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Obama says he has no strategy for ISIS. 8/29/14

Aug 29, 2014|

Kuhner says it’s disgraceful and dangerous.

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Don't find here on the great WRK. They know Jeff Horner. Bulldozer my friends it's -- today. Weekends almost upon us Labor Day weekend. Usually it's a bad news cycle. How old map today my friend OK. So. To be or not to read. Yesterday. -- dear leader. After two weeks of partying and vacationing. With his own administration. Now there's -- wasn't Jeff corner this wasn't Rush Limbaugh this wasn't the mark -- men are savage her Panettiere how we car. It it was it was deputy national security advisor -- -- It was his own Defense Secretary. Chuck. It was secretary of state and -- frost what care we AKA appeal appeal but the all of them coming out and sank -- must be bombed. Prices must be destroyed. Ice this must be crushed. We must have a concerted bombing campaign not just any rock. But way into Syria which is the safe haven the base of operations the stronghold of crisis. On top of that you read the New York Times in report after report citing senior administration official. After senior administration official. Admitting that now the United States was conducting. Numerous. Drone surveillance operations. Flying drones all over Syria. And everybody says while it was obvious these drones are there to basically gather information. To spy on crisis. To set the stage for what the administration. They cabinet. His national security team has stopped military advisors his top military officials his own secretary of state his own vice president. Have come out and said is going to be a massive bombing campaign. Dots -- what everybody was -- So the dear leader. Came out of a meeting with his national security team yesterday. And I said this the proxy I said Cox. Everybody's everybody is now saying he's gonna announced a bombing at. An air war a bombing campaign massive airstrikes. Upon nicest in Syria. I mean -- is this what the whole administration has been telling the media now for the last week. And so he came out. First of all before we get into the actual substance and -- bombshell. Bombshell admission. Which has -- the entire world this one. Even though liberals. Even -- lips. Are like a bad he didn't say he couldn't have said that he just couldn't have said before I get to that. He comes out in addition to that Brittany what color would you say the simplest. Kind of what beige or brownish. Tact he and you just pay and it was just this I -- We get that's starts that I can I swear I I temple can at the Super Bowl press conference I'm looking at the salt. I'm looking -- -- Joseph Biden said Kmart. I mean it honestly it looked like it was. And a hundred. Nine dollar shelter and where the hell did you get that super Wal-Mart Kmart charge -- target Bridget get that suit OK but let that go. So very is like a homeless man in that suit. And then. She admits. To this done to Washington press corps. To the entire country to the entire world. Mr. President. What are you going to do about crisis any rock and especially nicest in Syria. Roll it Brittany. I consult with congress throughout this process. I am confident that as commander in chief I have the authorities. To engage in acts. We are conducting currently. As our strategy develops. We will continue to consult with congress and I do think it'll be important for congress to -- -- and for that -- consultations with congress. Continue to develop. So that. So the American people are part of the debate. But I don't want to put the cart. Before the horse we don't have a strategy. Yet I think. What I've seen Indian summer via a half hour news reports. Suggests. That the folks are getting old. Further ahead. -- -- And where we're -- -- and improving yeah. Homes and I think that's. Not just my assistant with the assessment of our militaries run on two I actually got clear plans they were developing the -- at. At that point now I will consult with congress. And make sure that their voices are heard. But there's no point in me asking for a whole. Action on the part of congress before and hotel is not what it is just I want is going to be required for us to get I don't know what to do. I did I -- how our strategy yet. Let me repeat that let this honestly this. Is maybe maybe arguably -- some really got some competition. He's one of the stupidest. Literally most amateurish. Incompetent. Frankly pathetic. Public statements. Ever uttered. By president of the United States. This. Isn't beyond amateur hour this is beyond bush -- This. We're talking now this is kindergarten this is pre K. My Ashton would even say I don't have a strategy daddy how to get the cookies because you want me to get the cookies from the air from the cabinet. I this is I'd -- I've I dishes I mean who got first of all okay. There's a couple of very obvious quick points. Everybody knows this. Even if you don't have a strategy and how the hell can you not have a strategy after everything has been going on. For the last couple months for the last couple weeks all I forgot you've been partying you've been vacationing. Barr you've been golfing. All. You argue you haven't been around for the last couple months the last couple weeks well I. Our man it's all starting to make sense to me now dear leader all all you've been basically. A -- MIA missing in action okay their leader Bob but spill. If you don't have a strategy. You don't tell the world you won't have a strategy. Nobody does. I mean this is this is I swear this is this is elementary. -- -- -- This is forget politics one on one forget diplomacy one on one forget foreign policy one on one forget. This is life won all one. That's point number one okay. Point number two biggest -- to be fair. When bush after 9/11. It took him about a month six weeks to craft a strategy. She was coordinating with the northern alliance in Afghanistan with potential allies on the ground. He got to get our military on board he had to get our allies on board yet to put together a coalition. -- at a rate setter etc. so all the day after 9/11 or two days you can have a strategy he was building crafting and implementing a strategy. But he's not running around in front of press commerce are I don't know what I don't know what little. What should -- news is. You're asked point blank Mr. President have you made a decision how I've been made that decision yet however. Let me just say this in the strongest possible terms. To our assists and -- all the other radical jihadist. Committing unspeakable horrors and crimes including the beheading of an American journalist Jim Foley. Do not scoffed at American power to not scoffed at American will. We will forge a response. And when we do. EU and everyone else in the world will know about it. Because were coming for your days are numbered. And everybody's like home caught it was between Boise and do all my god this would put the fear of god. Or -- better or more accurately their fear of a lot. In tough crisis into our enemies into our adversaries instead. I'm I don't know. -- -- Aren't forged our armed force strategy at -- hard. I told our football -- -- a much continue talking in -- seat now. Why is this. Never done why is this potentially shall destructive. Why is this so undermining of the military and of American power. Because when you send out. Unless you have no control over your own government. Either they have sold little discipline is like a frat house. Where everybody's basically going roll everybody. And everybody so Chuck Hagel and Martin Dempsey on their own without permission from the president told the wrong joint press conference. Deputy shot his mouth off without without running -- and having it vetted by the president. His -- vice president Joseph Biden shot his mouth off without asking approval from the president. His own deputy national security advisor threatened airstrikes without consulting the president are getting the green light from the president. So unless he's running a frat house. We're absolutely no discipline no cohesion. No basic organization. -- Which is even worse. You don't send your entire cabinet and your entire government for over a week. Every journalist every reporter in front of the television camera press conference -- joint press conferences statements. Martin Dempsey this is quote an apocalyptic threat. Then she was basically say we're a bomb tomorrow. And then. Do nothing. In fact not only do nothing could save you know what -- -- going to -- you don't have a strategy. Why. Because now ice is doesn't fear you. You don't think -- this was looking at that press conference. Everybody was looking at that press conference that are told -- after our post are we to a post mortem after the show I say coach you were into for commercial. I -- that press conference could -- all news cycle. Because it's expected he's gonna announce air strikes. Dubbed everybody was -- bowl press forward -- Obama always speaking later tonight most likely will announce air strikes the whole world was waiting for it. To Syrian government was waiting for crisis was waiting for the Russians were waiting for a -- was waiting for everybody. Crisis looks at this and says are you kidding me. We've -- these guys will be heading Americans left right and center. And this guy says we don't have a strategy. It is akin to this. Community is akin to this. There's so basic it is -- that's when I say it's even pre K it's prekindergarten. To those of you that have children you know exactly exactly. -- men were -- when I mean now. With my passion in my -- I know if I ever make a threat. -- Don't go and take the cookies with -- permission for mommy and daddy. And the next climate -- the cookies you're gonna get punished without getting our permission. Passion if you keep hitting your sister you're gonna be punished don't ever -- your sister again if you make any threat. And hey you never follow through on your threat in other words. If you draw our red line after red line after red line. And then you never fall all through. What happens to your kids. Not only do they ignore you. They have even less respect for you. They get even worse their behavior gets worse. It's like this is parenting 101. If I tell Ashton you take another co Q what are asking daddy you're going to be in trouble and I don't do it. -- -- -- gonna start taking cookies is gonna take obstacles. He's gonna take chocolates he's gonna take shares he's a -- whatever he wants I'm I'm creating a monster. That's why I put him in the corner of not to be mean I drew a red line he crosses that red line -- he gets he goes in the corner. If he's really not a set him up to his room. That's life. So my question to you is this. Now that the president has announced to the world that we have no strategy. How is she now effectively reduce America to a paper tiger. Is he now now just embolden -- and strengthening crisis in Syria. And honestly. After everything that's been going on. With the rising threat that term used by Obama himself. Cancer. Ices is a cancer. On the Middle East and on the region and on the world. How can this man. I had this speech. -- this late date. Still how have no strategy. Do we have a child. Do we have an adolescent. In the White House 6172666868. Is the number. Panettiere up next thanks for holding go ahead of Hank. We have and I'm unhinged child in -- approach. Whoever did you know which has been well. Then we -- sister's kids yes they are. And there's no cure heart that's why you said we don't have much strategy to get out of me. He just embolden them in give him more time to -- -- hell in the Middle East at all they know. Thank you very much for that call Hank. Rick you're up next thanks for holding go ahead -- Yet it went from Denver. The if you if you hear it I can't -- period. General Martin Nancy's book did you see how bad it was -- -- -- has. Two weeks ago I really had wide open that's just how incompetent this administration or as. When they release information that we try to rescue mission for James slowly in itself. He he he not called in the four years if at all just -- military pilot I was a Blackhawk pilot. It was my assignments what I was injury that was sent to around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And larnaca in the Beirut and supporter industry. I can tell my wife I was going to circus but I cannot tell the world don't know why we're going to -- I got back I couldn't talk about it. You just don't talk about those -- that it -- be releasing information when they released information last week. Saying that in fact that they try to rescue missions it was -- missions that we tried. That's just hold me how politically selfish. This man alone you just don't ever -- those things. And then deliver political capital and talent but you know what I try. This Minnesota elk are still felt and frankly I felt like this at -- The will reject her first time in my life. I'm 67. I'm not being at the parade. Forty internal terroristic aspect. Strikes in our own country -- I end the day would be open border -- or call eight decal won't priority fire checkbook. Look at his checkbook. It can't find the right break in and destroy the Republican Party that course priorities are. They don't know what this country that get their act together real quick people we have another eleven -- the first -- we'll have a look like child's play. I thank you very much very well said -- we're gonna have another story coming up soon. About now you have Americans. Flooding. As foreign fighters to join ice it's. You're not gonna a lot of it is coming from an area that I know which is where we adopt -- rushed in from a Minnesota the Minneapolis region. And so we had to spend several months there if you're adopting national and -- there's a latest report on this it is absolutely chilling. So they're going to fight with crisis that they're Americans that American passports and they can come right back into the United States. Futures had to be heading of Jim Foley. Worth this guy was excoriated by the liberal media not just mean the conservatives by the New York Times by the lips. For incredibly playing golf five minutes later. They've been announcing these strikes for our potential strikes now for ten base. For ten days. And what's she doing I swear to you fund raiser today fund raiser over the weekend his raising money. He's got most strategy. But he's got a strategy on how to raise money. Andrea Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Andrea. Hey -- out of -- and it didn't because that are -- -- but I think when it ended. -- want that led to let everything go. That evidently is eat get. This area. And there it sounds yeah. The -- he doesn't kill them ferry tickets and it'll -- -- -- -- again without at least it's still eat that hadn't put an avid conservative against Nevada. There's another run an extremist. Rob Bartlett bluntly if -- treatment. Think the fact that fact this song when I got him thinking but you may not be one of them but he certainly keeping them. -- look I think it's very clear objectively if you just stand -- you don't have to be a conspiracy -- Just stand back objectively look at his presidency. What has he done. He overthrew Qaddafi which enabled al-Qaeda and the islamists to basically seized power in Libya. He pulled the rug out from Hosni Mubarak. Dictator no question about it but a pro US dictator what are what are you replace it with the Muslim Brotherhood. Look it now what he did in Iraq by not signed the status of forces agreement condemned that country to crisis. What was the one war that he really wanted to fight. It was still bombed the -- Christian Bashar Asad regime again a dictator. But basically someone on the side of Christians and the yellow lights the enemy of al-Qaeda. So look what he's doing with he -- appeasing them on the nuclear bomb look what he's doing with Israel and Hamas always -- Israel in the back. And effectively siding with Hamas. So when you have a president. Who's emboldened. Al-Qaeda in Libya. Emboldened ice is an al-Qaeda in Syria. Emboldened al-Qaeda and ice is any rock emboldened Hamas. Emboldened the genocide -- Islam -- Nazis in Tehran. How can this man and not be sympathizer for radical Islam. I think -- I totally agree this is so scary for the I think you're right ticket sales jumped up in the face. It's it's right there and nobody wants to admit it. And on top of that with a wide open borders. We're in now we know we have forget an ice is four -- what some foreign fighter from Syria Iraq coming in through Tijuana Mexico we now know owners -- huge Islamist community. In Minnesota. I'll come and get to that story the next hour. In Minnesota. Doctors hundreds of Americans now by our CIA admits fighting with licensed. You don't think they wanna come back into the United States. With an American passport many of them have -- size means like McCain Douglas McCain. This might even below all of allowable -- Mohammed Mohammed mom is Douglas McCain. Come right back in. No problem. If they wanna launch a terror attack taken to a Boston Marathon bombing week after week after week after week. And this guy. After -- dear leader your vacation is over. You -- that was done on Sunday you mean you still don't have a strategy. After your whole administration went out on a -- now I gotta ask you this soccer just just sit back for a second. You're now license just put yourself in their shoes. Here's some way in a cave dwelling jihadist OK you just finished be adding a couple of women and children. They're a little tired now that your hands are a little tired your washing your hands this and that they're having some -- to -- a little camel jerky or local new president he president MLB response president give a response. And you are dead on -- CNN. And you're watching in your little hot. And everybody's expecting almighty god the Americans are gonna hammer us now. Everybody I have a happy said we're gonna get hammered Nagel said we're gonna get hammered. Dempsey said we're gonna get hammered Biden said we're gonna get hammer we're gonna get hammered Sheehan has been single week administration's -- the bomb Syria. They even announced there's drones spying on the the goal we are received owning -- guys they are looking at -- spying on us. You're anticipate the president now to basically say we're gonna bomb the hell -- -- -- you're waiting fort. You see him in that 109 dollar Kmart -- That's launched and sizes too big. And he stands there and says. -- -- -- -- I don't wanna put the cart before horse. -- talked to more bearable and I want -- congress I want bargain articles like Derek I'll Islamabad the -- Margaret and I got a -- all Shawmut and actually did. He literally said he could make a decision because he needed to speak with his NATO allies next week I swear to you. Mr. President he never heard the phone. You you don't have to fly to Europe actually speak as somebody you don't just something called. Off when it comes to executive orders for amnesty Deng you have a phone then you have a plan Daniel and all of a phone. But now when it's time to coordinate a response to crisis suddenly on a tank column on the phone I got -- last week I meet him in person. You mean you can't call up David Cameron on the phone. You can't call up I Angela Merkel on the phone. You can call up the French president François Hollande on the phone. You can't call a -- Stephen Harper the prime minister of Canada on the phone or the the leader of Australia on the phone you you can do -- their leader. Talk your fundraising today your fundraising tomorrow your fundraising Sunday. And. So you have to wait till next week. My friends. What to draft well. What the hell. Is going on here. What was he. -- But I don't wanna put the court. Before the -- we don't have a strategy. Yet. You know I'll know more -- out there and dog stuff but living a bit earlier. Because this -- the drug truck you know he's the buzz he's the greatest he's the one we've been waiting. -- but I don't wanna put the court. -- the course we don't have a strategy. Yet. Well -- This that I said this to Britney image card today can we do a lot of data to show prep as we drive into work. You know cooks you know I've always had a debate about religion -- clicks he's basically -- religious skeptic as many of you know all the very devout Christian Emma. -- -- are developed they're practicing Roman Catholic. And so we always argue whether god exists in nature of god the nature of true nature of religion etc. etc. I know I know all I've got him over a barrel on this one I said Britain. If Ford is survived the next two years without a major terrorist attack. It's conclusive evidence that god exists. They -- one. I'm god that's -- -- -- every atheist every agnostic every religious skeptic the skeptic like coaxing a missing cuts. You don't think that was divine intervention. You know how many people prayed to keep America safe and that was the hand of god literally that hand of god. That prevented a terrorist attack. If we can get through the next two years without a major terrorist attack. This is gonna be one of the greatest religious revivals you ever seen in human history. They're gonna build cooks he is going to be getting baptized. At a local church. 6172666868. Might care up next thanks for holding go ahead Mike. Exactly know who'd -- -- and temperature and remember to downloading especially in the presidents so keep that in mind. I private Obama had no idea that I would -- -- called reverse stock market back out to the TV Iran. And I seen him up there looked at aren't you act like you were a century 21 real their market sort of look at -- The impact it would mean he. Waved the white why act okay he didn't. You know development brought in price and so it isn't everything I know this -- -- they actually -- Projected images surrendered I should know now a couple of takeaways. If you only one that called -- our -- Now let me previous caller for the point when they call them so I -- they're totally are rejecting the fact that really -- -- You'll want to call that -- very curious another tick away years. You all -- people -- -- -- an -- golf course we all that's going rather we deduct -- -- why don't all sports. Well I think you have to say that they don't have a strategy and you know while -- there and worked right he can't conduct visits to Britain as they are the golf course. Well Mike it's tough between the fifth and the sixth hole might. To put together a strategy to the FBI says you see what I'm saying -- Are. All sold I'm sorry that's not. -- for that call it's out and -- this is obviously for the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. I soul is for the Islamic state of Iraq and the -- box. And what they mean by the -- on it is they mean Syria. Then you have been on they mean Jordan they mean Israel in other words the greater Middle East. And so Mike is completely right they refer to themselves as I spoke. So you can -- -- reviewed and there's obviously some kind of subliminal meaning era one point point. If you guys can get rid of the Jews point point point point. -- -- -- Britney was telling me out today this morning and even as you're talking Mike in my year. She's like it was just so damn distracting to I couldn't focus on what he was sending a double him at the sort. How bad is that she'll pull picked out your shall. The -- I mean seriously and -- -- -- Kmart. I mean as -- forget Joseph banks Joseph banks is too high class remember Joseph banks as that's. That's that's that's luxury stuff that's that that's a high fashion. I did the -- what Wal-Mart where the hell did you get that so. And I look at the -- I look at the color of the soup when he wears the suit. It's the sort of a banana republic. We was washed out with a -- My -- says he was washed out with a -- everybody by the ways making finest suit everybody. -- how are you a lot of prominent. -- act -- they get what do booted in America that you don't earned on our first of all mr. president's. Golf cart that we have of course. That's that would checked out so -- I think he stole that super -- glitter on the Matlock show. Think I literally looks like mundane but noted that -- well she's the first black white orange Opel wolf well president. I -- on a more serious note you don't our strategy you mobile world. You don't have a strategy you know how open that we saw her cat jokes. Going -- the world we don't have a clear and we shouldn't. Stocks at this moment you're someone has got to get up there and ripped a lot of that White House which grew. It is so reckless. It is sold dangerous. It is so irresponsible. I'm telling you the liberal press corps. -- it was a mind Bender. Respondent. Even if you don't have one how can -- not have won after all -- let that go off everything that's happened but let that go. But. Even if you don't have one for God's sakes. Don't open your amount. Of State's open it. Now as many of you know I used to play chess with cross timer back when I was in DC. And so this is very important I think I was laughing I didn't mean to laugh but it it it's actually funny it's not funny but it's funny. Crime or as many of you know is -- he's not a quadriplegic. He's paraplegic he's lost the use of his legs. I'll give this story -- it's very sad story. Decades ago but he sees a brilliant man he's a great man. He's overcome his adversity his handicap. In -- permit him even a better columnist and a better analysts but let that go. So he's in any he's a purple -- so he's his legs he has no functional use of his legs at all. He can kind of move his arms like when I -- play chess with them. He can't grab a chest piece let's say upon or night. He kind of like. Porsche is it with his fingers -- just -- so yes some use of his hands. Now they put him up in a wheelchair when he does TV USA Fox News. The problem is though he has the contain himself because if he gets too angry literally start jerking in his wheelchair and then slide off the wheelchair. So that's why he's developed his persona -- like a kind of cool calm surgical. Concise. Analyst. Almost like a surgeon. He just picks apart Obama are or whoever he's criticizing almost like he's in the operating room almost like a clinical clinician -- -- Listen to -- primary yesterday and -- you can't TV their video orbit. I thought it was gonna fall off his wheelchair. She was so upset he's jerking you shaking I thought the pork I was just gonna fall off a wheelchair he was so upset. How irresponsible Obama's comment was yesterday role in Britain. Guys sort of -- president could no longer surprised. I was wrong he shocked me today. The president of the United States in the middle of a real crisis. For a few days after the beheading them in America. Deliberately. Sort of spitting in the face of the country and demonstrating useful things. The president gets in front of the world and says I don't have a strategy. This is that is true don't. Say anything. Why do you announce you don't have a strategy but even worse. Was what he said about Ukraine. He basically said on Ukraine I do have a strategy. To strategy is to do absolutely nothing. He said you know Russia is only hurting itself I can see that. The rest of the world probably won't see it later that he can see that. Russia has stupidly declined. To take all the off ramps are not treated -- great it's only losing. His rise in Ukraine and he basically said we're gonna do nothing. How wait until like chat with the allies next week I thought he had a phone. How about picking up the phone and talking with the allies on the phone as a way to communicate. Rather rapidly but he basically said we're not gonna give them weapons obviously we're not concerned troops on the ground what he could've saved lives. We are -- now imposes sanctions I have been saying for months. We will impose if there's an invasion and this was an obvious invasion. Obama said there's nothing new here move along as if they're setting -- a column of tanks armored personnel. Carries his self propelled artillery into Ukraine is not what it obviously isn't an invasion. I mean I mean I've I was kind of laughing because I I know chalk -- -- -- army needs -- moving back and forth and is he never moves. So he's it's almost like he wants -- you can see he wants to bang his -- I do -- tonight prime man I'd like to. You bang your face on the table but he can't so he's kinda like I mean I was a bit laughing and as a boy he's so upset he's -- jerking in his chair. And the pork army fought -- he doesn't do it because he may fall off the chair. But I mean he's he's completely right. You've got you've been gobbling up now much as Crimea he's now sent an armored columns tanks. Three to 4000 Russian fighters. Were right across and eastern Ukraine. We now have. Any war team. Europe. Russia has just launched an invasion. -- ukrainians have been begging for weapons. What is the dear leader I'm -- oh. And any stands there and he's lecturing cute and I swear a -- is not gonna turn out well for you what what are you Nostradamus. You know Russia's interest better than Putin. You know Myra shot what's good for Rasho. More than Putin does. He's just taken over the most strategic piece of real estate and the blacks see the Crimea. He's now gobbling up eastern Ukraine. All of the vast minerals the wealth the industry he's gonna create a land route a land bridge from Russia strike the Crimea. Bullied me. Or Putin knows exactly what he's going. And he stands there. Like somehow she knows what's gonna happen in the world several generations from now. How this is gonna end up bad for Russia and what I don't know what when he won 51. -- -- He's abandoned the ukrainians. He's effectively abandoned the Israeli X. He turned his back on the Iraqis we didn't sign that status of forces agreement my god. The Kurds and Christians are being slaughtered in Northern Iraq. There are -- likes. And this guy stands there and telling. Now he's gonna -- fund raising over the weekend. We have an -- per. In the White House. And what is a very dangerous. I don't wanna get to this story the next hour. Is we now have crisis fighters were recruiting Americans. Hundreds of them have now poured into Syria any rock. Many of them from Minneapolis Minnesota but also other parts of the country they have US citizenship. They have US passports. What happens if they decide to come back here with the dirty bomb. What happens -- this site here to come with a couple of pressure cookers and attacked another marathon. Or sporting event or football game or shopping mall. Or. You just read the latest issue of al-Qaeda magazine I swear to you as god as my witness they now have an English magazine. Where there are now actively saying in their own magazine their next target what they really wanna hit is Las Vegas. And -- have a strategy. 6172666868. Shame on you dear leader. But I don't wanna put the cart. Before the horse we don't have a strategy. Yet I think what I've seen in the summer via. -- news reports. Suggests. That folks are getting old. Further ahead. Where we're at today than we currently are. The father son holy spirit please keep us safe. Please keep us safe from this president lord I'm begging you. Then you're up next thanks for all big welcome. -- want to -- event. I know these kids are younger than mine that. As they get older especially -- Hispanics are the biggest -- the apparent especially. One who's to the -- all the military action is to convince them that there's going to be a positive side otherwise depression will just take all our constituency or at the end of the tunnel. So when he came out of -- -- have a plan ahead -- put a spin Ottawa both like kittens so well. That must mean that they do and obviously try to -- the bad guys now I don't believe it. But there -- the less likely to -- -- And I I think that the greater the bigger picture that the American people -- -- two quarters. To detect what the American populace is is is that lazy arrogant person display at a couch watching TV pop art. And then not going to do what he's -- -- the lights go out in the peavy pitch shot. And I hate to say it by a senate for a while that things need to get worse. It's for the going to get better in the biggest demographics that are voted for Obama and support Obama much a women. Gators progressives liberals because allies haven't been expected. And even though people say they're warrior -- that are there -- war. We reached at collapse because both my kids are involved the military has anyone on percent of the population that that sort -- So people are just weary of watching it on TV which again goes back to the media about what that -- Once they get affected and we will and it's unfortunate but we will be this (%expletive) and then when the progressives are effected. And that you know affected it's just mind boggling because these folks that the protocol in the -- -- -- thanks a golf that. Those people that support him the worst. It's just mind -- Yeah -- this and thank your kids for their service god bless him he's a wonderful kids been. And I can't thank you RC did a very good job. If you have -- if you have a couple of children in a military band believe me you did something right. One and it's just as one on got accepted to a great -- school. In Massachusetts and opt to go to apply pressure on this -- college it asks. And took the ROTC -- so you know what I came back from deployment medal back to school but when when kids when young people in this country. Yet all of the military which that's what they really see what's going on because they you know it has much of the military's been true. In spite of what the president spent the destroy it there's still some good core values and -- and they know reality and aspects down. You know my son was 22 -- so his bosses. And -- most policy directly affect and because if they're taking or all kinds of perks and benefits and and it has been used to repay it in reducing the areas that the consider have just. We had acute illness that people in military each look at what that it jihadist that doing to train -- at eight. 910 years all the chill -- forcing them to watch be heading to -- conditioning them. So that they are going to be fighter who's going to fight in the -- spots that's what I want or else we have all these kids. But it -- you know speak French don't fight a compromise. I hate America our America is evil America's bad America is always oppressing everybody. Absolutely. Meant god bless you my friend. Bank just take -- 6172666868. Coming up next. The -- serious threat here at home. And what is going on in England radical Islam on the march I've got those stories.