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Carla Howell (Political Director Of The Libertarian Party)

May 12, 2016|

Carla Howell (Political Director Of The Libertarian Party) by The Financial Exchange

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Many of you are looking for an alternative to the two establishment can candidates that have been put in front Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We're joined now by Carla Howell she's a political director for the Libertarian Party. In many of us don't know much about libertarian policies and that's why I asked correlate to join us on today's show hi Carla RU. Terrific so help us better understand what what is the Libertarian Party all about what does it stand for. The Libertarian Party is about freedom which means less government and and out because libertarian as and is becoming more popular a lot of politicians especially Republicans like to. Without a libertarian. But in fact nothing changes when Democrats Republicans get elected government keeps getting bigger taxes get higher regulations get. More ominous. Libertarians are about shrinking government and it and thereby expanding liberty which means dramatically cutting taxes dramatically cutting government spending. And dramatically reducing. The intent politicians and in positions on our personal freedom. So let's talk about taxes because that's the one you Europe somewhat famous for your tax cutting efforts. What would the federal policy be for taxes by the libertarian policies I understood it was a consumption tax. No. Most libertarians. Oppose adding any new taxes and sauber candidates had initially supported. This swapped tax that replacing need to tax the sales tax but most of them have backed off of that and that no actually our goal is to reduce the total revenue of government not keep at this same not a big. We don't wanna be taught him any tax. So a lot of our federal candidates in 2014. And many are lining up this year 2016. To call for ending the federal income tax completely. No replacement tax. Simply cutting. Spending and balancing the budget and doing it immediately. That the Republicans won't touch this because generally they're lined up with a lot of special interest. Who want to actually sustain and expand big government that is completely antithetical to look at her party. We want to shrink it move that money out of the government sector and into the pride that productive sector. Carl what does the what's the Libertarian Party platform as far as regulations for business. Is way too many of them and again Republicans talk about eliminating this agency here that and it never happens. Libertarians. Want to. Dramatically reduce the federal government that means eliminating the department of education department of commerce and a long list I'll bet you list as federal agencies that Natalie. Are just wasting a lot of money. They're making things worse they're making it especially difficult for businesses. That are. Buried in regulation perhaps to dedicate entire departments. To dealing with these regulators and it and it doesn't there's nothing to show for it doesn't do what is exposed to do it just makes things worse. It means. That we lose jobs they can't hire as many people because they have the overhead they have to infested with every employee they hire and this is this is making us. Less competitive and the Chinese it's easier to put up the single and start a business in China in any case president is in the United States there's something very wrong with that. And but the Republicans talk about a particular changes the libertarians are serious about pink slipping these unnecessary jobs. And will happen. It will create twice as many jobs as Errol and an I didn't get in government only it won't cost the taxpayers a dime. And they will be sustainable jobs productive jobs with the rarely used and not some government mandated function. So one question that I do have for you on that is I was reading through some of the that the literature on the Libertarian Party web site this morning. And it and I quote from part of the platform it's as markets are not actually free and less fraud is vigorously combat it. I guess my question is what types of measures do you still believe in as far as combating fraud and trying to go about that. Libertarians say the sole function of government is to protect our lives were pretty property and protect property that means that you do need. To protect applicants product performance aggression. And usually these things are worked out in court but it's someone. Can prove that someone has been deceived op beta so a contract. That they were that they committed to. They. They misrepresent their credentials. If there. Provider of product or services. Of course the extent not just to the private sector but to the government sector where the real problem as they. The real deception and cover up. And open weakness. The worst of it happens in government right try researching a debater federal budget is I have done many years and it's it's. Ludicrous is ludicrous how little he can find out he can't get a breakdown of billion dollar line item in this in government spending he can't find out. What is in that three billion dollar line and who's spending away they spending it for how much is wasted. Well when there's no accountability. And you can be sure that quite a bit of it is being wasted and would force often that being spent on things that make things worse. Carl one of the big discussion points the last decade really has been a with in particular in the financial sector you'd banks that are quote too big to fail what is the libertarian position. First with regards to. Any business being allowed to fail on second with regards to. Businesses of that size or are there strong antitrust provisions or. Is monopoly just something has to be naturally dealt with and not a now and not dealt with by government. Libertarian. That's the firstly opposed. The bailout the Republicans and Democrats. Initiated them and supported and that Romney supported McCain helped to. Initiate them back in 2008 we were vehemently against no bank is too big to fail. I think there's enough people have seen what's gone on in this financial sector to note that these bailouts worked flatly wrong. And should never happen. And stars antitrust. The real power problem with monopolies is. Government granted monopoly not private sector monopolies private sector monopolies naturally. Dissolved overtime they face competition even if they're forming a standard of sorts. There's still subject to all content substitute products. That eventually. That is directly challenged those monopolies. On the other hand when it's the government granted monopoly of which there's a lot going on today you couple all professions. That are protected. Government granted. Licenses cartels. Soul. Sold source vendors no bid contracts. There's a lot of monopoly behavior that goes on in government. That is the real problem in a private sector it's generally not a problem. Carlo what debt load the Libertarian Party position be on the Obama care the health care law. Those passed into law back in 2009. The volunteers an abomination hits it's just one more layer on top of a lot of already existing players federal and state. Incher mentioned in the health care industry what people don't understand because we've never lived with it. Is that health freedom is how you make a healthcare is the best they can be market regulation is what makes. Breeds competition which means better services better product more innovation. And innovation and healthcare sector I've worked and it has been stifled for a decade because of state and federal lock and assist layers and layers of them. So people can't even conceive of what Alfred it would be like that imagine look at the innovation of the Internet. Boris one of our presidential candidates like to say. We would have something like. Surgeries are. Orthopedic. Room in the premarket if we really let it get cut government out of that we would have competition we would have dramatically lower prices a lot of people wouldn't need insurance. And those who did would find it. A fraction of the cost they take today it would be mired in red tape the way they are today it would be able to get care on the weekend. In the evenings if you don't tell is in need dentist when he forced seven nine to five Monday through Friday. These things are largely missing because of all of them massive layers of government. Regulations subsidies and mandates that the state and federal level we need to peel them away. But the first thing we need do is make us free open up our options to the prices come down. Eventually we'll be able to drop a lot of these very expensive that's cities which had been number one budget items in both federal and state budget. The other there's biggest budget but pastors today. And there. Not serving people well and just look at the VA it was the right to be taking care of our veterans at the disaster. It wastes a lot of money and leads people that care that they need so we need to. Moved health care completely into the private sector get rid of obamacare a risk it Romney care the FDA. All these and loads of licensing laws and other restrictions on the street market so that we have a vibrant health care. Industry that actually takes care of people. Carlo we have to get out but thank you very much for your time we appreciate your education. That's Carla Howell she's a political director for the Libertarian Party joining us today on the financial exchange.