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WRKO - Win Howie's Cadillac

Fri, 21 Dec 2012|

One lucky fan got the chance to win Howie Carr's brand new $58,000 Cadillac.



  1. new car1:07
  2. drum roll2:15
  3. hard knocks3:02
  4. triple play3:23
  5. Cadillac0:17, 0:19, 0:35
  6. price Waterhouse2:36, 2:37
  7. couple minutes left2:40

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    governor deval patrick deval patrick found at 0:31

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Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

Today we are at the cal we'll move on. One north its August 4. Our annual Christmas party the last couple weeks we've been. Qualified people to win beyond the the Cadillac but I drives bolts and Cadillac. And that that I do about the pool and wondering how will be giving someone a chance to pull off Padilla a bag of something that sixty bags on the Christmas tree and one on one of those. Because certificate for. It involves a Cadillac in the -- -- easy to figure out which one group which weather wise. Okay. It's the moment. Of decision here. We've been here all afternoon knocking people out we started with sixteen were down 21 final person who's got a chance to win. How always Cadillac. Susan don't be nervous it's only a 58000. Dollar new car. It's -- up to you you could have -- you could not have a how to how did you get involved in this in this contest. I tried every damn want to whenever my husband. It's driving a fourteen year old suburban -- -- fourteen year old suburban entity would anyone else helped you when you were driving around my son my son dead. Sunday the call. He helped me on the cellphones -- that is driving a car. So let's say and I used to listening tonight. I hope I hope for -- we don't have any drums or anything unless we get some sound effects back in the studio but are you ready. Are you ready have you major okay and I'm gonna take over him to become the to become beat the play by play guy. And I'm glad to stand the way you walk away here and you make your decision. Which one you'd like which envelope -- like this 68 on the ropes on their sixty bags I should say. -- acts excuse me a hundred bags. So you have one and a hundred chance. Normally -- own one of the sound of a okay. -- -- Romantically as well 4 AM the mayor good the drum roll thank you mayor okay all right okay you open -- Susan -- open you have to open it here. Let's see what we guys. We got here now is it. Okay open up you have opened up the popular. It's consistency over the front anyway you know. Just seal remained a price Waterhouse and price Waterhouse. We only have a couple minutes left to Susan. And -- hold on here it comes here comes. Sorry. Not a winner. Thanks for participating. And sorry on. I'm sorry yeah. Well listen you know I do I want you to have I want you have a copy of -- hard knocks it's really not that. Let's see here this is -- this is sitting right there is a microphone -- yes this is really a great great places they are both. You can really enjoy this and you know whenever well whenever your husband's car breaks down late at night the as long as the battery doesn't go to given something through to read this year as he waits for triple play. Just I'm sorry I'm I'm sorry you did not thank you very -- I had a great time -- there was very nicely to do this. We it was it was our pleasure about thanks for thanks for giving good sport about it you know thanks Barack thanks for instance about how we -- --