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Sep 23, 2014|

Ronnie David talks about the NFL, U2's new album and more...

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I like many other Americans. And the dog -- the president and AMCC DW RKO. Lack of leadership and -- us Boston's hawks -- And I would like distances. Returning it to the running didn't show up right David I will be your host for the next few. And -- so many choices on a Sunday night I would like to sincerely. Thank you for joining me I hear on the great WRKO. For the next few hours 6172666868. Is the number to call in and speak directly with me Ronnie David. Where you can leave -- taxed at 68680. This is my third show here on WRKO. And I could not be more thrilled to be here. Offer those youth that do not know me -- runny David I'm from the South Shore. I'm an artist I'm a musician and I'm an inventor are on the union guy and a very proud. Conservative and a very concerned American ought to those of you that do know me. I'd like to thank you so much for tuning in again tonight. God this is really a treat. And and I know that it's really a treat because you know tonight. Tonight I'm up against Sunday Night Football. And the last time I was on the air which I think was about three weeks ago maybe four weeks ago it was the Labor Day weekend Sunday night. And so thank you so much for tuning in it really is great to have you with me here tonight. I come to you tonight is kind of a slightly saddened. Men. I listen to Roger Goodell is domestic abuse press conference I'm gonna play if a couple sound -- -- that a little bit later. But one of the things that occurred to me over the past few days is set -- had to come and face a very peculiar truth. That I never thought I'd hear myself I say let alone think. I don't care about football that much anymore. There it is I don't really care about football all that much anymore. And to those to those of you listening that know me it's almost a blasphemous thing. For me to say. Even as an artist. You know football has always been my absolute favorite sport since I was a kid. My absolute favorite sport into my twenties and into my thirties. And -- I've always seen. I've always seen football is just the perfect sport. The perfect microcosm. Of life. I've always admired. The incredible physical conditioning. Required to play football I I think it supersedes almost any other sport on the planet although if you disagree with that of course you're always welcome to call -- At any time it's 6172666868. But I've always admired football I've always admired what it stood for I've always admired its its American traditions. Of always admired. The the celebration. Of our nation's faith. That always represented that was always represented in the NFL. I have so many incredible memories. Of getting together with my best friend. You might best friend ever. And we would get together to watch football. With him and his Brothers and his friends sometimes. And it was so much -- deciding what we were going to eat it was so much fun talking about the game before it started and then once the game started. All eyes were on the television you know and backed entity. You know giant big screens weren't all the rage that they are now most of the time we were watching the game you know once something resembling kind of you know twenty inch TV a thirty inch TV may be maybe a stop a forty inch along the way. But what with a lot less technology than we than we have now. In -- the football game was everything watching the patriots was everything. Watching you know Drew Bledsoe I'll never forget when Mo Lewis took him out. And -- -- heralded in the start of Tom Brady. But I found myself. Especially over the last couple years kind of falling away from football. Which is something that I I never ever would have expected. Because I love I love the sport so much and unfortunately being a microcosm of life the way football is where you have an offense and you have a defense. You know you have players that they're using pure brute force you have players that are you know much more he thinking much Moran an intellectual level. There's a place for everyone. -- in football for everybody. And I find that that's not really the case anymore do you do you find yourself watching football a little bit less because I can tell you right now. If I caught this opportunity to make radio. Ten years ago when I was 35. And WRKO called me up and said hey would like to give -- a two hour slot down make a little radio wanna Sunday night. I wouldn't have even considered it I would've said that I had something else to do I would've said that I you know things were busy for me that night -- nothing -- kept me away. From watching -- Sunday Night Football game. And I find that. Being in here tonight during a football game. Then I don't really care that much. And I'd like to spend the the next coming -- moments and minutes are telling you. About why I've just fallen away from the game of football and the answer is very simple up political correctness. -- the the game has become so incredibly. Politically correct it's so steeped in it. It's so saturated and it. Then I find myself. You know having to wade through all of the political correctness and all of the messaging and all of the commentary that happens during the football game now that has absolutely nothing to do. With what's going on with -- on the field. And I remember the first real taste of this that I got. And it was when Michael -- Our return to the league after serving his sentence he had been sentence for dog fighting as as so many of you know. He paid the highest fine ever handed down to anybody for dog fighting. And if I stand to be corrected -- then please call me and -- cell but I also believe that he served the longest amount of time in prison. For anyone that was ever convicted of dog fighting and he made his return. To football and I was watching the game. And most of the game we most of the game was never even actually called by the broadcasters. They went down to. A psychologist on the field while the game was being played. And they stayed with this psychologist for about twenty minutes 25 minutes and -- And the whole quarter the whole first quarter of Michael vick's return game. I was never recovered. I play by play they went to a psychologist. Then they talked about what the psychologist had to sing in the boot. They talked about what they thought maybe Michael -- fellow teammates were thinking whether they appreciated him or not being on the field. And look all I wanted to do was tune in and watch a football game. And that's why I have always loved football so much growing up because you got exactly what you wanted to see. You tune in to watch a game any game was what you got in all of it's glory and all of its ups and downs and yelling and screaming for your team. In eating fantastic food and being with good friends. And now I find. Not only is that the viewing. Experience. Compromised for me with all of the political correctness and I'm gonna go down some of those examples and a little bit but even watching the game. With a group of people a few years ago I stopped by to see a friend. And he had a bunch of guys over and they were watching the game and they invited me to stay and don't watch it with a for a little bit. And I felt like I was a load on the planet everybody was on their Smartphones. FaceBook -- about though the play that was just made. FaceBook came back the comments about what their other friend just said. Checking their fantasy football stats checking their fantasy football updates and everybody just sat staring at their phone with a game right in front of him. And I just kind of looked a -- and you know nobody was really talking to each other nobody was really paying attention -- the game and so I just got up and headed out and and -- and just said enough of that. Most of these days. I watched the game with my dad. And if my dads out there tonight. I have always just enjoyed having him over I always make a huge home cooked meal forum we sit down together no Smartphones. But once in awhile he gets of a call that he absolutely house to take. But by and large we sit there together we watch the game together we break bread together we talk together and we enjoy the game. An -- I found that -- due to an even my dad who is a staunch staunch Democrat. And progressive thinker my dad used to write speeches for local. Democrat politicians my whole family's very very left leaning. But even my dad. During the last game said while this is just. This is just getting completely out of hand all of this political correctness is just getting way out of hand and from my dad to say that it must be true. And for me to feel this way about the NFL there's got to be something going on. That's bigger than me. That's bigger than you that's bigger than all of us because if I feel this this way loving the game as much as I do admiring the game as much as I do. Admiring the players as much as I do. Then then something's definitely wrong. And I think that one of the first things. That I really started to notice within within the last few years is that he these progressives have to have just start their ideological boots over. Every traditional American. In street institution in this country that start their bloody boots all over government pit stop their boots all over our holidays. -- stop their boots all over education. At what they've done to education is a whole other. Issue for a whole other show. But when ever these progressives bring their ideology. Into a culture into a sport into an institution. All the tape reed is malcontent. All the they breed is discontent. Envy. Accusations of race and I'm just tired of it for the for the past five years may be a little longer. After some of you that are a little older than me and can chronic you know he'd be a little more chronological about. About football. First it's there aren't enough there aren't enough black players in the NFL there aren't enough black players in the NFL. Now the NFL is 80% black. And then from there it went well there aren't enough minority. And black coaches in the NFL so the NFL bends over backwards and capitulate to political correctness to just rush in these. Appointments of of minority coaches black coaches. And then from there well there aren't enough minority broadcasters. They're run and there aren't enough minority equipment people. There aren't enough female broadcasters. Yet commented in on the game and so on and so on and so on and so one. And now it's gone to the ridiculous extent. Of team names being offensive. And an NFL broadcasters. Actually jumping on the bandwagon where they never had an issue with the Washington Redskins name before. But now all of a sudden now they just refer to the team is Washington that drove me crazy today. That drove me absolutely crazy today listening to the Washington Redskins. Referred to -- Washington. And that's what bothers me so much I think I'm pulling away from the NFL. Because one of the things that are realizing is that if the players in the NFL don't wanna stand up. Offer their sport. If the broadcasters that cover the NFL don't wanna stand up for their sport. If if if NFL team owners and and if -- dealt himself. -- doesn't wanna stand up. For football and is willing to just bend over to accommodate every ridiculous race class gender based complaint about the NFL. If they don't if they don't care enough about their sport. 222. -- protect it's integrity that why should I care. And I find that while I'm watching it you know I I still love the action I still love the pace of football but I'm just getting tired of of wading through all -- All the political messaging and I'm sick and tired of these ridiculously. Awful halftime Super Bowl shows with these awful. Artists I mean Bruno Mars I have to admit last year won me over a little bit I think that -- got some real genuine talent but what Dona. But it wore what on earth does Madonna doing call it doing -- halftime show for the Super Bowl for. And for all the hype about these incredible Super Bowl ads you know what they stink. They really do they stink six point 72666868. Is the number. I'd like to get to all your calls I always encourage you to call -- especially if your first time caller because I'm a first time broadcaster. This is my third show I don't want you to be nervous I want you to call and I want you to text and let's go to our first call of the night. Well thank you so much for calling the -- David show you're on with -- David go right ahead now. -- riding my brother thank you for taking my call. Of course of course go right ahead. Hey I just wanted to make two points to what -- discussion about what's going on in the NFL and you've nailed it. You know you kind of stole my thunder a little bit about fantasy football and done. Basically -- don't underestimate the effect of fantasy football. Because you know scum -- like Ray Rice Adrian Peterson Greg Hardy Jonathan Dwyer. These four individuals have gone about and have committed some type of domestic abuse. And from Roger and it's just it's just out of control. And there's been people all has become a multimillion dollar industry and and and -- defense played a sport. Need these players to be active for it to continue to drive. Like second point is to get my second point is up before Roger Goodell decision to change rewrite the suspension from two games. To an indefinite suspension and coupled with Wes Welker is the original suspension. Of -- games for using amphetamines. That according to the commission -- logic. Their respective punishment was forty's for using Molly into gains for beating the crap out of Molly what's wrong with that picture -- up the good work my brother I think and that talk is soon. Hey thank you so much I'll say it I I was I really wanted to ask you to. If you think that fantasy football. It's almost like a side effect of what I'm talking about. Debt that so many fans. Have just gotten so frustrated with the way NFL games are presented now. That the fantasy football league was almost kind of like a natural extension sideways. Where they can make their own little team and they can track their individual player's stats and they don't have to put up. With all of the ridiculous. Political left leaning progressive broadcasters now that completely dominate the NFL. And all of the other nonsense that goes -- let's get to another call. Bill Europe next on the -- David show I wanna thank you so much for calling in participating tonight you're on with runny David the -- yours go ahead bill. He did it thanks a -- not not I'm politically correct I appreciate. You know there's I what makes me sick that you look at these these. Broadcast and the -- former radio there's still concerned about the -- -- a Redskins. What simply -- like -- Well it's -- you may be sick quite like that but like that are really shall. I am I correct in these people make me sick. Well and doesn't it drive you nuts -- at the same broadcasters that had no problem. Saying that the Redskins name at all until a tiny minority of people that don't even follow the Redskins let alone football. Decided to arbitrarily make this a race issue. Oh yeah. And I think who it is I think during the first game one. -- also Redskins. -- -- out what -- there's just something as -- May end up don't shoot they'd probably consider -- what courage what courage of these plays that's. Well there would love to I'm sure to them they're raising awareness about a very important issue. I've got to go to a break when I get back to the break I'm gonna expand on what bill had to say and we're gonna have a lot more comedy and a lot more treats coming up you're listening to the -- David shall. It's this stuff people are talking about it are all saying it's already. Theater and anybody can. And AM six AB WRKO. George WRK Ellen Barry Armstrong at the small business expo but the heights this is AM six CD WRKO. Boston's talk station. Are the wealthiest Americans really paying. Their fair share of taxes and should the government be taxing sugary snacks and all that in more coming up on Sunday Night Football with being called -- And welcome back to go running data show everyone -- 845. Here around the impeccable. WRKO. 6172666868. Is the number to call. Bob I do see you up on the screen I'm gonna get -- when just a minute I just wanna finish up a point that bill would made -- calling in previously he had mentioned. The stop don't shoot gesture that the Washington Redskins. I had made in coming out of the -- locker room for one of their games I am so sick of football are being used as some kind of vessel. -- offer for virtually exclusively. Are progressive message and and I the other thing that I have real hard time with it is so weird. -- to be watching a football game when the president himself. Has gone on record saying that if he had a son. And he really wouldn't encourage him to play football I've I've never heard president. Say that. But what bothered me even more then -- the stop don't shoot stuff I think one of the most offensive maneuvers the NFL. Has pulled. Did it really stuck with me is when they dragged out the survivors of that CNB hook massacre. Says -- seven weeks after it happened they dragged those poor kids out there onto the field. For for a for a halftime show I believe it was. And I just remembered watching it and seeing how nervous since give those kids war and on the one hand you know -- I could understand that you know to tether it to the families of those kids when you're asked to participate in a big NFL. Ceremony -- out you know it's a big deal. But but to bring those -- kids out there just a -- you know pursue a gun rights bill which inevitably failed. By the way despite. All of the ranting by Bob Costas. All of the -- trickery. And manipulation. By by bringing kids like -- I thought that was just in such incredibly port taste. And and a psychologist had gone on record saying you know you just don't. You don't do that to kids after they've experienced such a horrific trauma. You know less than two months later bring them out -- like down right I thought that was a horrible move up by the NFL. And I just I just left the room and came back when it was done. Bob I want to thank you very much for patiently waiting your -- with -- David on the runny David show. Thanks so much for listening tonight and calling in go right ahead the floor -- Ironically contrary we are all it's it's my pleasure believe me like I was saying earlier Bob you know might my last show was on a Labor Day Sunday night. Which can be very quiet and tonight it -- Sunday Night Football so -- I'm so thankful that you -- out there listening and I hope you listen again and go right ahead. Well look I'm not in Senegal and in the in the NFL there are larger issues facing our country today. And that is probably reversed that day it was and it hasn't looked back country. 0100 years a progressive boom you know a country how to root Natalie reverse that. Totally you know -- you let her know that that is the plan out there to try and that. Continue please continue. Well letting the development they got a live in Houston factors. I formed my own political party a car the love that Democrats and Republicans. You know for the American -- RD. You could find that -- number could -- Oregon US. I have learned -- president in 26 saying you're sitting there at the presidential candidate. And I have the players. -- -- -- Well well Bob I think the I think the current sitting president I didn't like what she had to say. And doubt and we lost your column very sorry about that you can try call back if you wanna finish your point. A 6172666868. As the number very quickly on the -- one I just wanna say thank you to the people wishing me. Well tonight. -- this is a lot of fun to do. You know he makes a point in the sense that look I understand too. That there are far greater I issues facing our country right now than a football game one of the things that's so interesting for me as far as. Stop broadcasting when I do and and I am so grateful to WRKO for any opportunity other presents itself but to get on the air but. You know and from from the last time I was on the aired -- now. And and this has been true every time I come on the air the world changes so much. Whether it's I suspect headings or whether it's you know illegal immigrants machete and people to adapt. Or it's just one horror after another. I I ended up do we have Bob back there red. Is that Bob. All right Bob we got your back go ahead go ahead finish your point. Yet like -- -- cricket that I got us off for some reason. No I have a planner I think has been planned. That we'll save America. I realize that our people believe. But. If you go to the the American -- Oregon US left side and looked me. Bet that the key is saying America. Is the elimination of the federal income tax. That is what has that take our freedom from a we're actually the last 100 years. When it is. What do we do -- via compacts. -- the people will then -- tree. He's still save and invest our money and give -- our money. Yeah -- and anyone -- -- It has been 1913 that we lost our freedoms. And it it it it is in Croatia saying that we will get scuba. Well Bob I I wanna sincerely wish you the best of luck I think that's fantastic that you're calling in. From Houston so I want to thank you very much for listening and I hope you encourage others to listen. Where right up against a break when we come back. I am going to play some sound bites from Roger Goodell press conference that will drive you crazy you're listening to the -- David show. My whole bureaucratic sounds like we've been doing something right I mean it's 1 PM six. On an AMC. You are jail this climate change the result of Tea Party science. I sit down for a one on one interview with the whole bird -- -- real American hero and all that and more coming up on Sunday Night Football. Plus plus. And welcome back to the show on this beautiful Sunday evening September 21 it is 835. Here on the great WRKO. You can call me at 6172666868. Or you can shoot me a text at 68680. I watched the Roger Goodell press conference regarding domestic abuse. And the more he spoke. The more. I began to realize that NFL stands for not furlong. On I I really don't see how the league is going to survive this progressive assault. Especially. After what I heard -- during this press conference ought to Roger Goodell is credit. Not he he faced the music. I he admitted. Is to several mistakes. Regarding the suspensions. And disciplinary actions taken with Ray Rice with Adrian Peterson. He vowed that there would be changes. But he also he also sent a lot of things that word there were kinda concerning to I all of a sudden now. It's the NFL's responsibility. To be an advocate of social change and and and be public policymakers for domestic abuse. Roger Goodell -- own words -- that nothing was off the table. -- to get to the -- to the bottom of this nothing was off the table. Do you believe that's true. Do you believe that nothing truly is off the table to clean up this incredible spate of of player. I guess how would you see how would you really say this just the big -- players suggested that I what I saw. The -- pictures of Adrian Peterson's little kid. I mean my word. My word I mean I've I've never been -- like doubt in my life not as a kid or anything I've never been. Not abuse to that point and those welts all over that kid were horrible and I could understand. I guess I could understand three or four wax to discipline the kid. You know maybe over the payouts or something but when you look at that kid must've been -- with that switch twenty here thirty. Twenty or thirty times and it was awful to see an end to it to be so soft. To be so soft. It in the disciplinary action I really don't know what to do with that I I I really don't but. To Roger Goodell credit after the fact. He did come clean and say that there's more than that he's going to do but to the greater point. To the greater point. Of how progressive ism and how this progressive media has just descended. On the NFL and is determined to just rip it to pieces. I'd like to play you a sound -- From these are the kinds of of ridiculous stupid questions. They're Roger Goodell was asked during this press conference Ed if you could please play -- Roger Goodell one. Recchi had pretty extreme unilateral power and deciding discipline. But as you said a few times you've got it wrong in a few cases and that tends to happen when there's no checks and balances. How willing are you to give up some of that power and do you think that that would be the right thing -- -- We'll rituals I said in my statement. Everything's on -- table. We're going to make sure that we look at every aspect of the process of how we gather information to make a decision. How we make that decision. And then the appeals process and all bets on the table -- all of that is this did -- Important information that we want outside experts give us some perspective -- -- is a better way to do we believe there is and we believe we need it we can't continue to operate like. Boy talk about on the defensive. -- -- does that sound like a confident answer to you. And what what makes me laugh is -- -- mr. Goodell you have extreme powers as he he's an NFL football commissioner okay. He's an NFL football commissioner he does not have extreme powers and isn't an interest and that she says that you know with such extreme power sometimes there's a little bit of a lack of accountability. Boy wouldn't it be great wouldn't it be great if these same progressive journalists say I don't know looked at the federal government. Through that kind of lines. Maybe I don't know may be looked through somebody like the president. Of the United States who does have that kind of extreme power I mean for God's sake she's just an NFL commissioner. I wanna get to another SoundBite but first I'd like to get to Brenda Brenda thank you so much for calling into the running David show you are on with -- David. Taken away Brenda. Signing -- a great job and I get my head is just I think negative and that lie -- needed. Laid back left of that woman. It's insane isn't that Brenda it's insane. Like keep China a practice they what you saw little intellectual what did what other acts. Question I don't like what are you talking about and then. He. Just continues the pot and try and hot. Back and say absolutely. -- thing. I heard it at a clientele that take care of the elderly and the -- actually want to mention she had a little after noon show. And -- -- get and that that and I commend and I decide to make a laugh but that's more on this guy I didn't know what he's talking about you get guard on an -- match. She reminded me of the out of regular peanut -- -- You could probably do it. Better than me -- do and law. Like that it's not like -- -- Catholic who I knew what I'm getting. I mean it's eight -- he's just speaking for speaking sake. I mean I would've been booted out of this studio after the first thirty minutes of my first show. Although I did kind of sound like that for the first thirty minutes of my first show but let pactel. Brian if you get that -- What does she becomes the domestic violence expert that. That's what I'm asking to what what why all of a sudden is is it Roger Goodell is task. I objected to be responsible for it for individual players' actions in the NFL. You know and that it made me think -- okay so I guess we didn't we can trickle down to every I think you know he would -- commission that they like that the Al. -- What every CEO now needs to be cut. Accountable for everybody baloney -- I'm not trying to diminish domestic violence no neither remind us closer not. How mark it and we see -- how responsible are outlet. Certain that Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. They Brenda that's exactly. That's exactly what I was asking myself. That's exactly what you know is is it now all of our employer's responsibility. To promote and be an advocate for social justice. Issues I mean is it now your employer's responsibility to involve itself in every aspect of your life I mean. What. And I have a -- conference. They have they I -- I just thought that they gonna happen and now I live at new. New channel just all live news conferences from every. And we see how they can every day. That day. And I what do you want for a minute here Brenda because as a woman I'm very interested in your perspective as a woman. On I mean after all this was a press conference far. Addressing domestic abuse and violence and and it's a woman seeing -- -- I I'm just -- I fascinated and at the same time kind of validated. They hit they -- you're just as disgusted and got up fed up this may mean that this is what football's just falling away from me is something that I love. Yes and you know money to pick up but that as a as a as a woman in district. How. They they may go to like the word mockery but that -- -- -- theory. DEA it absolutely is very serious. And now we've got like that and help track. You know and and he he's now like the spokes cart and about. -- just as a side question Brenda before I let you go do you really think the Washington Redskins team name is gonna survive with leadership at the top of the NFL like Roger Goodell. Do you think I'm asking a serious question do you think the Washington Redskins team name will survive. Well there are probably in other news conference that actually. -- not sleeping -- that running I -- -- that we can and you would. Well Brenda before -- let you go don't hang up. You with a very first caller into my very first show. I promised that I would send you would gift as you well may remember. It well Ed my wonderful producer in the Booth took down your information. I'd put it in my back pocket and I didn't take it out before washing my jeans which is why you never received your -- so. If you could just got to leave that information I promise. -- mailed that out you tomorrow morning and thank you so much for calling into the Ronnie didn't show as always. Well yeah okay thank you. I was I I was really really hoping. That that a female caller would call in tonight. To offer Iran offer her perspective. I was really I completely underwhelmed and saddened. By what I saw and that were so many other questions that were equally pointless and equally stupid. I mean -- you know how much extreme power does the commissioner of the NFL really have. You know he's the commissioner of a sport. Of of of one particular sport and what I hear reporter frame a question like that it just drives me absolutely nuts. Absolutely nuts well that's my -- to go to a break. I've got another absolutely drives you crazy sound -- coming up right after the break you're listening to the -- data show. Exercise between your ears. Teach your CD WR Takeo Boston's talk stations. The stone rose just love that song. Welcome back to the -- favorite show it is 850 here on the great WRKO. On a beautiful Sunday night. I want to thank you so much for joining me for calling him for texting 6172666868. Is the phone number of and -- minus 68680. I I have. Gotten myself into a habit of not reading. The fluttering text so much but I have to read this one because on a Sunday night waffle balls going on this makes me feel great. Off from a favorite intellectual caller on the -- to report to a two hour show host I'm in heaven. God bless you Ronnie best of -- from six of the rate 603 thank you so very much for that. Especially the god bless you part because that is a perfect our -- into one of my other huge. Complaints. With the NFL. I even a greater NFL fan than me is my best friend Dino and he's been saying for awhile now that the NFL stands for the no faith bleak. You know christianity which always used to be welcomed and embraced and churches ever you know -- never asked the NFL. To be some kind of organization to promote social change. But the individual Christian faith of players was always celebrated and never infringed upon or frowned upon. And it. It's not the case anymore. Hello Tim Tebow. Stand and look you know Tim Tebow had a really rough training camp in new England and I understand why he was cut. But put aside from that. But that the way these same sports broadcasters. Just pick piled on this guy for nothing more than just being a Christian. And and talking about being a Christian and even more recently. RG three Robert Griffin the third. Being told no no no you can't Wear that know Jesus know peace T sure tough for your press conference now you got to turn that out. Aware something else and yet. If you wanna get up they are you know I like Randy Moss always used to with the doo rag in the sparkly glasses and talk like a thug well that that you know. That's welcome all day. 6172666868. Is the number I wanna get to the second sound -- Because this second sound -- just drove me absolutely crazy I could I could talk about the sound byte for two hours -- if you've got it ready love to -- It's obviously you look out on the field a lot of these players it's a diverse crowd. A lot of the players that have been highlighted recently are African American. Can you just decide not having. An African American as part of that group of women that you're tired looking to sexual assault and domestic violence. Well that's not true. We have. Internal experts have been working on this bitter people of color. Bitter women and men and may have been involved in this process. From the beginning. In addition as I said in my statement -- said we will continually evaluate. Do we need it. Other resources to we need other individuals that we need other organizations. That can help us make. Well those three women are advising us. As well as we have full time staff. Including an African American woman who has great experience in this area and involved in this for several years with the NFL and has been on the NCAA level so. We we understand the need for diversity it's important for us and we were always thought -- -- do whatever it can to improve on. This the magic word folks there is the magic word diversity. Spike and like I said I could spend two hours on on this sound bite alone -- this question is not only racist and bigoted. It's also incredibly stupid. And you know and an NFL commissioner. That that I could respect would have said that to a with all due respect to you. -- got from CBS that is a big did stupid. Ignorant question the idea. That because. Ray Rice. And and Adrian Peterson and other players involved in disciplinary problems are black but that precludes the fact that they they must be seen. And and treated and meant toward why a black woman today that is absolutely absurd. Can you think of any other can you think of any other -- business or business model. Where where that makes sense can you imagine going into a doctor's office and saying look I'm white. Mighty mighty you know my wife is white my children are white. I'm a little concerned that there are more white doctors. In this doctors off I mean. That it that is the most insane thing I ever heard and this is exactly the kind of progressive politically correct race based nonsense. That is infested. The NFL it's not enough that eight out of third of the black Americans and come comprise 13% of our population. And there are 80%. Of the player roster in the NFL and that's not enough. All of the advances like you know big caving to pressure a lot of the times to -- to hire more black coaches just so you can say you've got more black coaches. To hire more black broadcasters just so you can say you have more black broadcasters. And the reason I present this question so much from from her is that can you think eighteen you think of any other organization off the top of your head. That is done more to lift troubled black men out of poverty and give them life. Of luxury of privileged that they can be proud of I mean it's incredible what what the NFL does for young black men -- I didn't let -- all of us you know I mean. Read everything the NFL's done for me all of the thrills. That the NFL's given me over the years. How much fun. Hey it's been -- watch these games the the opportunity NFL games have given me too wide to spend time with my friends to spend time with my father. Especially with my father because believe me politically. It might my dad and I just couldn't be any more different. We couldn't be any more different but over an NFL game we put all that aside and we enjoy football. And and you know what the end. The NFL does that for just about everybody. And I can't you be good job. Forgive me it just drives me so -- the NFL's done so much. -- for black American -- so much and ask a question like this is his racist and as bigoted as it is stupid and uncalled for. And shame on you Roger Goodell for not having the guts to say that. Out of fear of offending somebody I can't stand to somebody give me a break how -- Europe next on the runny David show. Thank you so much for calling and I really appreciate it go right ahead. Okay thank you very much the first her looks they're but they're dissatisfied. Sort of been turned out our former professional sports for awhile I used to play football -- three years ago -- wrote the military. -- faxes I think we're getting. Our political -- political of those stationers. In Q and export -- disgusting but it's it's played football and keep all the restating out of it and I didn't try to read. Take immediate part of the problem everywhere and the headline. And I think yeah I think literacy. Future. That you get turned down a little bit because people couldn't settlement. You know. I think one of the reasons that you're absolutely right is that is the volume of calls that I've gotten on a Sunday night during a Sunday Night Football game. Are regarding this what you don't like I said earlier holly. If if if the NFL itself won't standup to these progressives zealots to save their sport -- preserve its integrity. -- integrity and decency what why should I care you know. Certainly if someone comment I'm very quick and I've been very could have -- a pretty -- play isn't that -- I mean they're human beings become a different background by -- I have the military opener I'm -- I want you to -- HL. But the fact is based military purpose it's a sport get out their employee. But we will unfortunately though Google -- -- progressive liberalism into sports everything around -- I'm secular opponents site. Well how we I want to thank you so much for calling in tonight delighted your first time caller. I'm delighted that you're enjoying the show and I really hope that you listen and to the next shelf. We've got a break coming up. But coming after the break we're gonna change Jack gears and talk about a subject but I think relates to everyone listening and that is when you are going to die stay tuned you're on the run David shop. From Reagan's first term. Two Obama's only one bringing much. All I'm sorry that's right he is on his second term RKO dot com slash one thing can be -- to use the number one we're not first. But some think we are here passionate and we appreciate -- help me get your number this is a M 68. WRK. On AMC. Our first power has come and gone with got an hour left I -- it almost breaks my heart to break away. From the NFL discussion but we gave it an hour and I think that's plenty of time. And I'd like to move on to something else. Something I read this week they're really left a sick feeling I in my stomach after I read it. The name of the -- is why I hope to die at 75. An argument that society. Family and you will be better off if nature takes its course swiftly. And promptly. The author. Is Ezekiel Emanuel. Who if if you don't know -- you really should. Because doctor Ezekiel Emanuel is the primary architect. Of the Affordable Care Act or obamacare. And he he published this this essay. I'm making the argument for why 75. He really is the optimal age. For right for him to live. Any any cites an awful lot of examples. And charts and graphs. And and makes an argument that society and family and you are all better off in the end if we just let nature take its course. And to and let ourselves by just. Wither away after 75 he makes a lot of arguments about. Our usefulness to society. After age 75 he makes a lot of arguments about. The cost. Of these medical procedures he makes arguments about. Of the burden that it places on Europe on on you won your loved ones and your family members he makes arguments about how you're remembered. And I just read desk and one of the first things that upset me about it was that. Does the way he manipulative we frames this argument I tragically I think a lot of people. Are going to -- to read this and say wow. While that really does make sense that really that really does make sense that's you know maybe that's something to think about and when I read it. My first thought was you know this is this is pure medical fascism this is this is exactly. What what. Every opponent of obamacare. Was mocked and ridiculed. And slandered for the rationing of care. Death panels. Other people deciding you know how productive you've lived in how long is long enough. And those people were completely insulted in derided and mocked. By this current administration. And yet here's. Here's obamacare is principal architect. Saying that. You know after 75 he doesn't want cancer screenings he doesn't want it to -- -- next. He doesn't want therapies he doesn't want any any kind of new treatment or anything to prolong his life that. He's had a chance to live he's had a chance to accomplish is most significant works he's had a chance to love and be loved. And one other grafts that he provides. Explains that. From our twenties to our mid sixties. Is when all of us are really the most productive that that most of your brilliant scientists and scholars. Publish their first major work at twenty. That. Nobel Peace Prize. Recipients. Are usually nominated on average at age 48. That composers artists most of their last significant work. Occur as in their early sixties as when they produce their last significant work. And and I just. You know I just don't understand why what why anybody. What would would feel this way I mean you only live once. You only live once and one of the things that he said in this piece that debt that really struck us struck me is that he said that the great advances that we've made. In medical technology you know in the nineteen hundreds the life expectancy was only about 47 years and as time went on. Into the 50s6070s. That life expectancy increased to a vote. You know 58 years -- up to 69 years and now currently the life expectancy of an American. Mail was about 79 years. Is about -- is about the life expectancy that we can expect women being slightly higher I believe it 81. And one of the things that that he said was that. That the new technology. And all the new breakthroughs. In medical science. That they're not really helping us live longer so much is there helping us die longer. I wanna repeat that what doctor Ezekiel Emanuel. Asserts. Is that medical breakthroughs that have extended our life. Aren't making us live longer they're just making us -- longer. Eddie Eddie goes on to explain. That as a as a as a read reasonably vigorous man at 57 a manuals 57 right now. That he doesn't wanna be remembered as being feeble and forgetful. And less full of life and less aware and left and less cognizant. As as he was as as a younger man. And and I personally I mean how do you feel. I mean DAX 75. 75 which you would you just stop. Pursuing treatments I mean there's a lot that I wanna do. In life and there's a lot that I'm doing in life and and I look at my right now at 45. I look at the things that I've done in the things I wanted to do and when I look at my twilight years into my 67 -- and and god willing. Old I mean. Every day that I can have with that with the people I love. Is a day that I want. And if there's a medical device. That can help me achieve that if there's a new medical treatment that can help me achieve that then of course I want it. Of course I want it I could never I I just don't value my life so little as to just say well you know at 75 but now -- Just a burden on society. So I should just. I should just stop taking. I care of myself medically and and -- fight do you feel -- right do you develop some kind of condition are right do developed cancer god forbid something worse. Are you shouldn't take any treatment for I should just I should just let myself die because my family is better off. And society's. Better off I mean this this is social justice and it's and it's absolute worst. But it's absolute worst according to doctor Emanuel 75 is what we've had enough time to do we wanted and live a rich and complete life. And my feeling is telling you to tell me what how complete my life is -- isn't. You know and the thing is is that what doctor Emanuel does in this piece is he says over and over. That look look I'm not saying that they should be public policy. You know after all the analysts charts and graphs and diagrams and life curbs that he shows. You know eat very manipulative in manipulative. I always -- that word -- -- -- -- -- And deceptively says look I'm just speaking for myself. I'm not speaking for you you know I hope you live as long as you want and the thing is this I could believe that. If if this guy wasn't the architect of the affordable health care law if he was anybody else you know maybe I could buy that argument. Put of course this is what he's advocating is public policy. Of course this is what what's written into obamacare in the Affordable Care Act. And people have been warning us about this for years. Are you comfortable living under a health care system where all of your doctors are gonna have this have this kind of point of view. Because of a government run health care system you can bet. That every doctor that you see is going to subscribe to exactly what doctor Ezekiel Emanuel is asserting. In this piece in fact they won't be able to be government doctors if they don't subscribe to best. Is this kind of health care that you want for yourself it sure is that the kind of health care I want for myself and I wanna hear from you. At 6172666868. I just think this is this is eugenics. Medical fascism I think this is Logan's run -- -- the -- Logan's run where did thirty years old that's as long as you lived in and they killed yet. Because you you know you've already served your purpose as a worker you've already served your workers a drone and now it's time to go. And I just. I I value and cherish life and I wanna live every minute that I can't. And I completely present an article that makes met developments in medical technology seem like a bad thing. Everything from pacemakers to artificial hearts to new cancer treatments. To new drugs. For alzheimer's. All of these new treatments that that we have that allow us to live more fully complete lives especially the incredible. Developments that have made him prosthetic limbs that have come so far. With so many incredible medical breakthroughs and and the idea. That you shouldn't have access to those if you want to live longer if you want to keep it if you don't want to let doctor Ezekiel Emanuel defined. What healthy living news to you what a complete life is to you what is a complete -- TO. And the thing that that that strikes me so much about this is that a die hard. Progressive like doctor Emanuel. You know when you ask him what is. Opinions are and feelings are about abortion. -- it iPad it winds up awfully close with his feelings about senior citizens just get rid of -- Just get rid of -- I mean you know in a progressive health care system who really matters. Who really matters and end and judging by what I say the only people that really matter our people between the ages of seventeen. And seventy. That's that's when the government doesn't mind spending health care on you but after that. After that and it's certainly asserted in this piece the government just doesn't think that it that your worth that. That you're just too old you're you're not useful to society anymore. All of your most significant works and achievements. Are well past your prime. And that the best thing for everyone involved you your family society. Is to simply let you -- and hospice. Do you agree with that did disagree with that and if you do agree with that I I'm certainly more than welcome to hear from you so. At 617. 2666868. I found this essay to be horrifying it was an extremely long essay to. So I don't wanna read it over the air I just really don't wanna do that night I don't want my show to be broadcasting other people's words. But more of my words and more importantly your words so let's let's let's hear from you Kevin. Thank you so much for calling in to the -- didn't show you're on with -- David go right ahead. If I can say something about the big -- is much you want to have been great to hear your voice that. That blocked. But he has always brought out. But we have a former chief would stay up until the present administration up Obama. Is gonna go down the Middle Eastern Kabul and about three weeks I'm open. Also inside and his folks what he's all territory was. Just -- -- -- water can we believe this person absolutely not. I go back to 2010 that 2377. Page bill and the Coca doctors some Christmas -- In what was ashamed. Know a lot won a spot for the 435. Members of congress that 100 intent out of Ctrl+Alt. One read it. Which don't know what that you are right. My life art children's. I mean god don't say I mean that's. I just interrupt very quickly Kevin the Affordable Care Act was billed as the best thing ever to happen to seniors. The best thing ever for seniors. It's a shame and they don't know what they utilize split CEO of feel laundering and tactics in their bike and -- -- since we hope will last Wednesday. Where is constitutional. That -- be universally about constitution. Well that was ratified in 1787. September 17. Are the mortality rate in America and -- Ronnie was actually a 29 years of age. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Kevin thank you so much for calling in tonight I love your calls into the -- report. I -- Kevin is Aso font of information he really is and I always love to hear from a thank you so much. Let's go to another caller bed I want to thank you so much for calling the -- David show this evening you're on with -- David go right ahead. -- -- -- My point of view is that. Looking at a totally sharing it. My parents are ready yet. Martin might as well ninety Surrey where mom just got her 84 birth date god bless them. Mark Mike Garrett Aaron need a little shot only you know running and walking so much but the -- years. He's still sharply attacked. I mean my son is seventeen. I want to I want them she graduate high school go to college. Are I mean personally I and we said. A lot of that 200 input into that today -- we on the current. But it's getting hit 75. -- I'm really there are a lot of people -- aware how air corps well above 75. And I mean. I'm still contributing. And still contributing in writing great works and discovering great scientific. You know things are -- I don't look forward to seeing my mom and dad every day and just historic or you just out of the all I work nights I called them the signal to make sure they're okay I'll go over them tomorrow morning when -- -- -- look at 98 am I needing. -- still up -- part of my life my shot lights. I'm proud I couldn't imagine living without I -- someday eventually the other gonna cancel each of the heart broke it. But onto apple wants a rarity almost twenty years ago. Wouldn't do it again Whitney well this extra time and wasn't confident vitamins and more how. You know keep the moment I'm not pertinent and I didn't do. Well -- I've got to cut you off right there because we're up against a break we're gonna continue this discussion right after the break so Terri and Steve. I'm so glad to see your names up there on the screen you're listening to the -- David show and we will be right back. Coming up thorn in the side of everything that's wrong with America. -- David show. It is 924. Here on the fifth -- Passed in February. WRKO. 6172666860. Number you know I got to tell you -- took the thoughtful way off my head in the last call. You know I mean my parents are gonna be like getting that 75 mark pretty soon and water. There's no other way to say -- what a selfish bastard. It would make me. If I subscribe to with Zeke Emanuel saying and said well you know the people that change my diapers and change -- -- do and put up with all -- crap as a teenager. That fed me that close to me that helped me. That once it you know once they hit that age and it comes time to help them out. And I just say screw you go to die. I mean that's ridiculous -- I am so glad that they had all that extra time -- -- parents god bless you had. But we've we've got to get to these phone lines I'm so delighted that -- that your weighing in on this. Steve I -- thank you for waiting Europe next on the -- David show with me -- David but the floor is yours go right ahead. I were any act first I don't tell you I love your show and all delighted you corner and we really really like it might like I would love -- and just. Also -- I can't work but it just jumping on this -- sure it's because I kinda. And have a little insight to it had been had been a -- stroke was forty years and and a great place and we do and that wonderful occupation it's simple my wife and I -- nurses. And I spent I spent the last 1520 years in the end of end of life here a long term care and I gotta tell you. What happened what happened to -- citing what happened with people at least up looking at the nursing centers and we start looking at. You know elderly and what -- and we thank everybody in the air but did not. There are so many people who are out there in society you'll 607080. -- in my sixty's so. Point being is that it is so much more aware of four. You know we just because there are certain sides feel fit for goodness -- just keep Bartlett. He -- -- fires in this aren't making decisions and those kind of things a little weird as the governor of any -- the same manner. All they have a lot of seeing it now they have a lot of say in it now. But you know I got around I don't get your mind if I make a little footnote what is a very quickly Steve because I wanna get to some other college so yes you can have a very quickly. I wrote a book you can fight it -- Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. And it's called the mr. vanishes it's a crystal together guides and the like -- Talks about a block a lot of this stop and also talks about the euthanasia movement. And that kind of stuff it's anybody's interest that. You know he'll go to that than the industry as it -- it really won't help you balance -- the decision making. Well Steve I -- thank you very much for the call I'm so glad you when your wife for enjoying the show. And I've got to say the mr. vanishes. Is a really really cool name for a book. That is a really cool name for a book and I most certainly will check it out. I Terry I want to thank you for patiently holding Europe next with Ronnie David on the -- David show I can't wait to hear what you have to say go right ahead. They write -- remnants of course terrorist. You don't live call or nailed it because well it's really here it is it's euthanasia what -- I hit it you know Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding you got a brother yeah. -- -- a couple of clips I know you remember these when you think back. -- -- -- -- -- Forty was at a college talking about it number you would argue Obama administration began -- develop this week. And he talked about. Basically. Criticism is it basically designed. I have little PDF pitcher if you're under fourteen or over seventy you're useless. And actually look at it in Russia and -- college talking about this kind of stuff. And can we expect it from a guy like him what scared me look at college student's plot in the background. Isn't it isn't it crazy and you know what those college students are they're just selfish little bastards that wanna take everything from their parents but when it comes time to give back they can't be bothered. They can't be bothered so they they have this you know euthanasia inspired. It doctrine obamacare. -- -- -- just to somehow tell themselves that what they're really doing is being compassionate Terry. Almost disgusting and it hitters there's a couple of clips and we remember these that you don't. I know you do one it was Robert Wright should only be seen commitment -- -- -- rush. Grubman all crichton and an inning was -- so in college you know he's being recorded. He admitted to it. And then you've got if you go back in the old clip from registered alkaline Barack Obama's record on how this woman asked a question about how to. Take that pay Intel that's what he said it. Well don't need to give -- surgery just take a -- apparel and about 08. Hey Terry great to hear your voice out there and Illinois thank you so much for calling in tonight. And I wanna get to Milt. Milt I wanna thank you very much for holding -- on the runny David show with Ronnie David everyone's listening -- go right ahead. Page thank you very much -- to tell you -- you think you listen to Altria all the ratios so are not looking forward to -- Sergio this. I'm one of those people who are total warranty. -- -- and and until -- when that simply by those working in the empty. And then my -- are legal because Ryan Moore award Jeep I start to go. But I'm still. The last five years sudden volunteering. But in teaching CPR and first stage. And you can't believe this long with the gaining a little bit of wisdom could shoot and share would you kill -- a lot of people young people well. I mean it almost impossible not to get a little -- I think you hold its global well TH and they've done a marvelous job what treatment showing up. And there are a virtual and the politics is. It's it's there to Palestinians and the super currently apple actually. I think so too -- that not only do I think it's is stupid but it's incredibly cold. I mean it's incredibly cold and selfish and hard listen and to try to close you know to try to it to try to low ball that and cell that kind of of just. You know at age it's just awful to to sell that his compassion. You know to sell that is compassion to to to promote. To promote the idea -- -- that 8080 years old do what they -- how dare you burdens society by living to be eighty melt. You know who do you think you are. Exactly I mean you that you you know you're not -- I mean he's human that's how he -- tablet. And one dollar cost me K I'm ready to go no problem. -- gay -- god willing well I'll see you there when he calls me. I wanna thank you so much for the call we're up against a break we'll be back right on the other side with a new topic please stay tuned you're listening to the -- David -- Why -- you rambling. And welcome back to the running -- show it is 9:36. In the evening here on the great WRKO. Well winding down to the end of the two hours tonight. 6172666868. Is the number four you can send via text at 68680. Like this text that says I will be happy to pull doctor enables plug when he turns 75. If you'd like to punch out early please give him my number. Well thank you six once. -- well. I wanna close up with something a little later tonight. That that that really struck me as being kind of interest and as all of you know the iPhone six. Has launched. And I can tell you right now personally. I I hate Smartphones I can't stand Smartphones I think they make people dumb I think they make people stupid I think they make people detached. You know. I I really don't know what else to say. I'm so sick and tired of walking walking about my life going about my business watching everybody walk around like invasion of the body snatchers staring at their little phone. And and I'll tell you something else I think that there is nothing in this world currently today. More addictive than the Internet. More addictive -- information on demand. There's a show on addiction that comes on our prior to my show what I was listening two coming in. And and it got me thinking about that regarding digital information and content on demand that it is so addictive. That when you pull a computer away from somebody you know one once you're on the Internet. Once you're on FaceBook once you've got your Smartphone and had instant access to everything all day every day 24 hours a day seven days a week. You become addicted to it. And one of the things that conservative minded people like myself like to talk about a lot. Is the nature of dependency. That that is fostered. By our counterparts over on the left and one of the things that occurs to me is that even some of my staunchest. Political. Conservative friends are completely dependent on their Smartphones and completely dependent on their computer and completely unable. To be honest with themselves with just how many hours a day. They spend haunting their own FaceBook post to see who's liking it and when. Haunting their own comment boxes to see exactly who's commenting that they have to know right when it happens they have to drop everything they're doing in fact there was a study and before I get into my point. That that most not most restaurant visits have almost doubled. In the amount of time that you spend there. From twenty years ago because everybody wants help with their Smartphone everybody wants to take pictures of the food everybody wants to take pictures of the wait staff of the restaurant. Then they wanna posted on line they wanna know if you have Wi-Fi. But what I wanna get to tonight is something that I didn't seek comment. And that was how angry how incredibly angry some people got. Upon discovering that you -- new album's songs of innocence. Was available for free. On your new iPhone six I hadn't really thought about it a whole lot because like I said I'm not a big digital guy I don't own a Smartphone. -- my -- all it does is take phone calls and text messages I have no online access and that's the way I love it and that's the way I like it. -- I'm just not. A digital boy. So to speak infect our member of my Brothers of big IT guy and he's very good out there and very talented out -- very successful and it. And I remember back in like 99 or 2000 he had said to me you know at the time I was 3031. And he said dude when he gonna get a computer. And I said I I won't get a computer right I just don't want one. And he said why would you want a computer there's nothing you can't do with the you can record your music with -- you can get instant messaging -- you can do this you can do that. And this was back in 2000 before a lot of the enormous breakthroughs that have happened. And I'll never forget what I said to my brother. I said you know the reason I dole and will not get a computer. Is because this technology. Is gonna wash right over my life whether I like it or not. And what I meant when I said that is that the Internet has become as much a natural resource to humanity as a water. Or heat. Or electricity or fire. It's become that indispensable. To society. And there are incredible studies that you know you take -- kid 1819 years old what they're Smart -- all the time -- their computer. You take that stuff away and they flip out. They completely flip -- they regress. They regress to this primeval behavior of anger they don't know what to do it themselves now they have to think for themselves. They can't just type in what they wanna know -- -- their phone and get the answer. And when they suddenly are confronted with life and have to think for themselves do for themselves and their cut off. From their friendships which is all gone digital now. You know beat the old adage you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket has completely gone out the window with products like the iPhone six. You keep all your music on you keep all your photos on it. You keep all your notes on it your messages on it. All kind you keep everything on it. But what really struck me was how angry people got. That something was given to them for free. On iTunes Ed if you could please play Sharon Osborne's first clip on her show the take. IPhone six -- just launched and they launch the apple watch and at the same time they gave the way you choose album for forty. Sick he what they are doing is they have come up with this unbelievable marketing campaign to sell. Phones and watches and at the same time they think they doing you with the by TV you'll wait mediocre music for free. Now the reason why don't giving this away for free is youths whose record so -- dropped they are still the biggest rock I've been a while it's still one -- it. Greatest rock bands in the wild but as far as right to new Newsday. They are in that bracket that many people in their age group falling to their music isn't relevant and doesn't sound like he used to. People are quite happy with that that you -- have to be number one everything they do. Now instead of releasing an album. -- off -- goes into the number one many folds they don't like that so they wouldn't be the biggest best in the world give it away for free whether you once you don't not. Do you agree whether. Do you think she's on to something there because it there's there's there's a second audio clip that I'm gonna hack ass get to played a little bit. But is this particular clip Ike Ike. You know I hadn't thought about it on I I think she's being a little paddy. Are ripping on YouTube. -- in that sense I mean he and I and I think that in the sense that you know they gave me char -- like what 61. And -- and I am sure that if iPhone you know if apple would come to them and said look we wanna put you know. All all of whatever number of seasons of meet the Osborne's on our new iPhone six what do you think Sharon and Ozzy would dissent. Or if you're if you're an artist out there yourself. And an apple calls and says you know look we wanna pay you to do an album that would like to offer for free. On our on our new product line. Is that really a problem. Or is there another side to this and I think there is another side to this and this is what really struck me was what Sharon Osbourne went on to say next if you could play that clip that this. Gentlemen okay by the name of poll class wrote this optical much better than I could bet this is what it is. Giving away music like this is damaging to the bad deal with music. As privacy and those who will -- most of the authors of tomorrow you two have had that Korea. But if one of the biggest drop friends in the world now prepared to give the -- day album for -- We really expect the public to spend dollars on an album by in new cutting off. Okay. Okay okay. The world -- -- And and it's nothing you should give it away for free. Now I found this particular. Sound -- fascinating. Are we up against a -- now ahead. OK we're up against a break. When we come right back from the stricken gonna tell you exactly why I think there is a bit of profound yes in what Sharon Osbourne had to say you're listening to the runny David -- We -- not first. But some things we are here passionate and we appreciate -- help me get your -- miss her magical and mysterious. An -- -- every beer and. Wonderful -- week all coast to -- -- week nights at -- On AMCC HW RKO. This gentleman who okayed by the name of old Vlad and whether it's optical much better than I could but this is what it. Giving away music like this is damaging to the value of each week. As practicing and those who won't suffer the most -- politics of tomorrow due to -- traffic -- But it's one of the biggest drop I didn't welcome from head to get the -- -- -- -- free. We really expect the public to spend dollars. On an album by and you. At and it's not things you should give it to wait for -- And welcome back. To the -- David shows 6172666868. Is the number to talk to me running David. Or if you're a little on the shy side you can -- -- to 68680. I think that Sharon Osbourne is really on to something. In this second sound -- I asked -- to play it again because like I wanted you to hear that again I wasn't quite aware that we were going into the break. But she said that it's damaging to the value good value of music as a whole when you do this and I I kinda tend to agree. She also said. Didn't that it it it it sends a message that music is disposable. And and there's something about that they're really resonates with me that that music is disposable. Because I think about when I used to let you know obviously. You know at 45 now I still love music and listen to music a lot but I don't really get exposed to a lot of new music the way I used to in my early twenties. And buying music. Was about you know you heard it on the radio for the first time and then you heard it on the radio a second time and you said while I have got to get that. And you you went to a record store you went to strawberries. Or you want to Tower Records here in Boston and you drove in. And when you got here. You know you've got exposed to tons of other music that was at the store and you met other cool people that were at the store and ended up striking conversations with people about music. And you held. A physical product in your hand whether it was a cassette or 45. Or an LP. But a physical product here now in the real world that you can attach memories too. That you can attach experiences to. And when you upload music like this it's just pure data there's no he just like everything else with the Internet there's there's no effort. On your part and I understand the argument that well it's just so much more convenient it's so much more convenient. But when your iPhone goes your computer goes sodas all your music. You know SI -- -- said earlier you know the adage of don't put all your eggs in one basket is exactly what computers -- completely obsolete. Because most people that are wired into the digital age now put everything. All their eggs in one basket on the computer but I'm distracting away a little bit from the value of music. How important is an album. If apple just calls UN says you know. Pay you to. We we really want to up what your album on our iPhone as a promotional -- so you know what we're gonna pay you five million or ten million or whatever they whatever they paid down. We're gonna just pay you to make an album Cusick resilient but you know here's all the money just give us an album we can put -- RI phone. -- what kind of what kind of artistic process is that. And and I noticed that a lot of music being created today. Especially popular music isn't music that's that that's coming from the heart. It isn't from an artist it's genuinely trying to express elect experience in the song. It's just somebody calling up and saying hey you know we need a theme song for American Idol we need a theme song for our. Top spaghetti product we need to sought for this a song for that we'll just paid -- -- it. And that popular music. It's starting to become like that you know all the stuff that you hear on top forty stations you know is basically a you know a lot of artists saying. Look we've got a record a song that they'll wanna play an NFL stadiums that don't wanna play during halftime shows and you know bigger Arenas and and and you know that's what's motivating music now and I really do think that that Sharon Osbourne makes an important point when she says. That music is becoming more disposable. Because of marketing techniques like this you know I mean do you wanna wake up tomorrow and you know who it and find out that when you buy a new car. You know all of Obama's speeches are preloaded on the MP3 player are you open a box of cereal and it's Katy Perry's new. New you know new CD I mean is that it's -- or music is going. Did you think that's a good thing do you think that's about thing I wanna hear from you which 6172666868. Maureen. I want to thank you for calling me tonight. You're on that with Brody David on the -- -- show go right ahead Maureen. How I Arnie. I really love this topic. I -- For all and everybody else says. Those MPG out of the Smartphones right. Thank to Eileen already used them -- angle on a computer and I around one and I got to help me. And I thought I gangs that. I -- -- light continued you know I do around lying right I'd better each year and plus apple -- I will I know wish they act. Yeah he's slowly -- like -- In my long that everybody you know living I'm I'm the only one. Talk and I'll watch and -- like with a lot of movie. Everybody just like thinks it's like down you know it's like it take LA from so many things. And I don't get explanation stand in line in the if they're -- trouble -- in the mining I -- -- how just and all night. I -- you know Maureen when you're out -- -- -- and you see so many people. It's funny I just watched the movie invasion of the body snatchers last night the 1977. Version with Donald Sutherland. And Pratt and I really feel like this in this iPhone technology it does exactly that. You know that the person is just always somewhere else and it makes me feel more alone because I'm out in the real world without my phone. I mean you know you're you're flip phone is -- is that to step up from what I have my -- twelve years old you know it doesn't flip it just takes calls and takes text messages that's. It and you know what I couldn't be happier more -- because a lot out in my day to day life I wanna look at the trees I wanna look at the stars I wanna look at the sun. I don't wanna look at pictures of that on a damn phone. Right and Thanksgiving kind of counter from Tony can -- her mom. Particularly nobody considered cable and. Yeah if you if you are listening earlier Maureen I was when I was talking about the NFL what one of the frustrating things I always used to love the spirit of watching the football game with my friends. Back in the eighty's and ninety's before this technology yet. Now everybody just stares at their phones. You look -- -- every aren't taught right and all this wonderful food just sits there it is just sits there are nobody -- it because they don't wanna get it on their brought peace they don't wanna get another iPhone Maureen. It's really bad I have one like I mean it's an experienced true. I can get tax and they end up being another angle I think -- collect a disabled so when ankle. Strip the got as a Carter was it -- my email I. I have not spent. Do you know it's just take it away from the you know just being down. Connected to people. Well you know -- found that you know that not only does the need not only does this technology make music disposable Sharon Osbourne suggests. But it makes everything disposable and it and especially. Especially god and faith. You know it the the Internet makes faith a disposable thing too as if the idea that. Just simply type in a post about how much she loved god makes you were good Christian you know and I sit back and I think Maureen if only it were that easy. You know I. Now what do you think about the people who pray and I'm holding TN how can they cook everything they do everything you need a life. They take pictures of bid dinner and post it all look more -- I don't know how many times I've seen that and have just gone all what are you doing. Right right who cares is right. Oh god Maureen I love you. You hate it you gotta let it okay thank you show all thank you thank you so much Maureen yeah Mario I hope so too. Thank you so much for calling in and have a wonderful evening we're just about to wind up the third. Episode of the -- David show. And so I just wanna say that if I I never would have expected in a million years how much I would I just take and love. Our broadcasting as much as I do regardless of the time slaughter anything. The opportunity to come in here. And speak TU. And have a conversation with you and a dialogue with you. I don't care what your races I don't care what your gender is you know I don't care about you know with a year left or right. You know as long as one is on completely open about you know the fact that I may completely staunch conservative. Love god -- all my heart and I'm completely. I disgusted with the course our country is taking I want to thank you all for tuning in tonight. I hope to god that there's a fourth -- David show and when there is I hope I hear from you then to. God bless. Have a wonderful evening. And we'll see you again and talk to you again very soon take care of thanks for listening to the -- David shelf. From Reagan's first term to Obama's only won him. Bringing much. All I'm sorry that's right he is on his site.