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Paid Vacation Time - John De Graaf, Take Back Your Time

Aug 14, 2014|

Paid Vacation Time - John De Graaf, Take Back Your Time by Barry and Kim

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John thank you for coming on with us this morning. I have my partner. Earlier in the 100000 well there's always argued in every sunrise were we're glad to wake up first of so -- But let's let's talk a little bit out. You know I guess I guess we're talking about vacation time off so this is an appropriate. -- Segway here. And let's talk about the amount of vacation time. That people get here in the US in terms of how many people actually. Have he'd be -- what is is -- percentage of people that don't have any paid vacation in the US. I -- roughly 26 to 48%. And. Information that you get for the -- quarter. We. Have work here. Immediate -- had. As to how do you think that impacts those individuals who don't have vacation time. Well I. Think it's clear that. Or lacking the Asian Thai boys strip the -- now. For example that don't regularly take the nation's. Are about a third more like it. Art and do whatever about 50% more like the -- -- Women who don't take regularly cases. 28 times like -- depression. Depending on the you don't believe the time that they go on vacations so. There's certainly helped impact air act. And their productivity. Impact that that is. -- still there. Okay great great republic lost to -- for just brief second. So how does the United States stack up with other countries when it comes to providing vacation time. Well sure outwardly it was. We are the only. Rich country does he does the age workers. Are there are economic -- you look at it and how you look at the walk will be. Out and countries in the world that don't require vacation yeah well yeah all of war and offered their ball. Countries. So hopefully but he don't. In terms of the nation and the average America. We're still way. That we. Any other. Major country in the world. And -- pretty Europeans were 234. -- heated from from most people. Now I know that one of the reasons that's mentioned why some people don't. Have paid vacation -- -- not required. Is because a lot of cases. US workers actually tend to request more money in exchange for less vacation time would you say that's an accurate statement. I think it is inaccurate statement the awful. It would be the unity. People will request more time that there should be more the case where they have a little bit kind of leak. Well I I think many of the workers you don't get any at all I have talked to a number that they are. Just for a week or two weeks it was made -- a lot to me more than and the mark. So you know sometimes when people have quite a bit in the war they make that decision. And some other people are just getting desperate. Straight up. Many of the workers who don't can't. Virtually all the -- you -- but he also ended -- lowest paid workers Belmont low wage workers about. Don't see any paid vacation time whereas. In the top get the work. About 90% of those workers who earnings in the top -- would be altered its age -- so sometimes it coworkers. -- you know they just data collected for the all right -- especially with prop eight. Let me let me just one final question here John are are -- sure is -- sure you guys pushing to maybe get. Vacation time in this country it is your organization pushing for that idea. Oh very much so -- also banned. According hotels dot com obligation all of two week vacation for. A wheel working right now what they were. In the states because we don't think it's predicated into congress without -- hole. That bill is still there but it's not going anywhere so. We're concentrating our efforts and appeal. And stayed in Washington more. That will be introduced. At. So you do think it may have some chance of passage. Yes yes that it depends a little bit on the outcome of our election in November but it to get out there. You know. It can't. Well Doug thanks for joining us appreciate getting up early. OK I pleasure I hope you're on vacation today. That but the fact. Are a big breaker but he will talk a little bit more about -- of the site. This is the financial exchanged on the financial exchange radio network.