got to be careful. On normal to us only if it was -- -- -- that only if it was temporary. You phony you frog you. You fraud do you even have a that -- the guts to issue a statement like this the better to be quiet Charlie you know expression. Better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all vote. 6172666868. Is the number now. Suddenly. Suddenly. By the way the numbers now surged over 60000 so we now have over 60000. Unaccompanied minors so far crossing the -- It's estimated to hit ninety by the federal government's only estimates 90000 by the end of the year. So there's going to be more comic. At least another 30000. They're being sheltered in Texas they're being sheltered in Oklahoma they're being sheltered in Arizona. Virginia is becoming a big dumping ground as -- reported yesterday. Hawaii. Alaska the Virgin Islands that are being dumped everywhere. So. For meaning me. Joseph last two weeks ago. It was a Christmas. I mean it was a crisis. And not only crisis. Of humanitarian proportions. It was a moral crisis it was a spiritual crisis it was who we are -- -- people who we are as a state. That we just know it's a matter of principle for many mean we have thousand sheltered the port chill ran. So he goes in front of the television Cameron's. And puts on a performance I'm telling you this was Academy Award all the way. Look let's replay -- let's just go back two weeks and time. Both for the rally before all the popular backlash and check out many rural Britain. The other reason I have offered our help is more personal less about patriotism and more about -- and I believe that we will. One day. Have to answer for our action to. And NYNEX and who. My faith teaches. It's a stranger -- and we -- -- in your land could you shall not mistreat him but rather left -- as yourself. You were strangers in the land of Egypt and then we are admonished to take in a stranger. For as much as he did it to one of the least of these grace tells us did it to me -- it. Every major faith tradition on the planet though -- Charges its followers to treat others as we ourselves we should be treated. And brother. Rent there isn't don't. Jesus he quotes -- is there's ice -- is there's every faith tradition and a stranger in Egypt mini me. I can mean two weeks ago he you're crying. Strangers they need chipped. Your citing Jesus every faith tradition. We have it was a and we had to take -- -- we just we had to pick up and we had to pick -- man. Suddenly all of a sudden. 101000 people show up at the steps of the state house. You got that internal polls going 67821. Against you. What happened to Jesus. What happened to being a stranger in Egypt. What I've -- to the crying pivot pivot to the great for extradition but the great world religions or what happened -- many knew what happened to your conscience mini me. I. Am still got what -- tell you what he saw PC don't vault 116 going up in smoke. He sees his political future going up in smoke. And all of a sudden now that colleges. Hello every great Frist reduction to help put the strangers in Egypt -- what -- the -- does this -- -- statement does does does -- -- Get cooler stopped talking about twelve drove Ben air bases in Chicopee in Cape Cod. 6172666. B 868 is the number. -- -- When -- parents of children. And it could have been real good engineering -- anybody -- The poll numbers not normal that -- my pencil Muppets got pencil -- and I are misspoke don't need it. Don't needed that Nicole that they don't want don't we're not getting any don't -- -- multiple multiple problem mold problem. Laura you're up next thanks for holding go ahead Laura. Hey -- good -- on and Tyler a couple of quite there with many. Go quite the contrary more rallies more people anything that we need to talk on the cable. So many made you cry and cry -- mean there's not -- -- nine million dollar corner office. And it and if they think we're gonna believe that the -- but -- -- -- -- and again about it. Forget about it. Laura and I am telling you this is just the beginning. And that's what I've been telling you know for a long time. There are many more of us in this state than people realize by the way I got another story about mini me -- nine million dollar corner office and that's that was that's that would be cheaper. None all that was the previous estimate you gotta see what their real cost is coming out but let that go I want talked about. The rally in many mean now backing down Steve you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah good morning just didn't. You know I think they're pretty Smart you know what you just sat out you know one -- -- our ancestors are actually it's. I don't feel -- -- unprecedented series or throw a lot of action -- number. Steve I gotta tell you look I mean I don't wanna get ahead just a sure how good you guys arming boy man you graduate. Prosecutors read my -- -- something here. Just of pick off off your pointer completely right look this is my Jeff corner send us. Latest NBC news Wall Street Journal poll. Quote spells bad news for all bomb. You've got now NBC Wall Street stronger doing all this polling and are saying that this is that I'm -- this is really bad so. The latest NBC news Wall Street Journal poll. Now says that Obama's approval rating has hit a new low of 40%. By the way I don't believe that 40% number. I'm telling you right now. I know it's slower than 40% because many people are afraid of being called a racist or thought a racist for saying that Obama's doing about job. So I'm telling you I know it's in the low thirties but let that go even if you take -- -- -- its face value. It's now hitting you'll all of 40%. According to a new NBC news Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday when you're 40%. You're finished politically. You're under you're not treading water you're underwater. Only 14% of Benjamin individuals approve the split congress the poll also conclude however. According to democratic pollster Peter Hart. And by the way have you noticed how many -- phrases now are being borrowed and encrypt by other people. I've been using some of our discontent. Look how this thing is now flying everywhere but let that go. Quote according to democratic pollster Peter Hart this is the Democrat who were in the summer of our discontent. Americans are cranky Americans are unhappy it is with everything going on in the world. And in particular according to the poll six in ten individuals are not satisfied with the economy -- bad news for the dear leader. 70%. Believed that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Got his -- trimming back for did earlier. This issue although border. And of all of this illegal immigration. Is killing the Democrats it's killing them. Look at Scott Brown -- a model. On this issue belonged he's now close the gap we Jeanne Shaheen. Henry Waxman's district in liberal California. One of the most liberal districts in the country. The Republican is now running ahead of the Democrat on this issue along. My friends. The country is changing we were at the forefront where the tip of the spear. They've gone too far they've overreached. -- the real story is this. Massachusetts. Is no longer -- bull as people saving its. Because now for the first time in decades. You have a movement that isn't me to ism. You have a movement that is in about. Compromise. And being more literate and laying around and taking it on the chin and being afraid of the big bad democratic establishment. My friends were like the patriots -- 1776. We fear no one and not think. There's now -- resistance. And aside fact is this for the Democrats and they know what it's. Got rally shock come to their very foundations. Because you have people. You're the ones who pay the taxes. You're the ones who raise your families here -- the ones who send your sons and daughters off to fight in our worst. You were the real power. Once you get angry. They have to listen to you. And now they have awoken a sleeping giant. And I'm telling you my friend it's if you join me if you have the courage of your convictions as you did two weeks ago. I -- -- Statehouse rally as I predicted. It is the opening shot of the middle American revolution. My friends we are gonna fight many more battles. And we will win many more battles. As long as we stay united and determined and never never give up. 6172666868. Is the number. The country is ours all we have to do now sees it -- Europe next go ahead dawn. Just Trulia. I doubt -- -- Croatia crusher. Lou great did you were great to -- you. Let me finish first first god -- -- shall. I trade the Jerusalem electorate and Massachusetts. But what I say if I would have you looked different but there really got -- and Jeff and I tell you. After the second Elliott WK can go to the radio and you and you say and a little bit deployed with the crowd you know I -- was -- -- it could be a little bit more chance. And I felt the same way you know I mean I really get out there I loved it it was cool it was great our place I really has opened -- -- up. But this woman -- a real -- crowd you'll end up probably had a nice thank you. Could see brigade almost have a doctor always everything you did that day. They were just a wonderful inspirational that. It was darn look honestly I to all of you out there I mean this from the bottom of my heart I had tears in my eyes when I saw so many -- you. And -- in Brittany are witnesses. I said mark my words. Meaning meek will back down. Because the people united can never be defeated. My friends we won because if you and I cannot thank you enough. 653 on the great WRK oh let's take it to Rush Limbaugh. The you're. Welcome back to the corner reports 65. And here on the great WRKO. My friends all lot more to talk a vote. Things are unraveling in Afghanistan. But the question before us is this. How blue is Massachusetts now and many -- busts the budget on his corner governor's office you're not gonna believe the latest don't touch that dial.