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WRKO Town Hall on Illegal Immigration

Aug 21, 2014|

Jeff Kuhner hosts Lynn Mayor Judy Kennedy, State Rep. Shaunna O'Connell and Jessican Vaughn from the Center For Immigration Studies

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As we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil -- man. Father son holy spirit in him. Okay my friends thank you thank you very much current let's get this thing rolling. Okay. I'm basically going to be moderating this we'll have a nice round table discussion all the asking them our guests are are honored guest several questions. And then I'll open it up to you for Q and so let me start off with Lynn mayor -- Kennedy. Americana obviously you've been at the the spotlight over what's been happening inland. The influx. Of a lot of illegal immigrants in particular from a province in Guatemala. What have you seen as mayor injuring this influx of the last eight or nine months and how is it hurting. -- -- -- And the people win. Apps. And and it was. See an increase in the number of children in schools system. -- coming from -- province. And it all coming out what seems to east process things center. Or. Police. San Antonio Texas. To. How it happened. So we decided to contact. Centers Scott Brown at that time. And the superintendent of schools and I went to meet the standard. And making some inroads for us and talking to security. Talking to the Department of Justice -- games and experiences about how this was happening. That's when we first heard the term unaccompanied mine and Adam. -- then lost the election. Me decided we would have to probably. Sit back and take tennis because we didn't think. Arms and wiring lower sentence and -- standard marquee. It was going to be. Well I'm Amy does it think it would have this game. Level of interest but -- -- senator brown -- issue so I mean you know pretty much just took in it -- Come unaccompanied minors before coming to Lynn. And Dan our numbers have ticked up to the point where in the first years that we noticed it the numbers jumped from. -- am only talking about ninth grade unaccompanied minors from Guatemala because. That seems to me. Where we elect -- population and where. Those newcomers coming coming to some familiarity. So in June of 2012. It at the end of that school we had in the world to re like -- -- children in the ninth. Now in the school year September 12 2013. When we started to notice this optic. We had 56. Guatemalan children in the ninth grade. And then last year only fiscally at thirteen to fourteen. We had 126. New platinum. Great it's. Needless to say my school but it has. Become. Greatly expanded. And I am not saying it's solely because of this that we have been adding overall. When you talking about. Nearly commissions from out of country and this is any kind of ignition and refugee. Legal immigrant or an unaccompanied minor we had. 54 of them in the school year 2010 to 2011. Compare that to this past school -- that just ended 639. And that is on top of 421. Year before this is an entire. High schools worth of nude children that we have gotten. It is school and and I was getting an economy back on track and now starting my second four year term as mayor. Thank you could. Few years ago I had. Sixteen million dollars in free cash and I feel free at -- it weakens at a for a city. Sixteen. Dollars. We have been building and 98 in. School. In -- Add in twenty years I I. I got like -- from the sixties. Officers and it got tired are up. Sixty. -- World. And as a result of having me. -- schools spending. Guidelines. I have to take all of these children. And expand an additional -- number of dollars on schools because. It goes. If the children coming in English language learners there's a premium to -- on act. Priced student numbers and that's. If these. Stats eat here is yet another premium. On the number I asked. Com pay out for the school. Lets out this year. My app like fifteen it. -- to 5% cuts in every one of my department's. I've done it without layoffs but it had to close comic -- cup program it's a community policing program. It was we stopping problems before -- 86 by cops off the street so that they could out. That the prize for. You know it ties it at least driving. Active -- track my taxes on. That next in. An -- in school department number it's gone up nine point 8%. And that's a significant. Amount of money and eighteen dollars and ask -- fourteen. 226. In. Life. Now. It's complicate this a little bit notices about immigration and it out other. Policies. The statement the government in line to make money. -- it tied with rope. It around with -- now. Meek it's. Eat at that it has been. We can put these BC's today I'll -- portable classrooms. You know what. Portable classrooms don't count like mine at school spending them. So that means I lay off a couple of cops to buy -- 1101000. Dollar -- classroom. Grace immediately lease space. Kennedy space because it won't count to a magnet schools spending. I -- Lease space if I only intend to do it for three years and then get out of the -- so my hands of really tied and it's. Predominantly coming from the access numbers these huge increases in numbers that it had to give to my school department. But there are other issues that they come with this as well and yet if I am going on. Too long it plays out. I think it's important that people know the numbers and I talked with my. Director of public house who is a registered nurse and asked her to get me some statistics on the vaccinations. That we have to provide. Not only for the children -- entering school system. And by the way -- -- many of you have heard that California. Has been told not -- that this was going to be any different. But just recently counseling was told that any children entering state will be entitled to a public education. And -- has been doing that all along and I wouldn't deny anybody but. I'm talking about economics. So when he -- before children enter school I have to be vaccinated. In June of 2000. Let's take them. It's. July of 2011. We had. It's it's just a second because this is color code. We had eight children. Receive. Eleven vaccinations. In July of 2014. We had 36 children received a 159. Vaccinations. Now what that means. I need public health -- because reeling back clinic opens how many hours per day. So I had to cut down and it's only on certain days of the week so to cut back on other services in my department. Hire part hangers to come and and it minister -- vaccinations that would require. So. I guess my point. -- be making here. Is I don't want to finger pointing because I think we could go all act in 1965. With -- immigration states that have been made in the country. And I think I couldn't point. A finger at one person two people. I think at 535. Members of congress who changed from year every year. They haven't seen this problem so I've won in. To be in the spotlight. As -- might cost of what could be happening to black country. This is what strain will be. This is the stream will be on the services that you provide to people. And and sometimes and -- It's -- statement hater I'm a racist I'm not. What I'm saying it's. In -- well. Just well in other communities can step up. -- -- somebody else there was letting this happen comes up gives me some money to deal with me. The 10% increase in mice population but I I'm going to keep testing it out if I. Wanted to have twenty children. I think that would love to -- at twenty till I have -- But the reason to. It's -- economically in new. I could not give them at and I want to give them if I act like numbers and I've won. Everybody and -- checked out. And that goes -- my line. And that might community and high as it split up into pieces. -- my community. And I want to see. So that's why I'm here at night and once the round -- -- -- I'm happy to take any questions might happen here much. Food and many. Let me move now to representative. O'Connell. Shawn Estes statewide. In your district and on. Are you hearing similar stories like what you what he's talking about England. Yes yes we absolutely aren't and I just start by saying I am so honored to be fair with so many great patriots many of whom I met at the rally. I want to deny that your voice has made it different it does make a difference. And you have stood up to this governor in the face. You know name calling and lies. And you made it back down so we we you are out there. And I know a few things about standing up to this governor -- I got tough to Iraq. But I mean so what we've been hearing is that communities are being inundated -- -- unaccompanied minors and we aren't a lot I've learned a lot from Jessica on a hover over this whole entire an issue that's been going on and so it's an election year we don't know that and the governor backed up. But don't think that issue has gone. You know my take on it is ago. People making too much noise there really mad about that it's a bipartisan issue. On on both sides of the Ohio so we better backed down quiet them down make and think it's on the way we of course know better and we're gonna keep moving on -- issue. We still have to deal wit. The 50000. Unaccompanied minors already come over the border than 9000 war that are coming over the border. And I know that you're going to be receiving even more unaccompanied minors in your town. So it it is definitely. And on going issues that affects. Everyone's budgets now you said you wish somebody would give you money. You I thought the governor told us that the federal government was picking up the tab for this. I I guess the giving tree in Washington -- -- We don't know what happened to the giving tree right. -- we know that Massachusetts. Is a top destination. For illegal immigrants. And why is massachusetts' top import immigrants it's. Right right it's not illegal technically if not only ought to be at least a year and Massachusetts. But people on -- The minute you walk in the door here the minute you get across the line that you -- House. Health care education. Caps food states and apple wouldn't come here for all those ethics. So. Ads as we go forward you know this year. Please stop in like. That -- That. And you know stroke back. And you -- that's to stop that -- but again if an election year so don't think that bill isn't coming back again next. And thanks to -- on we also and your help we also stopped another bill. That makes us a -- and that is a bill house 1414. That was going to allow. Adults. Eighteen to 21 year old become wards of the court petition to become wards of the court. So that they could stay here and receive benefits and it was kind of about our door amnesty for them. Jessica on alert us to dispel. I alerted to this now we all had our voices heard and we stop that its tracks to. But again that's going to be coming back as well. So what can we do in the end to. Knick -- Massachusetts last of a magnet for illegal immigrants it's all about the election in November. And where it's -- for talking about. Here in Massachusetts it is so important. To help some of the candidates and to get. More Republicans elected to that we have more of a bounce more of a boys and we can be more reports. And stopping these things. And there are a lot of great candidates out there. That you can get behind and I'll I'll run down some of the names as we count on but. I know you're all very active if you've never worked on campaign. Go and work on a campaign we we need your help from now until November 4 if we're really gonna make a difference. Here in -- Massachusetts and also on the federal level. A lot of you know are very active in different banks but have you ever donated to a candidate. Maybe habit -- have -- if you have it needs that we need your help we can't do it out to people like me. You know Jim Lyons Jeff Steele -- -- a vehicle. We are very active we're very vocal and therefore we are very targeted as -- Believe the Democrats would like nothing more than my head on a platter on November 4. So I need your help to make sure that that doesn't happen that can keep fighting for yeah. Jessica. You're the one you've been doing a lot of pioneering trailblazing work researching the costs of illegal immigration. On Massachusetts. And on the country as a whole. For the audience out there. How many illegal immigrants do we actually -- in Massachusetts. What is it costing the taxpayer. For every individual here how much does that cost out of their pocket. For us to be sustaining all of these benefits to illegal immigrants. Well. According to the research that we've done based on Census Bureau data and so on Department of Homeland Security data there are we think. And it's hard you know it's not a number that you can count exactly but we think that there are just around 200000. People living here illegally in the united in Massachusetts. That does not count on any children who have been born and they're our rival. Which there -- another 44000. We estimate. And you know. People come here illegally for the job but they stay for the services. And is one most significant impact of illegal immigration on commonwealth. That figure we estimate to be running at about two billion a year on. At the state level and of course there -- additional costs that we take on it federal taxpayers. That code to provide services to people here illegally. Those costs last time we did a close accounting of them with a few years ago but at that time with ten billion dollars a year at the federal level. That is a net cost. Of illegal immigration and that means this is taking into account. Money that illegal immigrants May Day. -- and sales taxes or any other taxes -- ways that they contribute to public coffers were taking into account. This is ten billion dollars net. At the federal level that illegal immigration costs us as taxpayers. And most of the costs are really born at the state and local level. Active federal policy and federal government is responsible. For immigration policy. But it's a state and local governments as you heard from Kennedy who are stuck really paying the tab -- and that -- taxpayers and and I think it's really important to emphasize how lucky we are. To have leaders like mayor Kennedy like record -- Will speak out about this issue and press our government. To release information about what it's spending. For people who have no permission to be here in first place. Yes it is illegal to be here in the -- it. -- -- The other it in addition to the cost and in these costs com for a lot of reasons at the cost of the schools. It's cost of providing emergency. Or other kinds of health care to people who are here I mean after all. People need these services and we provide them because they need them. But. What we we need to control immigration so that these costs don't become unmanageable and also -- they they don't take away from our ability to provide services. Four. The Department of Education. Recently sent out a memo to school superintendents. Including here in our state. Telling them that they they get that the unaccompanied. Juvenile who were coming in and being resettled here are going to be expensive in the school system. And so what they have suggested that school systems do. Is tapped in to find federal funding that's available for homeless students and if coached. And and suggested to local school systems that they classified these kids who have come here. And smuggled in to rejoin their family members who are already living here illegally. They suggested that the schools consider them to be homeless. So that they can draw on that funding source. Many of them are also have special needs their English language learners. And also have suffered trauma have not had much in educational backgrounds that are considered special needs kids. So the federal government saying we'll watch it happened to those federal monies that we as taxpayers. -- Have have authorized our congress has authorized on our behalf to be used for Americans and legal immigrants especially needs. And then -- let's consider these kids migrant children and let's take advantage of federal program federal funding for migrant workers kids. All of this to try to you know really. Divert attention from the fact that this is an enormous fiscal burden on taxpayers. The other really significant issue is jobs. There. That and that is perhaps than the most. Troubling aspect of our immigration policy is that currently the federal government. Has not acknowledged. That when we allow people to come here illegally that shutting up job opportunities for Americans and legal workers. And our economy is not creating enough jobs. To employed them at this point in time and so when we allow people in. And give them work permits whether it's for the dreamers or you know. You know -- potentially five million more people were gonna receive work permits. If the president goes big. And is executive action -- people are pressuring him to do. That not only cuts off job opportunities for legal workers but also flood the labor market so that their wages go down and it's there's a reason why people who work in construction. And service industries and restaurant workers and landscaper haven't gotten primaries in the last ten years. Because there's an oversupply of workers in these occupations. And that's something that's exacerbated by immigration policy. That is the third. Big way that illegal immigration affects our communities. Is public safety now. Most illegal immigrants were coming here have not. Been involved and other forms of crime but some of them what we can't control our borders were making it possible not only for people seeking work. The people seeking to work for a gang or for transnational criminal organization for human trafficking trafficking drug trafficking. Every year there are 6000. Illegal immigrants who are identified by ice for duplicate for who could be deported. There selecting. Only about 14 of them for deportation. And that means that a lot of the illegal immigrants were committing crimes are being sent back into communities here. Because. Federal policy. That restricts immigration enforcement to just the worst of the worst which -- a lot of the -- back into our communities this is a huge quality of life issue. For all of us. Immigrant and citizen like. And that's why we need to make sure that secure communities program is operating robustly here. And that our police chiefs and sheriffs. Have the tools they need to keep our communities safe by removing people from the community or committing crimes and who happened to be here illegally. All of these. On elements of policy work together to make sure that. Are on that our immigration policy serves our national interest not just the special interest. That are the -- list -- on both speak inhaling Capitol Hill Washington. And and the best. Total but we have to fight back is all of you and all of your voices. And that's why it's so important that you ought to make your views known on this issue and don't hesitate to speak out and be active on it. We have groups that are. Active here in Massachusetts. On American firsts for immigration reform AF IR dot org. Lots. Other people who would like to be active reach out to them and encourage them to do. What I do for all of us to work together to make your voices heard because. Our politicians listen we don't necessarily always have to change their minds wanna change how they vote though and that's that's what matters there's a lot we can do here locally. To make a difference on this problem -- thank you for being here that shows your interest. Did you -- Susan luck. I just want to expand on the numbers that just talked about how much it costs us here on specifically in Massachusetts. -- regarding education. Because a lot of these kids are coming here speak knowing -- -- -- -- -- match in 100 kids in your school system that can't even speak English so it's it's a lot of money. And the amount that are on welfare. Which we asked me to be about point 5% so. And if they're getting the minimum benefits that could be anywhere from I think 600 million a year to a billion a year. I'm just here in Massachusetts. And then if we look at how much it costs us for education. It's one billion a year here in Massachusetts on K through twelve education. For people who'll. Are not here legally in this country. And 152. Million share in the criminal justice system the people who are not here legally in this country. And we get these numbers because -- of that. Better represented Jim Lyons. Set down the house last few years ago and force the governor to give us these numbers that these con right from the governor's office. And regarding health care we haven't even mentioned that part yet health care we spend 272. Million. Plus a year for people who are not in this country legally or in this state legally. So that's just here in Massachusetts. That's coming out of your pockets. And we are we've got a situation where we're not taking care of our senior citizens are veterans we don't have enough police don't have enough fire. And yet. Too many representatives. In this state in this legislature have been completely silent. On the issue. Or embraced the issue of allowing people to come here illegally. Wherein we have so much to deal with for our children our seniors. And our veterans and so there has got to be changed the ballot box in November if you want a student. These numbers go down. Judy I know you wanna say something but I want to ask you considering artist and answer his questions well. I'm curious how do you decide as the Maryland. What schools the illegals go to he's a -- district is there another mechanism how do you make that decision. And the English. Speaking. Criminal history. -- -- -- -- It. With. Big east. Schools. So. A policy. Where. And in particular. School. Go to school. And -- It's a school from outside the district. It. District school. So. But accounts. Now -- now. In the school system but the white. -- still need to -- So like it. 02. As it it all -- on whether it's. School. -- it it. And that can. Act. In -- -- they want. For the company -- And -- -- put -- in the ninth grade we decided to teach. Of the state policy that again comes in into place with this. By the time a child is heralding a school system for two years there are expected to perform at advanced or proficient. Level on the -- If we have children coming in the ninth grade. And there at literate as well as. Did not only at literate in English they're literate in their native. Language off. They have not had formal schooling they sign in -- -- acts how are we ever going to see these children Caspian cast as a result. -- just dropped. Kids get frustrated. The older ones like to be seasonal workers so they drop out in April they come back in in October they got back out in April. That counts is to drop outs in the state doesn't like to see it drop out rate go up. But what can we do. -- It is a big impact in just -- let them so at least at this night program anyway. The lawyers were knocking on actuary at the next day. I comments about the recovery -- -- I don't like that a lot of ways it. And said who I -- not giving them -- substantially equal education to the program. You don't even have to expand this to 990 hours a year. Now when we gonna get the money to basically operate another school session it it -- at eight. You either have to pay a whole new set of teaches our old time classic an in depth of the roof it custodial costs your utility -- So we couldn't do that and it was working they would getting meals. They were getting education at a level that they couldn't stand but the lawyers didn't like it so we then had to integrate them into our regular school program. We have. Three putt for public high schools. We expect O'Leary which is an alternative school we have in vocational technical institute which is. As it sounds that the trades and that we have in English and link classical those -- -- Comprehensive high school. Buildings and most of these unaccompanied minors have gone nobody English meaning high school. And my daughter happens my son just graduated -- am I got it happens to be. Still attending Soviet Union in the fall and she said. They all just hang around in one card and we just don't even go near that car. So you know they can place themselves anywhere they want at the high school level. But. You know it's just it's such an expense and and that's what really against what is now the other aspect that it wanted to talk about his desk in bringing up. Criminals. All of these unaccompanied minors that are coming into the system. We cannot. We have received immunity he cannot. Asked them of their rare occasion of the eight sometimes we get and give it up like when they have great in the end it's a great hair. We get -- to give it up but we cannot ask. The other thing is we do not know the criminal history. So we could be having these children. Enter into our high schools. Who may have. And convicted. Convicted criminals in their home country we don't get that information. But it didn't wanna tell you a funny story -- a little app yet. One guy who came in. -- to enroll in school into the parent intonations and act. He presented all of his papers but of course. Since he can't speak English you know what the papers where it was an arrest warrant. And we didn't get the schools in -- But that but that now the idea that. Was he didn't get it rest it. Week out. About. Those. -- We have this I. -- It down. The ice. And I came down. Well he is at the school building. On what happened to appease. Its. And oh. I I -- in. This. Year but he. Immigration system. It. And laws that we. I mean it's. Taking a lot of liberals have this argument that it was the day. -- -- In. Its intent. To. Because -- anti trafficking. And it. It. It. It. Acts. -- -- but look at it. So. That's an. End and now. I. Think. Of -- as many people. And you know like I. Well we're gonna open it up to you the audience corner country. We're into a QNA. So I'm just put your hand up hold your hand up and we'll have somebody -- cooks he Brittany or someone's gonna come and -- a microphone. I ask away. I'll be up there with the roundtable in just any question to every one just shoot. -- I guess the office holders. A matter of tactical. How we are more likely to win basing our resistance to a managed immigration on the practicality. Of taxes and public services. Would we be better off calling it a civil rights matter on the grounds that I -- the equal protection of the law is being violated. What do we simply have to fight it on the practical grounds that representatives who will not represent us. I'm going to have throats cut into just pulled a double handful. Yes yes yes. We have to fight on on on grounds I think on all issues where. Where on the right side of this and we're doing it for the right reasons we're trying to protect our communities. Protect our country. And here in Massachusetts. The only way we will get things done in change this is too. I'm gonna keep saying this is at the ballot box in November. And right now you need to pay attention to the way that. Your state representative is voting on issues that make Massachusetts. A magnet. For illegal immigration. Because you know word gets around and -- in this Jessica that we are a top destination. That's not why we wanted to talk to the nation state here in Massachusetts. Maybe for around tourism but not that. And let me just tell you some of the roll call that we and you know what I'll do is I will post this on my web site. So that you can take a look and see how your representatives voted on it and my website it's on O'Connell dot com. But we've had votes to stop people. From getting public assistance without Social Security number. That failed to stop illegal immigrants who come here from getting automatic housing if you come here you say your homeless. You get housing and you get it for other people that are -- in line on that field. There was. Well. And amendments to give our. Military members their children and down in state tuition as -- -- Vegas sign here to Massachusetts. That fails however are. They would not stop illegal immigrants from getting in state situation. So so these things that you need to know these are the things that you need to tell people talk about. And I'll have got my web site for you. I can't answer that slightly differently because I've never run for state office and it never run for federal office it's simply. Local office that I have health and for me my constituents. Feel it in the pocketbook. Eighteen -- by cops disappearing. -- -- kids going into a school it's just bursting at the scenes for me my approach is. Pretty much focused on the economic impact of this but I think John is absolutely right it any argument. Usually a barrage of arguments will. Do the trick. Argument they might work for one person acting -- might work for another it's just with me personally. I stressed the economic impact on those who are living in my community right now safety. Is also very compelling. Because as we've heard we have no way to verify who these people are. Their age their names whether they've been involved in crimes we can't do a quarry on these people. -- safety in our communities is always a top priority for parents. Which you know we want our children to be state and our schools and on our streets and with people coming in that we cannot verify. We're not going to be able to do that. OK and vetting. -- Mr. microphone -- By the way this is the Vinnie. That's going to pick out of a dog. And Donald -- one. Felt left. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna take a little bit of -- historical twist on this with regard to illegal aliens. Case in point. 375 AD the cops want to protections supportive -- Roman empire reluctantly the emperor. Allowed them -- -- that and you and later at the guts ripped once did. Their own country. Inside of the Roman empire which is current day or Austria. Became such a burden that for ten AD they sacked. Rome the capital. Now I'm not suggesting that illegal aliens -- -- Washington DC. But -- happened -- our economy for way way too long. I believe it's only a matter of time when illegal aliens will want to. Wanna create their own country with Iowa own borders and create an alien nation. I believe all twenty million must leave America by deportation. Or yourself. I believe or twenty million must leave America -- deportation or self deportation. Stop the benefits and they will go Leach or some other country. Now. My question to all three and please be specific. How do you turn all that nozzle of benefits. So it'll goat -- they will not receive not one red cent. That's my question. -- just accidental overdose -- -- you. We can control immigration we can control illegal immigration. It there's not one silver bullet to solve it. But then again the reason they're coming here is to work. And so the first thing we need to. To do it. They comforted jobs they stay for the services because we make it easy form here. What we've found I would suggest starting with eliminating the jobs magnet and that is by not allowing employers to get away with hiring people who are here illegally. On start requiring use more use of start. Having a culture of compliance our workforce where it's simply no longer acceptable to have illegal workers on your payroll. There's different ways to do that. They're not in place it's not a requirement that employers verify. That the people they have on their payroll are allowed to work here and so we allow -- to get away with bypassing American workers. That would solve huge chunk of the problem. And not. The the problem is is that again the reason they're coming here is. To work it as mayor Kennedy said even once or at school what they really want to be doing is working. If it were possible for them to do that. And we didn't offer them a safety net fall back on because the jobs that they can get. Com are paying so little because they don't have the skills to be self sufficient. Then they will make a rational choice. And decide that -- many of them we have found what we've tried to enforce the law before when we've had robust work site enforcement. People get the idea that it's really not a great idea to be trying to live here illegally. We've done it before it's worked illegal immigration was going down from 2007. Until 2009. And it's not just because of the economy. It's because we're enforcing law and because states like Arizona South Carolina Georgia where the island and of handful of other states. Decided that they weren't tolerate illegal employment they were not giving in state tuition they were not an -- people public assistance. They were here illegally all those things worked together. To create clients of no tolerance. For being here illegally. And that's what it takes that there's no one answer but it's all of these things working together. And not every illegal immigrant comes over the border thirty to 40% of them come on visas. And so we you know need to address that issue as well. Jessica has some good points because people do come here to work they they do take jobs and we don't do a good enough job. Get getting employers not to hire them and so they are exploiting these people. If they don't have jobs they won't come here and then of course it's not here they can't get on our welfare system. So I think it's a very valid point that Jessica. And if they can't get a driver's license or register -- vehicle. And they can't get to the job all of these things to dissuade illegal -- point. Yeah. We -- making it too easy for that you can get a set of Massachusetts license plates for your vehicle. Even if you don't have a license and the legislature passed that law that was introduced by the by a group of Republicans. And the governor has ignored. Any out -- up correctly and act like in question and but back in my head -- you static talking you know why did. Because right now the idea of trying to deploy twenty million people is like trying to agreeing that while the water's still while. It can't happen because if you'd deployed -- million have a 39 coming in net only -- 817 million. Million -- have to contend so I think what you have to do is -- about that during Paris. An and you have to an -- that -- shut off the faucet I guess would be the more apt now. But until we can secure the borders and get back to a control. Reasonable. The flow of immigration. It doesn't matter what kind of the program up what to deport people because they'll still be out and and I'm gonna say something here that is probably not going to resonate well I'm expecting it yes in my -- -- I also don't think that deporting outs when he million of these people it's well first it's not practical. And in some ways I think it's not fair. And as that now that's nice that -- amendments. And it may only be very few exceptions to this but I wanna tell you that in in every election season. We had a teacher at classical high school that would allow his students to. Arm. Volunteer for candidate. And help out with that candidate and I got two girls who work. Going to be working with me and on Election Day said to them so you can go in about. And they -- said it would not reduced it to about why not registered to. They they come here illegally they had been brought you eight each of them by their parents when they were in state six months old and nine months. So I do have unlike probably many of view. A certain sympathy for those particular children it wasn't their fault that they brought their parents that's another story. But. Wait we -- would you put that. If that's. But this is the only country that -- now. -- -- -- I'm just saying that I would prefer. -- well. And as saying it will first. I don't think you could have a deep like every single person who's here illegally it -- don't think it. -- right but. But but all I'm saying is -- people like those doubts they would perfectly good. Unites states resident residents not citizens but. -- on OK go quick. Any -- -- at all. On his show. Winston Churchill said we don't pay attention to history we are doomed to repeat it now. The program -- -- history. Is a great example. That they want to create this aliens or that create a country within the room and it. Do all you you if you have any fear or concern. That it won't slit. That America's slide that there will be a desire for illegal aliens to create their own country -- end. Or is that America within the predictable yeah. Well I think that there are definitely are some. People here who are not citizens who would be sympathetic to that kind of a project. I am less worried about that that I am worried about. The way we allow our federal government to start deferring. Two other foreign governments in the way we run our policies here in the United States. For example. The Government of Mexico is is probably the biggest case in point where we have at least. In administrations past what we had surges of people coming illegally over the southern border. On the federal government went to government Mexico and said look -- come and through your country there's something you can do about this. And we have leverage with the Government of Mexico and persuaded them to take those steps just to dissuade people before they got anywhere near our border. Good to be repatriated. And and we organized these. Programs intercept people disrupt the smuggling networks in Mexico our current. Federal government in the Obama administration is not doing that instead. There they're just asking them -- to be nicer to them as they come through Mexico and give them B says so that they can transit Mexico. Legally. We are we have been to. To rule. Shot in too lenient we have not stood up for our national interests. And had been too willing to placate other governments that. -- like this phenomenon of illegal immigration because they like the remittances. That people sent back com. Off of their earnings and -- legal employment here that money that if Americans were working in those jobs would be supporting our economy. That's being sent back com that's what I'm more worried about it it's not that they'll be a separate country created here but that will sort of blur. Aren't national sovereignty by deferring to other. Let me ask the talent there at the microphone going through. -- -- evening. Government involved so that there were no illegal aliens. Granted visas here but yet we had nine your craft -- -- them. You -- what happened to those people. Now what happened to them the other part of the problem is. Mr. baker said he supported government involved in supporting these illegal aliens as it happened how -- we. As just general politics. Convinced mr. baker this is the wrong stance. Not issue granted but you know mr. Fisher's got to get a lot of I know I do I do. But so what do we do. Anyway thank you thank you very much. I'm -- Charlie went out and. I think I heard Charlie -- say with that he wants to get more information some assurances before anything like that happen. And that's what I heard in -- And it does is it a -- yes. They're there on the ice routinely. Moves. Its. Detainee population around the country to where there are. Our beds available to keep them detention while they're awaiting deportation. For a while in some cases there -- awaiting release. From detention -- because their case has been closed for one reason or another those flights that came and where I'm bringing. Nice is deportation caseload from other parts of the country specifically in this case my understanding of Texas because of the -- surge. They didn't have room for their regular caseload of criminal aliens that they were working to deport. So they brought them here because we had bed space available. On and some of the correctional facilities around the states for which the federal government pays. However some of those individuals word not a large number but some of that war released. In Massachusetts. And there's been no information provided to local officials about that they were our how many -- their war. What their criminal history was or how they were being monitored and that's got to change. At it like -- at. It's a process but some ice. And it is a process in and sent. Ice officials. 80% of the people. Paying an average of 35. Days. And then 20% of them have to go through some other proceeds would be detained. Well the reason why there's an orally detained forty days is because they've released into the community so when you're right. It the government of Massachusetts. Didn't need to open these detentions and it was because of -- it slowed down substantially. It's because these. Miners were east to sparks. Here in Massachusetts. And and I and I have some of those states in my community. Those sponsors charged wit. Watching over that child that unaccompanied minors until the child's hearing date comes up. Status date you know how it looking out at eight. 2017. So. I don't know that answer all I know that the person. The person who comes blow it agreed to sponsor this company. Does not have to prove the entry into the US. And it will not be deployed it all day at this child in the care. While that child is waiting. So it becomes. And it's parents. It's not so we knew these numbers from from organizations. From government agencies like ice don't say don't think. Well 80% of them don't have to state the detentions and it's ask. Why they don't. Stayed in detention and it's because they've been -- -- into the community. I just certain what Jessica just one or one quick follow up question. So of those mind playing loads -- many of them came from Texas and they were criminal alien. Yes that was I think these -- not unaccompanied juveniles. -- their -- couple on their but primarily it was rights as regular deportation case load. Which is overwhelmingly. Criminals people have been convicted of crimes on the may be happening convicted but. Exciting when you say -- and do we mean petty theft burglary robbery or do we mean murder rape sexual assault. All of the about. About. Tax cut. Right should be required under current Obama administration policies if you're not a candidate for deportation unless you've been convicted of a felony. Or three or more misdemeanors or billion in some cases an egregious immigration violators which means you've been deported multiple times before. Talents -- what that's different people on these planes. Some of them were released -- -- now ice does occasionally release people it regardless of criminal conviction like 36000 of them last year excellent yeah. You could be that Ted Bundy a while mall. I've just hypothetically right you could be no real -- the Charles Manson upon Doris but driving been convicted in the United States. Come on down messages. Well I tell you what if you are the Ted Bundy -- bottom -- -- and you you know after at Boston implements the trust. And you get arrested in the city of Boston. The Boston Police Department well if -- the Ted -- of Guatemala because they're not communicating with ice in their forbidding police officers two days ago. So you know on the same is true but some -- -- -- Just wondered too. And one thing that we can do is to cut funding to some of these cities towns and states that harbor illegal. Immigrants. And you know that's really where you can't. Hurt them but there might read about this if they have so much money in -- -- ago. They're gonna say we're gonna take any illegals we're not gonna report and we're not cooperate with guys. Well let's cut from the refining and give it to cities like land. Who are being. Forced to take in more unaccompanied minors. -- terribly good at the microphone. -- -- Well when it. Oh I'm sorry. Little. Okay go ahead Victor go ahead. Hello. When he does that. I don't know how many people here. You have gone through come through Ellis Island. And I can do Ellis Island. Now. And I hate to decide. General I'm I'm Ukraine's. My country right now you know what's happening. And I tell you. Lot of my friends because I lost my wife passed away -- breast cancer and I'm pretty much myself well. And if something happens in Ukraine. I may turn back and go back and help my countrymen. Against the Russians. Against Slobodan. Who is a KGB. Butcher along with Stalin or butchered my sisters and Brothers. In my presence. OK now. When not. Coming to Ellis Island. My mother was -- That is the medical thing. And as you know across the -- is there a meaty. A common -- I would say what diseases. You're hearing all about it. And they're just coming through. And through. Still with us what happened. My mother and we were quarantined for six months on Elvis -- We can see. Skylights. And a of Manhattan. And you know to sexual liberty. That we've heard so much of well. As a were common across. We have to has been -- History repeats itself. Well let's -- -- your story. And send -- the ones that are sick. Back where they belong with we've -- -- to -- back if my mother didn't get well we would have been turned back. Tell what's real what made and what drug would it now. Also. Write this to -- in the glasses she's been having signed up for awhile go ahead. Just bring it back to our post schools for a second I think that the ultimate problem the ultimate solution -- problem. With illegal aliens in the schools lies are common walls mayor's. Case in point -- Kennedy here. The the only thing that's gonna stop the illegal invasion Civil Disobedience. Those parks. And Rosa Parks. Did not give up for a seat on the bus and eloquently recite the laws that required to do so she simply didn't comply. Mean do you hear yourself manner you're paralyzed by the rules only -- its pilots have no choice I mean. Quotes that you've given us here tonight at -- sit back and take it. You just took in the unaccompanied minors I have to take in all these children. If my hands were tied with ropes before my hands are bound with handcuffs now I wouldn't deny anybody in education. Willow with respect of the double drop out rate -- they count it what can we do. We cannot even ask for verification there rate. -- -- With all due respect we don't want to hear that from -- we simply want you to not allow them to register. The civilly. Disobedient. In the week. And if you wolf he. And the mayors are the real problem here we need leaders and one of the things you said was that. You are you're going to keep pro testing -- protest. And nobody I'm not an error I have no power that's all I can do -- protest you're a leader. You can be civilly disobedient and it's like you are not going to come into our public schools. And I have two questions -- you a direct question. And sort of a rhetorical questions to -- questioners will you implement my suggestion. And stand up there and say you're not common in here. That's the direct one and rhetorical question is what all the mayors in the commonwealth did that. What was the staple of the federal government be forced to do with -- all these illegal aliens. -- -- They are probably only. A handful of news. That have anywhere near the population. Of unaccompanied minors that I have. So and then there others who have refugees for example. People come to us from all different angles so I don't think that we we would ever get. A coalition of matters that would be so strong that it would have any direct impact. Honesty on the state government. William. Wait a minute wait a minute please let me please let me -- I am afraid that -- Well first well I couldn't meet one to be checking around -- immigration status of every child. Going through the school toys it would have to be at the nations and we had the children register. That the shutdown would have to car. I can't make it happen first the second thing you have to understand. Is that. We eat I told you that we. 126 million dollars about it. Going -- the schools. We also received as does every community state aid and that aid bringing me. Expenditures. For our education system up to two. Dollars per year. Saying no house state government operate. If they if I -- to do that. They would immediately. Cut off. Any state and federal aid it -- right now which and I know I'll say oh that's great the practical answer to that is. But -- less would be deficit estimated. Might I guess I would be decimated. It. It's it's it's as simple. I do understand -- going. It's. No I just I I think it's simplistic solution because. There are so many other monetary concerns that I have to be concerned about. I have been concerned about educating children in my community to a good level and I can't wait I can't cut up my nose to spite my face. In reality there. We live in Massachusetts it is a liberal state. When you're elected when I was elected we took an oath to uphold the laws of Massachusetts and you know you're obligated to follow them. However you know the difference that you can make if you wanna change Massachusetts if you wanna change that lots if you want -- -- government. We altogether have to make that difference and I. Can't say -- times we have to do it at the ballot box that's quite an exchange that I changed a lot and that's how we can turn around this state in this country. All working together like that. We may actually that there is a role for. I'm activism and for the kind of Sybil statements that are talking about but you'd be politically Smart about it. On this border crisis of the last year. Have become the Obama administration has successfully. Focused attention on these kids when the reality of odd situation is that their parents. Paid for them to be smuggled here. And the administration is focusing attention on him. Because it sees the political benefit in doing so like pay no attention to twice as many. Families with kids who have crossed in the surge if successfully focused political attention on the kids. We need to not get sucked into that trap. The the the image a mayor denying an education to kids who had just become ponds in a political exercise is not a winner I'd trust me. We direct the civil action against the people are the problem and that people like our governor. The president and the members of congress. Who are acquiescing. To this. Amnesty -- That are the reasons for the policies that are causing people to risk the lives of their children and paid smugglers have been brought here. Years ago. When we've had surges like this an unaccompanied. Kids arrive here. Ice would arrest the parents because the parents who are responsible. For being car. Is that policy it could continue by the Obama administration. That would help solve the problem. And -- when they are -- doing the right thing about making people aware of the problem of what the impact our. -- -- You know Jessica you said all the countries -- -- -- over countries and routes out of immigrants but me in Madrid and cousins. We serve this country. I'm so damn problem. Let me tell you -- my parents homeland. Treats immigrants. Several years ago they signed the law that -- you can move. Your parents. Where there. As of 1950. -- -- not considered American citizen. Is that the army in the police. A nose because my cousins. Colonels. And majors in the Dominican army please. And had a poker room not that we should do that here that's how they handle their problem. Mail -- -- respect compassion is telling us. This is how Mexico. Treat a person like me. Under the Mexican law. Via my cousins -- medal won this country's uniform. My cousins can in the debate and special forces operators my cousins -- none of -- got a new look city police assault at all. Uncontrolled immigration Davis on 9/11. -- my cousins are below the rank of sergeant from the NYPD. Sought -- personally and 1000 mind. You see when the bodies with his mother in law compassion is. Felt compassion. -- you only -- and only industrialized country. -- the also the also that a -- one you're automatically a citizen. And other countries -- -- -- citizen unless your parents work. Citizens. Or legal residents. It takes more them being born -- to be an American. He. National surveillance. Before the -- answers back and we don't like what we're running out of time one more question -- haven't done much -- about. -- Vigilance that are. Yet Coca-Cola missed 12. Because of your microphone Jodi Kantor's answer such elements question we'll get you going that you. I I. I wouldn't be -- to change a lot unfortunately. All of us in this room. Have to contend with but the -- is currently until it's changed. And I do think there is room. Floor compassion in the strong sat at immigration rules that must be followed. Without. Any any divergence from those rules and that's been the problem is we have -- -- in this country. It's just the people that attacked with apple in enforcing those. Have not done so and that's how we find ourselves in this situation. I -- It's ended up water it's up to others who act with that wears ice where's the Homeland Security are they doing -- to -- Sonnen talked about votes it the president. Every member of congress takes an oath to uphold. And defend the constitution of the United States. And they have not been doing that and that's flat -- need to speak out. -- I think we've we've we've talked about this the way to change the laws it's. By voting in people who are going to think like you were going to make a lot this season. That that's how we make changes how we get things that I I'm elected I stand up for you. All the time I end up like check out that I. There are technical that would do that there are people. Part -- that right now -- the -- of the people that we -- galactic. Yeah there's there's the group -- an epic fight against the against the legislature on with the against our own party constantly. And it is not an easy thing to do but we cut. It and we believe in new and now I'm. -- let's -- more about elected Jeff Bailey's on crack. Balance. Bob why not Caroline Collins -- him and joke -- you calling me at all. -- You need to have her. Brad why. That is how we are going to change. Look aren't just got to say one thing Cooper we were running out of time -- You wanna change things in this state like I'm not saying it's the magic bullet among things the silver bullet. You I'm telling you trust me wanna tell you if I see it in the show actually in the ratings I see in the tax I feel in the you know. There are many more of us in this state -- even any of you can imagine. They want us to think were marginalized minority we're not. We are growing I believe in -- potent political force and I believe soon we will become a silent majority or -- the vocal majority in this state. However we have one major fundamental institutional obstacles. You know what we are. Were guerrilla army. We're guerilla army. And we have everything on our side except we have leader who keeps stabbing us in the back. And bad guy. That guy is House Minority Leader Brad -- I'm Kelly. Shot I wanna say if I -- -- kind of public -- likes of Sean O'Connell and Jeff -- and Jim lines and Nicole and mark embargo. War with the fund mine in 95% of the issues will tell me privately. That they keep getting stuck in the back not by the democrats' big in the front. -- -- -- So if we get. The people that we want. In this election where we can tip the numbers in the House Republican Caucus. Where they can have a vote in January on who their leader will be and Brad Jones -- now. Imagine if she's the face of the Republican Party. Week. Not -- on television. Challenging real challenging. I mean. My friends ban on message -- big -- message goes out to the public. And so the one thing we need to do I think bush -- been hammering that point. We gonna start electing reformers. We gonna start electing people for our side we're gonna put you. The taxpayer. And middle class law abiding Americans first. And so you do without my friend and a public. We will mean. Now 29 Republicans we can be so much more effective than we happen. And if we add numbers in November will be even more effective but. We need. The kind of leadership that will stand up constantly. Against the Democrat to make the changes that we need to make instead of it. -- And help me again -- Boehner brought. It mounts are going that you -- my own yet she gave it to me for a second I like to say something there is a place for compassion. Compassion for the taxpayers. Yes. That's my neck. And. I I agree with them there and I agree with Shana. You do have to follow the law but do it in a way by showing compassion. To the taxpayers. You have to get people in the legislature. You have to support these people. And Sean is completely right we can do this so I just wanted to say that a good start -- opt. Clarkson told me. Okay -- actually shot O'Connell. I want to see here and a seminar sometime ago and I was really really engaged by her and that's why I'm running. And I would encourage other people in this room to think about stepping up because it's an incredible correspond over my name is Tim Hampton and I'm running in Norway and part -- thank you. And I thought this is like -- field. If -- could show a proxy and -- are really mapped. And now -- serious cooking now I think is important got a cardiac arrest. -- a minute we got so I think that wolves the market closed the building -- -- the opening statement. So. Felt caught in dog rag. I -- legend -- -- or that any look at the map please make your question -- is going to get locked him. I will be very -- I am a career educator I'm also a taxpaying homeowner. Our community is waiting to get the state -- turned back to our communities for our schools for our legal. American children. Things took the governor. I would like to know and I heard you on the radio on the -- corner -- And I heard that the lawyers have believe it's the ACLU. Made you go away from the ninth school into the -- school. Upon whose authority did they make you do that why is -- -- more important than ours. And how we going to legally challenge that we are not obligated to educate illegals. I I think Phillies on the panel will agree with me as the law. -- stands currently we are obligated. We controlled. Our borders and our immigration. This problem is that way. And and this how you deal with any control Anchorage to educate it's actually. It was that children's -- Which advocates and advocated on many at the same case that the ACLU would otherwise pick up so. So it was not the case argued that it was like mine -- advocates Sandner. It it created that counts but the laws on the books -- at least day. That we have to operate 990. Hours of classroom instructs team. Two children who are eligible for that classroom instruction. -- -- You sit there -- -- yeah that would. You can read how awkward the panelists outside. I don't want as the deadlock then. I also the outside as well if you wanna meet me -- that. -- that all of note.