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WRKO's Jeff Kuhner discusses gun violence and Attorney General Eric Holder

Wed, 21 Nov 2012|

WRKO's Jeff Kuhner discusses the gun violence at the Mexican border, the ATF, and Attorney General Eric Holder at the Mass Firearms School's Town Hall Meeting on firearms legislation.



  1. Justice Department0:54
  2. Border Patrol agents1:29
  3. drug cartels1:16, 1:41
  4. gun laws3:16
  5. Eric Holder1:43, 1:51, 2:08
  6. gun control3:12
  7. Mexico1:09, 1:13

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So what the media has been doing and what popular culture has been doing and what Hollywood has been doing for decades. Is indoctrination the American people to thinking people like us. Or a bunch of crazy right wing apple owns it literally with 12 with at all let's go show a -- Charlie. -- -- -- No. That's not what the right to bear arms is about. There's nothing wrong there's nothing big -- there's nothing primitive there's nothing backward about it. If -- key to Republican felt government. If the key to freedom. And so this is why you've seen this administration over the last four years nibbled away at gun rights and in particular. Take operation fast and furious. Right that the media swept maybe under the rockets don't they put. I had sources in the Justice Department and whistle blowers come out and suggest. I don't understand something. The alcohol tobacco and firearms people are literally gun walking. Walking guns into Mexico. Smuggling. Thousands and thousands of weapons into Mexico. Talk on the Mexican drug cartels. And these weapons are seen being back. Across our border. Usually by gang bangers used by criminals. To kill Americans including -- Border Patrol agents. Now why. Why would our own federal government which is by the way illegal as blatantly criminal. Why are they even legally running and smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels. Well. Eric Holder both -- testifies under -- that's snake. That little fat liar -- -- he almost like as much as Obama series you made Eric Holder -- of good morning eloquent walked. Oh yeah that's right that's right another one of than the guy who won't prosecute any effect so openly anybody it was a black perpetrators. With the white victim he will not prosecute. If that was a black person according to Eric Holder traces of it but what -- go. So why. Well they wanna find out. Who the Mexican drug kingpins. That's why we want these guns in the fall over guns. Like we don't know with the Mexican drug kingpins. Like the Mexican government doesn't know with a drug kingpins like a really I look at these guys and I go. Do you honestly are you guys -- such -- liars. Or do you think we're that stupid like I look at Michael I don't know. I don't know sometimes they think we're really that stupid sometimes they're just so stupid themselves just as bad -- and hope that Thursday about. Mike and Mike -- and can I better than these guys. OK let it go. ATF officials tell me Jeff I'll tell you why the operation sponsor it's so obvious. They wanna create more how to walk. More violence. In the cities. And in the southwest and across the border -- there's a crisis. Crisis. What could be -- if you've got to control violence again angers people are dropping my -- gun control. We now have to pass more draconian gun laws.