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Jim Foley is beheaded: Obama golfs. 8/21/14

Aug 21, 2014|

Is Obama a malignant narcissistic? Minutes after a press conference on Jim Foley’s death, Obama goes golfing.

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I'm in the big brown. And one of the reasons he was drawn to. Why is because of his Brothers in the. Six so foreign here on the great WRKO. NAM six -- and now on 93 point seven. Good morning plus. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer 617666868. You can also Texas at 68680. Okay my friend. This. -- a manhunt. For a mad man is on. This search is now on. Further brutal. Terrorist murderer. Of American journalist. Jim full. And now as David Cameron I kid you not canceled his vacation Britain's prime minister. Saying this was a British man with the British accent. Who cuts Jim Foley's throat with a small knife sought his head off over seven minutes be getting him. It's now personal. For David Cameron it's personal for the people of Britain. And now there is an intense manhunt. To go after him. Apparently now they're trying to find out his profile. They now want to track him down and they either want or arrest them or they wanna kill them. The leader of France France's president Francois hole on. Has refused to go on vacation even endorsing mandatory vacation in France all of August for everybody. And as she put it the situation in Iraq is sold -- The genocide is so great. Is a threat posed by -- this is so serious. That no one in the civilized world in his view who is a leader can afford to go on vacation at this perilous moment. Did dear leader keeps right on partying. And I have to say this my friends. And I'm choosing my words very carefully. You know I have my disagreements with the dear leader. You know I've oppose them from day one. But there are certain moments. That I think encapsulate. -- you wore as a person. What kind of -- man RU. And we're not just talking now whether we disagree politically. Where -- I think you have a flawed and mistaken worldview. Whether your political philosophical. Approach. To public policy issues is right or wrong. It's about who you are as a human being. Where do you have any basic respect. For right and wrong. Basic respect. For human life and human dignity and basic respect as the commander in chief. Of your own fellow citizens. When news came out yesterday. That duct tape. That horrific. Terrible paper. Of this ice this exit Q should. Bragging. About cutting the throat and displaying the cutting of the throat of Jim -- And then parading his head on that video. And then warning that there are other American journalist Steve sought loft next. That he will be be headed and that there's another American and he will be be headed. Warning all of us that this is our future here in America. When that was authenticated. That the tape was real. And then Jim Foley. A freelance journalists. Who went to cover the wars in Libya in fact he was captured the -- for 44 days he managed to get away heat and covered the wars in Syria. He then was captured by Sunni extremists there and then held by crisis for nearly two years. The parents. The mother and the father who had to watch it's. This is how they found out how their son died. Held their own press conference yesterday. It was one of the most emotional press conferences I have ever seen. I swear to you god as my witness I was watching from home on Fox News. The anchors on fox. Work crying. They were quick -- tearing up and they were crying. When they saw how emotional the mother and the father got -- the loss of their son. When they described how he was very brave journalist who want to gore conflict zones cover wars because they have other family members he has Brothers and sisters all of whom served in the military. And so he said I wanted to go to the war zones where my family members are being deployed. So Lichen covered the truth about what they're sacrificing for what they're risking their lives for what's really going on in those places. Its service to my country. Its service to the truth. Its service to the American people my way as a journalist. And they stood there. In pierce. Saying we've lost our boy. He will never be given back to west again he should never coming home. He didn't die. In a car accident. He didn't die. Of some disease. He died in the most horrific. Disgusting. Repulsive. Chilling way possible. They put him on his new leaks. And forced him to read -- statement denouncing his own government. You've seen him and -- video pale pale as a goal posts. Deep dark circles under resides the desperation. In his face that fear in his face. The anxiety coursing through his body knowing now not only are these last moments of his life but he's gonna die the most gruesome painful horrendous death possible. And then. You see the executioner. Mocking America mocking Foley mocking his family. With a small knife they couldn't even use a sword. Our machete. To finish this thing off quickly he took a small knife to make it as painful and long as possible. And then he sought his head off for seven minutes. And then paraded. His head. For the world to see. Imagine if that was your son. Imagine if that was your brother. Imagine if that was your nephew. Imagine if that was your friend. The parents. We're beside themselves. They could they could not contain. And their grief. Their shore oh -- profound sadness. -- -- -- You do assured us was back in the and it didn't have much did you have a sense to -- back -- Dude you're on camera it's already and his whole life happens to have died this week everything's in a chunk yeah I mean. But very crowded gym. You know he was courageous. Fearless. Journalist. Not a very compassionate American I mean the best of America. If you wanted to support his fellow inmate who was always the first guy lying. The F. One that would take a bullet first the one who would speak to the guards -- inequities and who he was. Was never a slacker he was always to the standard bearer of the -- -- do that guy you know which just passed -- -- Wanted to do for others that we're going to do showed journalists. He was strong courageous. Loving entity and -- a week we just highly recognized her little boy hammy he just. He was Chester hero you know can you know from the videos in his last word here. Because we're tired. Similar privilege. We just pray that. Debts Jim's desk can bring our country together in that stronger way. In -- of values. That GM hold dear. No -- here and LTE. Is Sergio would never wanna stay hate movie theater and hands and cannot do that it. And so. We eat half our jets to. Very proud of -- And -- mother was just afterwards I mean she's just crying. She's just crying I mean and vicious she's just an open process and the woman is described. Within about pool. When he minutes. Twenty minutes. On the family press conference. The dear leader. I kid you not. Came off a beach. This this this story. Has now even even though liberal press corps god as my witness. Are now saying -- thunder struck and dom found. He came off a beach. To rule on a shirt. I made tracking. I swear to you may god strike me dead if I'm -- This is how outrageous his behavior was he didn't even hold on a bloody -- He didn't even have this their respect and dignity for this man. Don't put on a free can cut. When he goes to a fund raiser to raise money he's always gonna -- When he's partying would beyoncé and Jay C. He's been a -- When he goes to these lavish five star restaurants partying it up with Michelle he's been a content. But -- talk. About this decapitated journalist. To talk about this man at a an American journalist who got his head so solo shot off. For the whole world to see and a tremendous propaganda coup for our mortal enemy nicest. For radical Islam. I don't even think this I don't know I'm just now I'm just going by my perception. I don't even think he's he's short it was it was I don't. God I don't know he came off the beach he put on a shirt. He put on a jacket nor high. Normal high. And then. Said this. -- -- six America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless. When people harm Americans anywhere. We do what's necessary to see the justice is done it. And we act. Against -- standing alongside others. The people of Iraq when our support our take in the fight Tyson. Must continue coming together to expel these terrorists from their communities. The people of Syria. The story. Jim Foley told. Do not deserve to live under the shadow of a tyrant or terrorists. Never support in their pursuit. Of the future rooted in dignity. From governments and peoples across the Middle East. They're asked to be a common effort to extract this cancer so that it does not spread. For -- to be a clear rejection. Of these kind of moralistic. Ideologies. One thing we can all agree on is that a group like -- still has no place in the 21 century. And left. My concerts. He didn't take one question. He he he he want it almost stormed off you he ran off the stage just just rushed off the stage. Where a what you think about this. Where where's the fire. Where where's the passion. Where where's the anger. Where was the outreach. Do you notice this is what's frightening to a lot of people I gotta tell you how -- there are now liberal journalists. Don't look at. People the liberal media course I couldn't believe it. Notice how whole. How cool. How cold blooded how we moved different. How are -- different. It's like you put a piece of paper. -- from a -- Nihilistic ideology they can't win and we honor Jim Foley today. And we're gonna pray for him home port of -- myself -- hold -- Our Jim was a hero. Jim was a good man and his parents leave behind. Just. A sign that there's gonna be missed for a long time and. -- time he thought our guys gotta go gotta go now. Final point and I wanna open after the -- months -- Right after he delivers this speech supposedly honoring gym full. I am not kidding this is not an exaggeration. -- Washington press corps reported to their stunned amazement. Within five minutes not six not seven minutes. Five minutes. He was out on the golf course. Now and he's on the golf course OK and you you have to know this this is your president you have to notice. He's out on the golf course he's got khakis. And a white golf shirt on. And I'm thinking how the -- do you get off of a jacket an apple and wears red dress shirt and a blood pressure and suddenly hearing khakis and a golfer and a golf shirt he changed in the limo. He must have changed in the limo. And within five as he's changing in the limo for us open golf game. He then -- won all five minutes later he's at peak time he's beside uelmen. Cyrus walker and Glenn hutchins. God as my witness I have the pictures right in front and pictures that are now being weeded out by the Washington press -- camp believed -- us. -- fist bumping. Their laughing and smiling. Jolt came fist bump in -- slapping. -- -- Oh -- -- the president in the you're gonna get a -- this time around -- -- -- glad Obama -- Cyrus. You're gonna work on your adult swim Osiris a -- show some -- baby show some love baby. ABC news political director Rick Klein. Dumbfounded. The president himself clearly doesn't care. He doesn't care about the way this thing even walks. Major Garrett CBS. Couldn't believe it we get out. According to white house travel pool with the president of the United States. The president arrived five minutes later a vineyard golf club at 105 PM following statement on James Foley. And slash prices. It goes on and on and on investor's business daily I wanna give them credit. They're disciplined they're talking about. Back ambassador Chris Stevens as well murdered ambassador. Beheaded American. Just what exactly would it take to keep Obama from a fund raiser or off the gulf. Course. My friends. I'm gonna say this now very clear. And this needs to be said. What this man did yesterday. His callous disregard for Jim Foley. His utter indifference. Can this be heading of an American. His utter indifference to what's going on in Northern Iraq with the Holocaust of Christians in museum piece. His utter indifference to ambassador Chris Stevens and -- slaughter and Ben Ghazi and I can go on and on and on. He doesn't care. He doesn't care. What he did. Was an insult. To Jim Foley. It was an insult to the fault of a fully family to the parents. And it was an insult. To every American. This is the man you have in the White House. And my question to all of you is this. Wasn't inappropriate for the president of the United States to stand there. And give supposedly. A speech commemorating Jim Foley's life. Basically in the backdrop of Martha's Vineyard with not high and then rushing off to the golf course within five minutes. 6172666868. Is the number. Jam Europe sorry Jeff Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Thank you of course is an appropriate thing that guy does is an appropriate thing he does it is -- -- life. This country and hurt our freedoms that all the Skype does. And I would think -- projected. In -- and that's the disorder want you want to download all he wants but did -- that group who rule this country he hates capitalism he hates freedom. He wants the government to meet new religion. And he hates hates people who think under on. 'cause he didn't vote in the Liberal Party don't won't get any votes because they need people to be stupid it's all bread and circus just. And he can look at the -- stuff happened because no court thought I would talk about one guy who. Who got killed instead of not that we shouldn't be -- were awarding of this country he -- this -- -- so disrespectful. And show you want everybody to order form knowing that respect but especially shame and everybody -- -- the second time because we knew we were again thanks Jeff. Thank you very much Jeff. What look at the message this thing since the crisis. Especially their leader Al Baghdad. This jihadist army they're looking at this and -- we just be headed one of their Americans. There's another one we're waiting to be head. And another American after him they behead the electrical like it's it's a lineup like it at McDonald's or Wendy's just up along the final lunch line. Now we're just gonna be had a one after another and this guy. Doesn't even put on a freaking tight. This guy within five minutes is fist bumping laughing and partying at the golf course. He doesn't care. We got a guy who doesn't care whether we win. We've got the great Satan on the run look at this buffoon in the White House. By his behavior I'm telling you he's in fighting even more attacks upon Americans. -- all tell you wanna know honestly. For the first time in my life. I am genuinely afraid. And I'll tell you want. We have a lunatic in the White House. This guy and I'm choosing my words very carefully makes collegial. Look like Mother Teresa. My -- up next thanks for holding go ahead Mike. Hey good morning captain might. Hey Jeff studio to your point I. Believe that he's got to be mentally -- And expect anybody to go -- I watched the entire opera today. And I -- look at what it looks like you go to -- beach club or why. Number two the the fact that you left there went out on the golf course -- you check your father as a US citizen. -- -- merit and he has -- on man. Eagle so -- it in a speech to the liberal minded too weak minded people -- -- and it's like a rock preacher and they get behind it people -- watch. People make action well execution that's how quickly are you wait watch too liberal react. And it's taken a step further when you get set about well this will lead other track. The fact that they released publicly the white stop with regard. That that we women -- rescue him and failed. That itself you compromise to military operations. You now head explode -- the leaked. Within that within the CD -- community that is that they are there was someone who sharing information rapper got beat bad. More importantly you showed and demonstrated in admitted that the US failed an operation to rescue. Much more meat we absent or -- that just great I. To my stomach all the that Egypt. He had such a knock at that psychopath. Doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself. Mike I got to ask you this okay. You're not the president of the United States. You're not even a senator not even a congressman -- not even a governor -- even a state -- you're like me you're just Joseph six pack. If you saw because your -- to whatever it's part of your job. You see that video because he saw the video and he's privy to all want more information how this guy how Jim Foley begged for his life. How Jim Foley was -- being beaten and tortured before they saudis had off so he knows a lot more than even what we know. You just see that video. Seven minutes of this guy on -- to be gross but. The blood coming out and struggling for his life his head slowly being sought so a sawed off. Could you possibly going golf after just watching the video. -- honestly. I couldn't do anything I honestly and I know that you like being terrorist what they're trying to do what they are human compassion. Bet that supersede that even if it if it's per short time to Egypt but he just doesn't care. It's all self centered and any get up there any creature does not ban. And it's just a bit odd thing it's bad. You know I've got so bad for the -- parent. I did not watch the video at the request a dog and I want to see any way. Because it's so gruesome it. I just which I am a little looked in the camera the American public sick you know lack. My messages going out I shall all the terrorist. We are coming to get you to -- -- -- ideally it would have been quick. Are you would attract you bound. It would it would wipe you -- -- earlier years a week (%expletive) Is a weak president yet no spying. He has no merit pay him that you that think that he's gotten it is it is it is beyond impeachment here the outward. Mike fantastic call buddy call again okay -- god bless -- -- 6172666868. Brittany was telling me she didn't see the video she just saw that the photo group. Got the photo that was circulating on Twitter address that the photo at the end and end. She said show us the picture. Of one finally -- you know doubled and the the seven minutes at the end when he's -- it. She goes I was so upset. Just by looking at nevermind the video just the -- My blood was boiling. This guy he's fist bumping. His party in his golfing. He is the president of the United States in your view and I'm being de -- serious as a heart attack. Do you believe now we have conclusive proof by his behavior the evidence in front of us. Is he mentally ill. 6172666868. I wanna hear from you Boston 630 on the great WRK -- -- your calls Max. Friends and allies around the world. And shared common security and a common set of values. That are rooted in the opposite of what we saw yesterday. We will continue to confront this people terrorism and replace it with a sense of hope. Sensibility. That's what Jim Colbert Report. The man who lived his work. He graciously told the story is this fellow human beings. I was like I love. My friends and family. I don't get back on the golf course. Let's go home real burden. I don't think I'm in five minutes long fathers did drive did drugs. Tigers go to bar Mike Judge is thought. I know my real gold shirt on -- Low whole a whole -- other -- -- Michael sure is not a right goat armor at a party let's go. When baby how are you my friend. And the -- different Mumbai every prison Mumbai development you know all of the public their lawyer the out is what happened yesterday. Matt is that this thing has dugout we had to come all messed up my party here at the sort of doesn't wanna go after rebel movement -- strictly rules. The guys want what I want I have the other -- have some as they can reps or thought I'm sure crocodiles. Not I love the -- -- let them -- -- -- near -- been really good stuff rarely does stuff. I went up talent and I'm telling ya ya haven't lived at a camera shows nobody -- -- -- look -- today. Yeah I haven't lived there you have dimensional. This. Is what took place yesterday. I need -- shocked the conscience if you if they -- very thought they had a conscience well apparently somewhere in the deep deep down. The Washington press scored does have a conscience. Because even -- liberal Washington press corps. Could not believe. What they saw yesterday. And so. ABC news political director Rick Klein. Said quote I was dumbfounded. Quote it is jarring arguing it is quote jarring to see him on the golf course just minutes. After giving an address like this. And I was touching on this with Mike our previous caller. Forget you're the president. Forget that we're now essentially launching a war in Northern Iraq against crisis. Forget the fact that you've now put even more ground troops I'm sorry sorry advisors on the ground. Trickling them back into Iraq. By the way without an authorization from congress with no declaration of war but let that go -- imperial president can do whatever he wants but let bad -- Jeff coroner. -- -- not a president. Who's not a senator who's not a congressman who's not a governor what this does nothing. If you watched that seven minute video I show where do you -- soul haunting beauty soul chilling judicial horrific. You just -- just. You can't do anything. The images stay in your mind. The horror the anger the shock. In all honesty. How could you watched out for seven minutes. I don't recommend that you watch it I wash it because I have to was a journalist is part of my job. Britney couldn't watch it she just saw the photos at the end -- the absolute and what is -- is completely severed off. And she was I mean living ballistic outrage her blood was boiling. If you watch the whole seven minutes of it. You need a drink. -- just sick and forget -- think forgets women who -- surfing. Forget dancing forget partying. I don't honestly just as a human being. Here like you just like now I'm not in the mood to do anything right now. Just just leave me alone I just our young these people are sick. Forget that he didn't threaten. To go after him. He didn't bow to smash on the hunt him down to kill home to make them pay to punish them. Now you wanna see the contrast and this is not being reported by the liberal media because they don't want you to know the truth how he's already lost Europe. The French cannot belief that this guy is still on vacation. The French press corps is up in arms the French political class is up in harms. The French president has said. We have a mandated vacation in France impulse. To take the whole month of August off. I'm staying my prime minister is staying my whole government this -- why because there's a holocaust taking place in Iraq. And nicest threatens all of us they've infiltrated France did infiltrated Britain they've infiltrated Germany -- infiltrated America. David Cameron. Said the video his own words were so shocking and depraved he canceled his vacation and came back said we will find out who these people -- that committed this. In fact I'll have more on this in the next hour. They have a good idea who they are. They said we will hunt them down and we will find them. We're in a war and when you're at war you don't vacation and party. The British press corps can not believe that this guy is still on vacation. Think you even want to be on make this what they're saying. Like a little five year old. The way -- squall my national. France's foreign minister went on a popular radio show in France. And set I can no longer hold my -- This is what we're saying in private I must say in public when I see what's happening in Northern Iraq with the Christians the Kurds and the -- east. When people are dying like this. You must come back from vacation Mr. President. He just keeps right on party. I sold the question I have in all honesty. How many dead ambassadors. How many dead or remained citizens and a major city like Boston. How many be headed journalists. Before this president will not total fund raiser or break his vacation. It seems that nothing can get in the way of this guy. Partying it up. The analogy -- views with him. Is Nero fiddled while Rome -- I was wrong. I was wrong I retract I was wrong and I apologize to -- because that's not giving enough credit de Niro. This man is collegial. This guy is basically having up orgies. Of pleasure and of excess. This man is is is is partying like -- like like a -- -- party animal. Are sick narcissistic psychopath like collegial. And it doesn't matter. What's going on how much damage how much ma'am how much chaos how many atrocities. Because nothing can get in the way of this guy having his fun. We now have a modern day colleague -- in the White House. 6172666868. As the number. Ahmed John how you -- on that. There's an American can be doing during times like these Jeff I told you a couple months ago he was gonna lose it or not. And he's losing he had not -- did you -- to the point where we we can't stand it. He can no longer stand in -- that's why he's traveling and so -- whose. And I guarantee -- trucks to -- that's not stopped it's not cloudy with a somewhat startled to. Losing his mind. You can get out here with -- -- parents. Coach Kruger and speech. At the white house with them but they export and we lose -- child in the most so what -- possible. And you don't have 12 for them. If that doesn't show who he has not been well they squeeze -- -- thousand camels and fastest growing. Brandon you're a Mets thanks for holding go ahead Brenda. Or -- -- and what what do I say it would -- -- ya gotta talk I mean you just can't pump I. Yeah and that I I -- that I can easily yeah. -- -- Rocked by how well I yeah. Let's try to go and say well I would say why how that O'Donnell -- this. OK. I doubt -- and I was gonna say I believe that. I firmly believe that we have Cape -- and man and a White House. Can attack the back. I'm having been through -- lot myself with my own -- -- unfortunate journey through a mental illness. And I do hope Jack said Sunday -- can -- It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back tie -- because many of them that has that outlet. To Google them felt. I would like process -- -- that I am grateful that you are bringing this topic. Because the first thing that came to my mind that's why are we probably -- this place when you -- -- just wake up from here. Jermaine -- you guessed it yet waiting -- -- was I would confronted let. James Foley and -- laying in bed. And yelling out. And thinking of the president. Coming disrespectfully. Couldn't even got it. Took credit -- tie on and -- presidential. Can't tell. Many -- he had an effect that this really I mean. I guess the -- He can even get the words that's today at this point the only mean he's acting. You know he he's he's another place I have less and hit soft but the this man in the White House. Only west today. That we -- -- somehow. This impression. On those that we now have voted for this man. And practice at these folks that and that's David that coworkers and away. We have got into what's called -- let them that you know that we can help the process. I'm bringing out taking notes sold off -- high. The debate that people can finally like if you follow up there I mean. You can't let it. Week this guy is out of control. John that I mean he he is looting is and I don't mean it is already called up until after a psychopath. I don't know the -- food labeling elect not but he can't legally. He's clearly not. Somebody that needs to be occupying. The White House. It is not that you say Jack and. Thank you very much Brenda. Look I think it's obvious he's -- I these are clinical marxists SID is not armed but I think there's no question. He's almost determines assault cyst which means you think you're the only person in the world that matters. He's clearly a narcissistic. Kia soul he's a megalomaniac. He sold self absorbed. Who -- the only thing that matters are his wants his desires his feelings his popularity. His pleasure whatever it's I think there's no question about it. He's also say -- I think that's another thing I think that he could he gets off fungus he enjoys this. And I think comrade John wanna commend him for his courage. This guy -- -- a long time it's not natural. To be partying like this all the time. Now remember when he was younger by his own admission in his autobiography. He spent he claims I was much more from what my sources told me but he admits that he did an entire year were all he did was cocaine. Then he gets what he was he was a Stoner. He did marijuana he did cocaine he space spent an entire year of his wife just basically getting stoned. This guy I think is a drug addict. And whether he still a drug or whether he's doing drugs now I don't know but I'm telling you that this guy's been engaged. In a very destructive lifestyle in the past. And I see him now and I think John touched on something this sense of self loathing. I think deep down. When you've done what he's done to this country. When you've pulled off the fraud. The -- that he's pulled off. When you sit around and you know you're out of your league and -- out of your depth that you really have no business being anywhere near the White House. And you seeded disasters -- be falling people all over the world because of pure incompetence. -- -- never miss your indifference. You're faulty. I think he's on -- path to self destruction. I mean it's it's it's obvious. What I find incredible news how many times does he have to spit in our face. Before the liberals in this country wakeup and realize. We have a madman in the White House. 6172666868. Is the number. Rust Damon Bruce and they mean Natalie Linda hang on I'll get all of your calls. Let's take it to Rush Limbaugh Rob Reiner is what Hollywood. You're up next on the break WRKO. Go ahead now. -- -- -- You know can and I'm glad we can't help but compare the -- and where it all lead and control the call each. The media have managed the pros. And all that and from Peking and the whole weekend. That sent a five minute I have high. End. We did I didn't look good candidates -- making it like it's outrageous. You. -- let let you can. And I think you and I have but never admit to -- it didn't didn't we prosecute the -- -- let me. It. Let's try and -- let me it's truly an armed Lou why if you execute it. It. -- Now he doesn't care. I mean it's obvious. I am not trying to wire I'm not trying to. A fire people up my eternal wind everybody up I'm being honest with few god as my witness he obviously doesn't care. And it reminds me of some of these female relatives that I have in my family were -- dating guys. And like he doesn't return my calls and he doesn't text me back and I'm like I don't know how to make this clearer to you he's not that into you. -- interest period. Is the same thing with him. He's telling us honestly you know he did yesterday he showed up on that podium I'll tell you what he did. And he basically flipped us the bird he gave us the middle finger. Said blank kill I'm heading off to the golf course. So I don't know how many ways this guy can show us he doesn't give a damn for us. 6172666868. My only hope frankly my only prayer. Is that some liberals. Were still same. Will wake up before it's too late 701 on the great WRKO. More if your calls after this short muse Rick. So it will lead to -- culture in our great country. It was a great marriage. And he believed in the very best of our country. History as it happens. This is bottle. She went to. And he believed in the very best of our country. 706. Here on the break WRKO. Power to the -- report. 617 digits at 6868. You can also -- does that -- Yesterday. -- wrenching. Very emotional frankly sound very sound. Press conference held by the parents of Jim Foley. The American journalist who was kidnapped captured. By Sunni extremists. And then be headed by an -- assist terrorists. He goes by the name of John. I'll have more information on him. An apparent now there is a group of home grown British G artists. Known as The Beatles. Whoever now are part of crisis. And they were the ones that of basically where the ones that went ahead and performed this execution. The video was authenticated yesterday. It took seven minutes. With a small knife with John speaking and apparently an East London accent. For him to sever. Jim Foley's head from year to year. He then paraded his head on the video. Vowing that the next journalist Steve sought off another American is next to be be headed. And in fact it now appears that -- British woman a female jihadist is volunteering. To be had Steve sought loft on television. On camera for the whole world to see. Britain's prime minister David Cameron. Has now come back. Cut his vacation short. It is now for him a point of national crisis. He fears that crisis has infiltrated Britain. He wants to find out who these jihadist -- he wants to track down John he wants to get his identity he wants him killed. Captured or killed at any cost. The French sheriff said what is going on in Northern Iraq threatens the security of all of the Middle East. Potentially even Europe itself. Because I -- has now penetrated many European countries including the United States of America. Now remember that crisis. Was an offshoot of al-Qaeda. Well now al-Qaeda has come out with a statement saying they now want to have full solidarity with prices. So believe it or not ice this may soon be renamed al-Qaeda. I mean this thing is it's like it's like a two headed monster. And it just seems to get bigger and bigger and bolder and bolder and more destructive and more dangerous. I want you to listen. To the mother of Jim Foley. Again. Because the video was authenticated yesterday in the at about 7:8 o'clock in the morning. That's when I went with the story because had been a fake video I didn't wanna jump the gun. So I waited for the story did did the video to be authenticated. By US intelligence and that's why began to do the story. So now this is about noon yesterday it's not. It's now been confirmed. That was her boy. Kneeling down. Face pale as a ghost. The terror and anxiety and fear written all over his face. Within next secure shooter who goes by the name of drawn. In a very cold time. Calculated. Calm. Almost bragging. British accent. Talks about what's in store for everybody in the United States because I say this is coming for all of us. The black flag of -- -- wolf stand above the White House. And then he begins seven minutes. To slices throat from ear to ear. The mother. Saw the video. We're or -- for -- was told about the video told it was confirmed. It was authentic. Her son was not only murdered he was beheaded. This was her yesterday afternoon. Roll it Brittany. -- believed to -- culture is our great country. It was a great about America. And he believed in the very best of our country. They knew Jim was innocent they're very ruthless he knew Jimmy was was a symbol of. But goodness an -- and best of America. He missed a chance to hero you know and you know from. From the videos is the last word here. -- -- -- -- Human privilege. You know we can use free flying through. And we know we -- about him. Then we go. Don't -- more. Didn't he know you haven't. We know he's -- haven't. I was watching fox at the time. The anchors -- chronic. Take a security -- eyewitness. I had I had tears in my dice. When I saw the video. My blood was boiling. Boiling. Did dearly there. Was back on vacation. This is now according to the Washington press -- the very liberal press corps that puffed him up that propped him up. That told us he was the messiah. Date today are absolutely. Stunned and dumbfounded and shocked by what they saw yesterday. He got a big breakfast. He was rolling around on the beach. Swimming surfing laughing. They finally told him Mr. President. It's an authentic video you have to make you have to make a statement you have to make you have to say something. He went in front of the cameras. They wrote something up for him. It was -- barely five minutes. He put on very hastily they jacket and the shirt. Blood pressure. I swear to you god as my witness he didn't even bother to put on a high. Our goal was social function -- -- put on a high. Never mind what I'm discussing. That be heading up an American journalist by the way which is now making international. New loose. The reason why they picked these so called -- this is homegrown British G audience they're known as The Beatles they were deliberately picked. To give this murder and international. Flavor. To give this murder and international dimension. It's that tell everybody around the world it's not just the Arabs that Muslim Arabs. That are with us. It's British Muslims European Muslims Muslims from all over the world unite together we can saw off -- head. Of America. That was the purpose of the video. Except propaganda. Who. That's why even as advisors you've got -- -- mr. pres you got to say something you'll understand this is an incredible recruitment video victory and recruitment tool for racist for al-Qaeda. Our mortal enemy. By the way I have to say this. And now appealing directly to the liberals. Because our I believe. This is our country hangs in the balance our future. Does this look to like al-Qaeda is on the run. Osama Isabel is dead. Al-Qaeda has been decimated. The war on terror is over and GM is a life. There's this I'm asking you. Does this look in all honesty you have -- You can see. Does this look do you like al-Qaeda is on the run. They now have eight how -- -- In the heart of Mesopotamia. Half a B -- is now bears they -- they've conquered it they control it. They control huge swath of eastern Syria now they have a telephone eight greater than their size territory -- all the Great Britain. With massive or you'll underneath. And I know what your reflexes I know it. I say it I know exactly what just -- mouth bush bush bush. Okay. Let me concede to you -- trying to appeal to -- Bush was swine that bush was a monster. Bush was worse than Hitler. He's gone. X 2014. He's been gone for six years. What are you gonna do. Because you see that. Blaming bush won't stop them didn't stop them from -- heading Jim Foley. And it won't stop them from -- heading Steve soft laugh. And it hasn't stopped them from massive current. Countless Christians. -- Z piece Kurds. Tens of thousands. Being butchered and slaughtered in one of the great hole cost of our time. Do they looked you like they're on the run. They recently snapped a picture of the ice assignment. Right a defense of the white hoax. And posted -- on FaceBook. Saying were here. We are here we have arrived and we are going to kill you. They took pictures of the ice -- All over major cities in the United States -- here and we're here to kill you. After hearing this mother. And that father. This nation shocked and outraged. Britain's prime minister. His conscience so shocked and so angered he cuts his vacations short because she wants to go after every single one. Of these British -- artists. The hunt them down and either arrest them or kill them the French refused to go on vacation. They dear leader. Stumbled in off of the beach. Without a tie. And then said. This role in Britain. Friends and allies around the world. We share a common security and a common set of values that are rooted in the opposite of what we saw yesterday. And we will continue to confront this hateful terrorism and replace it with a sense of hope. And stability. That's what Jim forwards took -- The man who lived his work. Who courageously told the stories this fellow human beings. Who was liked and loved. By friends and family. Today the American people all say a prayer for those who loved Jim. All of us feel very in his absence. All of us mourn his loss. We keep our prayers those other Americans were separated from their families. We will do everything that we can to protect our people. And the timeless values that we stand for tossed off a bit earlier may god bless and keep -- memory in my god bless the authors from. Off look at the -- don't get so wound up all these soap action and should come pick it is -- paid to the leader called around the thunder like terrorists. I would want to get too emotional on the margin get too angry. Within five minutes. Not six not seven this was outraged the Washington press -- even they can't believe it. Within five minutes the jacket and they sure were off. The golf shirt -- khakis and the golf shoes were on. He was on. A golf course which two other body east fist bumping laughing. Box -- He went and played he says a phenomenal game of golf. He is a malignant narcissistic. He isn't meant he's he is a meant to -- social Iraqis are mentally ill man. He has no ability to have empathy he has no conscience whatsoever. He literally. Does not give a damn. Except. His own pleasure and his own entertainment. And so my question to you is this. What's the president's behavior yesterday. Utterly unacceptable. And outrageous. Or as the lives are sank. Does and he does. -- time to wind down and relax. 6172666868. Is the number seven point one on the great WRKO. All of your calls now. 716. Here on the great WRKO. Linda Europe next thanks for holding welcomed. Death thank you -- -- particular like -- -- ordinarily I would write to you that this is not a good morning. That last night and woke up this morning -- -- -- -- some emotional about this. And -- -- at a crying. Last night it's a crap and it turned avenue to watch that news conference. To watch the coverage and same family. Quite different about playing and right it's crisis street sent their fourteen year old daughter that might have. With a beautiful dinner plate that they just made for me. The dinner and a refrigerator because I have no systemic seat last night. I'm gonna say nothing bad guy forget make a stand that she would not -- 5%. Common equity if you happen haven't they think -- -- kill. But I think this president I can with -- -- -- -- in my body. -- and I got a chance he'd -- I think America and by that Americans. He despite the military should he spent more time with god not some odds are. I think head high and I'm telling when. I picked up a whole town. He has within the instance. That's a folly family and the difference in this country. There and dire dire straits right now we have a man leading this country. -- even called him a man you don't win. In this country. And he had no idea. Top leadership. Are tricky camera and and the president. France right now that I turned out for the fact that he sent I think it I would -- had a part. Because I would picture I'm not a lot and I worked for the airlines stacked and I don't think that maybe now with an airplane that's -- -- right now which country you're going to get clobbered again and time by these terrorist. It will be at least try to help -- don't want to ask. That we -- the wrong. Well for our country just. -- I hate to say this. I believe were ticking time bomb. We are eight with this man in the Oval Office we are a ticking time bomb. All Europe next thanks for holding go ahead -- How are you doing this morning good. I'm doing great gladly -- rallying the base effect caller I was just fortunate to Kremlin though APEC meeting the president everyday. Good. Likely it will be part of a solution that would be part of the problem. Knowing you Wichita. What are you shouldn't be telling -- patriot is the worst president ever hate this country get people. -- -- did is that no really he is he is worse I mean I don't tell you this he is the worst president ever. He is destroying this country I'm just stating a fact understating the right so why -- Why does that mean that's why doesn't bring about bring them down bring about why is -- -- bother you so much. Why you so afraid of the true art Croat you know why -- republic. Okay -- I don't believe you. We -- I don't believe you. This you don't sound like why don't believe it. I don't send -- -- -- united America you -- the authors of the United States of America what are you talking to me about the let me ask you try -- let me ask you this Sunday at Rick let me -- you're defending the office of the presidency is that you're telling me. Okay all right. This guy couldn't Wear a -- -- -- An event. Where he's talking about the beheading of an American journalist. And within this -- -- -- and we -- I -- go -- -- -- bring -- down. Within five minutes. Hold out golfing and he's fist bumping -- and back slapping and loud they're pumping. Pumping gas Shia want us yes we know we'll put out okay. Daily Mail. August Thursday August 21 it's all over Fox News even even CNN has shown it. The Associated Press Reuters there are all releasing the photos CBS. ABC I have ABC news's political director saying he cannot believe what the president did. Here I'm staring at a picture right now wiped and our outlook care if I'm wrong here. White golf shirt beige khakis black belt white and black golf sure -- golf shows. Kind of a greatest gap with these kind of door on Iraq is. -- -- -- -- This was right five minute have you been -- tall are you okay in the head have you been listening. It was five minutes five minutes after he gave that speech. And you stand bearing you'll call me. And say you're defending the office in the -- many of the opt out of the presidency. I want this guy is -- well when I went right when we got us hitting -- -- We would George Bush when he was cold at the White House might be the might -- that the White House might be under protected al-Qaeda is winning rookie played. We -- he. Pop we -- -- cooperate and he's in the White House. Excited to clean that abortion should. -- What is wrong with -- people what are you don't what is wrong with you. Every time every time I talk about Obama you mention push. What is -- you -- two wrongs make a right we don't know I don't know they -- left little adult -- people like you listen you left wingers were. Eric George Bush you left wingers were comparing George Bush. Adolf Hitler. Okay it was bush Cheney Hitler Halliburton when George Bush was on vacation and you're a member Nick Berg was being added German -- The liberal media up on loaded on this guy they unloaded on him and George Bush. -- or store credit George Bush to his credit said I will not golf again. For the rest of my presidency I will not golf again I was wrong. This guy keeps right on party and you have the French foreign minister my -- the French are lecturing us on saying this this man have the decency does this man have no conscience. Does this -- have no sense of what's going on around the world. You have David Cameron cutting his vacation short you have the French refusing to go on vacation. And this guy is partying it up. Like he's not some nineteen year old punk from the south side of Chicago who are the golf course as -- You don't want that's what we don't want not. Only got pretty old you are you'll you'll either. The mantra of this weird schedule so. You obviously know what he's going I'm all I'm let's look I tell you small Baltic -- and I saw people like you. All -- know why does -- you have no argument to make I saw it go get off my dog that -- up you know what if you have if it's pointless to argue with -- you have nothing to say get off my foam. Call it needs you. You call up first dumb or republic in Lebanon and some are public Anaheim and disgust led by -- -- -- triangle I. A handful of plant and -- Marsh and bush was the Republican but bush bush was still blame my. I'm I'm a liberal masquerading as a Republican because I don't know how to save the dinner later on this one mile hitter of all all well. I'm protecting the dignity of the office. I -- and. All -- did you -- engulfing yes we are the pictures are more but was that before or after it was after a long -- of it's -- bush the bush. Bush bush. So you see what I got to put up with a man of my education a man of my learning you see what I do for you every day. Good morning on May become moaning and here's.