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Patrick Says Back To Work

Aug 13, 2014|

Governor Deval Patrick is urging Market Basket workers to go back to their jobs. Howie had a few choice words for the Governor including mind your own business.

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Governor Deval Patrick is emerging market basket -- point east to go back to work. Well Wylie deal to sell the chain is hammered out. Patrick told reporters today he spoken to the chairman of the border with ousted former CEO Arthur -- the moonless. Patrick said everybody is interest and an assailant both sides have an understanding or very close to a sales price. The governor said his greatest concern is with the supermarket chain workers she said they haven't entirely within their power to stabilize the company like going back to work. Mean is it just smeared as does seem to be rather odd. For somebody like. Deval Patrick to be telling anybody. How to work. Mean it's not work is not exactly something Deval Patrick is intimately familiar way. Mean can't be -- go to read -- on and one of the -- on plants and advised them how to build Iraq. -- he has about as much experience building actor says he -- working. Give me a break. 18774694322. -- you wanna talk about Deval Patrick to attempt to solve the it's solved the the market basket fiasco. The the someone someone that texted me it's that you got to read some of The Herald comments underneath the story and they are pretty Larry's. One is you know what he says the governor said his greatest concern is with the supermarket chain workers. Alfred Nobel but some guys handle. Translation go back to pay -- pay and go back to work and pay your taxes thousands of welfare recipients and illegal aliens are depending on you. George lover with our state over 125. Billion dollars in -- I'm not sure of the value is the per person to be advocating anything related. To business. Matters. Ralphie one take advice from the governor who needed three tries to pass his bar exam. -- -- They cool why don't you -- go back to work. Wait upon further review -- raining so continue -- your pattern of making yourself -- essential was who have done for the past seven point five years. Rich what what governor junk that no but showing up for work. Frets as the ball would say this isn't just nothing but an anecdote mapping to see here folks. So what do you think of this do you take -- -- The hope Patrick -- and the -- to get people work for a living advice on how to conduct themselves. Double -- -- double thumbs or ride. Governor squeaky toy hasn't worked that day in his life as a matter of fact companies paid in Google -- that's true by the way. Coca Texaco both paid him settlements to make him -- way. Who would take advice from -- -- sweep that makes Mike Dukakis look like a macho man. Foreman Bob. How come he's not on the island cheerleading for Bozo. I heard he had -- going to play well. That. Buck mark K our devolved the follows that you know are you when the country this week. Anyways you'll have people that don't work why would you tell them such a crazy thing like gold back to work. Pioneer woman just what the situation needs advice from -- nit -- who was never worked a private sector job in his life. What he knows about label relations the law in what it is like to work. An eight our eight to ten hour day could fit on the tip about naps knows. Man 1877469432218. I'm telling you he didn't hear wits about market basket until he read a story. Saying that it was tough it was getting tough for the illegal aliens in Chelsea because the that the market basket and Chelsea was running out of food and they were having to spend more on every beat the cards to get to get food. That's the only time he got interest and animals animal fighting. He doesn't key EU would -- care you think of all Patrick cares about people who work for a living right. 18774694322. What you wanna comment on Deval Patrick inserting himself into the market basket that. Fiasco 18774694322. That's the that's the toll free number up how -- -- show. How we do know the name of the Republican candidate going gets marquis yes his name is Brian here HE RR -- a former selectmen from opt in Paris where. Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. They are we just want to let you know -- It very interesting how our wonderful governor is able to speak up above market -- it but he does not set on just due to tell yeah. Yeah he did it will -- how quickly got involved when the SE -- UB the -- leave and move bad Democrat union was out on strike in the hotel to remember that for the maids. He was he was all over that one because a lot of the workers were illegal aliens. -- -- none of these of these workers -- -- bats are very few of camaraderie illegal aliens so what he once again and they work for a living what does he care about now. Those -- his -- Didn't care -- must send them my little bit. Right right just countdown just go back to war Richmond than just go to Google what go down to war get -- to Martha's Vineyard and you know cabbie for your Roth for your pal I don't -- -- plays golf shall we speak it Kashmir may be driving a golf cart. Thanks for the call Mike Paul your next with how we cargo I have Paul. -- a lot like the guys call that it now -- marbles so order book is coming up you white -- you go. He's really a mixed so. Extensive knowledge at all feel. -- -- -- -- The guy is he's a veritable Renaissance man Paul was what he has. Chocolate Jack of all trade. That we had I think it's got to make a presidential run. At each other wrapped up that much crap is huge you know to try to walk up. People that they -- an ill because of our you know. Boy I tell you -- -- if if if if he has a shot at being president really is time to start speak about him operating. Every painfully obvious what are running for governor. You know. What jump on the presidential farewell. You'll probably get it. I think I watched the idea -- just wants to make a lot of though you know I think that's what I think that's what motivates Deval he he first he looks -- the purse you know he's. He's like Kerry but he's not you know he's not a gigolo type he just likes that. -- likes to get the all all the boards you'd like to be a director you know 250000. Dollars a year to to go to war Hawaii year Florida or the somewhere in the Caribbean and then you know get a bunch of stock options I think that's what. I think that's what reason to because although thanks for the call Paul Miles you're next with powered -- go ahead miles. Hi how are you good. I. You know how it. Can't get over the fact that you never bred to Paul's -- it has -- Given me grief about this for weeks now why else. You could written so many columns of Israel. It is part of your stick all of these years has been to sort of -- to engage in hyperbole sometimes what people -- never really known. Whether default wise is lazy horse shots as. And I had -- lack of motivation as you have to charge it is absolutely. True if you read his book -- well. Taking it was given a mile and a half its transfer this to me I'm. Not quite quite but close enough yeah. Episode publish her jail for this kind of money do know about publicly. -- for this kind of money that they thought. You know this title give us a thousand pages may be able Perry parent 800 it will be like you know -- tour. Don't think -- want I don't think they were looking for but I don't think the number of pages really mattered miles but they thought it would be decent and it would be interest thing in the and that the -- would have some kind of you you know he would be advancing it through the -- political. Minefields and he would and you know people would wanna read the book but nobody but it was just a boring block and he just took the money. It's just like he took the money from Coca Texaco with no no inclination to work for it he just grabbed the money and ran away. How do you know where they're exploring it is fascinating. To -- pages after attended Harvard college and doesn't say what I majored in. Did anyone in the press -- played him well and the most important. Because dreaded harper college star man has no motivation to bite the how -- why all of these years but didn't really even now it. I -- but I don't I've listened to him speak. I mean the guy is is is prototypical. For a for a his his class mean that you could you couldn't tell you could tell. But he's just always skated along. After law school and says nothing about Harvard law he was. Working for a judge on a federal appeals court which is very prestigious. You know -- -- asked the bar exam and he's working for a bit of the other for a judge right below the Supreme Court. But can need to read this because of what is fascinating is. A few pages after he gets out of Hartford when he went into this Rockefeller program can help people in Africa. He's talking about traveling to carte tech boom all of a source. You know this person who had nothing to say about having attended Harvard. But if -- descriptions become that it simply about traveling simply about the smell and it's a of this week so a slight. Well how was he spent his governorship miles you know that traveling -- Just spoke about that statement but it's all -- performance superficial. Things in life when he came to -- is no after the price don't. Come out saying that people didn't care to blow the -- -- this brought. For someone like the clintons Hillary bill -- -- -- current -- the publisher would have had to cut it down by a thousand. I'll tell you what mile you've convinced me August are quiet tonight as long as it's not over 99 cents in the lead groups. I have a feeling it won't be so I'll order the book thanks miles about car.