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Obama's war in Iraq. 8/8/14

Aug 8, 2014|

Is it his fault we are there again?

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We can act carefully and responsibly to prevent potential actor Dennis. That's what we're doing -- -- Therefore authorized targeted airstrikes if necessary to help forces here. But so far here on the great WRKO. And now on 93 point seven hate. He's proved my friends and you rock is now spinning out of control. They genocide is taking place against the rocks Christians. I -- this is on the verge of a major major. Military victory. And -- last night. The red dear leader. Gave a nationally televised press conference. Whereby the very man who bragged that he had brought success to Iraq. Is that the war was over. Is that the country in his Woertz. Was stable. Sovereign. And self reliant. Who refused to sign a status of forces agreement. Whereby we could've continued to train the Iraqi Army. When Iraq was peaceful when he rock was stable to build upon the successes. Of the Iraq War. After. He refused to sign the status of forces agreement. The whole country as every military commander told him literally went to hell in a hand basket. And in that vacuum. Has now come crisis. The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria it's now just going by the Islamic state. And they have now forged and how afraid -- works with their own Khalif. The head of the radical Muslim world. In the heart of the Middle East. Large swaths of eastern Syria now are occupied by the Islamic state large parts of northern western Iraq. Occupied by the -- They have now joined eastern Syria and northern western. Now they are on the outskirts of Baghdad. And as everybody was focused on Baghdad. The Islamic state and sent their rampaging ferocious Islamist fighters. Up into the north. Towards the semi autonomous region of Kurdistan. And he's hair which is the Christian heartland of the rock. And so over the last 48 hours. As international observers were warning of -- coming genocide. Did dear leader did not think. Just that she's done nothing could. For the last couple months as prices has occupied town after town city after city. Committed atrocity after atrocity has murdered citizen after citizen. A group of people after group of people. But now my friends. The international community is now looking. I think Christians of the rock. Who now go back literally. -- that kind of crunched. They have been there for 2000. Years. Many of them speak to your original language of Jesus they speak Aramaic. Or it's closer dialect -- Syrian. Key Christian towns yesterday were taken over. Carrick Porsche which is the most important Christian town in all of north western Iraq has fallen. Other towns have fallen. -- this is coming. Their finding out now children have been murdered. They found a mass grave of 500 Christian men slaughtered. Churches are now being destroyed. Crosses are now being taken down ancient Christian manuscripts 1500. Of them have now been destroyed. Residents there who were fleeing have now told. McClatchy news service the Wall Street Journal the Washington Post the New York Times so the progressives can't deny this. -- being told by the entire an international media community. That the rampaging. Islamic state jihadist were yelling and screaming Allahu. Akbar. -- Lott is the greatest. -- they were butchering children hanging women from lampposts. Killing priests mass grave after mass grave after mass grave. And so now there is a fear a global fear that a genocide is gonna take place in Iraq. And this time the Christians will be wiped out once and for all. And it is not just Christians. There is an ancient tribe your religious group called the UC east. They're aligned with the Kurds. They are neither Muslim nor Christian they're really sort of -- millions for of paganism they believe him. The north is also their ancestral homeland. -- CD has fallen. And -- Kurdish forces are now breaking up on the onslaught of these Islamic state jihadist fighters. Many of them 40000 of the -- cities. Our ally asks. Could go back with us 25 years to the original gulf war our staunchest allies along with the Christians and the Kurds. Have now been abandoned. And so now they are in fear of their lives and these refugees are obviously it's almost biblical. Have now fled to -- mountain called mount -- jar. Whereby he jihadist state fighters the Islamic state jihadist fighters have now that mountain surrounded. They are threatening to torture and murder and ethnically cleansed. Every single one of these using -- The United Nations has now called for international action. The conscience of the global community has been outraged by what's taking place. Even his holiness. Pope Francis. Almost as a -- proxy a borderline pacifist. Not a man of war far from a. Is saying we are now not just looking at a humanitarian catastrophe. We are now looking at the mass slaughter and genocide. Of the entire Christian community in Iraq. He is now called. For the UN and the international community to help these people before they're all massacred before they're all Borchardt. And so under this growing clamor for some kind of assistance. Under growing international pressure very dear leader. How to give him. And so he delivered a national press conference or nationally televised press conference at about 930 last night. And what's isn't what's his idea of help. What's his idea of coming to the rescue. He wants to drop some food aid and some water supplies to those people on the mountain. And he has authorized his words. Very limited military strikes. Primarily to protect US personnel in the key important Kurdish city of herbal it's their capital -- -- faults. All of Kurdistan faults. And to protect American personnel in Baghdad. In other words. He's gonna fatten them up. Before they get slaughtered by the Islamic G artists. In other words. Bitch too little and too late. Roll it Brittany. Earlier this week when Iraqi Mary cried to the world. There is no one coming to help. -- today America is coming to help. We're also consultant and other countries and United Nations were called for action to address this humanitarian crisis. I know that many of you concerned about any American military action in Iraq. Even limited strikes like these. I understand that. Iran for this office in part and our war in Iraq and welcome our troops home that's what we've done. There was a disgusting speech. It was frankly -- revolting speech. And I'm gonna say something now that I never ever in my life I thought I would say. You know how much I love this country. You know how much -- fear its founding fathers in its history its sacrifices. The fact that it's carried the torch of liberty for over 200 years. That it is truly to meet a city upon a hill. That I adopted my two beautiful children from this great plan. Last night. For the first time in my life. I speak to you now god is my witness. I was ashamed. Of the United States. I was ashamed. Of America. Mr. President. This is on your hands. We warned you when you didn't sign the status of forces agreement what what happened. We warn you it would lead to a bloodbath. We warned you that it would lead to al-Qaeda and radical islamists taking over that country we warned you we would lead to the slaughter and genocide of the Kurds all of the Christians of moderate Muslims. And yet you did nothing -- Instead. You lied to the American people you it was your mission accomplished moment. If you had a bride because you want to claim victory for the 2012. Reelection that somehow you -- fulfill your promise to leave Iraq entirely. The consequences be damned if the people of the rock be damned. And these words. That you watered them both -- lies that you spoke. Should haunt you to your grave and beyond. This is what he said just a few short years ago roll -- Britain. It's harder to end a war than begin want. Indeed everything that American troops have done and Iraq all the fighting all the dying. The bleeding. In the building and the training and partnering. All of has led. To this moment of success. -- -- not a perfect place. As many challenges ahead. What we're leaving behind a somewhat stable and self reliant Iraq. With a representative government. That was elected by its people. We're building a new partnership between our nations. And we are ending a war. Not what the final battle but with a final march toward home. This is an extraordinary achievement. Nearly nine years in the making. -- -- -- That demand the man is a lunatic. When George Bush left office you know what you saw. Purple stain of purple ink on people's fingerprints because everybody had voted. When George Bush left office in 2000 January 2009. Don't take my word for -- I ask all of our vets were serving in Iraq at the time he rock was so stable it was so secure you could vacation. In any city any rock literally you could go on vacation. And all he had to do. What sign -- status of forces agreement. 510. Maybe 151000 troops to stand there as advisors do some counterinsurgency. Counterterrorism operations. But basically continue to build on that success to grow expand and strengthen the Iraqi Army. And baby -- war would have been one. And instead. He disregarded the advice of every single one of his generals. Every single one of his commanders all of the people any rock everybody told them you're leaving too early your snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and the consequences are going to be devastating. Almost unimaginable. Now my friends. You called this in Iraq a success. This is a self reliance stable sovereign -- rock. Do you now have al-Qaeda up or rampaging across the country. And so people say Jeff shaft shafts. Shouldn't we be doing limited airstrikes no it's gonna do nothing in fact already some strikes have been launched. Already now our planes are starting to bomb ice is positions. And it won't work. If anything your end of killing civilians. What we should do. Is what Jeff corner now has been advocating for months. Arm our allies to the teeth. That hurts. What they're 190000. Army. We should instead Obama has refused to arm them. They need weapons they need heavy weapons they need military equipment on the ground they can wipe out license. On the ground they can defeat al-Qaeda on the ground they can deliver decisive blow laughter decisive blow and then in Kurdistan. Create a genuine safe haven. For all of these religious minorities all of these questions so they can live away. In peace and security from these animals. But that's the one thing he won't do. Instead it's political theater. It's dropping food and water from the sky like he's god. With a couple of pinprick air strikes to make it seem like he's doing something decisive. While the whole time he refuses stop arm train or supply. The Kurdish military our allies. Who need us now rendered darkest hour toward the one expected crush ice is on the battlefield. I don't want another war in Iraq. I don't want to send more Americans back there. But no honorable country. Turns its back. On the people who cooperated with them. To create a just free and democratic country. Our allies and might call it peace peace loving Christians. I wanna know. Where the protests on Copley Square. Or in Boston Common. Orange hall -- or all over the country. I against -- this. The way you've been seeing against Israel. My friends. You -- know the True Religion of peace. Pitched those impressions any rock. And now the religion of war radical Islam. This is now gonna potentially slaughter every single one of them. In one of the great genocide. Of our time. And my question to you is this what should the United States should do. And do you agree -- -- dear leader. Should -- be launching limited air strikes and dropping food and water. And like me do you say Obama is partially to blame for everything the disaster. The Holocaust. That is now unfolding in Iraq 6172666868. Is the number. All of your calls next. -- -- -- -- Innocent people facing the prospect. Of violence on a horrific scale. We have a mandate to. In this case they -- -- from the Iraqi Government. And when we have unique capabilities to help avert a message and I believe the United States of America cannot turn and wind up. Earlier. I told there was only one massacre shortage around generals. Now look at him now all of a sudden now all now we have to do some thing how many dead. Crisis the Islamic state these jihadist are now rampaging. Now into northwestern Iraq. The Christians are being cleansed there now on the verge of being slaughtered. The Kurds are now facing defeat after defeat. Vegas TDs this religious group to small religious sect tied to the Kurds -- more people are now on a mountain 40000 of them. Surrounded by nicest. Potentially all of them to be slaughtered. And notice. He was still acting yesterday like he's the smartest guy in the room. When everybody told him this was gonna happen. The poll question of the day. In the corner country poll question for Friday is the dear leader president Barack horse than Obama. To blame for the crisis any rock in your view. Tax the latter 868680. For yes. Text B 68680. For no. It's brought to you by the greater -- senior services providing a wide range of social services for you when your family. Visit www. GL -- SS dot net. For more information. Lines are loaded. Jam Europe next thanks for holding. Go ahead Jim. It can't be -- and I what action if their vacation spot. I didn't say that you took my -- that it had -- I'll tell you what I said I short. Bush left office in January of 2009. You literally could vacation. In almost every city in Iraq because the surge had been so successful. Note that is true. What are I'm telling you they're veteran how the Iraqis the Iraqi military. It turned -- turned down. The Iraqi military are vets served any -- hold me so. By 20092010. Dot thing was solid. Q which eventually talking until but they want to try. I did that because -- you know -- -- -- and in -- he went alone 2008 or not. And I jammed up a look I don't know what planet you're living on IR Connecticut are really are on loan and I'll know I'll tell you know I'll tell you know I'll tell you why every turn that back I want art that you don't want him. Pulled a rabbit out of a -- -- don't forget that forget that listen to attend a string up -- Why until about how bush got pushed it hurt listen guy. And supporting it. Turned out it turned out turned out. They -- the lunatic turn down. First of all just that you understand it's okay. Look up insight magazine. I was the editor of insight. I broke story after story about the persecution of the Kurds and Christians in Iraq in fact because of my reporting. It forced the courage to change their constitution. And give a safe haven to Christians any rock. I have friends in northern rock I have friends in Kurdistan I know hurts I know I haven't been able to speak to some of them now for a couple months so you know nothing about me. I've got friends there that I'm afraid could be dead right now. So don't stand here called me up and lecture me about what I know or don't know about Kurdistan or the Kurds or coming in here and blaming George Bush. Fact of the matter a fact of the matter is this. US correspondent after correspondent. The Wall Street Journal. The New York Times the Washington Post the Manchester guardian the London times garish Beagle I can go on and on who testified that by 20092000. And and they couldn't believe how tranquil Iraq had become that the search had worked. Not a not a fact it not just thought I know Koch you don't like trucks and then yeah the status of forces agreement. Then you -- the status of forces agreement that this president refused to sign win every major commander or general told him. That if you don't sign it. Al-Qaeda and other radical islamists will fill the vacuum. And it will lead to -- bloodbath and you stand there and tell me. But this president is not culpable for what's going on right now. -- nerve to tell me this. -- -- to open the document Powell have been better but in our. Well you may be right. But now we're not talking about 2003. We're talking about 2014. Do you -- now look look at how look look at how hateful these progressives are look how delusional they are. Did he hung up and only hung up because he can handle an argument. They sold one persecute and lynch George W. Bush. That now in the sixth year of Barack Hussein Obama's presidency in the sixth year they're still blaming bush. So what he had six years. I want to play the clip again played the clip again where he said. Why he was pulling US troops every single one of them out and why he would not sign a status of forces agreement there was no -- to. It's harder to end a war than begin want. Indeed everything that American troops have done and Iraq all the fighting all the dying. The bleeding. In the building and the training and partnering. All of has led. To this moment of success. -- -- not a perfect place and home my home. As many challenges ahead mole. But we're leaving behind a sovereign and stable and self reliant Iraq and when -- representative government. That was elected by its people paying. We're building a new partnership. Between our nations can. And we are any war. Not what the final battle with a final march toward home victory this is an extraordinary achievement credible. Nearly nine years in the making bankrupt. -- credible. He lied. -- begged him. His own commanders begged him his own generals begged him that people be rock begged him. Sign that's goddess of forces agreement for God's sakes. Now there is genocide. And the question I ask for all of you was this. And I'm I'm really over overdue but I got asked this in terms of time. When the Muslims of Ben Ghazi in Libya. We're facing a potential atrocities. And mass murder what do did dear leader do. She galvanize -- he galvanize the international community. He circumvented congress he refused to even I have congress authorize that war it was so necessary to help these islamists and we get to train them and we outdoor quipped bump and get the bomb Qaddafi and get this only H. How many months did -- war go one in Libya. When Muslim wives are in jeopardy look how this man world's most storm will be left unturned. But if you happen to be a Christian pouring non Muslim like easy easy these. Being massacred and slaughter and now on a mountain. Fearing for your very life surrounded by these Islamist monsters. Six morning riding on the break WRKO. John Boehner though voice how they're resistant -- -- 616172666868. Can also -- -- there's always six days six days. The dear leader yesterday held a national. Televised press conference. There is now a genocide taking place in Northern Iraq. Christians are being slaughtered. Some mosques are being destroyed -- the more moderate mosques are being destroyed. However Christian churches are being desecrated. Burned. Priests are being murdered but they've now found one mass grave a 500 dead men. Seven children have so far been slaughtered. Crosses are being taken down. The Christian towns have now been religiously and ethnically cleansed. A non Islamic group the zeevi Schwartz fight to the Kurds they're basically pagan seminar Christians or Muslims but their Canadians. Are now trapped 40000 of them on a mountain mounts in -- Surrounded. By ice his fighters that the Islamic state jihadist. And -- last night did their leader. After stabbing the Iraqis in the back. By not signing the status of forces agreement. Knowing full well this is exactly what would happen. Now says he's gonna drop some fooled he's gonna drop some water and he's ordered some very limited air strikes. To hit a fuel prices targets. And protect American personnel in Baghdad and the important Kurdish city of verbal in Northern Iraq. And as I was pointing out that the moon bats are now going crazy. Because now you have a genocide unfolding for the whole world to see. And clearly it's Obama's fault. And he now was caught in the most ridiculous statement ever. Where he said we were leaving behind. Mission accomplished. A stable. Sovereign self reliant Iraq. There was no need to sign a status of forces agreement there was no -- Because we had won. The battle was over it was over. So why pointed out that by 200820092010. Because of the bush troops search. That the security situation. Had so improved any -- not only were they voting you saw the purple ink on everybody's fingers. But that literally eat the west and western press in the western journalists were saying it's a great place to vacation. And of course this morn Brad James said that's not troll your lying OK I could -- you numerous articles here's just one. This is from forks. In 2000 intent when you re -- ahead. Deadline could -- be your next vacation spot. And the sound absurd. She then by two dimensions Croatia thanks for the the little help -- people from the the ancestral homeland will appreciate it. She said when you consider that Croatia is now one of Europe's hottest vacation destinations. Only twenty years after a bloody civil war took place. It's plausible. At least in the long run. That would the security situation now slowly improving. And apparently now bearish tourists coming into Iraq she scores on the businesses are being established. In fact Iraq is set to undergo weight quote tourism revival unquote. And should have around 700. Hope else available of terrorists by 2014. She says most visitors are gonna -- are flocking to the ancient city of babble on. Of course there's Baghdad. One of the intellectual capitals of the Islamic world with leading thinkers in astronomy music and literature. And Iraq itself once known as -- support -- has a 5000. Year history. So people say they love the third ball Iraq and while it's safe. Good security now. And the sites -- history the architecture. Is beautiful the food the people are nice and warm so. Business is now were already setting up shop any -- including the Anglo Arab insurance brokers. And so they said he -- according to their chief executive Iraq is quite possibly. The most exciting emerging destination in the world. French airline bagel was -- was now setting up struck direct flights from Europe to Baghdad. One another journalistic former Forbes reporter Lional Laurent. Said you know what. 2008. Couldn't believe how relatively safe trip was. And now he goes every year to Iraq. And he says the landscaping is breathtaking it's spread out flat as far as the eye could see he said it's wonderful. The architecture is beautiful the people are nice the food is great he says now he goes every year. Now I could go on and off. When -- cooler since it. Or achieve each shaft jab -- But when Forbes magazine says that -- culture. If all call it must be true. The wave the left is trying to rewrite. History now is unbelievable. They were voting. That country was coming back. The Iraqi Army was getting stronger and bigger and more confident by the game. All of the dear leader had to do. Would sign that status of forces agreement and none of this would be happening. No license. No genocide. No bloodbath. No murder no churches being destroyed -- 40000 people almost out of the Bible on a mountain. -- basically. Desperate asking the lord to basically intervene and save them. He didn't want the status of forces agreement. Because she wanted to humiliate George W. Bush. He wanted bush to be humiliated he didn't wanna conceit. That the surge had worked under bush. And so to humiliate George W. Bush. He basically sold the people of -- down the river. Norris. When it comes to the Muslims of Libya look how we runs to their aid. When it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt look how we runs to their -- When it comes to Hamas to only is that Jacques Francois going to be on as little up pink girly bicycle. Were rushing off shuttle diplomacy trying to save the Christians of -- Nothing. Throw them some food. Throw them some water a little political theater with a few surgical air strikes and blank EU. 6172666868. William Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Josh -- that are solid Jim that's sounds just like bill beer over the radio I think -- call -- in ninety you know. -- -- Well I'm actually well pretty -- -- on the ground there and direct hit just leave that place like that the work that our country the -- -- -- released -- than their. It early enough to -- back into every change you've -- Russia up from net. We're gonna need places like yeah. -- -- -- I think I'm calculator knocked out production it in training special ops in Jordan sure it can even the bet that. The Mexican foreign intelligence agency all that but what -- and -- -- -- -- populist. Can help Christians but he does not want to you know why anxious because she get off on seeing others sock -- That's -- -- that you won't eat it raw writes I don't see empty and the immigrant atomic fuel options now talk about it. -- thank you for that call look let me tell you the dirty secret. That nobody wants to admit -- -- -- -- the guts to say -- I'm gonna say it. Who was arming al-Qaeda in Syria. Through our CIA -- secretly you legally criminally. I think -- That's how they were funneling in weapons from Turkey to Syria it was Obama. Who trained the Islamic rebels Obama. Who supplied the Islamic rebels Obama who -- the Islamic rebels and Syria Obama. That's what gave ice is all of its weaponry. We created ice is in Syria. And then they spread from eastern Syria into north at Northern Iraq in western Iraq it. -- this is a monster created by the Obama regime. That's why they had the cover -- Ben Ghazi at all costs. And now when confronted. With essentially a hole cost that is about to take place. -- look at these legs. Now they wanna blame bush they want to blame the father bush anybody but the dear leader. Because they don't wanna date don't want to confront this fact he should've signed the status of forces agreement he doesn't give a damn. About non Muslims in Iraq and that's a fact. And that's why my friends I've been saying this now for a long time. Like doctor Michael Savage puts it liberalism is a man told disorder -- means. It's called cognitive dissonance. Which is mental stress. When confronted with new ideas that do not conform to the way they think. Look at these progressives into the go crazy. They just formats. They're confronted with ideas they can't handle it with reality what the evidence and it's caught -- -- they just go nuts it's a disorder. And so they'd rather continue to blame bush. And stand there and say how we save these people from literally be wiped off the face of Europe's. Arm the Kurds to the teeth for catcher dinky air strikes. They're 200000. Strong they have a ferocious army they have been begging for weapons for years. The Kurds will take care crisis. And they will give a safe haven to the Z -- to the Christians to moderate Muslims they are only allies in Iraq. And how come through the only ones we're not backing. Out Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Good morning -- you nailed it coming with this president is the Neville Chamberlain about our day. Yeah I think build on the left need to to understand we have got you moment was but. You're actually right you know no -- labeling this president. I blame the media they have blood are making it this morning. They wanted to get George Bush. -- years ago we would support the president put foreign policy they wanted to mail him -- -- rack. And they manipulated the people of this country but the people of this country have a liberal and I talked to last night. This -- -- catching on the catching on that this president. Is not doing what's right for this country. Well I mean now I mean this. If this genocide takes place. It will be a permanent moral stain. On America. And it will be clearly. Without question. Blood will be on Obama's -- dear leader. Shame on you let's take it a. American citizens are at risk and we will take action and that's my responsibility as commander in chief. And when many thousands of innocent civilians are faced with -- danger of being wiped out and we have the capacity do something about. We will take action. -- our responsibility as Americans. And -- fly here on the right. Helping your KO and now -- 93 point seven Ph.D.s true. -- 6172666868. Is the number. Is Obama to blame. For the unfolding. Genocide. And humanitarian nightmare that is now taking place any rock dramatic new developments. If you believe yes -- a 68680. If you believe no. Text B 68680. That's the -- country poll question of the day. It's brought to you by the greater land senior services providing a wide range of social services. For you when your scrambling visit WWW. Dog GL -- SS dot net for more information. In late 2011. September 2011. And then repeatedly. In speeches month after month culminating in October 2012. Less than two years ago. That dear leader. That con man in chief that's terrorists in chief. Is that Islamist in May blur in chief. Openly -- About what a success story you rock once. It was such a success story. -- he didn't need to play hardball. With. Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al -- a key. And gold there and negotiate a status of forces agreement that would have left behind about 101000 US troops. Primarily as advisors sometimes involved in counterinsurgency. Operations. To continue to expand and strengthen and -- The Iraqi Army. Even though every military commander every US general by the way all of them now have been urged. After telling him repeatedly. This will lead to a bloodbath. This will allow al-Qaeda and its off shoots it's even more radical -- it's like ice yes. To gain HA AA -- -- a strategic. The staging area. Any rock tour -- conduct terrorist attack after terrorist attack after terrorist attack. Well my friends it is now even worse than anybody could've imagined. This president. Armed the Islamist rebels in Syria. Do you illegally. Through the CIA Amex in Ben Ghazi. Whereby millions of dollars of weapons and aid and training. Was sent into these Islamist rebels many of them full with al-Qaeda members with al-Qaeda fighters. And with our money and our weapons and our training. I sis grew into a massive powerful movement that took over eastern Syria. And then with the strategic vacuum any rock creek and moved into Iraq and joined up with the other crisis members of their. -- taking over Northern Iraq western Iraq. They are now literally on the outskirts of Baghdad. They have just captured the biggest dam in the country in most soul. They now can control the electricity of that country turning the power on and turning the power off. With everybody thinking they're gonna make their decisive move in Baghdad. -- is now has moved more. Any stunning new offensive. The Kurds not being supplied by Obama. Not being armed by the Americans are closest allies do not have the firepower. Do not have the equipment. And so they're 200000. Man army now how to pull back. Christian town after Christian town. Has now been invaded and occupied and -- Churches are being destroyed -- crosses are being taken down priests are being murdered. 40000. Using at least. -- religious group non Muslim aligned with the Kurds. Have now fled as I said before it's almost biblical. At mount -- jar. They are now holed up in that mountain starving. Surrounded by crisis. Fearing for their lives that they will be slaughtered. And they dear leader last night address the country and said and we're gonna start dropping some food and water. And a few limited air strikes. Meanwhile the Rampage and the murder continuous. I want you to think as I described to you. What is now taking place in Northern Iraq. Because there is now the words being used by the Christian Iraqis. The -- -- taking place. Listen to what Obama did dear leader was bragging about. Throughout 2011. And 2012. Roll it Brittany. It's harder to end a war than begin one home. Indeed everything that American troops have done in Iraq all the fighting all the dying. The bleeding. In the building and the training and the partnering. All of it has led. To this moment of success. -- -- not a perfect place. It has many challenges ahead. But we're leaving behind a sovereign stable and self reliant Iraq. With a representative government. That was elected by its people. We're building a new partnership between our nations -- And we are ending a war. Not with a final battle whom they final march toward home home that things are extraordinary achievement incredible. Nearly nine years in the making. We're leaving behind a stable sovereign self reliant Iraq are you kidding me. Are you kidding me. Now you know why. For the last six months everybody's been stunned. That the Obama administration and Democrats and congress have been trying to repeal the Iraq War resolution of 20020. -- -- why why would you care about that because they want -- repeal the resolution so now they have no responsibilities. To the people of Iraq. They can wash their hands. Of the Christians and the Kurds. And let them be slaughtered. This is now the leader of the child -- Christians any rock. The child Iranians are literally an ancient tribe and ancient group of Christians. That goal back cool thousand years to the time of Christ. Some of them are actually speak the original language of Jesus Aramaic. According now to the leader of the Christian -- dame community in Iraq quote. I say this is now I just taken over town after town after town Christian town after Christian down in northwestern Iraq quote. You are now witnessing. Quote systematic. Be heading -- children. He says now there is clearly that the Sunni extremists are now committing genocide. Against Christians in Iraq. And their aim is to instill sure real law as the law of the entire land. He says that an 18100 year old church has been destroyed. That now priests are being murdered. That now you're seeing. A Christian children being be headed and apparently now their heads are being put on sticks. To frighten off all the other Christians and all the other non Muslims. HI Albanian American businessman mark a rainbows got ties. To the child thing and Christian community's been on the phone with them desperately the last 24 to 48 hours. Told CNN quote the world hasn't seen an evil like this for generations. Quote. There is a park in most sold or ice says actually be headed children and put their heads on respect. And have them in the park. More children are getting be headed mothers are getting raped and killed fathers are being -- There are now over 300000. Christians fleeing. The rampaging. I -- Islamic state jihadist army. And all the areas now controlled by crisis. 95%. Of the Christians have been completely cleansed. 5% have been forcibly converted. Moreover -- this is deliberately targeting Christians. Saying that in Christian homes there are death stamps. Almost like what the Nazis did putting this star of David on Jewish homes and Jewish businesses. So whoever returns will be killed quote. There is a Christian holocaust in our mixed. They should never be happening in 2014. Just last week ice is bombed a church that was 1800. Years old they have -- six churches so far. According to this man. This living nightmare is not going away is only getting worse. Who was the president. That well -- the Arab Spring. Who was the president. That's welcomed the islamists coming to power. In country after country. Who is the one I ask you -- or fox. Objectives. Who installed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Who finance them who trained -- who armed -- who supply them. The dear leader. Who bombed Libya into the stone H. Enabling the Islamist rebels to now seized power in Libya and al-Qaeda to seize large parts of Libya. The cheerleader. Who is armed the Islamic rebels in Syria. Many who blew up the ranks of whom al-Qaeda is replete. The -- -- form created ice it's. The dear leader. Always the one that sympathizes with Hamas against Israel -- dear leader. Who is the one -- enabling you drawn to slowly built a nuclear bomb -- dear leader. -- -- -- In our midst we are actually seeing history in the making. This is now. The second great revival. Of radical Islam. This is now becoming for radical Islam its second golden age. This is like for them they're crusades. And country after country. What -- this country will not report. My friends there is a great genocide a Christian holocaust taking place. Christians are being murdered by radical islamists in Nigeria. In Somalia. In -- on. In Egypt. In Syria. In Turkey. In you -- In you -- In Afghanistan. In country after country after country after country. There was a recent study by the State Department. There was a recent study by the Pew Research Center. There was a recent reports -- in the British press to their credit. That if this trend -- Islamic crusade continues. There will be no Christians left in the Middle East in five years. Gone extinguished. Exterminated. Eliminate it in five years. The Syrian Christians are almost gone. Do you Egyptian Christians the Coptic Christians are on the ropes. The great Christians of Lebanon are on the ropes. And now the ancient Christians of Iraq. Are now on the verge of utter extinction and genocide. This is a repeat of the great crusades. Now you understand why the great. -- nations of Western Europe of western Christian dumped like Richard the lion hearted why do you think they went in to try to save Jerusalem. Why do you think they went to fight the Islamist. -- fighters of the day. Because Christians are being massacred them. It's the same thing only now we are not gonna defend our Christian Brothers and sisters. Now with this trader in the White House. We -- to turn a blind guy. And market like punch its pilots. Wash our hands. Where's the religion of peace. How is this piece. We're the moderate Muslims condemning this. Where all the progressives and liberals who are so quick to denounces Israel. When 802. Palestinians are killed but when thousands upon thousands of Iraqi Christians are being hung from the lamp posts. And be headed input on spikes. Silence. No protests. No complaints. -- -- -- Christ taught us to turn the other cheek. He is the prince of peace. But also to be encryption does not mean to sanction your own suicide -- It is time that the Kurds of that nation who are Alex. Get the weapons. Get the equipment get the support that they need to. To repel. This invading. Islamist monster an army that is crisis. And my friends. What I tell you about Barack Obama. For six years of his presidency as she supported this Arab Spring. As he's back these Islamist movements were coddled them or practiced appeasement. Here at home he has given us trickle down anarchy. Abroad he is giving us the trickle down telephone. I askew. Who is the real enemy on the portions of the world. And my answer is Barack Hussein Obama. 6172666868. Is the number. What should we do about the genocide in Iraq I wanna hear from you -- them all 3886. Point seven here on the great WRKO. Bruce you're up next thanks for holding hands while. Gorbachev -- Bruce. You know it's really really and so proud about this whole thing -- you really think he missed a -- beat him there what all the interest and so little public insult. At least it so despicable. You can you can even mention the fact that he let -- that -- get blowing I was eight. Coming -- on the Taliban fonts. -- comedy little side fired the top five commanders. OK I just wonder where the heck they got right now and what did Jordan have probably a ball which I just. And then yes we should not a ball and we should we should arm them they have the they have that. The capabilities of our. Protecting themselves but nobody inside. And bite you ascendant or dropped to the water what so we can -- I just know exactly what they doc and any you know they know what they. It worked their way in the end it. Right into where our guys got. In and they they see there are they still just. Our guys are still there they're still in Baghdad there's still an herbal which is not a major city in Kurdistan. And that's why did dear leader says we need some air strikes it's to protect our personnel in Baghdad and. -- yeah that's really great yeah they're just like he didn't think out. Indy is the one that is a muscle and he doesn't care about the Christians and garden. Additional witness and eyewitness we will not forget this. We don't we don't we will sweep things under the rug. I thank you very much for that call Bruce. Rust Europe next thanks for holding go ahead routes. Just fire grew if you -- on the Kurds. Let's face that radical Islam tag of civilians. To send thousands of missiles into Israel. If there wasn't fit in Israel's defense missiles. Thousands of Jews would have been killed men women children whatever okay in more than they don't they sent missiles up. In populated areas. So Israel to defend themselves have no choice but has to think about. Yes it Jeff. It's either the base of operation in the Middle East to keep radical Islam and check Obama has given -- incumbent Jewish radical Muslim Brothers. What does Obama do for the Christians give them food for the last supper before they get slotted. And yes you are right Jeff. -- Iraq was it was definitely safer. That I was in the plantation in Chicago. In the last thing I'm gonna say as a bomber as a around the doomsday clock. We're getting screwed. Thank you for that call -- All the Jews. Jewish Americans in this country. To the Jews of Israel. If you don't defend yourself. This is your future. If you don't want to be electrical portions of the rock. Do not give an inch. To the radical Islamist monsters that surround your country. Because first they're coming for the Christians. And then they're gonna come for you. 6172666868730. On the great WRK -- or more worth your calls Max. I'm Angela Anderson here's what's happening -- will. Wait a ruthless campaign against innocent Iraqis. And these terrorists have been especially barbaric towards religious minorities. Including Christian. And using these small ancient religious left. Help -- Iraqis have been displaced. Chilling reports described by -- militants rounding up families conducting mass executions. And enslaving it. And music you want. 737. Here on the great WRKO. -- corner -- -- Goldberg cleaning up so liberal -- six point 7666868. Is the number of because -- 666 days. This is from 50 -- Jeff look at the impact this is having on the president's golf game. This is a complete disaster a -- Seriously I mean if I were the dear leader. After the mass I made of everything any rock. And -- The statements -- -- how what a glorious victory it was and we don't need to sign the status of forces agreement and were leaving behind a sovereign stable self reliant Iraq it's an extraordinary achievement what I've done any rock. And then -- this going on. I would show my face. I -- I I swear I would be embarrassed to show I'd resign. -- in Japan. In some cultures this kind of humiliation that -- commit Harry Carey. Just but the short director this comic or jump off a building or whatever here. Did you see him yesterday. And by the he's a by the -- -- -- this has interrupted his vacation -- still hitting Martha's Vineyard he needs a good sixteen days off. He's got to be sipping some -- read as relaxing showing office faxed to the I'm having some fried clams and showing off to the fawning liberal press. They are right is his bicycle with a helmet Jacques Francois is going to be with him. Yet that that any pads the elbow pods the helmet. And shop Francois will be behind him and girlie little pink bicycle but he likes the right. But I -- shop -- wife's gonna get a a tongue lashing from the dear leader because Jacques Francois if you noticed that picture didn't have his helmet on. -- the little girl assured the girls and -- but he didn't have a helmet. Because you know I mean did we on the bike is nice the pink little bicycle but actual helmet look what it will do is there. Happens that's their writing on the there on the beach there's the there. Clearly. Part of -- and shouldn't go to busy for a swap -- the -- I'm I'm on a hard time keeping up there with a little girly drink right. Hug him you get to have the blow but I have the big. My. Cell. As the dear leader is dropping food and water on a mountain. And doing several limited and he stressed limited airstrikes. A couple of pinprick surgical strikes basically show and tell. Political feeder to make it seem like he's doing something. Crisis these guys. There are serious as a heart attack. I mean he -- deadly serious. As the dear leader is getting ready to go to Martha's Vineyard and ride his bike with little helmet and shop across one is little girly pink bicycle. Here is now a statement issued by crisis -- and they should send chills down the box of every American quote. This is from their spokesman. Abdul Molson. Quote. I say to America that the Islamic -- fate has been established. Is on a video they post it online quote. Don't want to be cowards and attack us withdrawn its. Instead send your soldiers. The ones we humiliated. In Iraq. He continues. We will humiliate them everywhere god willing. And we will raise the flag of a lot in the White House. We will humiliate them everywhere god willing. And we will raise the flag of a locked in the White House. And look -- look him. -- look me up and. This. D.'s are the barbarians. That we face. Do you think they can be a -- They're telling us to war freaks. As there are slaughtering Christians and Kurds. Be -- children and putting a month spikes. Like a bunch us sick barbarians. As our secretary of state is writing I swear do you. Our girly pink bicycle. -- -- Players army allowed me is gonna go crazy I mean this is distances. Why they're coming for us in the White House. They want they'll fly gullible lot in the White House. I'm there are getting ready to go to the beach and party in Martha's Vineyard. If you're a betting man for. Who would you put your money on call playlist right mountain my money's -- crisis. -- -- -- How birdie looks on that night. 617 I knew I never -- for a man -- hate pink but for shop crosswalk I swear to you. Pink shall shall send -- little girly pink -- -- free child. 61720666868. Dorothy Europe next thanks for holding go ahead of the market. I can't I'm so glad I inherited this morning. It was just so wonderful -- -- somebody just tell it like it is now I wanna tell you something wouldn't picture is worth a person's words. Take a look at the Daily Mail a picture. I think a little children laying down and the ethic they've looked like they -- in the early twenty. Speaking about the this picture is the equivalent of what. The pictures you -- election after world like two -- at this starving due this will take direction and they took just a look at this picture. Man has lied to the American people about everything he could and you wanna know he's gonna keep doing. Doing it because you wanna know why -- what difference does it make it. Well said Dorothy Steve Europe next thanks for holding go ahead speak. Good morning Jeff I had the distinct honor to give viewers sign at the meeting which -- a middle finger yes I know you remember that's. And this is what Barack stick to basic goal when he had a meeting in. The white house with the African leadership that was the general fine -- -- the genocide it's. All the Christians. Now -- another sign at that meeting that's fine -- a goal by Iraq and Al Lucifer many. I forgot one other thing I forgot -- military -- not to work a little bit and I cried. Guess we all are and if every man every woman is now the proverbial K -- now we have to decide. Are we gonna let these this barbarism in or -- we gonna defend ourselves. Still only two people that can save us number one did Jewish and all reshape the Middle East. And -- that got we don't have to ask Vladimir four helped save us here that's all I have to -- do you. Thank you very much for -- call Steve. Look the only thing I disagree with decisive spokesman. When he said we will humiliate them everywhere god willing and we will raise the flag of a lot in the White House. I think the fly the ball was already being raised in the White House. I mean no it's true not at the top of the White House somebody if -- look in the Oval Office -- the dear leader is. Home. You'll see a few black flags -- does I got a sneaking suspicion call me crazy. Violet you're up next thanks for holding go ahead and welcome. That can attract the lining it's really chilling I'd been considered quite get it. Throw line tank but what's going -- in the middle leash. Israel really ventured back against the law. And -- two types in believed immediate date Arafat. It eventually everything so let -- reflect poorly run. And I want to change your leg room which -- Armenians. And the median -- -- Baghdad church there is no longer. And that means he may shame I'm sure you know -- fact. But I think Andy at Seattle actually that you do not. Thank you very much for that call yes you're you're right violet the Christian Armenians. About a million of them at least were slaughtered. By the Islamic Turks. It was considered the first great genocide of the twentieth century. And when Hitler was planning the -- cost. He was asked -- -- in the world gonna condemn us the world will never forget this how can we do this might furor. And he turned around repeatedly said who remembers the army needs. And 1015 years from now who's gonna remember the Iraqi Christians. Who's gonna remember the Christians of Lebanon. Who's gonna remember the Christians of Syria. Who's even -- our members that -- once worked Christians in the Middle East. This is part of an orchestrated systematic campaign. By radical Islam took her urged the middle east of every Christian and every -- And even when all the Christians or destroyed and Israel god willing. I stand up to these forces but let's just say god forbid that Israel loses as well. The progressives. Will still -- not that radical Islam is not a religion of peace. All the Christians can be wiped out all the -- can be wiped out and I swear to you they're still gonna insist. Is. It must -- piece it is it is always will be peace. So let me ask all the liberals. Let me ask the Muslim community here in Boston and around the country. Why aren't you condemning as genocide. Where is the peace. Show me the peace. Because I don't see it anywhere I see pat B on up on -- and bicycle. I see the dear leader getting ready to go wanna -- bicycle with their little helmets. I -- food and water being dropped on -- -- our. But I don't see the peace. -- Europe next thanks for holding go ahead -- Good morning Jeff. Maybe you maybe you'll remember this what question -- and so Deutschland. Look at it and don't consider well. They can understand tomorrow Israel. Really well said Jim. Really well sent. Dave you're up next David forgive me David you're next thanks for holding and welcomes your. And -- Understood you correctly you said that the Obama administration used its facilities -- -- gutsy. Just -- the weapons to crisis elements in Syria. You think postman doesn't select committee will also investigate this topic in addition to the slaughter. Of our Libyan ambassador and together Americans in its hearings later this month. They should and I know that Rand Paul to his credit. Has openly say he wants to look into that. Because he's gotten a lot of intelligence information that shows our CIA Amex index was deliberately being used. To illegally. Supply and funnel weapons to the rebels in Syria through Turkey. That's why they had the cover this thing up. It wasn't just the terrorist mass murder for Americans. They were illegally running guns. -- mortal enemies in Syria. That's what the CIA was engaged and that's what Obama was doing. That's why they had to manipulate the intelligence that's why they had the cover this up at all costs. That's why everybody who called then for air support to save our people were eventually urged him fired. Because how do we stop the cock. You all would have come out what we were doing that the CIA but the CIA panics. So that's why when I say. Crisis. Is a military monster. That was created by our own CI AEA and by our own president did dear leader. -- his voice. You honestly think honestly between us he gives a damn about both Christians. You think he gives a damn about the Jews of Israel. You think he gives a damn about the Christians in Egypt in Egypt they can't stand that guy. I mean I don't. The media everybody -- they referred to as the terrorist in chief for putting the Muslim Brotherhood on them. And yet in our media nothing complete blackout in fact. Don't bodies aren't even cold yet and I'm looking at MSNBC. CNN there. All right already trying to blame this on bush. Porsche Porsche Porsche six years ago Porsche. Let me ask all of you this. I know we already have too many illegal immigrants in this country I know were at the breaking point. But these Christians. Are Brothers and sisters these Kurds are allies. Are genuine refugees. Not like this trumped up Contra crisis in Central America these are genuine refugees genuinely fleeting. Crimes against humanity and genocide and war real war. Should we bring them -- Should we help bring them in as refugees. I gotta tell you I haven't thought it through but my heart says yes 6172666868. Is the number. What do you say Boston Marilyn Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Marilyn. Exact and -- he remembered -- thank earlier rally I would still want. Jerry Lee got in peace Islamic and the White House. Guess yes that now's a great sign. Thank you thank you like a lot of that is shaped like Alicia all the pictures and I want. But it really at the base of -- on the -- here they are rap from Lebanon either legally or rent it -- Christian. And take anything they can go here he said you know that I leader. Thank you at the right thing than anything else when they feel they catch that eleven and and you know I mean everybody shouldn't grade -- I do think they're going to help shore up there. They're commuting into this great you know in the end all the people would support that. Disgraced senator whiteout I mean it first appeared well. You know -- and not have got to wake up because that the world we call it a country the world it. It got it going up and claimed it really can't. And Maryland we're gonna stop on my friends I'm telling you were gonna stop -- This one I believe -- the tipping point. When you see Christians like this being massacred when you CA holocaust. Taking place. This I'm telling trust me on this one. This one has has unmasked Obama the emperor highs no close but don't worry. Because the naked emperor is gonna go to Martha's Vineyard. Along with that -- John Francois. He's going to be on the blue bicycle what is little helmet and his elbow pads and -- beyond his little girly pink bike. There's gonna be chasing the dear leader. This crisis continues to Rampage in Iraq. 617. 666868. Is the number. All of your calls next. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --