Celtics Team Doctor Dr. Brian McKeon joined Kim & VB to discuss advancement technology in knee surgery!

Thu, 6 Oct 2016

9 minutes

Celtics Team Doctor Dr. Brian McKeon joined Kim & VB to discuss advancement technology in knee surgery!

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Jimmy got a knee problem. Well actually I think. Yes she was as your meniscus and all I wish it was I think that might be easier because of limited right calf injury and I didn't deal ought. I does do you specifically our next guess died doctor Brian McKean who is the Boston Celtics team doctor for those that don't know. He's also the sports medicine specialist at New England Baptist hospital. He's got a he had trial going on right now and he needs some people. To have meniscus injuries in the rejoining him is because I think Boston is yet again gonna move medicine forward here. No they haven't been this is injury doctor. I want you guys have me. I'm in the best and you read these he you know Borchardt or considered to be elected but many and the you know. And this standard of care nowadays is to get an MRI to confirm that that this study. Is really designed for excessive patient switchers many many many felt that law and amount of applications that. Here's feminist which is oh so common. And they have are prosecuting. And admiration towards her dream you know that they volatile and most patients do wonderful. But this doesn't patients as a law it is fractures and other so war. They're not mentally as well as books you know once. They have a little that are writing Wednesday that doctor always tells us and look any. Just. Stay strong you know completely done if you always you know they'll run on it. And the patient canyon around and they they'll doctor in doctor consider that not bad enough to have a joint replacement. And that's not good enough data from puppy and needs extra you know biological procedure so that kind and is well I don't know man play. And the invasion that potentially has. Meaning many benefits in this in this case and plants and calm. When you talk about. This is normally the tree man is you got to get they're gonna god and Aaron either got a piece that things again there or you got to kind of live with that. We're talking about an implant now and explain how this works and what is this thing. Corrected lead some Melinda ministries which discussion between me. Thomas two of wanna in that one way outside and take care of the dock takes big peak of his. And then these people had any pain. And so let you mentioned that he really not quite tiny little little more aggressive. I think most of them are you learning from the European experience with a trying to crawl more meniscus and put them in this case. From another person that simply doesn't work that great. Because of his patient population which is much more common completely airlines get all wrapped point five ourselves typically can't we candidate he's gonna take it out. I think you have sir you continued pain. And together until we get quarter home bracing and tell them I'll highlight of the very frustrated because this implant. HD basically this is an actor like a wedge or cushion. But made of plastic metal grades I think that you actually put into the day to the record straight for sure drug use different sides and to keep with the plan and and you know I think my first patients about a year out now out of alignment and body can't wanted to have an American out. And so along our early results search for or no encouraging. Extraordinarily encouraging. So what's recovery time on something like this doctor. It's an outpatient surgery will want to get saying little it takes about 45 minutes to go Jamaica little decision and like literally pop and almost a plastic cap from a come on you know a large cranberry geez can't or something tells me that survived and he is insurgent anime is different side and they did an excellent fit for bad. And he is bigger putter right into him today. I put comic planned an important and they don't look like an eternity in achievement between. A piece of Brett Harris that would. And that you love it patients with fully dark right away. And they came by coma for nearly perfect pick can easily playing golf and some minor boot camp start and package him I mean we've been you know for eight weeks. So it's fairly straight recovery. And what's the life of this is it is it a lifetime panel would have to be replaced again. Did have a great credit and ultimately it may this be great to deserved it is they have indeed been patient population you know until the patient you know I know what's coming. You're getting your place. Yellen and I'm not like I watched coming in now watch crawl and let me get it because it. He's been to places where out may have problems so we want to make sure when we do that we you know you're a little older so this would be like a certainly that was fits a psychologically perpetrated you know or so hopefully GAAP and Filipino girl maybe twenty year window. It's you can plant or can preserve. Patience on this and then all of our power play until later light up right now I would look at it sort of globally as a staged surgery and it would try to avoid something in the future but this that your your follow now in Europe the second the first patiently German. Get a clear cut to get a and actually you know doing extraordinarily well in years out so. We don't know that's a great question yeah do you don't know launch at it and. Now let's talk about this trial. My abusive there's thousands of people like a bad ministers is right now who exactly are you looking for and how they get involved. That he didn't pay that we're looking forward in this 32 like seventeen years old I had imminent concern for. And dominate on the typical example certain practices that went fine and that they think it'd campaign and an opportunity to have the same thing. Let's put some quarters on and then we're trying to put in the chill shot through some people are trying to themselves now anything to avoid another surgery. And nobody joins they still haven't collapsed you don't have are tried in a bad luck avenue placements. And the injured. They're frustrated and it certainly greater than six months ago. Mutation that potentially could be. Eligible for this trial. When he duet. Can only changed population of patients who is appreciative all the criteria. That you go to WW duck and it can't hide it. Trial dot com. You get more information and we except people there that can that will contact you kind of runs through your history. And then you know worked for the working at a company also doesn't. We have myself or I'm like this particular pitch. They get awfully equally 70737. 1412. As a direct call it like as well. All right well it sounds like they're a terrific alternative for people who were kind of caught that no man's land that's a tough place to be. All he really is and then I don't as civilization united for you know just another step my nineteenth year practiced. And I mean from day one minute you know we didn't go by people haystack ducking to put away in Marietta kitchen put something in there and everything happens that's. That I kill people we've tried everything you know we dread human Allan graft tissue in fact. Alex innate tissue and to put metal on there you know has freeway. And it really doesn't work it's remarkable ability to handle this lady and my life time. You know analyst and certainly my two decades the private single biggest. Developmental practices they have in my practice. It's conceptually I'm worked out fine which they currently anticipate it will. Fund related but Al Horford Isiah Thomas the guy's old up to snuff on its generator all. Yes it was died earlier entry of physical Monday and my eighteenth tee with a team and it is the normal healthy group we've ever had. And you know these kids especially draft people the guy didn't planned basketball how much you know a young. That you really where parent bodies and until we come right billion confidence issue but I'll tell it. Wanna really stressed treaty article they would follow the call. Or to a tremendous start to hand out a lot of to go live I had to do with our trainers did not need guys barely an hour straight mediation team really. You know print you know get ahead of the curve here in the act strong detector bodies and it course dedicated crew itself. I'm looking forward to a very healthy she's yet. Test it. One more time on the web site people wanna learn to get involved in this trial. Short said that he didn't die in this case which you and me and I end. See where I could. Trial dot com. Or not a member of the number of reality it's 778371412. Talked to Brian make Gingrich and wish you good luck with the the trial and good luck moving forward with these ended meniscus replacements. Apple analyst and I had two slot opened today after the show how banged up. I'll. I'm afraid I could finally you know I mean when you shoot I got my physical as we are checking with you after that items let's start with that many mogul and then. Like I agree that day.

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