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Tom and Todd's Face Off 5/15/12

Tue, 15 May 2012|

This week Tom and Todd discuss Elizabeth Warren's status as a Native American, the new book about Obama called 'Amateur,' and whether Ron Paul should stay in the Republican race.



  1. new book1:30
  2. Paul Byrd2:46
  3. reelection campaign3:09
  4. John Wayne1:11
  5. Barack Obama2:32
  6. Michelle Obama1:35
  7. New York Times2:35
  8. Ron Paul3:28
  9. Bill Clinton1:39, 1:57
  10. Caroline Kennedy1:55, 2:41

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Is still an intelligent thing he's off on wrko.com. Ron do you buy show many of the salience of beautiful skin. Do ideas they had no Red Sox I read. They keep up in a lot of a little nervous to say if so that was always hot hot spot to be like dale got. It seems that the Elizabeth Warren strategies that doubled down on the Indian history and not shy away. Is this a Smart move. Well all I talked about throughout spot it is but it's a necessary one. It is no op option available there the only other option is to acknowledge what I think most people are included. He. Reaches back. There's some credit for Eric inherited. In order to assist her professionally that's the reality that most people thought that she was playing a game in and around affirmative action quota. It has become a hallmark of American society. And a father. A web particularly when you look at regulate the light that'll that Warren has let the pretty. Here's what I think the real questions. When she gets up on or. I'd like John Wayne style file or one like that side you know like you would expect a woman of this are or is she. Writing sites. You know that's why life. Theory here is if I or perhaps you gonna have a letter for us. Right now I can't wait to say. The amateur the new book by Edward Klein is giving new insight into the Obama administration. There's Michelle Obama vs Oprah to Kennedy clan vs Obama and Bill Clinton and Hillary vs Obama what is the best story I'm. Oh it's also. Wonderful. I love this book it's called me amateur but it seems like Obama as a professional and making all the high local people who supported a blast I'm really hate about. Caroline Kennedy calls the wire Bill Clinton all of them. I probably am. It and Oprah well she's been pushed aside by felt he doesn't want fat people around when she's trying to do healthy. Think they have beds what could be more delightful all the wall. Well it around the L Bob what did them. Reebok was the seed Todd Reid a Democrat up at a terrific youth and experience every single morning when he goes to put it. That's the bits of Billy. As he watches the you know right around one revelation. What revelation. Barack Obama forever is our government off our role is to edit the New York Times magazine. I decided it can't be attacked by liberals they just have to take it to face about that Caroline Kennedy you know is. Off it just did you know Paul Byrd and tell everyone talks about you know we've been in on the act. Fight at a terrorist wanted jealous if allies that it won't follow by law that nothing like the brother of well what this. When they started there now yeah. I was paralyzed I was at all these odious customers odious the house hopes that that is. We're the Obama reelection campaign after lie forward loses its a. I don't know how much trouble Ron Paul of cause and no it's not time to step aside why because he raises some eased some. Critically important points I disagree about a couple of things but some critically important points. He wants to have influence who got that on evidently he's working part. No problem he's going to run ball I know a lot of this and don't like the way I'm just as I'm abroad follows series at our David but. All of our guys in the blue grass he could shape who asked Elmer fud step aside. I think about it it's just an appropriate respect your elders or whatever he wants he was fine today pluses Thompson's at a news. All right take 45 on the clothes that fit for today hope you enjoyed it I hope it battery works this time. It's common Todd face off WR you dot com.