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Do you think the nurse should have known better before going on the plane? 10/16/14

Oct 16, 2014|

Should the nurse be held responsible if someone else gets Ebola?

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Sixty. Break WRKO. KM six city and now 193 point seven Ph.D. do. Our three at the corner reports Jeff -- Boston bulldogs are. On overdrive. Today my friends. Cleaning up. Now mega ton of liberal bulls. All right CDC director. Com three. A lot of people are calling for him to be fired. Including your strolling I think it's he should have been kicked out. A long long long time ago. Well now director Tom Frieden is saying. That we shouldn't be Manning air travel from West Africa. Because I kid -- not is gonna hurt the economy the West Africa. And god forbid we should hurt the economy of West Africa. And that's our job is to help impact the economy of West Africa. And so the question now is this should the CDC director Tom Frieden. Be fired if you believe the answer is yes tax day 68680. If you believe the answer is no. Text b.'s 68680. Has brought to you by the greater -- senior services providing a wide range of social services for you when your family. Visit www. GLS says dot net for more information. Brittany what are the poll results thus far. 99%. Yes so don't want sun so it's it's really the basically running 99210. Yeah. So outside of a fuel moon bats and probably Tom Friedman's wife and relatives. Everyone else seems to want and -- exactly rocket. I -- okay well my friends are right now so you have the dear leader. Now telling us she's -- these scares the shaken hands with nurses who have taken care of Ebola patients. Nothing to worry nothing to -- year. We now have the second nurse from Texas presbyterian health hospital. Am. Amber. The vision she has now contracted Ebola we've now found out. That she flew about nine hours before she exhibited all the Ebola symptoms. On a flight from Cleveland -- Dallas Frontier Airlines. Potentially infecting -- 132. Passengers on board. They are now scrambling to find those passengers. She came at the airport she tested herself she got a low grade fever 99 point five. She called CDC said I'm coughing I got a fever should I still board a plane they geniuses at CDC said yes. She then landed in Dallas. Eight hours later she was vomiting which severe diarrhea. Rushed to the hospital. Tested positive immediately furry ball. So she potentially infected god knows how many people on that plane. But don't worry be happy everything is okay. Tom Frieden says everything's okay dear dear leader says everything's okay many -- says everything is okay. But. Now here's a story that has not been picked. Here's a story that has not been picked up. By a lot of media outlets. The commander of US Central Command. Marine Corps general John F Kelly KE LLY looking up -- -- Last week. Was at a conference. I think National Defense University. Where -- -- talking about how always the military going to respond. If there is any Ebola outbreak in this country or god forbid south of the border. And according to general Kelley. He now says that Central American countries are completely I'm prepared for Ebola. If there isn't Ebola outbreak he says you'll see an army of people. Just rush across the southern border. You'll see mass migration eight millions upon millions. Well commented the United States we will have no way at all to prevent it. And furthermore this is something I wasn't even aware. I knew we had -- massive immigration from the Caribbean islands especially Mexico Latin America South America. According to general -- There are now all a lot of people from West Africa. According to him I'm giving you a direct quote. We have a lot of west Africans. Coming across our southern border. Of the number of people that they capture at the southern border a very large percentage of them are West African state. So apparently they fly into Tijuana Mexico. Or in Guatemala -- Nicaragua and then make the long tracked up north. And then -- relayed a story I want all of you to listen to this. General Kelley said that he was recently. On a visit to Costa Rica. He met with US embassy personnel. US embassy personnel to hold him about an interaction. That -- I had with five or six men who were from Liberia. They were near the Nicaraguan border. Quote the embassy person walked over and just asked who they wore and they said well we're from Liberia. Didn't on the role about a week and they are on the way to New York City even legally. Kelly continued. According to general -- They could have made it to New York City and still be within the incubation period of Ebola. That's why you don't how they porous southern border. That's why it like any sane normal country do you secure your border. It's not a racism. It's not native isn't. It's not discrimination. It's basic self defense and self preservation. It's what any normal functioning country ballads. It's common sense. And so now. Now it's speculative. Obviously he's not saying this is gonna happen or it's happening he's saying this is a likely scenario that we are preparing for at US Southern Command it's a scenario. But it's a very real possible scenario. What are we gonna do god forbid. If they start coming into Central America with the -- And you got people contracting at left right and senator are -- seeing in Liberia Sierra Leone and Guinea. -- gonna be army album. There's gonna be a massive refuge each refugee exodus. Like something literally out of Egypt and ancient -- As he said it they will overwhelm. Our border we will have millions of them coming across our country. Some in fact it may mean not infected. But as he put it if we couldn't stop 70000. Unaccompanied. Children. How we gonna stop potentially millions of them from pouring into our country. Here is general Kelley. In his own words. Roll -- Britain. I think it really keeps him awake at night after. Tell you it's it's your border issue. You know this by the end of the -- is supposed to be buy it by the CDC and world health and all their estimates. One point four million people. Will will have been affected viable. And probably 62%. Or something like that we'll -- that says that's a percentage that's terrific. There's no way and we're already seeing it there's no way you can keep before. In West Africa and and and -- is -- we will try to deal with that and snuff it out here. It's gonna run its course for some period of time. If it comes to the Western Hemisphere. Most current many countries in Western Hemisphere have a vote. No ability to deal with the global outbreak so much like western Africa it'll reach for some period of time. Particularly if it gets to a place like -- Or if it gets to Central America. I wanna say up front I think there's some heroic national leaders. In the northern tier of Central America to include movies. That are working very very very hard watches I think the leadership 1520 years ago in Colombia I think we've word we're time we have leaders that are no kidding. Wanting to get up to the root problems. Much as Columbia did. On the plan Colombia but. There is almost no reason as you have -- or pointed out in many ways is almost no reason. To stay in Guatemala El Salvador. Or Honduras is no -- very few job opportunities no education access. And if you're a parent you're the better than it better than even chance of during your son -- daughter long before. They grow into that lynch. Because the economic situation Mexico's thus it is is -- nova nation today there are drawn to Mexico's who don't need we don't see as many movement -- as much movement to Mexicans. We -- a lot of west Africans. Moving on that network. Sex -- such a -- I did a opening comments that a human. Human trafficking event last week and I wanted to universities down and and and Florida and the thousands and thousands of -- primarily sex workers that move up through the network every year into the United States. Is just simply appalling. And these are slaves to two to -- to the sex trade. And he I mean his chest he says he goes on to say how they're in bed with the Mexican drug cartel it's. And so they are -- people across the border and I mean if it's harrowing stuff. He basically says look. If if Central America catches fire with feeble. You're gonna see literally millions of people pouring across the border. And then we're gonna be completely overwhelmed if we couldn't stop 70000 unaccompanied minors the so called children. What are we gonna do if we have a major bowl outbreak in Haiti or in Central America were utterly defenseless. So what is the dear -- gonna do stand that the border and -- cure them as they come on and shake their hands and kiss and hug. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As they Rampage. As they run over him and the dear leader. This is how criminal. How negligent. How irresponsible. -- were ruling elites are in Washington. And we have 4000. Of our troops. Right now potentially being contaminated of Ebola in Liberia. Why don't we put them on the southern border. Instead of putting liberians first. It's time to port Americans first 6172666868. Dead Europe -- thanks for holding go ahead -- Good morning to ask how that blessing when Debbie back they'll say everything I do think that a couple of quite sure I think you -- -- -- that there are -- aspect it is the back. -- -- about doing carry a little bit for the -- had to get a half an -- deliberately let you do and they. At this very straight out if the question shut down by -- you should close the borders and she had a very politically correct answer that just broke eye catching back -- -- -- Actually close the border immediately shot down the -- to. -- -- the countries that are involved and I just want to make crack. Into the front line was funded ally in the general caught the talk about the Hazmat suit is right. -- -- professional opinion change any of the staff begin to treat these people -- -- and they ask you hit it far respirator mask. It is indeed it -- isn't a doubt -- -- has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- could be implemented it simple common and and lastly this is the political strategy -- fascists -- a lot of trade and that this treatment of the highest order yeah he's doing it deliberately chose the country there's little doubt in my mind. And he's doing it he actually doesn't want it Democrats to lose in November America wake. I thank you for that called -- 6172666868. Anthony Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Today there are major yeah. I'm surprised nobody touched on this point. Another person in the document that needs to -- I had also -- match up. Director of security for the president can't. -- that they can be teach kids. Contact with people that weren't -- -- -- -- big east and allow him I think he would give lips and then let. That's what. -- -- And banning contact Bullock kicked and punched out and put the president of the United States why it. I will allow it to this. She. Didn't -- support my darling I don't I'm mark I'll ask her how I know. -- Throughout this event happened. And anyone that's exactly the point that cooks -- -- to me this morning as I was driving into or can we talk about our show prep and outlining the show he said. Obama's either lying. Or he's not lying. And he's got to be firing people the Secret Service. How well only allow people who potentially may have the ball looked as they were exposed to what they were treating allegedly treating patients at Emory University. They're they're shaking his hand there hugging him they're kissing him what if god forbid what if the president can taxable. Just need to be quarantined. And should be quarantined until we know surely he would carry yet because he could just get you are not shortened simple. Anthony thank you for that call 6172666868. My friends it's 822 on the WRKO. Let me throw out one other angle to this story. Have you noticed. Ground zero has been balance. The flood of illegal immigration has primarily been through access. What is going on here. Whereby Texas is being squeezed from the south to -- illegal immigration. And then also from Ebola. Could -- be political. I'll have not and so much more next to me. Mary are up next on the great WRK oh well good morning. Yes I was the other morning hopefully get content on its when he mentioned about eight try to protect they were African economy which. Yeah parade negatively affected our economy -- troop level. Well yeah. And now like putting our health then why get paid by putting out here in military personal risk now. That's reducing our security and safety -- law would lose these people. And then easily drastically increasing you know health care costs -- Here for the West African me and -- -- paris' retaliating to constant buying special team and applying patience with special hospital. And you know we know we're gonna pick up the bill and I. Can't we stop the lightbulb and -- accountable as -- save money that could be given to companies could be -- maybe you're -- -- terrorist. Can help prevent -- that he would get it. You know wasting money on special things like that either try to block England treadmill bench whatever -- he's spending money on. You know I know -- gonna pay for these people you know or thought they set it here is that could be. A big -- people are not there I'll help you with the deductible being so high and everything for Obama got to step up at the plate we need to impeach him now. Thank you for that call -- 6172666868. Were paying for it. We're paying for everything we're paying through the nose. Then we know he's lying. He -- me a look listen I'm I'm I've called them -- I'm gonna do it again. He didn't meet any nurses who had -- -- treated and Ebola patient that's a lie. Show me the video sure only the video. I don't believe that he shook hands and was hugging and kissing nurses who are -- trade and Ebola patient I don't believe them. Until you show me the video I don't believe you you're lying because you would never put your health in jeopardy. Well what's really going on -- -- a dirty secret. For this man to cancel political fund -- yesterday and today. He didn't cancel -- overbearing Ghazi. She didn't cancel it over crisis. He didn't cancel when he declared war on Syria he didn't cancel it when when Foley was -- hadn't. For him. To be canceling fund raisers mama -- My friends it's obvious what's going on they have a serious crisis and potential outbreak on their hands and they know it. And now they're trying to cover their rear ends. And downplay this just a dead beyond November 4. Everything now is get beyond November 4 survive the mid terms of possible. Because if the true extent of their incompetence and recklessness. Their negligence if the American people knew about it. Forget getting wiped out in November they're gonna get annihilated. In November. And so basically now is just wait wait wait here I got another story coming up with a 9 o'clock hour bowl Bert doll. Guests watched the army concluded its investigation of ballpark doll. What took so long is a -- but let Doug go that's another issue but let -- go they have the report is gone. Are you hearing about the report net. Have you been reading about the report -- net. Why because they're deliberately withholding the findings until after the November mid term elections. You know why -- there I'll tell you what the reports gonna say what everybody knows he was a traitor. So now we're playing politics with national security. We're playing politics with the deadly virus we're playing politics with American -- That's why you don't have a third rate community activist as your president. That's why you have to properly -- somebody before you make him the most powerful man in the free world. Marie Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Marie. -- mining champ -- saying thank god for people like you think. I just can't believe. What's going on in this country to change that kind of contamination. From now one flight could be much wider than this thing. Every airport has ground crews nick collision and clean playing some. And emptied. Wasted and so forth what has happened to those people did they go from playing kept playing kept playing. Just because if you work on that plane doesn't mean another plane hasn't been contaminated. And -- you're right it's even worse. Not playing that -- that Frontier Airlines plane took five other flights. After the nurse landed in -- Then they finally took it out of service so it's not just those passengers that are potentially contaminated. It's those people that run the five separate flights. 6172666868. My friends. It's Thursday it's almost -- -- can't do me a favor seriously. If you can see the movie contagion. It's a very well done more which had a bit heavy film it's a dock you drama. -- -- was -- mad demon I believe -- -- -- Laurence Fishburne Gwyneth Paltrow. I forget Matt Damon don't hold that against the film. It's an extremely well done film. And it shows how we deadly virus like this spreads. We are now witnessing. Contagion. In real time and real life at 32 on the great RK no more if your calls after this news break. 839 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends here is now the latest. Hi yeah -- yeah -- he had just it just gets worse. Finish. From there gets it gets worse now by the hour you're not gonna believe this okay. So as you know all. This CDC. Led by that. Bozo the clown director Tom Friedman so -- blows all told all of us. There were no symptoms by the second Ebola patient. None were being exhibited when she was on that flight from Frontier Airlines from Cleveland -- ballots. However. Now Frontier Airlines CEO Dave Siegel. Has now released a statement as well as a letter to employees. That the company has now check this out quote been notified by the CDC. That the passenger in this case the nurse. May have been so diplomatic. Earlier than initially suspected. Including the possibility of possessing symptoms while on board the flight. Now the CDC first they said she wasn't symptomatic she didn't have symptoms guess what. Now the CDC is now notified the company Frontier Airlines. That in fact my home. DO bowl a patient to form the airline. May have actually had symptoms while on board the flight. If that's the case. Then amber Vincent. Potentially. In fact it. A 132. Passengers on that plane -- -- -- highly unlikely that all of them are infected. Hopefully no one -- and yet he can't get sitting next to someone remember outside that's right I forgot about that you have -- -- -- sex with them Karzai you have to have sex with Marquez. They got to throw up on you or they have -- like just roll up all over you from had told all according to CDC director Tom Frieden. That's why I'm wearing a mask that's why but I swear court season now in studio he's in the Booth I swear you with a mask. Just separate I guess he weight from Britain in trying to protect yourself from Brittany I don't wish you spend. I mean. So now you see other story now -- she is from Salem you know. I don't know what you expect of someone who can. Match -- So now it's changing so now a look if if she was symptomatic. If she did have symptoms. Not only the passengers. Not only everybody the passengers have been in contact with -- But remember that very same flight. Took off to five other destinations. After Dallas before was taken out of service. 6172666868. This is the movie contagion I'm telling you in real life. Except the people who work in contagion the authorities like Laurence Fishburne are competent. Lawrence fresh -- -- the CDC director. -- the character he's actually competent he's trying to battle all the odds to prevent the spread this guy Bozo the clown. He's making the situation worse. By either deliberately lying to the American people or resold competent he's in over -- said he doesn't know what -- -- -- what he's doing. 61720666868. Let me ask all of you this. Do you think that nurse who obviously when she knew she had a low grade fever. Should never boarded that flight should never have been on that flight. If she should survive he bowl. Should she be held. Criminally liable for what she didn't. Bye -- potentially exposing so many other people by being so reckless. Britney has been adamant on this point all morning. She says stop blaming the CDC Jeff. You should blame amber Vincent and the nurse more she's a nurse she knew better she was told by the people in Dallas not to -- -- -- she flew to Cleveland. Then she had the fever she was coughing she forget calling the CDC and getting the -- -- the OK from the CDC the go ahead. She still -- a responsible nurse and a woman should not have boarded that plane. If she had a second guess you know I'll call the CDC. Then don't go on the plane. So should she Britney would do you think -- she should be held criminally liable for this. Show like criminally but. Well what if somebody on the plane hypothetically now does contracting Ebola. Should she -- you get a little applications just know that there I mean common sense you have a -- of our and you have. And now coming on -- having symptoms as ridiculous. 6172666868. Look this isn't me this is the corner man had I've been treating Thomas Eric Duncan. And the moment I'm feeling just a little bit -- forget in 99 point five degree fever and coughing. I'm running -- of hospital. I mean I get a hot flash bang them up a hospital Ebola that's Ebola asked me. George you're up next thanks for holding go ahead George. Well yeah cause I get it caught my pleasure. They all. Lieutenant -- You wouldn't -- it going I think it is really Irish stopped. Why are people really I can't ever going to get it just stopped because and that got a Whitney too much. George it's a 64000. Dollar question it's the it's the question that honestly -- and asking for six years every day. Again I'm not wanna repeat myself is the same question I spoke about with coaxing on the phone this morning. What's happened. To war -- it as a nation as a people. I mean I remember a -- and I was born in Canada but I remember watching speeches of Ronald Reagan. I remember the State of the Union Address I mean it was like a party at my hopes. That pride he had in America the love -- -- for America essentially an exceptional great country we are. That we treat Americans. As people part of a great experiment. Created in the image and likeness of god. This sense of this is a great country we don't allow ourselves to be lowered like -- and -- treated like this. And frankly almost abuse likeness. How we're just allowing ourselves to be be greeted like this on a regular basis. I mean honestly were -- -- We're this is I'm Erica. -- -- -- -- -- Tuberculosis. -- skating these lights all of this across the border. EV 68. My god this is the greatest country in history of the world remember the bride to be an American. The birthright of being an American. The love of this country. And it's like every day it's one slot after another after another after another. I'll tell you what it is and it's very politically incorrect you're throwing all I mean a lot of hot water but I don't give them. If I'm not here to tell you the truth there's not appointing me being behind this microphone. When are we gonna say as a country and enough is enough. That we're not gonna keep lowering ourselves because of the color of this man's skin in the White House. I don't care if he's black. But there's clearly now this sense of tremendous guilt white guilt liberal guilt whatever you wanna call it. That clearly if any other president. Was -- Negligent. As reckless. As her radical. I -- abusive. -- frankly incompetent as this man. She would have been pushed first -- -- would have been elected. He never would have been reelected and he would have been pushed out of office a long time ago. It's absolutely -- mean mind blowing. It's it's this apathy is this complacency I don't. I don't understand it. And my only hope. Is we're gonna change this guy a lesson this is what November 4 is about. It's to teach him Spanish criminal gang a lesson. They're gonna lose the senate they're gonna lose congress he's gonna be repudiated and humiliated. And shown once and for all. We don't want chill. We don't want your policies and we don't want -- turning this country into a Third World banana republic but enough is enough. Mike you're up next go ahead Mike. -- -- -- -- Reached out yesterday or personal protection equipment and how all of -- also -- Angel ball well yes. I spoke to address social bloc nobody over there is -- Personal protection equipment and -- talking up. True American from some hospital. No friend and they what are required tours and Hamas net sweet potato -- And -- -- America ready to do so oral bridge. And and most watch and should be a lot like -- are -- -- diet getting ready to go to Africa. But it's such an. Already. When you are personal protection corporate basically what. Let's say like a little extra hundred. Just also up every angle and -- -- talk. And I'll -- -- all the visceral. -- -- to be inside a -- somebody or follow. Everything goes on talk ought to assume and on topic or not toward rock. These people are ready to 610 and the people -- the CDC -- that don't look somebody in Atlanta. There and positive. Pressure so the company not a respectable record at any type. Mike I got to ask you this because are you call the as the obviously an expert you know a lot more than I do I suspect 99% of the population. I got to ask you this I know the nurse to me is responsible in many ways however. When you have a nurse that was -- reading Tom is -- could have been in contact with this Ebola patient. Housing 99 point five degree fever is not feeling well it's coughing. And calls you up before she boards a plane and says shut -- aboard a plane. How the hell is the CB's they say sure no problem board the plane. -- not they're not equipped to deal with the kind of help or Britain out. I thought it yesterday that you're it's going to be a total point wherever sorted out is gonna come out because when -- -- people port -- They're not supposed to don't -- people -- spoke -- couldn't come. And we party -- -- Go outside are -- possibly expect everybody I'm applying and then -- the NBC. Camera woman who -- our traditional. Did doctor Nancy snyderman. Watch and people I mean even if agreeable or government to break one small part. -- usually an employee portal site and also nobody what do -- What's going on our country how are not taking it serious. Thank you for that call -- very good call. John Europe next thanks for holding go ahead John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One thing on its -- do -- that I read that this woman -- -- went home to do -- and relatives integrated. I believe it her fiance. That that's what I read. Are not aware that fiance I yeah I yeah IE if she visited a few Johnson. Yeah you know while Sotomayor now. If I was the fiance I'd be like I'd be in a hospital like that -- -- I don't glowing red lights class -- straight to the hospital. He you have yeah I mean it's it's an -- that I read that somewhere and reporting. -- anywhere else well. Think -- so early to report that Ronald. Men saying you know when wanna -- an outlet. And John I'll be honest with few if my wife was a nurse. And -- treated Thomas Duncan. She flies up to seeming. Yes she says Jeff -- -- you're very cold for some reason you don't wanna hug me -- on it gives me you're not affectionate way you all love me anymore you don't wanna marry me anymore I'd signal normal home. I just don't wanna touch you for 21 base and. Yeah yeah you know -- -- You know -- lobbying for 21 -- okay yet called the cold hearted. 6172 is that -- X 6868. More of your calls next. -- -- -- Let's talk. I. Eight at all did tell you about this guy. On every six W large. 858 here on the great WRK you know. George. You're up next and well. So low -- Georgia. Good day -- nurses union. If he became illegal. I mean wait. First of all the first occurred on that flight I understand the stroke speckled normal what's working environments. But what she did so we should -- air and eat it does what -- criminal to be quite honest with you. Those -- you know the theory is actually. People virus called the western virus. -- -- -- whole -- There were tight current role Peter received he would like that and open net salvaging it that's called redstone. Beijing Irene yes she'll land. And it was a vote we see -- true were able true. Give people are. Here we have on the prop what so that hit me quite a bit because that that social would be done and primary we primate. More than likely to be done without it's just a matter -- mutation takes place. More importantly most nurses in the Boston area but I know and quite frankly I know. -- -- -- hit the post. And more importantly the social should go with that articulate children so you know -- -- my child care. What would help me when I need help would like to stay afterwards. -- he's going to benefit. These are all economic issues to and we had a president that quite frankly. How to take a look at the stock market it's down 800 point because this very issue. The economics involved here is to protect West Africa I think they'll last a better protect Americans and get the picture you sir and get sick care. Americans in anybody else in this country. It and it just like I look -- to do that I spent five years in the military. I trained in NBC I know what it's like Kabila and economical my -- Again I'm gonna tell you that that's twenty years ago I remember how to do it anymore. And I'm quite afraid. George I'm up against them -- got to ask you one question. I'm not trying to just score political points against the fall or Marty Walsh I'm being very honest. Why -- our governor and our mayor. Because I've heard nurse after nurse after -- all morning called the show I read in the Boston Herald saying we're not prepared. We're not prepared our clinics are not prepared are hospitals are not prepared. And you guys are on the front lines you know better than anybody there are going to hold a press conference and tell us we are prepared. Number one you're lying and number two -- even allow us to testify today. People preparedness meeting helped by our senator Kim in represented that. Just so has this look this show us. Well on the lining up and he wouldn't speak about what I think we need to protect that I've been doing this recording yet Al. You know state the discussion and then as far as I'm concerned that it politicians. George double -- you call again Jorge -- your great call thank you 6172666868. 902 on the great WRKO. Bruce Kevin -- Jim Kevin hang on we're gonna stay on this topic next hour don't touch dot. But news of the top and bottom talking between executing a sign -- dodi's flawlessly because.