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Obamacare Going Up?

Aug 7, 2014|

Howie remembered when the White House guaranteed health plan reductions for the average american. The plans under Obamacare are all going up next month. Everybody feels the bite....

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322. They -- Parker what we keep talking about the the the immigration problem obviously that's the dominant issue but. They didn't -- I didn't wanna mention to get amity you don't related to this this whole thing is is obamacare. You know it's it's. It's all part and parcel of the same disaster that has bitten inflict them on the United States in the last. Six and a half years there's. The end and the fact that that the American taxpayers. While they're paying -- -- Free medical care for all these people swarming into the country. Are are getting it's getting hammered years Elizabeth Warren's favorite verbal. By these increases in in -- enough that the cost of medical. Health. Services. And and it's only just begun. Quote carry interpreter. It's only just begun mean the employer mandate hasn't even kicked in yet. -- is they started this is from investors business daily very conservative publication but obviously. In Obama care enrollees were in the insurance doesn't equal access and this is something again that anybody. With. Blaine -- you don't you don't need. You don't need to have taken a course in economics and high school or college understand this. Just all you need to get to know is that if if you put him. Price controls on something you're gonna get less of the price controls. And if you put in price controls to to try to hold prices now you are going to produce a market. In what ever good or service. You've -- the price controls on. And a black in the in this case it's not even a black market meaning an illegal under the table architectures that these doctors are doing what you or I would do under the same circumstances. If we have a choice them -- to make it good living with freedom we're gonna take that choice as opposed to making a much. -- much. Much lower income with government interference by people that are appointed by Barack Obama I should they don't know a damn thing about whatever they've been appointed to. A new story from national public radio again NPR. In PR is. We NPR is on to a -- -- In specialist DM that initiated by Democrats. You know. It's gotta be bad right. The news story from NPR shows the danger of sweeping health care insurance with health care access as doctors start to turn away patients bearing Obama here. Cards. The article quotes content Connecticut internist doctor Doug Gerard explaining why he's refusing to take patients in the world that two of the three obamacare poignant. I cannot accept a plan he says where it's -- words I'm going to be reimbursed at Medicare rates. The NPR story goes on to note that quote reimbursement rates to doctors stay low and obamacare plants more doctors could would reject those plans. So you got to have. Plus you have more people getting health insurance you have millions of illegal aliens coming into the country. Demanding free health and free health care. India have fewer and fewer doctors sticking around in a few more more doctors going into the boutique appointments. Where they just to take. -- 1002000. A year. From -- anybody who's got the money to pay and it won't just be the upper class will be everybody that's got 2000 dollars. You'll you'll you'll you'll pull up by in the plasma screen TV and you get the health care peace if you need it. Because of course you have to have it and your and you're in the the illegal alien. With the nicer car than you down the road who doesn't have to pay anything for section eight apartment doesn't have to pay for its food. And doesn't is is children don't have to pay for their school lunches he doesn't need it because he gets if he gets on the arm. The NPR story goes on to note that if reimbursement rates to doctors stay low more doctors could reject those plants -- Kidding anybody who's paid the least bit of attention to existing government health care programs could have seen this coming. Medicaid faced a chronic shortage of doctors willing to accept their far below market. He's even before obamacare. Dramatically expanded the program and more and more doctors are refusing to take on new Medicare patients for the same thing. This happened all over the country. Cancer patients in Nevada are learning that an obamacare card doesn't guarantee them anything. That's because none can now go to the State's comprehensive cancer centers after a -- Nevada help. Co -- The only obamacare plan in the state it had contract that with head routinely failed to pay bills on time. Any obamacare patient in the that winds up there will have to pay out of pocket let's courts to Harry Reid. If -- believe his gated community you'll get free health care. Melinda trial learned this hard lesson to -- for the Modesto California be she bought up the plan in Florida subsidized by taxpayers. Only two repeatedly discover the doctors were used to she patient to. What their coverage on the Obama care exchange. This is DeDe facto rationing of care to hold costs down. Again. Everybody who paid the slightest bit of attention you don't have to have a degree in economics or medicine. To figure out that this was gonna lead the ration. Obama cares rising unpopularity. Seems to be a product that of the simple fact that several months after its implement that into its implementation. More and more people are having personal experience with the law noted the Washington Examiner's Byron York. That's likely to get worse next year as many obamacare plants having already skimmed the cost cap by limiting access and cutting payment rates to providers. Are pushing for substantial rate hikes. Blue cross blue shield of Tennessee. Which has 88% of the Obama care market wants to raise its premiums 19%. To model Q model -- Yemen has proposed a nearly 60% hike. Maryland scare first blue cross is requesting a 23%. Boost. In New York the average premium hike for the six largest obamacare plants in the state is nearly 15%. In Florida the average overall rate hike is more than 13%. Obamacare promised the country everything lower cost greater access and improve quality of care all courtesy of the federal government. Now called reality is starting to set him on both who believe this -- -- 187746943. 2218774694322. Mike your next with how we cargo had Mike. Well I'm off. Very Anderson Letterman now. Merck sharp Birnbaum they make date product. Call. Shingles vaccine. And also very extravagant. Let's say -- -- letter promotional thing. They're gonna have. Have a good portion and Spanish speaking TV stations and media outlets stop promoting the product all -- -- there and -- it. Hope. But I guess I'm gonna guess it's the same guy. Who -- who a year ago after having shingles spent 249. Dollars to get himself. Eight shingles vaccine -- I'm referring of course Mike to myself. So these are going to be free shingles vaccines for if you speak Spanish. Are there going to be any free shingles vaccines for people who work for a living like myself. Focus I don't I I didn't need that 250 bucks I spent on the shingles vaccine Mike you know what that well. Forgot I I'm glad I'm glad that the newcomers to Orlando. Hey hey folks hey Greg hey -- the struggles vaccines -- on May. I wanna -- you have to undergo what I went its -- -- shingles. Is that nice Mike thanks for specs for a cheer me up with that news. 1877469432. To about car. There's a -- from Texas. From Austin behind the army lines in Austin one of regular listeners Austin wreck. Forget Sanctuary City today the welcoming Austin City Council voted to become a test the nation for all the children coming across illegally. -- have a -- have banners across the main drag lost rhetoric saying welcome MS third game. -- as -- yes. Oh boy just when I thought the feds were skipping out because of the 101000 already here centric forest City Council. 18774694322. By the way -- by. That was huge that he didn't sound didn't he sound emotional talking about the age children. I am -- I'm assuming that you he's got that he's got his own place in mind Delaware plus she's got the place on the Eastern Shore Maryland. Plus she's got the vice presidential mansion. You've got to be able to he can't be able to put up at least 500 gang -- You know how many if somebody is Joseph Biden taken. He's such a generous man you know some years she's been known to donate as much as ten dollars to charity. But he says it's okay because as he's in public service and that's his contribution. To a country. Real I mean this is a guide I would do you think Joseph Biden capacity GD -- don't think -- I don't care B is the smartest extinct and always think she's Smart but that's my feeling. 1877469603. Says agents apparently the end of Austin city limit -- up -- lost. Austin city limits. Elizabeth your next with how we cargo battle is about. Hi -- I think that we need to know how many of these illegal children were propped up in the New England states. The American parent should call -- go to the school district. Find out there and never district and keep repute to send their children to school because these. Children have no vaccine no nothing see ya -- you're fighting to keep your kids now and you're not gonna let them all. And Elizabeth Elizabeth how at this. You can't get your kids into school unless you produce assert pavlik up from the doctor saying they have had vaccinations. In these people are just walk and evidence some cases they're 3035. Years all. They got gray hair no vaccinations and they wanna go the ninth grade. I've been to all the golf they need to just forget about. You can't most -- flaws most states say if you're if you're over the age of twenty water so you can't go to high school but of course again. These laws for Americans not illegal aliens -- -- -- for illegal aliens. -- We got Leo we got a -- attacks yesterday from up on the New Hampshire rubbed -- the Massachusetts New Hampshire border. Guy said -- huge kid is -- a daycare center and they said the yet that the child as a bit of the child in the daycare center has been diagnosed with it's babies. This is this -- about the you can bet this won't be the last letter of the like that that's going home. That all embedded in Marlborough mass they're they're looking for new stood there looking for new homes for the quote unquote extra change students. Exchange. Students. You know what you're getting anger Stephens a farmer's daughter something to commend the and instead of you know while want the gang -- Says. -- need to be checked back calling that no outs and -- but just send them back and that lets your country take care do you want to -- country. Caramel that that there's no excuse no -- the people. I agree I agree -- it would you know people are voting for me show up there in Maine Elizabeth -- -- -- -- tell all this stuff that are the people on the Democrats in -- in his wild about this is everybody else. I already call the whole list of people come from not double the issue so that simple read and he will let that volley and you get. Bowl you now. It's not I don't -- for him I almost anonymity everybody else I'm pocket do not -- -- we meet up. We want to straighten out the -- may we don't want to become like. Or Mexico. Thanks for the call was about 187746943221877469. 4322. What did we exchange for these people. That's a very good question. With that we exchange. They're getting everything what are we getting. A Third World country. That's works changing. The letter saying -- -- were were out of money for your Social Security payment all want the illegal aliens you you'll understand of course. Just because you've been working. For you know paying into the system cents. But Lyndon Johnson of the Richard Nixon administration. Now these people just came over two months ago that they abused appalled when you want stadium right. It's it's it's compassion. And compare that to the same for awhile maybe they wouldn't but it doesn't matter whether that do the same -- Bill your next with how we cargo ahead bill. -- I don't. Look that it is gonna -- on what Barbara said. What when he was inaugurated I didn't cry I swore. I -- that this guy it was a piece that debacle for the it would get him but what horrifies me is. Did you agree with -- attacks of this says we would have been better off we'll probably know we what she has this little guy is the issue didn't think it's on Wednesday. She is as big old leftist. And a nanny Stater. And and and the founder and. So here's the difference I don't think she hates the United States of America. Actually dug out with a legal -- -- -- think you know when you talk about that the Clinton downside commit some home. You'll get on to work which -- -- up our apple and they are quite as the UN world swap. She didn't let yet these people don't want -- not because we don't need anymore apps we got to. I I had three. He played a bully me I'm not voting for Hillary Clinton I'm just saying that the I just think in retrospect -- you know. And. No it would be just babble or as we should -- different computers. If what would you -- would what would you rather have bill that whole Maine poisoning and told Maine poisoning or cyanide poisoning. I don't concern you could survive totally poisoning. You know you can't survive cyanide. Where they get adults cyanide right now. I mean right now I'd -- If you can dive from all they until it don't -- it's just a question try to Hillary care what she -- got a. I know. I know I always right she's she's terrible she's parable and you know what I believe that -- when he says you know I've read -- another camp like Clinton -- But she that she is actually. She's actually the the -- the better of the two of them but she's the -- she's less of a of -- horrible person that he is I believe that to bill but you'd be pleased I mean that you can't say that Hillary would have been worse than this guy nah nah I don't think anybody could have been worse than this guy. I'm sure somebody -- -- but. Just gonna discuss Dennis the next -- but I think Dennis Kucinich. Dennis Kucinich could have been worse than this. Then ask your next with how we cargo ahead Dennis Dodd Dennis Kucinich Sharia. Law a pleasure not Dennis Kucinich I'm doing okay. Not have gotten it remains yeah I got I got a son in college here at the University of Maine system. That. And it got. So -- in the -- the other day. And it said that he had you are respond to study there was true of health care. And they were going to bill actually regard themselves like 960 box Somalia. So. And so it's either our respondents. Would grow so insurance or are you gonna judge you. And it was on a timely -- -- -- check you sent our annual. So I called university and I talked to Italy. And I've said that I stand up. In what what university. Benefiting from at least people you know prove -- sharks although I'm not and actually she said it's the affordable care. -- actually I didn't realize. That. Required students to have insurance. Well you could read it it is not being -- net somewhere so. Are you -- Well and I can't dissect what went after the upset that I I'm on the -- or does it send up. What would happen -- -- -- stores decided that we weren't going to sell real trees than anybody I must -- as proof of insurance. As such in Europe there is right here actually served unpaid for the most crucial group of insurance. Etc. what do what do C central Maine power company decided. And they weren't gonna provide. How much anybody. What do or hey I got another what -- what do you organize it or baker you were gonna sell wedding cake to somebody -- you know like he gets you can't not -- gays -- and up sell to anybody else right. Yeah exactly right so organized you're blaming it on the -- care act. So I'd like to see you know somebody who are represented something look at that to see if side that is actually -- -- -- or is yes. I'm wondering is that they if the if you're an illegal alien do you have -- I'm gonna guest Dennis the answer is no you don't have to happen thanks for the call I'm Howard -- Catherine your next -- how we -- ahead Katherine. I how he -- may just like yeah. I'm calling from Portland me yes and I didn't listen to you quite often and I certainly agree with everything you say that I have to tell. Somebody about it but the experience I had a couple of months ago and one of the local supermarket quickly I was waiting I was waiting my turn. Want to immigrant -- can EB peek at. And collected. Went off and she came back in the count him out 1000 dollar catch a twenty dollar bill. Which he promptly picked up the left the door he barely -- -- corruption within it but perhaps. That that is an amazing story. Your -- I don't think they're supposed to do that. They're not supposed to do and that's what -- not paid just try to stop the -- get to know we have. Do they say. The I know he wants he wants drug testing for for for X on trying to get on we should actually talk about that next hour but his attempt to do that. We'll do that thanks for reminding me about --