Salem witch trial or a bunch of Hocus Pocus? 8.17.16

Wed, 17 Aug 2016

39 minutes

Self-proclaimed Salem Witch and animal rights activist, Lorelei Statahopolous, joins The Kuhner Report to talk about what happened on Sunday.

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130. Here on the great WRK. Go go boys of Boston okay my friends. For all the details on this story. About a potential Salem witch trial I did you not. Local story has been picked up by fox others it's going national. You can go to Slash corner KUHNER. We've got a blog go far back you can download all of the audio video that comes with this story. For those of you there are not aware of what happened. On Sunday in Salem. Near britney's neck of the woods. A woman. Well known Salem businesswoman. Who's an animal rights activist and also from what I'm reading in the media a self identified which. Her name is a laurel the stuff populists. Laurel life forgive in my back laurel high Stephanopoulos. On Sunday. She witness to an owner. Leave his car go across the street and in his car was very hot on Sunday. The dog was left in the car. According to police there was the window was slightly open. It was near shaded area but still very ought. The dog was left there according to Laura Lee for about twenty minutes. In the in the hot sweltering heat after eight minutes. Laura lie called 911 the police arrived. She confronted the owner who came back to his car as I said twenty minutes later. And where would I initially did not want him to get into his car. Challenging him on his treatment of his dog he basically he almost or almost. Tortured his dog to death the dog may have died in the sweltering heat. Police came onto the scene. And according to the police report. When a Lauro lie offered the dog some water the dog didn't take the water. The police complained that the dog seemed fine the dog was wagging its payroll it wasn't pant thing. According to the police opera Truman Robert monk in his report the dog did not appear to be in any distress whatsoever. Laura line however demanded that the owner be arrested for animal abuse for animal cruelty. And then when the police insisted that she get out of the way so the owner could get into his car and after that leave. She said she would not get it I get out of the way and she said either you arrest him or your arrest me. And they arrested her they arrested her for disorderly conduct. And so she now is insisting she doesn't want a plea bargain. She wants to take this all the way to trial. In honor of the dog she's taking a stand in honor of the dog shall we may actually have any real life potential. Which trial in Salem. And joining us now is the Arab famous Salem witch. A laurel high Stephanopoulos. Oh laurel I thank you so much for coming on the corner report. I thank you so much but that the few facts that weren't correct. That is what is so we'll keep it is story he outplayed so what I probably the continent opposite to eat about. Eight minutes on tax which is great assistant store you know we paid friendly and they act it was stage emails supporters which my foundation. So. What that would they ate all the. So big it is that got an attack and what it that would which speak English which smashed a window. And they basically Britain and it is then you know fifteen minutes but it is natural when elected get. At bat and coming down. I know about played out in the I never student away. Picked up because that would be stopped and the dog but it and how. He at least he would get doesn't even have already got back when I got he would say that the only have watched the street ably. This week. Eight told it went a step back in yet the police stopped is that he can take the temperature at. I've been dog in the act that proper protocol. Into a situation where they each week packed situations they have a special piece at a and that they Eagles. His feet that dog it distracts right away. He can we don't have that because we're not animal control site that the dog is he open. And I want it's been twenty minutes. And you know I'll bet you know Aetna and you can be at the ten minute is that India and Judy because we eat in the attack. Leaky clean crowd but I take it that means you're an epic right equipment. I would not do that Indonesia about four feet from the dog at that I never got that close to the crash site is please call. You know the price could have been anybody let's just get the dog that attack. And eat it adds that we know. So like it will have given them some Wada. Opposite any real quick that don't want him to copy each that you can't do that I hit it anyway. And eaten so that in the swamp but aren't even light but that was making him eat then. Is skeptical that democracy is more advocate. So happy that. I think as he believed that you guys and couldn't do anything to you know assistance dog but this was the paint eat would you be acted this way. Now imagine I have an ordinance code and find it killed me while I'm at City Council. In it at all buckled. Absolutely and her ordinance to the little skeptical audience we ought to. Emotional beings and apple Apple's tight at the situation education. In the last week you know would it. It is late edition releases that they eat animal lab and I I don't take it AK nine unit would. Would this feel safe in animals foundation. Idea that it. So output that it got to wonder equated which planned ever a moment on there on the stand in in block and is somebody from getting to check back. The only time I took as he gets is when they didn't expect that god and that was being part of the capital I the second. And I did that event. It's a very politely. You know. Did not get to that that is the opposite is going to wreck me yet so that the act. But the thing that I did not ask for trying to deal biggie yeah did. And I would imagine to distribute that he. It's probably cry that this. The pace I'm sorry now Lauren I have to ask you obviously is 64000. Dollar question because you are an animal rights activist. And Euro so you're Salem witch correct. This at bay well no real quick yeah. On the old Salem witch so I mean are you weaken. And yeah. It but the ball you know on the big generation election that would. It'll probably wished because it's significantly. But we practiced Martin date and get the kids. We call into the unit based god and goddess spot. You know in the elephant. But help is it will lead to Latin let us out with a conceded three is basically. Okay sorry Lauren because I'm completely ignorant on witchcraft and when people act out and highly silly. And oh yeah if I if I may have constantly questions please forgive me back. I've got to ask you I mean at this point the owner comes back to his car. Police are there. Did you know all of the little dog ease wagging the tail he's back in his car's gonna put the AC on. Did. You didn't yeah and I just walk away and let the gentlemanly. Because at that point the dog had been in the cuts already but Mitt. Wet as it is okay and he was killed in battle. And so would that it wouldn't take any wanna sell it. The beaten right. I this'll probably be excited that they. And eat beans in the ticket they get back is expected to all. You grow. To get a look at that she did the articles but when Norton download it and they don't expect it it dates back. And I don't need to clean black eyed and yet app. In less than ten minutes it looked a lot to us sometimes and it looked like 100 no duty to go eat so it. But many beaches to look at the. And didn't ten degrees. Act that the windows well. It OK I get where you're coming from and I think a lot of the audience you know we don't wanna see dogs suffer we don't want them to get you know die in the heat or. You know have be abused with all that you know and and I kind of sweltering temperature. However at this point the owner is back. He's in his car the ace he's gonna come on the dog didn't die the blog is still alive the little dog he's fine everything is fine. At this point why don't you just leave and go back in what is it. He didn't know how they implement its that they give up sloppily it's expected that dogs know when no. It was very it definitely. Is that I ain't. Would fit in that back. Would they do the same as my question would that do not want that baby be OK after it within 25 minutes would anybody say it in the spraying. What a whole lot but morally to police officers came. Right. Police say they have a wedding to attack. It seems that the dot. Well lately look at that baseball now the owner or the dog looked fine I mean they wrote a whole didn't let Laura. But that is fine orally everything's fine. They did that that might be okay but is a good chance that the dot could have the Indy beat you won't beat don't the exit at night. My child that tested by what could go along. Or am from this what cook all I did that did it because. Bad dogs inevitably have to get had to begin link in that all of that should have been arrested in that at all. You know patent and that depleted but don't eat that day you know I mean that's ridiculous that you ain't it. I. Hope that ticket they had to be and didn't want to give me. Guess but we need to be put the last guy to lovely yellow Utley. They hit the windows rolled up at that I'd be. Apart I'll but I got to feel what that dog didn't fight nit. And they ask me ask you that I wouldn't eat correctly they medical late. Heal up so I. I know logged on alright it didn't they have at the C on in the car in the police. They had no seat on so when they put you in the backseat it was it was really hot. Ali. Yeah it was so why yeah. Yeah I. You know Laura Lee and so I mean are you gonna light. Laurel I'm sorry forgive me Laura likes so what's gonna happen now you're gonna take this is gonna go to trial you gonna fight this in court. Yet yeah yes fight like I'll have a look and you know that it's not totally because I didn't. I mean some people is that they shouldn't let them opt to make that decision but inactive and not I am an educated. Aaron you know that app as well as Indy now isn't it again which is why is that you animals. I'm normal reliant have the pictures in front in the animal rights activist were protesting outside of Salem court knowing I can see that. Or like just very quickly you know. Geisha Laura light are all witches are they is concerned with animals in the rights of animals as you wore on I just asked the engine. Lot. In the league is tied up back at the legion to them all how we get them eat in all of Oregon which. So yeah you're very get on top of being weekend and and a panel which. And it yet upbeat in an opera spiritually and sending you know I'm not politically. We didn't I have to the united that he evidently they would get sick you know anybody's heart in it for me. You if you don't mind me asking this Laura line do you cast spells do you. Do you have like emotional and yeah. Asking you do you pray to god. Our guests I pray every night. The Nevada. This bill is as balanced a pig to the. While it's not like perhaps it's not like a curse or something like no I don't need it okay hold on so you heard glitch then you're not a bad which. You know that we don't you know that you think that could you cast a spell on that on that the dead dog owner could cast a spell on him. You don't know ask but I gotta get diarrhea for for three days or some. Now I would ask that to being lady justice steps in the pixel. He's the roster Ross student. And that maybe didn't get educated. In that you know. Some anti terror and he didn't know any better in turning me miked up an appetite ate the old. Are concerned about the dog all orally I completely understand that. As you know Laura Lee. But when it was sixty degrees out and I eat and we met boxes yet but experts say. Even that can be. And Laura we have Laura life forgive me I'm concerned because you know there were Salem witch trials hundreds of years ago and they're good at it didn't turn out well for your ancestors of that. At my insistence will definitely be would be a fun. The DA. October 20 that the active trial there that it perhaps bought by the way did it. Eight insisted on so that's that yet they look about the court documents. OK Laura lives were up against it but thank you so much for coming on the corner report. And best of luck at the trial Laura line. Thank you thank you. You put the open Larry. God bless you'll our allies went 72666868. I hope it turns out better for her. David did for the Salem which is several hundred years ago but solid now that's all I'm gonna say that's it. So the corner country poll question of the day I wanna ask you okay. Did. The Salem witch did which shall laurel lie do the right thing should she have been arrested. If you believe yes she should have been arrested. Dex the letter eight to 68680. If you believe she shouldn't have been arrested just littered Goer marry away that's it's over decks the letter B 68680. And you can vote online at This story is on Slash corner kick UH any are your calls now. Unfortunately they didn't have the equipment. And you don't have the equipment to take him to underdog in the pack and handed it means you're supposed to club fight. I just think you get people off is that wasn't educated inner. And yet you made the wrong call them and educate. People not to be in the most in the. That of course was which Laura live. Which is what I'm on local television Brittany yes buzz it's now going national. It's a big story she's a Salem self identified Salem what you just herder. And she's now been arrested. Big. I stern. They've got into an altercation with an owner. And the police because she believed the dog was in the car for too long it was cruelty did his sport dog. Nearly twenty minutes in the heat on Sunday. Sold a poll question is very simple. Should there is Salem which have been arrested construction and have a trial like the old Salem witches. If you believe the answer is yes specs they hate this 68680. Perfect timing for Halloween and mail on that I was thinking another couple months it would have been perfect. Now at her at the trials to be on October 26 and how well over twenty do you howl. If you believe. No text the letter beat the 68680. We're gonna have the poll results summary your calls. And an actual witness who saw the whole thing. Should we have a Salem witch trials are they back. Don't touch that dial. Well seven here are the great WRKO. Voice of Boston Jeff coroner Boston bulldozer. 6172666868. Okay my friends later this hour. House Republicans now make that case they lay it out blow by blow that Hillary Clinton committed. Perjury in front of their Ben Ghazi committee. Willie go anywhere will it have legs what will be the consequences. Were gonna discuss that. But first the local story I mean fox everybody's jumping on this. It's a bit it's a big local story with a lot of angles actually. Salem witch self identified which. Also a weakened. Lore relief. She's a well known Salem businesswoman. Sought a dog. In a car that was parked the owner I think when across the street or whatever was away for about twenty minutes Sunday very hawk as you know we're in the middle of a heat wave. After about eight minutes although there was a slight opening in the window. She got very concerned called 911. Do you police arrived about twenty minutes the dog was in the car. She confronted the owner. Gave the cup of water to the dog apparent to dog did not want the cup of water. She says the dog was panting. According I'm just reading media reports according now to what. Or Boston. Not sorry to Boston Globe. That I noticed yet they the other one is the Salem news but this one is the Boston Globe whereby they're saying that according to the police report. That the dog they said appeared find a dog was not panting in fact that's cited in the police report. They say the dogs the dog was wagging its tail. And she apparently. Wanted. More treatment for the dog felt that the owner had abused this dog. One of the fire department to come pick the temperature of the dog. Because she believes that this was clearly in a clear case of abuse. And almost torture of an animal. She got into a scuffle slight scuffle with the owner he wanted to leave she temporarily blocked them. And now she's been arrested. She in fact not only has been arrested but they were protests in front of the Salem court. Yesterday by animal rights activists. Saying that the police had no business arresting her. And that a grave injustice has been done not only to her. But to that poured dog that they say nearly he got heat stroke nearly died nearly boiled to death. In an end that car so my question to all of you is this. Should bill which have been should which Laura Lee moral line forgive me should which Laura lie have been arrested. If you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no text beat this X 8680. As always you can vote online Adobe York KO dot com. This story is up on With all the video and audio slash corner KUHNER. I also have they call mop on George Soros. The Soros empire. And the smoking gun memos that show how much she's been influencing the Democratic Party. And the open borders pro amnesty agenda it is a damning column. And you can read it right up there along with this story. Slash corner KUHNER. Brittany what are the poll results. So far 73%. Say no action embarrassed that act and twenty cents cast. If it's 73 can only 27 and silent sighs and so 83 twice absence our increase of 73 saying no she should have been arrested. 27%. Say yes. Britain I'm just curious were out now at 69%. Now so it's showcase its not jumped 69 and all 31 yes yes that's the best thing. Com I know I yeah or nay. I don't know. Look I I honestly I really don't know if I'll be honest I was at Cairo where there are media you know I would have an opinion back I saw Communists on the video played on it for you what. Is like a brief cut. And his youngest winner of the police report and you know. From the reports that. She was out of control she is getting in front of the car ends. You know demanding that she's that the guy. The arrested for the dog but and reports they're saying that the dog's fine so I don't. Now she's been arrested he charge of disturbing the peace. And Salem which is now gonna have a trial. And it's kinda I. The trial at the ridiculous that I am is gonna have a Salem witch trial I trials are ridiculous. Dot dot it's fine. That we now on so I think it looked like leaving dogs. Are on and Sunday I remember saying it was sad sacks letting on with my saying so. I really I sympathize with the dog. I don't think you should be leaving animals like that he I know the door sorry that the window was slightly open I get it. Temp according to the police it was under the shape still it was very very ought so I sympathize with her on the other hand. I mean I don't know I mean to start. Charging up to the owner to start confronting the owner. You know to me. There's a point where you should just you know you look the dog is fine and got back in his car he was about to leave. It's not your dark rain. I hate to say this but it's not your book now if she felt that strongly about it there is a law on the book on the books where you can smash the window. We could smash a window on rescue the dog if she felt that strongly about the dog was imperiled. Then she should have smashed a window instead she waited she waited the police came and once the police are there and I think I'd donate if there's anything really a mile just let it all go back to your business is great but that's just me I agree. Christian in Salem apparently your witness you saw Laura lie issue is what outside your shop. No no no no she without hard our shop and I actually live in new war on my staff. Well there are several you know at least twenty minutes portion came down. Novak you know so we got a call from our store manager and one of our residence which is you know could do the strike greeting. And they now call the district editors this person you know has pretty numb. Has the dog in the car. And it you know it doesn't. Or any air and there's only a crack in the window and say they were already upset. Will it keep down the reason that they call oil. Was the cause you know she's an animal activists and Salomon they knew that she would be better. Prepared with the laws relating. You know and so like completely don't think she should've been arrested but I do think that there were. Why actual and righteous. Use of Civil Disobedience I mean you know I understand that the kind of small government show like it a little. Resurgence. You know how well the district attorney and wasting all of this trial money on a trial with a maximum penalty. Of a 150. Dollar. And that's what they're doing with the taxpayer money. You know it is they have its car and they're gonna waste all this money on something for which the maximum penalty. 150 dollars. The Christian let me ask you this question just to play devil's advocate. You know he's the owner of the dog knocked her. Presumably he knows what's in the best interest of his dog. He came back and look it's not nice to be in a car mum with you there a 1000% in the sweltering heat. But according to the police they were there they filed the report they said the dog looked fine to bog was wagging as dog according to them sorry that dog was wagging its tail. Guided seemed happy it wasn't panting she says it was but they say it wasn't the dog wasn't. And he's back in his car obviously gonna put BAC back on. And let him go on his merry way why why is she section busy body. That she's sticking her nose in with something that ultimately doesn't concern. OK you can I am with you keep asking the question that you keep ignoring mr. Allen answered that she's given you and the questions app and return. Several times which clearly 73%. Of your audience understand that question which is. Which is due back at work child which is simply let them turn on the eight seed and go on their merry way. I mean you haven't really answered clearly you have it I hope you don't on the dog troops quickly in common sense of animal that is very much. You know property with no apparent value like for the phone. And that's fine but we don't ask what you see that we see. All nature sacred I mean I realize we have a reputation in some circles you know they say we shall animal. You know there are certain. Corners of witchcraft like that. Part of the aryan community that you know they also practiced voodoo animals sacrificed and so we've got kind of a bad name in the real witchcraft community. You know somehow not caring about animals but we don't which is what network shall. You know knocking at whatever of these garden aryan people do that that hurt animals like we would never do so. You know granted they're not all wait I've seen quite a few of these you know blue sacrifice people and so really model muddies the water here you know we're trying to break the finest. I hello Christian I understand I wanna get into who blew himself that's. Well look I did defend the dog I don't think you should do that to a dog but you know c'mon let's be serious dog is on fire they don't. Know what it means Christian Christian but a dog is not a baby. Mean it's not what I want. But there's there's different I mean there there is a different style look at a certain point the owner comes back. The police have now been called a book about waist or resorts is. The police have now been called OK they come on the scene. They check out the dog the dog is good everything's good dog is wagging its tail. Owners back turns the car Ron let him one his merry way. Your verdict and make any sense. How are able what are what that this updates I think that certain area that there are. What you wanted to do not you want seriously wanna call the vets now every time somebody complained about an animal in the car I absolutely think about 73 under our. Mo 73%. I think it was 69 but whenever. They just don't think she should have been arrested or while you're with 73%. Because I don't think she should have been arrested. Arrest somebody for something like this but on the other hand really got to look at and say come on late. Obviously not watching social media that the outage and the worry about majority of people religious and that is. Well you know our religious conservative all the way to the spectrum of Communist left took part in response it's very or. All of them you know at all. See the plate of their maybe it'll seat of value of the talks like quite apart that a babies and that's understandable. However they don't seem to see it lowers you to. That talks have an effect. Wrong. All like to hold on to you you you want us to spend money. On veterinarians. Trial. So you're you're good luck to you don't want her on the Christian this and look I think about it okay. You're the one you started the argument that I can replay the pay. Look at all the money it's gonna be spent on a trial which is an amount to 150 dollar fine and your on very solid ground. But now you're shifting now you're saying well don't spend the money on trial. But spend the money on what 23 veterinarians coming down on what is it like it but it. Let me ask you this how are all looking at life is sacred OK so. If I accidentally hit a dog I'm driving my car and a little buggy jumps on the role okay. And I accidentally run over a dog you want me up on manslaughter. Normal and I. Had a dog you have to stop you know and again I know that we are naturally try to box on line up sorry Krishna an outbreak cannot. Everybody. Not everybody would go. Not every person that accidentally hit a person would go up on me spotter stayed true to look and a you know they can prove that you know there was some mitigating. Circumstance but yet I absolutely believe. You know talks how are you there a lot of help out and about Utah are the people you know they're man's best friend in the. Christian Christian little to spelled out on a very political level but you're not really looking part of the story you're looking at this is politics. And I its outlook are you really are you serious c'mon he might change now. You know it all happened at jet. I get a little research or call you got an agenda America works and what my agenda regarding dogs I wanna slaughter dogs. What no but I don't think Mike Donald Trump I wanna around them up and concentration camps about his. You obviously don't think they have enough value. Christian you are not saying that out olives are just defeats Ben defending you almost feel lib Armas almost all I don't. That's something Christian can ask for something as you must be a liberal. No I'm a moderate aren't really. Even vote for Hillary your trump. And wish I didn't have the appropriate Herbert really don't I'm gonna get into. And but he will for Hillary or trump you really think trump or recurrence conservative but to an hour getting off track but listen look look on look. Look look here it's very simple. You don't leave a dog for twenty minutes in a sweltering car again. The cops came. They assess the talk to August. The dog is a life today. The kind it was wagging its tail it seemed though it was talked it was drenched but it survive. Now to let the owner gore won his merry way. You don't stand there and interference the owner. You don't call in veterinarians. You don't calling the fire department. You don't call up the mayor's office you don't make a big stink here happens let's move on. She shouldn't be arrested and leave the owner and his dog alone. That's it it's very simple it's called common sense. You're the one this trying to make it seem now that the lives of dogs which I will I left pets but I'm sorry it's not a baby. It's more of it. Of course he has value. But you know if I hit a dog accidentally on the role I'm not going to be charged with manslaughter. How low. Aren't monitored after I think a lot changing. Your I don't watch well what about roadkill. What's next Webber's what about Rotella Iran. I run over squirrelly and arrest me for that now I ya yeah icy night you know wider witches. Well cry yet don't cast this vote on me please Christian I need to spell like Daniel Poland and Laura and Lexington go ahead Laura. I'll just plea Zambrano and may I 'cause listening endlessly please don't run out of ammo seven near double. Let you know pull back. I I don't care and has two legs are announced for lag. Ditto I've sort of been asked that sound like a lot of times people don't even know all of that dead dogs might have had problems I'd take care done. Right now I'm right in the air conditioning in my house my bad duo into the kitchen sabotage and they'll hand out. And then go into the main round and cool off. Dived. They're lacking detail business is about some Gilani. Don't I probably wouldn't take a lot of because everything was so excited around the port dog didn't know what the hell is going on. But there's no way if you have a baby or he'll have a you have a life. It shouldn't leave it in attacked. And they thought should have been a sad state sort of but has died just still and it is nonfat. Justice they have to dock was OK because different things happen let's start with problems. And you might not even knowing it dyke had a heart problem. Just like it might not the baby that was that Netflix had a baby just died. That was left and Mike Abbott filed a weapon hidden attack and the baby back but. The babies somebody public debate vehement activated it's still removing. Is still take that data in an ambulance would come and still take the baby to the hospital not that the fire departments and help until it by the police departments and have to do it could be out. Should have taken and no one's certainly anything that's alive and I attacked. With a little air act Hannity and that's. That's just genocide as they arrest and everything. It adds it's a whole bunch of crap. And you understand that plus I'm voting for trump. I would vote for shelling as it gets it and I would feel a 100% at both lecherous senate that. But it is it has to election a couple of legs. If oh with a diet I mean you shouldn't believe anybody alive. Anybody. Human animal not banks should be locked up I but any amount it and that standard thing as. With us who adopt black as ten minutes outside. When it's bad. Back in my house. Twenty minutes to. It's just too long and the guys sort of take he should have been man enough to even being concerned enough just to take it on it was known that. So that's set up like. I put Tron boat those feelings. And I'm a 100% and serve it out. I thank you very much for that call Laura. Angry with Laura while I would never outlook I would never believe. Like they get heatstroke and I out I would currently have and never leave a dog car mean I would never mind a hot car just wouldn't it was ridiculously hot. On signed on Sunday again it bears notes on our model I don't I saw no question about it I don't act just assault I'm like there's an immediate trial now it's so close these and I really isn't a waste of money. It's a complete waste the money it is it's so ridiculous is that the whole thing should just be you know completely wrong. Thing is look I'm sorry but you know the police combo what are we gonna do we will call veterinarian called. You got to take that it's the owner's responsibility. You've got to take the dog to the van and Ian. But I mean now we're gonna start now call the fire department call veterinarian. I now it's a Florida and he's seriously everywhere where we're gonna bankrupt ourselves like this after a certain point look I'm sorry it's it's gonna still be her. You know I mean you didn't treat is thought well I wouldn't have done it. But once the police come and it's already checked it's finding bodies still alive animal and nominee got a spout cast on me I can feel it Brittany I can feel it. If I don't show up to work tomorrow. You know why you all watch. I think it's just a bunch hocus look at the cap. Low mold. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Stop the. On the WRKO. 232 here on the great WRK oh okay short news break and when we come back. Vick case against Hillary it is now unimpeachable. Forgive me forgive the pardon the pun pardon upon. She committed perjury. House Republicans lay out the evidence. Will trump use it will the Republicans use it. Is Hillary finished. That story next.

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