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WRKO - Sandy on 9/11/01

Fri, 29 Jul 2011|

Sandy talks about what moment struck her the most on September 11, 2001.


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    plane hit found at 0:29

    here at the station I remembered. Watching the video of first World Trade Center being on fire him. Like most people not really understanding what was going on -- you can tell based on. The size of hold the building in the matters no that was coming out that clearly it just wasn't a little. Accident of planes it's -- the building's heating. Minor situation. But watching that second plane hit . Life as it happens. It's one of the most incredible things I've ever seen most shocking ones painful. To. To try to
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    belong to when I just got off the treadmill I had been watching TV I saw. And everybody was cluster on TV set I saw that first of World Trade Center towers. On fire. I assume that was some kind of terrible acts that I didn't I didn't think it was terrorist attack by. Pretty soon. The second plane hit and then I obviously knew what it was news that it would be much else -- talk about -- the next level
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    mass turnpike found at 0:18

    western Massachusetts but the grip problem when. And I was on the Mass Turnpike just getting on in Boston got a call they'll be no. There will be no love this it's allowed were under the highest type of security I accurate as I left the first meeting. -- -- a plane went to the will -- one of the World Trade Center buildings. And my initial reaction was 01 of those silly little commuter planes and pilots up -- and not paying attention is the wing clipped. The edge of the build something like that you just thank does nothing. That's going to be as appalling when it turned out to be that -- via a second plane hits and you heard it can't help but get a part of the countries -- out of my daughter's. Life out of my responsibility. Public official is an American citizen and a scary I'll -- Wear like bright itself. That is the mystery. Is really what. Stick with
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    bin laden found at 0:55

    different. And it's nice that coming up on the tenth anniversary gotten bin Laden because that creates a little the answer hilarity to and now we -- terrorist thing. That's sense of trepidation that sense of seriousness that. That impacted our culture that's what was -- -- usual we could be attacked like that that we had that vulnerability. Now we can look at it there's little closure. And maybe we're putting that terrorist threat in the rear view there.

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I was watching The Today Show when He talked about a plane crashing into news of the world trade there. And I was and a large I -- Stockton. And was watching and then it became packed with and a very shortly at a time and it wasn't just plane crash. And the first -- it was throw everything into my purse and run to work and what struck me that it's getting out of my car. And walking into developing weather radio station lives and everybody was streaming out of it. Because they were evacuating all media buildings -- -- building was talk to it now or else through there was going to be. And just watching people literally hundreds of people stream out of my building is I was -- means it. Along with two -- three other people who had. The job of finding out what was going on and reporting and being in news centers station and just -- trying to figure out. Whether we were or -- there's something even more draft well coming down there and indeed their glass doors through three other plane crash for the current tactics now. That was very chilly and just having something. For complete an illness and just looking at crucial to us and that's basically remembrance.