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Dear Leader in denial. 11/6/14

Nov 6, 2014|

What do you think the message was to Obama when the Republicans won the Senate? Jeff says Obama is in denial.

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60. The great WRKO. KPM 6 Katie good morning plus the my friends and good dear leader in denial. I absolutely stunning press conference yesterday. By the dear leader. It now even has many in the liberal media. Shaking their heads and asking the question openly. Publicly. Is now Barack Hussein Obama. Dangerously disconnected from reality. There's a piece by the Associated Press. Just stunned. How Obama refuses. To register. The message that was delivered loud and clear. On November 4. In fact less than fourteen hour works. After ray Republican wave swept over the country. The senate has now fallen to the Republicans. In fact they're now gonna pick up it looks like Alaska and Louisiana. Hiding their lead to now 54 seats. Historic. Defeats in the House of Representatives. The Democrats are now any deep abyss. Are Republicans now stand to have 246. Seats the biggest Republican majority since 1946. After having lost key governors' races I state legislatures. All across the country literally from coast to coast. It was the mother of all shellac kinks. Even the Associated Press. Cannot believe. And they're in this piece by Julie page. There is how big the losses were for the Democrats. How comprehensive the losses were for the Democrats. And instead of big demolishing this. Official Washington even the liberal Mandarin in the media. Are scratching their head as Obama yesterday struck a defiant tone. Did dearly here insisted it was not a rejection of them. I'm not only was it moderate junction of them. He's not gonna stop doing what he's been doing for six years. And so he threatens to veto Republican legislation. He now says he's gonna continue to do executive orders. In fact he says he's gonna continue to go ahead with the executive amnesty later this year. In other words nothing changed. And so here is the dear leader. When asked point blank. Well in 2010. This is asked by by the way Jeff Mason of Reuters. Another liberal news news outlet. He aside even the liberal even the liberal media. Are asking him hold on now dear leader well. All go home. Narrow I know you're fiddling as the Democratic Party burns. And as the country is burning. But in 2010 you'll called the results of those mid term elections and they were nothing like these mid term elections. Our show lacking. So what you call list. Check out the dear leader's response to roll it Brit. Well let's in my opening ceremony there's no doubt couldn't vote it's very good night and and what we're gonna make sure that we do is to reach out. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner were now. Running both chambers in congress and find out what third under us and so mired. Hope is is that they've got some specific things they wanna do good. Correspond with some things we wanna get done what's most important to hear from people right now they resounding message not just of this election but basically. The last several is. Get. Stuff done. Don't worry about the next election don't worry about party affiliation. Do worry about. Our concerns discuss unbelievable worry about the fact that I'm a single mom and be in the months truly are communicated bills in part because I've got these huge. Shelter costs and I do worry about defective. I mean young person who's qualified to go to college but I'm really worried about taking 50000 dollars a year out in debt and and I don't know how I'd pay that back. Do worry about the fact that I am construction worker who has been working all my wife. And I noted there's construction work. That should be done but right now for some reason. Projects are small market it's worth thinking about those folks I think we're. Hopefully the bill would get some stuff done. Discuss incredible. I mean this is just I mean that I gotta tell you rarely a the liberal Washington official Washington is Dave dirt Dade that are scratching their heads are in their absolutely shocked and stunned. Reuters is stunned. The Associated Press is stunned the Washington Post this stunned USA today is stunned even the New York Giants. Mr. President are you when I do you have any connection left with reality. Okay first of all. This is not this election and last election and the previous elections stop trying to lump all these different elections. By your own definition. You said that I didn't you didn't. My main name not be on the ballot but my policies and my agenda are. It was a referendum. On you. And you lost. If this is not a repudiation. And a rejection. Nothing is. And for him to suddenly stand there and say well. Well I'll. Ballot Peron. You'll lower student debt that if you're home give a child Karenna pure all have more big government programs well does what they sent deserted don't know. What was the electorate what the electorate said loudly and clearly dear leader. Is they want to know to an executive amnesty. They want to know why obamacare. They want to secure the borders. They want and now have a genuine free market economy. They are tired of the crushing taxes and the crushing debt and the crushing regulations. They are tired of your incompetence. Whether it be on the V8 whether it be on Obama care whether it be on Ebola whether it be on ices. Now every Republican that ran. Hide their opponent to you and your policies every single one of them. It's all about you. We don't want shoe. We don't watch your far left wing progressive agenda how much I don't know how much clearer the country can make it. And now notice now that they've lost control of congress that they've lost both the house and the senate. Notice now. Party affiliation although it doesn't matter now Mel normal now or beyond party. Now we have to put the American people first really when Harry Reid shot down over 300 Republican bills that passed. Were you thinking about the country are rethinking about party. When Valerie Jarrett came out and set elections have consequences when you said. Elections have consequences. When Valerie Jarrett said we won you lost deal with it all we've taken about the country above party affiliation dear leader. Christian he's incredible. But it hold on my friends he's not done good dear leader is not done. Moan all he said the American people sent a message. And you heard the mess church. And you know what the messages. Now is that it's the same line that's now being echoed by CNN and by MSNBC. And by the Boston Globe all of these and NPR known now the messages and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid not know. The message was compromise. The message was guys let's work together. Now the messages I swear to you now other claiming the message was not all gold the metal. Let's all hold hands and sing comb by Allah. Not all now the message was give the dear leader what he wants you give him what he wants it he'll give you a little bit of what you want. Roll it Britain to. Yeah I had a chance to speak with John Boehner and congratulated Mitch McConnell on becoming the next senate majority work. I told mole that I look forward to. Finishing up this Congress's business and then. Working together for the next two years to advance. America's business. And I very much appreciated leader McConnell words last night by the prospect of working together. To deliver for the American people. On Friday I look forward to hosting the entire Republican and democratic leadership at the White House. To chart a new course forward you know obviously Republicans have a good not Null and they deserve credit for running good campaigns. Beyond that I'll leave it to all of you in the professional pundits to pick through yesterday's results. What stands out to me though is that. The American people's a message. One that they've sent. For several election. Now. They expect. The people they elect to work as hard as they do. They expect us to focus on their ambitions. And not ours. They want us to get the job done. All of us in both parties. Have a responsibility to address that sentiment. It's still. As president I have a unique responsibility to try to make this town work. Stop right there so it's ever want there. So operator. OK first of all to two key points. Number one. They expect that people they elect to work as hard as they do. They expect us to focus on their ambitions and not ours and. What are you working. You're an embarrassment. I mean literally you're an embarrassment. If you are the bulk of the international jokes. You're always in Hawaii. You're always on the golf course in fact I believe you're golfing out of you can't stop golf link. Or you're in Florida order in Martha's Vineyard. Or you're in the French Riviera or are some hunting safari in Africa or got. All Yule and Marxist new child who was basically traveled the world or play golf and and stuff you're faces on our dime. You're at a party president. How many every week he literal literally. Every week you as a concert at the White House or some Hollywood movie premiere. All he does his hobnobbing with the stars Mike god even during the campaign there you were Gwyneth Paltrow as house. All you're so sexy I'm speechless Mr. President. All you do all these party on our word I mean. And now you'll lecture us. On how supposedly the mandate was to send members of congress pores are roll up your street a sleeves and and works 607080 hours a week. Feel phony you fraud you. But it was the last line. I does the president have a unique responsibility. To make this town work meaning wink wink wink. Executive order after executive order after executive order if caught in the Republican squash my plan. There's going to be no gridlock quote unquote under my watch. All it could be gridlock when I controlled the senate but now that I don't control the senate now moan all wink wink wink. It's going to be nothing but 11. Illegal unconstitutional. Executive order after another. But that's not enough for the dear leader. He continues. Roll it Britain. So to everyone who voted want to know that I hear you. To the two thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday. I hear YouTube saw her there. All of America. Now did you see that one. Name me one president. For example take George Bush in 2006. When he got shellacked and the Democrats took over both the house in the senate. Did he stand there and say all took a 13 at voted I hear you and did a quote two thirds that didn't vote I also hear you. Meaning the victory is illegitimate. The original real mandate wink wink. Ticklish troop surge didn't volts. That's not the issue we had an open free and fair election you wanted to vote you could vote you didn't want to vote you didn't vote. The people voted and they are the only ones that count because it was their votes that were cast. Sent an absolutely devastating resounding message. No. No tear authoritarian takeover of America Nolte are socialist policies Nolte here incompetent presidency. I mean what you need a ton of bricks the fall on your head summit at a baseball at a neutral over the head. Mean seriously what an eight. But already he's undermining the election. No other president has done this. Don't talk to me hey. 50% of the American people didn't vote point wealth. How come suddenly what but mall when you win an election damned if they're 50% that didn't vote you don't talk about hearing them. This guy's incredible. But he continues. This is the dear leader in the mile world that Britain. All of us have to give more Americans a reason to feel like the ground is stable beneath their feet. That the future is secure. That there's a path for young people to succeed. Him but folks here in Washington are concerned about that. So I plan on spending every moment of the next two plus years doing my job. The best I can. To keep this country safe and make sure that more Americans share and as prosperity. Go golfing. I mean seriously if you got really if you really I mean I mentioned Sarah sort of got meaner god as my witness. You really want to do what's best for this country at this point their leader you've got when he six months left. That's a lot of party and that's a lot of golf thing that's a lot of vacationing. If I were you hit the links and hit the beaches. 6170666868. Is the number. My friends. What shorn now seeing is a drunken Roman emperor. Who is so drunk with power it's almost like collegial. I believe the president is now potentially mentally ill. Who now cannot see or refuses this there are reality in the face. Is denying. They're clear and overwhelming. Message sent by the voters on November 4 and so my question to you is this double barreled. Do you believe the dear leader is in denial and number two. What did the election mean for you. Why zip their rejection and repudiation. Of the dear leader and his policies 6172666868. Lines are loaded Bob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. More Guevara. Are you bar. They don't wanna thank you for that party there and I had a clash. But I still haven't got my voice back totally. Anyway you know. As we watch tonight at eight I never watch dish speeches but yet they had quite a couple like to see what he had to shaded. Everything was this same old same all about the economy is growing. And of all all this nonsense he can deal and and definitely no real. I'm an ultra worries here the guy just before I'm sorry and I play like they keep talking about a peace could be an out and table I think that's the only it has an effect. Nobody is funny she's Bob I got to ask you this am I so obvious I'm I'm joking around you do you have for the NSA. Who may. Because I swear to you I'm driving and daughter I'm yakking with cooks the on the falling or talking about the show and and I'm like you know I think he's gonna give the American people know what their choice but to impeach him. Yeah I don't know I guess I'm. No really when you think about he's in such denial I here's what's gonna happen. They're gonna repeal is executive orders are gonna defund a lot of parts of obamacare and if he goes for executive amnesty. They're gonna take this to court. There's going to be clash after clash but I think after awhile. The American people are gonna come to the realization. That there's no other way to deal with this guy he's such a fanatic. He sold radical he's so anti American. That there is no other way to deal with this guy but impeach him. And I don't Bob I believe it's gonna happen. Yeah real quick little something there if you get a night do you get it. Yes I did Bob thank you so much. I would I would honestly I got some an Avant had a job but I would open up all the gifts on Saturday I saw many peel but I definitely got it right great. You Bob I appreciate it. Publisher about 6172666868. Is the number. What he's now doing is extremely dangerous. Because she's now deliberately. Or maybe he's just so blind and drunk with arrogance and power. But he is no longer able to face up to reality. And what you're gonna see happening you're all I mean I'm stunned I'm reading the Associated Press I'm reading Reuters. They're starting to call his mental capacity and the question. You're quoting people saying does the president have any connection to reality. You gonna start to see the liberal media turn on him not because they've regained some kind of journalistic principles. But because if this guy continues to behave the way years. Over the next two years the Democrats are gonna get dished Roy aid in 2016. 617 to a 666868. Morris your calls next. News. Ariza talked. The place it all happens. 1 AM six AD don't. What stands out in the you know. Is there any American people's enough. One of the accident and several elections. They extract its people realized who worked as hard as they do. We expect us to focus on their ambitions and not us. Six point nine here on the great WR scale the question before about. What message do you think voters sent to the dear leader on November 4. Kevin we are up next thanks for holding well. You are out there are some wonderful. Things. You wish. I had a good leader Dick come out and they told me that. It definitely don't think it'll blow steady walk and one step maintained. I mean it is really wonderful. Any Dutch shell. That Chad has more adult incompetence. I changed my. You're person chapel languages. Are used to endure and what the word notched a lot what does French. Origin. But now it is truly read through the leadership. We need to do just dismiss this may have and we we need to ask for his resignation. Thank you read that you honestly Kevin he behaves like this for a couple more months I think you're gonna see a lot of people around the country say very quickly. And unequivocally. Resign. 6172666868. The question before the house. Obama is in denial. He says that the election was not about him was not a repudiation. I agree disagree. More your calls next. 637. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends and did hear earlier came out yesterday. Essentially sang landslide. What what Republican landslide. And so NH stunning press conference that even as many in the liberal media openly shaking their head. Openly questioning the president's connection to reality. The dear leader said. If he's happy the Republicans won as long as they're willing to work with him. Not that he should try to work what then. And it's gonna be my way or the highway according to the dear leader and so the corner country poll question of the day. Why is he mid term election a repudiation. Of Obama and his policies. If you believe the answer is yes in other words the sky is blue text of the letter pay the 68680. If you believe the answer is no. Meaning the sky is green. Dex the letter B to 68680. It's brought to you by the greater Lynn senior services. Providing a wide range of social services for you and your family. Visit www. GL SS dot net. For more information. This is from 781 Jeff. Why doesn't Obama just come out and say this guy is bull the Pope is not Catholic and a bear breaks into your cabin to use the body. Well listen to Charles Krauthammer. Because now in out in walked in and in inside the beltway. The dear leader is now becoming. I mean nobody jokes. Here is crime timer saying why this wasn't a shellacking. Forget you Walt Paul Walsh allow you guys and this was a nuclear explosion. Roll it Brit. He played as good hustle the clubs that are. He was asked about the meaning of the election and he said I don't leave to others are reading the tea leafs. It was just really subtle Brazil's. It was just sort of complicated and nuanced. This was the worst to wall to wall. I'm national unmistakable. Unequivocal shellac. That tell you ever seen in mid term election and it happened just about every level. He got in that house the Republicans I'm the largest majority since 1929. In the senate. There part of the Democrats have lost seven probably nine. And by huge margins McConnell was supposed to be neck and that anyone can find fifteen points. Arkansas eighteen points and then the government you know the one excuse or Republicans have as well this election was played on their home terrorists. On red turf well you know Maryland Massachusetts. And Illinois aren't exactly red states all of us. I elected shockingly. And Republican governors. Should not only the economist Carl is a massacre. And Obama says I don't read English. Time and remember what he said about the election. He's about his policies everywhere every single line. Of course it was about him of course it was after his ideology and the execution his leadership this is a world oil rejection of Obama and his. And he pretended today as if it was an election that doesn't have a lot of meaning. Because two thirds of the electorate didn't show. Now. He then do we have the last part of that Britney okay. I emailed. I mean as usual not always but as usual chuck mail that he absolutely nailed it. Now he then goes on to say we don't actually have this clip but I want to stress this view. He mentioned obviously Charlie oh Charlie Baker in in math here in mass. Pat Quinn I talked about this yesterday good Democrat who lost to the Republican in Illinois. In his own backyard. But the one that they were really pushing for and I know this because I used to live in Maryland. Shocked crock timer lives in Maryland as well many people work in BC action given Northern Virginia or suburban Maryland but let that go. So crime are then says well hold on look. Just to show you how devastating this defeat once it was I live in Maryland. Where the lieutenant governor Anthony brown literally they're calling him the meaning me Obama I think I've got their dough ball a little upset. That they stole the mini meet title from him but let that go. And that he was considered is showing in fact nobody. Even we're talking about the Maryland race because they figured the Democrat Anthony brown was gonna win. You didn't hear a word and yet the Republican Larry Hogan comes out of nowhere. And he defeat brown in fact you around it's brown by eight percentage points. Now Maryland is like Massachusetts. It is the bluest of Blue States. As crime reporter it. If the Democrats went down in democratic strongholds. Like Massachusetts. Illinois and even Maryland. Just wasn't even a shellacking. That's crime are rightly puts it it was a nuclear explosion. A political nuclear explosion this thing blew up right in his face. So for him to stand there. Peace easily pagelet toll you know he's like mirrors like I would write a drunken Roman emperor. And I'm telling you is gonna destroy the Democratic Party. Because what he's proposing to do. That for example the executive amnesty which by the way agent noticed he was gonna do it in the summer war not popular okay right after the elections. War not in the wake of the mid terms now we sang maybe by Christmas. What ever you think of an amnesty and you norm dead set against it but it doesn't matter. Every constitutional. Law professor worth his or her salt will tell you he's blatantly. Illegal and unconstitutional. It's impeachable. I thought I was telling cooks. And on the car writer Michael Cox it's a literally can TU segment and I'm gonna fire somebody and WER one of our sister stations or WA AF. Even if a person deserves to be fired you don't have the power of the authority to kill it you can't go it. You don't have the power. If he goes for that not only is there going to be a massive popular backlash. I'm telling you my friends. This stage will be set for not only impeachment but the mother of all impeachment. Is a lunatic. 6172666868. Chris Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Thank you thank you so much pleasure double speed jet. I just wanted to attract well Alex Scott that. Obama looked at least delusional but. Actually not not many just trying to do anymore. I actually really calling bill are yesterday with a whole AAA. Particularly sampling memberships and and I think it's a great idea acting and it would send the kind of message that we need to and to them. But I want to make sure that people understand that talking try membership counselor and telling them how unhappy Eli action. It gonna get a lot done need to speak with at least a manager and I would ask for the general manager who you know basically the top of the heap. That would get pension. Chris my wife is gonna cancel our membership she says she's gonna do it this afternoon or tomorrow. Because of their support for the no side on question one wanting to automatically raise or gas taxes here in Massachusetts. So you're saying speech at a minimum to a manager if not the general manager to let them know why you're canceling her membership. Yep a member counselor can make a note. But it's not gonna get really note ash and looked a lot of people are asking at least the man manager level collect it for ten years. And all you worked Tripoli. Yet they get and that every member centric even even at the Rhode Island a chuckle or I don't know of anybody knows that. The in Massachusetts AAA is as cheaply southern New England would just run out of it but lunch but. If Jerry didn't let them members and really actually doesn't need a lot of ram. The membership counselor actually just call. They don't have. A lot of ability to track that insulation on the people that really. Here are gonna knock out I'll tell my wife friends a finances in the house so I'm gonna tell grace. You know honey when you do it called the manager called the general manager certain you want to stick your nose and question one. Bank gone my money's out but I digress 6172066. 6868. What message do you think the American people sent on November 4. Obama said not think we said shut up and said now. Eric you're up next welcome. Just love your lyrics that circulated in import the fact they can Molson Pamela expand parking. I just wanted to say that I had a very bad. Yeah actually future judicial Obama but we should get trust the opposition to actually. And that what we want done case in point spiritual calling it already says impeachment off the table impeachment talk to table. Such stellar grab control Obama can continue this Communist revolution and the opposition party is going to let him get away with its. I wouldn't go there aren't sand Urlacher and repeal of sorts. Obama care. All else that's what we will or there are much and I at least they level. Without question or look what we will go wartime but you don't use structure and heard the ignored that. Clearly watching or you don't like you keep it under that that's what launched without. I hope that group they project on 5% Rick order. So what's to stop so there was no child is one world conciliatory. Right OK I'd let you know let's sort of French older well that that's what we heard. Thank you Eric look I can just tell you there it's on question one. If they don't listen to us I'm gonna put if we have to will put 2030000. People are on Beacon Hill. They're gonna work and hold them accountable. I've been saying this for a long time leaders in new sheriff in town and the name is corner country. And so Charlie would be insane. Not to listen to the voters especially those that put him in office. Now us for Mitch McConnell yes he's a squish I call Mitch to squish but believe me. A couple more months of this that country's gonna be begging to impeached this guy Russ syrup next thanks for holding welcome. I think Jack Russ I make before I make my money comment here did you say yes to these New York Post the front page. Nor does it shows Obama with no clothes and a wooden barrels. It. Don't think Brenda so. Strip. Bright outlook close the hole but that I love. App after app. Britney's in my ears say she's such a love that as well. Oh god. All right the message because bleed my serve them and Barack Obama. Now a bomber slowly back without crutches let's face that the Democrats will have to throw him overboard they have no choice. But the big question in my biggest concern as well Boehner and McConnell and the backbone believed. They controlled press breaks but yet the purse strings. You remember the old westerns they have a stagecoach driver and Obama and his mob armed hospice. Or should I say it happens after the. A as usual or as well said Steve Europe next thanks for holding going heads. The morning just listen now we're dealing with the guy is collided with it dealing with a very dangerous you can't. If anyone saw the movie 2016. You would not surprise why he's doing well pitch in this two weeks to get there. Netflix as security and missile you can bring it down that well. Check in the wall and I what did you take when they established a partnership that yes that he mister president yet they still need this year is sold well. You lot who destroyed in the United States of America in the constitution. In the right angles that we haven't had he been pictured it to regionals. Are you looking to beat. Voted out of course. And it. Well said Steve. 6172666868. 650 on the great RK oh my friends what message do you think was delivered. On Election Day Obama says effectively nothing what do you say. All of your calls next. And let's take it to Rush Limbaugh for eight years Harry Reid ruled us. Seven here on the great WRKO. Tony you're up next thanks for holding and welcome. Shall I until all the house. Round I shot it really did you re a little bit. You're already there eight Democrats are saying about that during the though we do about it really felt ostrich somewhat. The rowdy say there pop that back. So I think that all squished together. A lot you know what what are called the Democratic Party. That would put that backed. Well said Tony. You live by the sword you die by the sword. So Harry Reid wanted to destroy the rights of the minority party in the senate. When he and his gang were controlling the senate while now the shoe was on the other foot Harry you made the rules not us. Bob Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Check out (%expletive) (%expletive) Detect it step back on the this does this a sign up and immature narcissistic personality it's Jeff I know that it be an analogy you've got you world you're your your little kids OK and I yet but it's also. It kept them two more so than what any door I didn't do I make as well I didn't do not vote. And they all equity will now let's take responsibility. For what he does. And again. What they need to do Republicans really need to do it cannot solve them that they know he's not gonna take and and sign he's done he helped. They're gonna come back. They need to go to the Democrats and say and that's ever they got. Let's and you saw what happened. India in in this election you don't join all right this beat Al you're you're gonna get voted out office true. And I'm challenge Apple's slapped him but he always wants to be welcomed what he did during the election into dejected when short but I'll shut. Bob I think you're dead on what I would do is the first thing I'd send them is the Keystone Pipeline he'll veto it. He to placate their radical environmentalists. He'll veto it. And then you force all the other Democrats all those jobs on the line although an extra energy all night extra natural and oil. I natural gas and oil lower gas prices and say you wanna be with us or you wanna be what the dear leader. You know I swear it's like my national. Just last just on the weekend there they are him and they've had taken about them as bubble bath I'm watching him I swear I see him smack assist. I mean I didn't killer ray Ramirez smacked her or any. Why did Eva. He looks mean he says. I didn't hear her really didn't had a large show you hitter he goes no daddy gave a litany I don't know wavered in the that you are so you hit her. That's the day earlier. And Larry does that their leader and in an optional. He's acting like a bunny and a five year old Brittany is acting like a Ford Gerald. Might my four year old Ashton has more maturity give a defense stop okay daddy I'm sorry I hear I don't theater but you reenter. At least the fess up eventually. My four year old has more maturity and a cloud in the White House 617206. X 6868. More to your calls next on your freedom beacon of crude been beaten here in the country you're listening to we.