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A Threat From ISIS. 8/13/14

Aug 13, 2014|

There have been multiple statements from ISIS members that America is a future target for attacks by ISIS. Are you afraid that ISIS will attack us?

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Seven also here on the break WRK knowing knowing 93 point seven. Two hours away the corner report 617. It's 68. -- the number you can also affects us 636 city. All right my friend. So I did hear earlier he's partying in Martha's Vineyard. There are gorging on shrimp cocktails. And drinking beaujolais. I'm hitting the golf course and playing with some seals. He continues. To escalate our involvement. Any rock. And so now -- -- -- their hat tip to USA today they broke this story. Without asking congress. The president -- dear leader has now committed an additional 130. Quote on quote military. Advisors to Iraq when they say military advisors that's orwellian speak for troops. They just think some off your column advisors. That somehow softens the bull. So according now to. The USA today and other media outlets. Under the dear leader over the last couple of months because he refused to sign a status of forces agreement. As I shot last segment he bragged. About not leaving one -- behind in Iraq at the end of 2011. He campaigned. On not having left behind one troop any rock. Well now over the last couple of months. As the Islamic state has now taken over town after town village after village. Now they have Iraq's biggest -- now they have Iraq's second biggest city. Fallujah has fallen Baghdad is slowly being encircled now they are making major gains in Northern Iraq. You have 40000 -- he's trapped under mounts and jar on a mountain. Surrounded by ice his fighters. We are now finding out grisly reports. Of massive atrocities and genocide taking place. Against the Christians in Iraq and other non Muslim religious minorities. The dear leader has so far. Sent 800 US military personnel and troops into Iraq. He now wants to -- then another 130. Quote unquote military advisors they're gonna go to north -- rock. That help coordinate the air strikes. The air campaign has now also escalate. That means the figure is now at almost 1000 troops we now have in Iraq. And the number continues to rice. The air campaign is slowly going to have to increase. However. The Pentagon -- according its chairman of the joint chiefs general Dempsey. Have now said that they see no ifs they have no. A feeling or predilection they do not -- victory. Anywhere in the near future. They believe according now to the Pentagon and to the Obama administration. That crisis will be around for at least ten to twenty years. And so this campaign they say is limited. It is not designed to defeat crisis. Nor is it even designed to roll back the gains of crisis. It is simply there to help a -- That helped stall. Ices his offensive. So the Kurds and others could potentially begin to fight back. So I want all of you to think about this. This president. Is now engaging us in mission creep. Whereby now we're getting back into we rock. Where our boys are now flying strike after strike shorty after a short -- bombing nicest. Remember crisis is trying to shoot I'm from the sky. So they're putting their lives in jeopardy. We're now putting slowly more and more troops into rock and what is particularly disgusting. And do wish lists and manipulative. Is you have Defense Secretary. -- -- Now -- he says well these are boots on the ground. According to Chuck Hagel -- are not boots on the ground. These are just -- advise search. There there there to look who they're there to give advice. There they -- to help shore up morale but these Momo these -- boots on the ground. -- Of course their boots on the ground. They're special operations forces. So now we have nearly a thousand Marines and special operations forces just like in Vietnam. Where rich trickle trickle trickle trickle and before you know -- it's a thousand. And then it's 2000 and then it's 5000 and then it's 101000. And before you know what my friends were again blog into a major war. And what I find incredible. He says we're slowly getting sucked back into rock. Whereby our own military leaders. For example the operations director of the joint chiefs said -- yesterday we have no plan B. When asked point blank ball one of the air strikes don't work both she went up it's literally his answer was we'll see what happens. So guys were incrementally. Getting entangled again any rock. We have no clear strategy for victory. We have no clear exit plan. We have no idea what our real goals or objectives are non. Political geopolitical. Military. Non. This just a quagmire that were getting sucked into. And again who's gonna do all the fighting and the dying from all the outside countries it's the United States -- us. It's Uncle Sam. Uncle sucker. But while we're not sure about our objectives. While were not sure where there are we at war with spices are re not at war with slices is this a military campaign or humanitarian campaign. I'll tell you this my friends. I -- knows what its objectives are. And they know clearly that there are at war with us. They have no all we solutions about dot. And so as they stand there and impose sure real law. They have now openly stated their objectives to the world. Just like the Nazis. Just like the Communists. Their openly telling you what they're doing and what they plan to do. You see that's the thing about ideological fanatics. They're open about their intentions. They're open about their aims and objectives. And so according priceless. Their goal. Is to establish a major telephone eight in the heart of Mesopotamia. In Syria and any rock. They want to annihilate every single Christian every single non Muslim minority. They want a roll back the Shiites. And then create a massive base. Whereby they can launch attacks against Israel. Against Europe. And eventually to launch attacks against the United States. They want to bring the war here in America. They believe that by attacking this year they will break our will. Creates so much -- so much chaos so much bloodshed. That the United States will essentially submit to his lawn and give up its struggle against radical Islam that is their goal. They are convinced that they are now all laws martyrs the mujahideen. He just short of the crescent. To establish a world Muslim empire. And they are willing to sacrifice every one. Including their youngest sons and daughters to achieve dirty dark diabolical. Utopia. They're dark diabolical. Vision. Shaft she Jeff Jeff Jeff you're exaggerating. Jeff -- this. You know Jeff we liberals when we hear you always is scary the way you talk like this year's sensationalizing. His job period don't dramatize and as -- Small they're just misunderstood people and they need foreign made and they need welfare and they need condoms and they need free birth control and then everything is going to be OK Jeff you don't understand they just need a cheerleader for Iraq that's all they -- okay. Here is a video that has just been released by nicest. And I wanna give a big hat tip to the daily caller because are doing some phenomenal investigative reporting on what is truly happening in Iraq. -- eighteen was sent down in an immediate team was sent down into Syria. To interview many of these members of crisis and in particular. They went to the ice is controlled Syrian CD Al Baraka. What is aka. Barack is the purpose proclaimed capital. Of this newly declared Islamic elephant. This for them is the capital. Of the new world Muslim empire this global elephant that they wanna establish. And so this. Immediate crew went down. With their video cameras. And they began to talk to different members of crisis. Not only were the men and women. Utterly convinced. Utterly determined. To kill as many non Muslims as possible to slaughter them. To slaughter every -- to wipe Israel off the map but they openly gloated. About annihilating countries in Europe. Conducting suicide bombing after a suicide bombing. And eventually as they put it that hand of all law will reach America itself. And to the shock and horror. Of the video crew because they're westerners and they haven't seen this kind of fanaticism. This kind of barbarism face to face. They saw a young children. 9101112. Years of -- You have to see the pictures. I'm staring at the picture -- boy cannot be more than twelve. His face. He's remained. It is suffused. With hate. His eyes his no holds his mouth literally he's all he assumes he's hatred and fanaticism. It's almost as if I really I mean I wanna seem. Hollywood ish about this but it's almost like watching a Hollywood movie of a young kid possessed by by some -- That's what this kidneys an exorcism. And he's standing there with this ring a each field face. And here is what he told. The video crew that was in or a rock interviewing members of crisis. And as a video crew said there's no way this kid can be more than twelve years of age they suspect is probably either ten or eleven quote. I should Wear to a lot. We will divide America into. And they said there was a furious rant and enraged -- Where he was speaking as if he was already a member of the terror group they're already putting him in the terror group. 1112 years old urine. You can strap a suicide bomber around you no problem you're a member. Quote and we will destroy the enemies of the religion all of them all who fight the Islamic state. And then the video crew went around. And they saw a young children young and teenagers. The men now already with full jihadist beards. And they had they were holding up coalition a cough rifles. And they were singing. With their microphones. And they went on to say there were singing about a kind of futuristic. A futuristic. World and Islamic futuristic world -- prices has one and here's what they're singing quote. We have broken America in 20 and we've been violated the countries of Europe. The 2%. And they keep going on about breaking America in two annihilating the countries of Europe. And destroying and wiping Israel off the face of the earth. The child then look to the video crew and turned around and told him. Then we will go into America quote we promise. Car bombs and explosives. Now think about that. This. Is what their openly telling us they want. They don't just want Arabia for the Muslims. They don't just want Iraq religiously cleansed. Or Syria religiously -- Or the Middle East religiously clients. To all you left wing progressives out there who think if you just throw Israel under the bus that somehow this monster will be a -- it can't. It won't. They want Europe. They want to America. They want to west. To be utterly subject gated and dominated by radical Islam in other words they want EU. They want your children and they want sure grandchildren. And they're willing to send little kids. 101112. Years of -- To blow up cars and strap themselves with explosives around their chests. To hit us here. In our shopping malls and are cafes in our restaurants. Or since many of you already forgotten. At marathons. Like the Boston Marathon and our sporting events. He still won't secure the border. You still won't stand up and face the enemy. That now confronts -- all. You still Wal-Mart to wake up. There's a growing rising threat of radical Islam. My friends I'm choosing my words very very carefully. What Obama has done. By not signing that status of forces agreement. Knowing full well bug vacuum would be filled by -- this and the worst kind of G artists. The most bloodthirsty -- panic jihadist imaginable. What's not just a failure of judgment. Was not just reckless and irresponsible. It was a crime. It was a crime against the American people. It was a crime against Christians of the Middle East. It was a crime against the people of the rock. But ultimately it was a crime against humanity. If we do not wake up soon. Trust me wanna tell you this. You'll start seeing Americans dying here in America. And so my question to you is this. What should the United States to do. About the growing threat of crisis 61720666868. Is the number. What -- our policy be. And do you believe that Barack Hussein Obama. Will go down in history. Will go down in infamy. For having sold the questions and the people of Iraq. Down the river. Good god to allow we will divide America in school. We promise car bombs and explosives. What should the United States is responses being Kevin you're up next thanks for holding well. -- -- -- -- That is why. It is so important. Incumbent upon each and every one about. To be alert to be awake. And to exit polls. This broad I -- Tressel saw -- without it just keep it would be responsible. I was trapped in a plane yesterday. I says or does steps. How many are well out of all the all of the last. Five days -- that -- shook up state to get up from the -- I thought I -- fortified I was. The commitment all weeks what happened in the Middle East. Keeping I've got sound. Guy can go to a -- racist and that isn't this just like the same people on the Hamptons that plays said. Adapted to New York. -- -- this thing yet he used to beat tie that -- concrete and -- Age. Difference is critical. And Asia said this week in front find out -- he let just what's cool about what he says this is such a threat. I mean group we have outlook sent. We have Saint Louis mr. Murray didn't. This is all so when I was trapped up on the plane I had to go to Woodstock as we got two of them stopped. It doesn't look good pitching problems. For all of us now what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go to -- So what I did it was I want to walk people -- and I chance said that people. -- -- -- How America so -- leave -- -- K having achieved all that doesn't do anything between 930. 10:30 in the morning and then mobile authentication. Didn't have been yet. So again -- it is so important and that's why. I'm taking time out of my date from fuel and others that are going to be at that I'll call tomorrow when -- shot and Al. Good god outside help to -- -- Americans wake up from fish just about all of us. Kevin look you're completely right listen look you look at the -- I urge everybody go to the daily caller. This kid there's no way he's more than eleven or twelve years of rich. Now if you look at it I'm I'm just stating an obvious fact. You can't tell -- I assume he Syrian -- is. He's in in the Syrian city of rock that's why should be some kind of Assyrian. But he could easily pass for child from Honduras. Or Guatemala or El Salvador. I mean you look at -- He faces some skin color he's kind of brownish this crew cutting hair and easily pass for somebody from Central America. How could you not how could you not have a secure border. You have wide open borders you'll many of these kids they can just send him. And pass them off as a Guatemalan or Honduran colonel Salvadorian. -- openly wants to commit atrocities blow up cars pull themselves up. This is this is the crisis this is the threat that we face. This is real. Now this is not just one or 21 picks in the Middle East. They control all of eastern Syria. They can't they haven't lost a bottle in over a year now. They're -- their rampaging across Iraq they're closing in on herbal and the Kurds my brother got 40000 -- -- stranded on a mountain. They're cleaning out Christians town after town city after city. This is a conquering marauding learning. The size and literally become -- their -- fate is now the size of Great Britain. Great Britain. America it's time to wake up. Closed the borders it is time to secure the borders and -- America first. 732 on the great WRKO. Coming up next -- -- continue with your calls. But I want to ask you this. Should Obama get authorization. From congress. If he's gonna continue with these airstrikes and sending more troops will have that discussion let's take it that Angela in the newsroom. I'm Angela Anderson. 730 or not. Don't RJR -- And -- the bulldozer. Cleaning up liberal bulls 6172666868. My friends the corner country poll question of the day. Here's the United States stronger now. Then before Barack horse saying Obama. Came into office he recently gave an address at Martha's Vineyard a couple days ago at a fund raiser saying the country now is infinitely stronger. -- and it was just before he assumed office if you believe yes tax 868680. If you believe no text B 68680. It's brought to you by the greater -- senior services. Providing a wide range of social services for you when your family. Visit www. GL -- SS dot net for more information. Brittany what are the poll results so far. 98%. Says that I don't know. In 2% yes. Wow -- to prevent those got to be the real moon bats. Those have to be the Obama SS troops. Not that that's got to be the Obama. -- zombies the Obama bots the commemorative 2%. The price have Rudd bill and bill the -- -- I think the bills are just like. Expect that to -- -- -- thanks -- -- -- -- -- -- that is texting yes yes better much better the earlier the guy got. Got an iPad ducks weren't my -- keeps going what does it -- both and the text it's it's about keep pressing a go go go. Are my friends salt before gore the blazing phone lights. As I mentioned in the last segment to the opening monologue. Even. Not just members of congress even now some Democrats. Are starting to breakaway on the president regarding his Iraq policy why. Because the dear leader as he's partying and golfing and playing with seals at Martha's Vineyard has now announced an additional. 130. Military advisors quote unquote meaning troops. Special operations forces. Are going to be deployed. Into Iraq. That's on top of the 800. We already have sent back there so the number is now approaching a thousand. We're also engaging now has been what 45 days in a row. Of -- air strikes after air strikes after air strikes there is now -- bombing campaign underway. According to the Pentagon according to the military and according to the dear leader himself. They are planning to keep up the bombing an air campaign for at least another two to three months. Call me crazy. Call me old fashioned. Call me -- An idealistic lover of the constitution. This is a war. You can dress set up as a humanitarian adventure. You consider not quote boots on the ground. You can lie you can obfuscate you can try to deceive but -- mean if you're sending in Marines and special forces. Who have bullets whizzing by their heads. Who can be killed at any moment. When you have our boys and girls flying in after eighteen fighter jets were being shot out of their bombing license. That's a war. And I know we had a declaration -- that we had a resolution in Iraq War resolution in 2002. And so now this administration which wanted to repeal it. Just a couple months ago. Now they're claiming under the Iraq War resolution of 2002. They still have the authority to send in troops Willy Nilly whenever they want. How many they want. And to then just order air strike after air strike after air strike and missile strike after missile strike after missile strike. Well I'm sorry. You pulled out every troop at the end of 2011. You campaigned dear leader on the fact. That we were no longer any rock. That our troops -- quote com home. The war in your words was over. Your words not mine. This is now a new campaign. This is now a new face. We're no longer talking about toppling Saddam Hussein. That was the purpose of the Iraq War resolution and stabilizing Iraq after we toppled Saddam Saddam is now long gone. This is now about confronting the growing menace. And genocide all Rampage of crisis. If you're gonna commit American troops. First I have to say I find it despicable and Republicans do it is well. It's it's both it's a ruling class. Whenever they use our troops in some kind of a military intervention in war they never say troops. Disclose all the way back to John F. Kennedy. They're now they're always advisors. In orwellian speak as if that's somehow makes it Kosher. You know our recently a couple of consultants that are going under sold senate briefcase and just got to sit around and and drink some coffee give these people advice. Their troops. If you're gonna commit troops. And put their lives in jeopardy if you can engage the US military. If you're gonna -- -- any military intervention if you're going to be common enemy from the sky -- its war. Trust me when I tell you this crisis is at war with us. And when we're bombing them they're considering not an act of war against them. So if you're gonna have an act of war. How come wanna I -- congress. Why isn't there a declaration of war and I don't care to last declaration of war was in World War II all -- wrongs don't make a right. It's time we began to abide by the constitution. So if you wanna Rick put troops is lives at risk. If you want a potentially put American citizens' lives at risk. You should go to the people's body and you should get authorization. Any declaration of war from congress. Otherwise these options to meet our illegal. Now this is not just me saying that's. This is democratic senator Tim Kaine from Virginia. And he's come out and said look I don't know what these people are talking about here but as far as I'm concerned there's no getting around it. This needs to have the authorization from congress according to senator Tim -- remember a Democrat from Virginia. And a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He called on the White House this is straight from the USA -- a piece. He called on the White House to seek congressional approval for the air strikes in Iraq. And he said -- supports that he supports the mission. But he emphasized that the administration needs congressional authority to continue the attacks quote. This is especially the case since the president has indicated that are renewed military engagement in Iraq. Who would be a long term project unquote. -- said any statement I have long stressed that congress must formally approved the initiation of significant military action mingle. He's completely right. -- my question is where's Rand Paul. Where's Ted Cruz where's Michael Lee were all the other so it's like you know the Tea Party Republicans Tea Party conservatives. Force Obama to take this to congress and ask the American people if we wanna get involved in the internal affairs of Iraq once again. This president does not have the right to -- to take us into war in Iraq like he did in Libya. Without asking permission of the American people and congress. He's not a dictator. He's not an imperial president. She can't order our troops Willy Nilly around the world with out getting off -- -- nation from congress period full stop especially. By his own admission. He says we're gonna be here for months. Maybe even years. Let me ask all of you this -- now go to the -- once. God forbid this is very realistic scenario ask. Any military official. One of our F fifteen fighter jets shot down from this from the -- Crisis they have sophisticated equipment. Stinger missile. Shoulder fired missile. Boom one of our F fifteen fighter jets is blown out of sky but the pilot in Jack's. The pilot is now captured by crisis. You think they're gonna treat him like some Red Cross volunteer. Like -- don't. You think they're gonna stand there and play soccer with him. And and given goat milk. And Campbell jerky. And and have -- read the Koran on -- spare time. They're gonna put him in front of a video or her. And they're lucky if they don't rate -- She's lucky she doesn't get raped. And then they're gonna saw her head off from year to year. That's what they're gonna do. The American people have a right to decide. Whether they should send their boys and girls into war and into harm's way. And so my question to you is this. Does Obama have the right to get us involved in Iraq again without the authorization of congress. I say no what do you say Boston Chris syrup Max thanks for holding and welcome. -- -- -- Good -- them was look -- 2016. Can't come fast enough but we will have to prepare that a good thing is that. I didn't play we're gonna have to get some revolution in this country. Well I mean November I think that's going to be our political revolution. -- I'm telling you right now that rally we held a couple weeks ago. That was that tip of the iceberg. And that's why I think their their party and so hard this summer. Because the glory days of the regime are coming to -- and believe me. The problems this administration is facing the scandals they're just piling up and piling up and piling up November you cited body. Cannot come fast enough. Gordon Europe Max thanks for holding go ahead -- Did you pretty doggone good record we. I'm a child after 818 being shut down a the I think the -- -- a pretty -- Next thing you know. Around the area and you only argued that point shooting down a Malaysian airlines over the Ukraine and forty yards and I. Well I mean look -- I mean look when you go to war anything can happen. And -- right the FB IFA eighteens are very good fighter jets they finally fly high. It's very hard to hit them but it's very likely. Pressing Israel like -- possible. Anything is possible work it's a war. My point is it's a war. Ask the people of Iraq during a war. When you've got mass graves when you -- be heading next when you got people being crucified. When you got town after town city after city been shelled herbal the capital of the autonomous region of Kurdistan is getting -- We have American personnel there we have American citizens there. Same thing in Baghdad it. If herbal fault -- verbal faults many of our troops -- slaughtered. If Baghdad falls our embassy personnel our troops there they're gonna get slaughtered if you're not evacuated in time. Shouldn't congress vote on this. Call me crazy I say yes -- Europe next thanks for holding go ahead teeth. By 82 point split sure this the major fundamental. Crisis that is not being addressed. That is Saudi Arabia this teaching millions of children in the dark suits that Jews. Could take some -- and 200 blood though you have millions of children. Certainly it's a team does that leave -- They agree to put up put on little black raskin head up to direct. So you have. A flow of bold and people are so soldiers get. From the very country that's what we are allies into the they're afraid. Believing this stuff in -- they agree to up. Agility by the millions. Beat this this crisis of America now but dresses are all over. The Middle Eastern Pakistan. And it teaching kids that we're noted no wonder why there's so fanatical. And then do you have a flow of the fanatic coming from our own allies within that. Their -- were in trouble. And I'll tell us. If they wanna help the Jews make -- that they claim that Jews like to make my -- with Christian blog L player they say what you want about these Islamic jihadist. They're creating a lot of crucial blood. Right now in Northern Iraq believe me you can make mocks us for hundreds of years with all the Christian blood they're piling up. Steve Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Steve. -- -- let -- that the parliament in the look there is limited edition Islamic ambition and to the west yes. You're not only would have preferred the war abroad we have to -- -- -- here -- are -- full integration. You know -- -- -- you -- so many Muslims. In the administration that -- most. Are being developed by Saudi money. And the people the people on how we can put everything is simple list. Effect itself religious freedom worshipping correct. Because these people are very -- and I'd destroy another church released. And you know well two and then eleven and the camp in the nation. And there are and have been their mosque and -- their religion and and the whole thing out and by the score on but then from Lebanon when the street the Arabic -- And Christian that they say that because look around. Look how the tell them doing very beautiful us from the -- a true mother you know everybody has to -- And. It's -- you kind of brought up a little bit can you say it again -- -- in the carotid states what you want anyone from doing what your mother. He had done it yet they you know first invaded universe from the womb of your mother. -- and actually you know have been listening to control others mentioned the revenue as you can and spread its -- And that's what happened more in America and Western Europe. And me you go to some of tragically you know local within Asia but from that -- if you ever that you think you're in Kabul or. -- little sow or actually you know. Who. If it's -- some sort of look at these. Is gonna ask spread the Paris to London to New York. The Boston you know keep what I matching -- that's because of people are so busy what -- -- infections. Not so red -- he used kitchen and everybody every word about this threat of Islamic religion. You know look Jewish people -- stock at any thing. Everybody has so I understand that you know and they're they basically -- in Western Europe this slowly. In Britain and America I mean just walk the -- he's the only. Covered moon walk around and Christian children -- -- Mormon -- if we have to move. Just think about all the explode or not they're more than a lecture and churches and synagogues. You look. That is. That it's called late. You know. Invisible war and America against christianity against Judaism and somebody has to stop -- and so while the president I think -- He's yeah I think Steve's son Luke -- we want to make jokes from all over the launch. This this girl Libby had so what gluten it in the way Austrian toward -- every morning and every -- had a little. As he -- thank you very much for that call very insightful look I said this before and I'll say it again. If the Muslims don't have in in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever. If they don't have a prayer rug to -- and they cradle a lot to Mecca five times a day they should be having a six prayer for that their leader. Because after Mohammed. -- -- profit Obama has been the best thing to radical Islam says profit mom. If I were them every day you pray five times -- -- in America you know move the prayer rat dead in the direction of Washington annual. Luckily my. All -- you own a home mom of. Because I'm telling you my friends with this guy in the White House nothing can stop. 6172666.